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Bite Sized Nutella Stuffed Mini Chocolate Tarts

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Bite Sized Nutella Stuffed Mini Chocolate Tarts:

Today, I am channeling my dark side.

Blame it on an orthopedist appointment yesterday afternoon that sent me home with a creepy black cast reminiscent of Darth Vader’s arm:

k cast

Might as well embrace the theme. 😕

To match my dark cast and evil mood, I whipped up a batch of dark chocolate mini tart shells stuffed with homemade dark chocolate Nutella and topped with healthy chocolate sauce.

On second thought, whipped up makes this process sound too easy. Everything takes me twice as long with only one working hand, and simple things like opening a jar of peanut butter or cutting up a red pepper (not to mention taking pictures, editing photos, and writing blog posts!) are suddenly very difficult, often leaving me frustrated and tired.


But these little chocolate stuffed tarts are worth the effort. And if you happen to have two hands with which to make them, they should be an absolute cinch to prepare. All you really need to do is throw a bunch of ingredients into the food processor.

The dark side never tasted so good.

Nutella Chocolate Mini Tarts

Nutella Stuffed Mini Tarts

(Can be raw and gluten-free)

  • 1/2 cup chocolate hazelnut spread or Healthy Nutella (120g)
  • 1 banana OR 1/2 cup more chocolate hazelnut spread (120g)
  • 1 cup raw almonds (120g)
  • 1/3 cup raw walnuts (30g)
  • 1 cup pitted dates (115g) (about 15 small dates)
  • 1/3 cup cocoa or cacao powder (28g)
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1-2 tbsp water

Combine the almonds, walnuts, dates, cocoa powder, and salt in a high-quality food processor. (Using a blender or vita-mix may yield sticky results, but you can try.) Process until mixture turns to small crumbles. Add no more than 2 tbsp water to achieve a slightly-sticky dough, then process again until the mixture sticks together in a big ball. Break off pieces of the dough with your hands and mold along the edges of mini muffin cups or mini tart molds, pressing down in the middle so a cup shape forms. Freeze 20 minutes. If using the banana, blend it with the Nutella. Fill the tarts just before serving. Makes around 20-21 filled tarts. (For 100%-raw tarts, be sure to use a raw chocolate-hazelnut spread.)

Click for: Chocolate Nutella Stuffed Mini Tarts Nutrition Facts

nutella bites


Apparently this is my punishment for coveting my little sister’s rainbow and hot pink teddy bear cast when I was nine years old. Some people have all the luck…

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. If I could keep nutella in the house I would be making these asap.

  2. Am says:

    These look amazing!! I can’t imagine all the effort it took to get it all set up and published, but I really appreciate it! :) I hope you are healed soon. And your sister’s cast does sound amazing. 😉
    Where do you get raw hazelnuts – like online or grocery stores?

  3. Polina says:

    Take care of yourself! Hope you will feel better soon. But sometimes it’s so great to be on the dark side:)

  4. Hm, I think I love your dark side 😉
    Heal quickly!!

  5. Get well soon! You are doing so well to keep blogging with your arm in pain. xxx

  6. Ella says:

    YUM! Do you think applesauce could be subbed for the banana? I’m banana -intolerant (weird, I know), but I feel like they might be a bit heavy with more hazelnut butter. Healing thoughts to you! I broke my arm when I was 9 and it was terrible (especially since I was the side I write with). I feel your pain and frustration!

  7. Look on the bright side– You wear the cast way better than Darth Vader does… and I doubt he could create anything as delicious as these look!

  8. Aly H says:

    These look delectable but WHAT on earth happened to your arm??? Hopefully it’s nothing a little chocolate can’t cure 😉

  9. I can’t imagine how it would feel to only have one arm. I really hope you get better soon, but oh my gosh. You’re a talented “one-armer”, because these look delicious! The photos look great as well. That chocolate nutella stuffing looks so good….!!!

  10. These look delicious Katie! I’ve broken my arm and my leg and I totally feel your frustration. Even simple tasks become a chore. Just try to make the best of it, and remember that it is only temporary :)

  11. sarah says:

    I’m confused. Fill the tarts with what? Healthy Nutella?

      1. sarah says:

        Okay, I realized right after I asked my silly question that I was having a “dumb” moment there, so I thank you so much for not laughing at me and answering my question :).
        I just want to report that I decided to try this & the healthy nutella recipe without having a) whole hazelnuts and b) a mini cupcake pan.
        I couldn’t get the skin off the chopped hazelnuts so you can imagine how bitter the nutella turned out and my tarts are way too large, but in spite of these fiascos, my stuffed tarts are absolutely delectable and I CANNOT wait to make my mini tarts in my new mini cupcake pan and a new batch of nutella made of whole skinless hazelnuts!!!! This is hands down, the best healthy chocolate breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or every minute dish I’ve EVER had!! (The sweetness of the tart seems to be cancelling out the bitterness of the nutella)
        Thank you Katie for this and all your other delicious recipes and I do hope you are feeling better today and in a better mood although, if bad moods results in more such yummy recipes ….never mind, I really do hope you are feeling all better!

  12. EVA says:

    Hey, I still think your cast looks cool. It looks like a corset arm warmer and the goth in me likes it!

  13. Lisa says:

    Chocolate makes everything better!
    Thanks for toughing out the cooking, photographing (no idea how THAT is happening one-handed!), editing and blogging. We would miss you dearly if you were gone for the duration!

  14. This recipe looks delicious! I love how easy it is to throw together too! Thanks for sharing such yummy, indulgent desserts that we can all feel good about eating :)

  15. Those look like the perfect indulgence. Chocolate-y and delicious. Thanks for sharing! I wish you a quick and speedy healing process!

  16. These look like little bites of heaven. Long live Nutella week!

  17. Susan says:

    Katie, if this is what your dark side produces… it sounds wonderful. And I think in times to come, when this is past, you will appreciate the skills you’ve gained by carrying on despite the obstacle of wearing a cast. Hope you heal quickly.

  18. These look so delicious!!! You can’t go wrong with hazelnuts and chocolate! Yummy :)

    It is so inspiring to see that you are still baking and posting with only one arm! I really hope you get all better soon!

  19. Susan says:

    Katie, I think you’ve saved me. I’ve been looking for a low cal recipe like this for ages…..thanks. Hope your arm heals fast.

  20. Oh myyy these look so good 😀

  21. The perfect comfort food! I hope your arm will be better soon!

  22. Mary Frances says:

    Nothing like an extra dose of chocolate and hazelnut to cure what ails you!

  23. Ann says:

    Katie, I believe you would love to recreate this recipe :)

    1. Haha sounds good! Maybe just try using my Healthy Oreos recipe in place of the oreos called for?

      1. Ann says:

        Yup! That’s perfect!

  24. This looks amazing! I need to make some of your homemade nutella to give it a go:) Mini things mean I’m probably going to eat approximately 50, give or take :)

  25. My problem with home made Nutella is there’s never any left to make treats with; it goes so fast. I’ll have to make a double batch can I make these little gems!!

  26. The commonness factor between you and me is the undying love for chocolates :) I think the guy who claimed that we cannot by happiness probably never had a delightful piece of chocolates. Show him this recipe and he will better understand. Thanks for sharing this visual delight, I so want to have it right now. GWS and take care!

  27. Steph says:

    Boy, that looks yummy and fudgey and chocolatey and.. you get the picture- I’m sure your dark cast and evil mood lifted as soon as you tasted these bad boys- yay for chocolate being a happy food!

  28. These look heavenly! Hope you’re healing well Katie!

  29. I can’t wait to start trying some of your recipes, this one looks particularly amazing! I love baking and it’s nice to find some recipes that aren’t too bad for me and my tasters! Becky xx

  30. laura says:

    i feel your pain, i broke my left arm last summer….and I’m left-handed ,everything was was way harder and took forever to make dinner, especially cutting up all those veggies! heal fast

  31. nutella is basically my favorite thing sooooo…… you can say i’m drooling over the keyboard right now oops.
    p.s. hopw your arm is back up and running soon!!!!

  32. Ana says:

    I have a massive leg one of those if you want to further the theme (although i wouldn’t advise it! I hope you get better soon.

  33. Haha, I was literally laughing out loud by the Dark Vadar reference!

  34. Michelle says:

    Now here is a tart that matches the husband’s addiction to nutella! He will go crazy over these.

  35. Jen says:

    Haha almost 3 years ago I was paralyzed neck-down from a rare condition called Transverse Myelitis, and everything recovered pretty well except my right hand…. I feel ya on the one-handed thing! Btw love your recipes!!!! They’re actually mostly pretty easy to do with my darn hands (although I’ve adapted since then, so I’m really used to doing things differently now) ;p Good luck!! Hope it heals up soon!!!! 😀

  36. Ailish says:

    What is this sorcery?!?! These look amazing!!! Also, welcome to the dark side and I hope you heal quickly :)

  37. Matea says:

    Well, you’ve sure proven you can bake (and blog) with one arm! Nice job!

  38. Chris says:

    Substitute “nutella” with Hope Foods Dark Chocolate Spreads – a Healthy alternative to Nutella type spreads that have awful ingredients. They are in the refrigerated section of Wholefoods by the hummus (dairy, gluten & nut free and Organic). My kids love it and I love giving it to them and will definitely make this delicious recipe and substitute the Nutella with Hope. Thanks, hope my tip helps.