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Inside The Healthy Dessert Cookbook

Healthy Desserts Sneak Preview: Above and below are just a few of the 80+ secretly healthy breakfast and dessert recipes you’ll find once you buy The Chocolate-Covered Katie Cookbook. The book has already gone to a second printing just days after being available for preorder, and I can never thank you enough for all of this incredible support!! […]

The Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook

The Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook is finally out in the world and available to own! WHAT YOU GET WITH THE BOOK: Full nutrition facts A whole section devoted entirely to breakfast recipes Photos of every recipe Over 200 pages of tips, tricks, and secretly healthy recipes, most of which have never been published on the […]

Update: The Chocolate-Covered Katie Cookbook

The idea of a Chocolate-Covered cookbook came to light more than a year ago, and I first mentioned it on the blog back in the in this post. However, the process is long and complicated, and I didn’t want to say anything until all the details were concrete… Today, I finally get to share: The Chocolate-Covered Katie […]

My Big Secret

I’m lousy at keeping secrets. Therefore, many of you already know that yes, there is going to be… a Chocolate-Covered Cookbook! I started dreaming about a cookbook when an agent first contacted me back in 2009. But as a busy college student, it was more of a “someday in the future this might be nice” idea. […]