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A Blueberry Muffin in a Bowl

Starbucks is Mean.

They are always tempting me with those big, fat blueberry muffins, but the muffins aren’t vegan. Eh, store-bought pastries often look better than they taste, anyway. Luckily I have my own muffin-esque recipe that is insanely-delicious, not to mention healthier than the Starbucks pastries:

blueberry muffin oatmeal

It’s everything you’d want from a warm blueberry muffin. However, I should cut the Bucks a break. After all, they do sell vegan Frappuccinos now. First step Frappuccinos, second step blueberry muffins. (Props to anyone who picked up on the Miss Congeniality reference.)

Blueberry Muffin in a Bowl

(See “Variations” below for flavors!)

  • 1/8 to 1/4 cup nondairy creamer (I use Silk)
  • 1 serving cooked bulgur or oatmeal (See: How to Cook Bulgur)
  • sweetener of choice, to taste
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • fresh or frozen blueberries, post-blending

Make sure to cook your bulgur or oats with salt. (I use 1/4 tsp, and it’s important to put this in before cooking the grains.) Once cooked, put the bulgur or oats in your blending gadget, such as a Magic Bullet short cup. Add everything else (except berries) and blend! Now add in some frozen blueberries, or any other fruit, nut butters, chocolate chips, etc.

Variations I’ve tried:
1. Strawberry Shortcake (add frozen strawberries pre-blending)
2. Chocolate Cream Pie (see optional ingredient, above)
3. Cinnamon-Raisin (add cinnamon and raisins, post-blending)

blueberry oatmeal

On a cold day, nothing’s better than a blueberry muffin in a bowl. Except… a blueberry muffin in a bowl that you don’t have to leave your house to buy.

Do you like Starbucks?

People seem to be very passionate about Starbucks. They either love it (Fun coffee drinks! Passion Tea!) or hate it (Over-priced! They’re everywhere!). The company has multiple facebook fan pages, but there’s also an entire website,, dedicated to all things anti-Starbucks. In any case, I owe Starbucks for a lot of good memories. In high school, it was the place to hang out. Oftentimes, we wouldn’t even buy anything. Horrible of us… and now I’m wondering why they didn’t ever make us leave!


Published on January 21, 2011

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  1. Lisa C. says

    Those photos are beautiful! It definitely shows that you’ve started to pay attention to photography principles, like you said. Lately your photos have been so bright and professional quality. Not that they weren’t great before, but you know what I mean. The first one makes me wish I’d had your breakfast.

  2. Ashley P. (The Vegetable Life) says

    The muffin bowl looks fantastic!!! Yum!!!! I need to try that lara bar flavor soon too!

    I am not a starbucks fan… I think they are too expensive and also I get super confused when I go to order. I do love their passion tea/lemonade but that is it. Ill splurge on that once a summer or so but besides that I’d rather make coffee from home (or maybe grab it from Dunkin’s!)

  3. Jennifer JCD says

    Yay for blueberries and Miss Congeniality. Your breakfast looks super yummy. Although, homemade baked blueberry muffins for one may be right up there.

    As for Starbucks, I like that they have some vegan drinks that I can have whenever friends invite me there, which isn’t true about any other coffee shop in town. I saw vegan brownies at Starbucks in Chicago too, so there’s another point for them. (I’m sure fudge babies are way better, but still…)

  4. Julia (The Veggie SIde) says

    Great muffin! I have some fresh blueberries right now!

    I like Starbucks. My favorite is PJ’s. I have a thing for their frozen Chai’s! I also LOVE Cafe Du Monde. My hubby and I go there when we stop at the French Market in New Orleans. I need to figure out a Vegan recipe for there Beignets!

  5. Brandi says

    Yummy Blueberry Muffins Bowl! I just love fresh blueberries! In fact I just got a blueberry muffin from a vegan bakery yesterday, I have yet to try it though.

    I’m not a huge Starbucks fan, I’d rather get coffee from my own kitchen or a small coffee shop or cakewalk vegan bakery. It’s funny though because since I live in Utah and Mormons can’t have caffeine we sure do have a lot of coffee shops.

  6. Avery (Young Aspirations) says

    I can’t deny it.. I do love Starbucks. I actually work there (and love it!) but I was a Starbucks lover long before I got the job. They are always working towards new ideas and products to cater towards their health conscious customers (yay!) and also towards making their products eco-friendly (of course they still have a ways to go!)

    PS! On a blueberry note I made Jenna’s Blackberry Orange Muffins the other day — except I subbed blueberries for blackberries, and they are by far the best ones I’ve ever made. AMAZING! ( I definitely recommend them!! They’re not vegan, but anything is veganizable! 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Haha you’re so right that anything is veganizable these days. I mean, they have vegan marshmallows for goodness sake lol. And thanks so much for the link! Long ago, I followed Jenna’s site, but somehow I forgot about it, which is terrible, since it’s so awesome!

  7. Chocolate-Coated Runner says

    I really like the passion tea at starbucks- other than that, I’m not much of a starbucks girl… I get some iced coffees from there here and there, but I would much rather make my own drinks lol it’s so much more fun that way.
    I sent you an e-mail the other day but for some reason it didn’t go through 🙁 It said that I’m currently living on campus and I was wondering if you have any dorm room recipe ideas??

  8. Emma says

    I love anything with blueberries! Although I’ll admit I’d rather just eat them on their own, your muffin bowl looks scrumptious!

    As for Starbucks…. I love it, their coffee is strong and they cater to vegans which is nice, but they are often to busy and loud to hang out (much better than Tim Horton’s mind you!). I would rather go to a local independent coffee shop, which I normally do unless I’m in the wrong part of town and am having a caffeine emergency! There is one I go to that has tonnes of vegan food, and its 100% fair trade and mostly organic, plus my housemate works there so I can get free stuff sometimes haha…

  9. Heather says

    I don’t mind Starbucks. However, since I don’t really drink much coffee, and I am not a fan of sweet flavoured drinks. I want my rare cup of coffee, Americano or latte to be something extra special!

  10. Lindsey in CO says

    I’m a Starbucks addict. I’m all about the short skinny vanilla latte – 60 little calories, excellent afternoon pick me up!

  11. Picky Nicky says

    I absolutely love putting blueberries on oatmeal 😀 Recently, I’ve been coating my fruit with cocoa powder before eating it, it’s something I think you’d like! I made a post about it a few days ago, feel free to check it out 🙂

  12. Caitlin (EatFeats) says

    I like Starbucks. I don’t drink coffee or eat pastries every day, but it is still a nice place to hangout and catch-up. Plus, I always have giftcards to Starbucks, so I feel like I am getting a present whenever I purchase a drink.

  13. Mel says

    I like it, used to love it, until I started having issues with milk. I like lattes or their oatmeal for a quick breakfast when traveling or in a pinch

    I do soy lattes now there maybe twice a month.

  14. abby says

    i want to like starbucks! i really do :(. but my eating disorder says a BIG no to any drinks with calories :(. i have the worst time trying to convince myself that it’s ok to consume any calories in beverage form. does anyone else have this problem? or has anyone overcome such a problem?

    every time i see people with chai lattes, peppermint lattes, or even regular lattes, i curse my ED and feel very sad that i can’t experience the joy while drinking something yummy that others get to experience.

    but on a more positive note, your photos look superb :).

    • Melissa says

      I don’t tend to drink my calories, either.
      I’m… well, I’m not ED but I’m disordered in my handling of calories after losing a lot of weight and maintaining a year. There’s a lot of hard stuff going on for me – though it pales compared to what a lot of other people deal with.

      I honestly prefer eating solid food rather than drinking things, even if they are tasty.
      I like to get the most bang for my caloric buck – I will have a vegan frap after a marathon or really long run when I need sugar – but that’s rare.

      Know what saved me? Unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze. It’s only 40 calories a cup and I can make lower calorie cocoa, smoothies, Katie’s agar pudding, etc. and get the good vitamins and stuff in the milk without all the added sugar calories. And having a safe drink makes me less obsessive and doesn’t set me off.
      Also, stevia is my BFF. Being able to bake and eat desserts helps me feel normal and keeps me from swinging too far into ED thoughts.

      Even if I wasn’t a little disordered, I’d pick the unsweetened almond milk – it means I can have a bigger portion! I’m very strange in that I count calories but I love big servings of food(!). I eat a lot of veggies and such so I can feel full and like I ate enough without it being triggering.

      Maybe start small by making things at home with the almond milk and using stevia to sweeten and see if you do alright with it? Then move up to other things as you start to heal the behaviors? I’m trying to stop eating so low in my calories and lighten up on myself. Starting small with just a hundred or so extra calories a day and going to go slow to avoid triggering panics. I also am trying therapy starting next week. I hope it helps.

      I hope things work out for you, too. Therapy might be useful, too. I think ED is very rarely about food/weight at the core…

  15. Heather says

    I hate it when I get sucked in by tasty “looking” pastries only to be disappointed in the end! 🙁 I’m sure your blueberry oats were anything but disappointing…and I love your pink flower in the background! It really makes the picture POP!

    I seriously used to be addicted to Starbucks…like at least every other day. Then I moved to a local coffee shop 2 minutes from my house. I went there so much that they didn’t even have to ask what I wanted. But it just got so dang expensive. I actually don’t drink nearly as much caffeine as I used to and I’m perfectly happy with my one cup black with cinnamon each morning!

  16. Ann @ Running With Chopstix says

    Starbucks was definitely the place to go for “serious” talks about boys. I used to loove going all the time until I realized I was breaking the bank with all my fraps! I think people just hate on Starbucks because it’s corporate but I feel like you shouldn’t hate it for being corporate. Unique coffee shops are fun and funky but the baristas are usually really stuck up 🙁

  17. Christin@purplebirdblog says

    Sometimes I just plain need coffee, and Starbucks is everywhere, but I try to buy from locally owned coffee shops when I can. That is, when I’m even buying coffee out, because I try to make it from home as often as possible!

  18. Amalfi Girl (EatRunHaveFun!) says

    I love Starbucks, but not for the drinks. More for the memories (for Starbucks was, as you said, really the only place to hang out when I was in HS, too) and the vibe. I just like being there. I wish the drinks were tastier–if you don’t go for the full fat, full sugar, full crap 800 calorie drinks, the fakers aren’t really that good. But that’s just my opinion, I know a lot of people who love the SF/FF bev’s. 🙂

  19. Sabine @ thefruitpursuit says

    Haha that’s so cool!

    It’s good we dont have that many over here, when I was in NY I drank TWO caramel fraps + whipped cream DAY. oi. I still lost weight because of all the walking though, amazing city 😉

  20. Alexandra (Veggin' Out in the Kitchen) says

    I totally picked up on your Miss Congeniality reference – best movie ever 🙂

    Your blueberry “muffin” looks way better than the ones from the store (store bought is so dry and crumbly). I don’t go to Starbucks much, but when I do, I get the shaken green tea – love it! I’ve never tried the soy frappuccinos, but I really want to!

  21. Disturbed says

    I could marry Starbucks-well not really. I mean I love all coffee, and it just do happens that every Starbucks I have been to the people have always helped me when I ask stupid questions like how many calories is in certain thing, and if I want to read the ingredients on something. I know not all places are like this, but as far as I can tell they have been good-at least to me, and anyways, sure they have flaws but every place does.

  22. Jessica says

    I think there are good and bad things about Starbucks – just like all businesses.
    Good: pumpkin bread/cake/thingy (OMG – please post a healthy recipe for this!) , open late, strong and delicious black tea
    Bad: they are a major chain and make it harder on smaller coffee shops

    That said, what is necessarily wrong with a business doing well and expanding? And I’ve seen plenty of local coffee shops nestled against Starbucks and doing fine – perhaps because they’ve been able to use the opportunity to market themselves differently, focus on specialty products (like vegan muffins, as in my local coffee shop), and become a community gathering spot rather than simply ‘a place to get coffee’.

  23. Anonymous says

    I don’t have Twitter, so I’m commenting here on your latest tweet: I think a good name for that shortened would be Choconut Bananutter?! Haha.

  24. Lauren @ says

    Hahah Starbucks was THE place to be in my high school too! Especially on Wednesday mornings before school because we had a late start every Wednesday.

  25. Felicia ( a taste of health with balance) says

    Not really a starbucks fan.. I’m all about local artsy cafes. With comfy chairs and fireplaces 🙂 I’ll take your blueberry muffin in a bowl any day !

  26. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) says

    Truthfully, I do love their coffee, but I also like Seattle’s Best (which I believe was how Starbucks started). I just love the flavor of their coffee. I can’t have any of their treat drinks or their treats, so when I go it is just for coffee or tea. I like your take on the blueberry muffins! I always eye those too! I posted on the pizzert today…so good! Thanks for the recipe!

  27. chelsey @ clean eating chelsey says

    I do love starbuck’s. I use it only as a treat every oncein a while, but I sure do love it.

    I also looove blueberry muffin larabars. Sooo good!

  28. Katherine: Unemployed says

    speaking of big and fat at starbucks, they’re creating a larger size (venti just wasn’t cutting it)

  29. daisychain says

    I love your blog, and tweets! Actually, your blogs was one of the only ones to make me excited to be recovering from my ED and start eating again. I’m always checking in for new inspirations.

    Insanely jealous of your larabars! They stopped selling them here, and the new flavours sound so divine.

    *goes to console self with a Nakd bar*

    ((sorry for this random comment nonsense))

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh goodness, don’t be sorry… I think your comment was one of the nicest ones I’ve ever received! Thank you so so much :). P.S. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think we can get Nakd bars over here. At least, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them.

  30. Megan says

    Katie, I believe this is my first time commenting but I just wanted to say I love your blog!
    All your eats looks so delicious. And all your posts are so positive, happy, and inspiring.
    Thank you thank you thank you girl 🙂

  31. Maryann says

    I like Starbucks for a treat if I’m out shopping or as a place to get away and study. It’s definitely not an every day occurance for me though! I actually prefer the coffee and tea I make at home! (I usually don’t buy the fancy drinks).

  32. Angie says

    You were on a blueberry kicked today I can see LOL. Nothing wrong with antioxidant rich blueberries. I love the oatmeal you made with the blueberries, I just bought larabars today. WIll be having one tonight post workout for the first time! 🙂

  33. Namaste Gurl says

    I would choose your blueberry oatmeal over Starbucks processed blueberry muffins ANY old day:)
    Not a huge fan, as I don’t drink coffee, but a good cup of passion tea is always nice sometimes!

  34. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    Honestly I never really go to Starbucks because everything is so sweet and expensive. I can make my own coffee at home, thanks. I only go when i’m on the road and need some bfast oatmeal

  35. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    You know like 10 years ago, I really loved Starbucks. It wasnt so big and corporate, it didnt feel quite so much like a fast food restaurant where they take your order and try to process you in and out as quickly as possible (which is appreciated of course b/c time is in short supply) but i dunno, it just feels soo…big, corporate?

    And the coffee. I will say I love coffee. But not theirs. It’s “fine”. I will drink it. But I dont often. I always try to brew my own and if I stop when out, I prefer Peet’s, Caribou, or many others. Not to mention…anything other than a drip coffee is cause for concern$$

    Now that i have written a novel, i will say your food pics are gorgeous today 🙂

  36. Jess@HealthyExposures says

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who was on a blueberry kick today! Except…your blueberry muffin oats are realllly making me want to go curl up with a warm bowl of my own blueberry oats 🙂
    The only problem I have with Starbucks is that they’ve forgotten my area of Vermont. I suppose I should be thankful because that means I’m not spending more money than I should be – but sometimes I’d just like a fun coffee/hot beverage, and there’s none to be found!

  37. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    Nah I’m not big on Starbucks really…I prefer Costa. (Do you get that in the US?) But I totally feel ya on the vegan thing… Someday, I’ll start up a vegan-friendly coffee chain so we can enjoy blueberry muffins when out too! 😀

  38. Leighanna says

    I have to admit I adore Starbucks. Sure they’re insanely expensive but my soy latte ALWAYS tastes good, and by chance it doesn’t, they’ll make another one. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a little ma and pop coffee place but they’re usually hit or miss and quite often feel so elite inside- like I have to wear a berret and look highly inintellectual just to fit in.

  39. Moni'sMeals says

    I like your blueberry bowl Katie!

    I like Starbucks but don’t love it. 🙂 My husband on the other hand, all the time!

  40. bitt says

    Even though Starbucks is “local” here in seattle, I prefer the independent coffee/tea shops.

    Just tried a blueberry muffin lara bar and thought of you.

  41. Kat @ Cupcake Kat says

    I love Starbucks but they are way too expensive to go to very often.
    This is another great recipe
    By the way I made your banana pancakes for one. I posted the changes I made on my blog. I hope you don’t mind. They were delicious!

  42. christina @ hola raw! says

    I live in Seattle and work at Starbucks, so it seams funny to me that coffee could ever be “too expensive.” Here, money is no object when it comes to coffee. It is a necessity, a social norm, grabbing a coffee is just like ‘tea time,’ it’s part of our every day…

    I like the community of Starbucks and how it can connect people and brighten their day with a beverage, obviously the coffee culture is a bit different here though! Every city has their thang though, right?

    AND I am happy to report that you the 8 Grain Rolls are vegan! I don’t know if you have them in texas but I highly recommend them! They’re delicious toasted…very cinnamon raisiny…

    The rest of the pastries are pretty terrible though…

  43. Jos says

    I don’t drink coffee so I don’t like Starbucks..LOL … A lot of people just buy a cup of coffee from there and sit for hours because they have free wifi..Just like you, I also wonder why the workers didn’t chase them away.

  44. emma says

    hey sweetie! your larabar piccie is great! good use of a blurred background 🙂 My boyfriend is an amazing photographer and is gradally teaching me how to use a camera. We usually photograph animals so my food photography still needs some work! Hugs x x

  45. kaila @ healthy helper! says

    i want try those new larabars so bad! but your blueberry muffin oatmeal sounds like the perfect sub until i get my hands on them!

  46. BroccoliHut says

    I have the same relationship with starbucks–it’s where I studied for the SATs with my friends, but I can live without its menu. I always get the exact same thing when I go–Tazo passion tea!

  47. michelle says

    I used to work for Starbucks. They’re no better than Mcdonalds with the bigger than big corporate attitude….almost ‘cult like’ with the “There is no I in Team” attitude. They hire teenagers almost exclusively and then try to indoctrinate them with the Starbucks mission statement. They’re drinks are highly processed and I was always shocked by the amount of sugar included in almost every hot or cold drink excluding black coffee. All of the so called baked goods have been sitting in the freezer for who knows how long and left to defrost over night.

  48. Claire says

    Oh how I wish blueberries were in season, you lucky girl!
    Starbucks (and other businesses like it over here) provided my girlfriends and I an excellent hang out after school so they’ll always be a soft spot for them and they do make some good drinks for hot days but I prefer coffee from other places like small cafes and such. Not sure why, but something to do with supporting the little guy. This is probably a silly question, but are there any other big chain stores like Starbucks (ie coffee places) in the US. We’ve got some of our own which compete a lot with Starbucks especially in the last few years as Starbucks closed a lot of their franchises.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hmmm… nothing that competes on such a big scale as Starbucks, but maybe Dunkin Donuts in the northeast. Or Seattle Coffee. But those seem to be more regional (i.e. there are thousands of Dunkins in Boston, but only 1 or 2 in Dallas).

  49. Sarah @ Flavoropolis says

    Fortunately for my bank account, I can’t tolerate caffeine and don’t drink coffee these days.
    But this post has given me quite the craving for blueberry muffins! I think it’s about time to whip some up.

  50. Tanya says

    I’m NOT a Starbucks fan. I don’t go there if I don’t have to, or if there’s another local coffeehouse nearby. I prefer to give my business to local places. BUT…..when I’m on the road…Starbucks is pretty much it. So, if I want my oatmeal in the morning and coffee with soymilk…I go to Starbucks, because that’s often the only option. Their oatmeal is good and they offer it with my toppings (dried fruit and nuts)! And since they bought out Seattle’s Best, they offer their coffee blend which is usually not burnt…the old Starbucks coffee always seemed burnt to me.

  51. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Your pics are looking beautiful Katie! 🙂

    I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee as I think it tastes over-roasted and burnt. However, I do like their espresso drinks, but they are a bit out of my price range…well, at least according to CD. 😉

  52. Serena says

    I honestly just don’t like the taste of most Starbucks foods and drinks. It’s a great place to hang out, and much cleaner/ the ambience is nicer than many other places…but for taste alone I wouldn’t go.

    BTW if you want some store-bought vegan blueberry bliss, try Le Pain Quotidien’s blueberry muffin (always vegan). SO delicious.

  53. Sherri says

    Your blueberry muffins look yummy!
    I like starbucks but it’s waaaay to expensive. One of my student’s parents gave me a $20 gift card for christmas so I have been enjoying a few soy lattes. 🙂

    have a great weekend!

  54. sarah says

    Love the look of your oatmeal–I have been on a major blueberry kick lately! I love Starbucks, It’s the only coffee I’ve found that doesn’t give me gut rot. Did you know that if you get a gift card and register it online, you get free soy and syrups in your drink every time you use it? It’s a major plus for vegan Starbucks fans–saved me lots of money–try a half sweet vanilla soy latte–heaven!

  55. Jessica Lee says

    honestly i dont even like starbucks coffee. i like that they have tea, i love tazo tea. for food though, i usually get greek yogurt, that’s about it. everything there is soooooooooo overpriced!!

  56. Ellie@fitforthesoul says

    I like some of Starbux’s new options but I’ve never actually liked their coffee even though they say it’s the BEST. I only get their coffee once in a while If I have to and there’s nothing else around.

  57. Katie Ristow says

    So… I’m new here. Just discovered this site today. And I’m so excited! My little toddler is newly allergic to eggs and lactose so it has me on the hunt to find something to feed her (she’s not a fan of meat). I’m also so desiring to make healthy and DELICIOUS meals for my family. It’s been a hard year for us and I want to take better care of my body so that my little ones will have me!
    Anyways, my question on this is: what’s the whipped topping I see in the picture? Is that your vegan whipped cream? Cause this one looks like a little different…

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’m so glad you found me, Katie!
      (And I would love to add you to my blogroll. My next update might not be for a while, but I will be sure to include you!)
      The whipped cream in the photo is actually Soyatoo.

  58. Liz says

    I like them… but they need to use coconut milk/rice milk and then i’d LOVE them again lol! Id also love some vegan/flourless pastries!

  59. Claire @ Blueberry Muffins says

    I used to love Starbucks, but now that I have my own espresso machine, I can say there are a lot of a good coffee beans out there. Most especially that I can bake really good blueberry muffins, I’d say, I don’t need Starbucks. 🙂 Your muffin-in-a-bowl looks so adorable and tasty, I love it!

  60. Anna Lynn says

    This oatmeal was so yummy! I used maple
    Syrup and put blueberries in before I blended. I will say it was more runny? Than I had hoped for…but maybe I messed up somewhere along the line. It was still good and extremely filling.

    As for Starbucks….ever since I’ve discovered a local coffee shop, I won’t spend the money on Starbucks….it’s get weirdly frothy and just doesn’t taste good, especially when you’ve just spent $5 on it! Unless I’m in super need of coffee and Starbucks is the only option, I won’t go.

  61. foodluver says

    Katie your blueberry muffin recipe was soo good and it was very quick. Could you make some sort of coconut recipe too? I know it’s totally random but I LOVE COCONUT!

  62. Karen says

    Hi! Just tried this recipe…didn’t have fresh blueberries so tossed in some dried ones (Costco’s are yummy), added some lemon zest and honey roasted slivered almonds (can’t help messing with recipes, I’m sure you understand :-)). You are now my official “go to girl” for all things oatmeal and yummy desserts! Although today I’m also going to cook that million veggie lentil stew.

    Re Starbucks, like many I seem to have mixed feelings. One near where I work seems to have the happiest, crazyiest staff so its always nice to visit. I love strong, bold coffee, so I frequently order a Hammerhead (coffee with a shot of espresso), and in summer I love their shaken iced tea lemonade. Their soy chai latte is a standby when I meet my friend for “stitch and bitch” (knitting). But, definitely like to go to little local shops when possible. One bad move Starbucks made recently was to discontinue offering free soymilk substitutions and flavor syrup shots when using their cards. Not very customer friendly, because so many folks are lactose intolerant or vegan. As a result, I have cut my patronage by at least half, and told them so.

  63. Tanya @ Playful and hungry says

    Haha, I didn’t even know that there is a Starbucks Hate page. Well, I always liked it. Yes, it is everywhere and local coffee shops are much nicer. But there are also memories connected with Starbuck…. oh, and recipe ideas! =D

  64. BakeMeABallerina says

    Yum! I had this for breakfast today, and really enjoyed it! I found that adding a dash of cinnamon and a spot of vanilla made this taste more “muffin-like”.

  65. Lyndsey B says

    I am in love with your blended oatmeal recipes, Katie! They have such a delicious smooth texture… Yum! I tried a peanut butter flavor, and a pumpkin one, too! Thank you for introducing me to blended oats! 🙂

  66. Wendy @ The Nomadic Vegan says

    Do you think this would work with an immersion blender? It would save the time and hassle of transferring to the blender or food processor. Also, I haven’t seen any non-dairy creamer here in Switzerland. Could you suggest an alternative? Thanks!

  67. Elizabeth says

    Made this oatmeal this morning! My go-to breakfast is blueberry oatmeal, but this variation helped switch it up. Love the adaptability of this recipe and your entire blog is great!

  68. Casper Genaro says

    Katie, I have been trying to find a recipe that you had a picture for but I am unable to find the recipe. Blueberry Muffin Oatmeal Bake. Please, where may I find it??

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