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New Food Challenge, Take 2

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and marveled at the array of products (especially in the produce aisle) you’ve never tried? Fiddleheads, quince, durian, dragonfruit, luffa, chia, purslane…


Last year, I challenged myself to try one new food per week (I blogged about the challenge here).  At first, the pursuit was successful.  For example, I discovered a love of kiwi, which I’d previously thought I detested. But after a few weeks, I completely forgot about the experiment.

I’m going to pick up where I left off. Who wants to join me?

All you have to do is choose one food per week that you don’t normally eat—it can be a food you’ve never tried before, a food you haven’t had in years, or even a food you wrote off long ago due to a bad experience with it.

Published on April 28, 2009

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  1. greenbean says

    i’m down! last week i tried roasted beets and sauted beet greens. this week it was brocolli rabe. all 3 were a-ma-zing! i’m up for trying something else new next week. i’ll commet back 🙂

  2. Meredith says

    Can it be a new recipe a week, but not necessarily new things in the recipe? I have so many cookbooks that I want to use, but often I get stuck in a rut making the same things over and over for myself because I live alone. I am challenging myself to make a new recipe each week.

  3. Emma says

    I read this right before I went to dinner – I had quinoa for the first time! What have I been missing all this time? It was delish. It was cooked with raisins, squash, and yams… there will definitely be more quinoa in my future.

    I saw cactus the other day in the produce dept… maybe that’s next!

  4. Vegyogini says

    I’m up for it!

    This might sound weird, but I just decided to give raw tomatoes another shot. I really enjoy cooked tomatoes, but the texture and flavor of raw tomatoes just isn’t for me (I have a slight allergy to them, as well). I found that I was able to get a few pieces down when paired on the fork with other components of my salad, but I did leave 3 pieces uneaten. Maybe it’ll be a “slowly, but surely” process or maybe I’ll just stick to my guns and continue not eating raw tomatoes. I’m not sure!

  5. DJ says

    Hmm… very interesting! I will normally give anything a try once, cos, y’know, that’s just the kind of gal I am, so I think I might try and persuade SVD to give this a shot. He’s a man of plain, simple tastes that need expanding!

  6. Teresa says

    Count me in! I’m always trying new foods as it is anyways, so the contest is an added perk! Great idea, Katie!

  7. Kate says

    I’m in and I’ve been trying new foods lately so I’m looking forward to trying more!

    I just recently tried quinoa and thought it was pretty darned good.

  8. Stacie says

    We already do that quite often. I find the best “unusual” produce at the Asian or Mexican foods markets.

    Last week we tried little fruits from the Asian Market called Longans. they are about the size of a big grape with a woody shell. You peel the shell off and eat the fruit from around a big black seed. My son and I loved these.

    Before that we got some Asian green beans–they are about 18 inches long and great in curries.

    I wanted to try these pear shaped green things with lots of spikes from the Mexican foods market, but couldn’t find anyone that spoke English to tell me what they were. Maybe next time.

  9. Anna says

    sounds fun. there’re a few products i’ve been eyeing and it’s a great excuse to try those fun looking fruits. Custard apples are amazing so i have i hopes for the other oddities

  10. Shari says

    I’m in, I haven’t tried anything new in a while and this is just the motivation to get me out of my comfort zone.

  11. Heather says

    I am SO in! I love this thought! I already started today for lunch and went by and picked up some chia… WOW I must say it filled me up and it is so diverse! Thanks for making me try something new! I am on my way to the store now to see what else will surprise me.
    HAppy Hump Day by the way.

  12. hypki says

    Count me in! I love trying new things, and it gives me an excuse to try new recipes too!

    By the way, have you ever had Durian fruit? Trust me…save your lovely taste buds for something else. It smells aweful, and tastes just like it smells. They have it all over Indonesia and when I traveled there I tried some, and it made me gag…and I honestly don’t think I have ever gagged on a food.
    Just thought I’d throw that in there since you had a pic of it on your post!

  13. Vaala says

    Hmmm, I’ll have to think about this one. I’m such a creature of habit! But what are all those different fruits at the top? I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of them before.

    Okay, I’ve thought about it…I guess because of my reluctance it’s probably a good idea so sign me up!

  14. Steph says

    Today I tried something new!!! I tried grapefruit. I had this once when I was young, but I was completely repulsed from the bitterness a grapefruit can have. It has been years and years since I have had it. Today I gave it a shot and I was in love. 🙂

  15. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Ooh, I remember this challenge from long ago. It made me try mango…which I thought I hated. But now I like.

  16. atxvegn says

    I wasn’t going to do this, but since I tried something tonight, I’m in. Details later, due to my need for another entry.

    We love kohlrabi (a) because it’s purple and (b) because it tastes faintly of broccoli!

  17. Treslyn says

    I want in on this!

    I have 2 potlucks to go to in the next couple weeks, so maybe I can make everybody try something out of our comfort zones =]

  18. ohonemorething says

    Today, I tried an actual guava fruit! It was delicious – when the weather gets warm I like to refresh myself with fruits. It’s tangy but not pungent.

    I usually do this habit of trying something new every time I go to the local grocery store over here. They have a lot of vegetarian/vegan friendly products that are pretty obscure.

  19. Vegetation says

    Yay for new foods! I don’t find much around here that I haven’t already tried. I did find dragonfruit in the last few months but I have to be careful with fruit and they were $5 each! I do love it when I find something new though (hello celeriac!!)

    Great challenge!

  20. krunsdogs says

    I try to do this with the family, have them try new things or dishes that they have never had before. They are usually surprised and pleased that they did. So, I would love to have a good reason to do this other than “I think it would be fun to try this”. So, count me in.

  21. Jenny says

    Yesterday I cooked with chick peas for the first time adn made falafel. I also brought some miso and made miso soup. Two in one day!

    I love the idea of trying new foods! It adds variety and variety is very important to keep going forward.

  22. Gaby says

    Hey! Ok I tried the milanesas de soja last night and they were awesome! My whole family liked them and I served them with lemon juice alongside some homemade gnocchi with sundried tomato/ cherry tomato sauce I made. A very traditional Argentinean (and vegan!) meal! 🙂
    The mix is probably very similar to a veggie burger mix, it has bread crumbs, flour, soy protein, wheat gluten, and some other stuff and you simply mix it about equal parts with water then you can pan fry them in ultra thin patties, or put them in the oven shaped like the thin patties, which is what I did. The package says you can even make them in the microwave.
    They taste a lot more fried than they are, I think they don’t have any fat, or very little, so if you’re craving something breaded and crispy without all the fat this is perfect.
    My mom found these at Fiesta, which I think you have in Dallas, right? They would be with all the imported stuff.
    I’m definitely going to have my family keep some mix in their pantry for when I come over and they make more traditional (think steak overload) meals, I can participate without having a meal that looks drastically different.

    Here’s a link if you want an idea of what it looks like:

    Hope you liked my review!

  23. ohkansascity says

    I am definitely in! I’m always dying to try new foods and this will give me a great excuse to actually try some new foods (or try my best to try new foods… at least one new one.) =)

  24. Vegyogini says

    I re-visited another food last night…California rolls. Ever since going vegetarian over 10.5 years ago, I haven’t been able to get past the fishy taste of the nori that wraps California rolls. A friend brought me a homemade version containing brown rice, quinoa, ginger, and baby bok choi last night, so I had to try them and the nori wasn’t fishy like I remembered. I’m not saying I’d start eating it again regularly, but it’s something!

  25. cakeswithheart says

    I am TOTALLY in! I have always wanted to try some of those strange little (and not so little) fruits that I see when I’m in the supermarket, and now I offically have a reason! WOO!

  26. Katrina (gluten free gidget) says

    Okay, now this is something I would do even if there wasn’t a prize involved, though I wouldn’t complain if I won! HA! I am traveling right now, but as soon as I get home I am totally doing this and blogging about it! What a great idea! I recently re-tried avacado, something I always thought that I hated. Wonder of wonders… I LIKED IT! Now I find myself craving avacado all the time! Who would have thunk?!

  27. taleoftwovegans says

    I would love to do this! What a great idea – I tried some new things last week, but there is always more exciting produce to be found! Eve

  28. Brittany says

    Okay – I’ve already done week #1: I tried Jicama this week! Mixed together some diced pineapple, jicama, and avocado with a little white wine vinegar, olive oil and cilantro. Easy – and amazing 🙂 I recommend trying this crispy root to everyone!

  29. Robin says

    *takes off metaphorical hat*
    *throws metaphorical hat in metaphorical ring*
    *starts not-metaphorically Googling exotic fruits to try*

  30. Emmy says

    I want to participate in this. I think its a really great way to experience life with a whole array of foods!

  31. Michelle says

    Hi Kati,

    I tried an “uglifruit” today…WEIRD, but DELISH! It looks kind of like a screwed up grapfruit, but it was much sweeter. Once you take the peel off its like any other citrus fruit in that it has segments. it was so good. I actually went back to the store to get another one.

  32. Emmy says


    Count me in love.. I definitely want to win and I just tried something new!!!!

    Not only was it a new food, it was another break away from ED. An accomplishment for my recovery.

    I went out to eat at this Asian vegan restaurant in Philly.. New Harmony (have you heard of it or been there?) and tried vegan orange beef. It was superb!


  33. Jess M says

    Today I tried a rutabaga, which I had seen at the grocery store numerous times and was always intrigued. It’s a root veggie that’s actually a cross between a cabbage and a turnip, and I like both so why not give this a try! I roasted it with EVOO, S + P, and LOVED it! Thanks for the challenge Katie!

  34. Willa says

    My new food is NUTELLA: Amazing! How have a I not had this before? Nutty, chocolatey goodness… so spreadable.. so delicious!!!

  35. :) says

    I know this sounds crazyyy but I tried applesauce for the first time in FOREVER! The last time I had it I was really young and I hated it (I know people are probably yelling at me right now! haha). After that bad experience I just never really saw the point in eating it. Well the other day I was strolling through the grocery aisle and spotted the apple sauce. They had a couple yummy looking flavors like cinnamon apple and cranberry raspberry. I started thinking of new, yummy concoctions to whip up so I decided to suck it up and buy some. To my surprise, I didn’t hate it! I’m going to try it heated and mixed into stovetop oats. Cant wait to see how they turn out!

  36. Maxine says

    And my new food tried this week was sushi made with brown rice from Whole Foods. I actually love brown rice and love sushi, but unfortunately, together I’m not sure the combination was great. I’d probably give it another try just in case the roll I bought was a defect. 😛

  37. Coconutgal says

    I meant to leave my comment about wanting to participate here, instead of the other post explaining the rules like I did earlier this week. Oopsie 🙂

  38. Laura E says

    Hello! I finally gave a pomegranate a go today after reading about them all the time on blogs(especially the pom juice). I used Kath’s video to help me deseed it and it was a little bit harder then grabbing an apple or washing some strawberries, but it was so worth it! I love the flavor and texture so much. They are also very beautiful on top of yogurt or oatmeal! Thanks again for the opportunity 🙂

  39. Ruby Red Vegan says

    Hey CCV… I’m back with my new food description! I ended up trying millet! I have always got the impression that it’s similar to quinoa, and the actual grains do look very much the same. I cooked it up in my rice cooker and was so surprised that it came out mushy!!! Individual grains of quinoa or rice are completely separate, but the millet kind of joined together…maybe it was the way I cooked it? It tasted all right fresh – it is pretty mild. I just added some salt and sprinkled nooch on top and ate it along with tofu and steamed Brussels sprouts! I don’t know what to do with the leftover millet, though… It got all hard in the container but it’s all mashed together, lol!

  40. kiky says

    Yesterday, I had a starfruit for breakfast! Delicious! I’ve seen it at the store soo many times and finally decided to try it! As a AM snack I had a Larabar! My first one! It was soooo good, I had the Banana Cookie flavor.

  41. jk says

    I never tried kiwi with its skin on. BUT this week’s new food was kiwi+its skin. it was really interesting at first. kinda bitter? but it tasted wonderful as I devoured the whole thing. I love kiwi with its skin. i can’t believe i never tried it before!

  42. jayme says

    I finally found Kabocha from an asian market last sunday. (I read about kabocha from AnAppleADay’s blog).

    it’s very sweet and almost like sweet potato. I love it so much. except at first I was hesitant to try outer part. I also toasted the seeds for my sister.

  43. hyang says

    you might not believe me but i have never tried oats with peanut butter before. I just never liked the thought of mixing peanut butter into the oats. but for this challenge I wanted to try something NEW and something that almost everyone around the blog loves. So i tried it. verdict? i love it! it was melty and so peanut buttery! YUM

  44. june says

    Are we supposed to write down the new food we tried on this post?

    well, I got to try kale chips. i followed katheats blog’s recipe for kale chips. it was so good! i had it with organic ketchup and mustard. so so so so delicious.

  45. AnAppleADay says

    i tried OKRA for the first time. I got the idea from GlidingCalm and tried it RAW. it was really good. Now, okra is one of my top vegetables. =)

  46. greenbean says

    ok! so i had a new food. roasted radishes! i just roasted a whole bunch of veggies yesterday when i had the oven on. i tossed them all with lettuce, lemon, and avocado for a delish salad. the radishes had a much milder flavor than raw and were a nice soft, but still crisp texture. very nice!

  47. ohkansascity says

    I’ve just tried Kale for the first time, which was definitely interesting (in a good way). I definitely have a couple more foods which I want to try. Off to a good start though. =)

  48. Erin says

    I thought this was a fun game that I invented, but I see I’m not as original as I first thought. Last week I experimented with plantains–I baked half with chili powder and half with cinnamon. Delish and not deep fried! I also introduced my two older coworkers to mango for the first time in their lives–do I get double points? 2 weeks ago I tried cooking an artichoke–and failed miserably. I forgot about it, all the water in the pot evaporated, and I had a stinky burnt mess.

  49. Amey says

    what a super fun idea Katie,
    I love it. I want to participate! Although I have been pretty adventurous in the last couple of years, I KNOW there are still lots more ingredients out there for me to try.

  50. Nelly says

    for week one…i made a carmalized onion, mushroom and arugula pasta dish…i have never had wilted arugula…and it was amazing…next time i make the dish i am going to add more arugula and many more mushrooms…it’s so tasty!

    i also made for the first time sweet potato gnocchi…with a roasted cherry tomato (i used little mini plum tomatoes and cherry tomatoes) and green and kalamata olive sauce.

    i also made a few of my very first vegan deserts…chocolate chip cookies…cherry coconut squares and brownies topped with banana chips (which i have never in my life eaten, however am now addicted to), walnuts, shredded coconut and vegan chocolate chips…

    i would also like you to know that i made your caramelized banana and oat bran breakfast masterpiece (i’ve never cooked a banana before) and it was out of this world…and it will now be a staple for me!!!!

    i’m not done trying new things…i’ll be back to post more…

    have a beautiful day…


  51. Erin says

    I will play!

    Before I even knew of your challenge, I bought kale (new food) at the store on Monday b/c so many bloggers use it.

    I made a fried egg white with peppers + onions + kale on Tuesday. Used it on my breakfast sandwich. Very nice.

  52. Emily N. says

    I tried two hemp products for the first time.
    I used unsweetened hemp milk to cook my steel cut oats in and they were okay. Not fabulous taste wise but I like the health benefits of hemp milk.
    Next I put some hemp seed nuts into my taco salad. They blended right in and I couldn’t really taste them over the salsa and other strong flavors.

  53. whitney says

    count me in.
    i bought a parsnip today and am gonna use that and some sweet potatoes to make almond-crusted root vegetable “fries”.
    can’t wait!

  54. spencer says

    I tried millet for the first time! so delicious! btw – I chose to pan toast it before cooking, and was quite surprised to find it gave off the scent of popcorn. I used the millet in a mushy (but delicious) concoction of aforementioned grain, chopped almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg, carrot, hemp milk….i think a few other things, i just can’t remember! OH! I also tried hemp milk for the first time. it is extravagant. I’m hooked.

  55. Emmy says

    Today I had a frozen chai latte for the first time — so yummy! I also had GINGER cookies. I didn’t think I would like it, but I did! I liked them A LOT.

    I am sure there will be more foods to come 🙂

    Thanks for the great idea, Katie!

  56. Teresa says

    So today at the farmer’s market I tried sapote, the white variety, for the first time. Well, at least it is the first to my knowledge. I sampled the fruit from the kind vendor and then proceeded to purchase 4 for myself. It was good and creamy! Although, I’m starting to wish that they had the black variety…

    I also tried sunflower sprouts… these are like alfalfa sprouts on steroids! Nice and hearty, and no fooling around with these guys.

  57. Sally says

    Yesterday I tried kamquats. I actually liked them 🙂 I’m in for the new foods challenge! It sounds fun

  58. Cat says

    I’m officially entered. I live in a really small town and have to drive hours to get to a grocery store other than Walmart so I am not able to try most of the great new things out there, but I finally ordered some agave nectar online and that is my new thing!

  59. Smyth says

    so far I have tried cashew milk and swiss chard. Swiss chard always freaked me out because the name was just too close to swiss cheese… but after hearing that it was good I got some and sauteed it as I would spinach and I was pleasantly surprised! The Cashew milk was good as well, mild flavor and a nice alternative if you do not enjoy the taste of soy milk.

  60. Elizabeth Jarrard says

    I don’t know if these count, but this week I tried GoodBelly Probiotic Fruit Juice and White Balsamic Vinegar! 🙂

  61. Sünne says

    I did never like beetroot (and therefore didn’t eat them) but as for this challenge I decided to give them another try.
    So I had a mixed salat with shredded beetroot at a restaurant this week and liked it. I think I still don’t like them pickled but they were okay in the salad.

  62. Neela Marijana says

    hey katie,
    i really want to take part in this challenge. and i have already tried one food this week. and it could not be anything more disgusting than DURIAN!!! it smells like rotten eggs, looks really yucky and i am sorry to say it tastes horrible!!!
    i live in singapore so i get durians, dragon fruits etc very easily 😉
    if you ever come down here for a visit let me know and i will take you on a exotic fruit tour along with loads of sampling.
    have a great day

  63. Robin says

    I’ve discovered more through this contest than I’d anticipated–chiefly, I found that I already was pretty good about leaving my “comfort zone” to try new foods (or spins on foods, or brands, etc.). I discovered this because I would be out shopping, pick up something new to try, and *then* think, ‘Oooh, this would qualify for the contest!’ So I got to feel some pride in my culinary adventureness (is that a word?), which was great. 🙂 But I also definitely have stepped up my trying of new things *because* of the contest, so thank you for challenging me in that way, Katie!

    So far, a few (!) of the new things I’ve tried:
    – umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum)
    – feijoa
    – little fruit-flavored jellies from the Asian market (the kind that look like mini Jell-O, but are vegan–not sure what their “official” name is)
    – vegan “shrimp”
    – persimmon (Sharon fruit variety)
    – canned ume plum juice
    – stevia leaves (from actual potted plant, not powdered or liquid extract)

  64. Smyth says

    This past week I tried the chirimoya fruit. I would advise against it! It was suuuper sweet but not in a good way, it tasted like that fake cherry taste they put in children’s medicine. maybe this week’s food will be better! Also, I revisited something I tried awhile ago called astragalus, it’s a chinese herbal root that you can boil for tea that’s supposed to have incredible immune system benefits, and I was reminded of how good it is! Many people might not like it, but I love it’s subtle woodsy flavor. (I have gone a little nut-so with this challenge… hehe, I’m a dork!)

  65. Jodye says

    I am most definitely participating in your challenge! So far my new foods have consisted of young coconut water straight out of the coconut, dried dragon fruit, and incan (or golden) berries

  66. Anonymous says

    Hi Katie,

    I have to say, I never heard of a Kabocha squash until i read your post. I was at the market yesterday and spotted it. Had I not recognized the name I would have simply disregarded (that doesn’t sound right!) it. But…I bought it. I roasted it as you suggested and it was yummy. It’s a keeper! It was really, REALLY, hard to cut open. I have battle scars! but definitely worth it. I’ve been munching on it for 3 days:)

  67. Michelle says

    woops! forgot to enter my info:)

    Hi Katie,

    I have to say, I never heard of a Kabocha squash until i read your post. I was at the market yesterday and spotted it. Had I not recognized the name I would have simply disregarded (that doesn’t sound right!) it. But…I bought it. I roasted it as you suggested and it was yummy. It’s a keeper! It was really, REALLY, hard to cut open. I have battle scars! but definitely worth it. I’ve been munching on it for 3 days:)

  68. Nelly says

    ok, so i haven’t been too adventurous this past week and a bit…

    i tried medjool dates…i always shied away from dates because they reminded me of something really disgusting (june bugs and beetles)…but i found some organic medjools on sale…i had one…it tasted like cotton candy…so i had another…and now i think i have found a new bff!

    and…for the first time i also tried coconut milk ice cream…it was quite different at first…but then it sorta grew on me…and i really did enjoy it…i got the mint chocolate variety!!

    this weekend i am going to be making pupusas…seitan…i’ve never made or eaten either of the two…i’ve also never used corn flour…


  69. Mary Zilhaver says

    I’m in…I’ve been dying to try some different nut butters and this will certainly push me to do it:)
    Thanks for the challenge!

  70. Katrina (gluten free gidget) says

    Hello! Well… I had my first Green Juice. It was… a special experience. Check out my blog to get the whole scoop. I also tried a new vegan snack today. I will be blogging about it later. Again it was a “special” experience. I haven’t been having much luck with new foods lately! 🙁

  71. Marie says

    I tried another new food last with less successful results. I bought some pigeon peas a while back and finally tried them. They were… meh. The flavor wasn’t all that special, and I was hoping for a taste somewhat like a black-eyed pea. Sadly, this was one bean that really disappointed in the flavor department. Next up to try is the yucca I just bought!

  72. Emmy says

    I LOVE this challenge!

    I bought Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter from the store and now it is my hands-down favorite peanut butter.

    The good foods just keep on coming!

  73. Cinnazimt says

    I’ve been trying the aquas frescas when I go out for a burrito. Favorite so far (besides horchata, which I had already been making at home): pineapple!

  74. Gaby says

    Inspired by your very own blog, I finally picked up some purple cauliflower! I had never seen it in person anywhere around here and finally went by the farmers his market this morning and spent more than usual because it was too pretty to pass up. Any recommendations about how I should prepare it for my first time (hehe)?

  75. Eleanor says

    count me in!
    I tried fiddlehead ferns just last night! always wanted to try them, never had. they were gooddd.
    and dates, my new favorite food. I’d had larabars and the like before, but never a plain date.

  76. purduekate says

    I tried fresh apricots this week. I didn’t like them at all, but in their defense, I don’t like peaches or anything like that either, so it’s not their fault.

    Crappy Southern Maryland groceries don’t have any really cool stuff, but I did by an Ugli fruit to try. Maybe tonight!

  77. Blaine says

    i’m up for this… i just need to go find a new food! maybe i’ll hit the farmer’s market this weekend. =]

  78. Sünne says

    I tried cashew butter and I just can’t stop eating it anymore! Who cares about PB when there’s cashew butter?!

  79. marie says

    i just tried the dark chocolate dreams peanut butter for the first time the other day and it is fantastic!! i’ve been eating it straight out of the jar and i don’t think the jar is going to last very long!

  80. ohkansascity says

    I tried another food! I just tried coconut water (with pulp) yesterday with the boyfriend. I enjoyed the water part, but was skeeved by the pulp. I’m planning on trying just coconut water soon since that part was very yummy.

  81. Sünne says

    I just tried Udon noodles … wow! My new favourite noodle – the texture is great … for snacking …
    Your challenge is a real success for me!

  82. lora says

    i tried a new food at my blogger lunch a week ago and it was falaffel! omg wicked amazing! I might just go buy some mix and make my own this week!

  83. calabazapie says

    Oops…forgot to say what I had tried. I tried brussel sprouts for the very first time. The smell freaked me out a little, but they weren’t as bad as I thought after I roasted them.

  84. Drina says

    Such a fantastic idea! I’ve actually been making a point of doing this semi-regularly… I hope I can still join in!

    My latest food adventure involved a cherimoya. Believe it or not I actually heard about them from an episode of King of the Hill (embarassing, I know) so when I saw them for sale in the “weird fruit from around the globe” section (not what it’s really called, but I think it should be) I had to pick one up. I brought it home and prodded it for a minute or two before slicing it open. I took a small taste of the flesh with a spoon… sweet, creamy, absolutely delicious! I finished one half in a matter of minutes and saved the rest for the next day. They make amazing desserts on their own!

    Next up: fiddleheads!

  85. Becca H says

    I just found your blog through Kath Eats. I am up for trying new things. In fact I tried a new food today.

  86. Kelly says

    Found your site this morning (via your post on KERF) and love the challenge. I decided I was in but didn’t post which was stupid because I tried a new food already….. see next post

  87. Kelly says

    It was papaya! I went to my friends house after reading this (w/o posting… stupid me) and she had one on the counter. I was like what’s that and the typical OMG you don’t know what your missing conversation ensued so for a snack (immediately following) she cut it up. Who knew what I had been missing! My next mission is to go find them in the store.

  88. Megan says

    Okay just finihed my dinner. I tried butternut squash for the first time ever. It has a wierd shape but was tasty with these swirly noodles I had. Yum-o.

  89. prettyladycmu says

    I am definitely up for this challenge and I’m glad you provided the reminder to sign up! I’ve always been a big fan of teaching myself to like new foods. I was always a picky eater, but in the past few years, I’ve taught myself to like yogurt, peppers, olives, bananas, raw tomatoes, oatmeal, okra, artichokes, cottage cheese, kale and avocados. Up next, for this challenge, I think I’m going to try chia seeds or wheat berries. I’ll be sure to blog about it too!

  90. krunsdogs says

    We tried Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes). Is a species of the sunflower and a root vegetable. I have seen them in the store and once in a while come across a recipe. The sunchokes I purchased looked like gnarled potatoes or “fat” ginger. Once peeled they look a lot like irregular potatoes. If you taste them raw, they do not have a starchy taste, but a clean “sunflower” aftertaste. I was going to make a stew and then I saw a recipe for potato, leek, kale curry. I love curry, so I substituted the sunchokes for potatoes and modified the curry by adding my own spices, kale, red cabbage and chick peas. It was really good. The sunchokes were great in the curry. They held together and added texture and flavor to the dish. All-in all a very positive experience. The next veggie to try is Kohlrabi.

  91. Ellen says

    i bought some roasted hazelnut butter at my farmers market last weekend. oh. my. god. this stuff is HEAVEN! dare i say more addictive than peanut butter or almond butter? yes. try it!

  92. Michelle says

    Hi Katie,

    This week I tried 2 new foods, kamut puffs and parsnips. Kamut puffs rock! I’ve been eating big bowls of it with Almond Milk — delish! the parsnips…not so much. i roasted them like a carrot, but they had an odd taste i can’t quite put my finger on. I probably won’t eat them like that again.

  93. prettyladycmu says

    I tried cold soba noodles on ice tonight – so tasty and I can’t believe I’d never had them before! I’m definitely going to try them in more dishes soon. Any suggestions? 🙂

  94. Megan says

    Okay I just tried another food that I feared because my mom called it “mush melon”. the fruit is cantaloupe and holy smokes I love it. It reminds me of honey dew. I cannot wait to find a recipe I can use with this fruit even though it is enjoyable plain:)

  95. Meg says

    I think I’ve already commented saying I’m up for it, but some of the new foods I’ve tried (and blogged about) were

    Acorn Squash
    Refried Beans (!!) sans the lard, of course
    Wheat Bran/Wheat Flakes

  96. lora says

    i tried another food!!! this week I tried:::artichokes! I know I know it may be silly to say but I have never had real, uncooked, artichokes straight up from the jar! verdict? LOVE! I can put these in pasta, salads, sammies, sandwiches!! ahh the endless possibilities!


  97. shoespobox says

    I definitely want to participate!

    I actually tried a fresh apricot for the first time two days ago. I have always eaten apricots dried, never fresh, so I was really looking forward to eating a juicy one! While the fruit I purchased smelled great and looked absolutely divine, I was actually kind of disappointed when it came to the taste – I’m thinking that’s because it was picked un-ripe and shipped from California most likely. Hopefully when I move to San Diego in August I’ll have the chance to eat better specimen!

    In addition to the fresh apricot, I recently tried wasabi peas… and this was NOT a disappointment. I am completely addicted! I actually went to the health food store and bought $8.00 worth out of the bulk bin and they are already gone! 🙂

    I love your contests! Keep ’em coming!

  98. Sarah A says

    I love this idea! Count me in. Let’s spread veggie diversity love : )

    As to new foods in the past week: Quinoa pasta (LOVE), Teff wraps (interesting…), and prunes (delicious, why was I so afraid of them?)

    Can’t wait to see what everyone else tries!

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