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This New Product is a Hit

Have you ever been to a baseball game?

What comes to mind when you think of baseball food? Hot dogs, nachos, cheese fries?  Not exactly vegan-friendly. For some reason, I always associate chili with baseball. So, in honor of my Texas Rangers, I incorporated chili into yesterday’s lunch. Normally, I don’t watch tv while I eat, but Rangers playoff games are an exception, basically because they only happen every… what, ten years? I ended up turning the game off halfway through lunch. (Yeah, I’m a fair-weathered fan.) But luckily, the yumminess of lunch made up for my team’s lackluster performance.

For the chili, I used a new product I’d been meaning to try ever since Angela recommended it.



I’d like to thank the Whole Foods’ hot bar for making this lunch possible:

Artisana coconut butter crack in a dish (one of my fave ways to use Coconut Butter), the roasted veggies, and Amy’s low-fat medium black-bean chili on a bed of spinach. Honestly, I’ve had bad experiences with canned chili in the past. Just like with soup, canned chili seems to scream “I came from a can!” But Amy’s black-bean chili eluded my usually-savvy tastebuds.


A few hours later, when the Rangers completed their miserable outing (I turned the game back on. Glutton for punishment, I guess…), dessert was a must.


Stepping in to save the game: the deliciously-amazing 32-C Chocolate Cups.

Chocolate cures a broken heart. Damn Yankees Rangers.

They’d better shape up soon, or I’ll need a lot more chocolate! (Oh heck, I’ll need a lot more chocolate anyway.)

mtpie spsout

Sharing time:

Have you ever tried any Amy’s Organics products?

Or other canned/packaged foods? Any you think I should try?

I feel—with Amy’s—it’s hit or miss. (Hmmm, good baseball analogy. Except I’d like to know one thing about yesterday’s Ranger game: Where were the hits??) I like the Bistro Burgers, Mexican Tamale Pie, and now this chili. But many of their other soups, frozen meals, and chilis weren’t my thing at all. Well, I guess they can’t be winners all the time (as my Texas Rangers proved).

When time permits, nothing beats a big ole bowl of Wally’s Vegan Chili.

In a pinch (hit), however, Amy’s black-bean chili is a home run!



Published on October 11, 2010

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  1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen says

    I vaguely remember consuming an Amy’s frozen entree at one point when my sister and I were on our road trip moving me to Austin this summer and got in late to our hotel and no restaurants were open so we went to the grocery store. I was so hungry at that point I don’t remember what it tasted like. 🙂

  2. couchpotatoathlete says

    Good to know about her chili — I really like her frozen burritos — one of them is corn/tomatoes/black beans and it is pretty good for a frozen burrito! I have tried her boxed meals and I thought they tasted pretty awful — too bad since they cost $5-6 a piece!

  3. Melissa says

    I love Amy’s. 🙂 I work at WFM and sometimes I run out of time/food to pack my lunch. Amy’s is my go-to since we sell TONS of the stuff.

    I like the tamale pie, the pot pie, the shepard’s pie. The burritos are really good as is the tofu scramble wrap and teriyaki wrap. I like the veggie korma entree a lot and the low sodium california burgers are my favorite veggie burger. No soy, just veggies. Mushrooms are the first ingredient and I love that! The new gluten free mac n’ cheese with Daiya is delish (but very rich so I haven’t bought it, just stolen bites of my SO’s) as is the other noodles and cheese dish they make. It has peas and a more tomatoey sauce but I’m blanking on it. Penne? Can’t recall.

    For the soups, they are definitely not all to my tastes. I like the non-fat alphabet best. Soooo tomatoey! The others I’m not thinking of any real big winners that I really really love. Oh! And the Amy’s cakes are GOOD. I took a chocolate one and sliced it in half the long way, spread ice cream over the bottom, slapped the top back on and froze it. Ate it frozen in slices like a swiss roll ice cream cake. TRY IT.

    • Melissa says

      Oh yeah, the teriyaki bowl, black eyed peas & veggies bowl are also ones I really like. 🙂
      Yeah, I sound like a really unhealthy eater now but I swear I usually pack a lunch! I’ve just been working here for going on 7 years and the occasionally missed lunch adds up to lots of trying stuff we sell. Heh.

  4. Nicole says

    My 13 yo son eats between 2-3 Amy’s cheese pizzas every week after school. Because i do not eat cheese anymore i usually eat some of the crust only. Overall the pizza is good and smells good too. I once tried an Amy’s single serve vegan pizza with lots of vegetables and loved it! Unfortunately my grocery store does not carry it anymore and i was told it was dicontinued. I feel Amy’s pizzas are the healthiest alternative of all frozen pizzas and i am willing to pay the price difference for peace of mind.

  5. Valerie says

    That lunch looks so good. Your lunches (and all your meals, really) are always so colorful.
    I don’t think I’ve ever tried an Amy’s product, but I know my local grocery store sells the canned goods, so I might have to pick up one of those chilis.

  6. abby says

    yummmmmmmy! especially the coconut crack hehehe. but also the roasted veggies look delicious. i’ve never had that chili. i had another amy’s chili, i think. it was awful! but you and i have such similar tastes that i might just have to try this one too. happy monday, pretty girl!

  7. Faith says

    My bucs dang near gave me a heart attack yesterday…I was noshing on mangoes and chocolate to try to keep calm! (Thankfully we eeked it out in the last 12 seconds!!!)

  8. Leslie says

    I’ve been watching that series too! Your Rangers did quite well in the first two games. What happened???
    Honestly, I’m just pulling for anyone to beat the Yankees! 😉

  9. Sarahishealthy says

    I love Amy’s! Those products save me so many times when I’m in a rush or just got back from something and have no time to cook. I still like to eat good food, and Amy’s provides the answer :).

  10. VEGirl says

    I really haven’t ever tried Amy products. Our neighbor once gave us a couple cans of the soup (GF and vegan)– and when my dad and sister ate it, it was so funny– apparently it was so bland that I watched as they took it upon themselves to spice it!

    I have no love for sports on tv. BORRRRRING! (no offense, to you, if you like that though). Also, I apologize that I haven’t replied to your email yet. I’ll get to it though, promise!


    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh I definitely think you need to doctor some of that stuff. I like the split pea soup, but I mix it with tomato sauce.
      As for the email, do NOT worry. I am swamped too, so any time you get around to emailing me is a-ok! 🙂

  11. spoonfulofsugarfree says

    I usually don’t like buying frozen or canned foods from Aby’s (or anywhere) because they taste, well, like frozen/canned foods! They aren’t as fresh, and I like to make it sooo much more! Also, they are pretty costly.

  12. Aly says

    Yeah, I don’t really know how I feel about the whole Amy’s Products. I mean, they are good if you don’t feel like cooking, are really super hungry and just want food fast (then again, it doesn’t take long to whip something vegan up). I do like her chili, though. Those are pretty tasty. I also agree that the burritos are good burritos for being vegan frozen burritos (new record for number of times burritos was said in one sentence? 😉 ). I think they are good, but, obviously, remaking the things by cooking them up yourself is always the most satisfying way of doing things! (: Of course, you knew that already. Hahaha.
    Aly 😀

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I don’t think I’ve tried the burritos. I went through a phase, a few years ago, where I ate the tofu scramble pocket for breakfast a lot… but after a while, I just stopped craving them. Tofu pocket burnout lol.

    • meowmix says

      me too! love the lentil soup and no cheese pizza!!! I swear – Katie if you can replicate her sweet onion pizza sauce – well i dont know where im going with this. that sauce is the best sauce i have ever had in my life. and as for your macaroons, and chocolate baby making – i cant stop eating it. I blend different ingredients everyday (add peppermint extract etc) and even though theyre all different my coworkers think im nuts! but ya back to amy’s products. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the no cheese pizza!!

  13. Cindy says

    I’ve tried a few of Amy’s soups, etc. I like them, but really I don’t buy much canned or box stuff that often. (my budget got VERY tight for most of this past year and my fun trips to my healthfood stores was nixed eventually.

    soon…very soon and that means I can probably try more fun products soon without cringing at the checkout!

    coconut crack….you called it!

  14. Caitlin says

    Amy’s is AWESOME, isn’t it? Their California burgers OMG! I love how they’re soy free. I do wish they were higher in protein, though. Anyway, your lunch looks great!

  15. Anonymous says

    Have to say; I love your baseball analogy!!! 😀

    I’ve never tried their products before. I want to try their new vegan mac’n’ cheese, though!

  16. Linda says

    I love Amy’s No Cheese veggie pizza. I’m not vegan, but it beats ANY other pizza I’ve bought. Even my meat eating mom and brother love it.

  17. libraryscene says

    Too ironic, I have a can of Amy’s Lentil soup I’ve been holding on to for a cooler day…which is today! I normally refrain from canned goods of any kind, but Amy’s does a nice job on that one. (I too make a salad and use it as a topper). I agree about Bistro burger, one of the few (even in her product line) without gluten. These days, I refrain from wheat products, but her roasted veggie pizza sans cheese is good if not in the mood to make it 😉

  18. Fi says

    Olive chilli, especially at this time of year, it’s so comforting and flexible! You can gave inside a baked sweet potatoes, In A salad, inside a wrap a la “sloppy Joe” style, in crispy tacos- the list goes on! A great spice to add to chilli Is cumin, gives it a kick! Xx

  19. Angela says

    Hi Katie! Wow, I remember when I told you that. I think it was one of the first comments I ever left on your blog. So I feel really special that you tried my suggestion :).

  20. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    I dont think I’ve ever tried any of Amy’s products but I’ve always kind of wanted to try the burritos. I’d take some healthified mexican eats anyday 😛

  21. McKenzie says

    I actually really love most of Amy’s canned soups, but I’ll eat most canned soups so that’s not really surprising. Haven’t tried the chili yet, though. I like the frozen pizzas and burritos from Amy’s too, they’re super yummy 🙂

  22. Jess from Midwest Vegan says

    I love Amy’s products! When I’m in a hurry and need a quick meal to take to work, I always grab something from them. I love their soups and frozen items, especially the Indian Tofu Wrap (AWESOME!!) and her Lentil soup.

    However, I cannot recommend her Medium Chili with Vegetables. I don’t know what was in there, maybe a weird spice or something, but it was not good. It’s the only thing I’ve tried that I didn’t like.

  23. Miho says

    Have to say; I love your baseball analogy!!! 😀

    I’ve never tried their products before. I want to try their new vegan mac’n’ cheese, though!

  24. Brittany says

    I love the Tamale Pie too!

    I’ve tried her Indian food too, and I really like it. I think the one I had was the Palak Paneer meal… though it’s not vegan. 🙁 I think she might have some vegan Indian food, though.

  25. lizlivingvegan says

    I love making chili so much, that I don’t normally used the canned stuff but I do LOVE Amy’s chili!! I also just recently tried that Mexican Tamale Pie and it was quite good! I haven’t been disappointed with her products! (Now if only they were cheaper…)

  26. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    Omg this is toooo ironic! I posted a vegan chili last week that I used one can of prepared chili in a can, an amy’s product, as my “starter” to help in the crockpot

    and yesterday I posted a soup recipe w/ beans and i used a can of amy’s beans. I went thru a phase of buying lots of amy’s canned beans and products but never used them up..til i got my crockpot (or you can do on the stovetop of course) and have been dumping them in as my lil “helper’s”


  27. Caitlin says

    I LOVE the Amy’s Chili that comes in the green can (“Organic Medium Chili”)! My boyfriend hates it, though, so my tastebuds might be off. I, too, enjoy the Tamale Pie–especially after loooong days teaching.

  28. Mastering Public Health (@MasPublicHealth) says

    I love all Amy’s Kitchen products, especially the ethnic frozen meals (i.e. Indian, Mexican). They’re a fantastic, responsible organic company (and just got rid of all hexane-extracted soy in the few burgers that contained it). I no longer eat their soups, however, (though they are delicious), because of the use of bisphenol-A (BPA) in the can linings… wish they would switch to non-BPA cans like Eden uses. I keep insisting that to them; perhaps one day they’ll make the change!

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          Me? No. I’m not happy that it’s in there, and I’d love if things changed. But I don’t eat canned foods very often, aside from canned tomatoes and an Amy’s chili every now and then (or her soup, like once or twice a year). So I don’t fret about it, and hopefully I’ll be ok (Me and much of the rest of the world’s population!). And honestly, everyone’s going to die someday anyway… I don’t think a little bpa is the worst thing in the world, although–like I said–I wish it weren’t there, and I try to avoid it if it’s convenient to do so (for example, I’ll never microwave plastic, and I use pyrex for storage).
          Yikes, sorry for writing a novel there!

  29. veganhomemade says

    No offense to your team, but I hope the Rays take the series tomorrow! I’m a Florida girl 🙂

    I’m the same way with Amy’s products – I really like some of them, and some aren’t my favorite. I like their soups, the pot pit, burritos, tofu scramble meal and tamales.

  30. Rachael says

    Amy’s products were a staple in my vegan college days, but I always had my own hodge-podge of spices – they struck me as pretty bland!
    It’s definitely chili season – seeing tons of pics and recipes all around! I recently made a version with apples, sweet potatoes and chocolate…’cause that’s what we had around the house – mole chili, perhaps?

  31. Moni'sMeals says

    That meal looks great to me! Yum.:)
    You are so right…Amy’s is hit or miss, but does work well in a pickle when you are facing canned foods that is. I mean if I am after instant food or canned, it is going to be Amy’s!

  32. Amy says

    I enjoy Amy’s gluten free, vegan pizza, but I add extra tomato sauce to it.

    I have also been very happy with her chilis and lentil soups.

    So far, I am a fan of Amy’s, but there are many more Amy’s products out there for me to try!

  33. caronae says

    Umm haha, is there any Amy’s product I haven’t tried? I don’t think so. I love the frozen meal bowls. I am not a huge advocate of frozen food or anything, but I think Amy’s a really good choice in a pinch — especially the mexican ones. I also like all the soups — the dal and the thai coconut are delicious. I haven’t tried the black beans so I’ll be sure to get on that! 🙂

    The pizzas are usually pretty good too, although definitely not vegan!

  34. Pure2Raw Twins says

    I have had a few of Amy’s canned soups before.. and thought they were pretty good. I still prefer making my own stuff, but for last minute it is great 🙂

  35. Kelsey says

    i know!! thats stuff is crazy good! especially since it doesnt have any of the added oils that a lot of vegan chili has, this one is just simple and mild- black bean is the best chili too. some of my other favorites of hers is the frozen vegan shepherds pie and black bean enchiladas <3 and of course the split pea soup 😛

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