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Changing the world, one oatmeal-hater at a time

My sister doesn’t hate oatmeal per se.

But, like many others, her idea of oatmeal is the mushy, runny goo one finds at cheap hotel buffets.  Needless to say, she’s not the food’s greatest fan. Always up for a challenge, I decided to repeat the oatmeal conversion process that worked so well on my friend.

Remember my recipe for “Cookie Dough” Oatmeal?

Time for a sisterly heart-to-heart:  “Little Sister, what’s your #1 favorite dessert food?” (Notice the carefully-selected choice of words this time.)Having just returned from college (for spring break), Sister Dearest must’ve been thinking of her current home when she answered, “Boston Cream Pie!”

Boston Cream Pie?  Really?  Of all the yummy desserts out there?  Aside from her beloved Boston Cream Pie doughnuts, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen Little Sister eat Boston Cream Pie.  But if that’s what she wanted, that’s what she was gonna get! The first source I called upon for inspiration was not a pie book; twas a cupcake book.  But this wasn’t just any old cupcake book.  No, it was the king of all cupcake cookbooks, Vegan Cupcakes take over the World.  Having never made Boston-Cream anything before, I relied on that vegan genius known as Isa Chandra Moskowitz for help.  I loosely (very loosely) based my oatmeal concoction on her recipe (page 65).  The result is pretty darn gorgeous, doncha agree? And according to Little Sister, it tasted amazing as well. But you don’t have to take her word for it; you can try Boston Cream Pie Oatmeal for yourself!


*Drumroll please*

CCK’s Boston Cream Pie Oatmeal

  • 1 serving cooked oatmeal (cooked with water or milk; your choice)
  • 1/4 cup silken firm tofu
  • 1/8 tsp salt, or to taste
  • 2 tbsp powdered sugar or my sugar-free powdered sugar
  • 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup milk of choice
  • Chocolate chips
  • Optional: Soyatoo whipped cream


To cook the oatmeal, you can use the “Voluminous Oatmeal” Trick.

Blend the cooked oatmeal with all other ingredients but the chips and Soyatoo. Transfer to a bowl, add some chocolate chips, and microwave until they’re a bit melty.  I then stirred the melted chips into the oatmeal and added more chips on top. Go to town with the whipped cream! Then, if you’re smart like my sister, you’ll mix the whipped cream into the oatmeal to get it reeeeaaaally creamy.  Here’s a pic of her bowl, after mixing:


See, I told you she was one smart cookie!

Sharing time: What’s your favorite dessert?

Who knows; I just might turn it into oatmeal!

Published on March 17, 2009

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  1. gina (fitnessista) says

    that looks incredible! mm i love bost cream pie 😀
    i think my favorite dessert is chocolate mousse… especially the mexican kind, with a little bit of chili in there
    have a wonderful st pattys day!

  2. Celia says

    You wanna know my favorite dessert?! Umm … I have LOTS, so how about a THREE course dessert menu? YES?!! :mrgreen:

    Ok, so here goes…

    Three peanut butter pretzel pillows drizzled with 70% dark chocolate

    I actually never tried pb pretzels before, but I imagined they taste like little pillows of heaven

    [Main Course]
    Dark Chocolate
    Vanilla Bean
    Apple and Cinnamon
    Tiramisu flavored rice pudding, served [half] warmed and [half] chilled

    Rice pudding, amazing – enough said! I like to eat half chilled, then warmed the other half in the microwave – that way, I get to savor the best of both worlds!:D

    [Petit Fours]
    Petite square of rocky road slice

    They get sickening after a petite bite 😉

    Hehehe, thats it for me! I’m greedy eh?!!!

  3. Lauren says

    happy st pattys day!!
    your boston cream pie oatmeal..oh katie your concoctions are just TOO amazing!! your sister has the same mind as me though..haha i used to LOVE those donuts..but i dont think ive ever actually had the actual pie.. weird!!

  4. Ricki says

    Bravo for the Boston Cream Pie oatmeal! My favorite would be a rich chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting–what else is there but chocolate??

  5. amy (veganisexy) says

    Well well well…….that was definitely a suprise. I was convinced it would be a cookie 🙂 If I had to pick only one dessert to eat for the rest of my life it would hands down be my chocolate peanut butter cup pie. Yep…..tofu loving gal here….even in my sweets!

  6. Erin says

    Beautiful!! Well worth the teasing and wait 🙂
    Sooo hard to pick a favorite dessert…I’ll say bread pudding since thats the dessert I’ve had most recently and was most delicious.

  7. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    How could your sister not love this bowl?!? You need to come convert my husband as he always turns his nose up at my oat bowls. Of course, mine are usually green with spinach these days. So, you can’t really blame him. 🙂

    My favorite dessert? Homemade yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing and ice-cream.

  8. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Happy St. Patty’s Day to you too! And that Boston Cream Pie oatmeal needs to get in my belly!

  9. Sarah says

    Awesome! I hope your sis LOVED it!

    My favorite dessert is chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate icing. Mmmm…. Second place is probably Key Lime Pie. I think both are definitely oatmeal convertible. That’d be a cool car too…

  10. FoodsThatFit says

    Oh Katie, you have outdone yourself this time! How yummy!

    Honestly, one of my favorite desserts now is oats with PB and some melted chocolate chips! It is so good, filling, and doesn’t make me feel guilty for eating it!

    Have a great day!

  11. Coconutgal says

    Oh my goodness. I wish I could have this!!! Did you try it as well? Is it fabulous?

    My favorite dessert: I could answer this 2 ways. One would be back in the day before I got really sick and could eat so many more things. My favorite dessert would have to be dark chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed in.
    These days, this Coconutgal can do some serious damage on my own homemade coconut milk ice cream with almond butter on top. Oh so decadent!!!
    Oh and I LOVE dates. You didn’t tell us what yours is?!

  12. Emily says

    Katie you are brilliant…but I’ve never tried boston creme anything either. My favorite dessert is raw chocolate chip cookie dough. I’ll be giving your chocolate chip cookie oats some loving soon!

    With love,


  13. Animal-Friendly says

    This has gotta be the most decadent-sounding oatmeal creation yet! I love the boston cream pie cupcakes from VCTOTW and I would never pass up the opportunity to have them for breakfast 🙂

    My favorite dessert? Hm…….. I must admit that my favorite dessert is something that I have not yet been able to recreate since gong vegan- FLAN!

  14. Marianne says

    I only get to pick one favourite dessert? No fair! Mud pie is definitely up there, as is rhubarb pie, and anything cheesecake. Mmm, cheesecake.

  15. laci says

    Ah Katie, how do you manage to be so creative with your oats creations!? For flavor/mock “halthier, vegan variation”, I award you with the oatmeal mastermind award! Haha, I would say my fav. dessert is carrot cake (sound boring, but true) but I don’t know about the idea of putting raw carrots, raising and pineapple in oats and calling it “as good as cake”- what’s YOUR fav. dessert/sweet missy? 🙂

  16. acookinthemaking says

    Boston Cream Pie Oatmeal sounds delightful! I know I’ve said this before but I love how creative you are!

    My fave dessert is pumpkin pie, which has definitely been done many times as oatmeal, haha!

  17. Bibis says

    can you believe I’ve NEVER had boston cream pie in my life???
    but i’d love some of that oatmeal it looks delish!!

    my favorite desserts:
    grape jell-o
    coconut ice cream popsicles
    pb & banana
    frozen yogurt with shredded coconut and coffee syrup! (i bet this one will be a good oatmeal flavor!)
    anything with frappe ice
    frozen strawberrys with whipped cream (another good oatmeal flavor!)

    have a nice day CVV!

  18. Victoria says

    Heh, oatmeal IS my favorite dessert. Banana-cream, pumpkin-coconut-cranberry,cinnamon bun….its amazing what you can do with a simple grain. ^.^

  19. Michelle says

    hmmm… this photo looks suspiciously like the one in the “scale” contest… if it is then that would be awesome 🙂

  20. sam says

    hey katie! i was wondering if this would work if i blended the tofu and everything the night before and just heated it in the morning bc i wake up really early and dont want to wake up the whole family with my magic bullet! i really hope to see some more oatmeal or quinoa flake recipes soon! LOVE THEM ALL! your truly amazing!!!

  21. Rachel Ramey says

    Oatmeal haters will probably like it better if they bring the water to a boil, add the oats, and DO NOT STIR. Cover it and remove from the heat, then let sit for 15 minutes. I hated oatmeal my whole life until I learned to cook it like this, and it does NOT get creamy (which is what oatmeal haters typically dislike) and feel prechewed. It still has “tooth” to it this way. (You can still stir it when you’re ready to add in…whatever you add to it.

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