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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Babies

She who has cookie dough is never alone.

There are two explanations for this. One: if you have cookie dough, your friends will all want some too, and thus they will gravitate towards you. And two: even if your friends do not come running (which, by the way, means you have super-odd friends), you’ve still got cookie dough to keep you company!

raw cookie dough balls

Above, a delicious batch of Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Babies.

My friends were all busy yesterday, so I made new friends. Chocolate friends. Healthy and sugar-free cookie dough balls that taste exactly like way better than cookie dough Larabars.

If you have not tried this recipe yet, I highly recommend it!!

cookie dough balls

I devoured my new friends. 

Without remorse.

Yeah, maybe you don’t really wanna be friends with me.

cookie dough babies

And soon…


The babies need siblings: Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Published on July 31, 2011

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  1. Tara says

    I love the new header! I noticed it as soon as I clicked on your blog. It’s so cute!!
    I really like having alone time. I was at cross country camp this past week and didn’t really know anyone, so it was refreshing to just chill by myself when i had down time. By the end of the week I was really looking forward to chatting with my family though!

  2. Lisa Fine says

    The new header is super cute!

    And I think a good snack makes good company when you want some downtime, or when everyone is busy.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  3. Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking says

    Simple and sweet– Love the new header!

    I do like alone time. A lot. I usually bake, run, read, study,surf the net… and most importantly think alone (I never seem to able to think in the presence of other people). I may sound like a loner, my mum has criticised me for it as well, but really, its something I really enjoy 😀

  4. VeggieGirl says

    I like “me time” (alone time) in the mornings – gives me a chance to wake up, do some stretching/yoga, and get ready for the day.

    LOVE the header!

  5. Lisa says

    liking the new header! you have such a fresh face!! (that may sound weird…but its intended as a compliment LOL)
    I like alone time, but only for exercise and pampering myself. like I like to take bike rides alone, and do my nails alone. other than that, I like to be with friends ALL the time. the more the merrier!! 🙂

  6. Amy says

    I like your new header!

    I like to have “alone” time. In fact last night, I had some alone time and I made your Banana Bread for One! I added chocolate chips and they were delicious! Soo easy to make!

    Also I did yoga, watched a show on TLC, and planned my itinerary for my upcoming trip to London!

  7. Aja says

    I love the new header.

    I have too much alone time and I use it to watch tv, or J-Dramas on YouTube, write, blog, sleep, bake, etc.

  8. Amber K says

    As an introvert I CRAVE alone time. Social events take a lot out of me and I need time to decompress.

    To be honest, I barely notice headers. I didn’t even know you had changed it until you mentioned it!

  9. Megan says

    I do like your new header! You look so pretty! (Not that you didn’t before!) The description is very fitting too. I made some pancakes this morning that reminded me of you. Whole grain with coconut extract, fresh diced peaches and cinnamon, topped with homemade coconut butter (thank you CCK), MORE peaches, and cinnamon almonds! I have also made the strawberry pancakes many times since you posted them! 🙂

  10. Balancing Sylvia says

    The new header looks great! No, really it does 🙂 I very much enjoy my alone time but only really early in the morning. I get up and hang out with my morning coffee and read before the hubby and dogs get up. It’s quite peaceful

  11. Alexandra (Veggin' Out in the Kitchen) says

    You look gorgeous in the picture on your header! 😀 And I love the new header, although I did really like the “where healthy tastes naughty” from the last header. Still, the new one is great! 🙂

    I love both alone time and friend time! When I’m alone, I usually read, ride my horse, or bake 🙂

    Oh I made your cookie dough batter dip yesterday and I loved it. Like REALLY loved it! I ate it as a dip, in a sandwich, with a spoon… and I think I dreamed about it last night too 😉 I think I could taste the beans a little bit, but that was probably only because I knew they were there. And I loooove beans so I don’t care if I can taste them a bit! The thickness was PERFECT too! I used 1/4 cup quick oats and 1/4 cup almond milk. I also used peanut butter and then omitted the salt because the pb was salted. Oh and I used six drops of stevia for the sweetener and that was perfect! So yeah, another winner for sure, and I’m already dreaming about making it again! 😀 And probably soon since I doubt this batch will last much longer… And my mom liked it too! She even knew it was supposed to be cookie dough! 🙂 She thought it could be a bit sweeter – we have different taste buds when it comes to sweetness. AND it really passed the test because even my dad liked it! (That’s definitely saying something as he can be picky!) Of course, he thought it could use a bit more sugar too, so I’ll have to make another batch for my parents sometime and make it sweeter. And my dad had no idea there were beans in it! 🙂 (I think I will also put this part of my comment on your cookie dough dip post so others can see how amazing it is and be encouraged to make it themselves! 🙂 )

    Have an amazing rest of the weekend!!!! 😀

    <3 <3

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      You are SO sweet! And I am also so happy you posted in the other post… because someone else just posted about how she hated it. But guess what… she didn’t follow my recipe at all! It frustrates me when people make a ton of changes to my recipes and then blame me when they go wrong lol.

      You are super-adorable 🙂

  12. Hwesto says

    I LOVE the simple ingredients in these and how simple they are to make are to make.

    And the new header is fabulous!

  13. Lorin says

    I like the new header! Also, I emailed you about my address and stuff, I understand if you’re busy and haven’t gotten to it, but I just want to make sure you got it since I’ve delayed you already about a week for the Chia Seed contest. Thanks!

  14. Lenna says

    I love the new header! The Healthy Dessert Blog – sounds awesome 🙂
    I love my friends, but sometimes it is such a pleasure to have a time spent alone, reading a book, listening to a good music, painting or thinking of new recipes 🙂

  15. Kristi @ Sweet Cheeks says

    I think it’s very important, for me at least, to find the right balance between social time and alone time. I am the type of person who NEEDS that alone time…otherwise i would go insane!

    I adore the new blog header!!!!

  16. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I think your header is super cute — I like that picture of you!

    I love alone time — I like to read, exercise, bake, nap 🙂

  17. Alexandra says

    i love your blog header! and i like being alone, too. about your blog header, it’s funny because your hair is brown, “chocolate brown” so it could be like your head is covered in chocolate! =P very cute. you’re awesome!

    xx alexandra

  18. Danni says

    I love having alone time, actually. I guess you could say that I’m a bit of a homebody. When I’m alone I love to cook, bake, read, draw, blog (yay!), exercise, do yoga, meditate, half-heartedly watch television while I exercise…a little boring, but hey. It’s what I do 🙂

    And I really like the header! Oh, and ironically I also made a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough babies yesterday! They are rather fantastic 🙂

  19. Ragnhild says

    Katie girl- I LOVE your new header! Although I would love anything with your pretty face on it, so I might not be the right to ask 😉
    I love to heng out with my friends, but alone-time is necessary too! I cant go too long without some me-alone-time. But its the other way around also, I cant go too long without my friends and family either!
    When Im alone, I love to take long walks, eat chocolate, read blogs, write letters!

    And- chocloate totally counts as friends! Me and chocolate are super close!

  20. Ellen says

    I am a person who needs a lot of time by myself-to read, walk, dance around like a dork in my home…as for the header I think it’s good. The naughty thing was funny but I don’t think chocolate needs to be thought of as something “bad”, per se…

  21. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn says

    I agree, 100%. Chocolate chip cookie dough is the key to happiness. Have a great day mah loveeee <3

  22. Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse says

    I do really like the new header but, I really hope this isn’t rude, I think I preferred the other picture of you, because you looked so happy in it! Not that you look miserable in this one of course, I just think the other one summed up the blog… 🙂
    I love me time – I live on my own and love being able to go out to see people, but then come home and be on my own. Plus, it means I never get back to find someone else has eaten the last one of something… 😉

  23. Diandra says

    Those look delicious! I’m totally addicted to cookie dough protein bars, but I might give these a try. Maybe introduce them to one another… I could live on cookies and peanut butter. ^^

    I love alone time, in fact hardly ever meet friends and enjoy the time before the BF comes home (don’t worry, I love him, I am just odd). I write letters or stories, read or go running.

  24. Aine @ Something to Chew Over says

    I love your header, that’s a lovely picture of you! 🙂

    I like to spend my alone time reading, having a bath, going for a walk and watching silly TV.

  25. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    I dig the new header! And alone time and choc chip cookie dough balls! 🙂

  26. Luv What You Do says

    Cookie Dough Balls are exactly what I need this afternoon!

    I LOVE ‘Me’ time and make sure to find some each week. I don’t work Mondays which is usually my day alone to get in a tough workout, relax and read, and of course play in the kitchen!

  27. Nathalie says

    I exercise in the mornings, but I never really thought of it as “me” time. I suppose it is though. For me, my real me time is after work, when I come home and make myself dinner. So I guess during my me time, I tend to cook, read blogs, listen to music, just unwind.

    Doesn’t make for a very active social life during the week though. I insist on getting to bed not too long after 9, so when friends propose after-work outings, I tend to pass. I actually get nervous about my run the next day if I don’t get enough sleep!

  28. Megan says

    I think that everyone needs some downtime. We all need a certain amount of time to take care of ourselves and not worry about the demands others place upon us. It’s easier to reconnect with who we are and what we want in life when we have time alone – we can figure out how to achieve the goals we set for ourselves and how to improve our lives.
    I enjoy getting the chance to run, write fiction stories, and blog in my downtime.

    You’re doing an amazing job with the blog and I really like your new header. It makes me smile getting to see your creativity. I’m sure you’ll be able to do well in life since you have many talents and people adore you ^_^

  29. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    I’m with Alexandra above, I love your new header, but I also loved the “Healthy tastes naughty”…hahaha…I love it all! Maybe you can combine the two….maybe something like “Healthy desserts taste naughty”….hmmmm….

    And I like being alone, too, but more often I like being with others.

  30. sam says

    I like your new header and i think the explanation fits you perfectly 🙂

    These looks so yummy! Maybe I need to make me some new friends this week 😉
    As for being alone, I love it. I hang out with my friends on the weekend and i live with my boyfriend, but on my days off during the week I love being alone and just getting things done. Cleaning while listening to my favorite podcasts, shopping for yummy food, going to a class at the gyms, rading a book(or a lot of blogs…) all make me happy 🙂

  31. BroccoliHut says

    I’m very much an introvert so I need some alone time every now and then. I like to read magazines or veg out and watch the Food Network:)

  32. Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine says

    Haha actually, when I’m alone, I love checking out different food blogs. My friends and family who know that I love food blogging always ask me, “How do you not get bored looking at recipes over and over?”

    I guess I never really thought about it that way. Reading my favorite food blogs, and just catching up on the newest concoctions and creations is really enjoyable for a food-obsessed person like me! In fact, I’m rarely bored, and the more recipes the better 🙂

  33. Maxwell says

    I like the header!

    I blog, read, run, and bake when I am alone. I mainly read and blog though. I love to learn new things about people, food, and exercise!

  34. kaila @ healthy helper! says

    The new header is so you! I love the new saying underneath!

    I loooove alone time actually! I am a social butterfly but being alone and just having time to myself is always nice.

  35. katie @KatieDid says

    I just got back from a great weekend trip with some friends, but after 3 days of zero alone time, it feels so good to just sit in quiet, catching up on blogs, eating dinner in peace, and going to bed whenever I feel like it. I also live with roommates, so my alone time is few and far between back at school.

  36. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    Girl downtime and alone time is the most SACRED time of all!!! Without it, I feel uncentered, out of balance, the world is just not right. Now this is VERY hard with a child, a FT Job, a husband…to be alone and to carve out this space and time but I need it. That’s why I do yoga and run, even if for 20 mins, to be alone, to not have someone need me, need something from me, or to do something for them…it’s what recharges me so that I CAN keep on giving to everyone in my life from my family to my readers to my coworkers, etc.

    And the cookie dough balls…just posted about mine b/c I made a batch for the winner of the Great Fundraising Act auction. Ironically the SAME WOMAN who bid on them an won them in your auction for Japan won them in Janetha’s auction for Susan. I posted about it!

  37. Mellie says

    I like alone time OCCASIONALLY. I would much rather be shopping or chatting with friends. And I love your new header photo but I think I liked your old subtitle better, I was catchier, I think. I really don’t mean that offensively.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      No no, not offensive at all! I’m trying to work that phrase back into my about-me page, because I really liked it better too.I just changed because I want people to know exactly what my blog is about when they first click on.

  38. Rebecca says

    I like your new header =) I’m someone who needs a lot of alone time. I love to be around people, but then I need a couple hours of me time. It’s my way of focusing on my to-do list, working out, reading, meditating, writing etc. Then after a few hours I’m ready for people time.

  39. Regan @ The Professional Palate says

    I say this with all honesty.

    I LONG for alone time, now more than ever. I have two young children who are the most wonderful gift in the world… but imagine a gift that consumes all of your free time & is completely dependant on you 😉 You don’t really get a lot of “alone” time. On the seldom occasion that I do, there’s almost nothing that I don’t like to do… so long as it’s peaceful and relaxing 😉

  40. Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFIles says

    The header looks great!! I’ve been playing around with mine too.

    And as much as friend/roommate/boyfriend time is awesome, I really treasure my alone time to relax, be productive, just veg, whatever!

  41. Ashley C says

    Because im so shy I really enjoy my alone time!! I love just sitting around the house in my Pjs not really caring what I look like 🙂 I also like to go to the gym alone, I think its pointless to have a gym partner because I dont really like to chit-chat when im at the gym. I love the new header, super cute!!

  42. Albizia says

    I am kind of an introvert and I usually enjoy my time alone but after a few months being alone 99% of my spare time I can say that no sight is beautiful enough and no baked good is delicious enough to erase the taste of disappointment. So recently in my “alone” time I’ve simply been feeling lonely.

  43. Kristin @ STUFT Mama says

    The new header is CUTE! I love it! My alone time is watching the Bachelorette. Ha ha ha! It’s my one night I sit down and just veg out (and eat yummy food) while the husband and my twins boys are asleep. 🙂

  44. Musugonekuku says

    Oh yes, sometimes I need my alone time. And as my parents and sister are on vacation, I have the house all by myself the whole week. Lots of alone time!
    I am planning to try at least one new recipe every day and the most will be from your blog 😉
    Yesterday I made the brownie batter dip and I’ve just finished my breakfast with the blueberry pancakes. Nomnomnom
    Other things I love to do in my alone time (besides cooking) is working out, yoga and playing on The Sims :p Oh, and my music will always be on pretty loud, so a lot of dancing and singing will be happening too.

    I like the new header too 🙂

  45. Marianne says

    I do all sorts of stuff during “alone time” – read, go for walks, go shopping, hit up downtown, watch tv, listen to music, and pretty much anything else I feel like. Perhaps it’s because I spend alot of time alone, but meh, whatever.

  46. Lyza says

    Katie I love the new header. Gorgeous.

    I have one question about cookie dough balls and babies in general…do you have a suggestion for what people like me can use with nut intolerances? I was thinking maybe sunflower seeds, but I’m not sure it would be as yummy. Sunflower and sesame seeds? LOL I have no idea…

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey girl!

      One thing first: are you allowed coconut products? (If so, I have a few recommendations.) Otherwise, maybe you could try a sunbutter base for the pb babies or 3-ingredient pb balls? I’ve also always wondered if you could sub protein powder, but I’ve never tried it. If you try it, let me know how it works!

      • Lyza says

        Oh yes, coconut’s fine! 🙂 These are great ideas!! I’ll have to give that one a try. 🙂 Thankyou so much for taking your time to reply!! 🙂

  47. Stephanie @ StephSnacks says

    I like the header! Very cute—I like seeing the blogger right away, it helps make an easier connection. As for me, alone time is essential. I generally like to go for a walk, get coffee, or have a mani/pedi!

  48. Anita says

    Just wanted to say I absolutely love your recipes, I’m a total CCK convert! The new header looks awesome, very cute! Alone time is always nice to have and key to keeping yourself sane!!

  49. Rachael says

    I just made the fudge babies. Please tell me the nutrition info that says 175 calories is for the whole batch! I ate it all! Is the idea to form the whole batch into a rectangle log and call it a Larabar? I hope so because I made a bunch of little balls (too late to count how many) and rolled them in mini chips and ate them all!
    Thanks for the awesome recipes. I just found this site this week and LOVE IT! I have a sweet tooth, but am really trying to eat healthy! I love the healthy alternatives.

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