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Chocolate Earth Balls!

Environmentalism is a cause everyone should champion. Issues such as global warming, polluted air, and disappearing resources affect all of us, not just the crazy health nuts like me!

Today, I’d planned to make globe cupcakes, using this recipe.

The holiday snuck up too quickly, though, and I ran out of time. But I couldn’t miss a chance of playing with a theme, and so today’s post is a bit of a stretch… a round up of Earth-shaped recipes. (Told you it was a stretch! Just humor me, and I’ll make it up to you tomorrow—with a new breakfast recipe. Haven’t done one of those in awhile.)

chocolate ball

Cookie Dough Truffles

Healthy cookie dough truffles, with absolutely no raw eggs! If only Earth were a giant cookie dough truffle, and you could eat your way through life…

chocolate ball cookies

No-Bake Chocolate Cookies

Packed with chocolate and peanut butter, this is easily of my favorite recipes on the blog. And no bake = conserve energy. Yay!

chocolate ball chips

20-Calorie Cookie Pops

Representing Earth on a diet. We all need to go on a diet—from the amount of resources we consume. But not from chocolate-chip cookies. Those, we should eat in abundance.

chocolate bon bons

Chocolate-Banana Bites

A chocolate-covered way to fight global warming. Or: how to stay cool during the insane (and quickly approaching) Texas summers.

chocolate cookies

Funfetti Cookie-Dough Balls

Hi, I am what the earth would look like if Katie were in charge. With liberty and sprinkles for all!

chocolate ball crispy treats

5-Ingredient Rice Crispy Treats

If Rice Crispy Treats had a baby. You save resources by not buying the ones in the electric blue packages. The more packaged foods we buy, the more trash we throw out. Try to save packaging as much as you possibly can.

chocolate balls 1

Hot Chocolate Cookies

Oh look, it’s raining men chocolate!

chocolate chip cookie balls

Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Bites

See the chocolate chip on the left? That’s the Statue of Liberty. You can view it from space. Or, at least you could until I ate it.

chocolate not

Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls

They kinda look like globes. If we had no water. Ugly, right? See why we need to conserve our water?

Simple ways you can help the Earth:

  • Bring your own bags to the grocery store.
  • Walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation as much as possible.
  • Turn off computers at night.
  • Recycle, and—even more importantly—reuse.
  • Switch to online bill payments.
  • Buy a reusable water bottle instead of the plastic ones.
  • Air dry clothes whenever possible
  • Take quicker showers
  • Adjust your thermostat one degree higher in the summer and one degree cooler in the winter.
  • Go vegetarian at least once a week. (It requires 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef, and factory farming generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, trains, ships, and planes combined!)

Question of the Day:

Do you ever worry about the future of our planet?

Do you make an effort to be environmentally-conscious by recycling or bringing reusable bags to the grocery store? I try to do as much on the above list as possible, and I’ve definitely gotten better in the past few years (especially about taking faster showers!). I’m good about biking or walking for errands, as well as turning off lights. Admittedly, though, there’s more I should be doing– turning my computer off every night, using the oven less (difficult, given my job), buying local… I’m really going to make an effort to try harder, because the future of this planet is important to me.

Tomorrow: a breakfast recipe! 🙂

Published on April 22, 2012

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  1. Anonymous says

    Happy Earth Day to all! We are also health and eco nuts and are very happy with our Volt! It feels great to drive in an electric car to the grocery store to buy our vegan food! We are going to the woods with our kids today. Don’t forget to enjoy the outdoors today!

    • Sarahishealthy says

      It’s raining here :(.
      But I guess I should go for a walk in the rain and thank the earth for watering the flowers! 🙂

  2. Mimi Barber says

    Found your blog by accident and just love your recipes!! When you show the nutritional values of a recipes, could you please include carbohydrates. Also, I’m thrilled to see that some of your more recent recipes show Weight Watchers points. Will you be able to do that with all your future recipes?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  3. Kim Grabowski says

    The older and more educated I get, the more and more I’m conscious of the impact I’m having on our environment. I’ve always been interested in health and nutrition, but I used to be a huge carnivore! I have to say, though, it wasn’t the health benefits that lead me to give up red meat (and pretty much all meat, for the most part), though they are great. I took a nutrition class and learned that we use so much land to produce food for livestock that we are running out of land to produce food for starving people! That was the MAJOR kicker for me…now I feel healthier and I feel like I’m doing the planet some good every time I order hummus or a black bean burger instead of meat!

  4. Luu says

    I love your recipes! So great! I only never get fudge to get a good consistence.
    Great blog and great post. I’m also vegan and I think it’s ridiculous to say mankind need to eat meat and exploit animals.
    Great job!

  5. Samantha says

    Good morning. I will actually attempt to hold off on breakfast for tomorrow in anticipation of the post.

    Love this recipe round-up! (I always enjoy these to see recipes I have missed). How did I miss the gingerbread balls in the past? That looks heavenly.

    I do worry about the planet. I also see some hope and I appreciate the people that do what they can to honor and care for it. There is always something I could do better, but at least I am aware of most of my actions (even the not earth-friendly ones).

  6. Leslie says

    I love your theme posts :).
    The commentary expecially never fails to crack me up. Like today? Those globes? TOO FUNNY! 🙂

  7. L. says

    It very much upsets me when people think “environmentalists” are quacks or the “crunchy granola” type. Even the mosts selfish, uncaring person in the world should be an environmentalist because it affects ALL of us. Great post!

  8. Sarahishealthy says

    I love love love your round up posts! Reminds me of all the CCK recipes I still need to make! 🙂 🙂

  9. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says

    You’re hilarious! I love that the world would look like a funfetti dough ball with you in charge – how do we go about electing you??

    I worry about our planet a LOT but I think our overall consciousness is improving, even as our consumerism is. Eventually I hope one cancels the other out, and if enough people get their acts together, we can actually creep ahead with our eco-conscious and start repairing some of the damage already done, but it is a long way off…

  10. Nadiya @ Milk and Honey says

    It does take a lot of energy to produce meat! Not to mention that the process of raising the animals is disgusting (if you watch Food Inc). There should be a mandatory no meat day for everyone 😛 One more thing to add to your list, use energy saving lightbulbs

    • Vanessa says

      I’m probably one of the very few NON-Vegan/peta activists that read here. I enjoy the amazing recipes, just not so much the politics.
      We raise our own livestock here, (including dairy cattle and honey bees) and everything is very well cared for. I don’t happen to find the process of raising the animals (the way we do it) disgusting at all-it is beautiful and natural. It also does NOT take a lot of energy to produce the meat we do here-unless you are talking HUMAN energy-and that, yes it does!
      I love how other people want to impose their values on people though-mandatory no meat day indeed! I wonder how much energy it took to produce the computer you are typing on? And where it was produced, by who?

  11. Allison says

    Hi Katie! Love you blog. I finally made your Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge Babies. I only changed the recipe a bit. My addition was a 1/4 cup of oats. I forgot to put in the vanilla…oops! They stll tasted great though. I got 8 little dough balls out of the recipe. I just bough some flax seed meal, and I’m planning to add some of that next time. Hopefully I will remember the vanilla next time too.

    Thanks for all the great healthy recipes! I am getting ready to run my first 5K in a couple weeks (the day before my graduation from college!!!) and I have been enjoying fueling my body with healthy foods and snacks. I have found a love for running in the past year and am trying to put on more muscle by adding in strength training. I want to run a 10K by the end of the summer.

  12. Robyn says

    Yes! I worry about it all the time. And it’s upsetting that there are some very simple ways we could be saving it that we are not taking advantage of. (<–Ack! Ended with a preposition. Don't have time to fix it now. Forgive me). My 7-year old son spent last Sunday morning trying to figure out how to stop deforestation. Oh, how I love that kid! 🙂

    Hemp grows like a weed (pardon the pun) and can be used for everything from food to clothing, paper, rope, etc. But farmers aren't allowed to grow it in the U.S. because it too closely resembles it's hooligan cousin. There's gotta be a way around that! We could stop chopping down trees, use less water, etc. if we took advantage of all that hemp has to offer. *sigh* [stepping down off of my soapbox now]

    Your post, as always, is loaded with deliciousness. Thanks for that!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      SO funny you’d mention the preposition thing today. Just this morning, I was thinking about that when I first wrote: “Environmentalism is something we should all be concerned about” and it bugged me… but saying “about which we should all be concerned” sounded way too fancy for a food blog. Glad to know there’s another grammar nerd out there :).

      • Steph says

        Oh gosh, I love grammar nerds! It bugs me when people use “someone and I” as an object The worst is when they say “We had dinner with Jeremy and I’s parents.” Cringe! >.<

      • Robyn says

        Total grammar nerd! The preposition thing is become more and more acceptable–which bothers me a bit, because I don’t like that we’re getting lazy about our language. But I agree–it sounds way to fancy the other way. Dilemma!

  13. Anonymous says

    Found your blog last year and loved it, but feel like since New Year (and when you moved out)…we’ve only had about 5 *new* recipes! I love what you already have up, but don’t feel like the blog is the same anymore. For some strange reason (wine maybe) I thought this was important feedback, hehe. I genuinely mean it in a constructive way!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I do always appreciate feedback… but I’m very confused (and upset) by your comment. I post AT LEAST two or three new recipes every single week. Last week, for example, I posted three: pb bread, protein french fries, and chocolate chip love cookies. I work so extremely hard to get up the best content I possibly can, and it really hurts to hear someone say I’ve only posted 5 new recipes since New Years! 🙁

      • another anon says

        Hi Anonymous,

        I’m curious, not trying to be snarky or rude, but I was just genuinely curious what would make you leave such a comment when you could even just look at Katie’s blog and see that she has obviously posted new content frequently.

        As I said, I’m not trying to be rude. I’m just wondering! All I know is, my recipe folder just keeps growing by leaps and bounds with CCK recipes to try! I made the pb pretzel bars last night and they were fab!

        • Shauna says

          I made the PB pretzel bars too! They were crazy addictive:)
          …And I probably wouldn’t be taking this anonymous wine drinker too seriously. It’s pretty obvious there’s been masses of recipes since New Years. Its not exactly “constructive criticism” when, not only are they not making any suggestions, they also CLEARLY have the wrong blog!!
          Katie, you have given me tons of new recipes to try, all of them amazing. So please ignore this schmuck and keep ’em coming!

      • Anonymous says

        I want to leave feedback, but I fear the deluge of fans (one of which I am, let’s not forget), would take this down the ugly alley of the internet, if you know what I mean. You clearly work very hard on the blog, I never questioned that, girl. I, personally, was just disappointed to see another ”recipe round-up” post as it seems that you have been recycling a lot of oldies but goodies…or creating new recipes based on old ones with just a minor change to ingredients. Are you entitled to do so? Heck yes! Am I entitled to give feedback other than ”omg Katie you’re the best! Don’t listen to anything other than people praising this blog!”…well, I hope so! Please keep the new recipes coming. You’re a very creative person, and yes, I keep coming back for more…just ever so slightly less than I used to. Maybe you don’t care, maybe all your fans won’t care, but it doesn’t diminish the fact that at least one follower of your blog feels a certain way, if that makes sense. Eh, toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.
        Hearting the blog and the effort you put into it,
        original anon. poster aka the wine shmuck, apparently.

        • another anon says

          Ok, I understand that you think you’re being kind by leaving feedback. But I don’t understand how you can say your feedback is true when Katie obviously posts with regularity. Also, have you ever left non critical feedback on any of Katie’s posts? Maybe it wouldn’t be taken as snarky if you were a regular reader who contributed something to a post once in a while besides a gripe. And I, for one, appreciate that Katie posts, as she’s said, the best of the best experiments. Instead of being a “recipe machine” just spitting out a new recipe every day, she tests her recipes before putting them up. When I’ve made recipes from other blogs, sometimes they are complete failures and I’ve wasted my time, so I really appreciate that she tests all the recipes and gives us quality over quantity. And as we readers are getting this gift of these recipes for free, who are we to be choosy? We haven’t wasted a single cent, and we have access to all the recipes. If there’s one we don’t like, we’re free to come back the next day. Please remember that the people who you’re giving this negative feedback to have feelings, and it probably hurts to hear that their hard work is not being acknowledged.
          Sorry for such a long reply. I just wanted to leave my two cents!

          • another anon says

            I have a challenge for you, and I am NOT attacking you, so I really hope you’ll take me up on the challenge. I challenge you to find even just one blog that posts new recipes with more regularity than CCK. (Their own recipes, not ones “lightly adapted” from other sources. It’s not hard to copy and paste) Hopefully this will help you to see just how much effort CCK does put into her blog, and therefore just how hurtful it is of someone to say she’s only posted 5 new recipes since new years, overlooking all the hard work she puts in.

            Ok, I am sounding like a crazed fan here, I know. But I can’t help it because that’s what I am!

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          Thanks, anonymous.
          As I said, I really do value feedback–positive or negative. I guess I was just upset that a reader would think I’m giving less than my best effort for this blog. If I have less time to make up posts it’s just because, as my blog grows in popularity, so too do the things I need to do to keep it running. Just dealing with the server issues alone could be a full time job ;).

          As for the round ups… I know I walk a fine line with those. Some people dislike them, and others actually ask for them. So I do try to add them in sometimes, but not have them overtake the blog. In any case, I do appreciate your comment and will try to cut back on the round ups in the future, even though I think they’re fun to write lol.

    • Emma says

      This is ridiculous.

      Why would you even say something like that? I know in your comment it says you’re trying to be constructive, but really what you wrote makes no sense at all. I’m constantly marvelling at how Katie is able to think up new recipes and keep publishing them with such intensity. I don’t think I’ve created three new recipes of my own this entire year, let alone in a week! And I would most definitely rather have three tried and tested incredible recipes per week than 7 mediocre ones!

  14. Sarah the official CCK drooler says

    Hmmm, okay. Katie, you’re great but extreme environmentalism is a NO NO in my book Yes, we should be good stewards but not to an extreme. Humans come above animals, and so do our needs. And if you think you disagree, think about it. If there were a cat and a baby in the way of a car, and you could only save one, which would you save? Unless you’re crazy, the baby! Same with trees and other plants, we need to use their products! also, global warming is a natural occurence. it’ll come and go.It boggles my mind how environmentalists can care so much about plants and animals and at the same time so little about fellow human beings. what a sad lot, with all due respect.
    – this is a respectful disagreement so i’m not snarking at all. just puttin’ my say 🙂

    • Emma says

      She never said anything about extreme environmentalism. I really don’t think things like taking quicker showers or turning off your computer at night could be seen as extreme!

      • Sarah the official CCK drooler says

        Oh no, that’s not extreme at all! Please don’t mistake me- that’s totally fine. On the other hand going vegetarian is a bit extreme but if you’d like to, go ahead! What I don’t like is all the legislation coming out trying to dictate what people do in their own homes but that’s another thing. But I didn’t mean to put down conservation at all- thanks for your input 🙂

        • M says

          What legislation, specifically are you talking about? As far as I know, there has never been a bill proposed that limits what we do in our own homes in regards to energy/water use, (unless there’s limited supply due to drought/etc). And your initial argument confuses me, so excuse me if I am thinking too logically. Yes, you would save the baby but what if it was your own baby & your neighbor’s? Does the fact that you would save your own baby first mean your family is automatically superior to everyone else?

        • Shauna says

          I am confused by your initial argument as well. Caring about the environment is caring about human beings. Without this planet, how would anyone survive?
          You say we need to use the products of trees and other plants but a lot of this can be reduced through conservation. Environmentalists are not generally trying to save trees, plants, animals etc. out of sentimentality, they are trying to conserve the resources for the health of the environment which directly effects the survival of humanity as well.
          And being vegetarian is extreme?? It’s simply omitting meat! Whats extreme about that?

        • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

          Hi Sarah,
          I just mentioned going vegetarian one day a week… or just cutting back on meat consumption since it’s so bad for the environment (and consequently so bad for people, because we are the ones who have to live in the environment and we get sick from pollution and people will be the ones who lose out if the environment worsens!). But I’d never force my beliefs on anyone or say, “You should go vegetarian.” That’s a personal choice, and people take on different causes… no one can do everything, and it doesn’t mean one person’s way of helping the world is better than anyone else’s. As long as we’re all making SOME effort to make this world a better place ;).

    • Victoria says

      Hey Sarah…just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I’m worried more about the MORAL decay than the environment! Our planet will survive longer thank our civilization. We all should be “good stewards” naturally….I was taught that at an early age, before the “go green” push. I teach my children the same, but not because of any environmnetal concerns.

      • Sarah the official CCK drooler says

        Thanks, Victoria… I agree 100%- maybe we should be more concerned on morality than the environment. We are in moral decline and let’s get that fixed first! As moral people, we WILL be good stewards!

  15. Eric Jaffa says

    RE “turning my computer off every night”

    The monitor is the part of the computer-system which uses the most power.

    As long as you turn the monitor off, it’s OK if you leave the PC on.

  16. Hungry Heather says

    Yes, I’ve been concerned for a while. I’ve been doing nearly everything on your list for several years.

    Does anyone ever think about the reverence that native Americans had for nature, compared to the current social apathy towards nature?

    Also, natural health doctors are making a big deal over the effects of pollution on the human body. Pollutants are showing up in our bodies that really shouldn’t be there! For example, asthma has been and is still on the rise, which coincides with rising air pollution.

  17. Melissa (Better Fit) says

    Yes- I do worry about the impact we’re having on the environment! And I worry about the vulnerable communities affected as a result of climate change. I also think that we can do a lot to help reduce our impact if we put in some effort and make practical sacrifices. That’s a great list of measures we can all take- thanks for sharing!

  18. Ellie @ healthy belly ellie says

    I do worry about the future of the earth. Especially for my future kiddos and their kiddos… It’s important to constantly stay aware of our planet and the changes we can make to alleviate the damages we are doing…

    But for now, I’m seriously going to go make those no bake chocolate cookies…Looks SO good!

  19. Katy sparrow says

    short answer: All the time!

    Great post, katie, i looved it! you may not make up the whole biosphere, but you effectively make a funfetti cookie dough blogosphere for all to enjoy 🙂

  20. Sapphire says

    Today is doubly special for my family – it’s my husband’s birthday! Instead of making him a cake (and I DID contemplate making a One Minute Chocolate Cake), I decided to make him some Gingerbread Cookie Dough Balls! He LOVED them, too 🙂 Thanks for the recipe. I’ll be taking the leftovers with us tomorrow when we take a road trip (we’re taking our youngest son to the ENT tomorrow to find out if he has a hearing loss or other physical issues because he’s still not talking more than garbled gibberish, and he’s two – the trip takes almost 2 hours).

  21. Char @ says

    I’m such a nut about the planet, haha. We compost and recycle everything, and rarely ever have a garbage bag filled up on garbage day. And if I could bike to work everyday, I totally would. We only have one planet <3

  22. Kit-Kat says

    My family makes a big effort to be environmentally friendly, but being a large family, we have to do some things people might think are not so. :-/
    Oh well!
    But one thing I don’t care for much is the extremely weird lighting of the twisty bulbs. They work, but I don’t like ’em.

  23. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh says

    These all look so amazing! I can’t wait to eat my way through them all! HA!

    I do worry about our Earth, especially when I see more and more dead animals on the side of the road. We’re pushing them out of their homes with “progress” and then gripe they’re coming into our yards looking for a place to live even if for the night. We recycle and look for as many green solutions as possible to try to do our part. We don’t have a free recycling program yet so we just take it up the street every other week and drop it off at the recycling centers.

  24. Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats says

    Yumm these all look soo good! I’ve made your No Bake Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Banana Bites, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites, but I need to try the rest of those recipes! As to your Earth day question, yes! I worry about our environment all the time! Yesterday in honor of Earth Day I watched Day After Tomorrow and 2012 on TV and they definitely scared me. I always try to do what I can (unplug things that aren’t being used, use reusable grocery bags, etc.)!

  25. Stephanie says

    I also think it’s sad to see what’s happening to the environment. I try to do the best I can to take care of the environment, but I’m sure I could do even better. But I’m confident for the future of the Earth since I read that the bible says that the earth will last forever and God will destroy everyone who is ruining the Earth and make it a paradise again, like it was when he first created it, through His kingdom. Which is nice since humans can’t fix all the problems we see on the Earth, especially if not everyone is united about it. And God’s kingdom will also fix the moral breakdown of society, so everyone’s concerns will be taken care of. So, I can’t wait until that time when we can really enjoy this Earth like we’re supposed to! (If anyone wants to know what scriptures I’m talking about, some of them are at: Psalm 104:5; Revelation 11:18; Psalm 37:9-11; Matthew 6:9,10)

  26. Grati says

    Yesss,i do worry about our future.I already do most of the thing on your list and i´m happy this way,just sad when others don´t think that ¨planet Earth¨,animals or culture and morals(like some of you mentioned) are worth the effort.And they are many.
    Uhm,those coockie dough truffles sound soooo appealing:D if it wasn´t for my no-sugar challange i´d do them right now:))))

    Oh,just to mention, your blog is really updated,i get 2-3 new recipes every week and they are all so yumy,mouth-watering and ORIGINAL:D

  27. Casey says

    I’m not sure the best place to post this question, but since this post had lot’s of chocolate recipes, I hope it’s okay. Katie, can you please help me understand more about chocolate, like the nutrition and such behind it. I know that you are vegan (I am not, but enjoy your recipes!) Plus know you have knowledge about healthy food. I am recently learning more about “real food” and wanting to make wise choices. My current delema is chocolate. I have normally used milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate chips in recipes, but now I’m not so sure if those are my best choice. Sugar is not consider by most “real food” experts as being a real food. Is there an alternative to these chocolates that doesn’t taste horrible? I tried carob (is that spelled right?) and found it really bitter! What do you like to use? I want to make your sugar free cookie dough dip (with the dates) which is SUPER good, but last time I used semi-sweet chocolate chips. Any suggestions of alternatives. I know you aren’t a nutritionist or doctor or anything, but just looking for suggestions. I can then research further myself. I just thought that you being such a chocolate lover might have some options! Thanks in advance for any help/advice. 🙂

  28. Heather says

    We made the 5 ingredient rice krispy balls today. The kiddos made them and they ate the mix before we could make the balls. Either way it was SOOOO! good! Thanks!

  29. Moni Meals says

    Yes, I am very aware and care a ton about being green. I wish everyone did.

    So, what would it take to get to try one of each of these SPECTACULAR balls! A taster sampler please! 😉 hehe

  30. Amber with Slim Pickin's Kitchen says

    You have a recipe rice krispie treats?!?!? Where has that been all my life?!? 😉

  31. Crystal says

    Katie…when is the Food Network going to sign you? I say I called it first. So, in lieu of commission, I’ll be your official taste-tester person.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Aw you made my day 🙂

      I do need taste testers!!! Not sure how I’m going to ask, since I’ve always hated when people feel excluded… but when I figure out how to ask, I’m going to need a lot of help!

  32. Jules says

    i’m so worried! i just saw a documentary the other day on the rising acidity levels in the ocean, its harming the already small amount of shelled sea creatures on a level that we never saw coming! It’s already thinning their shells making them more vulnerable to the harsh substances put into the water and to cracking and such. Also, its affecting all sea creatures and soon can make MAJOR changes in the balance of the marine life and everything in ocean. Not many people know about this newly-discovered issue and its just awful! 🙁

  33. Janet says

    I want to make all of these. I think you should find a way to supplement your blog with mail order recipes. Or ala Willie Wonka, find a way to send them through the computer screen.

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