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Come on, boys– You can do better than that!

My guy friends love going out to eat with me. It’s not because I’m a stellar conversationalist, nor is it because I am pleasing to look at. Nope, the reason the guys like going out to eat with me is because, unlike many girls they know, I don’t just order a salad! (Pretty ironic, considering I’m the only vegan they know.) And they get a kick out of watching how much food I can put back– sometimes I out-eat even my burly football-playing friends (weaklings!).

Last night was no different. Before going out dancing in Dallas, some friends and I stopped for dinner at a place called Kalachandjis, which offers an eclectic buffet. Check out all the vegan options!

On my plate– Cabbage stir fry, fluffy brown rice, the most succulent curried butternut squash I’ve ever tasted, steamed veggies, and the stereotypical salad that all girls must order when out with a boy (pictured in the top left corner).

Published on May 26, 2008

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  1. romina says

    It’s so sad when girls feel they need to eat less to impress guys!! Guys don’t want a wife who won’t eat , it’s just plain and simple.

    WOW! Look at all those yummy vegan options. If only every place were that fantastic. =)

  2. Ruby Red Vegan says

    I find this incredibly hilarious! You already told me that you can out-eat your dad, but college boys have an even bigger appetite, so I am quite impressed with you.

    The curried butternut squash sounds amazing! I just bought a lovely butternut at the store today, too. 🙂

    It’s going to take all I have in me from running to your part of Texas and busting down the door if you end up making those cappuccino muffins. They sound like my kind of thing!

  3. Cody says

    I can’t usually eat much in one sitting, but I am constantly eating. Which seems to confuse people, as I am another skinny vegan.

  4. Ruby Red Vegan says

    You should go back to the restaurant and use your vegan persuasive powers to make them give you the recipe for the squash. Then you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and be happy forever! =)

  5. Ricki says

    Guys do seem to enjoy watching a gal eat, don’t they? And that plate looks terrific (funny about that salad!)

  6. aTxVegn says

    Oh, good, I’m not the only big eater! Sometimes I stop eating not because I’m full, but I just get tired!

    I get black cocoa at a baking supply shop. You should find one and go shopping. You would have a blast.

  7. ChickPea says

    Yep, I amaze my friends too with how much I can put away when I’m hungry!
    Your dinner looks delicious! I’ll be sure to visit that restaurant if I’m ever in Dallas.

  8. Jennifer says

    Hahaha! That is too funny. Just because someone is skinny does NOT mean they don’t eat.

    Brett can attest to the fact that this vegan eats her fair share of food as well.

    I wish I could reach in and grab your plate!

  9. Vegan On Stage says

    thats the plus of being vegan.. you can eat sosososo much more!

    Thats really funny though. Since your so little the guys must be like WOAH HOW CAN SHE FIT SO MUCH! I must say im impressed… being a college student myself (well recently removed!) I know how much a college guy can eat… congrats on blowing their minds katie!

  10. Bianca says

    That is a lot of food! I’m sure I could put it all back too. I’ve got a huge appetite. But unlike you, I’d probably get fat, like instantly. You’re so adorably tiny! I’m jealous! But really, go Katie, for out-eating the boys! Girls rock!

  11. Lizzy says

    ha ha ha, you rock!
    i hate it when guys automatically assume that i want to eat nothing but a salad. i’ve always been like “are you crazy? i want this, this, that and that… oh and this, too!” =p

    your plate looks so tempting, i want to take it off the screen and dig in!

  12. russ says

    Its true – Its way more fun having dinner with girls who have a big appetite! Its even more fun if the food is all made by me – makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside !!

  13. shellyfish says

    No wonder you have no oats! No time to go oat shopping what with all your buffet-eating and Dallas-dancing!
    Seriously, your plate looks great (now go get some oats, I got mine!)

  14. Mrs. TV says

    We were at Kalachandjis on Saturday night too!!! I didn’t see you though. :/ Eric and I love that place! I love the almond salad dressing, the dahl soup, and the yummy curry veggies they always have. And on Saturday night’s, they always have a vegan dessert. They never write it on the board because they don’t want it to run out. They save it just for the vegans. It was an apple crisp this time…nothing amazing, so if you missed out, no worries. I did have a really yummy coffee cake there once though. Fun stuff!

    I enjoy your blog so much Katie 🙂

  15. ChocolateCoveredVegan says


    Aww, thank you :o).

    I actually wasn’t there on Saturday (my blog posts are a little outdated LOL). I think I went on Thursday.

    I had absolutely NO idea that they have vegan desserts at Kalachandjis!!! Oh my goodness, what a great secret to know– thanks SO much for telling me! Now I want to go back ASAP!

  16. Lauren says

    hey, just stumbled upon your blog.. and i love cute! 🙂
    your plate looks absolutely delicious..and way to go for out-eating them. unfortunately, i doubt i could do that.. haha i’m more of a “snacker” than a big meal kinda gal.. 🙂

  17. lighterportions says

    Haha aww that’s hilarious! They must be shocked every time they see you eat. And all that food of yours looks so tasty! Especially the squash, YUM

  18. pavotrouge says

    I know what you mean. It’s sad that most women never eat until they’re full. vegan girly eating machines unite ^^ !

  19. poopiebitch says

    Succulent is my new favorite word.

    That plate of food looks awesome! Good for you for not falling into the stereotype and just ordering a salad. I like salad and all – but who can live off of just that?

    That cake WAS huge, it was definitely a challenge to transport!

  20. ~randi~ says

    HAHA! That is great!!! Too funny. I can just imagine their jaws dropping, as tiny you goes up for seconds, and er…thirds. 🙂

  21. stonielove says

    hahaha, you rock! that plateful of vegan options looks amazing! i will visit Austin and College Station this weekend. i hope i will have some good luck with some Texas vegan goodies!

  22. kindkitchen says

    Show ’em girl! I swear my friends are still shocked when I remind them salads aren’t my favorite food!

    Oh, and I would love to be added to your blogroll. Thanks :]

  23. magpie says

    Me too! I don’t like eating out with my girlfriends because they don’t eat anything 🙁 I’m a skinny vegetarian (not quite vegan yet…) and they’re all omnis. If they get a hamburger they have two bites and become “full”.

  24. Danielle says

    Hahaha fun, fun, fun! And when the food looks so good and is actually good for you. I say go ahead, go all out my dear 🙂

  25. fruity says

    Curried butternut squash…now that sounds yummy!

    That is funny about your guy friends! I was never much of a salad girl either and I always ordered a dessert! haha

  26. fruity says

    P.S. I’m glad you put spinach in your smoothie and liked it! Keep it up; it gives you that extra boost that green veggies are famous for!!

  27. Eric says

    Oh wow, your dinner looks awesome! Butternut squash is great, and curry makes everything even better!

    How was the Memorial Day BBQ you went to? I hope you enjoyed your vegan items….sometimes its a pain to bug people to set aside a meat-free section of the BBQ!

  28. Vegan_Noodle says

    Ha! I always eat more than my husband…. Your dinner looks tasty, I’d eat the whole plate too!

  29. Bonnie says

    Ha! that’s a perfect way to get rid of that nasty stereotype of vegans who just don’t eat – way to go 😀

  30. Tricia says

    lol, i have a friend who’s like 80 lbs and ate a whole Papa John’s cheese pizza.
    Idk, i really can’t eat that much. I hardly ever finish my food at restaurants cuz i’m more of a grazer. I can’t eat much at one serving but i do eat a lot throughout the day lol so it all works out 😀

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