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The Cookie Dough Protein Shake

low-calorie + 19-20 grams of protein in a single serving. Full recipe here:

Liquid cookie dough.

These are the only words to properly describe the taste and texture of this thick cookie dough protein shake – it’s like drinking cookie dough through a straw.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Shake:

Welcome to… Cookie Dough Week!

Every single recipe posted on the site this week will revolve around chocolate chip cookie dough. Since a few of the recipes might be a little more advanced, I wanted to start the week off with something quick and easy. Readers often request more recipes with protein powder, so it’s been added to the protein shake today. (If you’re not a fan of protein powder, I do also have a recipe for a protein-powder-free Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake, published many years ago on the blog.)

My kitchen has been a fun place these past few days; I’ve worked on recipes for everything from cookie dough cupcakes to cookie dough crème brulee to cookie dough candy bars. Hope you are as excited as I am for cookie dough week!!

A low-calorie shake you can make for breakfast or dessert that packs an impressive 19-20 grams of protein into a single serving! Full recipe here:

Cookie Dough Protein Shake

  • 1 cup milk of choice (240g)
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/8 tsp baking soda (this is for flavor)
  • just over 1/4 cup vanilla protein powder (I used Vega) (24g)
  • sweetener of choice (such as 1 tbsp sugar or 10 NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops – more if using an unsweetened protein powder)
  • 6 drops maple extract (for flavor – can be omitted)
  • raw oats and chocolate chips for garnish, if desired

Blend all ingredients except garnishes together until smooth. Garnish as desired. Thickness will depend on your brand of protein powder. For a thicker protein shake, I like to freeze the 1 cup of milk ahead of time in an ice cube tray, then use the frozen milk as the milk of choice in the recipe– it adds thickness and a chilled ice-cream-like quality to the protein shake.

—-> Protein Shake Calories and Nutrition Facts <—- 

Cookie Dough Mug Cake:

Link of the Day: Single Serving Cookie Dough Mug Cake – can be made in less than 5 minutes

You know… in case you want some food to go with your protein shake. 😉

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Published on August 4, 2014

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  1. Danielle @ Chits and Chats and Chocolate says

    Wow, this is great! I’ve always been annoyed that cookie dough ice cream and shakes consist of vanilla with chunks of cookie dough, as opposed to cookie dough flavoured ice cream/shake!

    I’m so glad you are sharing this, and that it’s cookie dough week! Theme weeks are the best especially when they’re nutella or cookie dough!

  2. Leah (goodnight cheese) says

    Whoa, cookie dough creme brulee sounds amazing.
    I’m confused about this recipe, though – where is the cookie dough taste? It’s milk, vanilla protein powder, sugar, and salt. That – minus the sugar – sounds like a typical protein shake. Maple flavoring would make it taste like maple syrup, not like cookie dough.

    • Allie says

      Just try it – it works! The baking soda contributes to the flavor, too, and the maple flavor adds the kind of flavor that you’d get from brown sugar! It’s really good.

  3. Abby says

    Hi Katie! This looks wonderful! You’ve officially come up with a way to make protein shakes interesting! Yippie! 🙂

    This is totally unrelated, but I was wondering if you had any ideas/suggestions for a nutella birthday cake?? I know that nutella week was LAST week, but my sweet 16 is coming up in a few weeks and I LOVE nutella!! I made your other nutella recipes from last week and they were SO GOOD! I am so tempted to try to attempt a nutella cake, but I have no idea where to start.

    Love your brilliant recipes! They have kept me alive this past year! Thank you so much! 😀

  4. Mia (Mia in Germany) says

    Never made my shake so thick – great idea, also to add the baking powder! My protein powder already is very sweet, so I’ll either omit the sweetener or maybe add a tad of maple syrup (no such flavouring available in Germany as far as I know).
    Thanks for a nice idea for a different after-run shake 🙂
    Cookie dough week sounds like a good plan.

  5. Andrea says

    OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! I was seriously hoping for cookie dough week 😀 you just became my favorite person ever

  6. belladonna45 says

    I don’t see any chocolate or chocolate chips IN the shake, only for the garnish. What makes it taste like chocolate chip cookie dough?

  7. Kyla @ Two Cups Cacao says

    I feel so lucky that I bought a bag of chocolate chips at the store this week! Definitely excited about this, cookie dough is one of my favorite things. This looks so good. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store!!!

  8. Amanda says

    Katie you are a genius!!! I just made this and I don’t know how, but it really DOES taste like drinking cookie dough! 🙂 🙂

  9. J&J'smom says

    Love this recipe. I use Plantfusion as that is my favorite protein powder. I had an unopened bottle of maple extract just waiting to be used. I added spinach for the nutrients. Perfecto! Keep up the amazing work you do. Love your blog.

  10. Rachel says

    This is perfect timing! I just bought vanilla protein powder this weekend to force myself to branch out to flavors other than chocolate and have been trying to find ideas for post-workout smoothies other than just adding the powder to iced coffee or running it through a blender with frozen strawberries.

  11. Bianca says

    YUM! I’m always looking for new ideas for protein powder shakes since I drink them 3-4 days a week for breakfast. I’m pinning this!

  12. Susan says

    I’m always on the lookout for new smoothie recipes, and this one is intriguing. I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t put any raw oats into the smoothie. I’m definitely adding it to my list of recipes to try, and because my husband loves chocolate chip cookies I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

    For those who aren’t vegan, the protein powder I use all the time is Designer Whey – only in the flavors that are sweetened with Stevia (or the unflavored). It has never tasted chalky at all, and does not have a weird texture, either.

  13. Emily says

    I heart you, CCKatie.

    I don’t have maple extract… I’m wondering if I can use pure maple syrup in the place of sweetener and maple extract??? Let me know what you think and if I try it in the meantime I’ll comment on how it went.

  14. Kate @Almond Butter Binge says

    Oh man, yay cookie dough! That’s the best part about being vegan, maybe — the ability to eat raw cookie dough without worrying about the eggs. Yum! This looks like breakfast tomorrow.

  15. Aja says

    Oh my this sounds amazing! I wish I had vanilla protein powder but all I have is peanut butter marshmallow and a little bit of cake batter. Vanilla is the next flavor I’m gonna buy. 🙂

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