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Healthy Eating: New York City

Guess where I am…

katie in nyc

If you said Hawaii, you’d be…

Wrong Winking smile.

I’m in New York for the week. My friend Jessica and her boyfriend rent a tiny NYC apartment, and they’re being gracious enough to let me crash on their couch (and commandeer the fridge). It’s pretty crowded and is going to get even more crowded later in the week when S flies in for a few days, but we’ve had a lot of fun so far!

After lounging around all morning, Jess and I headed down to Greenwich Village and grabbed lunch at a place called Quantum Leap. My food:

vegan orange chicken 

Normally, I’m not a fan of mock meat (at all!). But every now and then it appeals to me, which happened today. This particular dish is known as the Zen Platter, and it features a deliciously-spiced orange seitan (with hints of Chinese 5-spice powder).

Jessica ordered a grilled portabella burger:

quantum leap burger

And then we split a coconut peanut butter pie for dessert:

quantum leap

It wasn’t the best dessert I’ve ever had, but it was coconut and peanut butter… so of course we ate it anyway!

Questions of the Day:

Have you ever been to NYC?
What are your favorite things to do there?

Any suggestions, send them my way!

Link of the Day:

vanilla breakfast shake

Vanilla Breakfast Shakes


Published on July 18, 2012

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  1. Samantha says

    I have never been to New York but would absolutely love to some day! This will be fun to see some of your adventures while you are there. Have a great time.

  2. Candice says

    I just graduated from college in NYC and miss it every day! If you’ve never been, you should try Peacefood Cafe on 82nd and Amsterdam.. it’s my favorite vegan restaurant in the city! They have the best selection of desserts nom…

    • Cheri @ The Watering Mouth says

      Candice – I went to college in NYC too! I graduated from NYU about 7 years ago. Where did you go??

      My all-time favorite thing to do there was LONG walks – I used to walk home from a babysitting job I had, from 96th street at the Park to 10th and Avenue C – It was like 100 blocks! Great way to get exercise AND see so many sights in NYC. Not to mention window shopping all the way down 5th Avenue!


      • Candice says

        I went to Columbia! And I completely agree with the walk – you get to see so many sights and you don’t feel like you’re rushing to see different attractions. I definitely recommend it!

  3. Melissa says

    I’m from Upstate NY and my hubbys is from downstate…about 45 minutes North of the City so we’ve been there a few times…him much more so than me…(I am not a fan of big cities so I tend to shy away from it, lol). We’ve done the typical Central Park, Times Square, Chinatown, Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Greenwich Village trips. We went to Lantern Thai Restaurant a couple weeks ago with his parents and sister before seeing a Magic Show (on 48th I think…TimeScare it was called) which was pretty cool. Tavern on the Green is a nice place to eat as well as The View (it rotates 360 degrees and the views of the city are pretty cool). Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  4. Aly says

    While I am not a raw vegan, I love the food at Quintessence in the East Village. I live about 10 blocks from it- cute, really small restaurant- great for a quiet dinner with a friend or a small group.

  5. Jessica says

    I live right outside of NY and love giving input on these sort of things…
    One of my friends LOVES Candle Cafe (I thought maybe it was called Candle 79 but could be wrong).
    I’m a newer blog reader so not sure if you are vegan…if so, unfortunately I’m not much help.
    Regardless, try to hit up the Green Market in Union Square…I think it’s Mon/Wed/Fri and Saturday. Go early.
    Hit up the High Line just to walk around too!

    • sarah says

      I was also going to recommend the market at Union Square. You can’t go wrong–a market, Whole Foods and great shopping all around there. Do not miss Soft Serve Fruit right around the corner from the market!

    • Amy says

      There’s candle cafe and candle 79, which is more formal/upscale. Both are awesome, just deepens on what you’re in the mood for.

  6. Hayley says

    If you make your way out to Brooklyn one day (my hood!), be sure to check out Maimonide of Brooklyn. Great vegan restaurant. I’m not even vegetarian but I love it!

  7. Mallory says

    Hey! If you are still in NY, Gobo is a great restaurant! I love to wander around in the city, esp. Greenwich Village. You can go to dance classes at professional companies! for like $15! Also, there is a vegan icecream shop but I forget the name.

  8. Erica says

    I’ve been following for a while, and your recipes are always a hit, thank you! As a veg New Yorker, I can say (totally biased) this is one of the places to be! Quantum Leap is my absolute favorite, and you must also check out Blossom, Dirt Candy and Soy and Sake, among many others! For a vegan treat, go to Soft Serve Fruit in Union Sq, and hopefully they’ll have chocolate this week. Enjoy! And next time, you should organize a chocolate-covered meet up, I’m sure many would love to come out and get a delicious treat :).

  9. Isabella Defesche says

    There is a vegan chinese place (a healthy one!) called Wild Ginger in New York. I dream of this place. Sadly, I’m not kidding. I live in Texas myself and I swear on all that is good and delicious I will return to Wild Ginger one day.. I HIGHLY recommend you trying it out. I got their steamed dumplings as an entree 4 times in the 3 days I was there (and frequently in my dreams).

    It might be sad how much mad I am about this place.

  10. Nikki says

    The Seitan Satay at Quantum Leap is sooo good–try that next time!
    Also, Caravan of Dreams (405 East 6th Street) is _the best_! It’s all vegan, with lots of raw and live options, a yummy juice/smoothie menu, and delicious desserts! (And it’s perfect for a romantic dinner date!)

  11. Danie says

    I lived in NYC before moving to Singapore! There are tons of vegan friendly restaurants! Blossom in Chelsea is one of my favs, though the one in Chelsea is more of a fine dining vegan. Also, as Candice recommended Peace Food on the Upper West is Amazing! If you head up to that part of town check out Alice’s Tea Cup it’s a fantastic tea house that always makes a great vegan scone and has a huge variety of tea. There are other branches throughout the city but my fav one is on 73rd and Columbus, the staff are super nice and accommodating. They also have vegan options on their menu. Summer in the city can be amazing there are tons of free events around like roof top movies, concerts in the park, shakespeare in the park, etc. I could go on and on. Have a blast and stay hydrated it gets brutal. 🙂

  12. Hailey says

    Spring street natural on spring street and lafayette is an amazing restaurant! they are vegan and gluten free friendly. I highly recommend trying it 🙂

  13. Danie says

    Oh one last rec, though expensive, is Dirt Candy, this place is AMAZING I can’t believe I forgot to mention this place! I can not put into words how wonderful the food is here! It’s a vegetarian restaurant but they will make anything on the whole menu vegan. If you go be sure to make a reservation a day or two in advance. It is pricey but well worth the splurge for a night on the town 😉

  14. Michelle says

    When we went back to visit hubbys family…I visited a friend I met when we we’re both pregnant online and our kids we’re 12in at the finally got to meet them….we did a 3 hour boat tour. Also visited world trade center…..times square and id avoid empire state bdlg too crowded

  15. Ashley says

    Oh I am highly jealous right now! NYC is on my bucket list of places to go! and that coconut pb pie looks amazing…it inspired the coconut chocolate pb oatmeal i had for breakfast! x)

  16. Cathy says

    I am in new York right now! I am visiting my grandparents in Westchester, which is right outside the city. We went to the yankee’s game last night and we might see a musical.
    If I run into you could I have an autograph?? 😉

  17. Rachel says

    I live in NY! 🙂 the shopping is fun, also the Apple store is really cool (it’s under ground haha)… Christmas time is always fun with the tree, but reallllllly cold lol

  18. Kim says

    The East Village is a healthy vegan’s dream. Some of my favorite restaurants there are:
    The Organic Grill
    Caravan of Dreams (lots of raw options and live music on the weekends!)
    Angelica’s Kitchen
    …and of course you can’t forget dessert at the best vegan ice cream shop in all of NYC (and trust me, I’ve tried a lot of them 🙂
    Lula’s Sweat Apothecary on 6th between avenue A and B (its actually down the street from Caravan of Dreams, just saying’)
    Hope you enjoy the city, its a good one. Oh and I just did a blog post about some fun things (actually non-food related) going on here this summer if you want to check that out::


  19. Elizabeth says

    Babycakes NYC has amazing vegan (and generally allergen-free) baked goods…I go there pretty much every time I visit New York and anything I get is always delicious!

  20. Amy Cate says

    I lived in NYC for 10 years before moving out of the area. I loved to get dessert treats at LifeThyme in the village – 6th ave between 8th/9th streets. Also really yummy hot/cold bar.
    I also loved Vegetarians Paradise 2 on West 4th bet 6th/Macdougal –
    their soul food place next door is really yummy too!!
    I second Candle Cafe. Also, Angelica Kitchen –
    so many eats… trying to remember them all!!!

  21. Jennifer says

    Oh, the best place in the world! Welcome to NYC! I’m waving to you from the Bronx–come up and visit the Botanical Gardens! It’s a bit of a schlep from Manhattan, but worth it for the beauty of the place.

    And, definitely, Angelica’s Kitchen–one of my favorite places to eat!

  22. Melissa says

    Pure Food and Wine / One Lucky Duck = best raw vegan food ever!!!

    Other favorites:
    Dirty Candy
    Sacred Chow
    Angelica Kitchen
    The Organic Grille
    Blossom Cafe
    Caravan of Dreams
    Eva’s Health Food

  23. Lauren Stewart says

    I’ve never been to NYC (so jealous!), but I’m interning at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY right now. Come visit Farm Sanctuary! 🙂 Several vegan options around here!

  24. Marcie says

    Some favorites:
    Vegetarian Paradise 2 on W. 4th and 6th Ave
    Babycakes (!!!!) 248 Broome Street (Btwn Orchard & Ludlow)
    and I also like Zen Palate, there are a few locations.

    Have fun here! Sorry it’s so hot.

  25. jessica says

    Yay! I live in NYC! There are so many fun Vegan places to go here! There is a Vegan Thai place in my neighborhood in Brooklyn along with a Vegan raw place.

  26. Holly says

    Hey Katie! I was in NYC two weeks ago! Best vegan eats: Ethiopian cuisine has lots of vegan dishes, Babycakes (duh), and make sure you go to Lula’s Sweet Apothecary! I’m obsessed!

  27. Nicole says

    You must go to my 2 favorite vegan restaurants….the peace food cafe on the UWS and Blossom, either on the UWS or LWS. Both are great! Enjoy NYC and I hope you are surviving the heat wave we are facing here…it is hot hot hot out!

  28. Rebecca Anderson says

    You set me up on the Hawaii thing, now I want to go.:) I see enough of New York on movies but thanx for sharing. As I am writing this I am enjoying Fudge Babies, immensely might I add, and wanted to thank you for ll your hard work in making these recipes. I am not Vegan or vegetarian but I am wanting to eat healthier and these recipes are helping and they are so good!

  29. Ali says

    How fun that you are in NYC! I’ll be there next week. This came at the perfect time. My mom and I have been looking for places to eat while we’re there. Update the blog if you find anymore amazing places. I would highly suggest trying to bike in Central Park if it’s not too hot. I love to run in the park, but I get to see so much more when I bike after the run. My favorite museum is the Metropolitan thanks to “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankwieler” and its story. My favorite thing to do in NYC is see the shows. There is a Harry Potter parody called “Potted Potter” playing right now where the actors perform all 7 books in 70 minutes-you’re a Harry Potter fan, right? I hear it’s great. I also enjoyed “Newsies” and “Once” on my last visit, if you have a picky traveling party. Have a great time, and update us with anymore food finds!

  30. Rachel @ Eat, Learn, Discover! says

    I live here! Welcome 🙂 You’ve probably heard of all the usual suspects for good, healthy, vegan food – but there is a new place that just opened up that I’ve been wanting to try. It’s an all vegan sushi place called Beyond Sushi, on 14th street, east of 3rd ave. I’ve walked by quite a few times and it looks amazing!

  31. Linsey says

    As a Philadelphia (NYC’s angry little brother) girl, I am not the biggest fan of New York, but I have to go sometimes for work, and occasionally for a concert or outing with friends. I love to walk through Central park, find a nice bench, and people watch. New York is seriously the BEST for people watching.

    If you ever come to Philly, there’s a ton of great vegan places to eat! 😉

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I agree with you. I lived in Philly when I went to college (and when I was younger)… I think it’s better than NYC in some ways because it’s smaller and therefore more manageable.

      But I miss Cherry Street, which apparently closed :(.

  32. Alex @ Healthy Life Happy Wife says

    I live in Brooklyn! You should definitely check out South Street Seaport on the East Side of the Financial District & the High Line on the West Side! Beautiful views!! Also, there are two vegan ice cream shops in the East Village (Stogo & Lula’s Sweet Apothocary)! I’ve been dying to try them out so if you go – definitely post your review 🙂

  33. Caitlin says

    I love Quantum Leap!! I live two blocks down the street. Whenever my dad visits me, we go there because (as a meat eater) he says they have the best veggie burgers he’s EVER had. (I’m so lucky to have a vegan friendly dad!) They also have killer milkshakes… peanut butter is my favorite! Have you ever been to Lula’s Sweet Apothecary (in NYC)? It’s a great vegan ice cream parlor. It’s the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had!

  34. Amy says

    Try the Vegetarian Paradise, can’t remember if they have vegan stuff too :/ its been a while since I was in NYC and the last time I was there I wasn’t vegan, just vegetarian. You should also go to chinatown, its sooo fun and they will barter with you so you get stuff for really cheap! 😀

  35. lindsay says

    I’ve lived her for nearly 15 years and you’re right, there are too many amazing places to list! You’re likely not here for super long but if you have a few dinners free you MUST try:
    Caravan of Dreams (E 6th Street, btwn 1st & 2nd aves in the E Village)
    Cafe Blossom (on Carmine in W Village)
    Not sure the falafel guys are totally vegan but there’s a place down a sketchy flight of stairs off McDougal that rocks!!!
    And if you’re here for a farmers market you have to try anything from the Body & Soul guy. A-MAZE ing.

  36. Lauren says

    Go to Caravan of Dreams, Candle Cafe (east side OR west side!) Gobo, or V-note. Also see if you can find the vegan lunch truck, Cinamon Snail. Seriously, you won’t be sorry! If you find them on twitter or facebook, they post their location for the day in the mornings!!! OH – and you HAVE to go to Lula’s Sweet Apothecary for vegan ice cream. It’s on 6th Street between Avenues A and B. You will NOT be disappointed.

    Enjoy! And go to Brooklyn if you can. Walk around Cobble Hill or Park Slope. You’ll love it 🙂


  37. Marissa says

    I’m from New York and am still so unaware of all the vegan food options out there. My father just found a place for me called Franchia Vegan Cafe. Its on Park btw 35th and 36th I believe. I’m actually going to check it out tomorrow night! I was talking about it yesterday on the elevator at work and some lady mentioned a place called Pure foods cafe.. she said it was great food.

    Also, for ice cream theres a place called Lula’s Sweet Apothecary. They have cake batter soft serve! and cashew based hard ice creams. I was so excited to try this place but I was so disappointed (their coconut whipped cream is good though) and I’m an ice cream aficionado ! Maybe you will have a better experience. Tried Candle 79.. wasn’t impressed…

    Excuse the rambling post ! lol


  38. katie says

    NYC is the best. Walk everywhere as much as possible to really soak in all the different flavors of the city.
    There are LOTS of vegetarian (and vegan friendly) Indian restaurants on Lex in the 20’s. YUMMY!!! and inexpensive too.
    Sometime you have to go upstate to see the overlooked but beautiful countryside. Take the Amtrak Maple Leaf express train to Albany or better yet all the way to Montreal or Vermont. it goes right along the Hudson for most of the trip to Albany. And then check out the Adirondacks (Lake Placid/Saranac Lake).

  39. ChocolateKathleen says

    Check out the Dosa Man on the south side of Washington Square Park. He serves Vegan street food and is so nice, and it’s great picnicking/people watching at the park with your food.
    Also, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful and free, and once you get to the other side, the Brooklyn waterfront is lovely. Ditto on the High Line. I second the falafel, my fave place is Cheeps on 2nd Ave just south of St. Mark’s. Hope you have a great trip!

  40. Alysha says

    New York City is definitely my favourite cities in the world. Make sure you run in Central Park and visit the zoo. Hit up a restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen and the Greenmarket at Port Authority. I’m so jealous, I wish I were there too!!!

  41. Bethany @ Bananas for Smoothies says

    Try to go to the Empire State Building at night…I went with my hubby at 10 pm, and it was so romantic! I’d also recommend seeing a show (I saw Chicago last time in NYC and it was great!) and maybe splurge on some One Lucky Duck or Pure Food and Wine. Have a great time!

  42. Rose says

    I’ve lived in NYC for two years now and my favorite restaurant, hands down, is Sacred Chow. It’s tiny, charming, affordable, and the eats are reliably delicious. I usually get three tapas, which is $18 and PLENTY for two to share, or add on hummus plate appetizer and it’s enough for three. My usual order: orange blackstrap barbecue seitan, root vegetable latkes, and spicy peanut soba. Every dessert I’ve had has been awesome. Go! The food is great. It’s a few blocks from Washington Square Park, which is a wonderful place to sit and people watch, and there’s a dog park which is super cute.

    The best cheap and filling meal is Pukk in the East Village. It’s a vegetarian Thai restaurant with lots of vegan options. Lunch special is a ridiculous $6 and the food is goooooood. The decor is also really unique (for example, there’s no light in the bathroom but it’s gorgeous/awesome). After that bargain, my wallet doesn’t feel too bad about forking over the money for dessert at nearby Lula’s; the same can’t be said for my diet, but it is 100% worth the calories.

    Not to rag on a local favorite, but most people rave about Blossom but it doesn’t deserve the hype. It is mediocre at best and grossly overpriced at worst.

    Enjoy the city!

  43. Stephanie @ Legally Blinde says

    A few other people have already mentioned it, but definitely check out the High Line! It’s definitely the most unique park I’ve ever visited – I absolutely loved it. When I went with my friend, we took a cupcake to split while we were up there, and ate it overlooking the Hudson; I highly recommend doing that, too 🙂 And for me, a trip to NYC isn’t complete without a visit to Central Park. I love Washington Square Park, too! Great people watching. I always like to browse in SoHo, too, and check out Uniqlo (very affordable clothes!). Have a wonderful time!!

  44. Rose says

    An addendum to that bit about Blossom: I’m not impressed with their food, but someone who owns or is somehow involved with Blossom has a restaurant on the Upper East Side called V-Note. I went there once with my non-vegan father and he also loved it. Pretty sure they call it an “organic wine bar and bistro” but the vibe is counterintuitively unpretentious. Great atmosphere but more importantly it is really, really tasty. Blossom < V-Note!

  45. Avra-Sha Faohla says

    I went to NYC last Thanksgiving and spent it with my sister (who was in college there). We went ice skating in Central Park (once we finally found the place, of course! It’s easy to get lost in Central Park). It was pretty fun! 😉

  46. Allison says

    As a lifelong resident of Queens, NY (one of our 5 boroughs), I make frequent trips into Manhattan and can recommend a bunch of places! Sorry of any of these are repeats, I haven’t gone through the other comments. Caravan of Dreams, Lula’s Sweet Apothecary (best vegan ice cream ever), Angelica Kitchen, Candle 79/Candle Cafe, V-Note, and John’s of 12th Street (Italian restaurant with traditional, as well as vegan menus) are all places I’d recommend. They’re kind of all over the place, so map ’em out and go nuts!

  47. Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom says

    I am jealous!! I have never been to NYC but it is most definitely on my travel bucket list!! I think a visit near Christmas would be amazing!

  48. Anne says

    O, you must go to:
    Terry’s for a meatball sandwich and a peanut butter finger shake.
    Stogo for icecream.
    Candle Cafe

  49. Sarah @climbinvegan says

    OH MY GOSH…. go to Lulas Sweet Apothecary!!!!!!! it’s on 6th st between Ave A and Ave B. THIS VEGAN ICE CREAM WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. I am so jealous that you’re there… regardless of the fact that I lived there for 9 months I still miss the food..

    also try out- Pukk (1st ave between 4th and 5th st), Angelicas Kitchen (12th st between 2 and 1 ave), cafe viva something [a vegan pizza place] on second ave between 11th and 12th st, S’nice (multiple, but the Soho one is great).. I have so many more

    also…. besides Lula’s you should try and find The Cinnamon Snail, an all vegan food truck. You can find them via facebook or twitter. It’s worth it… it’s delicious… I’m jealous

  50. Francesca says

    You MUST visit Max Brenner in Union Square. Chocolate.Chocolate.Chocolate. Need I say more? 🙂 Try the hot chocolate…yes, I know it’s blistering hot outside, but you’ll want to try it. I promise! Chocolate pizza…chocolate soup. Oh my!

  51. Jacque Foster says

    Katie, Take a “Foods of NY” Tour! I did the one in Chelsea Market & Meatpacking District. You will taste your way through Chelsea Market (holy YUM!) and then take a walking tour, walking off just a small portion of what you’ll sample in the market. The coolest part of the tour, besides the history of the meatpacking district, is seeing a couple of sit

  52. Jacque Foster says

    Katie, Take a “Foods of NY” Tour! I did the one in Chelsea Market & Meatpacking District. You will taste your way through Chelsea Market (holy YUM!) and then take a walking tour, walking off just a small portion of what you’ll sample in the market. The coolest part of the tour, besides the history of the meatpacking district, is seeing a couple of sites from Sex & The City from when Samanta lived in that district! Here’s a link…love to know what you think! (Ha! I’m a poet…)

  53. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    You know I love the mock meats! And that plate looks delicious! So does that pie! Anyway, I’ve never been to NYC, but when I finally make it there someday, I must dine at Teany! Not so much because I love tea (I don’t really), but I love Moby …

  54. Rachel Emily says

    Welcome to NYC, chickadee!
    My friend and I went to a great place called Cafe Blossom on the upper west side for dinner. He got a stir-fry and a green smoothie, and I got what was basically the greatest veggie-grain burger of my life. It was a bit pricey ($14 for a burger? WOOF.), but the place had great ambiance and it made for a good dinner. Hope you have a great time in the city

  55. Shannon says

    That’s too bad about your dessert, but I know what you mean….yesterday I went to a vegan restaurant and had “cheese”cake made with some kind of nut cheese (cashew?)….the texture was great by I didn’t LOVE the taste (but the coconutty crust and tart raspberry coulis on the top saved it!) Have you had some success with making vegan cheesecakes?

  56. Ginnie says

    The NYC Toys R Us is amazing! I know, grow up, Gin… But seriously, there’s a ferris wheel and a life-sized candy land! 😉

  57. Jordan says

    Oh my gosh!! You posted this just after I spent weeks looking for vegan places in NYC, and I’m there right now. :))) Lifethyme, Souen, the Union Square market has a few vegan bakeries, Lulu’s Sweet Apocthary, Stogo’s Ice Cream, Whole Foods, um. SO MUCH!!

  58. Marla says

    Ohhh. If you’re still there, (even though you don’t like fake meat) you HAVE to go to the Vegetarian Dim Sum House in Chinatown (on Mott, I believe – and I’m pretty sure it’s 100% vegan) and Kate’s Joint in the Village (best “chicken wings” I’ve ever had – they don’t actually taste nor look like chicken at all, they’re just sticks of deliciousness). Enjoy!

  59. Brooke says

    CINNAMON SNAIL ALL THE WAY!!! its literally the best food I have ever had. its a food truck which makes it even fun-er! i have gone to new york just to get there food… multiple times. And i live in maryland. so its not too close! please go go go. best desserts ever and the food is just as good!!! get their donuts! and tempeh sandwich. i am actually going this weekend for a show. sadly the truck will be at a farmers market the day i am going.
    honestly. if you could, can was meet up? you are one of my favorites!!! please
    love brooke 🙂

  60. mallory says

    plus another for the cinnamon snail!!! They have the most amazing vegan donuts ever! Also atlas cafe and cafe viva pizza in the east village

  61. Erica @ Cult of Kale says

    I love visiting NYC, when we lived in NY we would head down there all the time. My favorite things to do are to check out the vegan restaurants! Red Bamboo’s Buffalo Wings are one of my favorite dishes, but I’ve never had a bad experience at any of the restaurants we’ve been to.

    I also really love to check out the museums there.

  62. Melissa says

    Hi Katie, It’s been a while since I commented but I saw your NYC pic pop up on fbook – I live in NYC on the same block as Lula’s (it’s oh-so frequently tempting). You’ll notice a lot of the great spots are in the East Village and West Village.You can always pop into Lula’s after a nice meal in the ‘hood. Definitely ask for tastes- they’re very nice people. Peanut butter fudge is my absolute favorite, but the mint chip is also killer. For your planning purposes, they open later in the day and are closed Mondays.

  63. Melissa says

    Ah yes Beyond Sushi just opened on 14th between 2nd and 3rd – Amazing, and Cinnamon Snail is vegan and great. Follow them on facebook to see where the truck is each day. Loved the sushi at Soy and Sake in the W village.

  64. Jeanine @ The Blue Sash says

    There are so many great options in NYC. For vegan ice cream, you must try Stogo (I had red velvet ice cream when I went there) or Lula’s Sweet Apothecary. For vegan Korean, try Hangawi. For the “vegan fine dining” experience, Candle 79 is a must! Or, for the more casual version, try Candle Cafe which is located a few blocks away.

    Here in Philly, there are now more vegan options than ever. If you have a chance to get back here for a visit, in the city try Vedge, Hip City Veg, Blackbird Pizzeria (our first all vegan pizzeria) or Vge Cafe out in the ‘burbs! It seems like new places keep popping up. 🙂

  65. Mikayla says

    You HAVE to check out Red Bamboo, also in Greenwich Village. It is all vegan. They have the best fake meat dishes, and also a lot of just vegetable options. They also have a rotating desert menu. I have never gotten anything off of it but they sound good! It is also very reasonably priced and has fast service! I live in NYC, and it is by far my favorite restaurant, and I am not even a vegan!

  66. Laura says

    Looks like you’re standing on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade? Am I right? One of my favorite walks!

    I love Caravan of Dreams. Also, of course, Pure Food and Wine for Fancy. Cannot beat the mint sundae, which has mint and mint chocolate chip ice creams, hot fudge, chocolate mint cookie crumbles and more. You could even sit in the garden (on a less rainy day) and get just that!

    Also, there are so many outposts of Blossom lately. You should go to at least one!

  67. Amy says

    oh I love NYC! I went on a movie/tv bus tour and it was actually amazing! The host was really OTT but she got everyone laughing and smiling. I also hit up whole foods and went for a good run round the park 🙂 Have a great time sweetie! x

  68. VanessaG says

    I loved New York!! You must go see a Broadway show, eat from a food truck, see all the sightseeing spots, shop, and eat at Peanut Butter and Co.!!!!

  69. melissa@IWasBornToCook says

    I live 5 miles outside of the city, in NJ…been here pretty much all my life. I was just in Manhattan yesterday at my office there. The great food possibilities are endless – both healthy and not-so-healthy 🙂

  70. Amber says

    I LOVE NYC!! Live in Mass and go as often as I can. I am going to write down some of these places I need to try. My favorite so far is GOBO, I like this mango/plum sauce protein nugget thing. My husband, who is not a veg actually still talks about the “bacon cheeseburger” at Blossom. But thanks for this blog and the other places for me to check out!

  71. Noa Bar says

    You should go to Lula’s! Their ice cream is AMAZING It is on 516 E 6th st
    Also some great places are
    -Peacefood Cafe
    -Blossom Bakery or cafe
    -Candle 79 (more upscale)
    -Angelica Kitchen
    -Babycakes (they made my cake for my sweet 16.. it was brownie cake with vanilla frosting)
    -Stogo (also ice cream but I like Lula’s better)
    -Organic Avenue which is starting to be as common as the urban outfitters in the city

    there is a new sushi place called Beyond Sushi.. I haven’t tried it yet but it is on my to-try list as well as Pure Food and Wine

  72. Angel says

    The food looks yummy. I’ve never been to NY, though I’d like to go, probably around Christmas one year. 🙂 Be safe and have fun!

  73. Holly says

    I’m there right now!!! And I’m dancing with a summer intensive right near Greenwich village. I am totally trying that place after class one of these days….that’s so exciting that you’re here, though! I’m doing a similar couch-crashing thing in a little studio apartment for the month. Hope you’re having a blast 🙂

  74. sarah says

    If you need a place that’s both veg friendly and has meat options, I also love The Perfect Slice. They a couple of locations and even deliver to central park if you just feel like chilling out…
    Their pizza is fabulous!!!!

  75. Hannah says

    As others have said Angelica’s Kitchen is incredible and also if you’re a bookworm at all I’d recommend the Strand Bookstore!

  76. Emma says

    Not sure if someone has suggested this yet but you should go to the PB & Co. sandwich shop! I’m pretty sure it’s in Manhattan, but I’ve never been, I just love their peanut butter!

  77. KarenJ says

    Katie, I’m such a spoilsport. I lived for years about 45 minutes (express train) north of NYC. My husband commuted in. After a day of museuming and an evening of dinner (so many wonderful eateries) and theater or opera my favorite thing to do was get on that train and into the deep green woods of northern Westchester County. And into a shower to get the filth out of my hair! Don’t mind me and have a wonderful time!

  78. Emily says

    Yay for travel!! It looks like you have tons of food choices so I’ll make some other suggestions.
    1. Look for Thoth in Central Park – he’s this violin playing dancing guy.

    2. I don’t know if you drink or not, but the Backroom at 102 Norfolk is a neat experience. It’s like a speakeasy. You have to go down a alley to get there. I’m not sure I’d spend the whole night there, more like go early to start an evening. I was there on a weekday and enjoyed the easy vibe. I’ve heard it’s more crowded and louder Fridays and Sat.

    3. Go see the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine and wander the grounds.

    4. Baseball game!! Yankees get a lot of talk, but I enjoyed the Mets game more.

    That’s it. Have a great time!

  79. Jayne says

    I live just 30 minutes away from the city, and there is a vegan doughnut shop in Brooklyn that you MUST go to. You’ll love it. It’s called Dun-Well Doughnuts, and it’s loved by all, even those who aren’t vegans, so much so that their doughnuts were voted best in NYC by the Daily News. Sorry if I sound like an advertisement, but you absolutely must go lol. If you happen to be in Brooklyn, they’re at 222 Montrose Ave.

  80. Lady Jennie says

    I was never healthier than when I lived in NY with all those whole foods around. It’s so hard to get to organic stores where I am now.

    We used to live in Battery Park City and it’s the most beautiful place in Manhattan. If you take the 6 train down to South Ferry (last stop) and walk along the park, you’ll get to Robert Wagner Park, which is open and breezy and has a gorgeous view of the S of Liberty. (It’s less touristy than where the Circle Line Ferry cues up). Then you can follow the boardwalk along the Hudson River up to the Marina where they shot the movie “Hitch.” I used to walk there all the time with my newborn – such happy days!

  81. Chelsea says

    If you have time, try the restaurant Wild Ginger. It’s kind of between Little Italy and China Town. It’s a healthy vegan Asian fusion restaurant and it is phenomenal. Before I was even a vegetarian, I loved this place. I no longer live in NYC, but I still think about this place all the time. When I go back to visit, it will be at the top of my list of things to hit. They have this Miso Eggplant…mmm makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

    Have fun! NYC is an awesome place to visit…don’t get too overwhelmed by all the people. And if anyone is rude to you, just ignore them, it’s definitely not personal! 🙂

  82. Melissa (Better Fit) says

    Sounds like so much fun! I LOVE New York! I’ve always thought it would be fun to live there some day, but my marriage brought me to London, which is a pretty cool big city too- very different though!

    I just love wandering around and getting a bit lost in New York, but it looks like you have loads of great recommendations for fantastic destinations! Especially foodie ones… it’s making me hungry! 🙂

  83. LJ Briar says

    I was just there for the first time myself a few weeks ago! I saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Dream come true. But I love theatre. So if you can do that, do it. And go to FAO Schwarz! Best toy store I’ve ever seen.

    As for food, I loved this hot dog place called Dogmatic. Their vegetarian option was sauteed asparagus in the roll instead of meat. I don’t know if their rolls are vegan, though.


  84. Dahlila says

    I used to live there briefly and my room mates and i would always checkout They list a bunch of parties that are always free and sometimes the drinks are free as well. It’s pretty cool and sometimes the parties can be really fun. Kind of random fun.

    Caracas Arepa Bar in the east village is amazing and affordable. Really for meat eaters (it’s amazing really) but they do have vegan options. And the juices are reaaalllly good. Yum.

  85. Jenny Levine says

    How fun! I LOVE to visit NYC and eat at veg restaurants. I second recommendations for
    Blossom Cafe
    The Vegetarian Dim Sum place
    Candle Cafe
    And of course you may want to do a little walking or running between meals? Go to
    the High Line Park!
    Walk the whole thing! It is amazing. I also enjoyed walking or running the path around the reservoir in the middle of Central Park–just stunning views of the city skyline from in there. I also go to
    The International Center for Photography
    each time I visit. It is near Bryant Park and has late hours one day a week. Have fun!

  86. sara says

    that’s so exciting that you are in NYC!
    I live here, but I’m not vegan, but I am vegetarian and I can definitely name some places to check out!
    1. The HIgh Line park (on 10th avenue)
    2. Chelsea Piers/ The hudson path/park (on 12tha ve I think) its a park that goes the entire length of the island pretty much and is a great spot to sit by the water and have lunch.
    3. Just walk through washington Square park in the evening. There are always musical groups/ acrobats and many other unique people performing.
    4. If you want to see a show, I would definitely definitely recommend Fuerza Bruta in Union Square…It’s truly AMAZING. And I think they have cheaper ticket deals on either or livingsocial or groupon.
    5. If you’re going out somewhere, the Hudson Hotel is really amazing. It’s kind of fancy, but the bar and outside terrace are so unique and a great NYC experience.
    Have fun!

  87. Laura says

    I’m so jealous of all these awesome vegan places. The closest place of anything I have is a trader Joe’s 3 and a half hours away. We are going to New York next year for my highschool “music” trip(we perform once or twice and vacation the rest of a week) so maybe if we have free time I can check some of these places out.

    By the way, what is your favorite nondairy milk, Katie?

  88. Lauren says

    I was just in NYC lasr month! Go to Serindipity3! It’s amazing. There is a $1000 Sundae there. No lie. I think they sprinkle real gold flakes on it or something.

  89. Aaron says

    Hi Katie,

    I love your blog. I was wondering if you have ever considered using a small space of your blog to post ads that generate some income. I would love to rent this space from you and place my ad generator onto your site. Please shoot me an email if at all interested.


  90. Amy says

    Go to Friday night dinner at the natural gourmet! It’s a vegan/vegetarian/organic cooking shoo. Every Friday night they turn the school into a restaurant. The menu is prix fixe, so be sure to check the menu online and make sure it sounds like something you’d like. It’s a 3 course meal for $40. Even tho is done by students is still really good and, well, gourmet.

  91. Brin says

    Hi Katie! I love your picture. You have the sweet face of a careing person. And I hope you have fun with “s”
    Love brin age 12

  92. Seja_LiveLaughLove says

    Looking at your pictures and reading about all these amazing restaurants in NY is making me wish I was there too! (I’m definitely taking notes from this post for whenever I have a chance to go). Have fun!!!!

  93. Sara says

    Born and bred New York vegetarian. Here are my favorites!:
    Candle 79–>my favorite restaurant. ever.
    Cafe Blossom
    Peacefood Cafe
    Viva Pizza
    Stogo for great ice cream
    ‘Snice for the best sandwiches
    Whole Foods Bowery upstairs for amazing salads.
    Taim for the best hummus and falafel
    Babycakes for the best COOKIE SANDWICH!

  94. RSVP restaurant says

    NYC is great! So many fun places to see and experience – best shopping havens, many art galleries, lively bar scene, great restaurants. There’s just something for everyone!

  95. mh says

    When I first read this post, I thought I would never be going to NYC. Now I am going in two weeks, thanks to a last minute business trip for my husband. I can’t wait to get there and try some of these places. Thanks so much for your blog!

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