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How to feed a Hungry Guy

What is it with guys and Monty Python?

Saturday night, I sat through Monty Python and the Holy Grail with one of my guy friends. Next weekend, methinks I will force him to watch Notting Hill or another such girly movie. It’s payback time!

Actually he already paid me back by letting me cook vegan food for him. Mid-way through the movie, he informed me (in true guy fashion), “I’m hungry. Whatcha got to eat?” I joked back that if he wanted to eat in my house, he’d better like tofu! But, to my surprise, my steak-loving friend responded, “Hey, I’m up for anything. Bring on the tofu!” And so I did.

Well, not exactly. There was no tofu in the meal I prepared for my friend. But there was vegan cheese:


3-Ingredient Chili Bowl

(No, not the unfortunate haircut)

1. Mix the bulgur and chili, then add the cheese to the top and microwave.
2. Stir and serve.

The chili took about a minute to make, not including microwave time. This was good, because I didn’t want to be stuck in the kitchen for hours on end. Not when we had plans for a Game Night.

So basically, for the chili, I looked around in the fridge and pulled out random leftovers that sounded like they’d go well together. The Daiya had been in my refrigerator for a while because I didn’t like it much when I tried it; it tasted too much like cheese!

My friend thought so, too. After he took a bite of the chili, he actually remarked, “This is really good. But I thought you were making me vegan food. You didn’t have to add cheese.” Haha you should’ve seen the look on his face when I told him the truth ;).

Unfortunately, I can’t show you, due to my policy on posting photos. But I can show you another guy’s face. And this face is priceless. Are ya ready?


After hungry friend finished every last bite of his chili, we left Monty Python paused, and a few other friends joined us for a Scrabble war. (I won. Take that, boys.) Henry wanted to play too, but my friends said no. I think they were secretly afraid of being beaten by a puppy. Is that really worse than being beaten by a girl?

Question of the Day:
What’s your favorite board game?

Although I’m really good at Scrabble and love love love Scattergories, my #1 favorite has to be Monopoly. I’m evil with that game, and I always win… but this means no one wants to play with me anymore lol.

Published on January 10, 2011

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  1. Albizia says

    It’s so funny how dogs’ eyes always look blue on pictures when one uses a flash. I’d be very happy if it happened to mine, too. It’s much better than red 🙂 .

    My favorite game was Monopoly. I bet this will be the most popular answer 😉 .

  2. Matt @ FaveDiets says

    The chili seems like a super quick idea that I’ll have to keep in mind. Maybe I’ll have to add some crispy baked tofu slices if I make it 🙂

    As for board games, my all-time favorite is Risk, so long as I can find others who are willing to set aside time to play.

  3. Jennifer JCD says

    Oh, we LOVE board games! Whenever my family gets together we spend hours around the table playing games. Right now our favourites are Quelf (the game of utmost ridiculousness), Settlers of Catan, Othello, and Scattergories.

  4. Jennifer says

    My sister and her friends are obsessed with Monty Python! I assumed that it was a generational thing (I am not all that “into” Monty Python, but I am a few years older than my sister). When, however, I tried to use Monty Python to illustrate a point in one of my lectures to the college sophomores in the Medieval history class I teach, only one had actually seen the movie. Oh well.

  5. Julia (The Veggie Side) says

    I love yahtzee! Any dice game really. Clue, card games! There was this game me and my sis used to play called Careers. It was so old that the box was falling apart but we loved it and just couldn’t let it go. Well, last year my mom thought it was trash (because it probably looked like trash) so she threw it out! Sister and I were horrified! Oh well…maybe I can find another one online.

    I’m excited about tomorrows post!

  6. [email protected] says

    I am not a huge fan of board games! And I love Monty Python. And I think it’s funny that you don’t like the Daiya because it tastes like cheese, because that is the reason I’m super in love with it! 🙂

  7. Rach says

    Haha! So I definitely thought Amy was a friend of yours and you were using her recipe and I was like “Oh my word, I need to try out this chili recipe that only takes a minute to make!” hehe! Then I checked out your link and realized what was goin’ on. Ah, oh well…

    How do you like the Daiya vegan cheese? I tried Natural Gourmet and liked it a lot more than I expected to, but I haven’t tried any other brands.

  8. Susan says

    I love cooking vegetarian for meat eaters! It kind of feels like showing off. It’s like saying “hey, no meat is JUST as delicious!”.

    Board games are the best I love Cranium!

    • abby says

      i’m so glad katie asked this question, because i was reading the responses and you reminded me that i NEED to get out my cranium game. i do not know where it went, but i went through a phase where i played every single day :).

  9. Disturbed says

    My favorite board game is by far Settlers of Catan. It is a little hard to get into at first, but once you understand it, it is hard to stop playing. I have wasted many Saturdays on that game.

  10. abby says

    awwwww what, they wouldn’t let him play??? mean boys.
    my favorite favorite games are scattegories and clue. but i also like the game of life, with the cars and little people haha.

  11. Sarah says

    Monopoly is a classic of course. I go to a very Jewish school, so Friday nights/ Saturdays are all about Bananagrams and Settlers of Catan. It’s cool to see that Settlers is catching on.

    p.s. you can actually find Bananagrams at Target!

  12. Inspired says

    I love Monopoly! You’d think that would mean I’m very good with money. Sadly, riches in a game don’t seem to transfer to the real world. But wouldn’t that be nice? 😉

  13. Leslie says

    I love the photo of you and Henry :).
    And that chili looks delicious. I’m all about the easy recipes. Will have to look for that chili at the store. Too bad you don’t like Daiya, I love it!

  14. Lyza says

    I agree!! I think daiya tastes too much like cheese too 🙂 I usually only eat it if it’s on vegan pizza (the wholefoods slices are divine). Otherwise, I was never much of a cheese person!! In fact, when I was a kid I even used to have my pizza ordered from Marco’s or wherever, completely cheeseless 😛 And now I am vegan! Just goes to show.

  15. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    Haha go girl! 😀
    Come on, it’s Pictionary all the way!! Although Cluedo and Scattergries are close seconds! 🙂

    • abby says

      i love pictionary, but no one likes playing with me because they can never guess what i draw. it’s not my best talent haha.

  16. Claire says

    Monopoly is simply an amazing game, my sister and I played it for 7 house straight one day … haven’t looked at it since but the time’s coming for it to make an appearance. And you don’t like Monty Python?? (It could be to do with growing up in the UK so I’m somewhat biased – and to be fair it is very British humour – but but but it’s Monty Python, one of the best comic groups of all time, especially The Meaning of Life). Oh well, not everyone likes the same things 😀

  17. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    I was JUST talking w/ my hubs last night about our fave board games as kids. In TWELVE YEARS together we have never had that convo, and today you ask it on your blog 🙂

    Skylar is just learning candyland, and when i was growing up, monopoly, connect 4, battleship, Clue, shoots and ladders, scrabble, I LOVED board games!!!!

    Feeding hungry guys by doctoring up a few things…that’s the name of my game, too 🙂

  18. Namaste Gurl says

    Favorite board game would be Apples to Apples– but that’s indeed a hard one. I, too, LOVE monopoly and scattagories as well. I think I get a bit too serious when playing though, it’s almost as if it’s a real life kinda a thing 🙂

  19. Bianca-Vegan Crunk says

    I love Monty Python! Best quotable movie ever! But I’m more like a dude, so…..anyway, I’d totally come over and watch dude movies if you’d feed me that chili too. Love Daiya! But just found out our Whole Foods is going to stop carrying it because there isn’t enough demand. That is so not cool.

    • abby says

      ok so this is a strange question, but i saw you said you’re more like a dude, so i’m hoping: am i the only one who likes harold and kumar goes to white castles? it’s my favorite movie, but all my friends say only guys can like that movie! soooo not true! 😉

  20. Caitlin (EatFeats) says

    Aw, that “you didn’t have to add cheese” story is so cute!

    I took a Scrabble class in college (nerdy school) and I met my Scrabble quota for the next ten years. I can barely look at a board without wanting to cry.

    My favorite games are Apples to Apples, Cranium, and Mad Gabs! SO fun. Game nights are the best!

    • Valerie says

      Holy cow, what?! A scrabble class???! Where was that when I went to college and had to take boring math and science courses? Your college sounds way more fun!

  21. Valerie says

    We love Apples to Apples at our house. Candy Land is a big one too. And Shoots and Ladders. Does anyone else know that one? 🙂

  22. Hannah says

    Oh gosh, I’ve been wanting to play Monopoly since 2007 when I bought “UVAopoly” in America, but no one will play with me because they aren’t at all interested in the novelty of playing the version based on the school only I went on exchange to!

    (Wow, that was a grammatically-awful sentence. Apologies!)

  23. Nicole says

    Scrabble! I used to really liek Life too. I don’t knwo why, particularly. Now I liek to be nerdy and come up with fancy words 😉 heehee.

    I also do not quite get the whole Monty Python thing. I watched it first in 6th grade and thought it was stupid, watched it again a few years later and found it mildly amusing, but have yet to understand the general obsession.

    OH i just read something about apples to apples. not exactly a “board” game but SOOO much fun to play! hilarity typically ensues 😉

  24. Jessica @ Racing to Thirty says

    I love that your chili is just three ingredients and can be made in the microwave – exactly what I need for a week night recipe! I also happen to love black beans 🙂

    I love playing board games! Monopoly is hands down my favorite too. I also like Phase 10 (card game) and Apples to Apples. I haven’t played Apples to Apples for a reallly long time, but I just got it for Christmas so I hope to play it in the near future!

  25. Gill (snaxandthecity) says

    CLUEDO for sure! I always wanted to be Miss Scarlet when I was little…yeah, i didn’t really get it!

    Also that chilli looks epic 🙂

  26. Ann Claire says

    Have you tried bananagrams? It’s very similiar to Scrabble but even more fun. I high recommend it! As for my favorite games, I love Last Word and Quelf. Neither are super common but they are so much fun!

  27. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    1 minute to make?! Dannng, that’s awesome. And yeah..I don’t know what it is with guys and Monty Python either. It’s a funny movie and all, but c’mon! haha

    My favorite board game is Clue!! I havent played in forever but it’s so much fun!

  28. BroccoliHut says

    I really don’t get the whole Monty Python obsession either–I’ve avoided it at all costs thus far in my relationship with Seth…
    As far as board games go, I really love word-centric games like Scattergories and Scrabble. My favorite though is Taboo!

  29. [email protected] says

    I love board games. My daughters are just now getting old enough to start playing board games and I am so excited to start family game nights. Right now we are loving the Dr. Seuss Restaurant game. You get to wear a chef hat and call out orders while the other players act as waiters/waitresses and sous chefs fulfilling the orders.

    BTW – thanks for your bloggie <3 were my first bloggie friend on FB. xoxo

  30. Anonymous says

    Love it when non-vegans love vegan food:) Great job on the chili!

    Pretty sure it’s not considered a board game, but I love bananagrams. Kind of like scrabble, but much faster paced! Scrabble makes me so antsy.

  31. Candice @ ChiaSeedMe says

    Love it when non-vegans love vegan food:) Great job on the chili!

    Pretty sure it’s not considered a board game, but I love bananagrams. Kind of like scrabble, but much faster paced! Scrabble makes me so antsy.

  32. Heather says

    Oh my gosh, I freaking love Monty Python and the Holy Grail! My ex introduced me to a whole new world of board games so most of the ones I really enjoy no one has ever heard of. My favorite is called Lost Cities. Not a fan of Monopoly…my attention span isn’t long enough!

  33. mo says

    Have you heard of monopoly deal? its monopoly as a card game. Its very fun, and it goes a lot faster than the board style.

  34. Jana says

    Your doggie is so adorable. I want that one! hehe. We have a Basset and a Boxer mix. I would say in cuteness they are on par with your dandy! Thanks for all you do Katie! Jana in Cal.

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