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Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Dip

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Did you know..

Did you know that healthy food can be naughty? Try this dip and you will never believe it isn’t full of heavy cream and sugar!

vegan cream cheese dip

It’s all thanks to a comment from a reader. She asked if I could healthify: this non-vegan recipe.

I’d never even thought of the idea of cheesecake dip before. How decadent does that sound? As soon as I saw her comment, I had to try it out. Admittedly, I haven’t tasted the real version; but my “healthy” version tastes pretty darn incredible!

Chocolate-Chip Cheesecake Dip

(can be gluten and sugar-free!)

  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup cream cheese spread, such as Tofutti (180 grams)
  • 4 NuNaturals stevia packets or 1/4 cup sugar (or more, if desired)
  • 1 cup silken tofu (or 1 cup more cream cheese spread) (If you use Morinu silken-firm, even tofu haters say they can’t taste it in this recipe!) (200 grams)
  • chocolate chips
  • tiny dash salt

Blend all of the ingredients, except the chocolate chips, together. Then add in your chocolate! Use this as a dip, or eat it as pudding or mousse. Makes about 2 cups.

Or, you could make the more-decadent version: Naughty Chocolate Chip Dip. (The “not-as-healthy” version would probably make for a killer vegan party dessert!

chocolate chip cookie dip

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Published on January 11, 2011

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  1. Susan says

    Holy cookie dough! This may be the most delicious thing I’ve ever seen! And the photographs are SO gorgeous :). I especially like the first one :).
    I want to dive right in!

  2. Ashley (The Vegetable Life) says

    Food Porn is right! That dip makes my mouth water just looking at it. I would probaby use a plain cookie such as a Nilla Wafer or something to really be able to taste the chocolate chips taste from the dip!!! I NEED TO TRY THIS ASAP!

  3. Albizia says

    Do I have to dip anything in it? Can’t I just eat it with a spoon? 😛

    Yesterday I found another recipe for raw cookie dough dessert but it was much different – the main ingredient was chocolate. You might like it 😉 .

  4. Amanda says

    Oh wow… I love dips and I love cookie dough. What a great recipe! I think i might have it with bananas or use ginger snaps for dipping. Or maybe just eat it by the spoonful…

  5. Leslie says

    Woah, food porn extreme! I must make this. Somehow, though, I have no chocolate chips in the house! (Yes, I already went to my kitchen to start making it, that’s how good it looks!) So now you’re forcing me to go grocery shopping. I need cookie dough dip in my life!

  6. Brandie says

    It’s like your whipped cream receipe with cocolate chips in it! Ack! Totally Yummers Katie!

    Though I must admit to wanting to try that Naughty version… I’ll stick wth the stevia and not the sugar *giggle*

  7. Angie says

    Katie! I never comment, but I have to today because you have just SAVED me!
    I have a party to attend on Friday, and I needed a GREAT vegan dessert to bring that would wow everyone. I wanted to do something more fancy than plain cookies, but I am not a cook. Now I know exactly what to bring! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    Oh, and I’m bringing the naughty version :).

  8. Fi says

    hey katie, im making this tonight for dessert, being the culinary vegan amateur i am, ive a question, dya reckon if i could turn this recipe into cheesecake if i made a biscuit base and let it set in the fridge? if so, what base do u recommend? xx

    • abby says

      oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh i’m going to steal this idea if it works! katie, i wanna know too. chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake? that sounds even better than dip! will either of you (katie or fi) let me know if it works? my belly needs to know! fi, that is a genius idea!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh wow, Fi, that DOES sound amazing. And I REALLY want to know if it would work! I guess you can always try it, and if it doesn’t firm up, you can call it “Cookie Dough Cream Pie.” I soooo hope you try it, because I want to know how it works!!!
      (P.S. I agree with Abby: You are a genius!)

  9. Julia (The Veggie Side) says

    That stuff looks way to good to use as a dip! I think I would have to pour it on stuff…bananas, strawberries oatmeal, my face! (kidding). Seriously, how about using it in a fruit salad? ummmm….now I’m hungry!

  10. Brandi says

    Oh wow. I would have never ever thought of making a chocolate chip cookie dip. Very interesting, but in a good way. I’d most likely dip bananas in it…or maybe mix it in with some granola, or in my oatmeal.

  11. Heidi says

    I think strawberries seems like an awesome choice – or maybe apple slices until berries are back in season!
    Could be awesome on top of a vegan vanilla or angel food cake

  12. ruby red says

    I am so glad Hungry Hippie Girl brought that recipe to you! Your version looks and sounds absolutely delish! It is so pretty the way you swirled it in the bowl. I’ve never heard of cookie dough dip either! Reminds me of your cookie dough oats I made every day straight for months…

  13. Brian says

    I notice in your posts you seem to use the microwave a lot. I’ve read that microwaving depletes food of its nutrients and may even cause harm because of electromagnetic radiation. Just wondering if you have any health concerns about using it or where you stand on the topic.

    You rock.

  14. Kelsey @ Clean Teen Kelsey says

    Eek, that picture made me drool, Katie! This sounds soo good. It’s pretty much your cheesecake mousse recipe with chocolate chips, correct? Thankfully I have a tub of Tofutti that I haven’t completely annihilated yet. I know how I will use it now. 🙂

  15. Brandie says

    Ya know, I just noticed you put 1TSP of stevia, but not whether powder or liquid? That would probably make a difference.. wow a whole TSP? For you that seems VERY sweet… ? What kind of stevia were you using, our of curiousity? 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      1 tsp nunaturals (2 packets). LOL yeah it’s a bit sweet for me, but it’s supposed to be really sweet because it’s a dip, not a pudding.
      Honestly, I like my agar puddings better, but this is great to serve to friends :).

  16. VEGirl says

    I have seen cookie dough dip around blogs a lot, and I wanted to drool… while gagging simultaneously. The ingredients looked gross but the idea was brilliant! Thanks a bunch for this recipe! We never really have vegan cream cheese around but the use of it makes me think of a couple possible substitutes. It’s weird, we have a little bit of it right now (the cream cheese) in the fridge because my sister needed it for something special– and that’s when I read this post. Just interesting 🙂 As an interesting side note, I ate the cream cheese on a tortilla (our “bread”) with peanut butter and banana this morning. So yummy!

    • Caroline says

      Thanks for this recipe, Katie.
      I think I’ll make the “naughty” version for my boyfriend for Valentines Day 😉 ;).

  17. thefruitpursuit (sabine) says

    By the by I gave your pizzert a very cool make-over today! I’ll post it tomorrow and how you! Good afternoon girl! x

  18. Sarahishealthy says

    Guess what, Katie? I made this for an afternoon snack! I added lots of chocolate chips, and I dipped in apple slices. DIVINE! I love you! In a non creepy way, of course ;).
    Oh, and I added a little extra sugar, since I wanted it to be extra strong, because I was just using a little bit so I wanted it extra concentrated. Loved it!

  19. Felicia ( a taste of health with balance) says

    I have extra firm tofu needing to be used- wondering if that would work just as well? This looks delish!

  20. Little Bookworm says

    That dip looks absolutely amazing! I think I’d put banana (like your idea!) or maybe fudge babies in it? Have you changed the background colour of your layout? It looks great (if you have)!

  21. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    Oh man that looks SO good! Can’t believe you managed to make cookie dough dip vegan AND healthy! You are a GENIUS Katie! 😀

  22. Kianni says

    I’m thinking on crackers- sweet crackers, like graham crackers or something. Maybe over frozen fruit..hmm, maybe over frozen banana. *still thinking*

  23. Veggie Lover says

    Hi Katie,
    You always have such a lovely array of veggies! Do you buy fresh produce every day? Or freeze some? Or buy the bagged kind? My veggies go bad too fast- I’m not doing it right!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey Veggie Lover,

      I probably go to the grocery store, on average, 2 or 3 times a week. So I’ll buy a few things each time, but I’ll have a plan for everything I buy. (In other words, I won’t buy something just because it looks good. I’ll only buy it if I know EXACTLY what I’m going to do with it. Otherwise, more often than not, it ends up going to waste before I figure out what to do with it!)

      I also usually chop up the veggies as soon as I get home, so they’re ready to go. That way I don’t get lazy and never get around to cooking them.
      Some veggies, I do freeze: roasted brussels sprouts freeze nicely. Cauliflower and spaghetti squash… not so much!

  24. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    Cookies!!! I’d dip cookies into it. 🙂 Peanut butter cookies..wait..Nutter Butters! Or I’d use it as frosting over a breakfast pizza. It’d make for some pretty rocking sauce. 😉

  25. Leslie says

    Ok, I’m back to let you know that I made this :). Was it worth the trip to the grocery store? You bet your socks it was! I felt so naughty dipping strawberries in the incredibly decadent concoction. Had to keep pinching myself to remember it wasn’t nearly as bad for me as it tasted!

  26. Heather says

    Ya-ummmmm!! I could totally go for a bowl o this right now with some honeycrisp apple slices…and maybe some grahams!

  27. Inspired says

    This looks almost as easy to make as it does delicious! I love how all your recipes are so easy to make, because I hate to cook! I’ll try this for sure!

  28. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    Is it just my eyes or did you change the color/banners on your blog just slightly? They seem so periwinkle and pretty today! 🙂

    The cookie dough dip. NICE.

    I make Oreo Balls…which I take cream cheese and break up oreos into and then dip that all into chocolate in ball form. Anyway, I need to take vegan cream cheeze and make your dip recipe…yum!

  29. Valerie says

    We’re already big fans of the regular cheesecake mousse, so I can only imagine how much better it’ll be with chocolate chips. I’m just wondering why I never thought to add them before! 😕

  30. melissa @ the delicate place says

    could you use cashew creme + avocado to make this too? i think that would work! it looks so delish!

  31. Emily K. says

    Oh I think I need some of this in my life right now. And I like the idea some others mentioned about taking a cookie dough bath. What could be yummier?

  32. Namaste Gurl says

    Mmmm, looks decadent and indeed yummy. I’d probably dip some whole- grain waffles, whole-made pancakes, bananas, apples, or even carrot sticks into this scrumptious dip! Or, maybe I’ll skip those, and just bathe myself into it 🙂 Just kidding!

    Hehe, you forget to include chocolate chips into the recipe! 🙂

  33. Alyssa says

    Katie I love your recipes!! You make it look like being vegan is fun and yummy 🙂 I made the regular cookie dough dip for christmas and it was good but this looks great too. I’ll try it!

  34. Claire says

    I love this recipe already! Shall buy me some tofu in the next supermarket shop, yummy! How about using on top of a cake/cupcakes? If not a spoon/finger would be a weapon of choice!

  35. Ashley@Quasichick says

    I have to try this soon! If anyone thinks they won’t eat tofu this would be a great way to introduce it to them!

  36. juliakatz1996 says

    I wonder how it would tast if you made it peanut/ almond/cashew/cocoa butter whipped cream! That’s a request. Now I’m off to make this recipe to top my rapberry chocolate cookies!

  37. Heidi P. says

    I found your website last week and I am AMAZED! Not only are you as adorable as can be, and clever and witty, but I have been devouring your ideas and resulting delicious cuisine…and I can’t get enough! Thank you for the time and effort you spend on this fabulous, resourceful blog. I’m here to stay!

  38. BroccoliHut says

    Wow, I could really take a bath in this dip…but instead, I think I would dunk some strawberries or maybe a cinnamon graham cracker.

  39. Kristie says

    I’ve been seeing this cookie dough dip cropping up a lot lately and have been dying to try it. I’m SO excited that you Katiefied it, i’m trying your version first and SOON. I just need to get my hands on some cream cheese and it’s happening!

  40. Raychel says

    Will it count if we are already subscribers to your email and already “like” your Fbook page. I don’t have a blog so I don’t know how else to enter!

  41. Sarah from Ontario says

    I subscribed via e-mail and liked you on Facebook 🙂 I also posted a link to this contest on my FB if that counts, I don’t have a blog to link back with

  42. Disturbed says

    I have liked and subscribed by email, but how do you link back?
    Just put a link to the post or something? I plan on linking back in my blog tonight. I really want this lol

  43. courtney says

    Hey Katie,

    Sorry to hear you are having blog trouble–so frustrating! I already subscribe by email and Like you on Facebook (and don’t have a blog to link back!)… can my comment be an entry? I’d love to try this stuff in some CCK-approved recipes 🙂 Have a great day!

  44. Becca says

    Bam! Subscribed and liked ya on fb.
    Life is too hard to justify a blog post right now, so I won’t be entering that way today. 🙁

    Ah, well. Fingers crossed. I can’t find this around me and I want to try it before I buy online.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Yipes, I always forget to specify US only!
      Since I forgot, it wouldn’t be fair to go back on my claim, so yes you can enter. If someone wins from outside the US, I’ll have Ron ship to me and I’ll send the stuff to the winner. Sorry for the confusion!

  45. Kristi says

    I already “like” the chocolate covered diet on fb. Does that count as an entry? I did sign up for the email subscription! Yay! Didn’t even know I could do that : )

  46. Kallina says

    I subscribed to your email list and just liked you on facebook!
    Just found your site a couple days ago and I love it! All your recipes look divine! Thanks for taking the time to share with us 🙂

  47. Gloria says

    I subscribed AND liked you 🙂 NuNaturals is my favorite. I carry around the little drop bottle with me everywhere I go. People always think I’m putting drugs in my tea! hahaha

  48. Catherine says

    Just wanted to let you know, I made this last night, but I put a PEANUT BUTTER spin on it: take your recipe, but add 2 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter to it before blending. It takes the dip OVER the top. You must try it! You’ll love it! And now I need to go make some more :).

  49. Veronica says

    That is off the hook! YUMMO! FYI, the link to the chocolate chip cookie dough dip strangely brought me to the comments on raw banana split cheesecake??

  50. Liz says

    Hi Katie!
    I’ve recently discovered that Tofutti cream cheese has trans fat in it! :-O
    I just wanted to let you know, since it’s in some of your recipes.
    Anyways, this cookie dough looks amazing! How do you come up with such great recipes?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hey Liz!
      There are actually two different tofutti cream cheeses. Weird, right? I have no idea why this is, but if you can find the YELLOW container, it’s trans-fat-free! 🙂
      And lol I usually just think of a flavor (like “snickerdoodle”) and then try to brainstorm all the different types of food I could make with that flavor! (Hopefully Thursday’s post wil be about Snickerdoodle Pancakes!)

  51. Stephanie says

    Hi. I just found your blog via a search on I’m just beginning to switch over to a vegan diet and was looking for online blogs that would be fun and interesting to read, and this is one of them. Glad I found it. You had me at snickerdoodle pancakes!
    Look forward to reading some more!

  52. Lisa says

    When I got out all of the ingredients for this last night, all I could think of was THIS IS CHEESECAKE! And so I added some almond extract and pink food colouring, whipped up a little graham cracker crust, put it all in a 4″ springform, topped it with homemade raspberry jam and put it in the fridge! And it tastes great. 🙂

  53. Jen @ The RA Vegan says

    YUM. I just made this for lunch tomorrow! (I’m doing a Vegan Lunchboxes for Adults Challenge until Sept. 20th if anyone is interested in joining us.) After today I realize I’m going to need to pack more food so don’t mind me if I eat the entire thing in one sitting! 🙂

  54. Karen says

    To no fault of the recipe, this was our least successful so far. It is edible, but it just tastes a little off. I am very ignorant when it comes to tofu. I used firm, and the brand was Azumaya. Is that bad? It has a very odd flavor and off-putting stench that I didn’t get with the chocolate pie, but I used a different brand and it was silken. Is the brand the problem, or it being firm? I added more sugar, then more cream cheese, then half of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls we had just made. (I am a little annoyed because I feel like I just wasted them, and that was the last of my dates! They were probably going to get me in trouble anyway.) Any suggestions?

    • Jenny says

      The brand shouldn’t be a problem, but definitely use silken tofu if you can get your hands on it again! The only other reason I can think of for the Azumaya pudding tasting off is that it may have been lower in sodium that Mori-nu tofu, and didn’t have enough salt to help “carry” the sweetness from the sugar. (Salt “boosts” flavour, after all! Too little and the sweetness won’t shine through as well.) Silken tofu is fantastic for dessert-y, sweet recipes. 🙂

  55. Candace says

    hey, does anyone know if this recipe would work with frozen extra firm tofu? it looks awesome but would i have to thaw the tofu first?

    • Jenny says

      Mori-nu silken tofu is really the best for this sort of recipe, because it gets a pudding-like texture. Extra-firm will turn kind of crumbly and scrambled-egg-like! Obviously if you whip it enough it will get sort of creamy, but honestly – silken tofu yields the best texture! 🙂 If you wanted to try anyway, I would indeed suggest that you thaw out the tofu first! IMO, extra-firm tofu works best for being chopped into cubes to use in stir-fries or to be baked or grilled, since it holds its shape so well.

      Hope that helped a bit!

  56. Laura says

    I did not have cream cheese so i made it with 2T sugar, non fat greek yogurt instead of cream cheese, added a pinch of xanthane and a T of peanut butter and it tasted incredibly good. I really fought hard not to eat the whole thing straight out of the batter. It is now safe in my fridge… for the moment.

  57. NOT a tofu fan says

    Ok so I know this question is against the principles if veganism l, but for those of us who aren’t tofu gave, is there something we can replace the tofu with and still get the sane consistency? Lol

  58. aelea says

    I plan on making this tonight BUT! I couldn’t find “Cream Cheese Tofu” at the store. They had “Dessert Tofu” so I bought that….do you know if that is an ok replacement?

  59. Aleix says

    I was wondering if there is anything you can sub for the tofu? In this recipe and the regular cheesecake sauce recipe.

  60. Aline says

    Sometimes it makes me sad that I don’t have the ingredients to make your recipes! I’m from Brazil and we yet don’t have a lot of the vegan options that you got! Like tofutti, marshmallow, and stuff that are typical from the US! 🙁
    Well… Happily there are many recipes that I can make!

  61. Teri Van Epps says

    I love finding new milk free dips and treats I can make for my milk allergic 4 year old! Not sure which to make first- this or the chocolate chip cookie dough dip!

  62. Vanillka says

    Trying not to get lost in all the chocoholic wonders here, I stop on this one and ask my question:
    we don’t have silken tofu….
    Can I blend some hard tofu (unsalted) with water or coconut cream?! Will I have the same texture?

    The worst is that I’ve never seen silken tofu, so I don’t know what to aim to 🙁
    Bad…Cause I love all your silken tofu based cream!

    PS: I like the new header better 😉

    • Nikki says

      Hey Vanillka,

      I have used regular (non-silken) SOFT tofu for very similar purposes and it works just fine! Which is a bonus since the silken tofu I see is almost twice as expensive as the regular stuff!!

  63. Nikki says

    Oh cheese wizz – this is brilliant! I am going to try this using homemade yogurt cheese/labneh (basically strained yogurt which comes out tasting pretty darn close to cream cheese!). Really quite excited about this!!

  64. holly says

    i’m not sure what i did but after making this dip following the exact recipe i did not like how it tasted. i did use trader joes non diary cream creese and not tofutti. because i was serving it at my wine club meeting i decided to doctor it up and added 4 oz real light cream cheese, 4 tablespoons of unsalted butter and 3 heaping spoonfuls of creamy peanut butter. turned out great with the added ingredients and no one knew it had tofu in it (until i told them – the surprised look on their faces was priceless)

  65. vegan&vain says

    Hi Katie, I’m a vegan blogger from Poland and I love this receipe *_* but in my country there’s no tofutti brand products, is there any way to replace it?

  66. Kim Bayne says

    Hi Katie, I have a question about Tofutti…I assume its the same where you are as here in Australia?? I have tried it once and it was very grainy…I had such high hopes for the dessert I was making but it was texturally awful 🙁 Is it MEANT to be grainy straight from
    the tub?

  67. Ayaka says

    This recipe is so great! I love tofutti cream cheese, but I can’t have it so much because it make me feel a little sick (anything with high fat content, I cannot have in one sit… It makes my stomach feel uncomfortable). But with this dip, because it is mixed with tofu, I can have it like pudding and still have that delicious taste! I usually use less tofutti and put some lemon juice to make it more like yogurt 🙂 It is SOOOO good!

  68. Rachel says

    UNREAL! This is so perfect with strawberries for dipping.
    I have to admit that I like my sweets a little sweeter and LOVE vanilla more than a person should, so instead of over-doing it with more extract, my favorite mix-in is (don’t judge me…) powdered Sugar Free French Vanilla Coffee-mate!
    Totally weird, I know, but it’s dairy free and the most perfect flavor. It is hands down my favorite mix-in for all of the CKK sugar cookie inspired recipes as well 🙂 Just thought I would share, since it really made a yummy difference in this recipe (almost like there’s Cool-Whip in it!)

  69. Anja says

    Dear Katie, this sounds great!!! I was looking for a vegan option of the graveyard cheesecake dip for Halloween. I suppose this lasts in the fridge for some hours before being served? Do you think adding some cocoa powder would work? Thanks a lot!! Greetings from cold Switzerland (oh yes, even here you do have fans!!!)

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