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Comments from the (chocolate-covered) Peanut Gallery

I love eating delicious food. And I love creating new recipes. But I don’t think I would consider myself a foodie: what I like about blogging and about making up recipes is the creativity involved.  I don’t watch cooking shows, don’t read cookbooks in my spare time, don’t spend hours upon hours thinking about food, and…

I feel so mean for what I am about to admit, but I don’t enjoy spending the day feeling like I have to read every single food blog out there. I really don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt, and I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m ignoring him or her, so I feel compelled to try and visit as many blogs of people who leave comments on mine as I can.  Lately, I’ve felt overwhelmed at the sheer number of blogs I feel the need to visit and comment on each day.  I try to be fair;

I’m definitely not one of those people who only leaves comments on the popular blogs. I hate to open up this can of worms, but it makes me sad to see the little blogs ignored. Just because a certain blogger doesn’t get 50 comments per day does NOT mean her blog isn’t good and she doesn’t deserve comments. In fact, I try to comment more on these blogs than the popular blogs because each comment means more to the bloggers.  I remember when I was first starting out and got only 5 comments per day. Those 5 comments might as well have been 500 for how happy they made me. Not that I don’t still get excited when someone leaves a comment on my blog: I really do!

Even the comments that just say simple things like “yum” or “cool idea” mean a lot to me. So I feel like a hypocrite if I don’t try my hardest to visit your blogs and try and repay that happiness.  You all do such a good job of keeping up with my posts that it’s only fair I should do the same. And everyone has such interesting, well-thought-out posts that I really wish there were time to thoroughly read them all. I love you all, and your blogs are amazing: creative, funny, delightful… Each of you offers something special and unique to the blogging world. But feeling like I have to visit so many blogs as quickly as possible (so I can fit all the other things I want to do into my life), I find myself skimming over your cute stories, creative ideas, and other ways that your personalities shine.

Yes, I know I’m over-estimating my importance in peoples’ lives. Logically, I can see you all probably don’t spend even a minute feeling slighted over such dumb things as whether or not CCK commented more on your blog than someone else’s. But not-so-logically, I have a fault of being way too sensitive and worrying about hurting others. I will still try to comment every now and then.  I am going to have to step back even further in the amount I comment, though.  It does not mean that I love you guys any less!

Blogging should be fun.  Lately, to me, parts of it have become a chore.  I want to bring the fun back… And I promise not to abandon you.  I’m still reading blogs, even if I don’t always comment!

Question of the Day:

Do any of you feel like this; like parts of blogging—be it trying to comment on tons of others’ sites or the pressures to blog about certain things or to not offend anyone—can sometimes get you down?  I’m sure many of you do!  Please know that I will NEVER hold it against you if you don’t have time to comment on my site.  Yes, I’ll miss hearing your thoughts, your cute stories, and your kind words.  But it won’t make me stop loving you.

Published on January 24, 2010

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  1. Zeus' Mom says


    I love your blog. Your readers love your blog. And I’m sure your loyal readers don’t give a hoot about commenting frequency. (Anyway, when you feel like you have to do something out of obligation, it’s not as fun, so I wouldn’t worry about feeling like you have to leave comments.)

    Hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday too! Mine will definitely be filled with chocolate!

  2. Lexi says

    wow sex bomb babies! those look great.

    I agree with you about commenting. I would never feel offended if I didn’t get comments from people. It’s not about how many comments I can get, blogging is just a positive expression for me, and I wouldn’t care if I got 0 comments everyday. It’s not about that for me.

    that being said, I do feel a little stressed sometimes when it comes to commenting on other blogs. I want people to know I’m reading, so sometimes I feel the need to have to comment on a lot of blogs. but I do comment on the popular ones and the little ones too. I enjoy what I enjoy. you know ?

    thanks for posting about this, it has been on my mind lately.

  3. Nicole P says

    Hey! I dont have a blog but ive been reading yours foreeeever and have even sent you a few emails! I tottttally respect your decision to put your priorities where you feel they need to be. And I really dont think youll lose ANY readers. That would be completely silly because it’s what you have to SHARE that makes people want to read your blogs, not whether or not you comment on theirs. I think you are an amazing girl and so smart. You stay healthy while running which is something I look up to when I read your blog. Just know youll always have me as a reader! Even if I barely comment, hehe. Hope you have an AWESOME day Katie! :))


  4. Jessica says

    I completely feel like this. Honestly, if I take my time to comment on a popular blog about something meaningful, I really would appreciate a response back – in comment, email, whatever – at some point. I try to respond to everyone who EVER comments on my blog. After all, commenters are what makes peoples blogs popular. If commenters aren’t appreciated and shown appreciation, I just think it is rude. I agree with you that there are many ‘diamonds in the rough.’ I LOVE finding new blogs that are incredible.

  5. Abby says

    Katie.. we all have a life (outside of sitting on the computer) SO I totally see where you are coming from. I find it hard to reciprocate comments as well.. Keep doing what you are doing.. you have a following of readers who admire your eats. That should make ya smile 😉

    Have a supper Sunday, hun!!

  6. CaSaundra says

    I think the whole comment scenario is somewhat overrated–I mean somedays you just don’t have time, or other times theres just nothing you really feel is worth typing out and saying in a comment. However, that being said, I do tend to comment more on people that comment back because I find it somewhat like a conversation going back and forth and usually a convo is two-sided. That being said, I wouldn’t let commenting/blogging get in the way of real life–you know what you should do girl, and regardless, I will still be reading and commenting 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

  7. *Andrea* says

    those sex bomb babies looks deadly delicious 😉 i agree with you on blogging – i had to delete some from my reader because i was trying to keep up with reading all the posts and sometimes commenting on every blog like once a week and i just couldnt keep up! it also started stressing me out and taking time away from running, my job, homework, time with friends etc. soi completely understand (and i don’t even have a blog!!). i also don’t consider myself a ‘foodie’ – i rarely eat out at restaurants/never watch cooking shows/have maybe a total of 2 cookbooks…but i love the creativity from blogs and learning to be more well balanced with my nutrition and health patterns. anyways, have a great sunday! i hope you never ever stop blogging 😉

  8. molly says

    Aw, Katie – you are amazing, but I think we all know that there are only 24 hours in your day just like everyone else.
    Just keep doing your thing, girl!!!

  9. Janna (Just Flourishing) says


    You are one of the sweetest, most thoughtful bloggers out there.

    We don’t comment on your blog to recieve a comment in return!

    I think a lot of us understand, or at least I do, that when you have a following as large as your own it’s hard to comment and respond to EVERYONE who comments on yours.

    That would take up your whole day, and then you wouldn’t have time to bring us the lovely posts and recipes and fun giveaways you do all the time!

    It just shows what a good person you are to even think about this! 🙂

  10. Jenny R. says

    you’re so cute Katie…I think everyone loves you and what you share and that’s why they comment. At least that’s why I do! Don’t worry so much..It’s not worth it 🙂

  11. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says

    Katie, I remember when I first started blogging, you were one of the FIRST people to comment, and you’re right…it meant the world to me! I can’t believe that anyone would comment or come down on you for only reading the “popular” blogs!
    You rock, just know that 🙂

  12. Anonymous says

    You are not selfish at all for posting this! It only makes me want to read your blog more, because this confirms what a truly lovely, kindhearted and honest person you are. You fully deserve all the time spent doing what you love, and whatever you post, your readers will be waiting loyally to read and ponder! Thank you for your honesty and courage Katie.

  13. theemptynutjar says

    Hi Katie
    I read your blog and comment just because I want to. No other reason. I feel blessed to have any commenters at all on my blog – just one is amazing enough to me…but i always STRESS in occasional posts that i DO NOT want people to comment just because they feel they need to “return the obligatory comment”…that would bother me cause its not real or whatever then, u know. I would much rather someone read my post, enjoy it or take something from it, or offer tips or advice or same experiences, etc. and then comment only if they feel like it. No obligations at all. Otherwise, its just a waste of time , right?
    I like this post and you bring up a great point. By the way, I don’t care if you never comment on my blog at all 🙂 I still like your blog 🙂
    Actually, I usually read blogs for the personality and experiences of the person. For example, I am not raw or vegan, but I still read some of those blogs…same with exercise…I used to be a big exerciser…but circumstances have squashed that…but I still read some athletic blogs occasionally. My blog is not really even a food blog…sometimes it show foods.. lots of times its a way to express worries, fears, experiences.,,,just a journey to mind contentment (to finally just be okay with me and accept where i am …be realistic, etc.).
    So, anyway, yeah, great topic.
    By the way, with a title that has “chocolate” in it , of course you are popular …cute creative chocolate covered Katie . Have a neat day Katie. Do what YOU want to do.

  14. lindsey says


    1. of course a comment from you on my blog feels awesome 🙂 not because of your “popularity,” but because you are so sweet! and funny 😉

    2. i do feel pressure to comment on blogs a lot, whether it be because they commented on mine, or i want to make others feel good about having comments? i don’t know, it does get stressful. but i never leave a comment because i feel like i have to, i only leave them if i really have something to say.

    3. sex-bomb babies?!?!! forreal? epic genius-ness goes out to your mama 🙂

    ♥ lindsey

  15. Lori (Finding Radiance) says

    It’s really, really difficult to comment in response to each and every comment you get every single day. It would be a full-time job (and an unpaid one at that).

    I have a lot of blogs in my reader, and I will comment on ones that really move me to comment – or someone I happen to be closer to. Doesn’t mean I don’t read the blogs or appreciate what they have to say, but if commenting becomes a chore, then it makes reading less and less fun. Does that make sense?

    Maybe if someone could come up with a way to eliminate sleep, then we could all comment all the time LOL!

  16. Tanya says

    You’ve got an amazing blog…..I think you’re one of the few blogs I actually click on to read the entire thing (out of my Google reader)! And we little bloggers thank you very much when you DO post….it means a ton. I wouldn’t expect anyone to read so many blogs either.

    Don’t worry, you’ll still have a billion people reading your blog, I’m sure 🙂 LOL, maybe one day I’ll get even 5 comments per day! But for now, I’m still just trying to get my blog out there.

    So we thank you!

  17. catms916 says

    I totally feel like that sometimes!! There are really only a few blogs I actually read, I mostly just like to skim blogs for recipes so I often don’t comment/don’t have time to really read through them. I made my blog more as a way to keep track of recipes for myself, but sometimes don’t want to post on food or don’t have time to post and feel a little guilty. I’ve made peace with that though and after taking some time off blogging decided that I didn’t care how many hits my blog got as long a it made me happy. 🙂 Keep on doing what you’re doing – love the blog and I love that you have a full life outside blogging as well. Gotta keep a good balance!!

  18. Gina G says

    katie! tell me you won’t ever change, you are such a wonderful person, you honestly dont even realize it. i understand completely where your coming from and there is no need to feel bad about it! your world isn’t supposed to revolve around staying on the computer all day, you need to do whats best for Katie! i feel bad that im not able to comment on your blog all the time because i know how much effort goes into each and every post, but im not able to because of homework, bowling, and just everyday life, just like what you were just explaining to us. Stay true to you Katie, im here even when i am unable to prove it =)

  19. candice says

    Katie, I completely understand how you feel. Blogging and all the shenanigans that come with it is time-consuming! I think everyone’s first priority should be to live life away from the computer. Blogging is a way to document life, not a way to live it! 🙂 You have a loyal reader here—no way I’m “abandoning” your blog. Your posts are fun to read and your recipes are awesome—there’s no good reason for me to stop reading/commenting!

    Have a lovely, busy Sunday!

  20. Kelly says

    “But not-so-logically, I have a fault of being way to sensitive to peoples’ feelings and worrying about hurting them.”

    Katie, this is what makes you so wonderful! We all read your blog and love it (and you!) because you are so selfless and kind. And guess what? Those attributes have very little to do with the volume of comments you leave on other people’s blogs. We understand! And anyone who doesn’t – or who stops reading your blog because you didn’t comment on hers – probably only wanted to use you and your famous name (hehe) to gain popularity. 😛

    Do what’s fun for you. If that means commenting less or even blogging less, so be it! No matter what you do, we’ll still support you. So go on and post that put-yourself-out-there post; we’re ready and waiting to give you all the encouragement and support you could possible need – and then some!

  21. Heather says

    It can get pretty overwhelming but having a blog and reading blogs should always be fun. Sometimes when I see my google reader overflowing with unread posts I get a bit overwhelmed but I think that just finding that balance is what it’s all about.

    It totally does feel like a 2-way street at times. I try to leave comments and I love getting comments back, even though it’s only about 2-3 a post every one makes me smile and I appreciate the sweet things others say.

  22. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce says

    omg please don’t feel mean or selfish!! aww katie, you’e the farthest thing from that! what i’ve always admired about you is that you’re NOT a “foodie,” all of your eats are very creative but totally approachable for anyone to try. i love that despite your blog’s popularity, you haven’t let it go to your head :). i’ve noticed (with sadness) how a lot of the “big” bloggers ignore the newbies, i guess they seem to forget that they started out with exactly 0 readers themselves! that being said, comments are so much fun, and my eyes light up every time i see one in my inbox, but comments are not what blogging is about! of course i get excited when i see a comment from you, beacuse you’re awesome, and if i made a recipe from ya it’s fun to share the “experience” or whatever with you, but i would never feel insulted if you didn’t comment! i know our lives are all busy, and blogging should NOT be the #1 time consumer on the list, you should be out enjoying life and doing all the things you love to do!

    ok basically, love ya katie! hope i still see ya around elsewhere on the blogworld, but if not, i’m STILL going to keep reading yours and probs commenting too, just because i love it and want to!

  23. tabitha says

    awwww katie–you are so sweet
    i am amazed that you have ever made any comment on my page
    i am tickled pink that you have answered every question i’ve asked you in the same sweet way you post your blog

    i feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the blogs i follow and the few comments i get on my own
    i can’t imagine anyone would believe you would have enough time to make comments back for all the people who comment here
    anyone who would expect you to has some personal issues of their own they might want to sort through 🙂

    i would be like you though too…and am on my own super small scale blogging world guilt trip some days
    so…don’t feel bad–just keep on blogging and read the blogs you like to read…not any that you feel you should read 🙂

  24. eaternotarunner says

    I feel overwhelmed sometimes trying to comment on all the blogs I follow! But you have to take care of yourself and step away from the computer screen.

    And thank you for being one of the first people to comment on my blog, you have no idea how much it meant!

  25. Tamikko says

    great post! I should definately post more often, but I read a lot of blogs. I love your chocolate covered confections.

  26. Morgan says

    Don’t apologize for having a life! You are a person, with interests outside of the computer, and that’s OK! You shouldn’t feel obligated to comment on anyone’s blogs. Yes, I agree some bloggers who are “popular” (this is like high school!) are high and mighty on themselves, but forget about them! You seem sweet and sincere, and don’t have to prove anything to anyone!

  27. susan says

    dear katie-

    just so you know, i get SOOO excited when i see i have a message from you… even if it’s just an “LOL”… it brightens my day, and i’d actually prefer that you spread that love, rather than feeling obligated to send it in any one (or 5,000) directions…

    my point being… everyone loves you, loves to hear from you, but no one expects you to always comment on their blogs!

    don’t do any of it out of obligation b/c the last thing any of us want is for you to stop enjoying what you do and being the happy/full of life chocolate covered incredible that you are =)

  28. Lia says


    Don’t beat yourself up about the blog commenting thing! I am sure all these wonderful people understand that you can’t commit your entire life to the food blog world. 😀
    I don’t think anyone is crossing you off of their to read blog list just because you didn’t comment back!
    I think this post clearly shows that you do your best and that you don’t just ignore blogs but appreciate everyone’s comments!

    Cheer up peanut! Even if, BIG IF, you lost commenters or readers (which I highly doubt) I will be there, reading your blog every day! 😀


  29. Mandiee says

    Katie, your honesty and true kindness you feel towards others is really what matters. I enjoy reading your blog every day, even though I barely recieve comments on mine. You inspired me to start my blog and showed me that being a vegan was possible. Without you, I don’t feel like I would have had the confidence to do it, even though I really wanted to. So thank you for always being there, even though you may not always realize how much of an impact you have had on others. I will always be a loyal reader and I hope other will see your good intentions, too.

    Have a lolvey day! xox

    P.S. I tried your soy-free (agar agar) pudding yesterday. Out. Of. This. World. Let’s just say it’s making another appearance today… it was all I could do not to make another batch last night :P.

  30. Caroline says

    Katie, I honestly don’t even see how you can manage to blog on top of all the other great things you do, let alone read and comment on other blogs. (This isn’t meant as a criticism…I think you’re some kind of chocolate-covered-vegan running, blogging, cooking, etc. wonderwoman.)

    I think you’ve responded to basically every comment/question I have left and you’re a total sweetheart. People who get upset at you are jealous that you can be so healthy, smart, and kind. Not that I’m not jealous. I am VERY jealous! But not upset!

    I’ve been reading your blog by subscription for months now, so I’m not some mysterious creepy person who randomly stumbled on your blog and is saying this.

    <3 Caroline

  31. Erica Rose says

    I figured this would be a perfect post to de-lurk. Hi! Just wanted to say I’m a new reader, and I’m very (very!!) excited to start making some of your recipes! My hubby and I are in a crappy living situation and don’t have enough access to the kitchen, but as of next Saturday, we’re outta here! I am truly excited to go through your recipes and start cooking/baking. Have a great rest of your weekend, and don’t feel guilty for not commenting on every blog you follow. I used to feel guilty, until I realized I follow over 250, so it’s just not possible on a daily basis. Be well…

  32. Monica says

    As anybody who visits my blog, I update pretty infrequently–I have loads of stories but always seem to run out of time to post them and tend to get sidetracked. I post when I want to! I mostly do it for my family to check out things that I’ve been doing while away at college! I read a ton of other blogs simply because I enjoy it, not because I feel compelled to do so. Sometimes I comment, sometimes I don’t…blogging is mostly about my love of stories and food 🙂 I DO especially love reading your blog, because I have a lot of similar interests as you, just so you know. But you just gotta do what you love! Your blog is just the proverbial icing on the (vegan) cake of life…if that makes any sense?!


  33. Jenna says

    Aw, Katie, you’re adorable but this post made me sad! I completely understand, though. You are a very sweet person and you don’t deserve to be brought down by these lousy thoughts! But now you’re gotten it all out there so I hope you feel that catharsis. I personally would never expect a reply to begin with, and I would read your blog whether or not I ever received one. You’re sunshine-y to read, and that’s probably what I love the most – don’t let these thoughts cloud you over =D!

  34. Mama Pea says

    I’ve stopped commenting as much as well, and even have had a few people call me out on it, leaving comments like, “I haven’t heard from you in awhile…” etc. It really infuriated me. I would NEVER do that to anyone else.

    True friendship isn’t about keeping track of “what have you done for me lately,” and some of my closest blog friends NEVER leave me comments and vice versa.

    I enjoy the social side of blogging just as much as the next person, but when I quit writing my blog for ME and just for comments, that’s when I quit blogging.

    Love you Katie, and I’m always reading, even when I don’t comment… 🙂

  35. liz says

    katie, i only recently discovered your blog (from a mention on cammy’s tippytoediet) but you seem like such a sweet, sensitive person. and i’m thankful that you share your view of the world with us, chocolate included! it’s wonderful that you are so concerned about people’s feelings and wouldn’t the world be a better place if we were all more like that. but i agree, ya gotta take care of yourself, girl, and live your life. anyone who faults you for that is possibly a little bit of a stinker 🙂
    when we take care of ourselves, then we have more to give to others. does that make sense?
    have a fabulous day!

  36. psychoj1 says

    I will still comment on your blog!! I totally understand. Getting back to everyone and commenting is HARD work. Especially when you are busy. So relax, girl, we all love you! I don’t expect you to comment like crazy 🙂 We’re all busy!
    <3 jess

  37. MarathonVal says

    Goodness gracious, I can’t imagine how you have the time to do all the commenting that it sounds like you have been doing… I have a teeny, tiny blog compared to yours and while I try to check out commenter’s blogs I CERTAINLY don’t have time to always do so and I definitely don’t have the time to comment on them all.

    You are awesome enough without trying to be superwoman! Just be your lovely self! 🙂

  38. homecookedem says

    Hi Katie!! First time commenter!! 🙂 I’ve been reading for awhile now, but haven’t been commenting because I just assumed that since your blog was so popular, that my comment wouldn’t really matter. Not that you don’t come off as darling and nice, but I guess I’m just used to commenting on other popular blogs and never getting anything in return. And I don’t expect you to start commenting on my blog… that’s not what I’m saying, but what I do appreciate is that you recognize your commenters and let them know that even though you aren’t able to always comment you still love them. I totally understand what you’re saying about not being able to comment on everyone’s blog. If we did, we’d be sitting around on a computer alllllll day wasting away our lives. If anything this post just made me want to keep reading even more. Have a great day!! 🙂

  39. Tina says

    While, we of course all love to hear from you, we ALL understand the time it takes and how it’s good to step back and not let blogging become a chore. I still plan to read your blog because I truly enjoy it. And part of it is because you aren’t solely obsessed with posting about food and only food. I’m no foodie either. I like to find healthy eats and recipes to try and share, but don’t spend tons of time figuring out new food ideas or taking pictures of my food either. It’s good to be well rounded with many passions and interests, which you are.

    And yes, comments always make my day too! I totally hear you on that. But at the same time, its not necessary either if you use blogging for the right reasons of an outlet to express yourself. 😉

  40. Karen says

    Hi, Katie –
    You have a fun and informative blog, and I feel badly that it is causing you angst (examples such as calorie counting, commenting, etc). I don’t have a blog, but I am an avid reader of several blogs. From my perspective, I enjoy reading blogs as opposed to nutrition/diet/food books because blogs offer an opportunity to see how real people incorporate food and fitness into their life, instead of idealized suggestions on how life should be lived. I am grateful that people are willing to honestly share their unique lifestyles and let readers know what works well and also what doesn’t work for them. I think that as soon as you, or anyone with a blog, starts catering to their readers and worrying about making everyone happy the integrity and individuality of the blog is gone. Once the blog becomes more generic and less Katie, the readers are losing out on gaining your one of a kind perspective, and much of the joy you get in sharing yourself and your life will be missing. Not exactly what your post was about, but basically I am trying to let you know to worry less about what others think. In the long run your blog will be better and you will be happier.

  41. Katie says

    AHhh don’t EVER feel pressured to read MY blog. I make your recipes because I love you and I love your creativity, NOT because I want to be promoted. I feel a little overloaded with reading blogs sometimes, and I have to remind myself the reason I blog (it’s a creative outlet for me!) – so I can’t get upset if no one reads it because I do it for myself. I (of course!) love getting comments and positive feedback, but I don’t expect anyone to share the love of MY food like I do. Hah. Blog because you love it, not because you want other people to love you. 🙂 (Although, I think people love you so much JUST because you ARE you)…shake those guilty feelings and just do your thang.

  42. erintakescontrol says

    Katie –

    You rock, plain and simple. I’m not a food blogger, but I have a little blog, and I admit I kinda like it that way. It doesn’t bother me when I get 5, 10, or 15 comments for each post. I kinda like the smaller side of things. Keep it simple, I guess. I don’t read your blog just so you respond to my comments via email, or comment on my blog. It’s always awesome to hear from you, but I don’t expect it. Does that make sense? Beyond blogging, we are all human beings with lives and priorities. I really love your creativity and spunk in the kitchen, you writing style, and your personality; that’s why I read your blog! It’s not about the comments!!!

  43. Claire says

    You won’t be abandoned for admitting that! Your readers love you! Don’t feel selfish for not always being able to comment, because you have, as you said, *plenty* to do in the real world outside of blogland. Blogs are for entertainment, fun, sharing, and support. Other bloggers will still know that you are reading their blogs, and simply reading each other’s blogs can keep bloggy friends in touch too. 😀

  44. Abby says

    Oh Katie dear, I was so happy when you featured me in your Shout Out one day. I was screaming! It made me feel FAMOUS!!!!

    Most popular bloggers like you wouldn’t give the time of day to a little blogger like me, but you are one in a bazillion!
    Thank you for thinking of us little people! And keep up those tribute posts. You’re the kindest soul!

  45. Kate says

    I am a lurker…I admit that because I read your blog every time you post and I don’t always comment because I don’t always have the time and I don’t always know what to say…but this post reminded me that even the big bloggers still appreciate and get excited about comments. Thank you sooo much for being so inspirational, creative and unique! Thank you for being so awesome and honest here. Please do what you need to do to bring the fun back because blogging is supposed to be fun, not a chore! I’ll always read, no matter what!

  46. Susan says

    Hallelujah! As a “little blog” I too appreciate every comment, and I only comment on the blogs I want to. I never started my blog to try and get a gazillion readers, I started it to share. Having people who enjoy it is a definite perk!

    You’re posts are so honest Katie – and I totally agree with you. I don’t know if I’ve yet developed the same courage, however, to not “omit” certain things from my blog because they might offend others. Someday!

  47. blissfulbellas says

    katie never feel guilty!!! you are an amazing blogger and such a kind person! dont even fret about losing readers becuz i know that everyone is grateful to your blog for tons of reasons and we love that you update so often and appreciate comments and do shoutouts!

    you are one of my fav.bloggers and simply put you have a heart of gold.

    accept that you are awesome and we have no problems hehehe 😀

    so i guess while you say thanku to us so many times its finally time for us to say a big thank u to u!

    Thanks katieeeeee!
    —Bella Lena

  48. Amanda P says

    Katie, your readers support you! I cannot imagine how overwhelming it must be to feel obligated to visit each person’s blog daily – blogging shouldn’t feel like an obligation. Do what’s best for you and what you do best, we’ll keep reading!

  49. janetha says

    i agree with you 100% about the blogs that get hardly any recognition. they are like diamonds in the rough! and i am crap for commenting usually but you know i got nothin but loveee for you <3 thank god google reader exists, right?! mwah! have a great sunday sweetheart!

  50. jcd says

    Katie – you never need to justify the way you live your life. Nobody should expect you to read and comment on the hundreds (thousands) of (food) blogs belonging to your readers. You have an amazing life outside of blogging; you don’t need to be glued to your computer 24/7. You aren’t a hypocrite, and definitely not a bad person. You are awesome, and writing this blog and keeping it up to date is more than anyone could ask.

    I love your blog; it’s one of only 4 I read, and it is the only one I comment on. 🙂

  51. Mae (OhhMay.Wordpress) says

    Hahaha when I started my blog I seriously had no idea how much comments are involved in blogging. (or that they are at all!) It was only a month ago that it clicked “comments=comments.”

    To tell you the truth, it seems much more superficial now. You can tell when you get a comment from someone who didn’t read one word you write.

    I get so excited when I get comments too… I can’t imagine how hardit is to keep up and thank/comment on 50+ blogs a day!!

    You’re such a sweetheart and you’re loved no less- at all!! You are so kind-hearted and everyone understands. (And I think they would understand even if you didn’t write this post!!)


  52. Iris says

    Katie, I really like that you wrote this post. I’m sure a lot of bloggers have felt the same way. There are times when certain aspects of blogging start to stress me out, and that’s when I have to step back and remember that I do this for fun and because I love it, not because it’s my job. I’ve always appreciated how down to earth and open you are in your posts, and I never worry about whether you’re reading my blog back when I read yours. I just think your blog is fun. Sometimes I comment, sometimes I don’t. But I always enjoy it. 🙂

  53. Meredith says

    I totally feel you on this! This semester is just so completely overwhelming for me . . . and I feel so bad when I get behind on blogs! I want to read everyone’s and leave comments for everyone, but sometimes it takes me a while to get a chance. It’s not that I don’t appreciate and love blog world, it’s just that I have so many other commitments and not enough time. I just try to do my best! 🙂

  54. Claudia says

    Thanks for this post. It really does seem like most people only comment on big fancy popular blogs, but to each his own… I think that it’s great that you read lots of other people’s blogs, and it’s totally okay if you don’t leave a comment on each and every one. (Btw…I made the Oatmeal Cookie Crepe Cakes the other day. Yum!)

  55. Adam says

    Your blog is always so fun and cheery…and that is why people are reading! Not because they expect you to throw a comment back there way, but to show appreciation for what you do and the happiness you display while doing so! I’m sure there are those out there who have expectations and “blog” for all the wrong reasons, but no one needs to worry about them because those of us with lives know what we need to be fulfilled:) I think it’s EXCELLENT that you worry about these kind of things, it just shows how much you really do care, but try not to so much!:)

  56. Vegyogini says

    XOXO! It would be impossible to comment on everyone’s blog. You’re so sweet for wanting to, but there are just too many out there! I comment when I feel compelled by something the author has written or when someone needs a morale boost…you know, when it feels most important.

  57. Hannah says

    As a fairly new blogger myself, I want to thank you for paying attention to the “little guys” (so you better come check mine out now! STAT! 😀 [completely joking])

    I’ve been surprised at how much time writing/editing blogs and networking takes, but at the same time it’s only when you start blogging that you realise how joyful it is when people read and comment – so I definitely see both sides of your argument here!

    As everyone seems to be saying – just do what’s right for you – ultimately, blogging should be your happy time, not a burden! You write and comment when you ahve time, and we’ll come read and reply when we have time! Everybody wins 🙂

  58. Tiffany says

    I’ll definitely still be reading, Katie, and I appreciate your honesty and love of blogging itself. I think it works that way for most bloggers; they try to read and reply when they can, but for bloggers who get as many comments as you, I totally understand that you can’t visit and comment back on all of them. And that’s ok. 🙂

  59. Jessica Zara says

    Katie, you really need to stop second-guessing yourself. I know it’s because you’re such a kind and sensitive person, but have a little faith in yourself and realise that no-one will hate you or stop reading just because you might not have commented to them in a while. Even if one or two people take offence, it would be so petty to do so that to be honest it would be their loss and not yours.

    Heck, I find it hard to keep up with responding to 7-10 comments which is what I usually get, let alone 80+ which is what you seem to average out at! Perils of being so popular and gorgeous, eh 😉

    You have a life to live and the world doesn’t revolve around blogging ~ we all understand that! And I for one eagerly await your ‘put yourself out there’ post because they’re always so well argued and the blog world needs more people like you willing to initiate healthy debate and discussion.

    *hugs* and stop worrying so much!


  60. caronae says

    Oh, don’t worry about not commenting all the time! I just started my blog, and I’m trying to make sure I have tons of time for real life stuff, cuz that’s really important. People, including myself, will still read about your adventures no matter what! Relax 🙂

  61. Kristie says

    Blogging is tough girl, no lie! I feel the same way sometimes…. I LOVE when people comment on my blog and I love getting to know people that way. Right now what I’m trying to do though is only comment when I know I have something to say – if I have to scroll back through the post to find something to say, then I figure there will be a different post I can comment on 🙂 I know I’ll still read!

  62. Mona says

    Katie I am always amazed at how nice and genuine your blog posts are. If you stop commenting on other blogs that is 100% okay. I will always read your blog and always comment! Your blog is amazing and you are a super nice and genuine person. I love it when you check out my blog but honestly I would rather you just be happy and not stressing about reading and commenting on lots of blogs.

    Have an amazing day! and THANK YOU SOO MUCH for featuring me!! it means so much, and I bet you can relate to when you were first starting out your blog. so thank you.

  63. Stef Simon says

    Those sex bomb babies look amazing!

    I love your post about making comments. I love to see that people are reading my blog and the only way you know who they are is when they leave a comment. The only comments I usually get are from friends in real life who got me into blogging in the first place. When people I don’t know leave a comment it is such an amazing/wonderful feeling. I just started blogging about 7 months so I still consider myself knew to blogging. I am not to concerned about what people think if they don’t want to read then they don’t have to, but I do love it because it is a great way to track what is going on in your life. It is like a time capsule/yearbook of all the good and bad.

  64. Jenny says

    wow sweetie – thank you so much for this post.. I needed this more than you’ll ever know. Recently I’ve been LIVING LIFE while away at school and feeling guilty that I haven’t had enough time to comment as possible. That’s ridiculous! as you said — there are SO many amazing blogs out there but I think I would enjoy them a hell of a lot more if I didn’t feel this crazy pressure to comment on every single one and just was able to check them out leisurely. Ah, neeed to get that out. THANK YOU SWEETHEART! really, you just instilled me with so much peace of mind. Love you tons xoxo

  65. Lorin says

    I am not a blogger and I guess I enjoy reading certain blogs like yours; and I will continue to read. I love your experimental recipes and random stories not food related. I only read 5 blogs or so and it takes some time, so I can understand when you say you don’t want to read dozens (although I consider myself a foodie, but I have school and basketball/sports in my life too!)

  66. elizabeth says

    katie-you’re too sweet!! i love reading your blog and all of your amazing recipes, and there’s no way i would ever stop if you were to no longer comment!!!!! blogging shouldn’t be a chore OR a popularity contest!! take time to do the things you love, keep writing your great posts and we will keep coming!!

  67. Marisa (Loser for Life) says

    Katie, I come here because I love your blog, I love your recipes, I love the fact that you are a young person living a healthy life and that your family supports your decision. I could only hope that my daughters grow up to be such a wonderful, thoughtful and healthy girls like you!

    I know exactly what you are saying about commenting on blogs. I love blog reading and definitely read too many. But, life is life and we have to live it, not spend it on the computer all day! Feel free to never visit or comment on my blog! Get out there and live!!!!

  68. lora says

    i am the same way. i cant physically comment on the 100 blogs in goog reader because itd be a full time job. i can barely make my bed in the morning because i rush to work (late most likely)…just comment and read at ur leisure and we will do the same to u! we all cant be blogging superwomen 🙂 have a great sunday gorgeous!


  69. Michele | aka Raw Juice Girl says

    It’s not humanly possible to visit every single food-related blog out there, Katie, AND comment on every single post. It just isn’t. Life is short. It is to be lived. It’s sweet that you are concerned about these things, and other people’s feelings. But we understand that you’re ONLY one person….

    Big hugs,

  70. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    Hi Katie, as we have discussed before, blogging and keeping up with everyone’s blogs, if we let it, could and would become a full time job but we all have lives and other priorities, too! I am so glad that you wrote this post; it mirrors so much of what and how I feel. I also try to go to the smaller blogs that don’t get as many comments and I find it is frequently those people who I have “off-list” email chats with that so rewarding. I have blogged before and I know mentioned to you before about my own need for balance with the blog & life…so I totally applaud what you’re doing and this post!

  71. Shannon says

    i hear ya! we shouldn’t feel stressed because we haven’t read/commented on all the blogs we want to… i’m trying to get better at that myself, and comment when i feel like i have something to say 😉 i hope to get to make a recipe of yours before the 30th, but things have been crazy… at least i’ll link!

  72. Amy says

    I’m coming out of hiding (it’s vegetation) to tell you not to feel bad! I did a whole lot of pruning recently in my google reader and have also been following blogs silently for a while. It made me feel bad to do it, but my whole life was being taken over by blogs!

    Blogging is meant to be fun and enjoyable, not stressful and making us feel terrible about ourselves!

    I’ll be here, still reading silently and commenting from time to time, but the most important part is…..I’ll still be here reading!

  73. Katie says

    There is more to life than blogging, I think we all know that. I am new to the world of blogs also, and every comment I get makes me smile. But if giving them is a chore and not fun, then I’d rather not get them. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel obligated to read my randomness! I love your recipes, and can honestly say that I eat one almost everyday. You have totally turned me on to the world of the agar pudding. I have a smoothie in hand right now with some in it!

  74. Jocelyn says

    hey girl. I understand where you are coming from.

    To me I don’t get why some of the more popular blogs get a billion comments..and other decent smaller blogs get..5. haha it makes no sense. I’m glad you brought this up.

  75. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Good for you in putting this out there Katie. I’ve been thinking the same exact thing. I can’t visit everyone’s blog, and just trying to keep up and comment on all the pingbacks is enough to stress me out. I’m so grateful that people try my recipes and link back to me, and I feel like I should at least take the time to thank them, but I can’t. I’m not keeping up with the rest of my life. So, perhaps, I will take a step back with you. Besides, there are plenty of people who read our blogs that NEVER comment. I try to to remind myself that I am writing for them as well. 🙂

  76. River - The Crafty Kook says

    Aww, I’m sorry you’re feeling guilty. That’s no fun. After reading all the nice notes (I’m not even calling them comments!) that your readers have left you, I hope that you don’t feel guilty or selfish anymore. You are young and fun and beautiful – you should be enjoying life, not chaining yourself to this comment madness!

    One of the reasons why I wanted to move to a new blog with a new name and username was because I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with comments anymore and I wanted to start all over again. Wing-it used to get about twice as many comments as my new blog gets, but that’s only because I felt like I needed to return every single comment that was left for me and it kept escalating until it was too time (and energy) consuming. What really makes me happy is when I see that people have added my blog to google reader! I just want people to read my kookiness, and although comments also make me smile, it’s OK if my readers don’t feel like leaving me any feedback.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with this topic, but did you see that Mr. Phoenix shaved off his big beard? 🙂

  77. Crystal says

    I comment and read the blogs that interest me, whether they are popular or not. I have a lot of blogs on my Google Reader … most of the time I just scroll past the posts that don’t appeal to me.

  78. Danielle says

    AMEN for this post. I’m not sure I understand all the politics of blogging but it’s pretty obvious when people want to be popular vs. when people want to join the community and share their personalities. I feel guilty for not leaving comments (or reading) every single person’s blog…but I can’t keep up! Thank you thank you for sharing this- I feel a lot better!

  79. Deb says

    Katie- I totally know how you feel and I am a baby-baby blogger compared to you in readership and comments. I can’t even imagine what it must be for you- so much obligation. And I can see how it would take the joy out of blogging. It’s smart that you are catching it as quickly as you could. You need to look after yourself, or you will not be as effective as a blogger! It’s like that analogy on the airplane where you have to put on your mask before helping others. Same thing.

    I read your posts every day. I rarely comment. But I still love your blog. And your spirit.

  80. Daria @ Daria Can Cook says

    Hehe, judging by the number of comments on this post, I don’t think you’re alone in feeling trapped by commenting (and I don’t think you’ll see any fewer comments just because you aren’t commenting as much!). There are far too many food blogs out there to keep up with. I’ve cut way down too – I only read what I find *really* useful and/or entertaining, and I only comment or respond when I *really* have something to say. There’s no shame in knowing your limits!

  81. Brandi C. says

    Bring Back the Fun CCK! Only you have that power. Here’s a quote that’s very fitting rt now:
    “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” -Bill Cosby.
    Succeed, my friend!! Succeed!! YAY!!
    Love You Katie

  82. Jessica says

    I love your blog whether you have time to comment on mine or not, and that’s a fact! Nothing will change on my end, so just keep doing what you do. 🙂

  83. fiveseed says

    It is hard trying to balance writing a blog, reading comments, and trying to comment back and visit everyone else’s blog! But ultimately, I think readers find blogs they enjoy, and stick with them, whether it’s reciprocal or not. Because we care about the content. Although, I always get a thrill when my favorite bloggers visit me and leave me comments!

    Anyway – your readers won’t mind whether you visit us or not! We just like visiting your “blog kitchen!”

    (aka: A Green Spell)

  84. Candice says

    I’m getting in on this kind of late…sorry:)

    I haven’t been reading your blog for very long, but already I can tell how sweet and genuine you are. I have actually always had trouble with how to fit in reading each blog that I love and still have time to write on my own. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I was worried about responding to tons of comments as well. Don’t worry about a thing – obvs people read you blog because they get enjoyment out of it and they like you…not because they expect that you’ll comment on theirs.

    Hope you are worry free by now, and having a great day!

  85. Marissa says

    Katie! Do not feel like a hypocrite!

    Here’s the thing, unless your job is your blog, there is probably no reason why anyone could fault you for not reading 50+ blogs a day! Sheesh! Don’t worry about that at all!

    I read some blogs on a daily basis, but usually they are only the blogs where I know the person keeps it short. Other days I have more time and can delve into other longer blogs…and I only comment when I actually *feel* like commenting! Maybe that isn’t good for “blog business” but I have a full time actual job, and a life offline and I honestly don’t feel the drive to “network” on the blogosphere. I think it is fantastic to connect with other people, but there is NO reason to feel like a hypocrite because you have other things to do! People read your blog because they like it, not because you are going to read theirs. At least that is why I read blogs!


  86. Margie says

    A while back, Oprah once said on her talk show that she stopped shaking every audience member’s hands, because it took too much energy out of her on a daily basis.

    Which comes to my point that I don’t think you should feel pressured to comment on or read everyone’s blog. I don’t know how some of you could reply to so many responses. Most blogs are a hobby and not work. Bloggers have lives other than the blogworld. I think your group replies are good enough. Only if someone asks a specific question, do I think it involves a personal response. Now this is my opinion based on the volume that you receive. For a blogger that has less than 30 people commenting, of course it is easier to reply individually. I think you are one of the sweetest and one of the more considerate bloggers out there. I agree with you that there are a lot of bloggers that are only commenting on the “BIG” blogs and ingnoring the others. And that’s because they are trying to get more traffic, so they can get freebies or become the next “Julie, Julia”. I love your blog and I wouldn’t change a thing! 🙂

  87. brandi says

    believe me, you’re not the only one that feels that way 🙂 taking the time to BLOG and then all the time to read/comment on others is a lot. I do feel bad when I can’t read them all or comment on everyone’s blog that comments on mine, but I still have to live my life, you know?

    I comment when I can, and I’m usually reading MUCH more than I’m commenting.

  88. Leng says

    oh Katie, you don’t have to worry so much about commenting on people’s blogs. We know you’re busy with your own stuff. I used to worry about commenting on other blogs to get more comments, but then I found myself stressing out more and sometimes I was very aware of what I typed. This all made blogging become a chore for me, so I stopped worrying about all of that and just did what I could. I think you just have to find that “balance” you know. Nowadays I visit blogs and don’t visit them. Sometimes I comment and sometimes I don’t. true I’ve lost some readers, but I knew that as long as people were still reading, I’d still be blogging. Hope this helps! 🙂

    P.S. I was so overwhelmed that I completely forgot about the Vegan Thursdays. ah!

  89. Yeaaahtoast says

    Every time I get a comment I am so happy. That doesn’t mean that when I don’t have one, I’m not happy.
    Blogging has to be for yourself first, I think, and you seem like one happy gal!
    Now go cover something in chocolate and CONSUME!! That’s what I’m doing, 100+ posts ro read in Google Reader. Yipes! 😛

  90. janet says


    i read your blog, and many others… and i never comment….
    but i love reading it!
    but yea… its not really a popularity contest, and there are tonnnns of lurkers that just dont have anything they want to say…

    anyway please keep blogging (:

  91. Lara (Thinspired) says

    Hey girlie,
    Thanks for putting this out there. It’s just crazy how much the blogosphere can stress us out, when it is supposed to be a fun hobby! I’m not a big blogger and still have so many comments that I want to respond to. I can’t imagine what a really big blogger goes through. I never want people to feel obligated to comment on my blog. I’ve stopped trying to comment on every single post for every blogger I read, because it is just impossible. There are so many good blogs out there that I could never keep up!
    I would rather comment occasionally and have it be meaningful and genuine 🙂
    P.S. Thank you for adding me on FB! I don’t talk about my blog on there, just FYI, but I am glad we can be buddies and connect on that level, too!

  92. Bekah says

    I love you for this post. And I love that you support the little bloggies. I’m consistenly gaining readership, and it gets me soo so excited! I remember back when I only got 20-40 views a day! Crazy blogging world. You’re always such a sweetie in your e-mail replies too. I truly do appreciate it.

  93. A Teenage Gourmet says

    This is the most honest post ever!

    It’s exactly how I feel right now. I try to comment on a few blogs every day so that people will get a chance to be familiar with my page. Also, since I’m still small, I read and reply to just about every comment. I don’t worry about only posting certain content though; I post what I want to post.

  94. Jenny says

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your website…OMGoodness!! YUM!!! I’m curious…do you develop every single recipe?:) I love baking and am Just curious! This looks fabulous! Thanks for such a great blog!

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Yes, Katie is the creator of all of the yummy recipes on here, aside from the few that say they are guest posts. My favorite is the Fudge Babies 🙂

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