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Mini Apple Pies – Baked In A Muffin Tin

These mini apple pies are baked in a muffin tin, for one super adorable & single-serving holiday dessert!

muffin pies


I’ve always tried to stay away from politics on this blog, because sometimes it’s nice to think only through one’s stomach.

Hopefully these apple hand pies can let you do just that, even if only for a few minutes.



These mini apple pies do really well at parties and are a big hit at Friendsgiving.

They’re easy to serve, need no refrigeration, and are the perfect size for people who want just a little dessert or who don’t want to commit to one giant slice of pie.

apple pie healthy

If you’re looking for a more traditional pie, here is my favorite recipe: Healthy Apple Pie Recipe.


How To Make The Mini Apple Pies:

apple batter

Step One:

Prepare the muffin tin, then peel and finely dice the apple, and set it aside.

Stir together the first 6 ingredients to make a crumbly crust.

apple pies muffin tin crop

Step Two:

Press around 2 tsp of the crumble dough firmly into the bottom of each muffin tin. Stir remaining ingredients in a bowl, and place a little over 1 tsp of this apple filling on top of each crust.

Divide the remaining crumbles over the apples, pressing firmly down.

apple hand pies recipe


Step Three:

Bake for 14 minutes or until the crust is golden and mostly set.

Let cool before removing from the muffin tins, then serve or transfer to a covered container to serve at a later time.

hand pie

mini apple pies

If you want to vary the filling, feel free to substitute diced pear for the apple.

Or you could honestly fill them with anything you wish!

Hand-held apple pies, baked in a muffin tin for a super easy & delicious holiday dessert


Mini Apple Pies

Mini Apple Pies – Baked In A Muffin Tin

Total Time: 14m
Yield: 15 mini apple pies
Print This Recipe 4.92/5
Mini Apple Pies – Baked In A Muffin Tin


  • 3/4 cup spelt, white, or ap gf flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup unrefined sugar
  • 3 1/2 tbsp cold buttery spread (or oil, see note)
  • 3/4 cup peeled, finely-diced apple
  • 1 tsp arrowroot or non-gmo cornstarch
  • 1 tbsp pure maple syrup, agave, or honey
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


*Using oil will yield a crispier crust, while using non-hydrogenated buttery spread will yield a softer crust. Both will work fine for this recipe.

Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease a mini muffin tin. If desired, put a thin strip of parchment inside each tin (see photo). Set aside. Combine the first 6 ingredients, completely breaking up the butter until fine crumbles form. Press around 2 tsp dough firmly into the bottom of each tin. Stir together remaining ingredients in a bowl, and place a little over 1 tsp of this apple filling on top of each crust. Divide remaining crumbles—around 2 additional tsp per muffin tin—over the apples, pressing firmly down. Bake on the center rack, 14 minutes or until crust is golden and mostly set. Let cool at least 5 minutes before either pulling up the parchment strip or simply going around the sides of the pies with a knife.

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Published on November 10, 2016

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  1. Sarah Riley says

    Katie, I just got your apology e-mail. Don’t ever apologize for speaking your mind and your heart. A reader who can’t respect your opinion is not an audience you need.

  2. Amanda says

    Katie, this is YOUR blog! Never feel like you have to apologize for having a voice and using it. If anyone has a problem with that, it’s a reflection of them, and not you. With you 100%!

  3. Anonymous says

    I love your blog and your recipes, but I am truly disappointed that you have removed the part of your post that alludes to minorities such as the LGBT community who are truly fearful about their rights being taken away. I was so heartened to see this included in your post because I know that your blog is read by a wide variety of people, and I hoped it would make them think about what they have done. I am sure there are Trump supporters who had other concerns and so were able to look past his bigotry (and the bigotry of the Republican party as a whole), but many people in this country do not enjoy the privilege of looking past bigotry, because this bigotry directly threatens life. This is not about politics or a difference in political opinion. This is about combatting hatred, pure and simple. People who voted for Trump may not think they feel hatred against minorities, but they are perpetuating hatred against countless marginalized groups all that same. And just so it is perfectly clear to anyone conservative reading this: You cannot love anyone and at the same time deny them the rights that you enjoy. That isn’t love – it is hate.
    I know from your previous posts that you agree, Katie. I have no doubt about that. I am just disappointed that you feel the need to listen to your subscribers who want you to shut up and talk about cupcakes (and I love cupcakes!) because what you said was valuable and it needed to be said.

    • Satya says

      “Anonymous”‘, You said, “This is about combating hatred, pure and simple..?” Are the democrats who are making news today combating hatred or are they perpetuating it by being hateful, divisive and destructive? Tell me one thing….what factual information do you have that states how Trump plans to take away your rights? Go somewhere for your source of information besides the liberal media. Have you checked the facts about your candidate and her husband, or just relied on what you are fed by the lopsided agenda of the biased media? By the way, Trump is not a bad man. Flawed, yes like the rest of us, but not a villain. Open your eyes and look past the noise of the current media. I do believe he really wants to improve things for all Americans. If he runs this country like it’s his business, he will not fail. You really owe it to yourself to dig a little deeper for a more objective look at things.

  4. Kelly Lynn says

    I got your apology email and I had to come back to read what was said. I don’t understand why people would unsubscribe because you asked both sides to be compassionate. I’m not American. I was hoping Hilary would win. But she didn’t. Her speech was exactly right. Give him a chance and keep an open mind. We have to be respectful to everyone. We can disagree, but do so respectfully. Exercise your right to protest, but when there’s violence, the message is lost. We’re all humans. Let’s respect each other. No matter how you voted. So Katie, I’ll still be reading your blog and making recipes. Keep it up!

    • Tammie Sokoloff says

      Kelly Lynn, as a Trump supporter I want to thank you for your comments…people like you give me hope in the future of America…glad to know not all liberals are like the ones I’m seeing on TV. You are a true American no matter where you were born.

  5. MB83 says

    Hi Katie, I appreciate your apology email. I also believe it was unnecessary. Free speech is important for everyone as long as it is not hurting anyone. You are entitled to voice your opinion and other people are entitled to theirs. All in all, I wanted to say that you are doing everything right and more so. Please don’t let people who don’t respect free speech and sharing feelings encumber you and your blog. As always, thank you for the delicious recipes 🙂 . You spread happiness, health, and wellness with your blog and that’s an awesome thing.

  6. Dani says

    It is interesting how people can become so stirred up about something that was not so much a political comment as an expression of support for people who felt fear in an uncertain time. I don’t think you said anything wrong, Katie. You are one of many people who have taken the stance that hope is important and compassion necessary when we see so much reaction in a population.
    I am Canadian so I have strong feelings about who is in Office in the US but obviously nothing that rivals what I have seen from Americans themselves. This IS a time for kindness and understanding that everyone is entitled to their opinion and feelings.
    We are also entitled to unsubscribe, unfollow, and generally block ourselves from opinions that contradict our own, whether or not it prevents us from growing and learning.
    Don’t be ashamed to open and honest, Katie. You have a big heart.

  7. Leesure says

    I saw nothing even remotely inflammatory in this post and had to look twice at the date to make sure it was the one you are apologizing for. You didn’t take sides; it’s not even apparent which side you’re on. People, lighten up (and be compassionate toward each other). Katie, I like you even better now.

  8. Beth says

    No need to apologize. I’m so tired of people judging, lecturing, and dictating what others think or say about this entire political fiasco. No offense was taken on my part for sure. You are awesome!!!!

  9. Lisa says

    There was absolutely nothing you said that warranted an apology. The few people that got upset at your very reasonable remarks are an illustration of what’s gone wrong with our nation. Suddenly we can’t say the most neutral things without someone being offended or feeling “unsafe”. We have to be able to get back to a place where we can share our feelings and listen to others’.

  10. Kim LaCoste says

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you said. It didn’t put anyone down or call anyone out. Sorry that some people are just letting the election and president-elect to rule their lives. Keep doing what you do. You do a great job!!

  11. Chef Ilona says

    Katie, I totally agree with everything you gently stated on your mini apple pie email. I am deeply saddened you felt the need to retract and apologize for your kind wishes and absolute truth.
    You can’t please everyone.
    Remember, Katie, you built your business on believing in yourself.
    I wrote this after reading your apology email today.
    I did not and will not read any comments foddering negativity.
    You are loved

  12. Monica says

    I have no idea what you’ve said, but, we all have our freedom of speech. I’ve been laying low since Tuesday as the ugliness still continues. These little pies look delish, a good cup of tea, a delectable piece of chocolate. What more could we ask for. Thank you Katie for being who you are and spending your time in supplying us with wonderful recipes. Your the best.

  13. Andrea Eisenberg says

    I guess it’s easy for me to like your OP, Katie. Your post may have been political, but it was generous and calm. But the comments here truly show the attitudes of both sides. This is NOT about ideology, because Trump has no ideology. This is about very dangerous intolerance and total ignorance. I’m in a liberal city and personally know people who’ve been harassed or threatened by Trump supporters (they had the nerve to be women, but had no political ID on them). It’s a very dark time in our country, even Trump supporters will see that soon enough.

  14. Tammie Sokoloff says

    I must be missing something here…what did Katie say that was supposed to be so divisive? I voted for Trump, but I will defend Katie’s right to vote for or support the candidate of her choice, that’s what it means to live in a free country. I’m asking my fellow Conservatives to be gracious to those who don’t share our ideology or opinions. We can agree to disagree without taking it out on this dear young woman who’s making a great sacrifice to enlighten us all on healthy eating and “all things chocolate”. I will NOT leave Katie over her willingness to be vulnerable with us, her online family. She’s not making a dime off you people who want to leave her…you’re only hurting yourself and you know what else…I bet the same people who are threatening to leave Katie’s blog are themselves, people who had to make changes in their ideologies at some point in time. We’re all learning and growing and becoming who we are and thank God we have the right in this country to do that. Katie, I will stand by you no matter where your political leanings are today or 10 years from now. God bless you and keep you.

  15. TB says

    Katie, I thought your comments in your original post were honest and well-said. I didn’t find them offensive or partisan or divisive in any way. We’re all in this together…or at least, we should be. And I hope we will all be able to KEEP America great! Our diversity and tolerance are definitely our strengths.

    Love your blog and your recipes! Thank you!!

  16. Barbara says

    Sorry you had some backlash for your post, Katie. I don’t think you said anything wrong. Don’t be sorry that you said anything. Stand by your beliefs. You should not have to apologize for your innocuous comment.

  17. Neutral says

    Wow, there was no negativity whatsoever towards either side of politics. I saw just a light-hearted joke meant to encourage everyone after all the stress we’ve all been through this election (like so many others). People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear, esp if they are already sensitive and hurting. That’s just my two cents, no need to apologize Katie.

  18. Kait says

    For the record, I truly appreciated your comments yesterday. They actually inspired me to try my first recipe of yours. (Delicious by the way). Don’t let other people make you feel guilty for speaking your mind. Nothing you said was hurtful, you were simply stating your feelings. The people you “lose” over such comments weren’t worth it to begin with. I look forward to many more delicious recipes to come. Keep your head up :).

  19. Valerie says

    I am very disappointed in your comments the other day…left-stream media is bad enough on their political sites with their extreme bias for Hillary supporters…I came to your site to enjoy your recipes…NOT…read more bias comments…..I am most unfortunately unsubscribing today…

    • Aimie says

      She sent out a very gracious apology, and for me that was very much appreciated. I didn’t see anything wrong with her first post (and I supported Trump) but appreciate the apology still. Everyone is human, an the fact that she owned up to having unintentionally upset some readers was big on her part. I will be staying and look forward to more recipes we all can enjoy regardless of who we voted for.

  20. Alex says

    I have always loved this website and all of the recipes on it. When I saw this post, right after the election, I was feeling very disgusted by all of the hate and hypocrisy in our country. Katie’s statement reminded me that there are still people in America who want to promote love and unity. Viewing many of the replies, however, disturbed me. I am worried about the future of our society if we cannot even respond kindly when someone asks us to treat others well. Being accepting and nonjudgmental is not partisan; it is something all Americans, Republicans or Democrats, should be striving for. Voting for a Democrat is not a vote against God. Voting for a Republican is not a vote against minorities. Saying that we should all love one another is not an endorsement of either party. At the end of the day, this is the America we live in, like or not, and we should all strive to make it a better place. Don’t attack the people who are sincerely trying to make the best of the current situation; redirect your anger towards furthering a worthwhile cause.

  21. Kima says

    Katie, I read your post yesterday and thought, thank goodness someone is urging us to be compassionate. And what a wonderful recipe! So to say that I woke up and read your apology email, I thought it was totally unnecessary. This is your blog, your space, and you weren’t even partisan in your post!! Thank you for not complaining but instead, helping us remain kind. I support you fully, Katie!

  22. Jen says

    I think everyone needs to take a deep breath, take a step back, and adopt a “wait and see” attitude as to what happens with the election results. I was prepared to do that no matter who became president, and that’s what I’m doing. Both sides have hyped things out of proportion and said things that were exaggerated and untrue. And remember that no president can do whatever he/she wants without the support of rational, clear-headed, elected officials.

    As for me, I’m going to try those mini apple pies except I think they’d be awesome with peaches, so I’m going to try it. And I can safely promise that I won’t only eat one. Or two. 🙂

  23. Chris says

    I just joined your group and can’t wait to try some of your recipes. But I must respond to some of the comments. I am a democrate who voted for Trump. It was not because I hate people who are different than me, but because we needed change. Schools have got to improve, we need jobs, people need to work for their money if they are able, our borders have got to be secured, ALL lives matter, we need affordable health care and we need taxes cut. I also feel that our government was not for the people (ALL people) Remember Hillary called half of Trump supporters as DEPLORABLE, so where was tolerance there. I was ready to accept Hillary as our President because I really thought she would win. I was ready to accept that the majority of the people wanted the country to remain the same. But what I was not ready to do after Trump was elected was to continue to divid this country. I was ready to understand how compassionate Hillary supporter were. I had two daughters vote for her, who were with her and I have to remember we are still family and that means respect their opinions and no matter what Love them. Love, compassion, respect of differences and getting involved. I have a right to vote for who I wanted just like you had a chance to vote for who you wanted. Lets start uniting and making a difference in peoples lives.
    I think food is a great way to start. Food is a great way to bring families together. Thank you for your blog and the right for your comments .

  24. Colleena says

    Katie, you are fabulous! Please keep doing waht you do! I have never replied in a blog before but simply have to comment on all of this. If some of these readers choose to refrain from reading your blog due to hypersensitivity to the comments of others…so be it. You have a unique and valuable talent for offering your audience simple, healthy alternatives in a world filled with toxic junk food. We apprecaite your hard work, time and effort very, very much! You ABSOLUTELY said nothing offensive or inappropriate in your blog at any point. Thank you very much for such a wonderful, inspirational blog!

  25. Linda says

    What a great recipe! I must admit that I’m “addicted” to your blog, Katie! I made so many recipes from your blog so far, and they are all great! Keep up your good work!

  26. Alpine Pedestrian says

    I just made these in a muffin tin for large muffins (6). I baked them for 18 minutes, and they turned out perfectly. I also used brown sugar in the crust. They are scrumptious and will probably show up at Thanksgiving! Thanks again Katie for another wonderful recipe.

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