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Mini Apple Pies – Baked In A Muffin Tin

These mini apple pies are baked in a muffin tin, for one super adorable & single-serving holiday dessert!

muffin pies


I’ve always tried to stay away from politics on this blog, because sometimes it’s nice to think only through one’s stomach.

Hopefully these apple hand pies can let you do just that, even if only for a few minutes.



These mini apple pies do really well at parties and are a big hit at Friendsgiving.

They’re easy to serve, need no refrigeration, and are the perfect size for people who want just a little dessert or who don’t want to commit to one giant slice of pie.

apple pie healthy

If you’re looking for a more traditional pie, here is my favorite recipe: Healthy Apple Pie Recipe.


How To Make The Mini Apple Pies:

apple batter

Step One:

Prepare the muffin tin, then peel and finely dice the apple, and set it aside.

Stir together the first 6 ingredients to make a crumbly crust.

apple pies muffin tin crop

Step Two:

Press around 2 tsp of the crumble dough firmly into the bottom of each muffin tin. Stir remaining ingredients in a bowl, and place a little over 1 tsp of this apple filling on top of each crust.

Divide the remaining crumbles over the apples, pressing firmly down.

apple hand pies recipe


Step Three:

Bake for 14 minutes or until the crust is golden and mostly set.

Let cool before removing from the muffin tins, then serve or transfer to a covered container to serve at a later time.

hand pie

mini apple pies

If you want to vary the filling, feel free to substitute diced pear for the apple.

Or you could honestly fill them with anything you wish!

Hand-held apple pies, baked in a muffin tin for a super easy & delicious holiday dessert


Mini Apple Pies

Mini Apple Pies – Baked In A Muffin Tin

Total Time: 14m
Yield: 15 mini apple pies
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  • 3/4 cup spelt, white, or ap gf flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup unrefined sugar
  • 3 1/2 tbsp cold buttery spread (or oil, see note)
  • 3/4 cup peeled, finely-diced apple
  • 1 tsp arrowroot or non-gmo cornstarch
  • 1 tbsp pure maple syrup, agave, or honey
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


*Using oil will yield a crispier crust, while using non-hydrogenated buttery spread will yield a softer crust. Both will work fine for this recipe.

Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease a mini muffin tin. If desired, put a thin strip of parchment inside each tin (see photo). Set aside. Combine the first 6 ingredients, completely breaking up the butter until fine crumbles form. Press around 2 tsp dough firmly into the bottom of each tin. Stir together remaining ingredients in a bowl, and place a little over 1 tsp of this apple filling on top of each crust. Divide remaining crumbles—around 2 additional tsp per muffin tin—over the apples, pressing firmly down. Bake on the center rack, 14 minutes or until crust is golden and mostly set. Let cool at least 5 minutes before either pulling up the parchment strip or simply going around the sides of the pies with a knife.

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  1. Laurie says

    These look so good! I am confused, are apples part of the crust mixture? In the list of the first 8 ingredients the apples are included, I think. Which ingredients go into the filling? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I would really like to try these. Thanks

  2. Jillian says

    I am also a little confused like Laurie! can you please clarify? the apples are part of the first eight but then you mention the apples at the end. did you maybe mean the first6 ingredients and not 8?

  3. Nicola says

    These look scrumptious, and also like they’d be particularly scrumptious with peaches?! Must try (will try with apples first)

  4. Rebecca Sherman says

    I want to make something sugar free for my diabetic dad for Thanksgiving, and these sounded like a good option. Any thoughts on how to do that with stevia? (I went out and got a bottle of nuNaturals stevia at Whole Foods per your recommendation.)

  5. Kate says

    These look perfect for a smaller dessert, and so seasonally perfect–I was just at the apple orchard!
    Also, I love your new blog format–it’s a little more user-friendly but still familiar!

  6. Leslie says

    Katie. I appreciate the comment at the beginning of your post. This is definitely a time of uncertainty but I appreciate your focus on things that we do have in common–like appreciation of chocolate and other sweets. ? Your sweet heart is part of the reason I follow your blog.

  7. Fluffberries says

    Thanks for the recipe Katie, this looks so delicious! I’m devastated by the election results, I cried for hours and it’s terrifying knowing that half the country openly hates me and people like me. Browsing your blog and looking at the delicious food is always calming… :’)

    • Anonymous says

      Also sending hugs. Don’t be afraid. No one hates you. During elections we often overstate how bad “the other side” is. Neighbor will not turn on neighbor. And we know Katie will make sure we have a reason to come together over some good desserts and understand each other better.

      • Vera says

        They are already expressing their hate across the country. And the people they are targeting are our neighbors, children and still at least as of today equal citizens.

    • Brandy Armstrong says

      I just wanted to comment on this bc i felt the same way since Tuesday but then I remembered the MAJORITY of this country DOESN’T hate us. In fact only about 20% of population voted for hate. Hope that helps you like it does me on the harder to stay positive days. And i hope as a nation we can now try to figure out how we are alike rather than focus on our differences. When all else fails eat some chocolate :). Sending love & hugs to everyone who is scared, worried or depressed.

          • TB says

            Wow, it’s so ironic that people who supported hatred, bigotry, ignorance, mysogyny, and INTOLERANCE to differences are now calling people who are asking for all of us to show love and understanding to all intolerant. Wow. Take a look in the mirror. You are the one being intolerant….to others’ feelings, their way of life, their opinions…you name it. All of the comments from Trump supporters on here have been nasty and vitriolic. Is this the kind of America we will have under Trump?? Is this really the kind of country you want us to be??

      • Diane R. says

        This is exactly why people voted for change – sick and tired of being judged as racist, or hateful because we, more than half of the American people, disagree with a political candidate’s views. “Voted for hate”. Seriously? You are part of the reason the country is so divided by posting rhetoric like this. Go to your “safe space”, and grow up and get over it. It’s called democracy. Why not focus your sympathy and concerns on our military men and women serving and have served so you can continue to voice your “opinion”. No room for this on a food blog.

    • Sandra says

      No, no, half the country doesn’t openly hate you. I’m sorry that you feel that way. It is certainly not justified. No one hates you. Where is that coming from? Makes no sense. Those to be feared are those holding these protests, the Hillary supporters… we all should fear what they are advocating, like assassination, killing others in civil war (lives will be lost on both sides, they say)….. those are the haters, not the “half the country” that supports Trump. Those protesters are the Hillary supporters who advocate violence, and they are the true deplorables, right along with Hillary. We will ALL, including you, be better off without her as our president. So take heart, things are looking up for you. Anyone who is a decent, law-abiding citizen has nothing to fear from Donald Trump… we need fear only those who are sore losers and cannot support our country and try to help to make it a better place for all, but instead, want to destroy it with uprisings and civil war and killings. How sad.

      • nat says

        Sandra, your words are well said. It is amazing how blind people are to the truth!! People that lean right have been silenced for fear of the intolerant left and now we have hope again…everyone should have hope again. I have faith that this will be one of the most fair president for ALL…Trump will save America!

      • TB says

        I find it telling that you said half the country doesn’t OPENLY hate. NO ONE ran a more divisive, hateful, fear-mongering, or deplorable campaign than Donald Trump. The fact that half of our country feels the way he does is what is truly sad.

        • Arielle says

          Please wake up to the fact that we have a corrupt and controlled media. Trump did not run a “divisive , hateful, fear-mongering, deplorable campaign”. That was the media who devised that perception; the media which is controlled by those with vested interest in the Globalist Agenda. People who are putting faith in those networks as viable and reliable sources of information will have their minds easily controlled and manipulated. Trump is not perfect, but if you truly investigate to find out what he is really about and what his so-called “hateful” statements really meant, you’d find out he is not the racist/sexist/etc. person that he has been portrayed as by the media. And if you do some investigative research into Hillary Clinton, you’ll see how lucky we are that this frighteningly deplorable criminal did not make it into the presidency. To truly elucidate the situation far exceeds the scope of a recipe blog comment forum. I highly encourage any and all to do your own research and find answers from reliable and honest sources. You could start with, or even There are many others but just please avoid the mainstream corporate-controlled ones as you’ll be hard-pressed to find any truth there.

          • Snoop says

            Well said Arielle. The media is to blame for the negative hype and sensationalism. I only watch HGTV right now because there is nothing political on those shows!

          • jen_scrapbooker says

            While I do agree some venues of media, particularly cable news channels, have blown some aspects of the campaign out of proportion, they certainly did not make Mr. Trump say some of the things he did – banning all Muslims from entering the country, building a wall to separate us from Mexico, etc. Reporting on direct quotes made by the candidate themselves is not being corrupt. He made those central points of his campaign and, yes, there is a backlash to that from members of those groups and their friends, family, coworkers and others who are speaking up on their behalf. I certainly do not support or advocate the violence during some of the protests, though. I think there were many reasons people chose to vote for Mr. Trump and while some of them probably were racially or religiously supportive of his comments targeting Muslims and Hispanics, I believe many were not.

      • Pat says

        Sandra, I am a law abiding citizen! and I have a lot to fear from Mr. Trump and his supporters. Perhaps you have failed to remember the violence and intolerance Trump and his supporters displayed during his campaign?
        I think you are overlooking the effect Trump and his alt-right supporters will have on the United States and the World into the distant future.
        Are you ready to have your retirement plans and SSI, Medicare (remember Paul Ryans plan?) and Medicaid, clean air, clean water, the national parks, pubicaly owned lands, the oceans and your children’s and grand childrens’ futures destroyed so that he and his cronies can “make ‘Merica strong again?”
        How will Mr. Trump help the people suffering in the Rust Belt when Ronald Reagan’s policies started their econimic decline. And, the Republicians have done nothing to interceed even though they have been in control of the House since 1995. They are the law makers and they have done nothing to help!
        How will Mr. Trump and his followers protect our dream of living the Americian dream if we not wealthy, are severly under educated, are disabled, are not white or straight or male? How will it come to be that those that are suffering due to neglect by the lawmakers for the past 20 years will be changed by Mr. Trump and his alt-right cabinet?

        • J'Marinde says

          Re: “suffering due to neglect by the lawmakers for the past 20 years”
          Loathe that I am to take part in this sticky “discussion” of politics, make that the past 36 years… To my recall and experience, it was the Reagan’s, particularly Nancy, who started the hate-on for ‘others’ and the non-wealthy, which seems to be still going on.

          On yet another note, Katie PLEASE fix your comments text size. It is SO tiny that I need to hold a magnifying glass to see what I am writing. I am not the best typist (after FIVE typing classes I can do about 20 WPM WITH errors, LOTS of errors – – might the MS.) Thanks.

          • Pat says

            J’Marinde, I really appreciate your response. You are also correct. It has been 36 years since the start of Republican policies that have brought the poor and struggling middle class to this crisis.

            For those that didn’t realize the “lawmakers” I spoke of in my earlier post are the Republicans in the House of Representatives. They have been in control of the House for the past 20 years. They have done their best to ignore their elected duty to pass Bills which would bring about the needed change to protect us or help our current situation.

            It is so demoralizing to me that so many voters have not learned from our recent history or choose not to educate themselves about the manipulalting games played by those that want to control our freedoms. Learning from history and understanding the motives of the people that control our lives is energy intensive and we are in surivial mode! Poverty, poor education, unemployment, homelessness, poor and inadequate health/dental/vison care, fear of terrorism, and many other stressors are huge distractions that sap the energy and metal drive we need to question why and who is behind our problems and how we, as individuals, can solve those problems. As long as we remain preoccupied with only surviving the current situation we will continue to perpetuate those problems to the advantage of those in control.

        • Sandra says

          Pat, in regard to your comments about “violence and intolerance” of Trump and his supporters….. that was absolutely nothing, few in number, very tame demonstrations in comparison to what I’ve been seeing on the news for three days from the Hillary supporters. These people are the haters. Thousands and thousands of them. They are unbelievable. Their behavior is inexcusable. Trump supporters have not behaved in such a deplorable manner. These people are trying to start a civil war and advocating killings and violence and destruction. If you’ve missed this, please turn on your TV and catch up on the news. Watch the haters beat a man just because he voted for Trump, no other reason. These people need to be locked up along with Hillary.
          As for SSI, Medicare, and other things you mentioned in your list, those have been in trouble already for years under Democratic presidents. They’ve been dipping into the Social Security and Medicare funds to the point that Trump will have a hard time trying to build them back up again, if that is even possible now, along with many other things that have declined under all those years under Obama’s and Clinton’s presidencies, including the enormous increase in the national debt. They have put America on the road to destruction. We can only hope that it isn’t too late for Trump to be able to turn it around. You are so misinformed about so many things, both about Trump and about the current administration. Obama has done very little for America, Bill Clinton did very little for America, but they both did a lot to contribute to the decline of America. I feel so bad for Trump to have to come in now and try to straighten up their messes.
          You spoke of neglect of the lawmakers for the past 20 years…. that would be Clinton and Obama, the two top lawmakers of that time period. But you only mentioned the House. How convenient. It’s easy for people to blame their problems on “the lawmakers” and not take responsibility for themselves, which is all too often the case. Too many people just want hand-outs.
          How can you think that Trump is out to “destroy” things? So not true. Stop listening to all the hype and lies and fear-mongerers out there and start believing in America and its new leaders. You will be so much better off if you will do that. Things are going to get better, although it will take some time to straighten out the messes and problems, and there are plenty of them that need to be fixed.
          So much more could be said, but this is not the place to do it.

          • Pat says

            Sandra, thanks for the laugh. Please stop watching television and please educate yourself. Why haven’t you commented about about all the horrible acts perpretated by Trump supporters on the LGBTs, immigrants, and those with different ethnic background or skin color since he’s been elected?
            Read the Constitution and learn how bills are passed. Pay special attention to the 12th Amendment. Learn on how impeachment is brought about and how the electorial college can change the out come a presidential election. If Mr. Trump survives impeachment he will be no more than a puppet of his corrupt cronies and criminal manipulators like Putin.
            Actually, Mr. Trump is already looking very uninterested in assuming the presidential duties – didn’t show for any Vetren’s Day activities – oh, that’s right he has a history of stealing their donations, calling heros cowards if the were caputred and disrespecting Gold Star Families. Not to worry, his minions – from Brietbart and KellyAnne – will generate enough spin to quelch the non-thinkers. Fortunately, there are thokse who are not as gullible. Then, you’ll have to deal with Pence.

        • altamama says

          Great blog and recipes!! just discovered it. I like reading comments on things, and then – what did I see but political views back in November!! of 2016…… Sandra and Pat, what do you think of the political scene now?? Pretty weird to say the least! Your neighbours to the north are watching with amusement, shock, and awe all at once. When I get tired of it all, I go and look up a delicious recipe and I eat it……

      • TB says

        It’s time you did some educating of your own and take hard and honest look at what Trump really stood for during this election.. I already know the truth.

        • Valerie says

          That monster will NEVER be my president. These people holding him up as some sort of savior now are those who’ve perpetuated the hate and racism toward the Obamas for the past eight years. I’m not one to hold hate in my heart but that man will get no respect from me. He’s the lowest of the low.

          • Em says

            Well, Valerie, I suggest you find a new country to live in and create your own little liberal fantasy land where everyone agrees with your viewpoint. You obviously have no tolerance for a democratic society where everyone’s voice counts, whether you like their point of view or not, and where your opinion isn’t better than theirs. I am so sick of this entitlement attitude. BTW, Hillary is also described by many as a Monster. She’s just more secretive about it.

      • Sandra says

        Pat said:
        Sandra, thanks for the laugh. Please stop watching television and please educate yourself.
        hmmm…. perhaps you yourself are so uninformed and uneducated because you don’t watch TV…

        Why haven’t you commented about about all the horrible acts perpretated by Trump supporters on the LGBTs, immigrants, and those with different ethnic background or skin color since he’s been elected?
        Those horrible acts were not Trump supporters, they were anti-Trump protestors, they were Clinton supporters who are sore losers. They refuse to accept Trump’s election. You need to watch more TV. Or online news. Do you need me to give you some links?

        Read the Constitution and learn how bills are passed. Pay special attention to the 12th Amendment. Learn on how impeachment is brought about and how the electorial college can change the out come a presidential election. If Mr. Trump survives impeachment he will be no more than a puppet of his corrupt cronies and criminal manipulators like Putin.
        Speaking of criminals….. that would be Hillary….. or rather Killary, who is responsible for the deaths of others as well as her criminal activities involving the e-mails. Go buy and read some of the many books written about Hillary and also her husband. She truly is dishonest, a liar, crooked, evil, and a law-breaker. We sure don’t need the likes of her in the White House.

        Actually, Mr. Trump is already looking very uninterested in assuming the presidential duties – didn’t show for any Vetren’s Day activities –
        You are really stretching it to try to find fault with that. That, my dear, to Trump’s credit, was out of respect for Obama. There can only be one president at a time, and right now, it’s still Obama, and it was only proper for Trump to allow him his last time for this ceremony without interference. Trump’s time is coming. Trump will do much more for our troops and our veterans than Obama has done or that Hillary would do. You people need to quit desperately trying to find fault with everything just for the sake of finding fault.

        oh, that’s right he has a history of stealing their donations, calling heros cowards if the were caputred and disrespecting Gold Star Families.
        These and other statements like these are either outright lies or misunderstandings and exaggerations. People open their mouths without getting all the facts.

        Not to worry, his minions – from Brietbart and KellyAnne – will generate enough spin to quelch the non-thinkers. Fortunately, there are thokse who are not as gullible. Then, you’ll have to deal with Pence.
        The nonthinkers are the gullible Clinton supporters who can’t see beyond the “what am I gonna get outta this?” mindset, thinking selfishly only of themselves instead of the good of the country as a whole.
        I can’t figure out what you were laughing about….. however, I will be laughing on the day that Obama and his flag-burning wife leave the White House.

        And with that, I have better things to do. I’m outta here.

    • Maria says

      The recipe looks great, can’t wait to try it! Please forgive me for straying from the topic, but I must respond to the comment made even though it has nothing to do with food. I’ve never written a comment of this nature, but feel compelled to do so in this case. You are very mistaken if you think that people who voted differently than you hate you. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I know that I always give people a fair shake, based on who they are inside, and how they conduct themselves….not on what gender, sexual orientation, or race they are. The noisiest people get the most attention and right now the haters are making a lot of noise… and not conducting themselves in a very productive way. It is very limited thinking to assume an entire group of people hates you because they don’t agree with your political views. You really should check your facts about your opposing candidate, and the one you voted for. Everything is not as black-and-white as the media makes it out to be. The mainstream media is very biased. Open your eyes and ears and check out information from a variety of sources…. You may be surprised at what you find. Please keep an open mind and heart. I hope that this country can heal from this election drama…hatred, fear and divisiveness are not the answer. I wish you well.

      • June says

        Katie, you are great and you meant well and I support your thoughts, much love!
        Maria, you have stated it well. We, as a country need to remember in who’s hand we are really in… or God? This behavior that some are exhibiting is hateful and makes me wonder about the caliber of the people that voted in opposition of our President. I have a gut feeling that if Mrs. Clinton would have won, those in opposition of her would not have behaved as outlandish as I am seeing her supporters behave. This is really crazy and unsettling….I feel for our children that are seeing how the adults of the world handle themselves or don’t handle themselves. I personally didn’t care for either one but I did vote and now I will see how I can make this world a better place. God bless

        • Kenitra says

          Seriously? The gun toting right wing, neonazi, kkk supporters of trump? You’re right they wouldn’t be holding for the most part peaceful protests, more likely they would be out there executing people of colour, lgbtq people and those of other religions.

          • Em says

            Are you seriously calling those who supported trump a gun toting, neonate, KKK supporters. HMMMM, that just sounds ridiculous on so many levels. And it sounds like something a very uneducated, close-minded, entitled, self-righteous (I could go on) Clinton supporter would say. And for the record, you are so very wrong. Get a life.

          • Snoop says

            I voted for Trump and I do not own a gun. I don’t support the KKK. I am not a neonate. I have my reasons for voting for him and they have nothing to do with hate. He wasn’t my choice for the republican nominee, but after careful consideration and research, that is who I voted for. I am actually surprised he won. By the way, our government has a system of checks and balances. We did not elect a dictator. Everyone calm down.

  8. GiGi says

    These look so yummy! Im a bit confused, is the bottom and the top crust the first 6 ingredients? What are the ingredients for the apple filling? Is it the diced apples, maple syrup and vanilla? also instead of maple syrup could we use nu naturals vanilla stevia – Thanks!!!

  9. jill says

    honestly, I’ve loved your site and your recipes for years. Today, I have to stop coming out here. If I want politics, I’ll watch the news. And while this is your blog, you have every right to do whatever you would like. For me, I do as well. Please don’t forget, not all of your readers are liberal. And you also contribute to the divide by insensitive comments.

    • Eve says

      Not really understanding here. I’m a Conservative and don’t see anything partisan in her comments that are asking everyone (no matter how you voted, it says) to be compassionate during this time:

      No matter how you voted, please be extra compassionate towards others around you in the coming weeks. I’ve always tried to stay away from politics on this blog, because sometimes it’s nice to think only through one’s stomach.

        • Em says

          Katie, don’t let the haters get you down. It is sad that there are so many immature hate mongers looking for any opportunity to blame others for their problems and disappointments instead of taking responsibility and doing something productive and positive. Instead of being tolerant and open minded, they find it easier to belittle and destroy, rather than build up. Your words are important and you are entitled to express your opinion, as much as the next person. The ones who decide to stop following will be rapidly replaced by many others who love your recipes AND what you have to say. Thank you!!!!

    • Jean says

      Nothing here, written by Katie, was in any way divisive! We need to come together, if you can’t handle the comments others posted, you might be happier if you could be a little more tolerant of people who have different opinions. Please don’t leave, you are going to miss good food and kind people!

    • Amy says

      You are a perfect example of the biggest problem with this country. Lack of quality education and ignorance. Nothing in katies comments reflected her coice for the presidency or ‘political’ at all!

    • Dz says

      Adults should be able to agree to disagree. So many commenters are throwing stones in a glass house. This was an extremely divisive election where both parties felt passionately right and wronged. If Hillary Clinton would have won, protests would have ensued as well. Each side was gearing up. Neither are innocent.

    • Christine says

      What? Isn’t everyone tired after this long election? Katie didn’t say how she voted. Now, she had to send an apology letter to her email subscribers? Is this what you’re talking about: I’ve always tried to stay away from politics on this blog, because sometimes it’s nice to think only through one’s stomach.

      Hopefully these apple hand pies can let you do just that, even if only for a few minutes.

      What ON EARTH is mean-spirited about that statement? I am so confused. Katie, you have nothing to apologize for.

      • Kaleb says

        I agree, you have nothing to apologize for. All you did was to acknowledge the current event. This is a blog about healthy food so you utilized what I thought was a great transition.

  10. VL says

    Hi Katie, I love your recipes. I don’t have a *mini* muffin pan, but I have a standard muffin pan. Any idea how long to look the standard size individual apple pies? Thanks in advance.

  11. Christy says

    I don’t really care if this makes it on your comment section or not, but I just want to clear up something as someone who voted for Trump. I voted for him because I could not, would not EVER vote for Hillary. I am a Christian that believes every life deserves a chance, with the exception of dire health issues. I am a person that embraces diversity….as long as it’s legally achieved. I am a person that does not hate anyone for their sexual preference, I just don’t believe in same sex marriage. I’ve had co-workers in the past that were gay and an aunt. I love them. I enjoy them in my life. We just have a differing opinion, and quite frankly, that’s ok. My difference in opinion does not make me evil. I am tired of seeing where this country is headed. It is a great country and I would like to keep it that way. I do not support the affordable care act. It is not affordable and it has made it nearly impossible for so many people I know, myself included to afford healthcare. Something needs to change. Hillary would not have done it.

    • Lisa says

      Embracing diversity means loving everyone and accepting differences, not just when it is convenient for you. There is no room for asterisks or exceptions. You cannot claim to not hate a group of people while at the same time say they shouldn’t be afforded the same rights. Katie did not insult anyone for their vote. She asked for compassion for all. She was embracing diversity!

  12. Stephanie says

    I know your post has been edited and I think it’s a shame that others couldn’t respect your opinion- especially one that was aimed in trying to remind everyone to unite and be kind. The readers who complained should have shown more respect and tolerance, -/ there was no anger or intolerance in your words. I’m sorry you felt the need to edit but know I support this site and I can’t wait to try the newest recipes!

  13. Eve says

    These look delicious! I also really appreciate the email you send out today to subscribers, remembering that we all have different opinions and hope for the best for our country.

  14. Tori says

    I read the apology email that you sent today. I do not see how there was ANYTHING wrong with what you said in the previous email. Please do not feel bad. I’m starting to think that people just like to be offended. It’s like it’s a trendy thing to be offended. It’s like they’re constantly on the look-out for something that they can get upset about. They crave apologies. They want to make someone else the bad guy. But, you’re not the bad guy. You were very humble and loving. Don’t let your subscribers bring you down.

    • Katie says

      Right?! Everyone nowadays needs something to be offended about it. No one can open their moths without someone throwing a hissy fit. Of all days, on today. Do you think veterans wasted they’re time being offended?

  15. kim nath says

    I didn’t read your previous blog post so I have no idea what you wrote. However I believe that this is your blog and you have the right to express any opinion you choose. The people who should apologize are the ones trying to quiet other people’s voices when they disagree with them. EVERYONE has a right to express their opinion and heard!

  16. Toni says

    It was nice knowing your blog, but since I seem to be one of the “deplorables” that you Liberals loath, I will leave you in peace.

    • Aimie says

      As a Trump supporter, I have to say that if you can’t accept Katie’s gracious apology (which she really didn’t need to apologize for in the first place because she was asking BOTH sides to be more compassionate) then that really is deplorable.

  17. Tori says

    Thanks to freedom of speech, Katie can write whatever she wants to write about. And thanks to freedom of subscription, anyone can unsubscribe from whatever blog they want to.

  18. Katie says

    Wow. The hate from some of your readers baffles me. You’re not allowed to have an opinion? You hardly said anything at all! Katie, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re better off without anyone who would unfollow you because you have feelings over the future of your country.

  19. Sarah Riley says

    Katie, I just got your apology e-mail. Don’t ever apologize for speaking your mind and your heart. A reader who can’t respect your opinion is not an audience you need.

  20. Amanda says

    Katie, this is YOUR blog! Never feel like you have to apologize for having a voice and using it. If anyone has a problem with that, it’s a reflection of them, and not you. With you 100%!

  21. Anonymous says

    I love your blog and your recipes, but I am truly disappointed that you have removed the part of your post that alludes to minorities such as the LGBT community who are truly fearful about their rights being taken away. I was so heartened to see this included in your post because I know that your blog is read by a wide variety of people, and I hoped it would make them think about what they have done. I am sure there are Trump supporters who had other concerns and so were able to look past his bigotry (and the bigotry of the Republican party as a whole), but many people in this country do not enjoy the privilege of looking past bigotry, because this bigotry directly threatens life. This is not about politics or a difference in political opinion. This is about combatting hatred, pure and simple. People who voted for Trump may not think they feel hatred against minorities, but they are perpetuating hatred against countless marginalized groups all that same. And just so it is perfectly clear to anyone conservative reading this: You cannot love anyone and at the same time deny them the rights that you enjoy. That isn’t love – it is hate.
    I know from your previous posts that you agree, Katie. I have no doubt about that. I am just disappointed that you feel the need to listen to your subscribers who want you to shut up and talk about cupcakes (and I love cupcakes!) because what you said was valuable and it needed to be said.

    • Satya says

      “Anonymous”‘, You said, “This is about combating hatred, pure and simple..?” Are the democrats who are making news today combating hatred or are they perpetuating it by being hateful, divisive and destructive? Tell me one thing….what factual information do you have that states how Trump plans to take away your rights? Go somewhere for your source of information besides the liberal media. Have you checked the facts about your candidate and her husband, or just relied on what you are fed by the lopsided agenda of the biased media? By the way, Trump is not a bad man. Flawed, yes like the rest of us, but not a villain. Open your eyes and look past the noise of the current media. I do believe he really wants to improve things for all Americans. If he runs this country like it’s his business, he will not fail. You really owe it to yourself to dig a little deeper for a more objective look at things.

  22. Kelly Lynn says

    I got your apology email and I had to come back to read what was said. I don’t understand why people would unsubscribe because you asked both sides to be compassionate. I’m not American. I was hoping Hilary would win. But she didn’t. Her speech was exactly right. Give him a chance and keep an open mind. We have to be respectful to everyone. We can disagree, but do so respectfully. Exercise your right to protest, but when there’s violence, the message is lost. We’re all humans. Let’s respect each other. No matter how you voted. So Katie, I’ll still be reading your blog and making recipes. Keep it up!

    • Tammie Sokoloff says

      Kelly Lynn, as a Trump supporter I want to thank you for your comments…people like you give me hope in the future of America…glad to know not all liberals are like the ones I’m seeing on TV. You are a true American no matter where you were born.

  23. MB83 says

    Hi Katie, I appreciate your apology email. I also believe it was unnecessary. Free speech is important for everyone as long as it is not hurting anyone. You are entitled to voice your opinion and other people are entitled to theirs. All in all, I wanted to say that you are doing everything right and more so. Please don’t let people who don’t respect free speech and sharing feelings encumber you and your blog. As always, thank you for the delicious recipes 🙂 . You spread happiness, health, and wellness with your blog and that’s an awesome thing.

  24. Dani says

    It is interesting how people can become so stirred up about something that was not so much a political comment as an expression of support for people who felt fear in an uncertain time. I don’t think you said anything wrong, Katie. You are one of many people who have taken the stance that hope is important and compassion necessary when we see so much reaction in a population.
    I am Canadian so I have strong feelings about who is in Office in the US but obviously nothing that rivals what I have seen from Americans themselves. This IS a time for kindness and understanding that everyone is entitled to their opinion and feelings.
    We are also entitled to unsubscribe, unfollow, and generally block ourselves from opinions that contradict our own, whether or not it prevents us from growing and learning.
    Don’t be ashamed to open and honest, Katie. You have a big heart.

  25. Leesure says

    I saw nothing even remotely inflammatory in this post and had to look twice at the date to make sure it was the one you are apologizing for. You didn’t take sides; it’s not even apparent which side you’re on. People, lighten up (and be compassionate toward each other). Katie, I like you even better now.

  26. Beth says

    No need to apologize. I’m so tired of people judging, lecturing, and dictating what others think or say about this entire political fiasco. No offense was taken on my part for sure. You are awesome!!!!

  27. Lisa says

    There was absolutely nothing you said that warranted an apology. The few people that got upset at your very reasonable remarks are an illustration of what’s gone wrong with our nation. Suddenly we can’t say the most neutral things without someone being offended or feeling “unsafe”. We have to be able to get back to a place where we can share our feelings and listen to others’.

  28. Kim LaCoste says

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with what you said. It didn’t put anyone down or call anyone out. Sorry that some people are just letting the election and president-elect to rule their lives. Keep doing what you do. You do a great job!!

  29. Chef Ilona says

    Katie, I totally agree with everything you gently stated on your mini apple pie email. I am deeply saddened you felt the need to retract and apologize for your kind wishes and absolute truth.
    You can’t please everyone.
    Remember, Katie, you built your business on believing in yourself.
    I wrote this after reading your apology email today.
    I did not and will not read any comments foddering negativity.
    You are loved

  30. Monica says

    I have no idea what you’ve said, but, we all have our freedom of speech. I’ve been laying low since Tuesday as the ugliness still continues. These little pies look delish, a good cup of tea, a delectable piece of chocolate. What more could we ask for. Thank you Katie for being who you are and spending your time in supplying us with wonderful recipes. Your the best.

  31. Andrea Eisenberg says

    I guess it’s easy for me to like your OP, Katie. Your post may have been political, but it was generous and calm. But the comments here truly show the attitudes of both sides. This is NOT about ideology, because Trump has no ideology. This is about very dangerous intolerance and total ignorance. I’m in a liberal city and personally know people who’ve been harassed or threatened by Trump supporters (they had the nerve to be women, but had no political ID on them). It’s a very dark time in our country, even Trump supporters will see that soon enough.

  32. Tammie Sokoloff says

    I must be missing something here…what did Katie say that was supposed to be so divisive? I voted for Trump, but I will defend Katie’s right to vote for or support the candidate of her choice, that’s what it means to live in a free country. I’m asking my fellow Conservatives to be gracious to those who don’t share our ideology or opinions. We can agree to disagree without taking it out on this dear young woman who’s making a great sacrifice to enlighten us all on healthy eating and “all things chocolate”. I will NOT leave Katie over her willingness to be vulnerable with us, her online family. She’s not making a dime off you people who want to leave her…you’re only hurting yourself and you know what else…I bet the same people who are threatening to leave Katie’s blog are themselves, people who had to make changes in their ideologies at some point in time. We’re all learning and growing and becoming who we are and thank God we have the right in this country to do that. Katie, I will stand by you no matter where your political leanings are today or 10 years from now. God bless you and keep you.

  33. TB says

    Katie, I thought your comments in your original post were honest and well-said. I didn’t find them offensive or partisan or divisive in any way. We’re all in this together…or at least, we should be. And I hope we will all be able to KEEP America great! Our diversity and tolerance are definitely our strengths.

    Love your blog and your recipes! Thank you!!

  34. Barbara says

    Sorry you had some backlash for your post, Katie. I don’t think you said anything wrong. Don’t be sorry that you said anything. Stand by your beliefs. You should not have to apologize for your innocuous comment.

  35. Neutral says

    Wow, there was no negativity whatsoever towards either side of politics. I saw just a light-hearted joke meant to encourage everyone after all the stress we’ve all been through this election (like so many others). People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear, esp if they are already sensitive and hurting. That’s just my two cents, no need to apologize Katie.

  36. Kait says

    For the record, I truly appreciated your comments yesterday. They actually inspired me to try my first recipe of yours. (Delicious by the way). Don’t let other people make you feel guilty for speaking your mind. Nothing you said was hurtful, you were simply stating your feelings. The people you “lose” over such comments weren’t worth it to begin with. I look forward to many more delicious recipes to come. Keep your head up :).

  37. Valerie says

    I am very disappointed in your comments the other day…left-stream media is bad enough on their political sites with their extreme bias for Hillary supporters…I came to your site to enjoy your recipes…NOT…read more bias comments…..I am most unfortunately unsubscribing today…

    • Aimie says

      She sent out a very gracious apology, and for me that was very much appreciated. I didn’t see anything wrong with her first post (and I supported Trump) but appreciate the apology still. Everyone is human, an the fact that she owned up to having unintentionally upset some readers was big on her part. I will be staying and look forward to more recipes we all can enjoy regardless of who we voted for.

  38. Alex says

    I have always loved this website and all of the recipes on it. When I saw this post, right after the election, I was feeling very disgusted by all of the hate and hypocrisy in our country. Katie’s statement reminded me that there are still people in America who want to promote love and unity. Viewing many of the replies, however, disturbed me. I am worried about the future of our society if we cannot even respond kindly when someone asks us to treat others well. Being accepting and nonjudgmental is not partisan; it is something all Americans, Republicans or Democrats, should be striving for. Voting for a Democrat is not a vote against God. Voting for a Republican is not a vote against minorities. Saying that we should all love one another is not an endorsement of either party. At the end of the day, this is the America we live in, like or not, and we should all strive to make it a better place. Don’t attack the people who are sincerely trying to make the best of the current situation; redirect your anger towards furthering a worthwhile cause.

  39. Kima says

    Katie, I read your post yesterday and thought, thank goodness someone is urging us to be compassionate. And what a wonderful recipe! So to say that I woke up and read your apology email, I thought it was totally unnecessary. This is your blog, your space, and you weren’t even partisan in your post!! Thank you for not complaining but instead, helping us remain kind. I support you fully, Katie!

  40. Jen says

    I think everyone needs to take a deep breath, take a step back, and adopt a “wait and see” attitude as to what happens with the election results. I was prepared to do that no matter who became president, and that’s what I’m doing. Both sides have hyped things out of proportion and said things that were exaggerated and untrue. And remember that no president can do whatever he/she wants without the support of rational, clear-headed, elected officials.

    As for me, I’m going to try those mini apple pies except I think they’d be awesome with peaches, so I’m going to try it. And I can safely promise that I won’t only eat one. Or two. 🙂

  41. Chris says

    I just joined your group and can’t wait to try some of your recipes. But I must respond to some of the comments. I am a democrate who voted for Trump. It was not because I hate people who are different than me, but because we needed change. Schools have got to improve, we need jobs, people need to work for their money if they are able, our borders have got to be secured, ALL lives matter, we need affordable health care and we need taxes cut. I also feel that our government was not for the people (ALL people) Remember Hillary called half of Trump supporters as DEPLORABLE, so where was tolerance there. I was ready to accept Hillary as our President because I really thought she would win. I was ready to accept that the majority of the people wanted the country to remain the same. But what I was not ready to do after Trump was elected was to continue to divid this country. I was ready to understand how compassionate Hillary supporter were. I had two daughters vote for her, who were with her and I have to remember we are still family and that means respect their opinions and no matter what Love them. Love, compassion, respect of differences and getting involved. I have a right to vote for who I wanted just like you had a chance to vote for who you wanted. Lets start uniting and making a difference in peoples lives.
    I think food is a great way to start. Food is a great way to bring families together. Thank you for your blog and the right for your comments .

  42. Colleena says

    Katie, you are fabulous! Please keep doing waht you do! I have never replied in a blog before but simply have to comment on all of this. If some of these readers choose to refrain from reading your blog due to hypersensitivity to the comments of others…so be it. You have a unique and valuable talent for offering your audience simple, healthy alternatives in a world filled with toxic junk food. We apprecaite your hard work, time and effort very, very much! You ABSOLUTELY said nothing offensive or inappropriate in your blog at any point. Thank you very much for such a wonderful, inspirational blog!

  43. Linda says

    What a great recipe! I must admit that I’m “addicted” to your blog, Katie! I made so many recipes from your blog so far, and they are all great! Keep up your good work!

  44. Alpine Pedestrian says

    I just made these in a muffin tin for large muffins (6). I baked them for 18 minutes, and they turned out perfectly. I also used brown sugar in the crust. They are scrumptious and will probably show up at Thanksgiving! Thanks again Katie for another wonderful recipe.

  45. Gina Bean MN says

    Katie, I saw your email apology, and couldn’t fathom what you, the sweetest blogger in the blogiverse could have to apologize for. I went back to your post and I can’t see why people get so crazy! Politics makes people who are perfectly normal get SUPER crazy emotionally and they REACT with their feelings rather than taking two seconds to listen to each other! You said nothing offensive, in fact, you expressed the hope that we would unite together as a country no matter how we felt about the election results. One does not have to like a person to respect the office they hold and what that represents. We can disagree on issues, but not to even listen to each other respectfully and without actually HEARING what someone is saying and maybe allowing that something about what they say might be true gives a start to true collaboration and cha.

    Big Chocolate and Peanut Butter hugs!! You are awesome?

  46. Tara S says

    So much love for you, Katie! From your initial comment– and even your subsequent (albeit unnecessary) apology– it’s very clear that you are just as sweet as your recipes. You obviously care about all people, including all of your readers. Please do not let a few bad apples bring you down– honestly, nobody wants “bad apple pie” anyway, am I right! 😉 XOXO Can’t wait to make these mini pleasant apple pies!

  47. Jan says


    Thank you for editing your earlier post. The media spin is enough. I read my blogs to inspire and uplift me.

    Going to make these this weekend. Hugs!!

    • Aimie says

      I too appreciate the apology, although I don’t think there was anything partisan about your first post asking BOTH sides to be compassionate. I appreciate you not saying one side or the other, but I also appreciate the editing to just be the recipe. I look forward to more recipes because the ones I have tried so far have all been good.

  48. Amanda Kirk says

    You should NOT have apologised nor edited your blog. What you said was not a political opinion. You stated that people you know are afraid. That is a fact. Trump voters who claim not to be racist or sexist or homophobic or xenophobic need to realise that he used that rhetoric in his campaign, he won, and it is legitimate for people in groups he targeted to be fearful now. That’s not taking sides, it is simply stating facts as they stand today. You should not apologise for that, nor delete it.

  49. tracy says

    LOVE ME SOME KATIE! I think your posts are ALWAYS fabulous and you are doing wonderfully= and was curious – could these be made with almond flour instead of just GF flour?

  50. Karen Basque says

    No sweat Katie! Your recipes are delicious, you’re a talented person and wow…you have an opinion…I’m Canadian so I have a slightly less visceral reaction to the election drama, but what I can say is that I guarantee most everybody talked, shared, disputed or voiced their opinions about the election result with their friends, families and coworkers….For people like you, your ‘coworkers’ are us, your followers. So you shared your thoughts with us. Apart from freedom of speech, isn’t it ok to say what you feel, fear or think with people you share a common interest with without backlash or retribution…If someone standing at the water cooler said something you don’t agree with, you don’t up and quit your job, that’s just silly as are some of the reactions that I have read here tonight. People who said they are not going to follow you anymore because they didn’t agree with your comments, pfft…off you go then!

  51. Marsha says

    Katie, THANK YOU for your profound insight and compassion. Your blog provides me with great recipes and awareness on many levels. You are an inspiration to me. I appreciate you taking the time to share healthy ideas on how to cook healthy meals without compromising taste.

    Your humanity is very refreshing. Your “humanness” gives me hope that the world can indeed become a much more compassionate and empathetic place for us all.

    Thank you for all you do.

  52. Cassie Autumn Tran says

    I’m just as upset as many people are about the election, but I do think that certain platforms shouldn’t be flooded with political debate. Anyhow, these mini apple pies look delicious and I cannot wait to try them out!

  53. Donna says

    Dear Katie, I have been a fan for a long time and think you are wonderful! I received your email today and felt compelled to write. I read your blog and share your recipes with family, friends and co-workers. The photos are great, recipes are concise and easy to follow and let us get to know you as a friend. You make trying something new fun and interesting, along with a healthy dose of charm. We should be thanking you for taking the time to share your passion and keeping us sated 🙂

  54. Ananda says

    I read your original post. I don’t think you said anything inappropriate. You just stated your opinion. I am a woman and I voted for trump. My reason being that I was never going to vote for Hillary. She wanted to take away constitutional rights, along with other things idon’t agree with. Neither candidate was a good option. I don’t understand where people are coming up with this notion that Trump hates gays and blacks. I haven’t seen or read anything from a creditable source showing he ever said anything of the sort. He did hold up a pride flag at a rally saying that he wanted to defend the community. I also don’t understand how people can think all republicans are hateful. I don’t care what your sexual orientation, race, religion, or ethnicity are. If you are a good person then I like you. End of story. When I had an apartment my roommate was black. My brother and step brother are both gay. Guess what? I love them just the same.

  55. Natalie says

    I took heart from your original post – I don’t think it is acceptable to post a food blog after the election result without making any reference to politics. I agree that would be disingenuous and wrong. I am very disturbed by your subsequent apology and the stance of many of your readers. I will no longer be reading this blog. I’m sorry and upset that you are caving to pressure from far-right readers.

  56. Lisa says

    You lost another fan Katie. No place for politics on a food blog. Why would you think that your readers have any interest in your political leanings? It’s irrelevant to your readers. To those who say “freedom of speech” I say, yes you’re correct, but it will cause those who don’t see eye to eye with you to view you differently and that’s not always a good thing for business. And frankly- Wait until you’ve got a few more decades under your belt of paying taxes, you may feel differently.

    • Julie Dove says

      Not sure if you got Katie’s apology email? She realized a food blog was not the place for politics and owned up to her mistake. Everyone makes mistakes as we are all human.

  57. Julia says

    I didn’t read your original post but I am sorry that you have to apologize for expressing yourself on a space that was created by and for you. As a Hillary supporter, and one who participated in an extremely peaceful protest this week, I’d also like to clarify to others posting comments that I have never heard a Hillary supporter or anti-Trump advocate support assasination or a civil war. Please remember that it was the president-elect who suggested that the “2nd Amendment” folk exercise their right on Hillary. I am standing against division, prejudice and hate. I believe many on both sides of the aisle are as well and I am hopeful that we can find space to work together instead of drive each other apart. Katie, your blog is wonderful and it’s clear you work hard at what you do. You’re also entitled to your opinions and shouldn’t have to apologize for that.

  58. Turia says

    Katie, I just wanted to comment to say I am relying heavily on your blog right now as I’m nursing a baby who is intolerant to all soy/dairy.Your dessert recipes are so helpful for when I want something sweet.
    I’ve been subscribed to your blog for ages but have never commented. I feel compelled to write after receiving your email apology which, in my opinion, was completely unnecessary. Nothing in your original post was partisan or inflammatory. It was instead compassionate and thoughtful and (I think) a good reminder to go forward working together. I disagree with some of the others who have said that you should stay away from politics on your blog and just talk about food. It is your blog- you can say what you want to say. And I think it would be far more strange to have you just continue to post recipes as if nothing important was going on in the country (and I say that as a Canadian). Don’t let the negative comments on here get you down. Your original post was nuanced and gentle. Those who read a partisan attack into it were just looking to be offended.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Thank you so much for such kind words. I took down the initial paragraph because it seemed to be having the opposite effect of my intent, which was to spread compassion. I can see why people became upset – after all, we are bombarded with politics everywhere and it can get overwhelming. I hope that by reading food blogs, people can remember there are at least some things we all agree on, like food. Or maybe not… sometimes people send me comments that they dislike chocolate. I try to understand all viewpoints… but that one makes no sense to me ;).

  59. Amy says

    I don’t think there was anything wrong with Katie’s original comments. They were positive comments. This is her blog, she should feel free to express herself.

  60. Angie says

    Oh Katie! You did not offend me. I voted to save unborn babies in the womb. I voted to keep my religious freedom. We all have reasons that we hold dear to us for why we voted the way we did. Why are people being so hateful is beyond me. Your comments were made in love. Both candidates are deeply flawed. I think a reflection of our country at this moment in time. We are all members of the human race and are God’s children. Let’s put Christ back at the center of our lives and His truths found in the Bible. Bring your fears to our Lord and you will no longer have to fear no matter who is our president. My hope is in Christ, not some earthly king, for my future and America’s future. Love to you Katie. Praying you will come to know Christ, if you don’t have a relationship with Him now, and then you can share with your friends who are so afraid. Praying for them as well. And know Katie, that you did not steal my joy. Love that you shared your heart.

  61. Pooja says

    Katie, like many others, I don’t understand why some people are so offended just because you asked both sides to be compassionate. There was nothing wrong in what you said and there was really no need for an apology. I don’t understand the reaction of people who are getting so upset, unsubscribing, asking you to “stick to chocolate” etc just because you do not agree with their political views. It is ridiculous to unsubscribe from a food blog that you love and enjoy just because the author voted for a different political party. At the same time, I don’t understand the reaction of people who are labeling trump voters as racists, kkk supporters etc without even giving the man a chance. Which is why what you said needed to be said. I wish you hadn’t removed it but I understand why you did.
    I am not American, I am an Indian and like many Indians I was offended when Trump imitated an Indian call center worker. I was further offended by reports of Trump calling an Indian guy “monkey” (obviously I understand that it may never have happened and might be media exaggeration). Like many in India, I fear for my job. I find myself praying that my friends who are studying or working in US would be ok. I am also more liberal in my own views. So all in all I was hoping Hillary would win.
    That said, I realise that this is not about me or even my country. I also realise that my views are shaped by what the mainstream media is feeding us, which is hardly reliable and often driven by corporate agenda. I choose to believe that people who voted for Trump did so because of certain issues that are important to them and not because they are racists or sexists or whatever. I hope he is able to fulfill their faith in him. At the very least, I think everybody owes him an open mind. I have many friends who voted for Trump and they are the least racist people I know. They have opened their homes and hearts to me when I have visited America. The guys have always been extremely respectful towards me (I am female). Stereotyping them is beyond silly.
    What is alarming to me, as an outsider, is that each side is labeling the others as “haters”, calling each other names, fighting on a food blog, asking Katie to “stick to chocolate” and generally showing extreme intolerance for each others’ views. The media is creating a certain narrative and everybody is buying into it and fighting with each other. This is much more scary than what Trump may or may not do. I wish you guys wouldn’t do this.

  62. Annie says

    Never apologize for having an opinion. Nothing you said in the original post was divisive, or dismissive; if I recall, you called for finding common ground in our love of food. If other people cannot hear viewpoints that differ from their own without getting offended, they are the ones with the problem.

  63. Amy says

    Do these freeze well? I’m trying to plan ahead, and generally that means doing my baking and roasted veggies early and freezing them so that I can concentrate on the proteins, potatoes, etc. closer to Thanksgiving. These looks really good, and the person who is supposed to bring the apple cake for dessert may not be able to make it, so I want to be prepared just in case.

  64. Cindy May says

    Hi Katie, I rarely comment, but have followed your blog for a long time and have saved so many of your recipes on pinterest that I doubt I could eat or make them all in a lifetime. I might try though 😉 I just got back from a week out of town and saw your email apology. I have no idea what you said, and it doesn’t matter. I just identified with that knot that might have been in the pit of your stomach, which shows up in mine when a person (whom I don’t even know!) has something unloving or unkind to say. I just wanted to say that you are loved….by me, and by Jesus. We don’t care whether you voted or not, or who you supported or not! I had no idea God put the power of death and life in OUR tongues. No wonder we can feel like we’re dying inside when we read or hear words of death. Encouragement is like oxygen to the soul. Life-giving. Life-affirming. So, I’m here to speak words of LIFE and LOVE over you today! You are such an amazing, talented, gifted, SWEET (no pun-intended of course!) girl. God delights in you and sings over you with JOY! And I follow suit and delight in you and all your amazing chocolatey-goodness!!! Oh, and your batman. I kinda miss seeing him. 😉 Your humor is outstanding as well. Lots of love and hugs to a girl I’ve not met yet, but count as a privilege to “know” you through the blogosphere. xoxoxo

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Your comment made me smile so much. Thank you for such sweet words… and I miss Batman too :(. He is causing trouble living with my parents in Texas right now. Last time he came to visit me, he picked a fight with a Husky dog. I wish I could say he learned his lesson after that, but he did not!

  65. Sasha says

    I have no words. What a sad day for America. Maybe we needed Bernie after all – the abundance of uninformed, baseless, xenophobic rhetoric from “non-college educated” (can’t we call a spade a spade and just use “uneducated” already?) adults is alarming. Could free post-secondary help? It certainly can’t hurt…

  66. Amanda says

    Hi just wondering if regular stick butter could be used instead of a buttery spread? Thanks! Looking to make this for a work potluck!

  67. Belsante says

    I’m not an American. But I definitely believe that everyone has a right to express their own opinion. I read your first post – and I didn’t see anything wrong with it at all, especially as this is your blog. If people unsubscribe – their loss. That’s not the sort of close-mindedness you need. Your blog’s brilliant Katie and if something is important enough for you to post it, you should.

  68. Jane says

    I’m late to the party. I read your apology email before I read the your “offending” comments in the mini apple pie section. I was expecting heated accusations but instead I found words of compassion from Katie. That people took offense to that is just another indicator of how racist they actually are. There was no reason for her to apologize, and if you lose readers because they refuse to self-reflect and acknowledge their bigotry, good riddance.

    Being welcoming and accepting is one thing, but there is zero reason to accept and welcome bigots or to cow to their bullying. This is how racism perpetuates and why it’s the norm. Take all that has happened since the election and tell me that gutless “I’ve bankrupted four corporations” Trump isn’t a dangerous racist who will damage this country.

  69. Aimee B. says

    Just took these little beauties out of the oven! I have some crust mixture left over, not sure why, but I’ll end up finding a way to use that up. Quick question, do these need to be refrigerated? Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! <3

  70. Rebekah says

    I certainly don’t expect a reply today, but the directions don’t make sense to me. I mixed together the first six ingredients. I placed two teaspoons in mini muffin cup which only took up half the pan and used up all the crumble/ dough crust. Then I put a teaspoon of apples into each cup. What is the cornstarch, vanilla, and honey meant to mix with? The apples? Remaining crumble dough that I already used up? Nothing? And then spread on top?

    • Kathryn says

      Did you measure teaspoons as you put the dough in the tin? You should have had a lot of dough leftover for the tops. I made mine in a standard size muffin tin-only made 8- putting one tablespoon of dough in the bottom of the cups, then still had *plenty* to go on top. I don’t know how many cups are in your mini muffin pan, but Katie’s yield is 15. If you got less than that in the mini pan, and still didn’t have enough dough for the top, you should double check your measurements. (I’m not trying to sound insulting, just trying to trouble shoot with you).

  71. Kathryn says

    I made these last night to test out before a bake sale. They are delicious!!! I think I need to add a little more buttery spread because the tops were a bit floury. Or maybe try them with oil… Also, I made them in a standard size muffin tin, and that worked well. So yummy, I plan to make these often!!

  72. Fernanda says

    Hi, I made the recipe apple pay as I said. I used coconut sugar and ghee butter but something went wrong. They did not look good. The dough did not stand firm looked like mazapan know why please. Of taste is excellent

  73. Patti says

    Hi, Katie,
    These sound wonderful and perfect for a fall themed baby shower I am hosting. Do you know if they can be made ahead of time and frozen?

  74. Katherine Cramer says

    Hi there. This recipe looks delicious. Can you please advise on cook time/adjustments for using a regular muffin tin?

    • Jason Sanford says

      You will have to experiment! But it would take at least just as long as the mini ones, so no need to check on it until after that amount of time.

  75. Jennifer Adam says

    I am trying to find if anyone asked if these can be made in cupcake liners. I am making a variety of desserts for my daughters wedding and I wanted to make individual apple crisps. Can this be done in liners and what would your recommendations be for making them ahead of time. I have an 1 1/2 drive to the hotel and they will be served the next day.

    • Jason Sanford says

      Is your oven calibrated? Baking anything with flour in an oven at that temp should never be raw at the end if the temp is correct!

  76. Meg says

    Can these be frozen?

    There’s only 2 of us and trust me , there’s only so much of one desert one can take 😕 and i love the recipe


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