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My Big Secret

I’m lousy at keeping secrets. Therefore, many of you already know that yes, there is going to be…

a Chocolate-Covered Cookbook!

I started dreaming about a cookbook when an agent first contacted me back in 2009. But as a busy college student, it was more of a “someday in the future this might be nice” idea.

However, when editors from two of the Big Seven publishing firms emailed within a week of each other, I knew it was time to make my book dreams a reality. (I’m not mentioning this to brag… I’m mentioning it because I still can’t believe it actually happened!!)

I planted myself in the kitchen, feverishly conducting trial after trial to create only the absolute very best healthy dessert recipes for a potential cookbook. Our kitchen morphed into an unrecognizable disaster zone, and my roommate took to calling me “Hurricane Katie.”

breakfast snack cake

Possible Cookbook Recipes:

  • 100-Calorie Cinnamon Rolls
  • Mini Molten Lava Cakes
  • Chocolate Cream Pie Bars
  • Monster Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread
  • Mocha Mini Muffins
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

I was getting excited. Mini molten lava cakes, people. Mini molten lava cakes! Then I hit a snag, realizing: “None of these recipes can go on the blog.” It’s been difficult to sit on the ideas mentioned above, as well as the many others I’ve been saving—some of them are my favorite recipes of all time! I put the book idea on hold for awhile; yet, in the end, I knew: I want to do it all. I can write a book with only my very best healthy dessert recipes. And I can still maintain the blog without sacrificing content or posting second-best recipes. By posting some of my favorite ideas online (such as the recipes for Healthy Lemon Squares or the Chewy Granola Bars, both of which I’d originally planned for the book) and keeping some of them for a future cookbook, it might take longer. But I want to take my time with this so that both–book and blog–will be nothing short of the best content I can possibly publish. Anyway, I figured you all deserved to finally know what’s been going on.

Look out for the Chocolate-Covered Cookbook in December of 2014! 🙂

Published on May 24, 2012

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  1. Kat says

    oh my god!! I´m really excited 😀 I was wondering if you ever going to write one… I´ll definetely buy it, I love your recipes 😀

  2. debbie says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awesome news!! Please keep us posted as to when and where we can buy your cookbook!!

    • Anonymous says

      YES please …meee tooo.

      Keeping track of your fantastic recipes will be sooo easy now! Yay. I can hardly wait Katie! The perfect holiday gift.

  3. Emma says


    I can’t even tell you how excited I am!!! Your blog is my favorite website ever, and I can’t even imagine how awesome a book version is going to be! Even if you just put recipes you already posted in the book, I’d still buy a million copies. Not even exaggerating!

  4. Sarah L says

    Oh god, I’m so happy for you! 😀 This is fantastic! When it’s done I’d totally buy a bunch and give them around. And I’d buy it even if all the recipes were on the blog, because it’s quite different having an actual book and browsing a blog, however nice the blog is. 🙂

    • Faith says

      Same here. Just to have a book I can hold in my hands instead of having to look through pages on a computer. I love all your recipes and don’t even need new ones. There are enough great ones already published to fill quite a few wonderful cookbooks!

    • Heidi says

      I was thinking the same thing, I don’t mind if it is some of the awesome blog recipes, it makes it so nice to have it in a book with pretty pictures you can hold! Yeah, yeah for you! I love your recipes!

    • terra says

      I agree! I would buy your book, even if it has some of the blog recipes in it. Maybe the publishers don’t like the idea, but I think your readers do. 🙂

      Congratulations! I can’t wait!

      p.s. the healthy lemon bars were delicious! I didn’t have enough lemons, so mine were lemon-lime-orange bars but still super yummy. 😉

      • Liz says

        Agree! I’d buy the book even if it was just the recipes you posted on the blog. Maybe you could do two books??? 🙂

        • Dorothy says

          Me Too!!! I would buy it today, if were just (JUST?????) your blog recipes. Today. Hands down, no questions asked.

          • India says

            This is exciting! I will definitely be buying a copy! Even, if they were the same wonderful recipes that are posted on your blog!

          • jaime says

            Congratulations Katie! I too would buy it with the recipes from the blog. I finally tried the fudge babies, and my family and friends went crazy for them. I have sent the recipe to tons of people already. Thank you for being so awesome!

          • Samantha says

            I think the book should have recipes from the blog and that would be awesome! but im also so excited for when the book comes out for there to be some many new recipes at once ! All in one new fancy book :)!!

  5. lurker says

    I never comment, but I have been an avid reader for the past year, and yours is the only blog I ever read! I will definitely be buying multiple copies of your cookbook, as I’ve never been disappointed with a single CCK recipe I’ve tried. And those lava cakes do sound heavenly. 😉

  6. Leslie says

    You know I’ll be buying out the store when that cookbook is published. I’ve only told you that you need to publish one, what 1000 times? I can’t even believe you’ve been able to come up with all those recipes and still post all the delicious ones you’ve been posting at the same time. Do you get any sleep at night?!

  7. Michaela says

    ooooooooooooooooooooooomg, i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the best news EVER!!!!!!! i just told my mum the other day that you REALLY really need a cookbook!!!!! congrats, Katie, I cannot wait for it!!!!

  8. Faith says

    Please, dearest Katie, put me down for 50 copies. No, that is not a misprint. I really do want 50 copies. I will give them as gifts to all my friends for each of their birthdays, along with a specially made CCK treat.
    I think it would make a great birthday gift!

    • Marcey says

      Perfect idea! I’m going to steal it 🙂 I was already thinking of all the people I would want to buy the book for… Thanks to you, I’ll have the perfect way to give it!

  9. Tara says

    This is great news, and it is well-deserved. Think of all the non-blog-reading people you are going to reach with your book. I am so excited. I will definitely give it as a gift to friends and family. Well done!

  10. Tracy says

    Congratulations! That is GREAT news for you (and all of us too!) When do you anticipate it being available? I’m so excited! I can’t wait to buy myself a copy and a few extras for friends and family too!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      As I wrote in the post, I took time off from the whole idea and just recently decided for sure: Yes, I really do want to do this. So now I’m going to go full force ahead. I know the whole process takes a long time, so it’ll be awhile. But I don’t want to rush anything. I’m happy to just keep blogging in the meantime :).

  11. Kristen says

    Congratulations!! 😀 I know I will scramble to purchase your cookbook, when it is out. I’ve never known another cook who makes all of their recipes so delicious. Thank you so much for the years of guidance!

  12. Katie says

    Congratulations, Katie! So excited for you… you deserve this! Your recipes have made my evenings at home so much fun this past year. Thank you!

  13. Noelle (@singerinkitchen) says

    WAY TO GO GIRL! I cannot believe you been putting it off for 3 years but it goes to show you, people love you and your recipes. Way to be an inspiration. I wish I could be in the kitchen creating dishes like I used to, but there are SO many other wonderful things on my plate. 🙂 Hugs!

  14. Suzie says

    Wow, that is so exciting and what an accomplishment! You deserve it, work so hard and not have something of your own and thankfully share with the world your discoveries! Yay so excited!!

  15. Therese says

    Katie why can’t you put both new and old favorites in your cook book? I would totally love to have a cookbook with your already existing recipes to share with people and have on my kitchen counter! But I am thrilled that a cookbook is official!

  16. Elisa says

    Good luck and congrats, Katie! I have been following your blog for several months and love your recipes and especially your upbeat, positive, and wonderfully dorky personality! It’s like having a friend in the kitchen, helping you along. 🙂

    Very best wishes and can’t wait for what’s next – a Food Network show, perhaps? I’d SO watch that! 😀

  17. Alanna says

    That’s so exciting! I’ve been using my iPad as a sort of mobile CCK cookbook in my kitchen, but I will totally buy a hard copy when it comes out! 🙂 I love that, though all of this, you’ve stayed true to doing things “your way” and not letting other people tell you how it should be done. I know there will be a lot of us waiting to place an order when the cookbook is ready!

  18. Katelyn says

    YAY KATIE! 😀 I can’t wait to share this book with my friends and relatives.. especially the ones who have not quite figured out how to use the internet, let alone a blog (not to name any names, Grandma!) Do you have any idea when we could expect this book?!

    P.S. I am so glad that you decided to share the lemon bars early, as they made the perfect mother’s day gift for my lemon loving mother, who thought tofu could never be tasty in a desert. (I didn’t tell her the secret ingredient until after she ate three, and she LOVED them!)

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I am so so excited you tried the bars… and that they turned out well :).

      As I wrote in the post, I took time off from the whole idea and just recently decided for sure: Yes, I really do want to do this. So now I’m going to go full force ahead. I know the whole process takes a long time, so it’ll be awhile. But I don’t want to rush anything. I’m happy to just keep blogging in the meantime.

  19. Amanda says

    I WILL be buying this cookbook! My daughter (she’s 5) will be so happy- she loves your recipes as well! And because they are vegan, I don’t mind if she “helps” by licking the batter out of the bowl 😉

  20. Lisa Mitchell says

    Oh we all saw it coming, first glance at your blog, I sent the link to a commercial photographer out in California I know to check it out and said, “cookbook?”, he said oh for sure! He thought maybe a life style magazine would be great too, something like Rachel Ray but with Vegan recipes. Think about THAT idea! I’d love to get your magazine in the mail every few months! I am first to sign up for your book and will give them out as gifts for sure! Can’t wait! Great job Katie, I am so proud of you. I’ve already posted your link on my FB and my blog. I saw your potential with my first hit on my first recipe from you!

  21. Mary says

    Congrats Katie!!! You deserve it girl 🙂 I’ve been doing a make-one-new-dish-a-day for this summer, and the majority of it has been from your site so far 🙂 Thanks for your inspiration, positive attitude, and healthy recipes! 😀

    • casey says

      Ditto! Would love to sample all those tasty recipes!! My roommate gets to do the testing around here and I have to do all the work! Worth it in the end, cuz always tastes good 🙂

  22. Tammy says

    CONGRATS!!!!! I agree with the many comments of “I’d still buy it even if you but recipes from the blog in there”. I too have scratch pieces of paper with recipes all over the place in my kitchen 😉 Im so happy for you Katie. I tell ppl about your blog all the time. I am by no means a vegan, but I am a chocolate lover 😉 and always look for healthier ways to eat desserts.

  23. Emily says

    I am also excited. I made the Better than Nutella yesterday and used Splenda. It is awesome! My husband is diabetic and I have trouble finding recipes that he can have and that are healthy. He dived right in when he got home. I can adjust many of your recipes to use Splenda as other sweeteners don’t work for him. I have also told others about your web site. I will defnintely buy the cookbook.

  24. Amy says

    I really hope you have some of your blog recipes in the cookbook! Some of your recipe posts are really hard to find (especially some of my favorite older ones) and it would be super convenient to have them all in a book! 🙂

  25. Cam says

    SO AMAZING!!! I only found your blog recently, but I am so anxious to start making all of these delicious and healthy things! 🙂

  26. Sephora says

    Yay!!! I am definitely getting one for me and then probably more to share with my friends and family.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh goodness, lol I have to write it first ;). As I wrote in the post, I took time off from the whole idea and just recently decided for sure: Yes, I really do want to do this. So now I’m going to go full force ahead. I know the whole process takes a long time, so it’ll be awhile. But I don’t want to rush anything. I’m happy to just keep blogging in the meantime :).

      • Gail Wheeler says

        Do you think there will be a Kindle Fire or Kindle version?? Hope so.. I’m new to your sight but excited about your book.. Keep us posted….

  27. abelle says

    praise god!! i’m on your blog ((loots of times)) every day..and every single time i think..she’s got to write a cookbook! you’re kind of my hero

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      lol I have to write it first ;). As I wrote in the post, I took time off from the whole idea and just recently decided for sure: Yes, I really do want to do this. So now I’m going to go full force ahead. I know the whole process takes a long time, so it’ll be awhile. But I don’t want to rush anything. I’m happy to just keep blogging in the meantime.

  28. kathryn says

    this totally made my whole day!!!!!!! i can’t wait 🙂

    anyways, i need some help-my family isn’t quite open to most of your recipes (which is why i love single-lady!). so do you have any ideas how i could get them to be open to, say, your DELICIOUS-looking lemon bars? (i had a mishap with baking tofu and now they are afraid of it, even though i keep insisting it’s actually quite good!)

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Don’t tell them it’s healthy (or that it has tofu) until AFTER they try it and (hopefully!) say it’s good. That’s how I had success converting all my friends in the beginning, because there’s no way they would’ve ever tried tofu voluntarily otherwise… But now they KNOW it can be good. 😉

  29. Colleen says

    Congratulations!!! And for my part, I wouldn’t mind if there was overlap between the blog and the book. You’re pictures are beautiful, and some recipe staples, like the cookie, cupcake, and frosting recipes, I would appreciate having at my fingertips in a book!

  30. Sherry Maurice says

    Wheeeee!!! I can’t wait! I love a cookbook with lots of pictures…..just saying. All the best to you, Katie. Take time to enjoy this!

  31. Jenna says

    That is AWESOME. You’d better believe I will snatch up the pre-order whenever it arrives. I’m so happy to see you successful, Katie! Also, BRAG. There’s nothing wrong with you being proud of yourself, because you have a lot to be proud of.

    • Mandie says

      I agree! Your cookbook will definitely sell a TON of copies, even if just your blog followers alone buy it!

  32. Samantha says

    I am SO incredibly excited for you (love the wine glass with princess on it by the way).

    I look forward to hearing as much about the process as you can share. This is a big deal and great honor and you are making an awesome contribution to the vegan loving world. 🙂

    VERY well done. I can imagine it will be a lot of work and the editing process will probably make you want to pull your hair out but I know you can do it!

  33. Alex says

    I found your blog this past month and eagerly wait for a new recipe each day. Thank you for your efforts to quench our sweet tooth (teeth?) in a heathy way. I would buy multiples of your cookbook, one for me and the rest for my family and friends.

  34. Ally says

    EEEEEKKK! I am SO excited for you Katie! You deserve only the very best that this life has to offer, and this recipe book was just “in the stars” for you. Keep all of your dedicated readers in the loop because we CAN’T WAIT to buy your book as soon as it comes out!

  35. Grace says

    I’m seriously so excited. I recently found your blog and love the recipes! I’m so excited I don’t need to sacrifice taste for health!

  36. Emily says

    Katie, I am sorry but you’re missing your calling!

    With your beauty and your talent, you should really do a Food Network show! As much as someone like me would rather have a cookbook in my hot little hands, YOU would be better suited for a tv show. Don’t waste those gorgeous looks, girl! 😉

  37. Teghan says

    How thrilling! I am new to following your blog and cannot wait to buy and devour – lol- your cookbook.

  38. Pooja says

    Congratulations Katie, you really deserve it and I am really, really happy for you :). Please do keep us posted about when it is going to come out, I hope they are going to bring out a kindle version or something for people like me who don’t stay in the US. Can’t wait…..

  39. abelle says

    praise god! i am on your blog ((lots of times)) every day and every single time i wonder when, hope you will, think how badly you need to..write a cookbook! you’re kind of my hero. for a lot of reasons. thank you : ]

  40. Verena says

    congrats! but please please please please post the cinnamon rolls on the blog!!!!! I cannot wait to get healthy cinnamon rolls!!! I would appreciate it 🙂 Your blog is a great source and very enriching!

  41. JJ says

    Are you going to put all your other recipes that have been on the blog in the cookbook too? THat way we could buy a cookbook of ALL the recipes, old and new, and have a cookbook of awesomeness? ;D

  42. Jeanette says

    Comgrats Katie! This is great!
    Ever since I found your blog, looking desperately for recipes as I had become allergic to dairy, I wished I could take all of them with me into the kitchen. Instead I have manage to cover my computer in both tofu and chocolate, reading the recipes off the site. D: So I will definitely buy one! 😛
    Good luck with the work you have ahead!

  43. Lisa K @ NutriNosh says

    YAY Katie! 😀 Congratulations 🙂

    I’m sad that none of your blog recipes can go in the book, because I am in LOVE w/ the deep dish cookie pie!

    What if you made a deep dish MONSTER cookie pie?? :O

  44. Casey Hunt says

    Wohooo! So excited to purchase this! It’s funny considering the last couple of comments I made. perfect timing!

  45. Mary Z says

    Hi Katie,
    First time commenter, long long time reader. I have loved every minute of reading your website, and sometimes I even check it twice a day just to be sure I didn’t miss any posts! My husband jokes that I should just marry you. I’d love to marry your recipes if I could ;). Will be buying many of your book for sure!

  46. Jen says

    My friends and I are OBSESSED with your blog.

    No really, obsessed. Like, I think we make something from your blog every day! Thanks for keeping us well fed, and for providing great college exam procrastination tools!
    We’ll all be buying your book. So hurry up and get it written ;).

  47. Psuke says

    Congratulations! I thought, from the first time I saw this site, it would be perfect cookbook fodder…but I can totally understand the frustration of not being able to share the recipes that will go in the book.

    I really look forward to seeing it when it’s done!

    • cck says

      lol I have to write it first ;). As I wrote in the post, I took time off from the whole idea and just recently decided for sure: Yes, I really do want to do this. So now I’m going to go full force ahead. I know the whole process takes a long time, so it’ll be awhile. But I don’t want to rush anything. I’m happy to just keep blogging in the meantime :).

  48. Anonymous says

    I really don’t mind if you put a ton of your recipes from your blog in the book because then I won’t have a bunch of separate pieces of paper with recipes or have to use my pho e in the kitchen; if can just all be in one spot-your book! So please consider putting your faces from the blog in the book too please! (If other people agree too of course!)

  49. Sarah the official CCK drooler says

    AHHHH!!!! Congrats!
    ok so it wasn’t a surprise for me… but hey i am excited!
    Guess who’s going to be on Food Network soon?
    Hey… MAYBE you should be on the next Food Network Star!!!

  50. Lauren says

    I typically don’t buy cookbooks (because all the recipes I could possibly dream of are online for free!!), but…this just might be one for my collection! Congratulations! 😀

  51. ariana says

    I am SO excited for you! congratulations! I cannot WAIT to get a copy. Honestly and truly, your blog and your recipes are my absolute favorite. I LOVE that you give healthy options that actually taste good. I also really appreciate that you tell us what are different ingredients we can use (e.g. brown sugar OR stevia etc.)

    thank you I will await the cookbook eagerly!

  52. Marci says

    Congratulations, Katie! You deserve this. I will buy your book and frankly, I would still buy your book if some of the on-line recipes were in it. In fact I would love to see your book in loose leaf form – like the services used by lawyers and accountants. Then your ‘subscribers’ could add more recipes as they come out – just like the professionals add new laws and regulations 🙂
    Do you have a publication date yet?

    • cck says

      lol I have to write the book first ;). As I wrote in the post, I took time off from the whole idea and just recently decided for sure: Yes, I really do want to do this. So now I’m going to go full force ahead. I know the whole process takes a long time, so it’ll be awhile. But I don’t want to rush anything. I’m happy to just keep blogging in the meantime.

      • Marci says

        It must be incredibly fulfilling to have such a wonderful response to your work. You are a lucky woman to have found your calling so young. I predict that you will indeed have a televsion show as well. You are talented and adorable – a marketer’s dream. Just really happy for you. Enjoy it all!

    • cck says

      lol I have to write the book first ;). As I wrote in the post, I took time off from the whole idea and just recently decided for sure: Yes, I really do want to do this. So now I’m going to go full force ahead. I know the whole process takes a long time, so it’ll be awhile. But I don’t want to rush anything. I’m happy to just keep blogging in the meantime :).

    • cck says

      Lol I have to write the book first ;). As I wrote in my post, I took time off from the whole idea and just recently decided for sure: Yes, I really do want to do this. So now I’m going to go full force ahead. I know the whole process takes a long time, so it’ll be awhile. But I don’t want to rush anything. I’m happy to just keep blogging in the meantime :).

  53. STUFT mama says

    Oh congratulations Katie!!! I’m so excited for you (and for the cookbook). Soooo awesome! Hope you’re celebrating. Are you finished with the manuscript or are you still working on it?

  54. Leanna C says

    OH MY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was hoping this would happen for you and lo and behold, it was already in the works before I even started regularly reading your blog 🙂 Very excited for you and your future book, which I will definitely be a proud owner of!

  55. Aja says

    I am going to buy a copy! That is so exciting! There better be a picture for each one because I hate when cookbooks don’t do that. It’s like, how do I know if I want to eat it now? lol! I’m SO excited!

  56. Barb says

    I can’t WAIT!! AHH! Is there any way that you can add some of your published recipes to the book anyway? It would be awesome to have all your amazing recipes in one place. I can’t believe you kept this a secret for so long, but I am sooo happy you are going forward with it, I will be buying it as soon as it comes out!

    Also, your pictures are gorgeous, so I hope you are including pictures with all of your recipes in the book as well 🙂

  57. Robyn says

    I can’t wait! Dessert is my favorite meal of the day and since finding your blog I don’t have to feel bad about eating sweets anymore. I have also found stuff I ate in the past now gives me headaches because they are too sugary.

  58. Nora says

    I actually went onto your blog right now because I wanted to tell you that you should write a cookbook so this was a very pleasant surprise. I would buy it and then I would buy about a thousand copies to hand out to everyone I know and my neighbors and random people on the street because that is how much I love your blog and your recipes. Everyone should know about them.

  59. Camilla says

    Congratulations Katie! I follow your blog from Norway and have tried and fallen in love with many of your recipes. I am one who happily buy cookbooks from favourite blogg, and I don’t mind my favourites beeing both on the blog and book. They are after all tried and true, and my favourites 😉 Best of luck on your project! Camilla 🙂

  60. Lauren says

    Good luck with writing it, and if you need any taste testers… well, I’m here ;).

    Looking forward to buying it! And I agree with everyone else who wants to see a Food Network show.

  61. Karen says

    Your site is a joy to read. I share it with everyone I know, even my dad who doesn’t own a computer! He always listens to me blab about CCK when I visit, and he loves your lemon bars and still has no idea they have tofu! 😉

  62. Ellen says

    Yay!!! Please make your cookbook available on the Kindle — I don’t have space for paper books anymore, but would love to be able to buy your cookbook when it’s available!!

  63. Jessica says

    So I don’t read blogs. At all. But I read yours every day. You’ve sucked me in with your vibrant personality and your hard work ethic and oh, most of all the incredible recipes. I never knew healthy food could taste so good, and you’ve helped me to become so much healthier. My doctor asked what brought about the change, and I said “CHOCOLATE COVERED KATIE!”

    You are truly changing lives.

  64. Aileen says

    Congratulations!!!! that is amazing news! All of the time, energy, and hard work paid off! Dreams can come true 🙂

  65. Danielle A. says

    WOW!!!!!! I’m so excited to hear that your going to be finishing your cookbook. I will pre-order one once your finished writing it of course! Can’t wait! Good Luck with it all. I know it will be great. Your a wonderful cook/dessert maker/person. I’m so happy for you and all of us who will get to buy it!

  66. Alex says

    Congrats! I was just yesterday evening thinking how great it would be having your recipes in a book! I love them!!!

  67. Chelsea says

    Congratulations! I know that that must be a lot of work, or play, however you look at it! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what all you put in it!

  68. anonymous says

    dearest katie,
    your blog has saved my life. really, you will never know how much. i found you when i was struggling with anorexia, severely underweight and with very little joy in life. i was eating barely anything, and somehow by fate i stumbled upon your blog (through a link from another blog to your deep dish cookie pie).

    suddenly there was joy in my life again! your zest for life came through the computer screen and went right into me. your words spoke to me like no therapist ever did, telling me i was worth it and that i was worthy of eating good foods and nourishing my body properly.

    besides that, you helped me to see that foods like peanut butter and anything with fat are not to be feared. no doctor or nutritionist could get me to even go near peanut butter, and yet you did! i made your pb cookie dough cookies with foods i’d NEVER dreamed i would be ok to eat again, and they were so good that i wasn’t scared. and i wanted more. so i tried more, hopeful that if i listened to my body and trusted it as you’ve said to do, i could someday have a good relationship with food and life as you do. and katie, you didn’t let me down.

    i am writing today as a young girl who wakes up with excitement in my life. i am at a healthy weight for the first time in SEVEN years, and i am ok with it! (for the most part. i still have a lot of work ahead of me)

    a year ago i had no hope. i am sure you will read this and think it is ridiculous that a blog could have that big an impact on someone’s life, but yours did on mine and i am so grateful.

    thank you.

  69. Sara Tarrant says

    Congratulations! I have only found your blog in the past month, but I immediately became addicted! I look forward to the cookbook!

  70. katia says

    OHMYGOSH cinnamon rolls lol , <3 . But yes I'm most def going to buy your book, Katie! I happen to REALLY enjoy all of your recipes. Thank you!! Seriously. My life has changed with your chocolate bar pie, and cookie pie. WHO SAYS HEALTHY CAN'T TASTE GREAAAAT omg.

  71. Maria @ Pappa Don't Preach says

    WOW! That is TERRIFIC news!!! I’m so thrilled for you and excited to buy a copy!!!!

  72. sam says

    congrats katie! cant wait! MINI LAVE CAKES! ahhhh!!! hope theres a gluten free option! your amazing! ahh hoping theres some oatmeal recipes and even some protein packed low carb recipes too! im so excited to see your book hit shelves!

  73. Juliana says

    OH MY GOSH!!! I’m super happy for you!
    And I’m excited – I’ll DEFINITELY be buying one!!! 😀 😀 😀

  74. Olivia says

    I’m so happy for you! Will you be featuring some of your blog favorites? Personally, I would love to have the blog recipes in solid, physical form.

  75. natalie @ southern fit foodie says

    YAY!!!!!!! I can’t wait! Even if you posted all of the recipes from your cookbook on the blog, I’d still buy it! I’m so excited for you!

  76. April says

    I actually wouldn’t mind at all (in fact, I would love it!) if you included the recipes you have on your blog here, in your cookbook as well. That way I don’t have to write down all the ingredients/walk back and forth to my computer, or have stray recipe pages getting lost!

    I don’t usually buy cookbooks..but if it’s yours, it’s definitely on my shopping list! 🙂 Congratulations!

  77. Rita Cruz says

    That’s great, congratulations!! Hope the book ever gets to Portugal, I would definitely buy it 🙂

  78. Lisa says

    Congratulations!! I think this is the first time I’ve commented. I love your site. That is such amazing news! 😀 You are so deserving of this accomplishment!

  79. Paige says

    Congratulations!! I am very stoked for you. I for one am not in the least bit surprised. You totally deserve a cookbook (or two or three or four..)

  80. Mandy says

    I am so happy for you!!! I hope eventually you can add “ziplist” so that I can download your recipes right to my phone as well as the shopping list, because right now I make like four trips a week trying all of your recipes and loving everyone of them. Thanks for all you do.

  81. Janet says

    Congrats, that is awesome! I can’t wait to buy it, I’ve been printing your recipes and keeping them in an accordion folder!!

  82. Angie says

    Congratulations! I was hoping that was your big news. I can’t wait for the cookbook to come out. I think I would buy it even if it did have blog recipes in it just so I could have them all in one place rather than having printouts scattered everywhere :)!!!!

  83. Emma says

    Wow, huge congrats 😀 😀 It better be coming over to the UK. I’m pretty sure you have readers in probably every country where internet is available!

  84. Kappa says

    I think that’s great! Surely the transition from sharing the love “just because” vs. earning a living doing it is tough, but it seems like it’s the right time for you. Much luck with the process and I look forward to buying my own copy! 🙂

  85. Kate says

    Finally!!! I love your blog and can’t wait to have a more-portable version of all the best recipes!! Congratulations!

  86. artis says

    What an awesome piece of news! I love your site. I have to be on a sugar free and white and processed way of eating, you have been an awesome addition with your blog. I now can enjoy some great tastings treats!

  87. Priscilla Palanuk says

    Yaaaaay for you, Katie!!! I have been wow’d by your recipes since Day One, and SINCE that Day One, have wondered when you’d be compiling a book! So exciting — congratulations!! 🙂

  88. Jennifer Putnam says

    How exciting, congratulations! I’ll definitely be buying your cookbook when it comes out! 🙂

  89. Andrea Wilson says

    All of my dreams have just come true!!! Is there a projected date on when it might be out? How about tomorrow? Im SO ready for a cookbook from you I can’t stand it!

  90. Sophie says


    I’ve got a few questions about the giveaway. Where will you be announcing the winner? Will it be a new entry, a comment at a bottom of a recipe, or an edit on the giveaway page? And when will you be announcing it?

    • cck says

      Don’t know when, but I’ll edit the giveaway page AND announce it at the bottom of a new post in the future.

  91. Monica says

    Yipeeeee!! And I was just thinking, “man I’d love a molten chocolate cake recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie!” CAN’T WAIT!

  92. Aurelie says

    Oh Katie, that’s amazing! Been looking forward to your cookbook forever! So are there any official dates attached? (:


  93. Jill says

    This is awesome.

    If anyone DID deserve to brag – it would be you. You are super-creative, kind, smart, AND patient with all of those people who DO NOT read (lol) or try anything on their own!!

    And i KNEW you wouldnt be able to put the cookbook recipes up anywhere – i was wondering how the hell you were going to be able to keep coming up with more and more new ones for everything! I too will buy your book!! Wishin you the best, Jill

  94. Stefanie A says

    Such exciting news! I cannot wait to have a whole book full of your amazing creations!! I hope I can get it on my new nook. That would be the best!

  95. Nykole says

    Oh wow Katie that’s so amazing!!! Congratulations!! I will be sure to buy it as soon as it comes into stores 😀
    Also, you should consider making a portion of your website dedicated to quick and easy healthy desserts. I am going to college in the fall, and will have limited access to cooking materials, so rather than scan through ALL of your amazing recipes looking for something I can whip up in my dorm, it’d be helpful to have them all in one place! Just a suggestion 🙂

  96. Kathy says

    Super happy for you….and super happy for me! Now I don’t have to save each favorite! I will be excited to buy the book! 😉

  97. Colleen says


    I am so EXCITED for you!! 🙂 I am EXCITED for me too. I can barely wait to purchase your cookbook!! Congratulations!!

  98. Dawn Green says

    Awesome!! I can’t wait to see it! I agree with other posts, I’d be perfectly happy with old recipes, but having new ones will be great too! I have a bad sweet tooth, and I LOVE that you have healthy delicious recipes that satisfy my sweet tooth without undoing my time working out! I’ve recommended your recipes to MANY of my friends. For a while I was doing a weekly pancake breakfast with my two young girls with recipes from your site & posting the pictures on my Facebook page so my family (who live in different states) could see them (it stopped when I dropped my camera & broke it). 🙁 Also, I’m not a vegan, but I’ve been trying to eat more veggies and I love that you have some of these types of recipes too (I LOVE the roasted cauliflower & chickpeas). Is there a way you can post more veggie recipes and/or have more of those type of recipes in your new cookbook? (sorry for the long post, I’ve just been reading your blog daily for so long I feel like I already know you!) 🙂 Oh & I recently discovered that we live in the same area (DFW), so maybe I’ll run into you one of these days. Fun! 🙂 Good Luck with the cookbook!

    • cck says

      They’ll probably just be desserts in the book. But that means I’ll have more to post on the blog! 🙂

      Yes, definitely… I heard that another blogger was trying to organize a Dallas meet-up, so if I hear anything else about it I’ll try to update on the blog!

  99. Lana says

    Yay!! As someone who’s looked at the publishing nightmare (for novels though, not cookbooks), I am really super excited for you – and for myself, I have to admit. Will be buying it STRAIGHT away! Congratulations Katie, you deserve it!

  100. Jules says

    but does this mean we can only get mini molten lava cakes from your cookbook lol ?! 🙁
    oh welll we will all just have to buy it ! 🙂
    so are ur book recipes going to go on the blog after u publish it or will they forever be a mystery for those who dont have the book? (im going to be one of the first to buy it either way !!! 😀 lol)

  101. Lainey says

    That is so great, congratulati!ons! I can’t WAIT for this to come out! It probably would have been best if I hadn’t found out there would be a book because now its going to make waiting for it so incredibly diffucult 😉

  102. Dawning says

    When I first found your blog, I thought where’s her cookbook? I NEED THIS WOMAN’S COOKBOOK! I’m so excited and also very happy for you. Congratulations!!

  103. Jessi Ankeles says

    Katie – I am SOOO excited for you. What an amazing opportunity! I will be first in line when it hits the stores! You are so talented & this is such a big step at a young age! I cannot wait to see what the coming years bring for you. A wild success, I know for sure.
    You know I will tell everyone about it!
    Jessi (AKA Pink Owl Momma)

  104. Colleen Grossner says

    Congratulations, Katie!! It will be a best seller for sure!! I didn’t realize you wouldn’t be able to put together all the recipes from your blog! All new stuff, well that’s awesome, for us readers!! Perhaps your SECOND book can be one of all of your beautiful blog recipes!! YOU rock!!!

  105. Niki says

    Oh you must write one!!!!!!!! I’d honestly pay for a book version of this blog just to prevent my laptop from near baking disaster death! I suppose I could invest in a printer……. but I am a cookbook hoarder and love to flip through them aimlessly for inspiration.

  106. Chris says

    Love your blog, but books are a thousand times better than a computer! Go get ’em Katie, and let us know when to start standing in line at the bookstore.

  107. Laura says

    Congratulations!! I just got introduced to your blog a few months ago, but I’ve already made so many of your recipes! We’ve never had so many “treats” as we have lately 😉 I’m sharing all I’m making and everyone loves it! I will surely buy (many) copies of your upcoming cookbook!! Can’t wait!

  108. Mandy says

    AWESOME!!! I have told several friends about your site and now I will have to tell them there will be a book soon.

  109. Kari says

    Very exciting!!! I was hoping this would happen! I personally think you SHOULD put some of the best recipes from your blog into the book. Having them all in one place would be fantastic. Honestly, even if you ONLY published recipes from the blog I would still buy the cookbook because I love cookbooks and would much rather open a cookbook than get online. AND I know my sisters and mom, who never get on the internet, would love the cookbook and wouldn’t even know they were repeats! Anyways, just my thoughts!

  110. Errin says

    Best news ever! I will buy a copy for me, mom, my friends, the president! BTW, so many of my Weight Watchers friends have been turned on to your site (by moi!) and we love it!

  111. Kathryn says

    HUGE congrats, Katie. This is amazing news! I think your timing is perfect – I see articles in “mainstream” media everywhere now about veganism – it’s gone “legit.” 😉 Kudos!!!!

  112. Linda says

    Yessssssssss!!! I knew it!! Congratulations!! I’m really happy for you and I can’t WAIT to get your book!! 🙂

  113. Tess says

    I will buy your cookbook. And really, you are the only blogger whose cookbook I will buy because I actually want to make your recipes! They look delicious and healthy, and recovering from an eating disorder, that is a great combination of qualities to make me want to eat (a lot). I wish you continued success, and I love your energy, it transpires thru your blog. Thank you. 🙂

  114. Jaime says

    Katie I am so happy for you…and for me! 😀 As I said many times, it is so rare to find a website with healthy dessert recipes that accommodate my families food allergies. I can’t wait until it comes out! Be sure to keep us posted! I want to preorder! <3

  115. Diane Love says

    Katie, that is awesome news!!!! Congratulations! So happy for you!! Can’t wait to buy it!!

  116. Amber with Slim Pickin's Kitchen says

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! That’s so incredibly awesome and exciting!!! In the few short months that I’ve “known” you, I can honestly without a doubt that I am soooo happy for you and *thrilled* for you and this opportunity. You are a chocolate covered genius and deserve every bit of recognition that you get!!! XOXO

  117. kaity says

    soo excited! and i said it right after i read wats gonna be in it… mini molten lava cakes i need them! hahaa! cant wait! whens its due to come out around

  118. Megan says

    Congratulations! It will be so fun to be able to hold a hard copy of all of your recipes. I look forward to when you post new recipes, so having a book will be like one big jackpot blog post! Good luck with the book, and have fun experimenting! 🙂

  119. Katie McC says

    Congrats, that is so awesome! I love reading your blog and have tried so many of your recipes. They are all delicious, with my favorite being the Chocolate Date Balls!

  120. Amber says

    Congratulations! If you are able to put published recipes in your cookbook, you totally have to put in the brownie batter pancakes. That is my new Sunday morning breakfast for the 2 months since I discovered them! And like other readers I would buy a book of all your blogged recipes, sometimes it is much easier to have the book open right there rather than unlocking my phone with my flour-y fingers! Congratulations again!!

  121. Megan @ Real Best Recipe says

    CONGRATS!! I will definitely buy a copy and some for friends and family as gifts! I vote that you should DEFINITELY put the deep dish cookie pie and the chocolate fudge pie in the book! Everyone I share those with LOVES them! But you probably already know that those ones are amazing! Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but do you have an idea of when the book will be out?

  122. Joey says

    Good for you! I love your blog and your recipes. I was thrilled when I found it as I am a chocolate lover, but need to eat healthier. I look forward to your book – I’m sure it will be a big seller and definitely a stand-by for gift giving! Thanks for your hard work that makes our lives healthier and tastier!

  123. Katie says

    That’s so exciting! I’ll definitely buy a copy! I’ve just started looking at your site, and I can’t wait to try all of these! I first heard of you when you were mentioned over on SkinnyTaste, and for reasons unknown to me, I forgot about this blog. Then the other day I did a Google search for vegan hot chocolate, and I found your site again. I had no idea that your recipes were vegan the last time I was on here! I’m new to vegan food, and this website is going to be the one that I turn to now for all my desserts! 🙂

  124. Mariell @ HealthyPantz says

    Congratulations- what an awesomely exciting venture! I love your blog and recipes, and will equally love your cookbook. (You can never have too much excitement in your corner!) Can’t wait to see what you cook up!

  125. Iris says

    Way to make choices that align with your vision and making sure you are putting out the best content you can for your readers. I admire you even more knowing that you’re waiting until you have it all the way you want it to be.

    Lots of love and chocolate kisses!

  126. Rachel says

    Yay…. Now I can stop getting my iPad ruined when u bring it into my tiny kitchen to make cck recipes. My husband is more excited then me for all the new treats u can make him. Congrats cck!

  127. Anna@ActiveFingers says

    Congratulations! I love your recipes and am excited to see the ones you are saving for your book 🙂

  128. Katharina says

    That is awesome!!! I’m so happy for you Katie, and I know it’s going to be incredible and full of delicious recipes… and pictures?? I hope 😀 This also gives me hope! I think that’s awesome that the publishing houses contacted you. I’d love to publish a cookbook too one day, and I think that’s so cool that they found you through your blog.

    xo, tons of love to you!!!

  129. Sarah O'H says


    I’m thrilled for you. I really do hope that you have international shipping as at LEAST one of those babies is coming to Ireland. I run a vegan group in my area so it will make a great gift for my members!!! Oh the excitment!!!!!
    When will it be out?

  130. Gina says

    I was hoping this was the news!
    I tell everyone about your site. I love it and will definitely be buying a cookbook or two or three or four…

  131. Kelsey says

    That’s so exciting! Congratulations! I’ll definitely be buying the cookbook… no worries there. Can’t wait to see it 🙂

  132. Alicia in Texas says

    Hey Katie!

    I just wanted to say that I adore your blog and am so so excited to see your future cookbook! I always wished you’d come out with one, so this is like an answer to my dreams! 🙂

  133. Jeana says

    Will you be providing tested GF versions in the cookbook as well? or will you have a dedicated GF section?

  134. Anonymous says

    This is great news, congratulations! I, too, will get my hands on at least 3 or 4; 1 to keep and 3 to share with the friends I am always directing to your site!

    What a wonderful thing for you, and all of us!


  135. Kate says

    Woohoo! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to purchase a few cookbooks for the library I work at — I’m always printing your recipes and handing them off to patrons and staff.

  136. The Better Baker says

    Congratulations!! How very exciting. I have my own cookbook too and know it takes a lot of blood, sweat & tears to make it come true. Yours will sell like hotcakes no doubt…chocolate ones of course. Thanks for sharing your fabulous creations and not keeping ALL of them a secret. =)

  137. Lena says

    Congratulations!! I’ve always wished for a CCK cookbook because I thought it would be easier and neater than constantly writing down the recipes (although I did end up with my own homemade CCK cookbook, which is pretty cool) but a cookbook with recipes that don’t appear on the blog is an even better reason to get it! Hope I’ll be able to get it shipped to Israel…

  138. DeDe Vest says

    Yeah! A cookbook! I’d love to purchase a cookbook (or 2 or 3). I’d buy a cookbook with all the recipes that are already posted. I’d much prefer a hard copy over the cut and paste mess that I have now. Congratulations, it is well deserved!

  139. Healthy Heather says

    Just got this in my email inbox, and I couldn’t be more excited! The day your cookbook comes out will be like Christmas!

    Please put the cookie dough dip in there. That’s my favorite!

  140. Jennifer! says

    Finally! It is about time for my favorite blogger to start a cookbook! So excited to hold the finished product in my hands. Put me down for lots of copies, girl! You have my support, and the support of all my friends who love you too!

  141. biggest fan says

    Yes, I am your biggest fan. I check your site daily, even though I’m not a blogger or really much of a blog reader. In fact I’m not much of a cook even, but I’ll be buying your cookbook just because it’s yours. I won’t even look in it before purchasing. The fact that its yours alone makes me want to buy it. And then of course this “non cook” will make every recipe in the book! 😉

  142. Liz says


    Please tell your publisher (if you have one yet) that they had better print 1000000s more copies than they’d planned, because I am going to be buying out stores. Really, I want a copy for me, one for my mom, for my sisters (I have three), for my cousins, my best friends, my boyfriend (ok, he can share mine), my 80 year old grandma, everyone will be getting CCK cookbooks for Christmas!

  143. Kate @ Our Little Sins says

    Congratulations Katie, what a wonderful opportunity! And testament to your amazing recipes. Is it going to be distributed in Australia?!

  144. Emily says

    Add my name to the list of people who will be lining up to get your book.

    Wow, this is more exciting than beanie babies ;).
    (Was I the only one who lined up super early to get those as a kid?)

  145. amanda says

    wowza! i never ever buy cookbooks (other than my 1946 edition actual grandmothers book) but i WILL want yours. I am NOT vegetarian by any stretch, but as a healthy eater in training, i have been THRILLED to finally have recipes my kids will eat, i love and are healthy. even my picky eater husband was impressed with your cookie pie (trust me….its like the biggest compliment EVER). You have a true gift from the Lord for the kitchen.

  146. Heather says

    Way to go Katie! I am SO excited for you!!! I can’t wait to buy a copy and make those recipes you’ve been hiding from us. 🙂

  147. Emily says

    I’d still buy it, even if all of the recipies were on your website for free. You can put so much more into a cookbook – a chapter or two about healthy eating in general, about why you eat what you do, about ingredient information… And lots and lots of great pics!

  148. Cole says

    This is wonderful news! Both for you and the rest of us who heart what you do. Can I preorder it now? Will it be covered in chocolate? (Heh, hope they do something creative with the design as “chocolate covered” opens up a world of options.) And will there be a digital version available? I have a dedicated e-reader I keep in the kitchen just for cooking and baking.

  149. susanna says

    i knew it! yay that is SO exciting. even if they don’t end up on my shores i’ll amazon-international-delivery your chocolate-covered cookbook all the way over here. you had me at CINNAMON ROLLS. any tentative release date? by end of the year, maybe?? next year???

  150. Laci Morgan says

    Yup, I’d buy one! I say go for it now, use both new recipes and pre-posted ones. I’d love to be able to share your book with friends and family who aren’t web-savvy!

    • Abby says

      Yes! Like my grandma! She doesn’t understand why I keep staring at the computer screen all day, and she’s confused about this whole Chocolate Covered Katie thing. “Who is Chocolate Covered Katie? A friend from school?” she asks ;).

  151. Cammy says

    Congratulations! How exciting for you and lucky for your readers. Will be looking forward to buying it. I think this could be the start of a Chocolate Covered empire. Heck, if Paula Deen can be the queen of butter YOU can be the queen of chocolate. Food Network execs need to get a vegan show and have you as the star 🙂 !

  152. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt says

    Do I REALLY need to leave another comment out of the HUNDREDS you are already receiving?? Lol…CONGRATULATIONS!! This is amazing! I love to hear about when bloggers are getting their cookbook deals. Especially when their beginnings are humble and fun. (There’s something more romantic about a young blogger as opposed to when Bobby Flay or Giada releases another cookbook…) This will definitely be on my list, alongside the book of another raw, vegan blogger-chef friend of mine (here from Kansas City). This makes me want to keep an even steadier eye on my own dreams. Thanks for your blog and for being you!

  153. reader says

    Couldn’t be more excited for you. And for me, as I love your blog and would love a copy of a book!

  154. Abby says

    First stop book, next stop Food Network? Please? 🙂 I’m addicted to that channel and would love to see you as the next Food Network star!

  155. Melissa says

    Congratulations, Katie. This is well deserved! I’m glad for you and wish you well as you write it. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I love making desserts for my family that have health benefits.

  156. Cathee says

    Congratulations to You! I discovered you this spring by clicking on a food photo from Pinterest and immediately signed up for your blog. Looking forward to buying your future cookbook! I think you can do both blog and book with success. I do print out to try some of your recipes from your blog however, I would also get the cookbook! Make sure the publisher allows you a photo for each recipe. That’s what I look for in a cookbook for inspiration to tackle making a delicious recipe! Best wishes…the world is waiting.

  157. Suzi says

    I’ll have to purchase it as well, not only am I curious about the recipes but I feel like a free loader going to your web site three times a day and accepting compliments on your recipes. I’ll probably give a couple as gifts. Feel free to add spots for us to add our favorite of your online recipes! So we can collect all of your amazing recipes in one spot.

  158. Tara says

    As I was typing in your blog address just now I thought, “She really needs to publish a cookbook.” (That was seriously my thought.) And voila!

  159. Rachel says

    Congrats, Katie! I found your site through Pinterest and have shared it with a couple of vegan friends and two non-vegan co-workers. We love having a healthy dessert source, since I’m always trying to eat healthier. I LOVE your one-minute microwave cake (especially with some peanut butter added in).

    Random question. Are you going to be taking all of the pictures that go in the book as well as creating the recipes? It would be fun for us readers to see what goes on behind the scenes of making a cookbook (if you’re allowed to share that kind of stuff).

  160. Celina says

    Congratulations Katie!!!! Next thing you know, you’ll be getting calls for your own cooking show! Fingers crossed! You’re doing a wonderful job, I really enjoy your recipes 🙂

  161. Christin Jacketta says

    I am so excited to buy it! I have learned so much from your blog, I greatly appreciate you!

  162. Moni Meals says

    I am so so happy for you KATIE!!! I have been a reader of yours since the begining. I have seen you grow (BIG success!) and I am so excited for you. You are so great inside and out. All the best always and I look forward to more and more.
    I also am bad a keeping secrets of my own anyways. 🙂

    Have a great weekend too!

  163. Alice says

    I agree with all the other comments that you should have your own TV show! Food Network needs more healthy food shows!! 🙂

  164. Veronica says

    Oh my gosh, Katie! This is so awesome. What a great opportunity for you! I am SUPER excited. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  165. Jessica says

    Congratulations on the book offers! I am sure you will have an amazing cookbook! It is hard to save recipes and not post them, I always want to share recipes!! Can’t wait to see your book!

  166. Hannah says

    CCK, I promised myself two years ago that I’d never buy another cookbook, because I have literally shelves full of them. But I’m breaking that promise for your book. No way I’m not buying it! 😉

  167. Amy says


    I was waiting for you to do a cookbook! I think you, your blog and your recipes are very unique. The world is going to love it, especially the vegan world 🙂

    I look forward to seeing your book in person!

  168. Tara says

    This makes me so happy. Something to look forward to!
    Making one of your recipes before work always starts my day off right!

  169. Amanda says

    Yeah, I’m so excited for you and to get the cookbook. I don’t mind waiting for a little. I’ve never been disappointed in your recipes yet.

  170. Jessasaurus says

    Hopefully it will come out after September when we start getting paid again 🙂 (we are a bunch of school teachers, obviously) But I will buy it for sure! with all our allergies, cooking for everyone kinda makes me wanna cry–UNTIL I found your site. You are TOTALLY the best, and hope your book is very successful.

  171. Caralyn says

    Congratulations on the book, Katie! I will definetly be getting the book. Also, foodnetwork’s blog used your blueberry ketchup recipe in one of its recent articles. Just thought you should know.

  172. Karlie says

    OMG, you must do a book tour in California! I am sooooo excited *dancing happily around the house* I want to be the first one with this book:) And next for Katie……a cooking show! Watch out Food Network:) Congratulation, you work hard girl!

  173. vogelstar says

    Follow your dream. You will always win when you do that.
    I think it’s wonderful to have two different ways of reaching out to people and I know all of your regulars will be ecstatic to buy this book.

  174. Elena Wurlitzer says

    Amazing news! I don’t even know you, and yet I am so proud! You are so young, it’s truly a gift to be able to use your talents and share them with the world. I can’t wait to buy your book! Thank you for creating such amazing recipes, and for being so accepting and rational about food. Your happy disposition really does shine through. We’re all lucky that you do this!! So happy for you!

  175. Ashley Pomes says

    AHHHH CONGRATULATIONS!! I am happy for you and my stomach thanks you. I cannot wait to make all those recipes. 🙂

  176. Anonymous says

    I was wondering when you were going to announce the winner of the Vitamix giveaway? Thanks! 🙂

  177. Tori says

    Congratulations! I’m thrilled because yours is the type of blog/ recipe index that I have wanted to print off in its entirety and put into a binder so that I will have all your great recipes in a more handy place. I just hope that some of the recipes from the blog make it into the cookbook!

  178. Lauren says

    I just read this and screamed! I know that sounds over dramatic, but that’s how excited I am at this news!

    Love and good wishes from a (mostly silent) reader who loves your blog!

  179. Anonymous says

    Anon from awhile ago that you posted about (just gonna go ahead and call myself Kristina now because these references to prior posts are getting confusing!). Congratulatins on the sweet news (wink wink)! I will be browsing for that book in the future! When I made my original comment…I genuinely had a feeling that’s what you were doing (b/c I noticed the change)…and I think it’s amazing that you took feedback from ONE person out of all of your readers. Good stuff, & happy baking! ; )

  180. Chris says

    When giving birth to such a beautiful baby, there should be an equally beautiful name, right?!? Please tell me you’ll use Chocolate-Covered Katie in the title!!!!! I want to recognize it IMMEDIATELY when I see it for the first time!!!

    Also in total agreement that you could use at least 30% of already-published recipes and THAT WOULD PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE! Make them bend the rules for you!

  181. Jenny Levine says

    You’re blowing my mind, girl. You mean there are even MORE amazing recipes than the ones I already adore and crave? Whoa. Can’t wait. Best of luck!

  182. Ann says

    You have a lot of fans, as evidenced by the comments here, of which I am (a huge) one, but I’d like to add my congrats as well! I’ll look forward to those recipes.
    I finally had a chance to try the lemon bars last night. I made them gf with sorghum flour instead and after cooling the texture is good and they mostly keep their shape, but the flavor is delish! Made them partly for my mom, a huge lemon fan, who likes extra tart (I kept them sf) and she loved them too.
    Thanks for a quick and tasty healthy treat! Ann

  183. Rachelle says

    Congratulations this is such an amazing opportunity for you! You can bet I’ll be buying myself a copy! I also saw that you put in my suggestions (ok, so I’m sure a LOT of people did and that you probably had it on your mind way before I did, but I like to think I did 😉 ) for the cinnamon rolls and molten lava cake!

  184. Sunnie says


    Congratulations, Katie! 😀 I’m so happy to hear that a cookbook is on the horizon! As soon as you announce the release date, I’m marking my calendar. I WANT YOUR COOKBOOK!

    Again, congrats! Love your website, love your recipes. Seriously, you DID convert me to veganism the very day I visited your site. I had been considering veganism, and I was kind of teetering on the edge of “Should I?, Should I not?” but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, for a number of reasons. When I stumbled across your sight, I rrealized that being vegan DOES NOT mean bland, boring, blah food – if anything, I’m far more of a creative cook now than I ever was! You gave me the little push I needed. I’ve been a vegan for 2 months now, and it’s all thanks to you. Again, THANK YOU! And again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! 😀

  185. Jenn says

    Katie!!!! No one is more deserving of this than you!!!! I am soooo excited for you and I can’t WAIT to buy the book!!! OMGGGG incredible! And I love how you’re handling the book / blog sitch. 😉 I love you. 🙂

  186. Mandy Cheshire says

    I expected this, but CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 It would be an injustice for you NOT to have a cookbook. 🙂 I’ve tried tons of your recipes and loved each one. Not only that, they are versatile enough to be tweaked based on new inspirations! I have gone mostly vegan for health reasons, and I don’t know what I would have eaten without you. 🙂

    Yes, now about that Food Network idea I keep seeing comments about… 😉

  187. Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel says

    It’s actually perfect timing and you know what, you were meant to write a book and reach more people on a global level…to bring healthy desserts to the forefront! You are amazing Katie!! Hope you’ve been well and enjoying life. Sorry it’s been so long since my last comment but I continue to follow you…how could I not!!! XOXO <3

  188. Layla Messner says

    Congratulations!!! So. Excited. to buy it when it finally hits the shelves–and copies for friends, too :).

  189. Ally Lash says

    You are a culinary genius and have amazingly ,delicious recipes! Congratulations and best of luck in all your creations to come! Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and beautiful pictures! I am always excited to read your blog and wish you continued success! You are an inspiration to all of us gluten-free health and fitness lovers! I am super excited to get your cookbook!
    Grateful to you!

  190. Pat says

    First of all a huge congratulations. I can’t wait until the cookbook is available for sale because I will definitely being buying it……

  191. Abbie says

    Congrats! I can’t wait.
    I hope your book is going to have photos 😉 I don’t know why but I always like to look at photos of something before I make it. That’s why I generally stick to blogs for recipes, as opposed to recipe books.
    Just a suggestion! Though I would still totally buy your book regardless 😉

  192. LessSugarNaturally says

    Congrats! You so deserve this. You have great imagination and mad recipe making skills. It’s people like you (and the awesome doctors like Lustig that are going out on a limb discussing the harm of sugar and fructose), that will help fuel the low-sugar no artificial crap revolution!
    I can’t wait to buy your book and to see you do the talk show circuit. You’ll be a star! I know it!

  193. Joanne P says

    So excited for this cookbook to come out!! I am loving all the recipes from the blog, and have been recommending your blog to lots of my friends. I do have one suggestion for your cookbook though…could you please make sure there are pictures of each recipe. I love when there are pictures of what the goodies are suppose to look like. Can’t wait for your cookbook!!

  194. Natalie says

    Yayayayayay! Well done Katie! I’m so excited! Will it be available in the UK too??? Argh I’m so freaking excited! I have a cookbook addiction! Cant wait!

  195. Hannah says

    Hey Katie!
    I found your blog through pinterest a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. I am ridiculously addicted to sweets (especially chocolate and cookie dough!) and avoiding them takes all the discipline I can muster. Buuttt your recipes are so packed with protein and many are sugar-free that I feel much less guilty when eating them. I also have recently had to go gluten and dairy-free and your recipes have made the change over fun and super yummy 🙂 I am dying for the cookbook to come out!! In the meantime my computer will have cookie dough stuck in between the keys and chocolate smeared on the track pad. Just a suggestion, is there any way maybe you could include the nutrition facts for each recipe for us calorie-counters out there?
    Sorry this post is a tad bit long but I just had to tell you how incredible your blog is!!

  196. Ali says

    Congratulations, you SO deserve this! I’ll totally by a million copies! I’m always telling my friends about your recipes and this would be the BEST gift ever, no joke. I’m anxiously awaiting it 🙂 Any idea when it might be done? Are we talking years? Months? See, you got me all excited hehe!

  197. Belinda Cimo says

    Is your book done yet? (totally kidding) I will be buying several copies for my closest friends and family members! (totally NOT kidding) Do you need a design/publishing company? Check out (that’s where I work – we do magazines, books, events, web stuff) Not close to you, but who needs close when there’s Internet?

  198. Hazyy says

    Katie! I’m super excited to read this (haha a little bit too late huh!)
    I wrote you on twitter yesterday!
    I’m really looking forward to buy your cookbook, from Chile! I hope you have worldwide delivery P:

    I want to tell you, you completely inspired me. I am a vegan too and I decided to start a recipe and lifestyle blog. Your example is so amazing that I decided to give it a try! who knows, perhaps I can do some great things for spanish speaking people just as you made for the worldwide community, in that way is great that english is a wide-spoken language. I showed your blog to some vegan and non-vegan friends, but not all of them could read fluently in english so that is also a reason that pushed me into this decision I am taking and now telling you! haha, Katie you are really amazing, I discovered your blog 2 days ago and now I am super excited writing you this!

    If you check my last post of my blog, you’ll see my very first vegan recipe, I still need to polish my style of photography and stuff 🙂 I have not uploaded the recipe blog yet.

    Sorry my shaky english, I do my best 🙂

    Good luck and success in all your projects and keep up the awesome work!

    Hazyy (aka Natalia)

  199. Sonja says

    Hi Katie, first of all congratulations from Germany 😉
    In case it will be only sold in the US, but can be shipped: do you plan to list the amount of ingedients in gram as well or just in cups? I hope it will be in gram, too 🙂

  200. Erynn says

    Not that it matters, but hell, I’d buy the book even if it was ONLY recipes from the blog 😛 Anywho, congratulations–thats awesome!

  201. Anonymous says

    Katie, hello, sweet girlie!
    I am Vania from Bulgaria, just the other side of the Earth…
    I was looking today for a wit idea what weird thing to do with agar-agar and found your blog. Guess what- I am opening link after link!
    I share your way of thinking and do just the same cakes and creams like yours with the difference, that usually measure most ingredients by eye 🙂
    however- i really LOVE your blog, I feel so nice here, find so many nice ideas….( the cake with the cauliflower captured me, have you tried the aubergine chocolate cake?)!
    I will follow some precise recipes of yours and will spread your blog in my country, be sure you’ll find many friends and fans here!

    If EVER you come to Bulgaria ( it is worth coming here, I can guarantee), make sure to call so I can give you a great, real hug and thanks!

    Keep on!

    PS: do you have a book published? If yes- whats the name, where can I find it?

    Bless, Vania (Vanillka)

    • cck says

      Hi Vania! Thanks for such a sweet comment :).
      The book isn’t published yet, and it won’t be for awhile, but I’ll definitely post about it when it does come out!
      So nice to “meet” you!

  202. Shar says

    Too many comments to read if this was probably already stated, but, I would purchase a cookbook of your blog recipes too. Lots of photos. Every recipe with a photo!

  203. Denise Makuski says

    I’m so excited for you making a cookbook I can’t wait. I’ve had bariatric surgery about a year and a half ago and constantly looking for healthy food and lifestyle changes.can’t wait to buy your book…a suggestion maybe is recipes with protein and smaller portions in mind,natural sugarfree options not just using sugar substitutes as some patients can’t tollerate those either.You make healthy delicious recipes that I can eat and my body tollerates but some patients aren’t so lucky. I know you are always looking for ideas to improve and make better,like your recipes could even get better. I don’t normally eat many deserts but eating yours I don’t feel guilty or deprived,especially when someone is eating around me. I’ve even made your recipes for family and they loved them and they couldn’t believe how healthy they are.even co workers can’t wait for my next recipe because they are delicious and healthy. Wish everybody thought that way when cooking…like I always think when I cook try to make the most protein food value for my small portions.And if you have any suggestions I might be able to try that I missed from your blog please let me know eagerly waiting for a response and arrival for your book.

  204. Toni says

    This is sooo exciting! I love your recipes, Katie. I probably make 2 or 3 on average every week! And I share your website with people almost weekly as well 🙂 I would buy multiple copies of your cookbook; 1 for me and others to give as gifts. And I would love to be a tester as well as I try many, many of your recipes already. Waiting impatiently…..

  205. Erin says

    Hey Katie, I’m so happy to have stumbled across your blog tonight – it’s truly inspiring! I’m excited to try several of your recipes this week! As a recent convert to healthier diets I’ve been so craving desserts and sweets and these look amazing without the guilt of using processed sugars and bleached flour! Do you have any update on your cookbook? I think it would be hugely successful based on the raving reviews on your recipes!

  206. janine collins says

    Congrats! You deserve to be very proud of yourself. Can’t wait till the book comes out, please keep us posted of when a release date is imminent. 🙂

  207. D.V. says

    I have never left a comment on a site like this in my life! But I owe you the biggest thank you and must share!
    I gave up processed foods and refined sugar 3 months ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer on my 37th birthday. It hasn’t been easy… my resolve is strong, but at times my will power has been weak. I girl can only have drink so many smoothies and eat so much fruit before she realizes… it just ain’t chocolate! I found this to be more depressing than I care to admit. Just when I thought I might cave, I found you. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your recipes and how much easier you’ve made it for me to sick to a healthy lifestyle. Keep doing what you do! I can’t wait for your cookbook to come out! Congratulations on your success!

  208. Amy Putnam says

    YESSSSSSSSS !!! meeee tooo 🙂 Put me down for 2 cookbooks to start with. I look forward to your posts everyday and am constantly sharing them with my co-workers.
    You are great inspiration and a BIG help to those of us who have to watch our sugar intake , and now because of your ideas we CAN indulge our sweet tooth’s.
    Thank you , Thank you , Thank you !!

  209. Raybo Ji says

    Alooooohaaaaa Katie,
    Sooooo, is the cookbook done? If so, how do I buy one? And, if you want macadamia nuts, I can ship them to you from Hawaii, they are cheap here!! 😉
    Raybo 😉

  210. Raybo Ji says

    ps: your readers want to know…
    In most of the pix, you look about 15-16, but if you were in college in 2009 you have to be at least 21, maybe older. So, can you tell us how old you are and when your birthday is? And who bakes your cake?? 😉

  211. Becki M says

    Oo I can’t believe I only just now stumbled across this article! Has your cookbook been released yet?! I would DEFINITELY buy it if so 😀 xxx

  212. BakeMeABallerina says

    Sounds like some amazing recipes!!! If you don’t mind, I would caution against naming the cinnamon rolls “100 calorie cinnamon rolls”. Firstly, you have said for yourself that counting calories isn’t a good idea, and secondly I probably wouldn’t be allowed to eat them 😉

  213. pj says

    Hello Katie,
    I enjoy your site.
    Do you ever use applesauce instead of other sweeteners? Are you familiar with granulated fructose. I bought a book for sugar free deserts. It uses granulated fructose. I have not been able to find it an not sure I really want to use it anyway.
    I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes so I am looking for healthy ways to make deserts. Your thoughts?
    Thank you

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      She uses applesauce in many of her recipes. Also she often uses xylitol. Maybe ask your doctor if this is a good substitution for you?

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hi Daniele,
      It will be available in late December of 2014! 🙂 I will definitely post about it when it’s available… Do you want me to sign you up for emails too? I did not want to do so without asking your permission, and it’s completely okay if you’d prefer to just check back in December if that’s easier for you.

  214. Sherry Lee says

    Please, please, please convince your publisher to let you add all of your blog recipes!!! We all want these fabulous recipes in one place. Great job! I will buy lots of copies!

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