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My favorite meal in NYC

This vegan loves cream sauce.

Up until yesterday, I don’t think I’d ever tried cashew Alfredo sauce. So when I saw it on the menu at Cafe Blossom, a vegan restaurant in New York City, I instantly wanted to order Spaghetti Squash Alfredo: maitaki mushrooms, sautéed garlic, leeks, and slow roasted cherry tomatoes, mixed with tender spaghetti squash in a rich cashew cream sauce. I also ordered a side of grilled asparagus.


While devouring every last drop of sauce, I drafted the following letter in my head:

Dear Cafe Blossom peeps,

Your cashew Alfredo is the best thing since sliced bread chocolate-chip cookies. Please, can you send me the recipe so I can eat it, drink it, and bathe in it daily? I would be forever grateful.


Chocolate Cashew-Covered Katie


What do you think? Do you think they’ll go for it?

Or be seriously creeped out? 😕

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Published on July 27, 2011

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  1. peanut butter maniac says

    Do we have to choose? Those both sound amazing!! You made my day yesterday posting those delicious peanut butter cookies 🙂 I’ve just made your cobbler (which is lovely) but I’m now working to eat it all up so I can get to more peanut buttery pastures!

  2. Jennifer JCD says

    Just popping in to say the brownie batter dip was a HUGE hit with my husband yesterday. I had to guard my bowl because he kept stealing mine when I wasn’t looking! Thank you for the hit recipe! (He’s in a fussy eater phase too, so bonus points for getting through that.)

    As for which recipe to feature next, I’ll vote for fudge.

  3. Jenny says

    PB&J blondies!

    My first impulse was to type “PB&J fudge” in all caps (fudge = chocolate, right? So that should be priority #1…) but I’m going to honour my hair colour and curiosity and vote for the opposite. XD

    I wish I could get on board with liking the whole “creamy” consistency, but have a feeling I will never be a fan… Oh well, at least I still have “fudge-y” consistency-type desserts, thanks to all your great recipes. 🙂

  4. Gina says

    I must try Cafe Blossom since I live in NYC! I’ve been to Blossom and Blossom Du Jour (their sister restaurants) and both were delish 🙂

  5. Jenn says

    I THINK I have been to Cafe Blossom (have to check if its the place I’m thinking of) If so, I remember it being AMAZING!! Everyone loved what they got!

  6. Karen @ She Flies With Her Own Wings says

    Mmm the PB&J fudge sounds amazing. Since I’m in Vietnam right now, I have no access to ingredients to make any of your recipes, but I can’t wait until I get back and can start trying them out!

    When you were in NY, did you miss cooking and preparing your own food? Going out for every meal can definitely start getting old. Access to a good kitchen is so important!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I did miss my favorite recipes– like my ranch or my brownies. But I definitely didn’t miss the cooking process. I actually don’t really like to cook! I love creating recipes, but I’d much rather create them in my head and have someone else do the hard work of chopping and cleaning the mess ;).

      (P.S. Staybridge Suites, where I stayed, has a full kitchen with a stove and everything!)

  7. Lissy says

    that does look really good. One of the best meals I’ve had was also composed of spaghetti squash. Not vegan, but it was at an Italian restaurant in CT. Spaghetti squash and I think it was butternut squash ravioli in some sort of cream sauce. Expensive, but my company was paying for it 😀

  8. judy says

    I can’t choose! They both sound ridiculously good 😀
    Whatever recipes comes first, I will be satisfied!
    I am a HUGE peanutbutter fan!!!

  9. Lisa says

    oh mann alfredo<333 I used to LOVE that stuff. wayyy too much fat and calories now, I try to stay away 😛 but cashew alfredo sounds like a healthier alternative. cashews are so versatile!!! 🙂

    i pick pb&j fudge 🙂

  10. Courtney says

    Katie you look gorgeous with the pink and the flushed cheeks 🙂

    I’m so glad you love PB as much as me haha. I’d love to see PB&J blondies!!

    I’m in dorms in the UK for two more weeks and I can’t wait to go home (to Texas) and use my real kitchen with my blender to use some of your recipes!

  11. Cindy says

    also… I make cashew cream sauce sometimes and I just make it by soaking cashews overnight then blending it up, then adding salt and seasonings 😀

  12. Amber K says

    PB&J Fudge 🙂

    Cashew creme sauce sounds so good! I must research! So many dairy-free recipes are unfortunately not soy-free, but a creme sauce made from cashews, now THAT sounds awesome.

  13. merry says

    just made your banana pancakes and your funfetti cookie dough balls for lunch! i was so excited because i had everything right in my kitchen. they were delicious and now i’m quite full 🙂

  14. Nicole @sugarcoatedsisters says

    That meal looks absolutely PERFECT. I’ve been vegan the past 2.5 weeks and I’m dying for a creamy sauce to bathe my veggies in. I put Italian dressing and nooch on my spaghetti squash when I made it last week because I didn’t have a creamy sauce! Hopefully they send you the recipe 😉 Or you can just recreate it for all of us!

  15. Ragnhild says

    Oh, that is a tough choice, but I vote for the fudge 😀
    That dish looks absolutely fantastic! I love to make creamy sauces of cashews, and I have made many after I learned more about raw food! Its great for warm dishes too! Please send them the letter and share the recipe with us later 😀
    Beautiful photo Katie <3 Love your nail polish!

  16. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I’m going with PB&J blondies. That sounds so good!

    And if you want cashew alfredo, Oh She Glows has an amazing Vegan Alfredo sauce made with cashews. I make it a few times per month!

  17. Kelsey says

    good to know! I love Blossom but have never tried that dish. I will so order it next time! 🙂

    And I heart all things peanut butter, so keep the recipes coming 🙂

  18. Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFIles says

    I’ve never been a huge alfredo person but the way you describe it I may have to try and make a cashew version!!

    And FUDGE!!!

  19. Aine @ Something to Chew Over says

    PB&J fudge! I just did a post on my fudge recipe (just plain fudge) so I’d love to see yours!

  20. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    PB & J fudge sounds like it would be soo good! And cashew alfredo is ever so intriguing, since I haven’t had alfredo sauce in years! But I’m 100% sure that stuff is healthier than the alfredo I used to order at Red Lobster… lol

  21. Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse says

    Fudge please! Love a bit of fudge and if it’s healthy I’ll be very happy 🙂
    I made cashew cream cake “buttercream” for a cake today and it was out of this world… I’m going to have to do more with cashews now too!

  22. Rasha says

    PB&J blondies, please and thank you! : )

    I’m about to go try out your dark chocolate brownie batter dip.. I am too excited for words!!

  23. Charissa says

    Seems like I’m always on some sort of kick…and I’m totally understanding the PB kick you’re on. In fact, I’m totally contemplating eating a big spoonful right now. So evil. 😉

  24. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    GARSH, peanut butter is the best food EVER invented. Thank you George Washington Carver!

    And definitely send them that letter! It would be so funny, and I would be interested to see what they write back.

    I vote or the!blondies

  25. Elise says

    I think that letter may just work!!! It’s worth giving it a go anyway right? If not maybe you could get them to sell it by the jar and post it to the UK?? x

  26. Debby says

    Hi Katie

    To help you with your cashew cream alfredo sauce here is a recipe that I use to make at work (which was a vegan catering company) I never measured how much of the ingredients I used, but please try it out and play around with the amounts:

    1/2 cup raw cashews, 1/2 cup filtered water, 1 tablespoon ume plum vinegar, 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast, 1/4 cup combined roasted/carmelized onions and garlic, to taste salt and pepper, touch of nutmeg. Let the cashews soak in the water for 10 minutes or so. Add other ingredients (in the blender) and blend until white, thick, and creamy. Yum! and Raw.

    Oh and My vote is for both recipes please! But tomorrow pb and j blondies.

    Oh and one more thing, I made your single serving banana bread the other day so I could make myself vegan banana bread french toast. So good. You may wanna try it. Check out my latest blog posting to see what I did.

    Thanks! Love your blog.


  27. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    Pb&j blondies or pb&j fudge?
    What would you rather see tomorrow?

    = That would be like trying to pick if I wanted peanut butter or chocolate…it’s such a hard call!! Whatever you pick, I’m there for. And drooling no doubt.

    And so happy you loved your meal! I admit that I am wayyyyy more of a sweet person than a savory and so sauces for me, well, I prefer sweet ones to savory but that alfredo sauce looks really good!

  28. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes says

    pb&j fudge for sure. But I know both recipes will be bomb so I am excited for both! cashew covered pasta….!? sounds heavenly 🙂

  29. Nathalie says

    Imma have to go with PB & J blondies!

    Oh man, that spaghetti squash alfredo looks decadent. I dunno if you have any tips, but how does one make a decent vegan alfredo sauce without cream or cheese? I’ve got the tofu base-part down, and I have brewer’s yeast. But I don’t find the flavor of nutritional yeast to be REALLY on par with parmesan cheese. Hmm… a conundrum.

    Damn, I wish I could buy spaghetti squash in Japan.

    ((PS, it’s spelled “maitake.” The -take part means mushroom in Japanese, hence shiitake, maitake, etc. Just FYI ^_^))

  30. Patty Blake says

    Oh my goodness..whatever you post will be WONNNNNDERFUL ;)! BUT.. PB&J blondies would be incredible. Actually, PB&J anything would be welcomed: muffins…cookies…oatmeal…bread…dessert dip^^

  31. Marianne says

    That cashew Alfredo dish sounds amazing, probably because of the mushrooms. Can you believe I’ve never had spaghetti squash before though? I know, crazy!

  32. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    Oooh, that looks so good! I am going to New York in September, so I will HAVE to check out Cafe Blossom now…thank you for the stellar recommendation! 🙂 xyx

  33. Diana (Soap & Chocolate) says

    I’m so sorry I missed you here in NYC, but I see you had no trouble finding all the best spots for quality eats. 🙂 My own trip was great as well! I think my favorite food in Russia was the mushroom pelmeni (dumplings). You have my permission to create a healthy version. 😉

    Oh and I was at Cafe Blossom recently too! I had the raw sweet potato rolls and an eggplant entree. Heaven! Oh and the chocolate cake. Their simple layer cakes are amazing!

  34. Rachel says

    Katie, I have been following your blog for over a year and I am a HUGE fan! I am writing this from Cafe Blossom. I got the fettuccine Alfredo, thanks to your suggestion, and I was NOT disappointed!! It was delicious!

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