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Peanut Butter and Jelly Fudge

Guaranteed, you’ll never again look at pb&j the same way.

peanut butter and jelly fudge

One of my friends summed up the following recipe perfectly:

“It’s like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… in fudge form!”

pbj fudge

PB&J Fudge

  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp coconut butter or Homemade Coconut Butter
  • very scant 2/3c berries (I used 80g strawberries. You can also use jam.)
  • 1/8 tsp salt (also, I used salted pb)
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)
  • 1 tbsp agave or pure maple syrup (I liked it plain, but my tasters preferred it sweetened)

Blend the berries first. (I used a Magic Bullet cup.) Then add the other ingredients and blend until smooth. Put in a container, and freeze until firm. It’ll keep for at least a few weeks in the freezer. (Just be sure to thaw before eating.)

See the following post for: Calorie Information.

(This version probably has fewer calories because berries aren’t as calorically-dense as bananas… but what’s a calorie-count anyway, if not an estimate?)

peanut butter jelly fudge

And a close up.

You know you wanted one.

pbj fudge

Don’t forget about pb&j’s chocolatey cousin:


Another healthy recipe: Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.

As a kid, what kinds of lunches did you take to school?

I went through different sandwich phases that would last about a month or so. One month, it’d be a cream cheese and jelly sandwich every single day. Another month was turkey. In middle school, I started a love affair with pb-banana sandwiches. Oh, and when I was very little, my favorite packed lunch was a nutella sandwich. People thought it was weird. Who knew that, almost twenty years later, nutella would become so trendy? I was such a little trend-setter.

Published on July 28, 2011

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  1. Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking says

    In Singapore, we have a canteen with about 5 food stalls selling a variety of foods in schools. We basically buy our own food, like at a food court? Its the same in Junior College (where I am studying now) I would buy bread and and snacks, never ate proper meals in school when I was a kid. Annnddd…. that hasn’t changed! Haha.

    By the way, the addition of real berries make this fudge real pretty! 😀

  2. Jennifer JCD says

    Looks delicious, Katie. Kind of reminds me of the PB&J milkshakes I make (with soy nut butter.)

    I never really ate cafeteria food for lunch, as my parents and I always packed such yummy bag lunches. Oh… the sandwich phases… peanut butter and honey was a favourite for a long time, as was peanut butter banana. Cheddar cheese and margarine lasted a while too. And then came the banana muffin, followed by the zucchini muffin… and then a stint with hummus veggie wraps.

  3. Ragnhild says

    I keep getting so impressed with your ideas Katie!! Seriously, the colour of these are so cute 🙂 Perfect for a Baby(girl)shower 😀 I think I would prefere the chocolate variant, because chocolate is the only thing on my mind ( :S ). But I still love the idea of these!!

  4. The Teenage Taste says

    I’ve always been a brown bagger and a lunch buyer. Usually I’d bring a bagged lunch 4 days out of the school week and buy lunch the other 1 day. Usually pizza day! Haha. 😉

  5. katie @KatieDid says

    That’s simply the prettiest fudge I’ve ever seen, not sure I could eat it, its so pretty! well… that’s a lie I’m sure I’d find a way to eat it haha.. Ah I would cry in pre school if my mom packed me cream cheese and jam haha! I hated it. But later in middle school my dad would pack me amazing caesar salad wraps and other times my favorite deli meat, russian dressing, veggies, and cheese yum! I miss having my lunch made for me…

  6. Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles says

    When I was a student in school I ate the school lunches; literally EVERYONE ate the school lunches. It is just the way it was….. Now that I’m a teacher I bring my own lunch. If I ate that food every day I seriously couldn’t live with myself! (or the hips it would create….)

  7. Jennifer says

    When I was in elementary school, my mother made me peanut butter and jelly every single day. It actually became a joke because I’d take out my lunch and someone would announce that it was “peanut butter and jelly….again.” But, then, every so often, she’d throw in something that was really peculiar for a little kid to eat for lunch–pizza macaroni (basically spaghetti and eggs) or some kind of soup in a thermos–and then the kids really thought I was weird!

    I never, ever ate school lunches. They pretty much disgusted me even then!

  8. Stefanie says

    I went through a crazy phase of eating chicken and rice for lunch for about a year. Some other foods were lunchables and PBJ sandwiches. I would buy junk food a lot but did get the hot lunches in elementary school. My favorite was the mashed potatoes, gravy, and turkey.

    That fudge looks good and healthy. 🙂

  9. Lindsey @ Why Just Eat says

    Oh yum that looks GOOD! School lunch – I went to a small private school that didn’t have a cafeteria, so my mom sent my lunch every day. My daughter’s school offers the district lunch program, but after a HORRIBLE experience (she called me crying because she was starving and they served her the most disgusting lunch I have ever seen) I make her lunch now every day. The hard part is that she goes to a 100% peanut free school – great for the allergy kids, hard for my peanut butter loving kid.

  10. The English Major says

    I actually just posted in my blog about my undying devotion to PB&J… I used to have them in my packed lunches all the time, until I read Harriet the Spy and just had to have a tomato sandwich every day instead.

    I brought my lunch all through elementary school because my mom wanted us to eat right, but decided it was dorky some time in middle school and insisted on buying lunch. Of course, by high school I was saving my money by just buying french fries, and my weight just kept going up, and up. One day I’ll have to tell my mom she was right, after all.

  11. NaturalAsCanBe says

    Ick, I hate school lunches. Even as a kid I never liked them (although a few years I did eat school lunches) and always preferred packing my own. I used to make PB & J (all-natural: my family never did Skippy or Jif) all the time, or sometimes my dad would make me wraps with lots of good toppings like fresh veggies or pickled jalepenos or banana peppers, and I’d always get fresh fruit in my lunches. I also loved to bring raisins as a snack. (-:
    Now-a-days I like to pack “snacky” lunches, with lots of little snacks and fruit and things, rather than a whole meal (last year at school I did this all year because my lunch period wasn’t until 2 and I could never wait that long for lunch, so I ate between classes). Last year I used to always pack Larabars as part of my snacks; they were perfect for school. 🙂
    This year, I’m definitely going to pre-make all sorts of goodies for my lunches. (-;

  12. Barb says

    I think I can count on one hand the number of days I bought school lunch. Buying cafeteria chocolate milk was always a treat, though 🙂 I practically lived on PB sandwich crackers, and Oreos! My mom was not much into cooking or baking, as I am. My kids are going to have gourmet lunches (or at least, gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!)

    In the meantime, since I am not at the kid-lunchmaking-phase of my life yet, I will definitely be making your peanut butter and jelly fudge! I’m very excited because although I love your chocolate fudge, I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the banana-y taste that came with it.

  13. Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies) says

    YES YES YES! i voted for this one and im so glad i did!! ahaha i used to have a ham, mustard and yellow cheese sandwich with quavers (british chip things) and carrot sticks… and yeah.. blahh! certainly dnt eat that now!

  14. Lauren B. says

    In school, I typically brought my lunch; usually a turkey sandwich with a yogurt cup and maybe some Pringles.
    When I would buy the hot lunch (back then it only cost a buck or two!), I loved all of the totally unhealthy stuff- bring on the beefaroni!!

    P.S. Off the subject: do you work, go to school, and/or blog full-time?

  15. Ashley C says

    When i was younger I always took my own lunch to school since my elementary school cafeteria was disgusting! I was a fan of the little lunchable packs. When I got to high school it wasnt “cool” to bring your lunch plus we had a rockin cafeteria with all sorts of fast food [i know just what a bunch of teenagers need 🙁 ] I can totally see your bean desserts becoming the next trend, they have already spread their way to so many different blogs!!

  16. Amber K says

    I only ever bought hot lunch. So I basically ate whatever looked good that day. Although this was a time when I thought junk food was AWESOME and 90% of the school got hot lunch. The kids who brought their lunch from home were “weird” and always eating things like whole wheat bread with some sort of healthy spread. I mean come on, who eats…healthy? 😉

  17. Meg says

    Katie!! This is AMAZING! Gosh, everything you come up with is amazing, let’s just be real, here 🙂

    I used to LOVE a classic pb & j for lunch as well as pb & banana! SO good! When I got a hot lunch at school, I was always the wierdo who went for the bean burrito 😉

  18. Karen @ She Flies With Her Own Wings says

    When I went to school, I usually brought something standard: fruit, sandwich, carrots, energy bar, etc.
    In college I had to eat in the dining halls (residential campus), but it was AMAZING since our college had fantastic vegetarian/vegan food. The vegan chili was amazing, and we even had kale chips periodically!

      • Nathalie says

        Whoa, wait. Bryn Mawr? Where was this school? In Texas?

        I ask because while I’m now in Japan, I spent my life before now on the east coast, in Delaware close to Pennsylvania. There’s an area called Bryn Mawr around there. Seeing the name just now made me do a double-take, even.

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            Hahahahha oh SEPTA! Oh my gosh! They made me cry once! And another time, my wallet was stolen! Good times… 😕
            But still, it was an awesome system and I wish we had something like it here in Dallas. Philly is the ultimate walking city, b/c it has everything but is more manageable than NYC.

          • Nathalie says

            I lost my wallet once on SEPTA, but some magical train fairy allowed me to get it back with nothing missing within like an hour.

            And true dat, about walking in Philly. My sister used to have a studio apartment on Chestnut and 12th. It was so great for getting to just about all the cool places in the city, like the Art Museum, the Terminal, South Street, etc.

  19. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Yum! Like the coconut banana fudge but way better. You cannot go wrong with PB and J. As for school lunch, I brought my own everyday because I was a vegetarian kid. But sometimes, I’d order cheese fries from the little junk food diner in our cafeteria….

  20. Sarah says

    I’m home schooled BUT when i DID got to school, i loved loved loved ham and cheese! Oh and i had a lovely friend named tuna-fish salad sandwich. Oh how i miss her. I think I’ll be revisiting her tomorrow. I LOVE Nutella sandwiches though ( does nutella in between two cookies count as a sandwich?) Anyhow, the fudge looks divine and oh-so-summery. Beautiful colors! i think this would make maybe cute little gifts ( for belly and health) or even a company- is -over-unexpectedly-and-i-don’t-know-what-to-give-them-besides-these-berries-i-have-in-the-fridge type snack. AWKWARD MOMENT. Will try these! Thanks for the recipe.

  21. Renee says

    LOVE IT!!! I always crave PB & J’s, now we can have them bite sized and travel!

    I was wondering if I can use coconut butter in place of coconut oil in other recipes I’ve found on line?


  22. Karen, WA state says

    OK, silly question probably…
    Your directions say ..Blend the berries first. (I used a Magic Bullet cup.) Then add the other ingredients and blend until smooth.
    But in your food pix, it looks like you have a layer of peanut butter just on the top. Is there also PB mixed in the fudge or is it just “iced” with the PB?
    Also, are you using fresh PB or commercial PB like “jif”

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I actually just added the pb layer to the top for the photoshoot so people could tell it was supposed to be pb fudge, not just jelly. 🙂
      So yeah, just blend the pb right in!
      And I use Whole Foods 365 brand (it comes in a red jar).

  23. Kim says

    I just ate breakfast and my mouth is already watering after reading your post!

    As for school lunches, I recall loving cream cheese and relish sandwiches when I was little. I seem to have grown out of that phase though since I no longer crave it. I’ve tried it once since and I wasn’t impressed. I was a weird kid 🙂

  24. Katie says

    Looks a little like frozen strawberry cream cheese topped with peanut butter! I never would’ve thought of PB&J Fudge though!

    I always bought the schools hot lunches, but their PB&J’s were awful! They put roughly 2 inches of peanut butter on both slices of bread and then a dime size bit of jelly! You needed TWO chocolate milks to get that sucker down. Recently school has made a major overhaul and gone with healthier foods though (pizza with whole wheat crust and low fat cheese; yogurt and granola bar as an entree; free fresh fruit)

    I always used to cry, too, when my mom packed me bologna and cheese!

  25. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes says

    Who would not want pb and jelly in fudge form?!?! amazing choice again you trend setter! haha 🙂

  26. Jen says

    In elementary school, I was obsessed with peanut butter and banana sandwiches on whole wheat bread. In middle school, I went through a phase when I loved a cheddar sandwich on seedy flax bread. Oddly enough, my peanut butter and jelly sandwich phase came about in high school! I never ate cafeteria food as a kid. My mom always made me lunches filled with lots of different treats.

  27. Minerva says

    Now I know why I had PB&J on the mind and made a pb&j shake last night for dessert! Your comments poll really had a deep effect on my subconscience 🙂

  28. Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFIles says

    Yessss I’m so glad we got the fudge recipe! And I have all the ingredients on hand!

    My mom used to make me a 6-inch salami and mustard sub every day. That thing was LOADED. Ew. She packed me endless Little Debbie snacks too! Now I love bringing leftovers. Yummy, hot, and satisfying. I stopped buying hot lunch after I got splotchy pizza! I posted about it a few weeks ago!

  29. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    Katie this is such a cute treat! Can you taste the coconut at all?

    And I honestly loved hot lunch — especially the tacos. I don’t know why I loved that “meat” so much. But if I did pack a lunch I’d bring PB&J — on toasted bread. That was so good!

  30. Katherine says

    Back in the day, I went to a fairly hoity-toity private school that served a pretty tasty hot lunch . Didn’t stop me from making a peanut butter (no jelly!) sandwich every day. However, because of my extensive food allergies, I’ve had to stop eating at the cafeteria at my university, and thus I’ve had to get pretty creative with my meals and my budget. The peanut butter sandwiches of my younger days have definitely scored a starring role in my college lunch menu!

    Also, as a question for those of us who are a little wary about the $8 a jar price of coconut butter – do you have any suggestions for an alternative? This looks amazing, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what a good substitute would be. Or should I just crack and buy the coconut butter anyway? 😀

  31. Elise says

    Those look amazing! Peanut butter and jam sandwiches have been my favourite since I don’t know when…they’re amazing. Whoever came up with that combination may just be a genius!

    I had school lunches for a little while, but I hated the fact that I was the only vegetarian kid in my school (and my family!). It also meant that if they cooked something fresh (very rare) I had it everyday for a week, blurgh!

  32. Alexandra (Veggin' Out in the Kitchen) says

    Oh. My. Those would be the first thoughts that came to my mind when I saw this post. That fudge looks way to good to be healthy. As always, only a genius could do that so clearly you ARE a genius! 😀 Quick ?: Is that just plain ole’ peanut butter on top of the fudge?

    For lunches, I usually take a sandwich (either peanut butter, pesto, sunbutter and cinnamon, or almond butter and cinnamon), a bag of raw veggies (at least that’s how my friends describe it), a piece of fruit, and a piece of unsweetened chocolate. 🙂 But I sometimes take almond butter pasta (or pesto pasta) with steamed broccoli or leftovers. I’ve never boughten lunch from the school, but I may have to someday just to see what it’s like 😉

    And I definitely think your cookie dough recipes could be a trend someday. They all ready are at my house! 😉

    Have a wonderful rest of the week, Katie!!

    <3 <3

  33. Albizia says

    Maybe with some pretzels on top this fudge will resemble even more a pb & jam sandwich. Yum!

    I have never packed lunch for school. Our system is different. We study in shifts. First shift starts at 7:30 am and finishes between 12:30 and 13:10 and second shift starts at 13:30 and finishes between 18:30 and 19:10 (depending on the number of classes for the day). So the kids are always home for lunch and dinner. In my school we were one month first shift and the next month second. Now I pack food for uni pretty often 🙂 .

  34. Eleanor@eatinglikeahorse says

    Those cookie pies should become trendy – I took one to work for someone’s birthday and it disappeared like lightning!
    Love the look of this fudge too; raspberries/strawberries and coconut butter were born for each other!
    I went through sandwich ruts at school… still do, to be honest 🙂

  35. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    I love all your creations. Seriously, can I come over and just sit and eat all this stuff? Pretty please?

    I hardly ever packed my own lunch except for when at day camp or when I started eating healthier in high school. In fact, most of my school’s didn’t allow it without special permission..otherwise they’d call you out of class or during lunch hour to make sure you had something to eat if you didn’t buy from them.

  36. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    YUMMMMMMMY!!! Love me some pb&j’s 😀

    And in first grade, I got the hot lunch…my dad came to eat lunch with me and I didn’t want him to leave, so I cried all through lunch and recess! I didn’t get hot lunch again until second grade…where I loved it so much (can you imagine?) that I had hot lunch every day (until I was home schooled in 8th grade)

  37. Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine says

    Mmm sounds delish! I think I need to find a hot date with some of that coconut butter you keep mentioning 😉

  38. Charissa says

    I just want to pick your brain to see if you ever ever stop coming up with best ideas ever!?? No…pretty sure…your creative well will never run dry, lol!

  39. Dalai Lina says

    I’ve been wanting to ask you thins forever – who the heck eats what you make??? Obviously you have more self control than me 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      LOL well, sometimes I do. If it’s chocolate, it’s often me! And I definitely kept some of this fudge for myself as well. It all depends on what I’m making. Some recipes are made with my readers in mind (like the cake batter doughnuts. They weren’t really my personal favorite recipe. The dips and blondies are actually not my favorites either!). Those are usually pawned off on eager friends. But I always taste-test EVERYthing I make, and I really like desserts, so I do often personally keep a lot of what I make. My favorites include the fudge daddy brownies, raw chocolate fudge, volume ice cream, whipped cream in a bowl, etc :). Oh, and the breakfasts are usually eaten by me as well.

  40. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    Katie this is genius!!!

    I love what you did and how you did it!

    Vegan, GF, nobake/raw, no beans in it 🙂 and it combines PB & J…one of the best flavor combos ever!

    The pics are also gorgeous. And between these and that choc PB fudge pic, I am truly in eye candy heaven!

  41. Nathalie says

    Hmm.. I haven’t thought about school lunch in a long time. In elementary school, my father would always pack my lunch. If I recall correctly, it was usually a white bread sandwich with peanut butter and jelly, or occasionally upon my request, pb and chocolate syrup. Along with a pudding cup, and some milk. In the upper grades (4-6), I would buy school lunch. I often went with pb and jelly, or the “sandwich of the day” which was usually some kind of meat + cheese combo. I don’t recall DISliking the food, but I wasn’t a picky eater either.

    In junior high school, I got into the not-so-great habit of just visiting the “snack line” for a trio of cookies, or a soft pretzel, plus some kind of sugared fruity drink (think Sunny D).

    In high school, I got into the probably-even-worse habit of skipping lunch altogether. It wasn’t until college that I became interested in nutrition in any form.

    As far as this fudge goes, it sure it photogenic! But personally, I like to keep the elements of my desserts kind of separate. Like, a layer of pb fudge with a layer of fruit fudge. I just like being able clearly taste each part. I think that’s part of why I like Japanese food so much; the Japanese palate is the same way. They want all the elements separate so they can taste each flavor singularly or in whatever combination they choose.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      LOL no it was NOT photogenic at all! I had so much trouble with it and finally had to put the layer of pb on top just to get it to look like something! You know what is photogenic? Chocolate chip cookies! Those photoshoots take me all of a minute :).

  42. Lindsay says

    I also went through phases. I had the meatloaf and ketchup phase. After becoming a vegetarian in 6th grade I probably ate hummus on pita every day or 2 years straight.

  43. Maxwell says

    I don’t like pb&j that much, but the chocolate fudgies are doing to me made some time soon!

    I have never bought my lunch from school. Ever since 1st grade I, not my mom, have made my lunch. In grade school, raw Ramen packets and tuna with crackers were my staples. Middle school I was home-schooled, so I ate whatever I wanted at home. High school has been rough with lunches. I get made fun of for my weird dishes I bring to school. Sushi, tofu stirfry, grape leaves, and curries all get the “what on earth is that!” response, and then sometimes a “you are so weird!”. My food tastes so much better than the school lunches though,(sometimes my friends share) so I just let the comments roll off and enjoy my food!

  44. Luv What You Do says

    I LOVED cream cheese and jelly sandwiches. I have never heard of anyone who eats them. How fun!

    Ps the fudge looks great. Love me some PB and AB with everything. You should do a PB adn banana fudge!

  45. BroccoliHut says

    Ah, I love reminiscing about school lunches! I used to take fat free bologna on white bread with pickles and mustard. Pretzels always came along too.
    In high school the lunch was free, so I was always up for whatever they were serving. That’s how I first tried a lot of dishes, including baklava and collard greens!

  46. Namaste Gurl says

    Oh my goodness, can I steal your brain? How creative are you? I would’ve loved that wholesome treat as a kid 🙂

  47. Katie says

    That fudge looks so good! I’m going to have to try it out.

    So funny because my friends and I were just talking last night about whether we used to bring our lunch or buy it in elementary school. A few of my friends who went to a private school said they always bought it because it was so good. I remember actually crying one day in first grade because I forgot my lunch and had to buy hot lunch which was soooo bad hahah. My mom usually packed me pretty good lunches…I remember kids always getting so excited over lunchables but I always got so mad when my mom gave me one because I thought the meat was disgusting and slimy. yuck, still makes me cringe thinking about those.

  48. Rebecca says

    I always brought my lunch to school (even as a kid I thought they looked/tasted funny). It varied a lot from tunafish to turkey and veggie sandwiches, salads, PB&J and fruits. My mom packed me pretty good lunches.

    I think I may have a new fudge to add to my baking around the holidays.

  49. Danni says

    These look good to me! I think I will have to try them with some wild blueberries 😉 and probably all PB considering I don’t have coconut butter 🙁

    All throughout school (before I started a bad habit of starving myself…) I had peanut butter sandwiches. Every single day. And never got sick of it.

  50. Lorin says

    My friends always made fun of me because literally almost every day I had peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I occasionaly, rarely, had turkey, but then senior year I became a vegeterian. Senior year I got a bit more creative and had some tempeh and jam sandwiches. I always thought when I was going into college that I would be making a lot of pb and j sandwiches but I can’t remember the last time I had one :P. I love peanut butter though!

  51. Leslie says

    That fudge looks amazing! Growing up I ate a peanut butter and syrup sandwich almost everyday of my public school history from grades 4-8 with an apple (or cookies once in a blue moon if I wa lucky) we were pretty poor. Come high school it was veggies and dip or the odd cafeteria fries.

  52. Morgan says

    Hi! Is there a sub for coconut butter? I really want to make this and I don’t have any! Regular butter? Or oil maybe?

  53. Natalie says

    I went to boarding school so I ate 3 meals a day at school! We had set places at tables with girls (all girls school) from different years at lunch, which was nice when we were tiny but lame when we got older (15 y/o do not care about the woes of 11 y/os) dinner and breakfast we were in year groups. School did AMAZING puddings (dead man’s leg w custard mmm) and a really nice (but not spicy) curry with peaches in it! Haslet however is probably one of the most horrible things I’ve EVER come across! I have fond memories of school dinners!

  54. Justine says

    I made this fudge recipe exactly how it’s written, froze the fudge… It set or I thought it did but once being in the refrigerator for a few hours(to thaw to eat), it unset and was goopy. Do you have any advice to keep it set? Thanks!

  55. J says

    I’m sure you are a very sweet girl… but you do not look healthy. I’ve been there. Thank you for the recipes, best of luck.

  56. Mariah says

    Cool recipe idea. I wouldn’t have thought to make peanut butter and jelly fudge. 🙂
    Not sure if you’re aware of this, but the link to the calorie information is wrong. It took me to your raw chocolate fudge cake. Anyway, thanks for the recipe and may God bless you! 🙂

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