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No-Bake Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars

These bars might be your new favorite snack.

peanut butter pretzel bars

Peanut butter snack bars!

Salty and sweet, these no-bake bars taste even better than peanut butter pretzel Luna Bars. But they confuse me: How can a recipe with absolutely no chocolate taste so good?

It just doesn’t make sense.

pb lunas

You know what else confuses me?

Moles. And protons and neutrons and electrons. But mostly, moles. I sat through an entire year of AP Chemistry and still don’t understand moles. Not in the slightest.

Until I learned to cook, I thought I disliked science. Only recently did I realize the reason for my animosity towards the subject: I just couldn’t figure out how our school science experiments applied to real life. (Even the more exciting experiments, such as growing plants in 7-up or red food dye… how on earth was I ever going to use the information gleaned from that study?)

But it turns out I do like some branches of natural science, such as the science of nutrition, and the science of cooking. (Edible experiments are the best!) My advice to science teachers: Ditch the moles.

Focus on pretzels and peanut butter!

peanut butter pretzel bars

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars


Category: Healthy Peanut Butter Recipes.

  • 1 cup rice crispies (30g) (either brown or white)
  • packed 1/2 cup oat flour (70g) (see instructions for substitution)
  • 1/4 tsp salt (my pb also has salt)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 5 tablespoons agave (Pure maple syrup will probably work)
  • 3 tablespoons pb (or other nut butter) (Or you can switch the proportions of peanut butter to agave.)
  • optional: handful of broken-up pretzels (I didn’t measure)
  • optional: double batch PB Magic Shell

Combine all dry ingredients. In a separate (large) bowl, combine wet and stir to form a thin paste. (If you store your pb in the fridge, you should warm it a little for easier mixing.) Pour dry into wet (not the other way around), and stir until evenly coated. Line a baking dish or tupperware container with a large piece of wax paper and pour the mixture into the dish. Fold the extra paper over the mixture and squish down as hard as you possibly can! Use a heavy object to really press it down. (The mixture will fill a 7×5, or about 2/3 an 8×8.) Stick the mixture in the fridge or freezer to harden before cutting into bars. Makes 6 bars. (If you can’t find oat flour, you can make your own by blending oats in the food processor. Just be sure to measure after blending.)

View Nutrition Information

peanut butter luna bars

For authentic Luna Bars, top with: Peanut Butter Magic Shell.

As stated earlier, you should make a double batch to coat the bars. Spread it on evenly. When the bars cool in the fridge/freezer, the tops will magically harden.

Question of the Day:

Did you have a least favorite subject in school?

Growing up, I dreaded science class, whether it was chemistry or biology or physics. People always told me how lucky I was to get good grades on Spanish and English tests without studying… Little did they know I once studied for an AP Chem test and still got a 25 (my worst-ever test grade). But you know what? I’m more proud of the C I earned in Chem than the As in subjects that came more easily. I worked hard for that C; it could have so easily been an F! Link of the Day:


Oatmeal-Raisin Cookie Bars

Published on April 9, 2012

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  1. Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie says

    Ohhh Lordy. Need to make these PRONTO. PB&Pretzel may very well be my favorite taste combo ever.

    Think I scrolled up to look at those pictures 8 times while writing this comment. I could totally do those for breakfast.

    Hated science. Hated hated hated. Loved……lunch?


  2. Samantha says

    I actually really enjoyed chemistry but was terrible at it. I got it at a concept level but just struggled with the detailed work. It was a very strange experience.

    I haven’t thought about moles in years – but you are right, that idea was just a little unreachable.

    I thought I hated spanish too until I got to college and finally got some great instructors. I always wanted to really be good at it and finally was!

  3. Yellow Haired Girl says

    Sweet + salt is the best combo! These looks awesome.

    I hated math, but not until the 11th grade. I always had done “okay” in that class … and then, BOOM, it got really hard for me. I barely made it out of it alive by the time high school was over!

  4. Suzie says

    Yum, these look delicious and such a great snack for on the go! I appreciate you sharing another route to not using peanut butter, as I am allergic. And yes least favorite subject was either math or science, I was just like you fighting for survival in those courses, thanks for being so open 🙂

  5. Liz @ Tip Top Shape says

    I hated math. I was in AP Calc and couldn’t manage Cs on tests even with a tutor. I guess the fact that I was in AP Calc at all means I wasn’t really AWFUL at math, but it sure felt like it.

  6. Alaina says

    I didn’t like chemistry either! I took an honors course and got a C. But everyone told me that it was just like getting an A in the regular course. I liked all other sciences though (biology and anatomy) and loved history.

    Oh and these bars look amazing. Peanut butter and pretzels are such a great combination.

  7. Melissa says

    I am making these TODAY!! They look perfect, but I might add some raisins or dried cranberries. What I really want to add are chocolate chips! But after all the Easter candy the kiddos need a break from all the chocolate…don’t they? School was tough for me, I hated gym!!! And anything that was abstract. I’m dyslexic so a lot of stuff was hard. But I was also pretty lazy, I didn’t want to push myself! Now I wish that I could go back and try harder. Aint that always the way!?!

  8. katie says

    math and physics. i wanted to go into epidemiology when i was in college, but the math in basic bench chem was enough to make me change my major. i just can’t stand numbers, and physics just bores me to tears.

  9. Erin says

    Sound great. And love that they are no-bake, great for when you want a treat but don’t want to turn the oven on when it gets hotter this summer.

  10. caterina says

    I’m totally addicted to PB! I need to make this! What could I use instead of rice krispies, which I don’t have?

  11. Attars says

    Wow! I absolutely have to try this recipe!!!
    I love PB and these bars are perfect for a break!
    When I was at school I definitely hated geography!! I coudn’t remember all the different thing about all the different countries!!!!
    kisses from Italy!!!

  12. Suzy Heller says

    Just wondering if you have tried them with out oat flour? What other flour can I use, my son is allergic to oats, but has gotten back peanuts and would love these….sorghum? rice? coconut? Wht is the texture/feel of oat flour, I never really used it before. Thanks!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I have done a version without any oat flour… I just up the crispies to 3 cups and completely omit the flour.

      I’d love to know the results if you sub the oat flour for a different flour, though. Please please do try coconut flour and let me know if it works! Or, maybe I will have to try it… 🙂

      • Eva says

        I don’t have oat flour, so I’m curious as to how the 3-cup-krispies version turned out. Is it still like the original bars in terms of texture/consistency, or is it more like Rice Crispy Treats with peanut butter? I was just surprised that you jumped from 1 cup to 3. Also, since I don’t have any gluten concerns, would you recommend the 3-cup-krispies option or just swapping all-purpose flour for the oat? As you can tell, I really want to try this!

  13. Jennifer says

    Psst! I love PB more than Chocolate. Don’t shoot me. 🙂

    What BRANT of Peanut Butter do you use? Do you find one that works better than others? Do you use a regular brand like Jif, Peter Pan, or Kraft, Better N’ Peanut Butter? Or do you do a more NATURAL nut butter (peanuts, salt, etc?)

    I always wonder in your PB recipes.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I usually use Whole Foods brand (either organic or non, but always unsweetened and ALWAYS salted ;)). I find that with natural pbs you just have to “melt” in the microwave or let sit at room temp awhile for them to mix better. I think if you use a sweetened pb (such as Jif or Skippy), the result will be just a tad sweeter, but it shouldn’t make a big difference. I’d definitely recommend not using Better n PB interchangeably with pb (unless you’re up for an experiment), since the taste is so different.

  14. Sarah the official CCK drooler says

    science, science, SCIENCE. ick, ick, ICK. My worst subject ever. Doing chem now, please save me! Jules, balanced equations- oh, heck. I wont be a chemist so can i ditch it? Can i take home ec.? that comes in handy. Can i take cooking classes from you? I get credit for that, right? what college doesn’t want a CCK grad?

  15. Bjork says


    I had some pretzel chocolate filled for Easter and they were soo good! 🙂

    Need to try this..

    I can’t stand history classes, or I like learning about history, but somehow I never remember anything for exams, my us history class last semester was awful, I really could not remember all those Indian tribes lol

  16. Guest says

    Oh wow, those looks amazing! I was just wondering, would these bars hold up without the agave? I prefer not to consume any added sugars. Thanks!

  17. jo @ including cake says

    loving the smooth topping,and it makes for beautiful photos! p.s my worst subject was maths…had to work really hard for a decent grade, its like another language that i just didn’t ‘speak’.

  18. Amy Sun says

    absolutely amazing recipe!! One I had to make immediately and boy am I glad I did! In fact, I made one batch, test-tasted it and had to make a 2nd while the ingredients were still out. I used maple syrup and Erewhol chocolate rice krispies. Left out the pretzels so it will be gluten free for my nephew. Thank you!!

  19. Jennifer says

    Hi CCK!! Do you ever re-vamp (or at least sample) your peanut butter recipes with anything other than peanut butter (ie, almond butter, sunflower butter, etc)? We don’t have peanut butter in our house because my son is allergic to peanuts. And I am curious if your peanut butter recipes taste as good with another type of nut butter? Or which nut butter tastes closest to peanut butter? We love almond butter but the taste is very different from peanut butter. Thanks 🙂

  20. Paula says

    This looks incredible! Question… What are the substitutions for oat flour? I didn’t see them in the instructions. Thanks!! I can’t wait to give this recipe a try 🙂

  21. Courtney says

    Oh, chemistry, it IS so confusing! I have to take organic chemistry next year… which unfortunately not about the benefits of organic produce. Boo. Anyway, these bars look incredible! 😀

  22. Taylor @ Nuts for Apples says

    Peanut butter & pretzels are such a good combo! My least favorite subject was definitely history…so boring for me! But now I wish I paid attention more because now I am realizing in my adult years history IS important to know…but I don’t know if I could go back to study it without falling asleep 😉

  23. ashley says

    I am actually a Chemistry major, currently taking a break from studying for my Inorganic exam, so this post made me laugh. I have to agree, Chemistry is one CONFUSING subject!

    Maybe making these peanut butter pretzel bars is a better, less stressful idea. 😛

  24. Chrisy says

    Forgive me if this has been asked, but could I use honey instead of agave? Agave is just something I don’t use, but I always have honey around the kitchen.
    Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try these!!

  25. Katie @ Nutrition in a Peanut Shell says

    These look awesome! I love the Luna peanut honey pretzel bars.
    Once you get into upper level sciences, it’s haaaard. I’m working my butt off in Advanced Bio, and I’m still only getting an A minus! And the kicker is I really enjoy the class. Oh well!
    I have no clue what a mole is though…

  26. sam says

    hey katie! i LOVE your blog i dont think i can say it enough i go on it EVERY DAY! i was recently diagnosed with celiac disease so i have to eat gluten free and i eat very healthy for the most part but the gluten free rice krispies have absolutley no nutritional benefit so i dont want to buy a whole box just to make one recipe any other substitutions that have similar caloric stats?

  27. Amy says

    90% of the time I have the ing for your stuff, TODAY I DO AGAIN! I am sooooo making these… tomorrow. No time today 🙁 YUMMY! I am always looking for no sugar stuff, but low sugar here works!

  28. Dudette (Miss Lebowski) says

    I hated chemistry and physics with a passion! My teachers never ever understood this how could I hate it so much and be so bad at it (I didn’t even really try to get it) considering that my mom is a chemical engineer. Well, I am very different from my mom. But I do understand how you take more pride in your AP Chem C than your easy As in languages. I like the challenge and work for something!
    btw, another great recipe Katie, you never stop to amaze me!

  29. Chrissy says

    Least favorite, gym for sure. If my fat lazy unhealthy 15 year old self could see me now, she’d choke on the Oreos she was stuffing down 🙂

    I also hated math… but it got a little better in college. Luckily didn’t have to sit through TOO much of it to get my degree… in… biology 🙂

  30. Lea says

    These look amazing! I’ll have to make some soon, they look like a great snack for studying. I am definitely not a chemistry minded person either, which is ironic because both my parents went to college for chemistry and my dad even has a PhD in organic chemistry. I like art better!

  31. Sara Dane says

    I too HATED science in high school but once I got into fitness and nutrition I started to LOVE learning about the human body. Studying for my Certified Personal Trainer exam forced my to learn anatomy and playing around with diets and veganism has taught me all about how our bodies use carbs, proteins, fats to function. I actually read science articles for FUN now!

    BTW Chocolate covered pretzels have always been our household’s favorite treat…any ideas on how to make them healthier?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Normally, a 50mm f/1.8
      I was really lucky for a rare patch of light streaming in. I literally dropped what I was doing and quickly set up the photoshoot, because bright light is hard to come by in my dark house!

  32. Moni Meals says

    You are speaking my language with these Katie! I just love… salty and peanut-buttery anything. I can’t wait to try these. YUM!

    Math…not good at Math…as a Trainer, I use it more than one would think too. :/

  33. Cindy says

    I feel terribly sorry for all of the ‘I hate/d Science’ posts. Ugh. :'( I am on my 17th year of teaching biology and I don’t want to risk ruining a perfectly excellent chocolate blog with all of my thoughts on why so many students hate science and, well, just school in general. My most famous saying and advice to young teachers or people who are thinking of going into teaching is ‘To even have a chance at being a good teacher you must love students FIRST and your subject SECOND.’ Doesn’t that go for any profession?
    Wait…….this is a chocolate blog!!!! Light, fun, easy, delicious, awesome, interesting, and mole-free!!!!! 😉

    • Samantha says

      Cindy…I would bet ANYTHING that you are an amazing teacher that produces kids that love and understand science.

      For one, you took the time to respond. 🙂

      Also, I started tutoring after high school. I could tutor the earth sciences, biology, just not chemistry. But what I did notice is that the teaching techniques have progressively become better and more creative.

      There is hope for us to churn out some amazing, world saving chemists yet. 🙂

      Thank you for loving your job and loving your students!

      • Leslie says

        I liked science! I think having a good teacher makes a world of a difference, because one year I had a horrible teacher and I dreaded it. But the next year I had the best teacher in the world, and she shaped who I am today. I majored in Biology!

      • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

        Agreed with everything Samantha said! My mom is a teacher as well, and it just baffles her to no end how many teachers she meets who say they don’t really like children!

        Also, I can’t say I ever loved science class… but one year I did have a great teacher and at least I didn’t dread going to class like I did all those other years. I think my problem was just that I have a difficult time with abstract concepts. It’s not science’s fault, nor was it the fault of my teachers!! 😉

      • Cindy says

        Awwww, how nice! Thanks, Samantha! I am proud to say that after so many years I have never stopped trying to be a better teacher. For that alone, I think I’m a winner! I agree with you about improved teaching techniques. They are so much more fun and challenging now!

  34. Sarah says

    My friend would love this! She loves salty and sweet.
    I love science (life sciences) but my least favorite subject is and will always be math.

  35. Karina says

    I liked chemistry because my Grandpa taught it to me. But as soon as I went on to Advanced Chemistry and was on my own, I hated it!

  36. Maria @ Beautiful Busy Bee says

    These look super good! Especially since with gf pretzels, they could work for me! I unfortunately can’t have the peanut honey pretzel luna bars, but these I can (and will) make! By the way, 1 mole is like saying 1 dozen; a dozen of anything is twelve units, and a mole of anything is 6.022 x 10^23 units of that. Since you’re out of AP Chem you probably don’t care but just in case you were wondering! I get the chemistry but precal… sigh.

  37. charlotte says

    Hi Katie – I tried quite a few things from your blog, and love it – thanks! Just an idea for you, as I have no website, and you’re the recipe developer:

    I made this a couple of days ago –

    After several days of eating it, I felt like a little change, but still wanted chocolate (that’s why I’m here!), I took a big scoop of the batter, mixed in an egg (obviously you won’t), more cocoa pdr, baking soda, a little yogurt, salt, nuked it, and bam!, gluten free mug cake! Light and delicious – thought you could use the idea to develop an exact recipe for your followers.


  38. Steph says

    I had to think about this, but moles are a certain number of atoms/molecules. It’s equivalent to a dozen. 12 eggs in a dozen, 6.022*10^23 atoms/molecules in a mole.

      • Steph says

        Yes, I agree! How can an atom be mostly empty space!? Don’t get me started on quarks – up, down, strange, charm, bottom, and top (my head is spinning). And all this wave/particle duality of light? What?

  39. Anita says

    Great post CCK. So easy to make. Maybe I will frost with Nutella. That would be bad though wouldn’t it ! Thanks for everything.

  40. Erin says

    I’m currently a senior in high school (though just barely! 6 more weeks!), and my least favorite subject has to be literature 😛 I’m a total math/science geek (I like them so much I actually compete) but an essay-writing ability has always escaped me.

  41. ash says

    LOL I remember studying moles when I was 14! Hated chemistry – it’s a miracle I got an A for it. I loooove these bars thought 😀

  42. Chodo says

    Hi! I found your blog looking for gluten-free recipes. Overall, your recipes look terrific. The first recipe listed under gluten-free, Peanut butter Pretzel is NOT gluten-free. There are 3 problem ingredients: Rice krispies (barley malt), Oat flour (oats are contaminated in the field because they are grown near wheat – really) and pretzels. There are GF pretzels though.

    Will keep looking but wanted you to know in case you want to remove this recipe from the Gluten-Free list.


    • Leslie says

      Not Katie, but I can answer for her.
      CCK’s “gluten free” tag, if I’m correct, is for recipes that CAN be gluten-free. This recipe would fall under that category because you can easily use gluten-free rice crispies and certified gf oat flour. So the category is actually correct :).

  43. Leslie says

    Another winner, Katie!
    I’m munching on my second bar of the day as I type this :). And my little one (5 years old) said “Mommy, these are the BEST! I like them better than the other bars you buy.”
    For the record, the other bars are Clif Z bars, and they used to be his favorite up until today!

  44. Katie @ OhShineOn says

    Oh babay, baby. I’ll whip up a batch of these tomorrow… Except I think I’ll try using Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s… Have you ever tried it, Katie? I think you’d love it!

  45. Laura says

    katie, these are wonderful! i made double recipe for my Bible study group tonight, and they were a huge hit!! 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

  46. Ami Babic says

    These look great…I think with a few modifications they are GF!!

    GF Rice Crispies
    GF Pretzles
    GF Oat Flour

    WOW! Easy and yummy!!!

  47. BroccoliHut says

    Pinned this recipe!!

    As for dreaded school subjects, mine is also chemistry. One of the reasons I hesitated to follow the path to become a dietitian is the organic chem pre-requisite. I am SO not a science person, but I stuck with it, struggled through the course and managed to get by with a C+. Like you, I am darn proud of that C! I worked SO hard for it, and it showed me just how passionate I am about a career in dietetics!

  48. Irina @ ChocolaTeaTime says

    I loved Chemistry! But I was always a math/science person so to each their own I guess! And these bars look so so so delicious. I’m currently loving the salty+sweet combo…I’ve been buying spelt pretzels and nesting them into juicy dates for a quick snack.

  49. Katelyn says

    I made these today but I was just wondering, are the rice krispies suppose to go slightly soft? Mine are never quite as crunchy as Luna bars and I never know why :S

  50. Katie says

    I actually liked (not loved) Chemistry. I think my favorites were Pi day and Mole day. On “Mole Day” (10/23 from 6:22am to 6:22pm), our teacher would bring us cookies! And we calculated the moles of flour and chocolate chips in them. Then we got to eat them. Food always makes class better.

  51. Anonymous says

    Very good. I used honey instead of the syrup and crunched Special K cereal. I also used a tablespoon of applesauce instead of oil gor your hard shell. Healthier substitutions make this a guilt-free snack. Yum

  52. Fizziks says

    For any of the confused, I can solve moles 🙂

    You know what a dozen is – just a count. 12. If it’s 12 it’s a dozen, be it doughnuts or shoes or pens in a pack. You may even remember a “gross” which is a dozen dozen, or 144, since it was a joke made at Bilbo’s birthday party in the book of LOTR.

    That’s all a mole is, except it’s a very large number. It’s useful in chemistry to compare groups of atoms or compounds because you can multiple the count (mole) by the mass of the atom or compound.

    And forgive me for using the term “gross” anywhere near this fantastic dessert!! Looks so nummy. But my science nerd couldn’t resist defending moles.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I think if someone had explained it to me in terms of chocolate chips, I would’ve been much better off. My science teacher just was brilliant and the problem was he thought WE were all brilliant too. He skipped right over the basics!

  53. Kaydee says

    Just finished up making these, I ended up substituting puffed rice for the rice crispies and you’re Better Than Nutella for the peanut butter. They are in the freezer right now, can’t wait to try them 🙂

  54. Esperanza says

    By the way, I made these with cheerios, and they turned out great. I didn’t pre-crush mine, just used them whole. I then froze them for 30 minutes, and cut them and they held together really well

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’m really glad to know it works with other cereals! I’ll definitely have to pick up a box of cheerios to try. The apple cinnamon ones used to be my favorite things… although lol I’m not sure they’d work well in this recipe. But hey, apples go well with peanut butter, right? 😉

      • Ellen says

        I had trouble with the cheerios it was really lumpy but still good I squished it between 2 peices of foil and put it in the fridge overnight it didn’t cut well it kinda fell apart but we realized it was really good just breaking off pieces 🙂

  55. Sherisse says

    I made these for my husband for Easter, he loved them! This recipe has his favorite foods all wrapped up in one 🙂 I melted chocolate on top instead of the PB magic shell, yummy variation. Thanks Katie!

  56. Camille says

    I don’t know if someone explained this already (I quickly skimmed the comments to check, but I didn’t see anything) (and I know you did not request a mini mini science lesson but) but moles are actually super easy and convenient! And if you (or anyone) was confused, it’s just because your teacher didn’t explain them properly. Basically the term “mole” functions in science etc. the same way the word “dozen” or “tsp” would apply in the real world. I have a dozen bagels–I have 12 of them. If I have a mol of hydrogen atoms, I have 6.022 x 10^23 of them. It’s just a unit of measurement on steroids because atoms and molecules are just so incredibly small. It’s so much easier to say “combine 2 mols of H with 1 mol of O to get H2O” than “combine 12.022 x 10^23 atoms of H…”

    Also, 1 mol of atoms of an element equals the mass of the element on the periodic table in grams. e.g. 1 mol of Carbon atoms weighs 12.01g.

  57. Kara @Nutritious-n-Delicious says

    This recipe couldn’t have any better timing! I just so happened to be looking for a way to use up the bag of pretzels I just opened for another recipe. I’m not a huge fan of plain pretzels, but this sounds like the perfect solution! Thanks. 🙂

  58. Katy sparrow says

    haha this post made me laugh! & this recipe is genius! and i have all the ingredients so im all set. environmental science was def my favorite subject in high school. i agree that science experiments should always be carried out based on real inquiry, and if students dont have curiousity about the experiment results because it wasnt explained well or doesnt apply to anything then its just no good.

    i am a chemical oceanographer (still in training!) and hope i can dispell the confusion over moles for you..saying you have a mole of something is just like saying you have a dozen of something..its a measure indicating the number of items you have. if you had a mole of PB pretzel bars, you would have 6.02 x 10^23 of them, whereas if you follow the recipe you will have half a dozen.

  59. Becca says

    Ok, I made these and I really like them, but they weren’t sweet enough for me. I didn’t use the shell topping and I omitted the vanilla extract because I was out. haha. But they were still pretty good! Next time I’ll probably add some sugar? Or maybe I’ll add the shell to the ones I have now! 🙂

      • Becca says

        I was SO surprised my roomies didn’t have any vanilla. haha. But I was already in the process of making them so I didn’t want to run to the store! And honestly, it’s very possible that I only did 3 tbsps of agave because I might have been thinking about the 3 tbsps for PB. So it was probably either the lack of vanilla or the inadequate agave! haha. 🙂

  60. Jorie says

    I just discovered PB2, I was wondering if you have tried it, or know someone who has. I am intrigued to know if it’s any good. Thanks for the great pb recipes. I have always been afraid of coconut and nut butters, but you have made me a bonafide convert!

    I can even eat things that used to trigger migraines if I stick to wholesome non-processed foods. I feel great…thank you

    • Kelly says

      Jorie- I eat it all the time and LOVE it. I mostly use it to save calories because I am a peanut butter addict, and eating it by the spoonful adds up… I like to mix it in things like oatmeal-see Katie’s chocolate oatmeal recipe. I tried it in these and they ended up being a little runny because I added an equal proportion of water. I think next time I will just add the dry PB2 and then add the water/milk accordingly if I need so they stick together better. In the meantime I am eating frozen granola bars, still delicious 🙂

  61. Nicole says

    Mine was Accounting in college. The irony is that now accounting is part of my day-to-day and I’m flying through it!

  62. Jennifer says

    I just made these tonight, but I didn’t have any rice crispies so I used rolled oats instead. So good! Next time, though, I am putting in some chocolate chips. Because, you know, everything is better with chocolate 😉

  63. Clara says

    Lol, at first I thought you were talking about moles as in the animal, then the Chemistry thing set me straight… Btw, don´t know if you care anymore but my teacher´s always explained moles as if you were counting a dozen eggs, a mole of eggs is just a stranger number 😉 As far as favorite subjects go, I´m def. a science girl Chem, Math, Physics and Bio are my favorites and my least favorite is probably literature… Also, it´s my first time commenting so I´m generalizing, I love all your recipes! I´m not even a vegetarian though I´d like to be but I´ve been giving healthy baking a try and your recipes are a huge help/inspiration. My mom is hooked on your brownie batter pancakes recipe! 🙂

  64. Katie 2 says

    Awesome! I doubled the ingredients, using half agave and half brown rice syrup. I also added a handful of roasted peanuts with the pretzels, and topped with melted “milk” chocolate. My second batch is setting up in the fridge right now!

  65. Mia says

    This recipe sounds amazing!

    I also had to laugh at the moles part. I’m a Biomedical Sciences graduate student. The concept of moles is actually amazing in the way it works, but I didn’t really understand them until college either. I also hated chemistry until I started graduate school.
    There are some pure math and science nerds that love everything to do with numbers and chemicals, but fewer than you might think, so who knows? Food may be the way you learn to love science.

  66. Paige says

    These look so yummy! I love PB and pretzels together, and even though you didn’t add chocolate, I think some cocoa nibs or mini chips would make these the bomb! I will try them substituting almond butter because my son is allergic to peanuts but not almonds, go figure?

    I guess I’m one of those math and science nerds Mia talked about. I majored in Chemistry in college and worked as a chemist for years until I had kids and became a SAHM. I think it is very common for scientists (particularly chemists) to enjoy cooking and baking since the two are so similar, converting things from grams to ounces is practically the same as calculating moles 🙂 It was the hands-on science classes I enjoyed (biology, chemistry), not so much physics, though. I also loved math up for the most part, although I am not enjoying trying to explain algebra to my 6th grader!

  67. Devora says

    Just made a double batch…I’ve concluded that none of your recipes need single batch shell was too soft but yummy.I used honey and a bit of blackstrap molasses.Great snack!

  68. Anna Banana says

    I decided to make this for my boyfriend and I to have healthy to-go breakfasts this week. I am eagerly awaiting the bars tomorrow because the mixture was absolutely to-die for. Your blog has everything! He’s started asking me every time I make a dessert if it’s from Chocolate-covered Katie – because her stuff is so good!

  69. Rena says

    I just made this using honey instead of agave and i didnt have pretzels. YUM!!!! the batch i made was way too small! i need to forsure double if not triple this next time i make it (tomorrow) 🙂 thanks again for yet another awesome recipe!

  70. Alli Goren says

    This look amazing! PS, the concept of moles is super simple if someone explains it well. It’s just like any other measurement unit. You wouldn’t want to weight a gigantic boulder in ounces, or even pounds, so you probably do it in tons, right? Well moles are the same way. You just use a mole as a way to measure something really small. If I were to tell you that you have 1 dozen cookies, you know you have 12 cookies. If you were to tell a chemist that they have a mole of silver, they know that they have 6.022E23 atoms of silver. It’s a super large number, but it works for us 😉

  71. Ida says

    I made these, put them in the freezer overnight and then took them out and cut them up. Popped them in the fridge for a night. Today the rice krispies are soggy. Should these just be put in the freezer for a tiny bit and then stored on the counter? Thanks!

  72. Jen says

    I’ve never had the Luna bars but I couldn’t resist making your version because peanut butter & pretzel? How can ya go wrong?! These did not disappoint in the least! They are soooo yummy!!! I couldn’t wait to let them harden in the fridge before I had a try so I trimmed the edge to make them straight just so I could sneak the taste….wow! Thanks for the recipe! I may have to whip up the magic shell for the next batch…

  73. Avra-Sha Faohla says

    We actually baked cookies in chemistry! We were learning about unit conversions, so she gave us a recipe that was in weird units and had us convert it to normal ones and make it! 😉

  74. McKenna says

    Hm… I need extra protein in my bars, but I only have chocolate protein powder. Would that work? I don’t want to use extra PB because it is high in (yes, I know healthy) fat.

  75. McKenna says

    Okay, I made these yesterday, altering the following:
    -I used 1/2c whole wheat flour instead of oat
    -5T of light maple syrup instead of agave (I don’t have any other syrup, anyway.)
    -I just BTW heated up my peanut butter before mixing to make it easier to mix.

    They turned out SO GOOD! I love them. They are really crumbly though, but it is okay. 🙂 The taste outweighs the crumbliness. Maybe I need to pack it down more. For the readers, the texture of the crispies was all good. They weren’t soggy or anything. I think it is just a matter of making the mix pretty dry. Thanks so much for the recipe- I was looking for a Luna bar type recipe that was easy, healthy, and delicious.

  76. Stacy K says

    I have made these like 4 times already! The first time as is but tripled the recipe for a 9×13 pan. I was glad I did b/c I took them over for a game night and I almost didn’t get to try one! The next several times I made them I drizzled dark chocolate chips over the top…SO good.

  77. Lanie M says

    I have made a bunch of your recipes and they are always well-liked by my children. I made these bars today and my son called them “ah-MAZE-ing” and my daughter said “I LOVE Chocolate Covered Katie!” Thanks for the yummy treats. 🙂

  78. Melissa Aguilar says

    I hated science in high school but find I am fascinated with it in college. Like you, nutrition/food thrills me! And I kinda love osmolarity and the concept. Things just make so much sense in this beautiful world.

  79. trajayjay says

    Er, I’m a sophomore, and I can tell you I HATE A.P. U.S. History. Basically, we’re just reading through the textbook trying to pick up every last detail contained within ~20 pages within 5 days. The language is pretty complicated and I often have to read it several times. I never really relate to history anyways, it just seems very complicated, the science of politics and war, and trade and economy, and government and law. It’s a weird way these all interact. I think I hate that it’s mostly pointless memorization of facts. If I want to know who became president in what year, I’ll consult the internet, or library. I don’t need to take this course to reap half of an award for all the effort I put in. This class is totally screwing me over, stressing me out, and not letting me live my life with the insane loads of homework. At least I’ll get a free semster in college if I pass the impossible course, right? This class makes me hate school, and if it weren’t for the fact that I also take culinary, I would seriously consider dropping out or breaking down.

    I guess that people whose Achilles’s Heel is reading and history are better at geometry and sciences. BTW a mole is 6.022 x 10^23 of anything, like how a dozen is 12 of anything. You can have a mole of paper clips, stamps, or chocolate chips. Usually we say a mole of atoms or molecules. Basically a mole of an atom will weigh its atomic mass in grams. So, if the atomic mass of oxygen is 15.999, then a mole of oxygen atoms will weigh 15.999 grams. 6.022 x 10^23 oxygen atoms has a mass of 15.999 grams. I hope this helped.

  80. Tanner says

    Yum! I will totally make these!
    I actually love chemistry 🙂
    A mole is like a dozen. A dozen equals 12, and a mole equals 6.022×10^23
    So a mole of eggs is like a dozen eggs, but a lot more! I thought it was impossible until it was explained to me like this! Not that anybody besides chemists needs to know moles 🙂
    I just think it’s good to know stuff 😉

  81. Janie says

    I tried these bars last night. Mine did not look as smooth as yours, they were a little dry and they fell apart. They were more like granola than a bar. I used 5 tablespoons of maple syrup and 3 tablespoons of peanut butter. What did I do wrong? I would really like to make these work. The flavor was great…..just a bit dry.
    Thank you!

  82. Kimberly says

    By the way. OH my oh my…I’ve made them without the magic shell and they are my so very fav treat right now! 😉 Keep up the good work!

  83. Anonymous says

    you would’ve liked science if you were in my Chemistry class, we made icecream out of liquid nitrogen. I don’t think it was vegan, but it tasted amazing and I’m pretty sure it could’ve been made vegan. Anyway that’s just my science experience.

  84. Malea says

    Hi Katie,
    I think you should try and make this cake and put it on you website.
    It’s sugar free!!!!!

    What you need:

    1 egg
    2tbs cocoa powder
    Tbs water
    Dash of vanilla
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    4 tsp stevia or other sweetener

    Mix ingredients in a mug and cook for 2 minutes in microwave.
    I top is with peanut butter,but with or without the peanut butter it tast like real cake.

    Note: if you let it sit in the refrigerator it tast a lot richer! Hope you enjoy:)

  85. Jen says

    I love these bars following your recipe to a T. I’ve made them a bunch of times. Can I just say the pretzels are a must! BUT I was in the mood for some Biscoff…I know not a healthy treat but hear me out…so I used Biscoff in place of the peanut butter in this recipe and in the magic shell recipe and OMG it’s so a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

  86. Sundas says

    I followed everything exactly but mine looked nothing like yours! They turned out to be more like granola bars but a bit on the dry side. Don’t know what went wrong.

  87. Deb says

    made these tonight and I really like them however, for whatever reason, my family has an aversion to coconut…is the magic shell supposed to be coconutty or was I supposed to use “refined” coconut oil instead?? Personally I like the coconut flavor but if I introduce the recipe to the family they may not like that much coconut.

  88. Elinor Predota says

    Hi Katie

    I just made these and they are yummy! I subbed soya flour / gluten free plain white flour (half of each) for the oat flour. I think they would make a great filling for chocolates. They would also be great with a yoghurt coating. Om nom nom!

  89. Michelle says

    Ooooh Im a scientist! LOVE me my Biology and Chemistry! Albeit, chems hard! My sister is a biology GENIUS and could never do chemistry – she hated it so much. Each to their own! I always dreaded Irish….yes that funny language we (used to) speak in Ireland about fifty million years ago! God i was awfully bad at it…i enjoyed sleeping in those classes!!

    Quick update – i made your pumpkin pie muffins into cake form and YUM! i cut it in half, flipped one half on top of the other, used the pumpkin pie “filling” as a frosting in between the two layers and frosted the top with some tofu frosting with a pinch of cinnamon and a bit of pumpkin (and xanthan gum to froth it a bit!) Im in LOVE with pumpkin….

  90. Robert Bondaruk says

    Made these as a hiking treat for climbing Mt. St. Helens last week. I got a lot of kudos from the climb team. These are super easy to make and a delicious salty hiking treat. Thanks for sharing!

  91. Becky says

    If you cook then moles should be easy to understand.
    It’s a unit of measure, just like 1 dozen, or 1 case, or 1 batch. It’s just a unit that means there are X number of things present.

    The mole is just a really large number (6.02X10^22) of really small things (molecules). But it’s still just a simple unit of measure, like those you use every day.

    Sorry the science teacher in me couldn’t let you continue not understanding moles.

  92. James says

    This is good! It is very tasty, Be warned though! It doesn’t look anything like the picture.
    It was quick and really easy to make, Going to enjoy these on my hike!

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