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My Favorite Easter Desserts

From carrot cake to chocolate…

I love the Easter season for many reasons: pastel colors, adorable baby animals (bunnies! sheep! chicks!), the symbolism of renewal and rebirth (both the Christian significance and the rebirth of flowers, wildlife, and springtime—the word Easter is derived from the goddess of spring, Eastre.)

And Easter-themed foods: chocolate, carrot cake, chocolate, chocolate. Chocolate. What’s not to love? Below, a round-up of Easter recipes on my site. I tried to include a few grain-free recipes that would be good for Passover as well:

easter dessert

Carrot Cake Milkshake

It’s like eating carrot cake through a straw: a milkshake so healthy you can have it for breakfast. Haven’t you always wanted to drink milkshakes for breakfast?

find cb

Berry Crumble Bars

Imagine eating a thick slice of pie, in the convenient form of a bar. These buttery crumble bars are always a big hit at parties.

easter desserts cookies

Healthy Sugar Cookies

Instead of circles, shape them into ovals. Then decorate the cookies in place of decorating Easter eggs. Sugar cookies taste better than eggs anyway!


Alternatives to Dyeing Eggs

The post linked above is not just for vegans or people with egg allergies. It’s for anyone looking for fun and creative Easter ideas.

easter desserts 4

Fun-Sized Eggnog Cake

It’s an Easter egg nog cake!

easter desserts 1

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

Two words: mini muffins!! Two more words: super incredibly wonderfully fantastically awesome! Oh wait, that’s five words. #fail.


Banana-Split Cheesecake Bites

Welcome springtime by adding fresh raspberries to the tops of these deliciously bite-sized treats.

easter desserts

Carrot Cake in a Bowl

This breakfast is so good, you’ll want to eat it all year long. It’s okay to eat carrot cake in December, right?

easter desserts 3

Homemade Chocolate Bunnies

Almost too cute to eat. Yet somehow that never stops me from demolishing every last bite of these chocolatey Easter bunnies. Their ears are the first things to go!

easter desserts 5

Coconut Cookie Chicks

Or you could be boring and just make regular macaroons. But turning them into chicks just ups the fun factor of eating these cookies.


Single-Serving Carrot Cake

This cake is definitely on my Easter menu for Sunday. There’s absolutely no way I’m being left out when everyone else eats their carrot cake. It’s one of my favorite foods!

easter desserts 2

Copycat Peanut Butter Eggs

What the Easter bunny hopes to receive in his basket.

Question of the Day:

Do you celebrate Easter? Or Passover? And are you excited for the end of winter?

If you do celebrate an upcoming holiday, what traditional recipes are you looking forward to eating?

Published on April 6, 2012

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  1. Kristen @ notsodomesticated says

    Wow, everything looks so great!! We’re definitely celebrating Easter. We’ll be serving at church on Sunday, followed by an Easter “dinner” (grilling out, so it’s not the typical Easter dinner) with some other people at church. 🙂

    Happy Easter!!

  2. Janae Wise says

    We celebrate Easter. It’s one of my fave holidays because 1) It always falls around my birthday 2) It signals the end of the long, dreary winters where I live (except it’s snowing today!) 3) I like what it symbolizes–hope & renewal.

    Now that my kids are old enough to get excited about Easter baskets, we’re going to do them this year. And we will be decorating our Easter “egg” sugar cookies 🙂

    And I’m with ya, who doesn’t love baby chicks, sheep, bunnies?

  3. heatheranne says

    Easter here. This is my first year to attempt to go sugar free for a holiday. Have to admit the kids are adapting better than my husband! 😉 thanks so much for all the recipes, tips and techniques on your site!

  4. Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries says

    yep, we definitely celebrate Easter! we’ll be going to church and then having a big Easter dinner afterward complete with ham, potatoes, veggies, and a strawberry cake! i’m all about the chocolate when it comes to Easter though… or any holiday for that matter! Reese’s Eggs are my favorite. 🙂

  5. Aja says

    We celebrate Easter in the go-hunt-for-eggs-around-the-house kind of way, but this year it might be go-hunt-for-carrot-cake-via-chocolatecoveredkatie-around-the-house.

    Winter needs to go away. I’m tired of being cold!

  6. Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes says

    Adorable and tasty looking desserts! I love those chicks. 🙂 I celebrate Easter and I am soo excited for the end of winter! We just got hit with a snow storm this morning. Looks like I have to wait awhile… Thanks for the spring treat ideas!

  7. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh says

    Now I want sugar cookies. YUM! It all looks great.

    We’ll be at my aunt’s house for Easter lunch. I’m making potato salad and I’ve got a bunch of my Easter Egg Cake Balls in the freezer and this just reminded me to take them out tomorrow to put in the fridge!

    I am not happy winter is over because we got robbed of our chance to ski/snowshoe! BOO! But I’ve accepted Spring. It’s summer and the grueling heat I’m dreading.

  8. VegAlexandra says

    I love Easter!
    I plan on making raw carrot cake, though; I’m more of a raw-foodie, but I still ADORE your blog, and get many raw recipe ideas from your posts 😉

    But, Katie–are you alright?
    I heard about some terrible tornadoes in Dallas a few days ago…
    Did they do you any damage?? I hope not!

  9. Guest says

    We’ll be heading over to my grandma’s for Easter brunch, as we do every year. My Mom makes hash browns, bacon, french toast, eggs, sets out fresh fruit and of course the ham. I’ll personally only be enjoying an egg-white omelet and just about all the fruit 😉

    I can’t wait for Spring and warm weather! I hate the cold, so it’s been killing me just to be all cooped up inside. But as soon as the sun starts shining, I’m out and about!

  10. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola says

    Ohh all of these recipes look so fantastic!! I can’t wait to give them all a try! I might have to start Easter morning off with that Carrot Cake milkshake too… YUM! And I celebrate Easter and am actually cooking the whole meal for my family… it’s my first time and I’m a little nervous but excited!

  11. rachmaree says

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to celebrate Easter in almost 10 years, as I have been living abroad (currently living in Istanbul). By coincidence this year my husband and I will be visiting New York right at Easter, and I can’t wait to have some chocolate eggs and hot cross buns!

    Love love love the site and all the recipes, by the way!

  12. Dudette (Miss Lebowski) says

    Wonderful, but many of them are lacking chocolate :-O
    How about adding a layer of chocolate to the cheesecake bites & the berry crumble bars?! I am thinking that the sugar cookies need to be sprinkled with mini chocolate chips…or am I going too far here with adding chocolate to everything!

  13. Elise says

    Hi Katie. Fab recipes. I can’t seem to get the carrot cake oatmeal link to work? All the others work fine.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Thank you so much for letting me know! Ugh it seems I always mess up at least one link when I do these posts :(.
      (It’s because I get the links from google, and I always forget that you have to actually click on the link or it’ll give you some sort of mumbo jumbo :-?.)

      • Elise says

        Thanks so much for updating. I’m making the bunnies and coconut chicks for my boyfriends nephew for Easter – he is lactose intolerant so he’s going to love this! He normally has to get those awful sugar eggs instead. I’m going to be favourite Aunty now! Hope you have a fabulous break x

  14. Samantha says

    I am SO excited for the of winter. Please make it come now! Our winter went on and on last year.

    I love Easter. Just love it. I love the feeling of it and the colors of it and the mood of it. It always makes me think of my Grammy who I lost several years ago. She loved Easter and everything with it. She really knew how to enjoy these holidays.

    Thank you for all Easter inspirations as I know I will be baking some of them (seems to be my big outlet right now) and have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  15. Lena says

    Haha so I’m going to be the first to say Passover 🙂 But these recipes look awesome! I had some carrot cake today and while it was good, I couldn’t help but think “I bet CCK’s carrot cake recipe is better…” (I felt bad for thinking that, lol). Definitely going to try it out soon!

  16. Brianne @ Cupcakes & Kale Chips says

    We celebrate Easter, and although it has 1 lb of butter, white flour, and white sugar, I love our homemade Ukranian Easter bread, called Paska. I really want to try the carrot cake milk shake. I have coconut almond milk – I bet that would be good!

  17. Ayala says

    # 2 for Passover! I’m unfortunately not able to spend it with my family but I’m looking forward to making some flourless chocolate cake (almost certain to be one of your recipes!) for some of my friends.

  18. Heidi Harlequin says

    The copycat Reeses!!! I’m dying! And those sugar cookies look great!! I am a newbie to your blog and I’m so glad I found it! I invite you to check mine out! I hope you have a great Easter weekend!

    -Heidi Harlequin

  19. Moni Meals says

    Really great recipes here Katie. I love how some are cute, some are rich, some are light, etc. I love it! Win-win all around.

    Have a great holiday weekend. 🙂

  20. Karla says

    We’ll be having Easter dinner with the family after going to church on Sunday.

    Even though we’re limiting sweets, it’s always fun to have a treat on special occasions. I always get excited about nest-type treats, like birds’ nest cookies and cupcakes with frosting grass and jelly beans. This year I’m making bird’s nest cookies with shredded wheat and dark chocolate, maybe some coconut, with egg-shaped m&ms on top. And I loooove deviled eggs, so I’ll be making some of those for Easter dinner with the family.

    I used to always get at least one Cadbury egg when they came out on the shelves, but alas, those days are over. It’s for the best!

  21. Albizia says

    I do celebrate Easter but Japan lacks the holiday atmosphere at this time of the year. Everybody is sakura obsessed and I must do everything. Well, I have one more week to decide how because the Orthodox Easter isn’t on the same date this year. I might need to make some desserts on my own 🙂

  22. LizAshlee says

    Everything looks so wonderful..I can’t wait to make a little treat like this with my nieces! Have an awesome weekend!

  23. Sarah the official CCK drooler-we pick Rick says

    We’re gonna have a late Easter lunch cuz I have nursery duty @church for the second service. Oh how I love Easter and all it stands for. I personally call it Resurrection Sunday. Afterwards we’ll have a picnic in the park. It’s actually a park not many people know about but it has a creek and trails and is oh so pretty! And the weather is 70ish so perfect in my book 🙂 And then back home to watch Passion of the Christ. Can’t wait!

  24. Nathalie says

    Ah, Katie, these round-up style posts are great for reminding me about recipes of yours I keep meaning to try but forget to get around to!

    By the way, I tried the single-serving carrot cake a second time. I subbed regular whole wheat flour for the soba flour. I think that helped a lot; it got properly cake-y. Upon reflection, I think a lot of the denser results happened when I used “weak” flours, like pastry flours or bean flours. I’m not gluten-sensitive so it’s not an issue, but from now on I think I’ll have better luck with the higher-protein flours in my mixes (I almost never use just ONE type of flour!) I can buy wheat gluten powder here, so I can add an extra teaspoon of that when in doubt.

    I was thinking though; You mentioned that you were considering posting pictures of the process when you cook? I think in this case it would be most helpful because it we could see the kind of consistency we were shooting for for things like batters or what-have-you. I think I’m prone to adding too much liquid, but I don’t know how the batter is supposed to look so it’s hard to tell. Just a thought.

    Anyway, thanks always for the great recipes! And yes, I am SO ready for winter to be over. Here in Japan, Easter is relatively unknown so I’d be having a party of one. But I think your recipes will help alleviate the loneliness! XD

  25. Dorothy says

    Thank you for posting such yummy looking treats!!
    My family and I celebrate Easter. We all get together have a Easter basket hunt in the Enchanted Forest(the bush behind my sisters house) and then a wonderful Potluck dinner together. I am the youngest of 8, and all my siblings are married and have grown children, and so when all together, its a party of 50.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful day and Easter Celebration!! He is Risen!

  26. Karen says

    Loving your recipes as you know! I can’t wait to try out the pb eggs ones. I recently discovered the Justin’s Dark Chocolate pb cups but they’re like $2 a package!

    Today I’m printing off my backlog of recipes that I’ve saved in browser tabs, several of which were yours. I also do a kids cooking class which I co-opt and modify recipes for. In order to give credit where credit is due, would you mind putting your URL inside your recipes like they do on ( Not that you should have to compensate for my obsessive recipe inclinations, but if it’s not too much trouble, it’d be nice and would benefit you too. Thanks!

  27. Crystal says

    For Easter desserts, we made copy cat peanut butter eggs and coconut macaroons. I did not decorate the macaroons but since I had left over chocolate topping from the eggs, I drizzled it over the coconut! soo good!!! No one believed me that they were healthy!!! You are awesome Katie! Thanks for spending so much time on making and perfecting these amazing meals, desserts, etc! You are truly changing lives!!

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