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Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Grilled-to-perfection homemade portobello mushroom burgers.

Portobello Mushroom Burger Recipe

I’m not going to tell you that my boyfriend took a bite out of one of these grilled portobello mushroom burgers and declared it to be the “best burger ever!”

And I’m not going to tell you that my younger sister, who worked at a fast-food restaurant for three years and really loves burgers, decided it tasted exactly like a real hamburger.  No, portobello mushroom burgers are not hamburgers.

Girl Eating Vegan Burgers

But that’s completely okay!

I think one of the main problems with fake meat products is they claim to be just that: fake. Trying to pretend a mushroom burger is a hamburger or a slab of tofu is a chicken wing will just set you up for disappointment. Why not celebrate these plant-based foods for their own unique textures and flavors? Some of the so-called fake meat products are pretty darn good when they’re not being passed off as something else.

Like these portobello mushroom burgers… Thick, juicy, tender, and hearty, these burgers get the stamp of approval from both vegans and carnivores; from not only me, but also from my burger-loving sister and my vegetable-hating boyfriend (we’re working on that whole vegetable-hating thing…).

In the photos: a portobello mushroom burger with a side of Crispy Sweet Potato Fries.

Portobello Mushroom Burgers Recipe

What are your thoughts on “fake meat” substitutes?

On the one hand, I worry that labeling a vegetarian dish a “substitute” makes it sound inferior; like we are missing out or trying to trick ourselves into believing whatever we’re eating tastes exactly like the food it is supposed to be mimicking. It also makes it seem like people who still eat meat don’t need to bother trying the “substitute” because they can have the real thing.

Yet on the other hand, calling a food by a familiar name (such as chicken nuggets or barbecue ribs) attaches the food to something people already know and love, thus enabling them to make a positive connection. So I guess there are pros to both sides; it’s just not a black-and-white issue.

Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Total Time: 20m
Yield: Makes 4 Portobello Mushroom Burgers
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  • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 2 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 tsp olive or vegetable oil
  • sprinkle of salt
  • 4 portabella mushroom caps, gills removed
  • burger buns and fixins


Portobello mushroom burgers recipe: Whisk first 6 ingredients together in a medium bowl. (Technically, you can leave out the oil if you absolutely must, but it really helps the marinade adhere to the mushrooms and keeps the mushroom burgers from sticking to the grill.) Poke a few holes in each mushroom. Set mushrooms, top-side down, in a large rectangular container. (I use a lidded container so I can just flip the entire thing instead of flipping each mushroom individually when the time comes to turn them.) Pour the marinade evenly over the mushrooms, then turn the mushrooms over. Allow to marinate no less than 2 hours.

Preheat your grill to medium heat (if you don’t have a grill, you can always fry the mushroom burgers in a pan). Use a grill pan with small grids, or cook on foil. Grill the mushrooms 5 minutes, flip, 5 minutes. Then 5 more minutes on each side. So grill a total of 20 minutes. Dress with your burger fixins of choice.

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Published on July 16, 2013

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  1. A. Cook says

    I like your intro to this post a lot. Vegan food doesn’t have to be a “substitute” for some non-vegan counterpart; it can stand on its own merits. It wouldn’t make sense to claim that a mushroom tastes like ground beef!
    I tend to resist calling foods “fake” for that very reason–I think it takes away from that food’s own unique goodness. But at the same time, it’s useful to use analogous words (like “chicken nuggets” or “mayonnaise”) to describe a type or style of food/flavors/textures that you are trying to achieve. Sometimes if I’m making something for a non-vegan (for example, pasta with “alfredo” sauce), I’ll tell them I’m serving “pasta with cashew sauce; the texture is similar to an alfredo sauce.” That way, they have a point of reference but can also appreciate the sauce’s own unique flavor and ingredients.

  2. Crystal says

    I want to try this. I’ve made my own veggie burgers, but never done the portabella mushroom thing. We use the substitute name like “Veggie Burger” but put out the caveat that it’s not a hamburger replacement. It’s a veggie burger. We’re omnivores but we enjoy eating some vegetarian or vegan meals occasionally.

  3. Melissa says

    Yum! Those burgers look so tasty and filling! Just my kind of meal! Also, I love the way your hair looks in this photo, it’s so stylish and ideal for summer!

  4. sassygirl says

    awesome burger katie…looks like it has good chew-factor!

    have you tried the company, Beyond Meat?? they’re chicken-free, gf, vegan.
    comes in grilled, southwestern style and litely seasoned. love the sw style,
    and there’s a 75 cent coupon in the packaging (thnx, blogging friend!)
    i’m off soy, and this product, although faux, tastes amazing.

  5. Susan says

    I’ve been both vegetarian and vegan in the past, and I have not liked fake meats. I’ve also had portobello burgers and enjoyed them – the recipe I used to have was similar to yours, I think. The only problem I have with portobello burgers is that there is just not enough protein in them. Maybe I could sneak in a small ground beef or turkey patty with the mushroom and do it that way… 🙂

    • LindseyMM says

      Haha, a meat and portobello burger — never would have thought of that! As I stick with my vegan proteins, I like to mix hummus and lentils (or quinoa) and slather that over the mushroom. I usually turn the shroom upside down so it holds all of my toppings better.

      • Susan says

        Lindsey, I like your ideas! Mine stems from liking both portobello burgers and regular burgers, and my need for higher protein levels than I was ever able to find as a vegan (I don’t think there were any good vegan blogs back when I was trying to eat vegan).

  6. Lyndsey says

    Hi, Katie! I’m 13 years old and a healthy eater. I mainly eat a clean and organic diet. I love your breakfast recipes! Those are mainly what I eat for breakfast… I can’t wait for your cookbook! Thank you for being a great role model! 🙂

  7. Pyogazel says

    I totally agree with you, veggan foods are not substitutes, they are foods of their own! There are classic veggan dishes that have been around hundreds of years before the word veggan was coined, and it makes me sad to see that restaurateurs and chefs feel compelled to add “veggan” to the dish name in order to sell it… I think veggan dished have their own flavour and personality, sometimes it is loss when trying to mimick meat (notice I am not saying “protein”, there is “protein” in vegetables too) 😉
    By the way, your burger looks yummy, thanks for the recipe!

  8. Jody says

    Hi Katie,

    You bring up an interesting question regarding vegetarian meat substitutes or “analogs” as some call them. One very important aspect to all of them which
    bothers me is not that the companies that make them are trying to give vegetarians
    or vegans a substitute food that is similar to things they may remember eating and/or enjoying as a kid- but most important to me is the ingredients used. Many are GMO and aren’t very healthful and are processed too. I have yet to find any including the most popular brands LifeLight (smart dogs or Tofu Dogs…soy crumbles etc) and , Gardein products, that cannot prove they are Non GMO and none of their products use organic soy at all. I have written to both companies and they admit they are not organic and say they use Non GMO, but that is likely not true because from what I have gathered online- if it’s wheat, soy, soy isolates etc it’s likely GMO if it is not labeled organic. So nowadays you have to read labels very well to avoid GMO,. There are many wheat products that are not organic and you have to be careful what you buy. even gluten free- many rice products are not organic so you have to be careful. I love your recipes by the way- and please keep coming up with meals rather than sweets! Your sweets are lovely but I’d rather see more meals myself! Oh by the way you are gorgeous!!

  9. Sarah the official CCK Drooler says

    While I’m not a vegan, I do think that foods from any lifestyle should be presented on their own merits. Vegan food is obviously not going to be like carnivorous food- so why present it as such? To me, a portabella mushroom “burger” sounds just as good as a hamburger. But I have found that many of your recipes taste just like the real thing, so I’m never set up for disappointment 🙂 On the other hand, I do think that these kind of products make the transition to a vegan diet easier for some who may want some semblance of their favorite foods as they start out.
    BTW, the pics are gorgeous! I just got a Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS, and I love it- hopefully I can take photos as nice as these. I don’t have a blog or anything, but i do LOVE photography. And stupid question, but did you just use a curler or something? Your hair is so cute!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Not a stupid question at all! I actually didn’t use a curling iron, but a Babyliss Miracurl (I think that’s what it’s called). I saw it on sale and thought it sounded fun. You just put your hair into the machine and it twirls the hair from inside a chamber. Kind of hard to explain, but it really works well.

  10. Maggie says

    My non-vegan boyfriend and I went to a vegan restaurant for Valentine’s Day. He order some fake chicken drumstick things and was really disappointed. “They taste like bad chicken!” I had to explain (while stifling a giggle) that vegans don’t actually remember what real chicken tastes like so we don’t really notice how close it is to real chicken. His expectations were for real chicken, so he was disappointed.

    He has since learned and now LOVES vegan food – he makes falafel better than I do! Now we call burgers for what they are – black bean burgers, masala burgers, mushroom burgers – because they aren’t MEAT burgers. And they’re much more delicious for it!

  11. Tammela says

    I love portobello mushrooms! And I agree with you about “fake meat”; people should just embrace the plant-based foods as what they are, rather than trying to make them taste like meat. Teach people how to cook vegetables and tofu/soy products to highlight the unique flavors, not to make them meat-like.

  12. Ice Cream Gal says

    This looks really yummy. I have doubts about my brothers eating it, though. They would look at it and say “that’s not meat.”
    “I know that! It’s a veggie burger!” I would reply cheerfully.
    “HUMPH! Vegtables aren’t food, vegtables is what food eats.” Would say a grumpy brother of mine. Well, maybe they’d eat it. I got them to eat Quinoa for breakfast, once. I made it look – and taste – like Cream of Wheat hot cereal.

    Anyway, this is kind of off- topic, but in your “Haggen Dazs” ice cream recipe, do you think it’s possible to substitute blanched almonds for the cashews? Not that I can’t get a hold of cashews, but around here they are about $5.00 per cup. Almonds are so much cheaper!!

  13. Katy @ Katy's Kitchen says

    Awesome pics Katie and that burger looks delicious! I’ve had some really delicious store-bought veggie burgers and some really delicious home-made ones too. Love how yours is so easy and healthy.

  14. Lisa says

    I still have yet to try portobello burgers, for some reason I imagine them tasting so weird – although these do look quite delicious.
    And I really agree with your thoughts on fake meat. In my opinion, I don’t even like hamburgers so why would I want my “fake meat” to taste like it. Your right it just ends up leading to a disappointing meal when it doesn’t taste like the real thing.

  15. Hannah @ TalesFromTheLastFrontier says

    This looks super tasty! I love portobello burgers and they are such a good way to “trick” meat-eaters into enjoying veggie food with me. I’ve tried them a few different ways before but never this exact way. I know what we are grilling this weekend 🙂

  16. Hana says

    Hi Katie, this burger looks amazing! I really can’t wait to try it out. The thing is, can I substatute in replacement for the red wine vinegar? I am not only a minor but it is against my religion to have anything that contains alcohol. So can I replace it for something else? Thanks, I’m obsessed with your website, I always have a window up for it in my iPhone haha.

    • Miranda says

      All vinegar is made from booze. The alcohol is converted into acetic acid. So unless someone messed up the vinegar making process, there will be no alcohol in any of it. Enjoy whichever flavor you like!

      • Sarah the official CCK Drooler says

        I am also a minor, and I also wouldn’t have alcohol (or things containing it) for religious reasons. However, I don’t believe that red wine vinegar (or any other) really has any alcohol content- and I’m sure if there was, it would get cooked off. I don’t think its any cause for worry! 🙂

  17. Nikki @ The Road to Less Cake says

    That looks so juicy and delicious. I haven’t had a good veggie burger in ages.
    You look so pretty, Katie. Your hair is gorgeous.
    When I was vegetarian (long complicated story, which I won’t bore you with, as to why I am not anymore – I will explain if you wanted though :] ), I used to eat quite a few “fake” meat products, like Quorn, which I still enjoy, and did like the taste. But I agree with you on why it should be called a substitute, it is not a substitute it is an alternative. I also agree with why should they be called chicken style pieces or fillets, why not just Quorn pieces or fillets.

  18. Alisha @ Gluten Free Perspective says

    I’m terrified to try a mushroom burger for some reason. I really want to and so I might use your recipe. The comments you included from your BF and sister sold me! 🙂

  19. Kari says

    We make portobello burgers quite often, we love them. Top it with a tomato slice, spinach, and cooked onion… oh yum! My husband grilled some portobello tops at his aunt’s barbecue in May and they were a hit even among the meat eaters.

    We don’t eat fake meat. On occasion we’ll get Go Veggie vegan cheese but not too often as we try to stick to real, whole food, not fake stuff.

  20. Nikki says

    Funny sounding question here: Do these taste mushroomy? I don’t like mushrooms, but if the flavoring and cooking takes away the actual mushroom taste, I’d be interested in trying these out!!

      • Nikki says

        Thanks for the response! If anyone else has any opinions about just how ‘mushroomy’ these taste, please let me know what you think!

        • Holly says

          Hi there

          I haven’t tried this recipe, but other marinated portabella recipes I’ve made do still have a mushroom flavour. You could probably try using the marinade for tofu of tempeh as an alternative though!

  21. monica says

    i tried it once and i just thought it was gross but then again i’m not vegan. i rather have a burger :o)

  22. Vanessa says

    Love this! As someone who is dairy-free, I can’t get enough of your vegan desserts but I’m always on the hunt for good dairy-free savory meals. These look awesome and I think I’ll be firing up the grill this weekend!

  23. trajayjay says

    I think fake meat is one reason why vegans receive negativity from omnivores (Yes, omnivores receive negativity from vegans too).
    Fake meat is basically saying “You know, I’m too much of a pussy to give up meat for good, so I’ll go with this fake ass substitute that tastes just like it, and I’ll pretend to like it. It implies that vegans are in denial, and really crave meat, this gives omnis and edge on vegan bashing.

    I’m not trying to criticize vegans or omnis, or anyone, I’m just stating my opinion.

    • Traelo says

      Yeah, you’re completely wrong; there is nothing ‘pussy’ about eating meat substitutes. Vegans and vegetarians alike chose to eat fake meats and dairy simply because they enjoy the taste of their real counterparts. However, they are simultaneously trying to reduce the suffering of animals. Thus, they buy fake meats and dairy. It’s a win-win for ethical veg*ns; within the past decade, compassionate companies have expanded due to growing demand and now offer a wide array of (delicious) alternatives.

      Of course, if you’re vegan for health reasons – in which you’d refer to yourself as plant-based instead – then you’d want to stay away from processed foods altogether.

  24. ari says

    Sounds yummy! When i hear ‘substitute’ in relation to vegetarian products what comes to mind are replacements for the proteins and vitamins usually found in meat. When referring to meat-like products i usually call it veggie meat… I

  25. c says

    I love, love, love portobello mushroom burgers!
    One of my favorite protein substitutes is seitan. Super easy to make, it gives texture to stir fries, without being mushy. My husband doesn’t love the chewiness of it, but I like the Mongolian barbecue seitan recipe from chloe coscarelli, the sauce makes it!

  26. Macy says

    You look absolutely stunning in that photo, Mushroom-Covered Katie! (Just kidding, I think chocolate suits you better! Did I mention that I set a shortcut on my phone so I don’t have to spell out all nine letters of chocolate?)

  27. Saraquill says

    To me, fake meat tastes best when homemade, and you call it by its proper name. For example, instead of “chik’n,” frozen tofu, or seitan instead of “meate.” That way, there’s no sense of being poorly tricked.

  28. Anonymous says

    Is it just me or does the portobello burger in the first pic look photo-shopped into it? Heheh! It does to me… 🙂 oh, and then i scrolled down to see if i could find a pic that had the portobello burger looking exactly the same and i did. the third one.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hi Claire,
      Nope, they’re not the same picture lol. It is the same burger, though. And I definitely did edit the burger quite a bit so that it would stand out more and be the focus (as opposed to me being the focus of the photo).

  29. Jenni says

    I feel the same way about vegan “meats.” They shouldn’t be looked at as substitutes for real meat. Of course they’re not going to taste the same as meat! Nothing but animal flesh is going to taste like animal flesh. I’m an omnivore who’s always loved tofu and tempeh, but I’ve never bothered with things like “chick-un” or any of the other highly processed, chemical-laden meat substitutes. Too weird. Tofu and tempeh aren’t pretending to be anything they aren’t. “Tofurkey” on the other hand…well, you see what I mean. It’s trying to be turkey. Wannabes are never cool! 😉

  30. Suzanne says

    Oh my, Katie you are STUNNING!
    Hm, I guess you could say I have ‘beef’ with substitutes. I don’t really like the thought or taste of them, but if they help more people choose meatless, then that is awesome!

  31. Linda Lee says

    Katie, thank you, thank you for the entree recipe. Please keep them coming in your blog. I love your site, and want to build my whole meal around your recipes. Later this summer I will start blogging again, and I would love to link to your website as I prepare your recipes. You are the best!

  32. Arianna says

    Katie! I’ve been followed your blog for years, and I don’t think I’ve commented before until now. I just wanted to say what a beautiful woman you’ve grown up to be. You look so healthy, happy, and radiant! I
    P.S. Your hair is fab!

  33. Ms. Chanandler Bong :) says

    The vegan Boca burgers are not anywhere near what a burger tastes like, but I’ll eat them if I have to. The best meat substitutes I’ve ever eaten are Trader Joe’s soy chorizo and Gardein “chicken” tenders. I still get a little freaked out when I eat them because I feel like I’m eating meat!

  34. Laura says

    Agreed! I very rarely eat meat substitutes. My favourite go-to burger recipes are simple portobello mushroom burgers and Scott Jurek’s lentil-mushroom burgers 🙂

    I had my non-vegan friends over for a birthday bbq in May and only served portobello burgers. They loved them!

  35. Iman MJ says

    Omw! You are crazy crazy beautiful katie! I love all your recipes, I just don’t ever have the time to try them all! And I love the fact you have all the nutritional values, makes life that much easier personally for me! Thanks sooo much! And I’m defo ganna make these “burgers!” They look scrumptious(like all your recipes 😉 ) I get soo excited everytime you have a new post! LOLZ recipe geek 😀

  36. Nic says

    I think “fake meat” is great. I’m a vegetarian, I call it “fake meat” all the time and I don’t particularly care what others (carnivores or other vegetarians) think of the label I use for it. I don’t miss the taste of real meat, but I enjoy the taste of Morningstar and Trader Joe’s so I eat them. I would probably eat them if I was a meat-eater anyway.

    Portobello burgers are great, especially with spicy brown mustard and carmelized onions!

  37. Sadye says

    Haven’t tried many “fake” meats, and I’m definitely a carnivore/dairy eater, but I went to a vegan restaurant recently and wished that instead of just making vegan versions of nonvegan food, the chefs offered some dishes that were original — I know it can be done; I was lucky enough to enjoy a vegan picnic that opened my mind to the creativity that’s still there! With that said, I totally see the value in making vegan versions of nonvegan foods, and did really enjoy the lentil/bean burger I had at this restaurant.

    These burgers look fab, and I can’t wait to try them!

  38. Andria says

    Are those your homemade sweet potato french fries in the picture with the portabella mushroom sandwich? They look like they have a coating on them. I tried making your french fries and although they tasted really good, they were not crunchy and definitely didn’t look like the ones in your picture with the sandwich!!

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Sorry for the delayed reply… Did you make the sweet potato fries awhile ago? I recently updated the recipe and it’s much better now. Also, the ones in the photo were frozen… you can kind of still see freezer burn on one of them lol. 😕

  39. Llp says

    Katie, can you let me know what kind of hamburger bun you used? I am always looking for good vegan breads and those look delicious.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      They are called something like Nature’s Own or Nature’s Way… it’s a green label, and I found them at Kroger. Accidentally vegan… and great for when you don’t have time to go all the way to Whole Foods to pick up something less processed.

  40. Maya says

    What’s the purpose of removing the gills? I always find them to be flavorful when I make portabellas, and I’m sure they have some good nutrients in them!

  41. Colleen says

    I believe meat alternative is a good term. I definitely find calling vegetarian dishes the same name as meat dishes wrong and misleading. Great topic.

  42. Cindy says

    This is not the first of your recipes I’ve tried, and it’s another winner. It really does taste like a burger. I have to say, though, the big thing I miss now that I’ve gone vegan is the texture of meat. And, in general, the portobello burgers I’ve had are too “juicy.” I’m sure it’s because the water isn’t cooked out. I’m wondering if it would help to cook it on a George Foreman grill (or something similar). That way, it’s being pressed down as it cooks so more of the excess liquid kicks out. What do you think?

    • Cindy says

      Follow up: I tried this with the George Foreman grill, and I really liked the results. It definitely squeezed out some of the excess liquid. Now the only messiness comes from the condiments, as it should be. 🙂

  43. sauce says

    I used to eat A LOT of fake meat products when I first turned vegan (I am not strictly vegan anymore, but do try to eat mainly vegan…so I don’t call myself vegan). Anyway, last year I was on a ‘diet’ to lose extra weight and I found myself eating a lot of fake meats again. Chicken strips one day, ‘fish’ the next, ‘burgers’ the next…then i started getting these awful tummy cramps. I have a fairly high pain threshold with tummy cramps, but these were something else! I would wake up at 3am in AGONY, and throw up for 3 days straight. No Dr could figure out what it was! I’m pretty sure it was because of my fake meat habit. As soon as I stopped, the problem went away! That’s not to say that there isn’t room for a bit of fake meat when the mood strikes (very occasionally).

    However, I agree that we should be celebrating the amazing tastes and textures of natures plant based food! I LOVE portabella mushie burgers! I cannot wait to try your recipe! Look sooo delish!

  44. Christa says

    Fake is just another word for imitation. Imitation foods are never as excellent as the real thing and usually cost more at the store. I like the real thing, like portobello mushroom burgers. Youth of today just don’t seem to be as interested in cooking, as in my heyday. And yes, I am over 55 and love to cook. Favorite phrase “Smell that … that is the smell of love.”

    • amy lynn hunt says

      I’m so glad to see this yummy recipe, I had forgotten I wanted to try (is it portabelllO or portabellA? Both of those got zapped by my spell-check! :0)) these as a burger. Looks sooo yummy! The fries look amazing as well, so glad to have stumbled upon your Blog today while Googling another chocolate thing!
      When I hear “Fake Food”, my mind goes one place: GMO! So we should definitely save that word for food that really is fake!

      Question – I’m not having a lot of luck getting the nutritional ‘stuff’ for the mushrooms, do they have any protein? If not I’m sort of running ideas for sides through my head.
      Thanks and thank you for sharing your recipes, I will be back to check out more recipes!

  45. Jess S. @ Floptimism says

    Hi there! I run a food blog called Floptimism, and every Saturday I write a round-up of all of the amazing recipes, pictures, ideas, inspiration, etc. I’ve found on the web over the past week. I wanted to let you know that I loved this post so much – I completely agree that it’s much better to look at things like black bean burgers or portobello burgers as fun new recipes rather than wannabe-meat dishes – that I featured it in my post. I’ve included the link to the post in case you’re interested in checking it out. Either way, thank you for such an interesting read! Have a great weekend!

  46. Vonda Buckner says

    Portobello mushrooms or portabella mushrooms as they are more rightfully called, which range between four and six inches in width, are large enough to be a delicious filling in hamburger buns. Barbequed Portobello mushrooms are juicy and mouthwatering and the garlic and thyme used in these Portobello burgers really bring out the rich mushroom flavor. Once you have removed the dark gills of the Portobello mushrooms with a spoon, you are ready to generously brush the mushroom caps with the oil mixture. You can serve these grilled Portobello mushrooms as they are, in the bun, or you can add a little mayonnaise or salsa for some extra flavor.

  47. Candice says

    I’ve fixed portabella mushrooms numerous ways from fajitas to stuffed to burgers. My husband was grilling them as burgers again today so I decided to try your marinade for something different. They were AWESOME! The marinade really took the burgers over the top. This recipe is a definite keeper. I’d like to mention that I use organic Tamari soy sauce in recipes – it’s so much better than the regular bottled stuff and worth the extra cost. Thanks again for sharing such a great recipe!

  48. MichelleH says

    These mushrooms were amazing! Such terrific flavor, my carnivores gobbled them up and asked for seconds. Thank you, Katie, for another great healthy recipe.

  49. Catie says

    These were fantastic; they had the perfect favor and texture! I used the four-serving marinade to make only two burgers, however, and let them soak for about 5 hours. I’m unsure if it was due to either of these two factors or if mushrooms naturally do shrink, but my mushrooms shrank A LOT upon grilling – they were like sliders! Nevertheless, I’ll make sure to buy bigger mushrooms next time!

  50. Holly says

    Truthfully, I have found some WONDERFUL meat substitutes that are very close to the real thing….such as when I ordered the sesame “chicken” at Candle Cafe in NYC (best vegan food I’ve ever eaten). Most of the best substitutes I have found to be the kind you might find at a place like Trader Joe’s in the refrigerated (not frozen) vegan section such as Smart brand. However, I agree that it doesn’t have to taste exactly like meat to be great or appreciated. In fact, I’ve replaced a real burger with a black bean burger at places like Chili’s, and I’ve found it to taste much BETTER than the real thing. Anyway, I can’t wait to try this!

  51. Lynn says

    Great page. I’m always happy to see portabellas being talked about as a great alternative to beef, or hamburgers in particular. Because, these mushrooms are probably the most delicious food product known, yet, undiscovered by so many. I don’t know about you, or other people, but to me, portebella mushrooms are right up there with chocolate, as far as fantastically delicious flavor is concerned. It’s different from chocolate of course, quite a bit more subtle, yet they have such a wonderful texture, and sort of a developing flavor, as they are slowly eaten and enjoyed. People have asked me, who do not like mushrooms, what do they taste like? Well, it’s like a rich, buttery earthiness, with woody tones, a delicious nuttiness, and a meaty heartiness, or texture.

    • penny howland says

      So happy to find this site! And I first thought, “she’s so young, how much cooking experience could she have?!” Ha, thought you weren’t out of your teens! Anyway, everybody is so right. I just made the vegan/vegetarian commitment this weekend. I have eaten healthy, no processed stuff, whole foods but still eggs and cheese and chicken and pork. I have fought with my conscience for years and felt guilty then lived with it…but made the decision after watching chickens, pigs inhumane, painful, torturous deaths. So I don’t care for fake “hot dogs”, I mean look how modified from the original food form! So make the very best tasting food from what we have. My first taste (years ago) of a Portobello was that it had a filet kind of texture and taste! I loved it. So I always wanted to try it on a bun, (but never thought of giving up my hamburger!)–so now is my chance and I’m excited to learn. Good to read the notes of like minded people who have “been there” in a lot of respects. I am starting from knowing not much at all, but went to my great “Nature’s Food Patch” yesterday and bought “basics”, miso, tvp, nutritional yeast and now need to read up! My cats loved the yeast sprinkled on their meals as well as the very special treat of very finely shaved dried Bonita. OMG

  52. Gabby says

    This veggie burger is definitely going to be put on my summer food list! But what catches my eye is the sweet potato chips, how do you get them so thick, crispy and fluffy? They look amazing! Are the ones in these photos fried ?

  53. J says

    I have to try this!!!!! Portobello mushrooms are my favorite <3 Usually I just broil them until they're cooked and spread some miracle whip or something on them (not sure why that tastes so good to me haha!)…. These look a lot better 😉 And the only reason I'm vegetarian (not vegan, although I don't eat dairy either) is because I don't like the taste of meat…. So I hate burgers and chicken, but I loveee the taste of tofu and portobellos. I'm not usually a huge fan of the vegetarian "fake meats" because, like you said, it's not going to taste exactly the same so there's no point in pretending. I do have to admit that I like a certain type of vegetarian tofu hotdogs though! They don't taste like meat hotdogs, but they're very good with some ketchup :p That's honestly about it though.

  54. Jocelyn says

    Just tried this at a family BBQ while everyone else was eating beef and chicken, and I can definitely say that I did not feel like I was missing out! So good!! Thanks for the recipe:)

  55. kelbel says

    having not eaten meat in 25 years, (grew up on a farm & have seen things that make meat- taste & all- completely unappealing) and don’t enjoy the taste of meat, when someone tries to sell me a substitute by pronouncing ‘it tastes just like steak!” they lose me completely.

  56. Pete viskovich says

    I just bought a Portobella burger for the first time with fries for $13.95 at the Days Inn in LEDUC, ALBERTA near the Edmonton airport. I felt stupid when I asked the waitress if they forgot to put the meat inn. She said they could but it would cost extra ($20)…
    I thinks it’s great to eat healthy but are Portobella mushrooms that expensive? The problem with trying to get people to eat healthier is that restaurants charge too much for items that are obviously much cheaper. It’s a trend throughout the healthy eating society that I hope changes

  57. Renee Woodward says

    Oh my gosh these are sooo good! If I didn’t know any better I’d have sworn I was eating an actual burger. We did marinate as instructed and they came out perfect. I think this could also be used as a marinade for steak if you desire.

  58. Sabrina says

    Looks so yummy! Could you recommend an alternative for the soy sauce? (I can’t have so much sodium.) Maybe I could add more balsamic instead (I live off of balsamic vinegar)? Thanks in advance!

  59. Jeanne says

    These Portobello Mushroom Burgers are delicious. I do have one question – how often do you turn them in the marinade? I have been turning over after one hour but wonder if you do that more frequently.
    Thanks so much

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