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Raw S’mores Fudge

Fudge Babies, that is.


Above, my first time actually making S’mores Babies.

It’s kinda expected by now that, whenever there’s a party, I will bring food. Don’t know how this came to be, but I’m powerless to change it.  If I don’t show up with food, all hell breaks loose among my hungry friends.  This past weekend, for example, I was invited to a huge bash at a friend’s house to celebrate the end of the school year. Translation: LOTS of people and LOTS of craziness.

So my friend says: You’re coming, right?

Me: Yeah.

Friend: And you’re bringing food, right?

Me: (fake offended voice) Is that the only reason you invited me?

Friend:(grinning) Of course!

Me: No, I wasn’t planning on it. You guys are always drunk anyway, so my culinary masterpieces are wasted (pun intended) on you.

Friend: But drunk people need food too!

Result? CCK accepts defeat and retreats to her secret lair kitchen.



When she comes back out, she is not alone: the S’mores Babies come too!

Published on May 17, 2010

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  1. Kate says

    Truth or dare got way more fun when our parties turned co-ed. When it was just girls, one could come up with any daring dares that people were willing to do. 🙂
    It was more of “sing the barney song outside”.
    Those look amazing, btw!

  2. Beth says

    Ha I played a lot of truth or dare as a kid and I know a lot of dares at the time seemed terrifying but none of htem really stick out in my mind.

  3. says

    good for you for saving the good batches for sober appetites! i dont like drinking and usually opt out and i def dont drink if ppl are gonna get drunk… i dont like the vibes. ur such a good friend for making food and bringing it over- i hope they appreciated it!! and enjoyed it!!!
    truth or dare is the best game to play when know one knows what else to do… and its full-proof, you’re guaranteed a great time!!!

    mmmm fudge…. drool…. lol

  4. abby says

    i loved truth or dare! so much fun, and i agree with someone above who said it’s more fun with guys :). i wish my friends still played! we never thought up anything good. but we did eat and drink some pretty gross things. broccoli milkshake? 🙂

  5. Inspired says

    I don’t think I ever played truth or dare. And, sadly, I’ve never had a s’more baby either. Well, at least I can fix ONE of those two. 😉

  6. Jessica (PB & Jess) says

    I used to play “Truth or Dare” with my friends all the time!! Awww…now I’m getting tons of memories flooding back. One time I got dared to let this boy put a hickey on my neck and I didn’t want to look like a baby so I let him do it. Well, when I got home my mom and grandma saw it!!! Needless to say, I was grounded for weeks.

  7. Katie says

    Wow those smores babies look amazing!!!! I love smores!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like to still play with play-doh!!!!!!!!!! I just dont eat it like I used to when I was little, lol!

    love u!!

  8. Ilana says

    Oh those look so good. Soooo what I need right now – chocolate and marshmallow comfort food.

    I was never really shy, my friends and I did a lot of weird and crazy things, so I can’t think of any one particular strange and daring thing I’ve done …

    Kids things? I love markers. LOVE them.

  9. Danielle says

    Nice, Katie! Marshmallow, like Truth or Dare, reminds me of camp when I was 13 or so. It was probably the first time that I made friends with people who were male… you know, BOYS. Turns out they’re human, too. And they like marshmallows.

  10. lovelisa says

    hi katie! i haven’t bbeen commenting lately but i am still reading every one of your posts. just wanted to tell you :). now i have to go click on that smore baby link!

  11. Olivia says

    My favorite “kid” thing to do is to run around barefoot in the yard with my dog. Only now I just don’t do so many cartwheels.

    Also, an important bit of information I found out recently. Crayons contain stearic acid which is almost always made from animal fat. I learned this when I read an article called 185 Things to do With a Pig, in which the author listed everything pig parts are used for (I have four pet pigs who were rescued from food production, so I wanted to make sure I was avoiding all indirect pork produts.)

    I hope you don’t feel like I’m preaching or trying o be a know-it-all on your blog… I just know I always appreciate it when someone lets me know of an animal ingredient in something I wasn’t aware of. It’s so hard to keep up with everything that doesn’t list its ingredients!

    I can’t remember on which blog I first saw these, but these crayons are supposed to be vegan

    And if you want to read the article I read, you can find it here,+…-a0208935993

  12. caronae says

    I love how creative you get with the fudge babies! Yum! I like coloring, drawing/painting, hide and seek, puzzles and pretty much any kid game. But not truth or dare — I detested middle school. Bad memories!

    Happy Monday!

  13. Danielle says

    I would have [soberly] enjoyed smores babies with you! I think it’s great that your friends even ask you to bring your delicious food. My friends wouldn’t touch my stuff with a 10 ft. pole…for fear they might get “vegan” in them 😉

    I still like board games…Candyland is always a favorite 😀

  14. Katie says

    That picture is drool-worthy.

    I LOVE coloring. So, so, so much. I always beg my nieces to color with me. 🙂 I also love kickball, and I beg the boys in my class to let me play with them on Fridays!

  15. Anonymous says

    they look sooooooooo good! but just to let you know, the fluff means they’re not really raw. bet they’re still good though!

  16. Jennifer says

    First off, board game night is my idea of a good time. I’ll occasionally go out for a drink or VERY RARELY to a party, but I’m a homebody. I like to cook and play Cranium. That said, I do often feel like I’m expected to cook and rarely feel like that is reciprocated. My friends come here, eat whatever I make them, and then when I go to their homes we go out and I have to buy a meal. Sometimes it makes me feel a little taken advantage of. Forgive me if that’s not how you feel, but I felt that you were hinting at that in your post and I can completely understand it.

  17. Kaitlin says

    Yummy! I can seee why you were invited heehee :).
    I loved playig truth or dare, but I was never very daring!

  18. Michelle K says

    Katie, I tried making the cookie dough babies with nuts/oats, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tbsp maple, and 2 tbsp honey blended together, and then 2 TSBP mini chocolate chips. they came out AM – A – ZING =) feel feel to try that.
    also, i read your first blog and noticed that your t-shirt said Westchester! i live there and was wondering if you used to or still do??

  19. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    They know I secretly love to cook them vegan stuff (basically because they FINALLY have gotten to a point where they trust me enough that they’ll try it!). So I don’t really feel taken advantage of…
    But I can totally see how you would feel that way if it’s not reciprocated. I guess some people are just “always the hostess.” For me, I would take offense if they cooked for others but not me. But the fact of the matter is, they’re just not cooking people. They’d still love me if I didn’t force my vegan snacks on them ;).

  20. Holly at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices says

    They look SO good- YUM!! I wouldn’t want to waste them on drunk people either..they wouldn’t realize how GREAT they are 😉
    And, as for something as a kid…hmm…pretty much EVERYTHING! I loved being a kid- I have to say markers, for coloring..but I still use them today. Whenever I send cards (birthday, anniversary, etc) they always come with LOTS of color in them 🙂

  21. Heather Eats Almond Butter says

    Oh my gosh Katie, I love crayons and markers and coloring books. Hours of fun. 🙂

    Let’s see…Truth or Dare. Yes, I’ve played it, and I remember freaking out when I was probably 11 when another boy had to kiss me on the cheek. I’d forgotten about that. Hehe.

    S’mores babies look yummy, and I’m sure they were eaten up in a flash!

  22. Rachael says

    Empathy from another designated food bearer.
    Truth or dare was never quite as revealing among my friends as I hoped – we always did dares. Then again, I was the kid who happily jumped from a tree for a nickel. And took a dare to snort wasabi out of boredom. I guess fourteen year olds don’t have that many juicy secrets anyways 🙂

  23. megan says

    OMG! Iloved truth or dare. My friends and i threw a surprize party for my friend and played it there. We had this really good dare where you took a chip and had to put everything on the food table on it. Poor girl that had to do it had to add hot sauce with the cake. It was like a mini mountian on a chip but the face she made was priceless. Don’t worry she lived after eating this nasty creation.

  24. Miho says

    Those s’mores look yum!! And very sweet, too 😉

    I’ve never played truth or dare because I always thought (and still do think) that it’s a hurtful game in a way. And I don’t want anyone to get hurt, so no, I’ve never played it before 🙂

    I would still like to run up an escalater that’s going down! (I never did that when I was a kid, so I need to go do that!) 😀 And finger painting sounds really fun too! 😉

  25. Katherine: What About Summer? says

    I’m giving you a shout out to make up for laughing at you yesterday… sorry about that

  26. Pure2raw twins says

    Look amazing! We love anything smores ; ) We also use to make food for our friends for parties too! We love making food for others!

  27. Marianne says

    Um, those basically look amazing. I wouldn’t feed them to drunk people either. Probably because I’d want to consume them all myself. Yum!

  28. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    hmmm… maybe you guys just invented the newest “it” food: hot sauce cake! 🙂

    Darn it! I had a feeling that would be the case, b/c WC PA is so small! But I think Jennifer Aniston did film the Marley&Me movie there, so it does have *something* going for it :).

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