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Some of My Favorites

Hi chocolate… hmmm, what haven’t I called y’all yet?

Raisins? Cookies? Pretzels?

Its’ been a while since my last “currently” post, so I thought I’d do another one to highlight a few of the things I’ve been loving lately. Starting with… *gasp* not dessert?!


Giant veggie bowls doused in crack Ranch Sauce.

Roasted cauliflower, steamed broccoli, zucchini, pasta, bulgur… I am covering everything I can in my homemade ranch dressing. Truth: I think I’d eat my shoe if you covered it with this sauce.

Something else I love? Ezekiel. Even more than the bread, I love the English muffins.

P.S. Did you know they’re now making Ezekiel Waffles?

Has anyone seen them yet? I haven’t!


And then I love/ want to marry my Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake.

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Published on June 6, 2011

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  1. krickit6 says

    I am kind of in a food rut right now, and I cant think of anything I really LOVE at this moment.. boo! I am not 100% vegan but I am “practicing” to get me ready to make the full committment.. So, I have been making new recipes out of a cookbook and I’m trying to find “the” meal I love 🙂 I ate your lentil vegetable curry for about 2 months, but decided it was type to switch it up! 🙂

    Oh, and my vote for tomorrow’s post: Vanilla ice cream!! 🙂

  2. Lisa Fine says

    I am loving cinnamon raisin bread topped with nut butter and banana. It’s delicious,a nd makes a great pre-run snack.

    I love chocolate, but I’m really curious about the vanilla ice cream. 🙂

  3. Picky Nicky says

    I’ve always hated ranch sauce but im willing to give yours a try 😀
    I’d love to see the ice cream recipe! The weather here has been HAAAAWT so ice cream sounds perfect!! 🙂

  4. Qi Ting @ Misadventures of Fat free Baking says

    Brownie Bites!!!
    I’m loving red bean buns and matcha pancakes currently! 😀 Really delicious!
    Going to make your raw cookie dough pops tomorrow– but with chopped raisins and dried cranberries instead and with cocoa powder– it’s gonna be a tomorrow ‘loving’ haha 😀

  5. Ashley says

    I am currently really into toast…I know it sounds weird but I have been addicted to toasting bakery bread and then topping it with peanut butter, jam, marmite, Earth Balance, etc! There’s just something so comforting about some toast in the morning (or for dinner!).

  6. Ragnhild says

    You are so beautiful Katie!!!
    My favorits at the moment are : Sweet potato mash with almond butter and maple sirup (had it for breakfast today- and almost died), grain salad (with artichokes, tomatoes lots of freash basil and avocado), dark chocolate (but that never goes off style..) and raw brownies!
    Have a great week sweetie <3

  7. VEGirl says

    I NEED VANILLA ICE CREAM. pretty pwease? I have been craving ice cream lately like nobody’s business (and it;s not even that warm here!). And you ranch dressing is on my list of recipes to make this week!

  8. Jess @ Keeping It Real Food says

    I’ve been obsessed with green smoothies recently…kale or baby spinach + frozen bananas, peaches, and strawberries + a little yogurt or almond milk and then topped with raw oats and/or a little granola and drizzled with coconut oil

  9. Michaela says

    Currently loving… well, the Raw Fudge Cake, of course 😉
    Also, I am loving fresh strawberries, yummi!
    I would vote for vanilla ice cream, as I can barely take the heat here atm and I appreciate something that cools me down a little 🙂

  10. Holly @ pink runner says

    Yes I’ve seen the Ezekial waffles in organic aisles at my grocery stores! I haven’t tried them yet!

  11. Jenny says

    They have the Ezekiel waffles over here on the West Coast in Canada! 🙂 I haven’t tried them out yet… I’m a sucker for the Nature’s Path buckwheat waffles, haha.

    Lately I’m loving popcorn… sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with cheesy nooch, or topped with a “cheeze sauce”. Or Mama Pea’s “Mmm sauce”!

    I’d LOVE to see a vanilla ice cream recipe tomorrow! What better for the recently warm weather?! Summer’s not too far off, right?

  12. Cait @ Beyond Bananas says

    I am a HUGE fan of Ezikiel.I don’t know where I would be without it.. if I never found it via BLOGGING! I want to try the cinnamon raisin bread SO bad. I mean.. my mom has even tried it before me. How does that happen?!

  13. Erika K says

    I am currently loving the same things I always love. Peanut butter oatmeal with chocolate chips. It never gets old!
    And I vote for brownies :).

  14. Emma says

    Love that raw fudge cake photo! Oh, but the first one is really pretty too. :). And you are pretty as well! Everything’s just so pretty hehehe :).

    I have been longing for that brownie recipe since you posted the teaser!

  15. Marian says

    I’ve been mixing cocoa powder and a touch of stevia into my nonfat Greek Yogurt (can of course use nondairy Greek Yogurt!) and topping it with strawberries. It’s just like super healthy chocolate mousse!!!

  16. amy says

    pasta with avocado alfredo (courtesy of the blog Oh She Glows)! It’s amazing– when you combine lemon juice, a little EVOO, garlic, fresh avocado and whip the living daylights out of it, you get a creamy, beautiful sauce! Better yet, if you add just a little tomato paste, it turns the sauce a “cheesy” color, and you can totally fool children who think they hate avocados! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

    • Sarah says

      I am currently hating my final paper and getting distracted by this blog too! But that doesn’t mean I don’t wish to get MORE distracted tomorrow with brownies ;).

  17. Megan says

    I am definitely keeping my eyes open for their waffles! I love their cinnamon raisin english muffins with peanut butter! I just tried their breads a few months ago and realized that regular sandwich bread can NEVER measure up to sprouted grains!
    As for tomorrow’s dessert, I vote for vanilla ice cream! Whichever you choose though will most assuredly be fabulous!

  18. Angela says

    I’m loving the Ezekiel flax cereal with coconut milk for breakfast. Mmmm…I haven’t seen their waffles yet either.

    I vote for chocolate brownie bites WITH vanilla ice cream.

  19. Morgan says

    Your veggies look good, Katie! I’m currently in love with quinoa for breakfast. It’s so fast. I make it in the rice cooker while I shower. Then I add blueberries, walnuts, and a splash of rice milk. It’s yummy. I’m also in love with chocolate chip cookies (a healthier version)!

  20. Mowenackie says

    Oh boy. That cake looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it.

    My favorite so far today: organic strawberries with spreadable goat cheese. Like a little, mini cheesecake in your mouth!

  21. kristi (sweet cheeks) says

    I am going to try the ranch sauce soon! I just love your creativity, Katie. I am always so excited to try out any of your recipes because they are just SO fun!

    And really i don’t think you could go wrong with ice cream or brownie bites so I will be looking forward to whichever one you choose. 🙂 Have a great day friend!

  22. Alyssa says

    What about brownie bites covered in vanilla ice cream? (A girl can dream, lol!)
    I LOVE Ezekiel muffins! I haven’t seen the waffles yet, but will pounce on them when I do. I’m also loving Quorn crumbles in my pasta sauce.

  23. Abby says

    My vote is for Brownie Bites! 🙂 I love all of the Ezekiel products I have tried but I haven’t ever seen the waffles! I will have to keep my eye out!

  24. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    I HAVE to make your ranch dressing!! And I’ve never tried Ezekial- they don’t sell it in the UK! And your chocolate fudge cake is DEFINITELY one of your best recipes! Especially the chocolate-raspberry one…mmmm… 🙂

    I vote…BROWNIE BITES!! Soooo excited for it!! 😀

  25. Oc Ziegler says

    I’m currently loving everything and anything coconut (as always)! Especailly Coconut Bliss ice cream and ice cream bars cause summer is soooo hot here in Florida its making me crave icy treats (but not interfering with my love for coconut!) Also nice cool smoothies and
    and shakes are great in the summer and frozen fruit too 🙂
    Also I’ve been cooking with quinoa and lentils a lot. I need to make your bread free vegan stuffing again cause its been a while and I totally loveeee it!

  26. Jess (In My Healthy Opinion) says

    Your veggie bowls with ranch look delicious. 🙂

    I love Ezekiel too – especially the muffins. I didn’t hear about the waffles coming out! That’s so exciting!

  27. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I have to go with vanilla ice cream because it has been so hot outside!

    Foods I am loving lately: tortilla chips with guac and salsa, Ancient Grains granola from Costco and fresh fruit!

  28. faith @ lovelyascharged says

    I saw the waffles yesterday at whole foods – almost bought them but went an english muffin route onstead. I’ve def been loving the whole foods brand organic english muffins like nobodys business!

  29. Hannah (tickledtofu) says

    I’m loving leftover salads: A bed of spring mix topped with random things I find in the fridge. The result? Delicious new flavor combos! Today I had pineapple salsa, chickpeas, tri bean salad, coleslaw, and garlic hummus..yumm!

  30. Crystal says

    I’m loving your chickpea blondies (with chocolate chips, of course). Aughh, I want to eat those every day!! I have the Perfect Brownie Pan, which makes it even easier…so naturally there is no excuse not to make them, lol.

  31. Jennifer says

    Brownies please! This is completely selfish, but I might still be able to bake tomorrow. Later in the week it is just going to be too hot here in NY (and particularly in my apartment) to even think about baking. At that point, I’ll appreciate the ice cream!

  32. Stephanie @ StephSnacks says

    I am seriously loving hummus and turkey burgers lately! Separate or together, I always feel like I won something 🙂 I also always always always love some sort of jam or jelly topped on just about anything, really.

  33. katie @KatieDid says

    yummm to the cake! I really need to try making that soon. I think it says a lot if of allll the desserts you make/ try that one is your favorite! I think I trust your judgement. I have been loving the tub of heath bar ice cream thats in my freezer…… and just to balance it out, the fresh blueberries haven’t been half bad either!

  34. Kelsey @ Unmitigated Grub says

    that ranch sauce looks awesome!!

    and I say you post the brownie bites and vanilla ice cream TOGETHER 🙂

  35. Caitlin says

    Definitely the vanilla ice cream!
    And mmm- it all looks good!
    I haven’t seen Ezekiel anywhere though 🙁 It’s hard being vegan with no health food stores around!

  36. [email protected] of Sugar Free says

    Currently….I am working on a long Economics paper….eating some chocolate pb with apples….drinking iced coffee…..soaking up the sun!

    And I vote for the ice cream!

  37. Ann Claire says

    I’ve been dying for Ezekiel waffles to show up at my grocery store! I need to try their English muffins, I love their cinnamon raisin bread.
    I’d say the vanilla ice cream. Because ice cream in the summer = perfection. But, they both sound fabulous.

  38. Ashley says

    ICECREAM!! please 🙂 and im currently loving anything having to do with dairy…cheese, milk, icecream 😉 i guess its my bodys way of telling me i need more calcium and vitamin D!!

  39. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    I would say the vanilla ice cream, so I can make it ahead of time and then when you post the brownies, I can bake those & put a warm brownie on top of my CCK ice cream 🙂

  40. Elle says

    I am currently loving homemade granola. I can’t stop eating it! Ooh, do vanilla ice cream please! I’ve also been loving so delicious coconut milk vanilla bean ice cream, but it’s expensive so I need an alternative. 🙂

  41. [email protected] says

    yes I’ve seen the waffles! and this must be a sign–if this dessert is your #1 then I have to make it! I’m sure the people I make it for will love it and won’t even know that there are good/healthy ingredients 🙂

  42. Emily says

    I have always HATED ranch dressing, so of course I made yours. And I love it! I have eaten a huge salas everyday with it.
    And I’m leaning toward ice cream!

  43. Kristin @ STUFT Mama says

    I am LOVING anything chocolate and peanut butter right now. Please post the Vanilla Ice Cream recipe tomorrow!!!!! It will be perfect for a nice warm June day. Then I can find something chocolately and peanut buttery to top it with. he he! Ps- Your recipes are AWESOME!!!!!

  44. Aja says

    Your Tweets over the weekend about your brownie bites have been taunting me all weekend. You must post the recipes for those!
    I’ve been really into your milkshakes lately. I used up my last banana on one. I need more!

  45. The Vegan Ballerina says

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE Ezekiel. I eat a sandwich on their large tortillas almost every day. The english muffins are to die for as well. I’m super sad about the waffles, I saw you talk about them here and I haven’t seen them in stores 🙁 On a happier note though- Trader Joe’s has a new coconut milk ice cream and it is HEAVENLY, and much cheaper than So Delicious or Coconut Bliss. Its amazing.

    And I put in a vote for brownie bites!

  46. Rebecca says

    Recently my addition has been spelt flakes with chocolate chips, van multigrain waffles or banana bread bowls 🙂 I’ve been in a breakfast mood lately.

  47. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    that cake slice. it’s just.perfect.

    Every time I see it, I fall in love with that picture! Great photography, and obvi great recipe 🙂

    Foods I’m loving? Iced coffees, watermelon, white peaches, local apples, and lots of chocolate! I made some coconut choc chip cookie dough balls over the weekend that have me really happy too 🙂

  48. Tori (Fresh Fruition) says

    That cake looks so good!

    I’m loving tofu right now. Just in anything! I’m loving experimenting with different flavoring techniques.

  49. Rebecca says

    I’m currently in love with Alicia Silverstone’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. I’ve made two batches so far and we can’t stop eating them! Nobody even knows they’re a vegetarian treat. I’m tempted to try them next time with coconut butter instead of the Earth Balance to see how that works. Thanks for introducing me to that tasty ingredient!

  50. Nathalie says

    Currently loved foods, you ask?

    Your ranch dressing has been making many an appearance at dinner lately. I’ve been tweaking it a bit by adding tomato paste for a touch of umami. Also I like the pink color.

    I’ve also been playing with adding veggies to my baked goods. I made “carrot cake” boatmeal the other day. I took a picture. I’ll put it up for ya if you want =D

    Also I’ve been making fudgy pudding/mousse with your tofu mousse technique. I tend to make it super chocolate-y by adding two tablespoons of cocoa and two melted squares of dark chocolate.

    Oh, question. I don’t know if you’ve tried making the zucchini muffins, but I’ve been running into an issue where it just won’t bake properly in my little oven. It comes out puddingy and wet. Do you think adding less liquid would help? I’d make it in muffin tins, but the dang oven ain’t big enough for the muffin tray. I wonder if dividing the recipe between two smaller cake pans would help it bake properly…..

  51. michelle says

    I can’t get enough raw veggie salads with sundered tomatoes and fig vinegar right now. The farmers market just opened in our local shopping centre parking lot and I feel like I’m picking from my own garden it’s so good. Brownies please!

  52. Moni'sMeals says

    loving ww tortillas called Tortilla Land. They are amazing and not cooked yet so you make em fresh at home.

    Lovin all the fresh fruits and veggies coming our way for summer, and o’ blondies!

  53. Amanda Jewell says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ezekiel! I too am obsessed with the cinnamon raisin english muffins! I usually eat the with either a smear of Earth Balance, peanut butter, coconut oil, or a mashed banana! I think you just rocked my world upside down: Ezekiel Waffles?!?!?!?! New mission in life = find Ezekiel waffles 🙂
    I will put up a light in the sky (like Batman?) when I find it so all can enjoy!

      • Amanda Jewell says

        ummm so I’ve totally spent the last 20 minutes trolling the internet for alleged Ezekiel waffles (don’t judge me) 🙂
        Verdict: There appears to be milled Ezekiel flour that can be used to make waffles, but no pre-made waffles have yet turned up in my search!

          • Amanda Jewell says

            I hadn’t clicked on the link! I feel like I just saw Big Foot! Okay. It’s on like donkey kong. I will, nay, I must find these! When I do, a box is coming your way!

  54. Tara says

    I want to see the brownie bites!!

    I have been loving graham crackers, hummus, and pickles! Not all together though! Well, that’s a lie. Hummus and pickles are really good together. I don’t think I’ll ever try either with graham crackers though..

  55. Sarah says

    Ice cream!!!

    Right now I love beans! Black beans, lentils, chickpeas (I’ve got to make those blondies!), and cannelini. Yummm. Also cauliflower…but I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t in love with cauliflower, so there you are.

  56. Serena says

    That looks like one fantastic cake! Mmmm need to try it. 🙂

    And that ranch…oh wow… I need to make notes here. 😉

    I’ve currently been on a mexican-fusion kick. Today I ate homemade pizzas on whole wheat tortillas and a few days ago I made mexican/ spanish rice (a tomato rice).

    And garbanzo beans are my dear obsession. I love them plain, mashed, made into hummus, made into humnut cheeze (see, and so much more.

    I’ve also just gotten a popsicle maker so I’ve been playing around with flavor combos (nectarine banana is lovely but I want to try adding some spinach next time for a green monster pop).

    And as for you & your future post, well, I say brownie for sure 😉

  57. BroccoliHut says

    I am a die-hard cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread fan…bit I’ve never tried the English muffins! Guess I need to get on that.
    Can’t wait to find the waffles!

  58. Emilia says

    Hahaha, it’s funny how often sauces and dressings can be the start of the meal. Often the case for me 😉
    I love ezekial cinnamon- raisin… can’t wait for the waffles!

  59. kaila @ healthy helper! says

    I loooooove ezekiel bread too! Especially the sesame and the cinna raisin! Both are so delicious! And no I haven’t seen the waffles yet, but when I do I am buying those babies up QUICK!

  60. sheila @ Elements says

    I love making homemade ranch dressing too and dipping all kinds of stuff in it…and well…sometimes smothering stuff in it. 🙂 Your veggie bowl looks awesome by the way! 🙂

    Never tried ezekiel bread, but I’ve tried their cereal and it’s great! 🙂

    what to post next? Vanilla ice cream please! 🙂

    What foods am I currently loving? I love it all, but I go on kicks. Sometimes I’ll go on cabbage salad kicks for weeks/months. Lately it’s been tabbouleh. I can’t get enough of it! 🙂

  61. Cait's a Runnerchick says

    steamed broccoli and cauliflower are def two veggies i’m currently enjoying noshing on. i’m also addicted to these really good blueberry english muffins. okay, that sounds really lame/boring but these things are so doughy and they smell so strong they make my whole place smell like a blueberry patch. 🙂

  62. Sarah says

    I vote for brownie bites they sound delicious 😀
    The bowl of veggies with dressing looks so tasty and fresh….yum!

  63. Lenna says

    I love that veggie bowl with dressing – feels like summer to me:)
    My current faves are crunchy peanut butter, strawberries in anything, melon “bowls” filled with fruit salad and basically any fresh produce that summer offers:)

  64. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    Oh my, I know I am so late to the party on this post, but I LOVE ezekiel cinnamon and raisin bread SOOOO much! Even more, I love the muffins, a RIDICULOUS amount! I may even dream about those muffins 🙂 Love your blog so much, Katie, you’re an inspiration, and so an incredible, healthy chef! xyx

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