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Sugar Cookie Bars

Soft frosted sugar cookie bars…

Sugar Cookie Bars

Made from scratch, and iced with my secretly healthy frosting recipe.

These bars are nothing short of holiday magic!

sugar cookie squares

No eggs and no butter are needed for the bars, which can be refined-flour-free as well. They’re like eating a homemade frosted sugar cookie… but even better!

Iphone photos of the sugar cookie bars, straight from the oven:

healty sugar cookies
sugar cookie dough bars

sugar cookie bar

Sugar Cookie Bars

Sugar Cookie Bars

Yield: Makes 12-16
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  • 1 1/2 cups spelt flour or white flour (or Bob’s gf plus 1/4 tsp xanthan gum) (130g)
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp plus 1/8 tsp salt
  • 3/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 cup sugar or xylitol
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons milk of choice
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil or vegetable oil
  • optional, homemade sprinkles


Preheat oven to 325 F, grease an 8×8 pan, and set aside. In a mixing bowl, combine all dry ingredients and mix very well. In a separate bowl, whisk together the vanilla and milk and oil. (If using coconut oil, it’s always a good idea to gently heat your milk to room temperature first.) Pour dry into wet and mix again. Transfer to the prepared pan, and smooth out. Bake 13 minutes.  They will look very underdone when you take them out, but that’s okay! Just let them cool for at least 10 minutes before touching. If desired, frost with your favorite frosting. (The frosting recipe I used is linked under the first photo in this post.)

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Published on December 9, 2014

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    • Olivia says

      I made a batch of these last night and was planning to bring them to an office holiday lunch today, but they were so good that I ended up eating a few too many last night and had to make a second batch! At least they aren’t difficult to make.

      Thanks for the recipe. It’s keeper!

  1. Anna says

    do previous pre-orders count? Already pre-ordered and can’t wait for it to come out! btw, these cookie bars look awesome!

  2. Jaclyn says

    That’s so exciting to hear that So Delicious makes cool whip now! I can tolerate some dairy, but I love finding alternatives. These bars look delicious!

  3. Ella R says

    AH I wish you had posted these sooner. I recently made some unhealthy sugar cookie bars for a bake sale, and they were a bit dry. I will definitely try these next time! They sound so delicious. Frosting just makes soft sugar cookies perfect.

  4. Lindsey @ Simply Lindsey says

    I love the idea of sugar cookie bars instead of the cookies. I love the texture of bars so much more!

  5. Victoria says

    damn this looks tasty, cant wait to try 😀 making your crustless chocolate pumpkin pie today! oh and also, this is more in response to yesterdays post about cookies but i think a new gingerbread cookie recipe could be cool!!

  6. ichelle says

    Hi Katie!

    God Bless You for Spreading the Divine Vegan word! Just ordered your new CCK as a Gift. Will So Deicious l be Delivering the New Coco Whip to Canadian book pre- orders, as well?

    Love your site!

  7. EVA says

    I think I’m probably the only one….but I think the iPhone photos look SO much more delicious than the ‘shopped ones! Although the purple frosting is very enticing despite the fact that I don’t use food coloring ever….

    The only problem is, I can’t see these making up to 16 bars. For me, at the most, it’d be like 9….and I’d still eat two at once!

  8. Michelle T. says

    Hi Katie! Was wondering what kind of sugar you use for your recipes… Regular granulated or can I use organic pure cane?
    Your book is on my xmas wishlist, I hope I get it from the hubby! 🙂

  9. Safina says

    Katie, could you make a recipe for Healthy Gingerbread Men with Healthy Icing to decorate them with? I’ve been looking for a healthy gingerbread men recipe with a lot less butter and sugar. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Karla says

    Hi there,

    I made these bars last night and they turned out AWESOME! I ate my portion with just a little bit of raw honey on top and I completely loved it. Thanks for the recipe Katie!

  11. Maria G. says

    That purple frosting looks cute! Did you use artificial color for that one? Also, is it the tofu-cashew version? It looks so good!

  12. Michelle says

    Hi Katie:)
    We can only buy So Delicious through the Real Candian Superstore or through and even then, we don’t get ALL the products the US does.

    Canada needs to be Veganized!!!!

    Was it hard to publish a book? I have one coming up, too.

  13. Nancy Barry says

    Katie, I love your recipes. My son and his family are vegan(I am pretty close to that also) so I am always looking for treats for my grandson(and the rest of us). This looks yummy. I’m thinking a scoop of your favorite So Delicious ice cream might also be tasty. Also using brown sugar might give it a blondie kind of flavor if you want a little different flair. I am ordering your cook book for my daughter-in-law(who loves to bake) and me(who loves being a Nana). You are awesome!

  14. Lauren says

    Thank you for this recipe. I just made them and they are AWESOME!!!

    I gave one to my boyfriend who is always skeptical of my cooking and even HE approved! Your recipes are like the only blog recipes he will actually eat. Ha! 🙂

  15. Ashley says

    Can I just say….Wow! Your stove top is so clean! How do you manage that? Also, I was curious what you use to caclulate the nutrition facts on your recipes.

  16. angie says

    These look so good. My son can’t have any of the flours in this recipe though. He can have white and brown rice, tapioca & quoina flour. Can anyone recommend how to use any of these to replace any of the suggested flours? He would be over the moon to have a real cookie!!! Thanks!

  17. Amy says

    Katie! These bars were a hit! I am not a baker and my usual contribution to a party is something I bought at Costco. But since I discovered your blog by accident about a year ago it’s motivated me to spend more time in the kitchen, mostly because if I want someone to make me the delicious creations I see on your blog I have to make them for myself. I started with the 1 minute mug cake and have never looked back.

    I took these to a cookie exchange and they were gobbled up. Thanks for making me look good 😉

  18. Wanda Sanford says

    I’ve made these twice now. The first time was with all purpose flour, and they worked so well that the second time I got brave and decided to try them out with a mix of almond flour and buckwheat. Both were delicious!
    Excited for the book. I preordered!

  19. Raisha says

    I wasn’t expecting much from a whole wheat cookie, but these turned out great! I iced them with plain powdered sugar icing and everyone loved them!

  20. Elena says

    Made these last night and they were so so good!
    I used about 3/4 cup spelt flour, 1/2 cup almond flour, and 1/4 organic all purpose. I used coconut sugar and cut out some of the oil (adding some more almond milk to get the right liquid amount). However, I had to bake them for longer than the recipe calls for.
    At first, I thought they hadn’t turned out, and I was really disappointed. I took them out, let them cool, and they were ooey gooey and underbaked, but in a bad way. I let them sit for awhile longer, thinking they would firm up. They also tasted funny–all I could really taste was the flour. I then put them in the oven for maybe 10-15 more minutes at 350F and they turned out SO GOOD. They firmed up, they tasted great. I added chocolate chips into the batter instead of using frosting.
    I think I will definitely make these again in the future, maybe I’ll try larger amounts of almond flour, maybe quinoa or gluten free and maybe I’ll try stevia, xylitol or erythritol to sweeten.

  21. Dalya says

    These cookies look amazing and delicious! I am planning to bake them and bring them on my winter vacation coming up in a week. I wanted to know if they are able to be frozen for a week and if they will still taste the same?

  22. Cara says

    These are great! I was a little skeptical at first when they came out because they were really soft. I let them cool, like the directions said, and even though they were still a bit soft they taste AMAZING! Even my husband likes them – a very, very good sign.

    FYI – They are really rich and one (or two or three) will easily tame your sweet tooth.

  23. Tara says

    Just made these tonight. I could’ve eaten the dough all by itself. Lol. Decided to top with a few chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar instead of the frosting. Was pretty good and will definitely make again. Though I may bake just a few minutes longer. Thanks Katie!!!

  24. Renee pagan says

    Thank you Kate for your ideas on sweet things. I am diabetic so it’s hard to keep my sugar low and even if I have sweet things. Now I feel I can bake for my kids and enjoy so too. I will be sharing your website with my weight loss surgery people. I was going to have the surgery but had a heart attack and stroke a year ago. Don’t want that again. You will be one of my special people now. Thanks

  25. Jess says

    I love this recipe! I was surprised how addicting and delicious it turned out, especially when I added avocado frosting. It is soooo good that my non healthy eating boyfriend went crazy over it and even asked for me to make it again. Def a winner! Love your blog!

  26. Linda says

    Hi Katie
    I love your web site and was so happy to see a recipe for healthy chocolate frosting (I’ve eaten it out of the bowl!). I’m still on the hunt for a recipe for frosting to use on sugar cookies…the one you have linked on the sugar cookie bars has tofu and the soy-free version has banana, neither of which I enjoy. Do you have any other suggestions?
    Best wishes and congratulations on the cookbook!

  27. Eila says

    OMG, these are PERFECT! Instead of frosting them, i sprinkled a bit of cinnamon and allspice mixed with brown sugar on top of the unbaked bars and they tasted like snickerdoodles. Thanks for another great recipe Katie!

  28. Nic says

    Just made these gems and they were delish! Its been over 3 years that I’ve had a sugar cookie and having my first gluten free one be a good experience makes it even sweeter. Thanks for posting. I know ill be making this again soon.

  29. Grace says

    Wow I tried these today.
    Came out amazing, thought you probably have to cook it for closer to around 14 minutes.
    Coated the top in a little bit of melted dark chocolate.
    It was amazing, will definitely try again.

  30. Kathryn says

    This is my go-to recipe when I need to bring a treat to a party or gathering. It’s been a hit so far! I even used it to introduce some of my Chinese friends to American baking–they had only tried store-bought baked goods from Walmart, so they had complained to me that American treats were too sickly-sweet. They adored these bars, though!

  31. Diana says

    I made these with Splenda instead of sugar. I am not sure if that substitution altered the flavor or texture of the final product. I thought it had a pretty mild taste and could have used more sweetness (I ate it plain, though, so I’m sure with frosting it would be sweet enough). It was also quite crumbly. I thought it was good, but if I decide to stick with using Splenda, I might need to tweak the recipe a bit more.

  32. Lin says

    These are delicious–I reduced oil (coconut) to 1/3 c. and added 3 tbsp additional milk, used only 1/4 c. sugar. They did, however, have a noticeable baking soda taste–maybe because I used less sugar? Next time I will try reducing baking soda or baking powder, but suggestions helpful.

  33. Crazymom says

    Luuuuvvv this recipe! I can’t have eggs & daughter has dairy allergy. I love sugar cookies but until now, always ended up w/lil rock-like discs 🥴. These are soooo easy, yummy & fluffy sugar cookies that you can make into whatever type ya want -plain, frosted, sprinkled, shaped or bars! Thanks ma’am!😋 They have definitely become a repeat favorite!

  34. Kate says

    This recipe is delicious!! I made it not sure how it would turn out, but was very pleased by how it did turn out. I put cream cheese frosting on top, but I would make it with a vanilla frosting next time. It looks a bit undercooked when you first take it out of the oven, but it’s fine, they turned out great! I love the saltiness of the sugar cookie in it! I will definitely make this again!!

  35. Erin Cornelius says

    I used whole wheat white flour (to up the fiber) and 1/4 c. Stevia for baking and a 1/4 c. Sugar. I substituted 2 eggs and 2 tbsp vegetable oil for the 1/2 c. Oil (I have high cholesterol). The eggs made the texture somewhere between a cookie and a cake, but they held together great and had a great taste! Thanks for this recipe (and all the other great recipes) Katie!

  36. Destiny says

    My husband made these the other night as a surprise and the bars are very delicious I couldn’t stop eating them. Made them myself today and they are just so so good.

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