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What’s in your Speedo?

If a banana hammock kingdom exists (scary thought…), blog reader Priscilla should be queen! Are you ready for the Holy Grail of Banana Hammocks?  I can assure you that you’re not. Here it is anyway.


Does she define the word “genius” or what?

Priscilla stuffed her banana hammock with marshmallows (vegans can use Ricemallow Cream, Smuckers, or vegan marshmallows), dark chocolate, and a speculoos cookie.  Then she took her brilliance a step further and used the Melted Banana Trick.

Published on December 10, 2009

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  1. lz says

    Fantastic pictures of those banana hammocks! S’more fudge babies is a brilliant idea! Also, maybe s’more brownies/blondies, like a mix between the two, with marshmallows and chocolate fudge? Decadence…

  2. lexi. says

    Love all of the banana hammock photos! I want one now! The grind your own chocolate pb sounds amazing, I wish I had that at my Whole Foods. What food would I want to s’more-ify? Hmm.. fro yo smore style!!

  3. Jessica says

    Oh my goodness…I haven’t had breakfast yet, but that is calling my name! 🙂 Love it! S’mored brownies is a favorite…so I would put money on s’mored fudge babies would be a soon replacement for that goodie! 🙂

  4. JCD says

    My family makes (unvegan) s’mores squares at Christmas. There are a few variations. I’ve also made s’mores with roasted banana chunks instead of marshmallows because vegan marshmallows don’t exist up here.

    Otherwise, apples, oatmeal cookies, granola bars, and cupcakes are all good to s’moreify.

  5. Jessica says

    Yum, that s’mores banana looks awesome! I think I’d like a s’more version of dessert pizza…chocolate sauce, Dandies marshmallows, chocolate chips, and maybe some coconut flakes for good measure!

  6. jen says

    hey katie,

    long time no talk! i’ve been able to carve some time here and there to catch up in blog world. good to see you’re still inspiring so many people. you should really come out with a cook zine called “what’s in your speedo?” and make it all about bananas.

    take care, xo jen

  7. Amanda says

    Katie–I just love your sense of’s just like mine..ha ha ha! Banana it!!

    Have you tried Dandie’s vegan marshmellows??ohhh..soo good.

  8. Mama Pea says

    Grind your own chocolate peanut butter? Are you kidding me?!? I also appreciate the use of the word “grind” and “banana hammock” in the same paragraph.

  9. Janna (Just Flourishing) says

    WOW! I was NOT ready for that s’mores Banana Hammock.

    What is this “Ricemallow Cream” you speak of? I want to try it!

    Hmm I once had S’more-ifed fondue It’s basically just meltier than regular fondue because you already have the melted chocolate in the fondue pot so you just dip the marshmallow into the chocolate fondue and then put in between graham crackers. It was pretttty darn good!

  10. Katie says

    I’ve been wanting to try s’more oats for a while…and s’more hot cocoa sounds really yummy! I’m not sure how the graham crackers would do in the liquid, but I’d be willing to try it out. 😉

  11. Daria @ Daria Can Cook says

    Oh my, genius indeed! It’s slush snowing right now, so s’mores are making me think of rich hot chocolate with gooey melty marshmallows on top. I know what I’m doing tonight! 🙂

  12. Jenny says

    dang, is Priscilla single? I’ll totally marry her – insolong as she makes me banana hammocks all day everyday 🙂

    I have a deep and profound passion for s’mores oats — I get all the great taste of a regular s’more.. without the awful campfire smell than lingers in my hair for days.

  13. candice says

    Everything is so drool-worthy. I reiterate your question: Why doesn’t my Whole Foods sell grind-your-own CHOCOLATE peanut butter?! And that s’mores banana hammock is a big blob of food porn.

    S’more fudge babies sound brilliant. Can’t wait to hear your results 😉 I would s’morify… hmm… nut butter or ice cream. <3 I need to buy marshmallow fluff~

  14. Mona says

    my banana hammock is featured on CHOCOLATE COVERED KATIE
    hahah thanks so much for putting that up…except that smores banana totally schooled mine
    i’m making that tonight for desert

  15. monica says

    Am I the only one who can never find ricemellow anywhere? I need some! (Or a wearable green banana hammock that doesn’t look awesome on?:) That jjohn mayer thinks he’s the only one who can pull it off well he hasn’t seen me in mine,,,,ha.):)

  16. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    The honey roasted peanuts in your hammock look perfect! gosh those look sooo yum! I think I will smore-ify a brussel’s sprout.


  17. Shelby says

    Never thought I would say it…but I LOVE banana hammocks! The S’mores idea is genius!
    S’mores Fudge Babies?! DO IT!

    My ideal S’more concoction would either be ice cream or s’more flavored nut butter! Mmm.

  18. Trail says

    The s’mores banana hammock left me speechless. S’mores + banana truly = genius!!! I have bananas and chocolate… I will figure out some kind of less-satisfactory substitute until I can get the mallow creme!

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