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Will You Marry Me?

Do you ever plan your dream wedding?

Really, I don’t need a big wedding affair that costs tons of money. Just as long as I’m with the man I love… oh, and as long as there’s chocolate involved.

sberry cake1

And maybe some cute and festive Strawberry Shortcakes.

Vegan at a Wedding

One of the reasons weddings are on my mind is that my old college roomie just got married. It’s so weird, seeing my friends—people my age—getting married. Makes me feel like perhaps I should be thinking about marriage too… No, never mind! I’m still young. There’s plenty of time to be married! 🙂

wedding food

For my wedding-survival tips and tricks, see: Wedding on a Special Diet.

As it turned out, the venue was well-equipped with vegan fare. Above is my first plate: balsamic portabella mushrooms and roasted asparagus, steamed broccoli, and fresh fruit. I also had a plate with hummus and whole-wheat flatbread. And then another veggie dish. The asparagus and raspberries were so good!

wedding katie

Above, with my second veggie dish. This one also had jicama, which I finally learned to say correctly: it’s pronounced hi-ca-ma. Like hiccups!

What would be your dream proposal? Or, how did your significant other (or you) propose?

Mine: He writes out “Will you marry me” in chocolate syrup.

Or maybe he stuffs the ring inside a chocolate cupcake. Heck, forget the ring. I’ll just take the chocolate. What’s so great about diamonds anyway?

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Published on May 22, 2011

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  1. Kelly says

    My husband proposed at a fancy restaurant where we had a really intimate table set off from the rest of the restaurant.

    I told several guys one time that they really shouldn’t get freaked out when their girlfriend talks about a wedding. When girls dream about a wedding, it really has nothing to do with the groom. It’s more about the day and all the pretty things that come with it. When I was younger and dreamed about weddings, the groom may not have even been there – I don’t really remember. 😉

  2. Tricia says

    I’ve never thought about the proposal, but I have thought about the wedding. It would have lots of red and white roses and a giant cake– not sure what flavor yet lol 🙂

  3. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) says

    Tony and I talked about getting married and then he surprised me when he got the ring. He asked me to light a candle and the ring was in it. I was totally shocked. I love that your dad asked so relaxed. I think that was sweet.

    I’m impressed you had such a great range of foods! I would happily eat at that wedding!

  4. Kristi says

    My husband proposed to me when when we were hiking! We finally made it to the top (2nd highest peak in New York State!), and he made an incredibly sweet and thoughtful speech, and then proposed! I soon found out, too, that he had a tiny bottle of champagne in his Camel Back and had carefully packed champagne flutes in the backpack I was carrying, so we had a special little celebration on a perfectly gorgeous day, way high up on a mountain 🙂 <3

  5. Lisa says

    hmm. my dream proposal. I dont really care, actually, as long as it’s heart felt and the guy spends time into doing it right and doing something he thinks that I’d like.
    and for a second I thought the “snacks ” you brought WERE the asparagus and stuff. I was thinking, didn’t that get messy in her purse? hahah 🙂

  6. The Teenage Taste says

    That is EXACTLY how my Dad proposed to my Mom. She said yes (obv!), but she said she was hoping it would be wayyyy more romantic. I’d want the guy to propose on one knee during sunset…maybe on the beach? To be honest I’ve never really thought about it.

  7. Jenny says

    Children’s names, and now weddings, hm? Haha apparently I don’t think about the future enough?! I’ve never imagined my dream wedding… only my dream dress. 🙂 Now that it’s been mentioned, though, I want an enormous, super chocolatey cake with NO frosting. (I hate frosting…) Just… chocolate fudge instead of frosting, or something.

    I can’t even begin to imagine an ideal proposal, but I have to agree with you about your dad’s proposal… I’d probably decline if I were to be asked so casually!

    So fortunate that you were able to find something to eat at the wedding! Hope you had lots of fun too. 😀 I also have a friend that’s getting married (next month) and it really surprised me since I actually can’t imagine getting married under 25! Seems like it’s becoming more popular, based on other commenters…?

  8. Jamie aka "Sometimes Healthy Girl" says

    hahaha that’s cute! It appears as if a proposal is quite far off for me 🙁 haha BUT if I could pick, it would be somewhere that had a lot of meaning for us. With my college boyfriend, he always said he was planning on proposing by Lake Michigan on our campus at Northwestern. It was where he first told me he loved me. Granted, we broke up. BUT, it was a nice idea. 🙂

  9. Cait @ Beyond Bananas says

    I don’t really have a dream proposal. I don’t need a big wedding. In fact, I can’t fathom spending a large amount of money on a single day.. when it can be put towards houses.. cars.. things needed for the long run!

  10. Jennifer JCD says

    Haha, I could see your future husband writing a proposal in chocolate. That would certainly be personal! 😉

    I used to dream of planning my wedding until I actually had to do it and everything changed. Nothing fancy here; Im not a fancy kind of girl. We got married outside, in autumn, and I made my own dress and it was lovely! I dreamt of it going slightly different, but I’m okay with that now.

    My husband proposed whilst we were on a walk in a local park. He said he had a rock in his shoe. Whilst he was ‘removing the rock’ I was admiring the fountain in the lake and when I turned back around he was down on one knee with a ‘rock’ (ring). It was so sweet.

  11. A.Cook says

    Before I actually got engaged, I had never thought about my perfect wedding or proposal. I guess I knew I wanted the proposal to be a surprise, but that was about it. Well I can say that my fiance came up with the perfect proposal! We went out to one of our favorite beaches on Cape Cod at the end of last summer, and got there in time to catch the sunset. We ate dinner on the beach and then walked out to the end of the jetty to watch the sun fall into the water, and he brought along his backpack, saying he had brought a “surprise dessert” that we would eat at the end of the jetty. I was completely surprised when the “dessert” turned out to be a diamond ring and my nervous boyfriend down on a knee. Amazing…I still smile every time I think about it 🙂

  12. tea-bag says

    i don’t really have a dream proposal but i do have a dream wedding.
    white cotton tea-length dress that my mom sews. bouquet of wildflowers and daisies. yosemite park. picnic w/ cold beer & lemonade. instead of wedding cake (which i think is gross & always dry) it’ll be byod – bring your own dessert. people can bring cake, cupcakes, brownies, candy, whatever! i will be having a whole watermelon all to myself for dessert! bib included so i don’t stain my dress!
    btw – your dress is really cute!

  13. Allison @ Runs A Latte says

    I’m actually getting married 9/3/11, and it’s a late morning/brunch wedding because I’m a breakfast addict. My fiance proposed when we were spending a weekend away at my parent’s vacation home. He cooked dinner for me, served wine, and then pulled out a card, which I thought he got me because I was in a TERRIBLE mood all day! The card said he loved me and asked me to marry him. While I was reading, he was already down on one knee with the ring and giving some speech that I honestly can’t remember because I was in total shock. I loved that he knew me enough to not make it a spectacle, especially since I was bawling hysterically – people would’ve been staring.

    You look beautiful in your dress, Katie!! 🙂

  14. Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga) says

    Oh Ive posted all about meeting Scott and getting married. We just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last weekend and I posted all about it. I was really young when we got married, he’s almost 2 decades older than me, yes he robbed the cradle, no it wasnt going to last according to everyone….we got married for $199 bucks in Las Vegas, I wore a hotpink Betsey Johnson minidress and had a plastic corsage…no one we knew was there. Everyone said we were crazy…10 years and a child later, I guess we’re still crazy and together 🙂

    Congrats to your friends!! You look gorgeous in the picture!

  15. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    It’s cool Katie, WE can get married right? 😉 Haha and I am SO with you on the proposal! As long as there’s chocolate involved, the answer is a big YES! 😛

    P.S. I made the PB+J blondies and they are SO GOOD!! I’ll blog about them later, and I may have eaten half the batch already…they’re SO YUMMY you genius!!

    P.P.S. You look BEAUTIFUL there and I know we say this every time but hair swap please?! And face swap and clothes swap would be nice too! 😀

  16. Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies) says

    I WILL MARRY YOU! we would have such a fantabulous time together! .. dream proposal! wow seriously such a good question! and can u believe i havent ever thought about it? im like the rare gal who hasnt even thought about my wedding yet.. butt. i would have to say.. it shud include lots of good food, lots of kisses.. and a BIG SURPRISE! i dnt wna anticipate it at all!

  17. Veronica says

    Your Mom’s story sounds a little familiar! My husband was covered in drywall dust after a long day’s labor, and we were in his truck, driving around my high school parking lot. He was teaching me to drive stick shift and suddenly when I was finally getting it, he told me to stop. I protested since I was just now getting the hang of it, but he insisted. That’s when, without a ring, in a beat up pickup, and covered in drywall dust, he proposed. Of course I said yes, but it wasn’t how I’d imagined my future spouse proposing marriage to me! lol You looked lovely at your friend’s wedding, and yes you have plenty of time so try not to get to anxious that you don’t have wedding plans of your own yet.

    • Elizabeth says

      That is the CUTEST proposal ever :”) Was it because he just realised he wanted to be with you in that moment? (I obviously watch too many dramas :P)

      • Veronica says

        LOL, hardly! The worst part is that he planned it….and still didn’t have a ring! He hadn’t planned to be covered in dust but didn’t have time to shower. Oh well, it’s not the proposal that matters but the marriage itself, and ours is a great one. <3

  18. melissa @ the delicate place says

    love your dress! where did you get it? i was married a couple days before my 25th bday and i thought i was way too young to get married then haha. don’t worry, when it feels right you will know it (totally cliche but true).

  19. Alyssa says

    My husband proposed to me in the parking lot of the North Sea-Tac airport!! We were dancing in the rain to “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz and then he asked me if I would be his forever…it was incredibly sweet and I began crying as I said YES!

  20. duddes02 says

    We got engaged in the park along side the Hudson River in Manhattan. It was great but I hate the wedding planning stuff-I want to just skip over to the marriage 🙂

  21. Kristen @ The Red Velvet Life says

    Oh, I love this question! My husband surprised me with a trip to Vail while we were still living in Texas because I missed the snow so much! Our luggage didn’t show up until a day later, so I had to *rent* a ski jacket from our resort. Super cute. Not! Even so, we drove out to a beautiful restaurant near Vail where he surprised me with a sleigh ride in the snow! Sigh…and then he proposed on the sleigh. It was so romantic, but of course I couldn’t stop crying/yelping because I was so excited! It was so dark outside that I couldn’t see the ring, so he didn’t show me until we were inside the restaurant. I have some pics taken during the proposal weekend in my blog post from yesterday, actually! 🙂

    Huge Congrats to your friends!

  22. Ragnhild says

    You are SO beautiful Katie! And I love your dress!
    And is that roasted asparagus I see? h, now I crave that soo bad! It is one of the best things I know.
    I have always been crazy with boys, ALWAYS in love. Totally exhausting, but I love the feeling 🙂 As long as my future man is the best, it doesnt matter how he proposes. But I would love for him to at least put some effort in:)

  23. katie says

    Big or small wedding, all that matters is your marrying the love of your life and have your family and closest special friends there!!!!! Love it!

    You look so pretty in that pic! Love it! U always look beautiful Katie! U are beautiful inside and out!

    Love u!

  24. emma says

    so weird…….I just got engaged!!!! to my Phil 🙂 Did you read my posts on our engagement? It was so great 🙂 You’ll make a beautiful bride 🙂 u wanna come to England and do my wedding desserts? 🙂

  25. Albizia says

    I, like almost every other girl in the world, have been thinking about my dream wedding since I was in kindergarten 🙂 . If I have to be a realist, I won’t get married soon but I like looking at the dresses at the windows of wedding salons and trying to imagine how I would look wearing them. I can’t believe how many of my friends are already married and/or with kids…

  26. Hela says

    love your dress!!
    I do think about my wedding occassionally, like when friends are gettin all settled, for example, but I am not thinking about the details, more like “how to serve the best vegan dinner, so that EVERYONE will be satisfied” 😉 Seriously!!! I would not want to serve any meat or fish or dairy at all!! A couple of years ago, it didn´t matter for me whether to marry someone vegan or vegetarian, but now it totally does, as I believe it would set a base in our relationship. I mean, how could you be with someone eating meat if you think that is completely gross? Kiss?- nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Anyways, I haven´t met the “one” yet, so let´s wait and see! But I really hope he is kinda creative and romantic when it come to the proposal 😉

  27. Parita says

    Funny! I was just thinking about this today. My bf and I have been talking about marriage and all that jazz for a few weeks now, so it’s constantly on my mind! I think my perfect proposal would be something simple – not involving anyone but us. And the wedding would be simple as well – well, as simple as Indian weddings can be. 😉

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