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Oatmeal Sundae with Pumpkin Whipped Cream

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The “Breakfast Sundae”

I first cooked up a serving of oatmeal, using the “Voluminous Oatmeal” trick.

oatmeal sundae

znyc 1767

Then it was time to add cinnamon and walnuts sprinkles. Oh yeah, and Pumpkin Mousse whip cream. Twas almost too pretty to eat. But somehow, I managed.

To make the mousse look like whip cream:

I made a quick batch of pumpkin mousse, then used the “Whipped Cream” trick. And thus, the oatmeal “Breakfast Sundae” was born.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Hehe, it looks like hummus! prettiest oatmeal would be when I do OIAJ – my oatmeal is NEVER pretty, but when in a jar, it’s hidden so you can’t see the hideousness 😛

  2. Sarah says:

    Haha I thought you would say your Beauty Queen oatmeal. I still think that one has the best name :).

  3. Jennifer - jcd says:

    Mmmmm…. looks delicious! Anything pumpkin (or other squash) automatically gets two thumbs up from me.

    My husband made me oatmeal with fresh rasberries placed in the shape of a heart once. It was too pretty to eat, but I was hungry and eventually ate it.

  4. That bowl of oatmeal looks amazing! My prettiest bowl would have to be when I’ve made mixed berry porridge or carrot cake with “icing” ( – can I include a link?) :)

    1. Little Bookworm,
      You may ALWAYS include links! :)

  5. Valerie says:

    My prettiest oatmeal creation would be… I guess I have to agree with you and go with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough oatmeal! All the other times I make oatmeal, it just looks like mush. Still tastes good though!
    I must must must try that whipped cream trick! Genius!

  6. Any oatmeal with 3 or 4 different kind of berries! Fabulous :)

  7. That is some pretty oatmeal! I don’t think I have any pretty oatmeal experience.. I better get to work. :)

  8. Leslie says:

    All my oatmeal looks UGLY! I must try the whipped cream trick! You’re too creative, girl.

  9. Inspired says:

    Pumpkin whipped cream?!? Are you kidding me? I’m trying this right away! But forget the oatmeal, I’m going straight for the coconut milk ice cream :) :).

  10. I make my oats purty by adding strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries while its cooking on the stove. The result is a gorgeous pinkish-purple hue that I just love. Topped with a handful of granola and a drizzle of agave, it looks even prettier! :)

  11. Mo says:

    Delicious! Frankly I’m just jealous you’re in the possession of pumpkin. 😛

    My oats are never pretty. It’s because I’m VERY minimalistic about my oats. All I want in my oats is unsweetened peanut butter. It’s a result of my having a general dislike for anything sweet being heated. XD So yeah, my oats always look pretty bland. But I’m content. 😉

    1. Mo,
      I wrote about a “pumpkin-finding tip” in this post:
      Hopefully it can help you!! :)

  12. The oatmeal with the little dinosaur eggs was my favorite when I was young! But I’m almost positive those aren’t vegan so now a days its a tie between maple brown sugar and apples and cinnamon!

    1. Jessica,
      Oh my gosh, I remember that! The Quaker instant ones. I loved the “eggs” more than the actual oatmeal, just because of the colors :).

  13. Krystina says:

    Now I want to make that with chocolate whipped cream and raspberries. Mmm.

    1. Krystina,
      Chocolate whipped cream sounds pretty good to me! :)

  14. Jenny says:

    The prettiest oatmeal I’ve ever made was topped with cherries, almonds and chocolate chips.

  15. Danielle says:

    I’ve heard you talk about the volumous oatmeal trick numerous times…but it never “registered” with me. Um, DUH- such a good idea!!

    Loveeee the pumpkin mousse (who cares what season it is) 😀

  16. Marina says:

    Amazing looking oatmeal!
    I don’t know which was my pretties one. I love my green oats, with spinach, topped with coconut and fresh raspberries

  17. That looks delicious! I love pumpkin!! I don’t know if I can name a pretty oatmeal I’ve made, but my fave is Mighty Maple PB & Ricemallow Creme Oats in a Jar.

  18. Katie says:

    Such a beauty!! Anything cakey or dessert-like wins the beautiful award for me. :-)

  19. Oh seriously – nothing I make is pretty – I just go for taste:) That said, I find anything chocolate and peanut better beautiful. Just gorgeous.

  20. Marianne says:

    Hmmm…I can’t pick a “prettiest” oatmeal. I try and make all of mine pretty 😉 But some turn out better than others, that’s for sure.

  21. Laura says:


    Oatmeal is NEVER pretty when i make it:( xx

  22. Justine says:

    I’ve made a pretty pumpkin pie or two in my day. :)

  23. Oh yum! Your oatmeal looks so pretty *and* delicious. Best of both worlds. 😀

  24. Alex says:

    Query! So is the oatmeal here eaten cold? Because I can’t imagine eating warm oatmeal right now (it was over 100 degrees here in NYC yesterday!)

  25. Alex,
    Haha, the weather’s crazy, right?! I couldn’t believe it when it said 100 in NY and only 87 in Texas.
    But yeah, I’m weird and like my oatmeal cold, like pudding :). Even in the winter, I eat it cold!

  26. Daniel says:

    That pumpkin mousse looks so creamy and awesome!

    I don’t think I’ve ever really pulled off a pretty bowl of oats… most look like a pumpkin threw up in my bowl because I love pumpkin so much, haha.

  27. Wow that looks amazing! I love the idea of adding mousse on top of oatmeal. The prettiest bowl I’ve made was probably smores oats with chocolate chip, marshmellow fluff and graham crackers.

  28. Ann Claire says:

    Oh that oatmeal looks divine! I”m not going to lie, most of the oatmeal I’ve mad isn’t exactly pretty. But it taste so wonderful I don’t even care! I espicially love to make fudge oatmeal with cocoa powder, honey, shredded (unsweetended) coconut and protein powder. Yummy!

  29. BroccoliHut says:

    Not sure I could choose just one, but my Chocolate Coconut bowl (inspired by the Larabar) was pretty rockin. I need to make that again!

  30. that looks SO good. i’d have to say the best oatmeal i ever made was my strawberry banana smoothie oatmeal! om nom nom nom :) would have been better if it was CHOCOLATE covered strawberries and bananas though…

  31. Rachael says:

    As someone whose nickname is Pumpkin (a fact of which I am not exactly proud – I blame the red hair) pumpkin mousse is a beautiful idea indeed. A tasty namesake, non?

  32. shesarunner says:

    My prettiest oatmeal would be a banana split oatmeal I made! It was so good. It was a sliced banana with overnight oats (made with chia seeds and amazing grass chocolate powder soaked in almond milk overnight) and I added jam, shredded coconut, and cacao nibs. It was also almost too pretty to eat!

    Love the pumpkin whipped cream! So creative. And cookie dough oatmeal sounds so good.
    x0 Lauren

  33. if pumpkins pooped thats what theyre poop would look like!! lol <3

    btw i did HUG A FRUIT!!

    hint hint.. i chose a sweet round fruit that grows on trees and is red and has a stem!!

  34. Strawberry oats! Pretty & pink. . . and I’m not even a girly girl.

  35. Donna says:

    Prettiest oatmeal ever! Dried cranberries, raisins, and walnuts chopped up fine, and all sprinkled on top. Looks and tastes awesome!

  36. devan says:

    you are brilliant with your oats! they all look phenominal

  37. Katie,
    Hmm, prettiest bowl of oats I ever made? Gosh, I don’t think I could choose, but I can definitely remember the ugliest one…why is the bad stuff always easier to remember?

    I tried making chocolate mint oat bran with mint tea and cocoa, but then I blended in spinach, and spinach + cocoa is not a good combo. It looked like a big bowl of pooh, and honestly, it didn’t taste too good either. Would much rather have had your cookie dough in a bowl!

  38. Definitely the latest mudslide oatmeal 😉 Your bowl looks so much like Fall! I can’t wait until I can start adding pumpkin to my oats again..if only there was any to be found around here!

  39. no offense, but it comes out looking like a pile of dog dung. but I like it; very paistry-esque (I think I just have my mind in the gutter)

  40. Alex says:

    Don’t you love comments that basically amount to “your food looks like poop…. no offense!” Sigh.

    I think it looks like anime, personally. So cute and colorful! I almost expect to see tiny cartoon hearts floating around it.

  41. Alex,
    Thank you so much :) :). I actually deleted the last photo, because after I read the comment, I couldn’t get the image of poop out of my mind either, and that’s NOT what I want people to think of when they see yummy food! I’m glad she was brave enough to say it, because a lot of others were probably thinking the same thing.

  42. Lorin says:

    So, does the magic bullet work like a food proccessor? Because I really want to try fudge babies and/or homemade larabars but my blender doesn’t blend up the nuts. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a food processor, is the magic bullet decent for making homemade larabars and blending up nuts?

  43. Lorin,
    I use it for soups, chopping carrots, blending grains, and DEFINITELY fudge babies!

    It’s a true lazy girl’s dream: compact, portable, and—best of all—dishwasher safe!! :) I use it pretty much every single day!

  44. I’d like to e-mail you my “hug a fruit” picture, but I can’t find your e-mail address. How can I send you my picture? :) Thanks!

  45. A Teenage Gourmet,
    Hey girl! No need to bother emailing; I can “lift” the photo off your bloggie for you. Just post the photo into a blog post, link back to the hug-a-fruit post, and I’ll feature you!
    Oh, and if you didn’t want to write a post about it, I can still feature you without a link. Here’s my email address: