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I’m a Lazy Butt today

It took all my strength to not run today, as the weather was gorgeous, once again. But, like I’ve mentioned before, part of my exercise philosophy includes not running every day. And it had been a while since I last took a rest day. So back to beddie byes it was for me. Well, not […]

Healthy Oatmeal Cookies!

Aaaaah, this new-found cool weather is glorious! Yesterday I actually put on a long-sleeved shirt to go running in perfect running weather: 55 and sunny. I have to take advantage; there’s not much time between hot summers and crazy-unpredictable winters in Dallas. Remember my Blizzard post? In the afternoon, two of my friends and I […]

3-Ingredient Alfredo Sauce… soup?

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall. Yup, even in Texas. The temperatures were actually in the 70s all day yesterday. Nice change from those summer 100s! I celebrated with some roasted veggies, which seem to epitomize Fall in my mind. . But the star of my lunch, yesterday, was 3-Ingredient Alfredo Sauce. I […]

Eat Babies, Save the World

**Edit: The bidding is now over.** Congratulations to Diana ( for bidding $100 for the fudge babies! All of the money will go to support Cancer Research. Thank you so much to everyone who bid! Sounds kinda backwards, doesn’t it? No, I’m not talking about that controversial (and super-creepy) movement to legalize cannibalism as a means […]

What’s black and white and read all over?

Hmmm, I guess the joke doesn’t work when it’s written out. How sad. What is black, white and read all over? Well, I don’t know about read all over, but raw Chocolate Macaroons are black and white. Yesterday, I made up a batch for a friend. Well, they were supposed to go to a good […]

Nut Butter Yumminess

Howdy partners Chocolate Chips! . It’s really Saturday already?? Artisana Nut Butter Week has gone by too fast. There’s still so much I want to share: more meal ideas, more recipes (including the aforementioned coconut butter cookies) and the big kahuna Artisana Giveaway.  But I don’t want the theme to become monotonous and drawn out, […]

Healthy Peach Pie Sundae

Forget fro-yo. . Now it’s all about the Faux-Yo! Yesterday, I enjoyed an afternoon pick-me-up that was especially blogworthy: Coconut butter cookie crumbles, Peach Faux-Yo, and sliced peaches . Wha? Coconut butter cookie? Oh yes I did! It’s the newest of my coconut-butter creations, and I’m sooooo excited to share this one. The taste is […]

Vegan “Peanut Butter Cup” Pie

Did you know that yesterday was the Chinese Moon Festival? . You’d think, having lived in China, I would’ve known this, but the truth is I had no idea until a friend called me up a few days ago and asked if I wanted to come over to celebrate. Celebrate? Heck, when someone says celebrate, […]

There’s A Veggie In My Cheesecake

Raw desserts are delicious, and raw desserts are healthy. But if there’s one thing raw desserts aren’t, it’s lower in calories… Until now. I’m not a raw foodist, but I do enjoy eating raw desserts. One of the things I like most about raw treats is that they’re high in calories without also being high […]

Cashini Butter Hammocks

Ya never saw it coming, did ya Borat? It’s the return of the Banana Hammocks! Remember those scary things? This particular banana hammock uses Artisana Cashini Butter, the newest creation by the delicious folks over at Premier Organics. Basically, cashini butter is a blend of raw cashews, sesame seeds, and sea salt. Now, I’ve never […]

I won the Coconut Butter Lottery

Welcome to Artisana Nut Butter Week . About a month ago, the following items miraculously appeared on my doorstep. What? For me?? But I didn’t order anything… I haven’t even talked to anyone from Premier Organics in months! Perhaps it just so happens they’re aware of the fact that I’m the company’s #1 fan. It’s […]

Larabars v. Katiebars

Bar Wars, Return of the Laras What’s your favorite bar? Lately, I seem to keep striking out on the bar front. Maybe the powers that be are just trying to tell me: Stop looking; you’ve already found more than enough that you love (Wilds, Jocalats, all varieties of fudge baby bars, and on and on). […]

Gigantic Ice Cream Sundae

Hugest-ever! According to, “hugest” is a word. Rejoice! Yesterday, at around 3PM, I finally jumped on the protein-ice-cream bandwagon. Protein-licious. Yesterday, by the time I finished eating this thing, I was freezing! So I took the second part of my meal outside—two slices of Ezekiel cinnamon-raisin bread. French Toast Trick: I used to think […]

A recipe, but NOT for Peanut Butter

Fact: I love Butter. Huh? How exactly is that vegan, Miss Katie? No wait! I’m talking about the likes of Hot Chocolate Butter, not the dairy stuff. Then, there’s peanut butter, cashew butter, banana butter, almond butter, and—of course—coconut butter. Don’t forget cacao butter, which is not only an ingredient in many chocolate confections, it’s […]

My Unhealthy Habit

But first, a healthy habit: eating breakfast. PB-maple sandwich, with soy-free Vegan Greek Yogurt. Then: a quickie clean-up, ‘cause I was due outside to bask in the rays with a friend.  Errr, make that two friends. Where there’s sun, Henry follows. As I type this, in fact, he is sleeping right in front of the […]

Redefining Fast Food

Lately, I’m needing to come up with even quicker meals. Katie, your recipes are already quick and easy. How much simpler can they get? What about a meal in 5 minutes? Sorry to Rachael Ray, but 30 minutes to dinner sounds like a long time to me. Sometimes, 5 minutes is all you’ve got! The […]

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