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Larabars v. Katiebars

Bar Wars, Return of the Laras

What’s your favorite bar? Lately, I seem to keep striking out on the bar front. Maybe the powers that be are just trying to tell me: Stop looking; you’ve already found more than enough that you love (Wilds, Jocalats, all varieties of fudge baby bars, and on and on). But even though I have enough variety, flavor-wise, to never be bored, curiosity gets the best of me each time I see a fun new product. I just love trying new things!

The latest:  I finally tried the Larabar carrot cake bars that came in my surprise package from the company.  Sad to say, I was, once again, underwhelmed. They weren’t bad or anything, but my own carrot cake bars are better. So, naturally—still craving carrot cake (Aren’t I always?), I had to go and make some homemade bars.

(I’m not the only one with a carrot addiction. These three guys apparently share my love!)



I topped off my homemade Carrot Cake Bars with coconut butter and carrot.

Lesson to be learned: coconut-butter-topped bars > coconut-butter-less bars every single time. The poor Larabars never stood a chance.

And there I go with the fake flowers again. Signature CCK. Hey, don’t hate on the fake flowers: they’re easier to take care of (no watering!) and they don’t die ;). But perhaps I, at least, need to invest in some new colors!


Above, Larabar meets homemade Carrot Cake Bar.

I don’t not recommend the carrot cake Larabars: If you’re a fan of dried pineapple, you’ll probably like them, because that’s all I tasted. Actually, to me they taste exactly like the apple pie Larabars with added pineapple. But my favorite Larabars are still—and probably always will be—the chocolate Jocalat bars. ‘Cause on them, you can perform the Brownie trick, taking these bars from yummy to YUMlicious!! Just a few seconds in the microwave leads to pure chocolate-brownie bliss. In summary: for carrot cake, I’ll stick to my bars. However, when it comes to chocolate, nobody does it better than Lara!

Microwave Brownie Trick:

  1. Unwrap a Chocolate Jocalat bar, and place on a microwave-safe plate.
  2. Microwave for about 15 seconds, then open the door and turn.
  3. Then microwave 10 seconds.
  4. Open door (to let some heat out) and microwave 10 more seconds if you want it really melty.

(Don’t microwave too long; burnt chocolate’s a party pooper.) If you want the baked-brownie taste but not the mess of the melted chocolate, you can put the cooked Jocalat in the fridge or freezer so all the melted chocolate re-hardens. Oh goodness, raw foodists hate me right now, don’t they??


Sending  HUGE thanks to all who defended me on yesterday’s post.

I won’t even mention the negative, but I can’t go without telling y’all how much your supportive comments meant to me. Actually, your kind comments always mean a lot to me; I don’t thank you enough. Thank you!!

Published on September 17, 2010

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  1. Rachel says

    the jocolat larabars are the freaking best ever. i like the new laras but they’re a bit too sweet for me? and i’m still so bummed that the pistachio ones are discontinued cause i LOVE pistachios.

    RIP pistachio larabar 🙁

    your katiebar is so pretty!!

  2. VEGirl says

    I should make a raw carrot cake bar! Just cause it’s got coconut butter on top 😉

    Can’t wait to see who gets the larabars. I HOPE IT”S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. clemmy says

    I love trying new bars too, so many different tastes!!! if you ever want to do a bar swap with someone from the uk, let me know! we have lots of different ones over here now, but STILL no laras!!!! haha. Ill have to keep my finger crossed for the competition results tomo :-p

  4. Anonymous says

    I didn’t really see the Larabar light until last week and I grabbed a Coconut Cream Pie bar on the way to class. I was starving and popped a bite in my mouth during a small seminar class and had to actually stifle a moan of pleasure.

  5. thedelicateplace says

    i hated the new carrot cake bar too! pineapple?! wtf haha. needed fresh grated carrot and loads more cinnamon! i like my DIY version better!

  6. Little Bookworm says

    Your homemade carrot cake bars look amazing! Maybe I should try that fudge baby flavour next? (Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! :))

  7. spoonfulofsugarfree says

    Ugh..those look so good with coconut butter on them! I’m supposed to have a box of coconut butter coming, but it isn’t here yet!!! All I can think about when I eat is, “this would taste so good with some coconut butter on it” examples: carrot-apple bran muffins, tortilla with chocolate coconut butter, banana chocolate muffins…

  8. couchpotatoathlete says

    I totally agree with you about the carrot cake larabars — yours look way better anyway.

    I saw the comments yesterday, and all I can say is I’m sorry you have to deal with stuff like that and I’m sorry there are people like that in general.

  9. Bianca- Vegan Crunk says

    Yo, those carrot cake bars of yours look crazy awesome!! I’m sooo gonna try that! I’ll still probably try the Larabars when Whole Foods here gets the new flavors, but homemade is always better…unfortunately I don’t know if the coconutty topped ones would survive in my purse. 🙂

    On yesterday’s post, I’m so f***ing sick of douche holes saying mean things about your weight. Honestly, I think those people are probably actually anorexic and are jealous of your natural weight. Don’t let it get it to you. We got your back. I can get buck if I need to. 🙂

  10. Vanilla says

    Ugh I started to read the mean comments but stopped after 3, they were making me SICK. I swear, everytime time I check in my wordpress stats to check what people typed in google to find my blog and see ”chocolate covered katie anorexic” I want to destroy the computer screen. Like, don’t you have better things to do…??? (end of rant)

    I’ll go check the carrot cake katiebars recipe, thanks 🙂

  11. Caitlin says

    Your carrot cake bars are so vibrant! I agree the Carrot Cake Larabars were underwhelming. I love the peanut butter Larabars, but can just as easily make my own. Buuuuttt I still buy them.

    Curiosity also always gets the best of me, too. =]

  12. Alisa - Frugal Foodie says

    Coconut butter on bars – you truly are a genius Katie!

    Ah, the bloggie drama. It’s funny because my husband and I were just talking about “rude commenters” a couple of days ago. I watched a utube cooking demo done by Gwyneth Paltrow, and some of the comments were just nasty – including “that is the ugliest dude I have ever seen.” I told my husband about it because I couldn’t believe how people had no respect for others feelings. I mean – even stars get their feelings hurt I am sure!

    But, on that note he explained to me the dynamics of the internet. Apparently, there are many anonymous commenters out there whose sole purpose is to get reactions. Sounds really lame to me, but I guess it gives them a hoot. So when they see the opportunity to slander and go for reactions, they go for it. An attention thing. He said never take those things personally as they really aren’t intended to be personal, that is just what those people do.

  13. Meghan says

    I am a day behind on my blogs and I am so sorry about the commenter yesterday. I am a small girl as well and I hate when people comment on my weight (and I have been at both ends of the spectrum, since I was much heavier before) It’s just as rude to comment on a small person’s weight as it is on a larger person–but most people wouldn’t dream about doing that, in fact no one said anything to me about my weight when i was big, but have no problem commenting now—crazy I tell ya!

    anyways, keep rocking on with your awesome recipes! I get hungry every time i stop by your blog!

    • abby says

      you just further helped katie’s case! nicole richie got pregnant, so she obviously wasn’t anorexic! i, of all people, thought she was. in fact, it annoyed me all the time that she was “getting away with it.” (you other anorexics know what i mean, right?)

      but then she announced she was pregnant and i was like, well i guess she really wasn’t anorexic, because you can’t have a baby without a period, and one of the criteria for being anorexic is to not be getting a period. so see, some people really are just naturally like that, as much as it makes people like you (and me too) jealous to see!

  14. *Andrea* says

    the only new larabar i like is the chocolate chip cookie dough one! i froze it for an hour or so and then ate it (Saw that on a blog somewhere) and it was the PERFECT after dinner treat. literally lived up to its name 😉

    your carrot cake bars are sure pretty!!!

    ps only trend setters and leaders have the most haters. and don’t insecure ppl always hate on the pretty and nice ones ; )

  15. Jennifer says

    Fudge babies are so much better than Larabars. Granted I haven’t tried that many flavors of Larabars – partially because they’re pricey and partially because I’m always disappointed. They’re soooo sweet whereas fudge babies have just enough dates to sweeten without overpowering. I suppose that depends on how you make them, but the control is an important factor too. Suffice it to say that I’d take a fudge baby over a Larabar any day.

  16. Chelsea says

    I vote for the katiebars! Maybe you should start selling them and then larabars will hire you on as their official flavor experiment kitchen operator once they realize how good your bars must be.

  17. BroccoliHut says

    I have to admit, I am the same way–I can’t resist trying a new bar! The bar aisle at WF is always dangerous for me.
    Of course the coconut butter-topped bar is better–coconut butter makes pretty much EVERYTHING better:)

  18. Kelly says

    Haters gon’ hate! They could at least be *original* about it. I mean, really… come up with something new for once. *eyeroll*

    I’ve yet to try the Carrot Cake Larabar, but maybe when I do I’ll top it with coconut butter for maximum enjoyment. …or I could just make my own!

    And I still think the [fake] lilies are pretty. They coordinate very well with the carroty colors!

  19. MoniMeals says

    Wow, Katie those look amazing, Not a huge carrot cake fan but I would go for those. I love many bars out there but I like the Green Plus bars in Dark Chocolate, (of course) right now. 🙂 Larabar chocolate chip is tasty too.

  20. Marianne says

    Katie, remind me again why I have yet to try out any of your pseudo-larabar recipes? Especially since I can’t get the new flavours here in good ol’ Canada?

  21. Michal says

    Katie! How much I have missed you! I am so sorry that I havent been commenting, I started college a few weeks ago and I have been having a blast. 🙂 Blogging has been on the back burner, but I cant stay away from it anymore. I need to figure out how to balance the two. I feel like I have missed so much since i have been away for these two itty bitty weeks. Carrot Cake babies? MMMM! xoxo Michal

  22. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    damn girl, whoa. Drama was a ‘ brewin’ in your last post, huh. Ugh. So sorry you have to read that kind of crap. Here’s to you going on living your beautiful life, and everyone who feels the need to write a bunch of baloney and mean-spirited things, may they find peace and light and love in their lives, and leave others out of it!

    Have a great day honey!


  23. Tricia says

    I just wanna say that i think all these mean comments are from super jealous people. That being said, i truly did not notice your weight the first time i saw your photo– i just notice how nice your complection is and how healthy you looked 🙂

  24. A.Cook says

    I almost drooled looking at this post…I’m not even a huge carrot cake fan but I think I’ll have to give this carrot cake bar idea a try!

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