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Did you know I have a Twin?

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Did any of you ever see the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, It Takes Two?

For the most part, I could not stand MK and Ashley Olsen movies. I mean, hello! All the plots were exactly the same: girls go to foreign country, girls meet cute boys with hot accents, girls save foreign country from peril, girls and cute boys with hot accents get together and live happily ever after.

Luckily, It Takes Two was different. Can’t say it was my favorite movie, but I have seen it quite a few times. One of the movie’s biggest intrigues for me was this concept it introduced: the possibility of identical strangers. For months, I kept an eye out for “the other Katie,” convinced she was around somewhere.

Well, on Saturday, I  found my twin:


And I’m not talking about my eyebrow twin.

Yes, yes, I know we’re not really identical. But hey, neither are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I swear we did not plan to both wear jeans, pink shirts, and black vests. It was twin sense at work. Plus, we share a mutual love of Artisana coconut butter… but maybe that’s not twin sense; that’s just common sense!


She even brought me some Raw Carrot Cake Bites!

Seriously, sweetest girl ever! We met at Whole Foods, and we talked non-stop about everything from blogging to food to life in general. I almost missed meeting this amazing girl, though! It was pure luck (or maybe fate) that our paths crossed:

I emailed Kelsey, because she’d won one of my giveaways, and she replied, “Ya know, I’m actually going to Dallas in a few weeks, to visit friends. If you want to hold on to the bars til then, you could give them to me in person.” As someone who envies all Californians and New Yorkers, with your routine blogger meet ups, I jumped at the chance for a blogger meet-up of my own. Our meeting was so much fun (albeit way, way to short!). She is absolutely one of the sweetest girls one could ever hope to meet. (Oops, I already said that! Ah, but it’s worth repeating, because it is soooo true!) Oh, and the Raw Carrot Cake Bites she made me? They were even better than the ones I make! So really, she might have won the Larabar giveaway, but the real winner was me, because I got the privilege of meeting such a sweetheart… with great style ;).

Sharing Time:

Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone else?

Perhaps someone famous? And have you ever wanted to be a twin?.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 

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  1. Beth says:

    I’ve gotten Drew Barrymore many times but i think it’s just because we sound alike!

  2. Sounds like a great meet up! :)

  3. I was just reading about your meet up in Kelsey’s blog! You two look like you had so much fun!!! If your ever in Tampa, Katie, give me a call :)

    I’ve been told I look like a Maria Sharapova or Scarlett Johansson…hmm…don’t know if I do 😉

    1. I see it, Alex! You really do look like her… but maybe it’s ’cause you’re tall (wait, are you tall?) and blonde and beautiful and you play tennis lol. I will definitely call you if I’m in Tampa… then we can eat all or crazy unsweet foods and play tennis. But you’d probably kick my butt, since I haven’t played in like a year! 😕

      1. Not as tall as her!!! I’m 5’7″, and she is like 6’2″!!! She is crazy tall! My dad ran into her once in a New York City Starbucks, and got her autograph for me, and he said that she was sooo tall!

        But thanks, Katie, you are too sweet! We would have so much fun!

        Oh, and I would LOVE to make your recipes for my Friends by Recipe Post!!! I would love all of them :) I don’t think there is a single recipe I wouldn’t like!

  4. Molly Ringwald.


    Claire Danes.


    Otherwise I guess I’m just too unique-looking? [Or maybe it is because I’m actually famous and everyone else is compared to ME?]

    1. Considering you have a blog, someone might just be saying that! “Hey, you look like that girl, Sarah, from the Smart Kitchen Blog.” Hehe :)

  5. Kate says:

    That’s so cute!

    But you really should be ashamed to admit that you’ve even seen a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. Seriously ashamed. :-)

  6. Oh Katie, your post absolutely made my DAY! I’m sitting over here smiling like crazy and “aww’ing” every 5 seconds. Hahaha. I am extremely glad that it worked out and I feel so blessed to have gotten to meet you! It was just so cool and you are amazing. I really hope we can do it again soon. I should be coming up to Dallas sometime in November… hehe. :)

    By the way, I’m ashamed to admit that I used to love those MK & Ashley movies. I wasn’t so much a fan of the older, teenage ones with all the guys. I was about 8 or 9 so that was gross to me. I liked the little ones where they solved mysteries. :)

    1. Oh I remember the little ones! I lived in Japan when they were popular, but I remember that I moved back and everyone was talking about them… and people couldn’t believe I had no idea who they were. “What, were you living in outer space, Katie?” No, no. Just Asia! 😉

  7. Do you remember the Pepsi girl form the commercials? Adorable little girl with curly brown hair…
    I looked exactly like her. When I was a kid, people would stop me in the grocery store and ask for an autograph. :)

    1. Awww seriously?!? I do remember her. She was adorable! I think she was in the movie, Paulie, too, which is such an adorable movie. (Or at least, that was someone who looked like her.)

  8. haha you had me going for a second 😉 i haven’t seen anyone that looks like me in real life but someone in a grocery store told me i looked like marisa tomei once haha. i’m thinking it was the bounty of hair!

    1. Valerie says:

      Wow, what a sweet compliment. Marisa Tomei is one of my favorite actresses. If you’ve not seen My Cousin Vinny, I highly recommend it!

  9. i’ve gotten jennifer gray before… not too sure how i feel about it though…

    enjoy your weekend :)

  10. Purplegirl says:

    Apparantly there is somone named brittany at my college who looks like me. Three different people have stopped me, then been like, “Oh, sorry. You’re not Brittany.” Hehe. I would have had a real twin, but it was stillborn. Maybe they only thought it was…

  11. Yin says:

    Yes, I’ve been told I look like another girl from another school. When I saw her photo, I was surprised how much we did look alike. I don’t think I want a twin, but if I had to I want to have a boy twin :)

  12. Caitlin says:

    I WAS OBSESSED with wanting a twin when I was little! Maybe it’s because I don’t have a sibling at all. I made all my friends dress up in the same outfits as me, and once a year we had “twin day” at our school (you know how some schools do crazy hat day? Ours had twin day). That was my favorite day of the year, no joke.

  13. One of my friend’s younger brothers has told me a million times I look like Charlize Theron — I have no idea why he thinks that and I’ve never heard it from someone else! He had a crush on me, what can I say? :)

    My only “twins” are my sisters — we look alike and hear that all the time, but I think that is normal for siblings, right?

    1. Valerie says:

      I always wished I looked more like my sister. You see, I actually AM a twin, but no one ever believed us because we look SO different!

  14. VEGirl says:

    In middke school, paople thought a girl on m D.I. (destination imagination) team, looked a lot like me! We agreed that we DID have matching straight brown hair, and maybe a couple other features, but we are opposite in personalities. We were good friends, though. We both had pet rats and loved them!

  15. Aly says:

    Mmmm. Those balls look sooo GOOD. (:

  16. Valerie says:

    Aw, you two girls are so pretty. Must be the healthy eating thing ;). What a fun sounding meet up!

  17. Tori says:

    I’ve been told I favor Michelle Trachtenberg. She was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? And Gossip Girl too I think. But I don’t watch it!

    1. LOL she’s EVIL on Gossip Girl! 😉
      (Still pretty though!)

      1. Melissa says:

        And I wanted to KILL her on Buffy. Ugh. Dawn was so damn annoying.
        But yes, VERY pretty. Great skin/hair on that girl.

        1. So true, Dawn had issues! I love Spikie!

  18. ohmygod i was OBSESSED with the mary-kay and ashley movies!!!! they were my favorite, despite the predictable plots (and really, really awful acting. i recently rewatched passport to paris and DANG. awful!)

    people have told me i look like kate winslet, which makes me heart happy. i have a massive girl crush on her :)! i’ve gotten grace kelly once, to which i thought was an odd comparison! and lindsey lohan. no thanks 😉

  19. Caitlin says:

    How funny! My bff and I used to accidentally dress identically alllll the time. We also watched EVERY Mary Kate and Ashley movie and played their video games. Middle school was the best.

    I don’t think I look like anyone else =( Hopefully I can find my identical stranger someday!

  20. Okay, now that’s just creepy. You plan a blogger meetup with a blogger you have a lot in common with….and you both show up wearing practically the same thing!! Crazy!

    For a few years, the people at my bank kept getting me confused with another customer they swore was my twin. She was short, pierced, dark hair, just like me. Since it’s a bank, they knew where she worked because it was on her paycheck. So they told me, and I went to this restaurant where she was a server in hopes of finding her.

    I informed the waitress that came to our table that I was looking for my twin and she worked there. The waitress was, like “oh my god…you do look just like her! But she went to work another place on Beale Street a month or so ago.” Before I had the chance to be a total stalker and go there, I actually ran into the girl at a bar downtown. My boyfriend had seen her working at the Beale Street place and said he thought she could be my twin…the boyfriend was at this downtown bar with me and he pointed her out and then he went over and invited her to our table. Turns out, she’d been getting the same “you have twin” about me. Did we look alike? Not really, in my opinion but I could see the resemblance.

  21. Janna says:

    Aw such a cute twin picture – sweet outfit !

    I wanted to be a twin when I saw The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan :)

    I get told I look like Anne Hathaway on what feels like a weekly basis. And probably more so when I had bangs. I feel like I resemble her a bit, and have her coloring, but I don’t think I look THAT much like her!

    Occasionally I will also get Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    And Katie, I think you look like Emma Roberts, but prettier :)

    1. Wow, Janna, you are so incredibly sweet!!

      And p.s. I can TOTALLY see the Anne Hathaway thing! You’re both beautiful :).

  22. Melissa says:

    I’ve gotten Janeane Garofalo more than a few times.

    I think it’s mostly due to having a sarcastic, self-depreciating sense of humor, honestly.
    Though we do have a similar face sharp and wide noses plus similar coloring…

    Yeah, I can see it.

  23. I have had people tell me I look like Kate Beckinsale and Michelle Williams, but they’re obviously wrong, considering those celebrities look nothing like each other! I’ll just take the flattery and run, though. Mostly, people tell me I look JUST like my mom. That one I’ll believe. 😉

    1. Hahahaha seriously, they don’t look anything alike! Too funny. But I can see your resemblance to Kate Beckensale! :)
      And I think looking like one’s mom is the best compliment of all!

  24. I don’t look like anyone! Maybe I’m meant to be unique!

  25. Haha It Takes Two was like my all time FAVORITE when I was younger! I thought it was SO good! haha. I’ve yet to find my twin :(

  26. Ever since I got my tattoo half sleeve on my arm, with the woman on it..people think or ask me if it’s me…NO! It’s a Victoria’s Secret model…but if I am confused for a VS Model, that wouldnt be a bad thing LOL.

    Just today I posted about being recognized. I got recognized while out yesterday b/c of my blog..and also it happens to me while in the groc store, at the gym, etc…so I am not mistaken for anyone but people recognize me. STrange but true.

    what a fun meetup!!!!!!

  27. Kim says:

    Haha, yes! The first few years I lived here, I was accosted on at least 3 different occasions by people who thought I was someone named “Max”. The last person who made the comment was in uniform so I asked him just who this Max person was. Turned out she had been in the Navy’s elite dive unit! That tickled me pink because a) I can barely swim and b) I’m terrified of the water! Kinda makes ya wonder why I chose to live on an island…

    1. Well, that’s ok. Apparently your twin can swim well enough for the both of you! 😉

  28. Stefanie says:

    That is neat that you two matched without planning it. Those carrot maccaroons look good. I hope you get to meet up with many more bloggers. :)

  29. ohkansascity says:

    I used to get that I looked like Keira Knightly, but now random strangers constantly tell me I look like Ellen Page (which, personally, I just don’t see.) It’s kind of peculiar.

  30. Kelly says:

    I have come to the conclusion that I have many, many identical twins.

    I am CONSTANTLY having strangers come up to me, addressing me by different names, insistent that I’m so and so. They start conversations about how it was great to see me recently. I always say no, I am not that person, and in response, I get, Are you sure you weren’t at so and so? Because you look JUST like her. Some people get this look like I’m messing with them, because I am clearly the person they think I am. It’s happened on the West Coast, on the East Coast, and it even happened when I was in Belize on my honeymoon.

    Growing up, my best friends were identical twins. I’m an only child, I never wanted brothers or sisters, but I always wanted to be a twin. Perhaps I got what I wished for…just not how I imagined it!

    1. LOL oh goodness, be careful what you wish for, right? :)

  31. Ilana says:

    I totally bonded with a girl over Justin’s Hazelnut Chocolate butter in the aisle at Whole Foods. They had none, we both looked for it everywhere – and settled on chocolate almond when our search proved futile.
    Apparently there is a set of twins at my school that look EXACTLY LIKE ME. I’ve never met them or even seen them but I have friends who have had classes with them who mistake them for me, and I have been mistaken for them. They’re TWINS – so there are three of me!!

    1. Three of you? Not possible. That would be entirely too much sweetness in the world.

      P.S. I will totally hook you up with some choc-haz if you can’t find it. Shoot me an email.

  32. I don’t get told that I look like anyone famous but I’m always getting “Are you related to so and so? ” Or “are you so and so’s cousin, mother, sister….?”

    I must have one of those faces. :)

  33. One time me and my cousin wore the exact same color/style babydoll shirt, jeans, white tank, and bracelet without even seeing or talking to each other before hand. It was pretty funny 😛

    I’ve been told I have a twin running around campus, as well as a sailor in VA, a gas station attendant in FL, and a girl back in TN. Guess 4’s just too much to handle and they had to split us up 😉 haha!

  34. ecogrrl says:

    years ago a rockstar photog took a side profile photo of shirley manson of me and sent it to me and it looked eerily like me but head on we look nothing alike. but hey, i’ll take it.

    let’s see, i’m from the ‘punky brewster’, ‘silver spoons’, and ‘square pegs’ generation so haven’t been too familiar with the olsen twins except for their broody little pouts in every magazine – ironic how two child actors sell kids clothes for a company that is known for child labor violations in their clothing lines, hmmm.

    although i will say i’m going to a foreign country to see a hot guy with a hot accent next month and wouldn’t mind a little happily ever after… :)

    1. Oooo that sounds mucho exciting!!

  35. Erika says:

    AWWW! Sounds like so much fun! 😀

  36. BroccoliHut says:

    I’ve been told that I look like Scarlett Johanson, but I don’t really believe that. If only!

  37. Eric Jaffa says:

    Who took the photo of you and your “twin”?

  38. I got Nicole Kidman almost weekly, sometimes daily…..until she went blonde, lost her freckles and botoxed all expression away.

  39. Kiki says:

    Aw yay, glad you had such a great meetup with Kelsey! I knew she’d be a sweetheart just from the way she writes :)

    I may or may not own all the MK & A movies. And books. And dolls. 😛

    1. Dolls? Hehe well, I owned the Babysitters Club dolls, so I can’t judge! 😉

  40. themalikwhey says:

    There was a girl in the year below me at school who EVERYONE said looked like me. Strangely enough, the same guy was into us both (one after the other, with perhaps some crossover time inbetween!), and then she ended up working at the same shoe-shop I had worked at the previous year. Not as weird as it first seemed, now that I come to write it down!

    Famous-wise, Neve Campbell is the most commonly occurring comparison!

    Totally with you re Mary-Kate and Ashley!

  41. Frances says:

    I wished for years that I had a twin..I don’t know why. I guess I just thought it would be so, so cool to have a mirror image. The tricks we could play! Ha.

    I sometimes get people telling me I look like LeeLee Sobeiski, and I’ve gotten Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, and Kiera Knightly (circa the green-dress, Atonement era)…I don’t know if I look like any of then, but I take all of those mentions as high compliments :)

  42. Shelby says:

    I get Reese Witherspoon a lot, which I don’t really see! I’ve always wished I had a twin…even though I don’t think I could stand another me 😉 haha

    1. Ooh I see it! Maybe it’s your million-dollar smile? :)

  43. haha, have I ever been told I look like someone ; )


  44. Crafty lil vegan says:

    Appanrently, i look like Billy Piper! I really can’t see it myself!
    Though if it is true, then i hope it’s from her innocent days… and not her slutty “Diary of a call girl” ones!

    People are always saying “oh hi! You’re *insert random person’s name here* daughter/friend/cat aren’t you?” .. My guess? – I must be a clone ^-^
    Though that is a worrying thought! The world couldn’t take more than one me…

  45. Ha ha… People always think me and a friend are sisters… Even though we don’t look much alike!

  46. Alice says:

    You look like a really cute couple of twins 😉
    I seem to have several twins (regarding the looks), nearly everyone I was ever friends with told me he/she knew at least one person who looked similar to me… Though I don’t really think I have a common face or something… But people always recognze something on me that reminds them of another person – the smile, the eyes, the voice, the habits… strange thing!