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Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake

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What do you like to do on Snow Days?

Growing up in the Philadelphia area, we had a lot of snow days. Once, school was closed for 17 days straight! My favorite things to do on snow days: make snow cones, make snow forts, and build snow families. Oh, and then come in for hot chocolate, of course.

This year, thanks to super-weird weather, my university canceled classes four days in a row. There’s not enough snow to make a fort, and I have no interest in eating snow cones. However, I did manage to get some chocolate into my system.

vegan fudge cake

Have you tried the Sugar-Free Chocolate Fudge yet?

If you haven’t, you must must must make this!! It is too delicious to miss out on! And yesterday, the deliciousness advanced to a whole new level: chocolate fudge cake.

vegan chocolate raspberry cake

This is how I spent my snow day: making a chocolate fudge cake that tastes like a raw version of chocolate mousse pie!

Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake (or frosting)
(You can also cut this into fudge bites!)

  • 1/2 a medium, very-ripe banana (80g)
  • 4 tbsp (60g) Artisana coconut butter or Homemade Coconut Butter
  • 2 tbsp (or more!) cocoa powder (10g)
  • scant 1/16 tsp salt
  • sweetener, if desired (maple syrup, agave, stevia, or other sweetener of choice)

(Note: This makes a small amount. Triple or quadruple the recipe for a traditional-sized cake.) Blend everything together in your blender, food processor, or Magic Bullet. Spread into a container (or onto wax paper). Refrigerate overnight, or freeze for a few hours. The cake will keep in the freezer for weeks. Just be sure to thaw at least 20 minutes prior to eating. (Taste before eating, in case you wish to add sweetener.)

*A few readers have told me coconut oil will work in place of the coconut butter. But I have not tried it, and I would think you’d lose some of the richness. So try that substitution at your own risk.

raw chocolate cake

Nutrition Info per 60g slice:

Calories: 180
Added Sugars: 0g
Protein Grams: .5
3g protein in this version: Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

(Above, as fudge bites)

Question of the Day:

What are your favorite snow memories?

My sister and I often spent snow days ice skating in our backyard. One year we decided to make an actual rink. We invited all the neighborhood kids and served popcorn and played music. It definitely beat going to school!

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Gina says:

    I want some of this fudge cake right now, even though it’s only 10:00am :)
    My favorite snow memory (since I was born & raised in FL) is skiing in Colorado with my family! So much fun!

  2. Sarahishealthy says:

    Oh WOW! Those are the prettiest food photography photos I think I have ever seen. EVER!
    And now I want some chocolate fudge cake really badly. Why have I put off making this?!?!? 😕

    1. Aw wow, thank you Sarah!
      But I don’t think it’s possible to take a bad photo of something so prettylicious ;).

  3. oh. my. god. this is brilliant! and se simple! I will definitely try this 😀

    we don’t get no snow days over here. here it’s just: suck it up yo! ha.

    x sabine

  4. Albizia says:

    Can it get any better? No need to ask. Having on mind your creativity, it probably can :) .

    We haven’t had a snow day for years but I really loved them as a kid. Once I went out for a walk 8 times in one day 😛 .

    1. LOL you’re right! It CAN actually get better. I have a chocolate raspberry version that I somehow like even better than the banana one! :)

  5. Alyssa says:

    Since I grew up in FL, we had hurricane days! I only recall one, for hurricane Floyd, and it was pathetic…sitting inside with all the windows boarded up surrounded by our canned food and bottled water…not as much fun! However, I never sat through a real hurricane. Of course, after I moved to CO I have had no snow days and my sisters got 2 weeks off of school for hurricanes!! Se la vie!!

  6. Heather says:

    Oh my gosh Katie! I just finished breakfast and this is making me drool! I am so making this today!!

    We never got a LOT of snow when I was growing up, but every year that we got a reasonable amount my dad would make us “snow cream”! Love that stuff!

    1. Ooh I hope you adore it as much as I do! And be sure to take photos in your fun lightbox lol. I still haven’t made one!

  7. 17 days in a row??? Sheesh! When I was in Iowa, I never had snow days for that long. I think the record for my school days was 2….

    I remember going sledding, and we brought a thermos of hot cocoa along….mmm….I was sledding on an old wooden sled with my dad, and we went on this bump that made my head snapped back onto his. His butt broke the antique sled…hehe…We all laughed and drank hot cocoa while my dog ran around like crazy (he just loves the snow, and sometimes he likes to eat it, too).

    If there was snow in Florida right now I would be making snow cones like crazy! I remember making “yellow snow” (Orange juice and snow) so yummy 😉

    1. That’s probably because y’all knew how to handle snow better, ya know? We’ve just had 4 days off in Texas, but if it were the same weather in Iowa, you probably wouldn’t have gotten one! People here don’t even know what rock salt is!

  8. Wow so simple but that looks incredible!!

  9. Wait a minute – either your coconut butter has waaaay less fat than mine, or you aren’t eating nearly as much in one sitting as I would :)

    My brain doesn’t go quite that far back … the three awesome powder days we had in December.

    1. I added the total grams, and then total fat, for the entire recipe. Then I did a cross-multiplication thing. I think my absolute favorite math is cross multiplication with fractions. I don’t know why; it’s just so fun! I guess the extra grams from the banana make the whole thing have less fat per serving… but honestly I don’t really care about fat grams. I just displayed the numbers because a lot of people have been asking and tell me it’d help them.

      1. Okay, now I’m a wee bit confused. When I made the naughty butter with 4 T of coconut butter, it made only about as much as that slice right there! With the Artisana coconut butter, that’s 36 grams of fat. I’m not against fat at all, but that much in one serving makes my stomach turn. Where have I gone awry?

        1. If you make 2 servings of the banana butter, it is 120g coconut and 160g banana and 20g cocoa. This is 8T coconut butter, so 64g fat. If you do cross multiplication, 64g fat for 320g is the same as… hmmm, now I’m getting 12g. Now I’m confused! I’m much better with words than numbers! LOL I’m just going to delete that stat completely from my post, since I have no idea what I did! (I think maybe I only added 4T for the coconut butter, forgetting that it was double. But the calories are correct.)

          1. Haha, sorry, I’m a numbers person! I’m actually not a calorie counter at all, but when I saw 4g of fat, I thought, what am I doing wrong?? 12g sounds a bit closer, except that I would eat at least 2 servings! Hmm, I love the recipe though, very yummy :)

          2. *Hides in embarrassment* No don’t be sorry; I’m thankful you caught my mistake so I didn’t look really dumb when others calculated it out! If I get a free chance, I’ll try and see if I can come up with the correct #. 12 might be wrong, because I think I might’ve calculated the coconut butter as having 16g of fat, not 18. See, lol I don’t pay attention to nutrition labels! 😕
            Edit: I think 12 is correct. :) Thanks, Alisa!

  10. Ahhhh this looks amazing! I have no snow memories. I’ve never seen snow fall, and I’ve only been to the snow a few times!

  11. Jennifer JCD says:

    That’s one seriously divine cake! Wow. But how does it compare to your cheesecake?

    Snow Days? What snow days? I’ve never had a snow day in my life! (That’s almost 28 years up here in Northern Canada.) We still go to school and work regardless of weather, blizzards included. I really wish we had snow days though, because playing in the snow is so much fun and I rarely get time to appreciate it. Some of my favourite snowy activities are making snow angels, snow diving (where you dive into a huge pile of snow and hopelessly try to get back up), sledging, snowball wars, and building snowmen. So. Much. Fun.

    I bought a new snow suit this year ($500, yikes!) but it has been completely worth it. I went playing in my back garden in snow up to my armpits and was toasty warm and dry the entire time.

    1. Jennifer JCD says:

      Ooh, and I completely forgot to mention snowy maple desserts. Nothing screams Canadian more than some boiled maple syrup drizzled into (clean) snow and rolled up onto a stick. It’s incredible. (Even for my not-so-sweet tooth.)

      1. I remember once when my friend went to Canada… she brought back those maple leaves made out of maple sugar. Ooh they were good! Super-sweet, but delicious!

    2. I actually like it better than the cheesecake! But maybe that’s because it has chocolate? :)

  12. playing outside with my brothers making and digging out this huge tunnel from a long and tall massive pile of snow!

  13. skdjfhasdksjwikjdlkjf
    you DID IT AGAIN!
    your culinary talents are beyond my greatest expectations girl!— i am LOVING THIS SO FREAKING MUCH

    1. :)
      P.S. I’ll try to answer your email this week… I don’t want to just send you some rushed reply. You deserve so much more!

      1. aw thank you! no problem- looking forward to it whenever it comes!! 😀

  14. that just looks so decadent! i’m on my way to make fudge babies “as we speak”

    1. haha have fun making babies ;).

  15. I actually blogged about this-so if you’ve visited my site lately this may be a repeater. But anyhoo, when I was little I got out of the car and stepped into knee deep snow. When I pulled my foot out, my boot was gone! We couldn’t find the boot until all the snow melted. haha Definitely my favorite snow memory 😀

    I need to make this fudge. Seriously-it looks crazy good!!

    1. Ah! That happened to me with a ring. Incredibly enough, we actually did find the tiny ring when the snow melted.

  16. Gen says:

    aaah you’re my hero! no-added-sugar CHOCOLATE cake? that’s so awesome! =D

  17. Lauren says:

    17 days in a row?! I went to school near Philly for 2 years before transferring home. We get way more snow up here, but I had so many more snow days down in Philly than here. My school hasn’t cancelled classes in years supposedly.

    1. It was in… 1991 or 1992, I think? And then, two years later, we had like four feet of snow. The big problem was the power lines, not the snow. It was fun at the time… but then we had to go to school almost til July!

  18. I had my first ever adult snow day this week, my whole office closed down :)

  19. Alyson says:

    This makes me super excited! I have super cravings for chocolate today (I started my day with Brownie Batter for breakfast! Mmmmm, chocolate fix! 😉). I used to go sledding all the time with my friends during snow days. I got sooo cold! I would stay out for hours and hours! :) I have many good snow memories!
    Have fun with that cake girly! I’m pretty jealous! Hahaha!

    1. Mmm brownie batter oats… but your pb-jam oats look pretty yummy too!!

      1. Alyson says:

        Oh, and they were delicious! Trust me! 😉 Hehehe.

  20. Ann Claire says:

    My oh my that looks amazingly delicious!!
    Today is my first snow day ever in my life! Actually take that back, like 4 years ago we had an ice day. I was homeschooled though so it didn’t really count for me. But, a bunch of the neighbors and I went out and played kickball in the ice, it was a lot of fun. It NEVER snows where I live. I know many people that this is their first time seeing snow. Crazy, huh?

    1. This whole year has been crazy, weather-wise! It’s insane!

  21. Oh. My. Gawd. It is indulgence friday and i’m already planning a chocolate mousse recipe, but maybe I should go choco crazy and make this too!:)

    1. More chocolate is always better than less chocolate ;).

  22. leashieloo says:

    Be still my heart, this looks absolutely AMAZING!

  23. Devan says:

    oh my gosh. that looks SO goooooood!

  24. Looks so good (although if memory serves me correctly there is coconut in there…)!

    Favorite snow memory: having a snowball fight with my sisters and dad, and my dad accidentally grabbed a piece of black ice (ouch!) that was covered in snow and threw it at my sisters leg. She had a bruise the size of a grapefruit! He felt terrible and we never had snowball fights after that!

    1. I actually cannot taste the coconut at all! LOL!

  25. 17 days straight?!?! Whoa! Growing up, we lived in a small town with mountains right on the edge so we’d get out of school for the thought of snow. My favorite memories involving spending the entire day outside with all my neighborhood friends and sledding down the tons of hills around!

  26. It’s been snowing a ridiculous amount in the south this year. I didn’t sign up for this. We missed the last bit of snow, and I’m soooo glad. But it’s still cold as crap here. Ugh.

  27. Kelsey says:

    OMG that looks delicious!

  28. This is a super naughty (haha i love that word) dessert. Love it!

  29. Brandi says:

    That fudge cake sure looks tasty!

    I’ve never had a snow day living in Utah snow isn’t a big deal around here.

    Sadly I don’t remember any great snow memories. I have a terrible memory. I do remember one time going sledding with my older brother, his girlfriend(now ex, but she’s still like my older sis), and his friends. I was in about 4th or 5th grade at the time. We all went sledding and sat in this sled barely fitting. Needless to say a few people fell out of the sled.

  30. That cake looks so good! What a productive snow day.

    I’ve never really been around snow, and, unfortunately, school is not canceled for excessive, annoying rainfall.

  31. Emma says:

    I made the chocolate version. It was incredible. I made one serving – ate the whole thing and immediately made another. To make the raspberry version do you sub raspberries for banana of just add them to the mix?
    PS. I also made a couple batch of PMS chocolate (mint, orange and hazelnut) which is absolutely amazing – that night I had chocolate covered dreams (literally – I dreamt I was breastfeeding my baby but it was liquid chocolate coming out instead of milk).
    Thanks for the recipes and blog.

    1. Haha what a fun dream! And now I know why they have to put a disclaimer on chocolate soymilk, “Not to be used as infant formula.” It’s cause of people like you! :) :)
      Anyway, the rasp. version is a *little* different. It’s the same #g raspberries as banana, but I add a little agave, a little more cocoa, and I don’t use the cinnamon.
      I’ll write up a real recipe for it and post… hopefully before Valentine’s Day!

  32. Me says:

    I don’t really have many snow memories, i’ve only seen snow twice before today.
    When I was 4 in San Antonio. Last year here in Austin, and then the inch we got last night.

  33. alexandra says:

    hey katie — I’m just curious — how many “60g slices” does that recipe make!? I’m definitely looking forward to trying it! you are an amazing, inspiring, GENIUS!

    1. If you add up all the grams for 2 servings of the naughty butter, it’s 300g, so 5 servings of 60g.

  34. So my birthday is in April, and I’ll happily accept some of this cake as a gift! 😉

    1. Aww, ok! As long as I can celebrate with you… and have a slice of your birthday cake!

  35. Stefanie says:

    That looks like a rich, chocolate cake. I always looked forward to snow days growing up. It was always nice to have a day off to relax and catch up on life outside of school. Now, living in Florida, snow days have turned into hurricane days. Enjoy your day off and stay warm. :-)

  36. NO WAY JOSE!!! naughty girl butter made this gorgeous fudge cake consistency!??! this looks like a DQ ice cream cake and even looks like a gorgeous slab of expensive chocolate you can buy in bulk at fancy candy shops and chocolatiers! this would be fabulous to serve at classy banquets too and im one again, SUPER IMPRESSED! <3

    1. I was thinking about the super bowl party I’m going to… but then I got greedy and decided it wasn’t worth wasting on a bunch of college guys without discerning tastebuds!

  37. Yum! This looks great.. I make a really similar pie filling to this.. so good!

  38. The cake looks delish! Naughty girl butter…yay for naughty girls :)

    How did I not know this “Growing up in the Philadelphia area”..
    I thought you were a TX girl, born and raised. But now I am remembering that i think you lived in Japan for a bit?

    Snow memories. Growing up in MN then Chicago, I have plenty. None that i enjoy. I like the heat!!!

    1. Haha yeah I’ve lived ALL over. PA, Japan, China, Philippines, Texas… just not California yet. I am so working on it ;).

  39. Babette says:

    Wow, that’s crazy, school being closed for 17 days in a row. I live in Quebec, and that did not even happen here!

    Your cake looks absolutely amazing!

    1. That’s probably ’cause y’all are way better at dealing with snow! Here, people see one flake and freak out lol!

  40. Shannon S. says:

    That cake looks SO good. I have made your chocolate coconut butter before and loved it, so I will definitely have to try this.

    I live in Texas too, and I am beginning to get cabin fever! The school that I teach at canceled school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and today. I haven’t worn anything but sweatpants all week!

    1. My mom is the same! She’s a teacher, and I can tell you she’s been sleeping late and wearing sweat pants all week :). Hey, y’all work so hard you deserve the rest!!

  41. bitt says:

    yummy cake idea.

    only one snow day last fall for us in seattle. we seem to be avoiding the storms the rest of the country is getting.

    i have lots of great memories of building snow forts and sledding and then coming inside for some warm cocoa.

  42. they never cancel school in PA haha. it’s gotta be really really bad! my fave snow memories include sledding on pieces of cardboard and building snowforts!

  43. “Pretty productive?” I would say most successful, productive snow day EVER :)

  44. Helen says:

    That looks so good! I really love your blog, you know being a chocoholic and all. You are feeding the addiction girl ~ but it’s okay, I love it!!

  45. Lori says:

    School was canceled in Austin today. I don’t think we even got an inch. The sun came out and I went for a great run – so glad to not go on the dreadmill again. I can barely seen any snow left in my yard…

    1. Leslie says:

      Haha as soon as they see a flake of snow in Austin (or another warm place), they freak! Whereas in Canada, you can have a foot and still have school!

  46. As soon as I saw the picture I thought, “Katie is a genius!! That looks like the most delicious dessert EVER!!!”
    And my favorite snow memory is sledding with my best friend :)

  47. Katie, been thinking of you today as I know Dallas is not having the best weather right now. Stay warm!

    Cake sounds wonderful, but too cold. I think you should melt it atop some warm oatmeal! Gorgeous pics by the way. :)

    1. Yes, it’s awful! 5 inches last night, and ice on top of that :(. I’m thinking of escaping to Nashville. If I come bearing chocolate gifts, will you take me in? :) I want to meet Miss Summer!

  48. Leslie says:

    This looks incredible! I know what I’m having for dessert tonight. Really, I do. I’m going to make it now!

  49. Camille says:

    Oh my gosh, school was closed for 17 days!? That’s crazy!
    I would gladly give up all those snow days for some of that sweet cake :)

  50. Kathleen says:

    THAT looks AMAZING!!! :)

  51. Heather says:

    If I can’t find some coconut butter soon I may cry. I really should give making my own a shot, but I don’t know if my lil blender can take it. We had our first snow day on Wed. the University finally cancelled. It only took about a foot of snow to get it done. However, on Thursday when the windchill was -30 in the morning we still had to show up. Needless to say Mother Nature and I are not on speaking terms. That’s what I get for living in Iowa.

    1. Some people have told me that the fudge tastes yummy if you use virgin coconut oil, which is much easier to find. I can’t say from experience that it works, but I’ve gotten around 10 comments from people who say it does. So maybe that’s an option for ya!

  52. laura says:

    I’ve never had a snow day! but we do get a lot of snow here.
    Snow always reminds me of christmas :)

  53. seventeen days off of school!?! all in a row?! holy cow i had no idea that was possible! sheesh…

    My fav snow memory was building an igloo with my dad back when he still lived with us :)

    1. hey girl, look out for an email reply within the next few days! :)

  54. I think the most days I ever had off in a row might have been two. After that schools remained open even during snow days.
    My favorite snow memory is making snow forts!

  55. whitney says:

    Thanks for the nutrition stats!

    1. You’re welcome :). I’m not going to do it for every recipe, but a lot of people have been asking, so I’m going to try and do it more often… if I remember lol!

  56. michelle says:

    No snow days for me….it’s 37 degrees in Sydney. I’m a Canadian girl and would appreciate a little snow right now :( I used to love tobogganing!

    1. Please, please, please come take ours! 😉
      No, seriously!

  57. Ohhh myyyy why is this so crazy genius? you’re genius Katie, genius I tell ya! I couldn’t “find” the recipe because it was simply right there but missed it due to its short list of ingredients.

    1. LOL I hate long recipes. They’re intimidating! 😉

  58. Alexandra says:

    I tried a batch of your naughty girl fudge and I do believe it is the most genius thing on the planet! I don’t know how something that tastes so NAUGHTY can be so darn healthy! Delicious! I just whipped up a batch of your fudge cake for tomorrow! It’s dual-layer! Basic naughty girl fudge on the bottom, and 1 batch of peanut butter fudge (2 tbs PB + 2 tbs coconut butter) on top! I’m soooo excited! It’s going to be like a vegan reese’s fudge cake, but one that’s totally acceptable to eat with breakfast! WAY TO GO KATIE! You ROCK! 10 thumbs up from me!

    1. I think the most genius thing on the planet was YOUR idea to put the fudge into your oatmeal! Truly, I loved that post :).

  59. Sarah says:

    Hiya Katie,
    Love your blog and recipes! I know you don’t know me but I desperately need sage advice, I’m at my wits end! I’ve been trying to put on weight since June last year, I’ve actually lost four more pounds this week, I’m now a ridiculous 87lbs!! I see a dietitian but I find her useless, she just says ‘eat more’, fantastic advice! I’ve had loads of blood tests done and theres nothing hormonal or strange going on. Does the 3,000 calorie diet work, do you think I’ll see results? I’m not vegan but I am allergic to dairy. Any wise words you have for me would be very much appreciated!
    Thanks soooo much,

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I’m really sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable giving medical advice, since I’m not qualified in any way, so it’d be irresponsible of me. All I can say is if your doctor isn’t helping, find another one. Don’t take your health into your own hands; let those who DO have a medical degree help you. Your health is super-important!

      1. Sarah says:

        No worries, thanks anyway. The doctors I’ve seen just wave me out the door because my blood work is fine, so I’ve lost faith in them!

  60. I cannot wait to make this!!! It looks so incredibly rich…and so healthy! Thanks so much for sharing such a great recipe! :)

  61. Katherine says:

    The picture shows a piece of cake a good inch in height, from a pan of diameter probably 9 inches, and yet the recipe ingredients are essentially 4 tbsp coconut butter and 1/2 a banana. That cannot be the recipe for your cake. I don’t get it :-(.

    1. I used a mini springform pan, and the piece is not as big as it seems. But I pretty much always double the recipe when I make this, because I am in love with the recipe!

  62. Siobhan says:

    Katie… You are my new hero. Absolutely. I am emailing your website to everyone I know. Paleo has been my lifestyle some time now, but I’ve always had a pretty significant chocolate craving. Larabars have been a favorite “cheat” of mine, but they’re SO expensive! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating so many wonderful, healthy-as-can-be treats, and sharing them with us. You’re an angel! =) Going to gather up ingredients and make this cake now. <3

    1. Awwwwwwwww! Your comment made me smile SO much!
      And I agree about the larabars! That’s why I make my own now :). Much cheaper, and just as yummy… if not more so (isn’t homemade always better?) :).

  63. hi Katie, Guess what…I made it, and it was wonderful! It freezes great too!

    I also used your recipe to make a no-bake chocolate banana granola tart yesterday. It turned out wonderfully!

    Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous recipe! I really appreciate it! :)

    1. I am so excited you made it!! It’s my favorite recipe, I think :).

  64. Amanda says:

    I’m a little confused. Does T stand for tablespoon?

  65. Sarah says:

    How many servings did you get out of this? It looks divine but I’m only cooking for 1 and don’t trust it around here!

    1. It depends on how big you want a serving to be! But I think it makes about a cup?

  66. Sarah says:

    Thats exactly what I needed to know!! Thanks!

  67. Codie says:

    I made this for my 30th birthday yesterday and shared it with 2 friends. One batch made enough to share plus one extra piece. It was very rich and creamy and I can’t wait to try the raspberry version. This was a HUGE hit with my friends. One of them saved half her piece to have with red wine later. She said it’s awesome with a red pinot :) Thanks for sharing your recipes!! I love them! I have to admit I stare at, at least one per day! today I am glued to the cookie pie photo.

    1. This makes me SO happy!!! I think the fudge cake is one of my favorite recipes (maybe because it has chocolate and coconut?!), so I am always excited when others like it too! Happy Birthday! :)

  68. Danni says:

    This was pretty darn good! I’d love to try it with coconut butter when I buy some…just subbed Peanut Butter & Co.’s White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter. Which was (obviously) delish. I’m not sure if it was because of the fact that I used PB rather than CB, but the fudge kind of…melted a little when I took it out of the freezer. That also could just be because I was impatient and took it out too soon lol! 😀 Great taste, though!

    As for snow day memories…gosh. I don’t want to think of snow right now with it being the middle of summer! I want to enjoy the warm while it lasts. Being from WNY, we get quite a bit of snow, and a wicked wind chill. Schools didn’t used to close all that often, and my University never does. When I was younger I could always remember watching the morning news during the wintertime, praying for a snow day. That was almost more fun than the day off itself, the anticipation of it all!!

    1. Haha in Texas they close school if there’s a single flurry!

  69. Carli Vogler says:

    I NEED to make this! In your expert opinion…how would you incorporate peanut butter in this if you wanted to? My roommate LOVES peanut butter and chocolate and I want to make this for her for her b-day!

  70. Eliza says:

    Hi – I want to make this, but was wondering how exactly to sweeten (I’m new to cooking, so not sure). I like things quite sweet. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Eliza,
      I actually don’t use any added sweetener for this, but I like darker chocolate. If you like things sweeter, start out with a teaspoon or two of agave, and taste the raw dough before freezing. If it’s not sweet enough, add more before freezing. And let me know how it goes :).

  71. Morgan says:

    Hello :) New to your site but I’m really liking it!!

    I was wondering what you poured the chocolate mixture into? And how many slices did you get out of it? The gram thing is beyond me!


    1. Hey Morgan,
      I always make more than one serving, and I form the extra into fudge. So I really don’t know how much it makes, exactly! 😕

  72. Morgan says:

    Thanks :) do you pour it into a round cake pan? Or something else?

    1. You can’t really go wrong! Try a mini springform pan, or even just a small square pan if you want to cut it into fudge. Or even a small plastic container. Whatever you want :).

  73. Kelly says:

    Hi Katie, this recipe is delicious! I just whipped it up and was wondering how many servings your recipe makes?


    1. Hi Kelly,
      I am so glad you like it!! It doesn’t make a specific amount of servings; it depends on how big you cut the slices :).

      1. DesieLiz says:

        Based on your nutrition facts serving of 60g, how many servings would this make? I think what we all want to know is how many 60g servings does this recipe make :) It’s really confusing it doesn’t say makes x servings in the recipe. Thanks!

  74. Tamara says:

    is the substitution for the coconut oil a strait substitution? Ive been scouring comments for a bit to see if that info is there but there is just so many!

    1. Yes, it is a straight substitution… but although other commenters say it works, I’ve personally never tried it with oil and still don’t think it sounds like it’d taste anywhere near as good. If you do try it with the oil and don’t like it, don’t give up on the recipe… it is SO good and rich when made with coconut butter :).

  75. Ana says:

    I was just wondering how many servings are in this recipe? I cant wait to try it out! looks soo good! Thanks for sharing!

  76. Ana says:

    I mean, I know you answered this question for someone else… lol.. (I JUST noticed…kinda embarrassing) I was just wondering since you calculated the 180 calories….how big was the slice?

    Oh and I completely agree with your opinion on fat. Ever since I STOPPED caring, my hair and skin have actually gotten better. Yay, for healthy fats in coconut butter& bananas!

    1. It’s for a 60 gram slice. The recipe makes around 150g total… it’s a small recipe, because I like to make it in my magic bullet, but you can easily double or triple it.

  77. I just made this with pumpkin instead of the coconut oil. OMG – these were awesome! I actually made three – one for me and two for hubby & friend. They couldn’t believe how quick they were ready and tonight is the first night friend has had “veg-friendly” food. Yum! Great intro – we vegans eat well! :)

    1. Oh wow, I love your idea to use pumpkin!! :)

  78. Anonymous says:

    Does 4T Artisana coconut butter mean teaspoons or tablespoons? thanks

  79. Brynna Haddock says:

    New to your site….loving it! We use lots of coconut oil in our family, as my kids can’t have dairy. I thought coconut oil and coconut butter were the same thing. It sounds like they aren’t. Can you explain the difference to me? Thanks, Katie!

    1. I’m so glad you found my site! :)

      Here’s the faq from my favorite coconut butter’s website, about the difference:

  80. Emily says:

    Could you substitue almond butter for the coconut butter?

    1. You could… and it would make a good spread. But I don’t think it’d work as fudge. Coconut butter has a really cool ability to freeze and not get “icy.” I don’t think it’d work the same with another nut butter.

  81. Marie-Maude says:

    Hi Katie!

    I have a question. I wanted to make the fudge, but it had the consistency of the Naughty Girl Butter. Then I saw they almost have the same ingredients. How can I make it have the wanted texture? Is it because the fudge is frozen? Thank you!

    1. Yes, freeze it and it’ll harden up :).

  82. Val says:

    Trying this one for Holliday dinner-celebration-thing tomorrow with homemade coconut butter (I’m so hoping the recipe works here in Mexico)…I can already taste the chocolaty goodness :)

    You’re I’m my blogroll (btw)…my page is still undergoing construction but you are already in there 😀
    Best wishes!

  83. Diani says:

    Hi Katie,
    Quick question, what do you recommend I use instead of banana for this recipe?
    Thank you in advance! :)

  84. Romy says:

    Great receipe, I tried it first with raspberries but than also with strawberries and it simply tasts great. Thanks Katie! :)

  85. Lana says:

    WOW…. I just made your 1min choc cake— in 1minute!! So amazing!!! delicious!! Have been a vegan for quiet a few years now and have struggled making delish desserts that my partner (carnivore) could tuck into as well as myself.. This blog is definitely a winner! you are amazing, keep up the great work!!

  86. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I live in Korea right now and my Korean apartment has no oven! I’ve been looking for other ways to ‘bake’ desserts in my apartment, and this definitely satisfies my baking urge! Thanks for a delicious and healthy dessert recipe!

  87. anam says:

    Hi Katie,

    i love your recipes so thank you so much for sharing them, just a quick question, the raw chocolate fudge cake slice looks a bit big for only having 1/2 a medium banana, i wanted to ask you what the size of your dish was that you used to freeze this? and the picture version did it have more bananas?

    i really want to try this over the weekend!! thanks in advance!

    1. I used a mini springform pan for the one in the photo. So it IS actually as small as the recipe suggests. It’s just a mini fork and plate ;).

      But I do often double or triple the recipe, just because I love it so much.

  88. Rachel says:

    Okay this has got to be my favorite recipe EVER just made it and I cant thankyou enough more this recipe yummmmmyyyyy I think i could live off it haha x

  89. Zan says:

    Hello Katie. Well I really wanted to try this recipe but the the kids were getting restless and hungry. so had 4 TBS of coconut oil melted had 1 banana peeled. I had some fruit cut up for their snack then inspiration hit I ended up with 2 bananas 4 TBS of Coconut oil melted 3 TBS of cocoa powder and 1 TBS agave mixed it up in the mini food processor. Made the perfect chocolate syrup to drizzle on the kids apples and banana slices. Don’t know if the sauce would keep well but it is the same texture as chocolate fondue. I am freezing the rest in an ice cube tray thought they would make great fudge-cicle. This made 12 ice-cubes and about 2 TBS extra just enough to drizzle on 5 children’s fruit. Thank you for the inspiration. Can’t wait to follow the recipe and have “cake”!

    1. Yum, that sounds like the best fudgsicle ever!

  90. Sarah says:

    I have a gluten allergy but I am also allergic to coconut and all tree nuts. What can I use in place of the coconut oil?

  91. Sarah says:


    What can I use in place of the coconut oil? I have a gluten allergy and I am allergic to tree nuts!

  92. Kelly says:

    I just made this…I added extra cocoa powder to cover the banana flavor and 1/2 a TB of raw hemp powder (super pregnant and trying to make sure I get lots of protein that isn’t soy based). Amazing raw, can’t wait until it’s frozen!

  93. Dorothy says:

    This is amazing! I don’t have a food processor, so I’ve been making this and banana butter using a fork…which is actually pretty good for relieving stress, haha. Your recipes are so simple but so creative!

  94. Ellie says:

    what could be used instead of coconut butter?

  95. Terese says:

    I made this tonight with the 1-minute chocolate cake as the frosting. And tried it with the coconut oil since I didnt have the coconut butter. It was incredible! The frosting and the cake! Thank you!!!

  96. Teresa says:

    I am not usually a fan of healthy desserts. But I gave this recipe a whirl and boy am I glad I did! It was delicious! I added about a half a tablespoon of agave nectar for extra sweetness and yum! Thanks for the recipe!

  97. Tara Fox says:

    My kids are allergic to coconut. Is there another fat I can use to substitute the coconut?

    1. Sorry, I don’t know. Perhaps soaked and blended cashews?

  98. Lori says:

    I tried this recipe and it was good, though I had to make my own coconut butter and I don’t think I got it creamy enough. Still, a tasty treat!

    I was confused by the calorie content and your previous responses to some of the questions about the serving size. Really, so confused! When you gave your nutrition info for this one, I assumed it was if you ate the entire recipe as one serving. If there are 80 grams of banana, and 10 grams of cocoa (according to this recipe,) how many grams is 4 Tbl of coconut butter? I have no idea! But it seems like this recipe would make about three servings in order to come out to 180 calories per serving. I know this is annoying, but can you help?

    I’m glad I found this site. I really like chocolate and I’m trying to transition to a healthier diet. Thanks for sharing your recipes!

    1. Jen says:

      Here is just my 2 cents worth of nutritional analysis :) Hope this helps! 1 tbls coconut butter has approx 100 calories, 20 gm banana is approx 20 calories and I think the cocoa powder is usually 15 to 25 per tbls so I think 1/4 of this recipe should be 140 to 180 not the entire recipe.

  99. Hannah says:

    I’m from the UK and nowhere here sells coconut butter. Since I’m not vegan, do you think regular butter would have the same effect? Thanks!

  100. Sarah Peterson says:

    I tried this with peanut butter instead of coconut butter–worked like a charm, and tasted great! :)

  101. Della says:

    Is there anything that can be used instead of the banana? I have a disease (interstitial cystitis) that makes me extremely sensitive to the tyramine in ripe bananas – makes my bladder hurt something awful. So do you have a substitution suggestion for the banana??

  102. christine says:

    Hey Katie! When you say, This makes a small amount. Increase the recipe for a traditional-sized cake” – can you give me an idea of how small of a batch this is? I have a 6-1/2″ spring-form pan. Would I double, triple? Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
    I misunderstood that “raw Chocolate-Raspberry Fudge Cake” was the cake and found out it was only the frosting. I had a very very short cake. Luckily I had added a crust and topping – the whole “cake” is about 1/2″ tall. LOL
    However everyone LOVES it with cheese, strawberries, coffee, or just alone!!!!!
    Look forward to hearing your reply so I can make the Whole cake.

    1. Yikes! I really keep meaning to make a full cake and update! But if you quadruple the recipe, you should get a good-sized cake. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the reminder!

  103. Kristy S says:

    oh WOW.. so I just made a batch (to put in the fridge as fudge) and.. ummmm…. I MAY HAVE JUST BEEN LICKING THE BOWL! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!
    Doesn’t even need any sweetener, the banana and rich coconut tastes so perfect together! I used cocoa powder from Now foods, which in itself is pretty amazing.

    Thank you Katie! I’m a new fan. I love your blog!

  104. k says:

    im gna try this w cocoa butter do I just not melt it like it doesnt say to melt the coconut butter in the instructions? Also for frosting u dont freeze..right

    1. Sorry, I’ve never used cocoa butter.

  105. Rachael says:

    Hey this may be a dumb question but…cocoa powder unsweetened right?

    1. Yes, but sweetened would be fine as well :)

  106. Demi says:

    Hi katie, How long would this have to be in the freezer for, for it too set? I was thinking of using it in my home ec exam and I only have an hour to complete recipes.

    1. It might not get hard, but if you used a crust you could probably get a fun mousse pie!

  107. Susan says:

    I just made this yesterday and its awesome!!! I made the fudge bites..but question, how come your fudge bites look somewhat dark and shiny…mine are not shiny at all. Just curious.

    1. I take my photos in natural light and try to take advantage of bright days :).

  108. Chloe says:

    YUM! Tastes like chocolate mousse cake to me.yumyumyum!

  109. ML says:

    thanks for the recipe, katie!
    i used coconut oil and i found the frosting to be deliciously rich anyways (:

  110. Alanna says:

    Finally tried this now that I have coconut butter, and wow! I liked it after blending, but freezing takes the texture (and flavor) to another level! Definitely will make again this weekend for my boyfriend to sample. :)

  111. Sophia says:

    should I be able to taste the banana?

  112. Aleix Lyon says:

    How much of the ingrediants do you need to make a full sized cake? Looks delicious! :)

  113. Angela H. says:

    Hi Katie…I LOVE your blog! Quick question for this recipe: approximately how many of these “60g slices” does this recipe make? Thank you! :)

  114. Laylah says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if anyone knows much about diabetes(Type1 – insulin controlled) but can anyone tell me if this recipe is suitable for a diabetic? It would seem to be as it has no refined sugar but I”m new to baking for a very sweet toothed diabetic mister. Any advice on if this or any of the other vegan recipes(Tried the single lady blueberry muffin already – amazing!) would suitable for my fella would be very much appreciated.


    1. Amanda says:

      I am per-diabetic and have to watch my sugar. Bananas are a no for me, always, because of the sugar, but if you only eat a few bites, you should be okay.

  115. Chrissy says:

    Omg…I’m so happy I found your site. I love you!

  116. Love baking says:

    I just found you’re site today and I can’t stop
    Looking at your recipes there soo good

  117. Heather says:

    so I wanted to share that I made this without the banana and it comes out like delicious melt in your mouth chocolate. I used the 4tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and to sweeten I used 1 tbsp and 1 tsp maple syrup. It was AMAZING :-) Thanks Katie for the awesome blog!

  118. Lydia says:

    Katie, I didn’t realize you grew up in the Philly area! I grew up in Wynnewood, right outside of the city, and I remember the year of 17 snow days!!

  119. Kayla says:

    Hmm. I live in Northern BC, where there’s already been snow for over a month this year. So most of my memories so far are snow memories!! 😛 School is never cancelled due to snow here. Only busses are! But I’d have to say one of the times sledding maybe? And then going home to hot chocolate..Mmm. :)
    If only it wasn’t -20C right now.

  120. Anonymous says:

    how long can this keep in the fridge?can it be frozen?

    1. A week, or frozen for months!

  121. Katerina says:

    I really love this recipe– I tried it with more coconut butter and no banana yesterday, and peanut butter flour (PB2) instead of peanut butter (For the peanut butter chocolate fudge). Ate it while watching the Hobbit.

    It was splendid-awesome,

    Now, whenever I think of Hobbits, I will think of you and your marvelous recipes, Katie! :)

    Today I bought some nice ripe bananas (Lucky me, they’re usually green!) . My blender’s broken, unfortunately, but I just heated the coconut butter jar in boiled kettle water, and it seems to work fine. Going to freeze it longer today, as I couldn’t wait last time, so was like a bowl of frosting, yum! :)

  122. Nujj says:

    I am taking this to a potluck tonight! I made the recipe x5 to fill a big pie plate. I topped it with the coconut cream cool-whip recipe. It tasted great when I tasted the batter 😉

  123. Anonymous says:

    School’s never been closed for a snow day here in Winnipeg, Canada. If the temperature is -45C, then the buses don’t run, but school still stays open. :(

  124. ellena says:

    can you use coconut oil?

  125. Kaylene Smith says:

    I’ve been looking at your sugar-free recipes and was wondering if you can tell me how many carbohydrates are in the sugar-free fudge and cake recipes? Is this already posted somewhere that I’m not seeing?

  126. Aleksandra says:

    Thank you, Katie.
    At which point you add Chocolate?

  127. Joy says:

    Hi…I made these today. Ironically it snowed here this morning not something that happens all that often in my part of the world. I added vanilla essence and I did actually use coconut oil. It worked fine but probably melts in your hand a lot quicker. I made them into something that resembled small truffles. They are delicious. I will keep them in the freezer and have when I am craving something sweet. Thanks for the recipe. Joy. (Australia) :)

  128. Olivia says:

    This defenatly works with coconut oil! I added 2 tsp of vanilla and 7 tbsp of agave nectar and omf. Heaven.

  129. Deanne says:

    Thankyou for this awesome site! You will never know how much the information about coconut oil has changed my life and my health… Viva la Coconut!!! Goodbye dairy… I have been trying to find a dairy replacement for years that tasted good .I have found it at last.. your recipes are amazing and so delicious…

  130. Karen Byker says:

    Just made this into fudge for my family for dessert tonight, and it’s truly delightful. Doubled the recipe and used 2 tbsp agave nectar to sweeten. Thank you SO much for posting this. I’m sure it will be a new favourite.

  131. Sharon says:

    Has anyone ever used a regular blender to make these recipes?

    1. A. says:

      Yeah it works but you have to do a bigger batch if you have a bigger blender or nothing will move around.

  132. Sam says:

    I have made it with peanut butter, but all went bad : ( texture is like cream, not like cake. I will try it again

    1. A. says:

      You need to read the ingredients again. There is no peanut butter in the ingredients.

      1. Sam says:

        Yes, i know. I did’t have no coconut butter or oil. I thought maybe with peanut butter will work too :) The taste was very good, but no cake texture.

  133. kiran says:

    how many servings is this for? i am planning on making it for a birthday!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      It makes a small serving so it’s probably best to triple the recipe.

  134. Stacy says:

    This recipes looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to have a go at making this and telling everyone it’s sugar free…wonder if they’ll believe me? I’ve added it to my recent post for sugar free cakes & desserts on my party blog. Hope you like it! :)

  135. Jaclyn says:

    So this is the same thing as the sugar-free chocolate fudge, just with the quantities cut in half, right?

  136. Caro says:

    For those wanting a full-sized cake, you might have to more than quadruple the recipe. I quadrupled it and it only filled a small rectangular pan (the kind you would make banana bread in). I had initially hoped to fill an 8-inch round cake pan, but quadrupling the recipe did not make it that far. I believe it definitely would have filled a 4-inch round cake pan…and possibly a 6-inch if you spread it more thinly and do a super job of getting every last speck out of your food processor.

    (BTW, the cake is amazingly delicious, as others have mentioned. I added 2-3 tsp of maple syrup to mine.)

  137. Justmeint says:

    am surprised to see you did not include the carbohydrate numbers
    Banana is rather high in carbs, so would be good to know please

  138. Thank you for this recipe Katie! I will be trying this one for sure :) And yes I agree, you are a great photographer!

    Bless you!

    Nat xox

  139. rowan says:

    Those look awesome!!!! I was wondering what u used as a sweetener?

  140. Keira says:

    can you substitute the banana in this recipe with anything??

    thanks soo much!!!

  141. Marion Roddy says:

    My brother and I grew up in Lubbock, Tx, home Texas Tech University. Our average snow was usually two or three inches. That isn’t enough to build a snowman. So when we would get six inches, that was really something to celebrate! We had so much fun building snowmen and snowball fights! My mother would make snow ice cream, but only one small batch. Mmmmm!

  142. Cécile says:

    Hello ! Your cake seems sooo delicious ^^ but i wondered, because i haven’t coconut butter (nor coconut powder) by what we can replace the coconut butter ? (if it is posible of course)
    Thank you :)

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      She links to a coconut-free recipe in the post. It’s just as delicious!

  143. Karen W says:

    I made this yesterday – so easy and absolutely wonderful honestly!! I made four times the recipe and used coconut nectar as a sweetener. It is unbelievable that with these ingredients you can make something that tastes like this.

  144. C says:

    I made a “twist” in your recipe: mixed a cup of yogurt with a tbsp of chia seeds and a tbsp of cocoa powder, added a few drops of stevia and putted in the fridge for 20 minutes. I got something similar, resembling an ice cream. I could have mixed with a banana in the blender for a creamier texture but decided to put on top with chopped almonds and oat bran. I know it is different from yours but got this idea with you!

  145. Kathy Abbott says:

    Can I ask how many carbs? I’m not sure why that isn’t showing in the recipe’s stats. You know there are some that need to be aware of it. Now, if you have a different take on that, please explain it. I am soooo wanting to work with your wonderful recipes. ty

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      This recipe is a few years old, and so it looks like she wasn’t yet posting calorie counts at this time. But do you have her cookbook? The nutrition stats for this recipe would be the same as the ones for the Red Velvet Fudge Cake in the book: