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Frozen Hot Chocolate

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Frozen hot chocolate.

FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE - 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 cup milk of choice, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 cup... Continue reading:

It seems every time I mention my love for New York City, someone will ask, “Have you been to Serendipity? Have you had their frozen hot chocolate? It’s life-changing!” What’s a healthy-eating vegan, who’s never been to Serendipity, to do? Make my own frozen hot chocolate, of course!

What you need for the recipe: 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 cup milk of choice, 1/2 cup...

serendipity hot chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate 

(Makes 1 really big serving)

  • 1 cup milk of choice (at least 1/3 cup as lite or full-fat canned coconut milk if you want a truly-rich treat)
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder (10g)
  • scant 1/16th tsp salt (do not omit this)
  • pinch stevia OR 1-2 tbsp maple syrup, sugar, etc.
  • Optional for an even richer flavor, add a little melted chocolate (Serendipity’s recipe calls for this)

Combine ingredients and whisk together on the stove. Or microwave 30 seconds, stir, then microwave another 30 seconds. Let cool, then pour into an ice-cube tray. If you don’t have one, pour into three or four small containers. (Or pour it all into one container, but be sure to thaw before doing the next step so your blender can handle the one big block of frozen-ness.) Freeze. Once frozen, pop the mixture into a blender and blend! (I used my Vita-Mix.) Do not add ice, which would dilute the flavor. Ideas for Variations: Add almond or mint extract, blend in some banana, spike with rum, or even add peanut butter! Nutrition facts listed below.

Topping suggestion: Homemade Reddi-Wip Cream

serendipity frozen hot chocolate

Fro-Co Nutrition Facts:
(For the entire thing)

  • Calories: 80
  • fat grams: 4.5
  • Protein grams: 3
  • Sugar grams: 0 (if using stevia)

I first made this using only almond milk. I liked it… but my taste-tester friends—some of whom have tasted the real thing from Serendipity—said it was more like frozen ice milk than hot chocolate. I agreed; the recipe was missing that rich, hot-chocolate flavor. Nothin’ a little fat couldn’t fix! So if you can spare the calories in your diet, try using at least 1/3 cup of full-fat coconut milk. It will still be much healthier than the Serendipity version (220 calories to their 850. I’m not sure what their serving size is… but my recipe makes a pretty big serving! And it has no cholesterol and can be sugar-free.)

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Oh, YUM!!! My dad took me to Serendipity back in my nonvegan high school days, and we had a lot of fun, but I’d rather have a vegan version any day! :)

  2. Freya says:

    Oh that looks delightful!!! If I had freezer space I’d be on that in a flash :p

  3. Looks great, Katie! You know the pictures are beautiful and perfect when you can just TASTE the deliciousness simply by looking at them. Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Now that is something I want right now!

  5. I love the idea of adding rum — great idea Katie!

    Other naughty treats — do you have a cherry pie recipe of some sort?

    1. I don’t :(. I do have a vegan fruit crumble recipe that could use cherries. I could definitely try to make it healthier (although it’s not super-unhealthy as is):

      1. Sarah says:

        And really, any crisp/crumble recipe can be veganized with margarine. Pie wouldn’t work as well, because you really need butter & shortening for a good crust.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Actually just make the crust raw. It’s yummy

        2. Anonymous says:

          Actually you don’t need margarine; and I wouldn’t eat if you paid me! Coconut oil works well, as does earth balance spread.

  6. Oh my dang, this is gonna be awesome for summer!
    Hmm…what needs a makeover? My vote goes to a churro. I don’t know how that could really be made over though…but in an ideal world there’s an equally tasty but healthy version of a fried stick of sugar-coated dough…

  7. um. Layer cake please? Perhaps of the spice variety? or waffles!

    1. Waffles! Yes! I’m always so lazy and haven’t made my own waffles in… ever? :(

  8. Gen says:

    Yummy! I’m thinking this would make an awesome afternoon snack!

  9. Can you make a healthy cinnamon roll!!?

    1. Oh my gosh, that has been on my to-do list for-evah! I reeeeaally wanna make a single-serving one too!

      1. Brandi says:

        I second that cinnamon roll and making a single serving one too!!!

        1. Allison says:

          I totally third this! I tried to make some calculations for a single serving cinnamon roll but never followed through…

          1. Kate says:

            You can get vegan cinanmon rolls @ a vegan bakery here in Philly (Sweet Freedom–and to be exact they are “gluten free ~ vegan ~ dairy free ~ egg free~ soy free ~ corn free ~ peanut free ~ refined-sugar free ~ kosher”) They are absolutely DIVINE, although I’m not sure how healthy they are. The $3.75 price tag makes them healthy enough–I’m a miser and will only allow myself one!

          2. Holy cinnamon! Wha??? They did NOT have that when I went to college in Philly. No fair! In Philly’s defense, they DID have a vegan bakery with chocolate chip cheesecake, German chocolate cake, etc. which I would get as often as possible! But I would’ve LOVED a place with vegan cinnamon rolls!

  10. looks really amazing! never even heard of serendipity but it sounds like heaven on earth 😉

  11. That sounds great. Love hot chocolate and frozen hot chocolate sounds even better! 😀

  12. Right. I am making this AS SOON as I get home!! Looks DELISH!!! 😀

  13. Yum!! I’ve had the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity and loved it, so I can’t wait to try this recipe!

    I’d love to see ice cream be healthier! I’ve definitely tried some good vitamix chocolate ice “cream” recipes, but most of them have turned out tasting chalky (from cocoa powder) or too much like banana for a chocolate ice “cream” recipe. Do you have an idea? :)

    1. I love this recipe:
      You can use frozen strawberries too. The trick is to use Hershey’s special dark cocoa. I know exactly what you mean about the cocoa tasting chalky… when I tried to use regular cocoa in this recipe, that happened. But the extra-dark works wonders!

  14. Sarah C. says:

    Holy chocolate! You are incredible. Each dessert gets better and better! Now, as for naughty treats, what about vegan m&ms? Or oh wait, you know chocolate chip cookie dough balls? Could you maybe do a single-lady version of those???? I know you have a raw version, but if you could do a baked version, I would LOVE you forever!

  15. This sounds amaze!! You are a chocolate genius :)

  16. I have always wanted to try the one at serendipity! katie, every day you amaze me!

  17. Yummy! Frozen hot chocolate is the way to go!!

    I actually did something like this last summer. I made up a packet of Swiss Miss 25 calorie hot cocoa mix and poured it into an ice cube tray, let it freeze, then blended it! So delicious.

  18. L-O-V-E! ive never been to Serendipity but iv heard all about it! so clever you are! and HECK yeah make it with the full fat coconut.. thats pretty darn healthy if you ask me!
    im trying to think of something that you havent actually CCKatie-ified yet.. which is DIFFICULT!
    gimme a sec…

    ALAS! could you do a single serve pie? (not a fruit filling- chocolaty filling!!)

  19. I want to do a face plant in that! YUM! I love making over naughty treats…my brain is constantly moving in that direction. This looks perfect!

    1. Hahaha your face would freeze! 😉

  20. Don’t even know if it would be possible but something like a black forest cake? Have to say though, any dessert made healthy is a good thing – I’m dessert mad and have a bit of a sweet tooth so really have to try not to go over board and stay healthy with it lol

  21. ah so reminiscent of serendipity

  22. Kimberley says:

    WOW- this looks delicious. I must add it to my list of things to try :)
    I loveeeeee chocolate!

  23. This looks amazing! This is kind of a dumb question, but does the coconut milk make it taste really coconutty? I’m not a coconut fan :)

    1. Not a dumb question at all!! It doesn’t make it taste coconutty at all, especially if you only use 1/3 cup. (I think the cocoa masks the taste, too.) But you could also use creamer (such as Silk brand).

  24. Lisa says:

    uh YUMMM. something that needs a healthy makeover is cinnamon buns! they are SOO delicious, but so full of sugar and fat! Work your magic, Katie! :)

  25. Melissa says:

    I’d smooch you forever if you did a french silk pie ala Baker’s Square/Perkin’s. 😉 If that’s more a punishment than a prize, I’ll let my cute rats smooch you instead. They also do a lovely manicure!

    I keep trying vegan french silk recipes I can’t seem to get the fluffy mousse-y but dense and crazy rich texture down! Tofu just doesn’t work quite right. It’s GOOD but not… yanno… EPIC. 😉

    1. Haha I dunno if I’d want rat kisses either… but then again, I don’t even like when Henry kisses me! He tries all the time. I swear, that dog’s tongue is never in his mouth!

      1. Melissa says:

        Awwwww. Rat kisses are nice!
        They aren’t drooly like dogs…

        VIDEO PROOF:

        (Yes, those are my boys. Yes, I sound like a dork.)

  26. Ooooooooooooh how about healthified truffles!

  27. Lauren says:

    Yum! I’m making this tonight as soon as I’m done class.

  28. love serenditpity but this sounds WAY yummier. And you can skip all the lines. :)

  29. T says:

    I’ve heard about that Serendipity frozen hot cocoa too! Great idea veganizing it.

  30. Debra says:

    looks awesome!
    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  31. I’m DEFINITELY going to try this very soon!!

    So I JUST discovered your blog not 24 hours ago and I’ve been completely obsessed. It so fun and inspiring! I even went as far as to make the Sex Bomb babies this morning. And can I please be honest and say I didn’t think they’d necessarily be as good as buckeyes? Because I didn’t. BUT I WAS SO WRONG!!

    CCK, these babies are AMAZING!! I’ll be trying out the others VERY soon. KEEP ON BLOGGING YOUR LITTLE HEART OUT! You’re amazing!

    1. Aww times a million! Thank you for the super-sweet comment. And lol how could ANYthing covered in chocolate not taste good? 😉

  32. Namaste Gurl says:

    Looks amazing! It’s been cold and wintery recently, no sign of spring in sight yet, but once spring and summer weather kicks in, I’ll give this bugger a shot :)
    I bet it’d be perfect for a steaming day!

  33. Jen says:

    I think Snickers bars need a healthy makeover. GET ON IT. I want a healthy caramel recipe. 😉

    1. Molly says:

      I second that notion!

  34. These pictures are just gorgeous! I’m excited about this recipe and I’ve never heard of Serendipity. Looks amazing.

  35. Veronica says:

    YUMMY! And so simple!

  36. whitney says:

    Oh my gosh. I need this.


  37. Ulli says:

    its just great that you mention new york and serendipity today, as i’ll go aaaaall the way from europe to new york TOMORROW morning!!! thanks, i’ll go there for sure!! (as i can’t have one of your frozen hot chocolates ;-))

    1. OOh lucky! Take me in your suitcase? 😉

  38. Now that looks amazing! Must try that…and fro-co is such an awesome name! We have a new frozen yogurt joint here (and they have a few nondairy flavors) called Yolo (the “lo” stands for “local” since they use as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible).

    1. Woah! Sooooo jealous!! One of the only non-vegan foods I miss is soft-serve ice cream. Spiral Diner used to have it, but they said their machine broke too many times, and they stopped making it :(. I need me some soft-serve in my life!

      In NYC, Lula’s apparently has cake batter soft-serve!

  39. McKella says:

    Funnel cakes! And the strawberry cheesecake from Carnegie Deli.

    1. Oh my gosh. Funnel cakes! That needs to happen!

  40. Oh girl, you always come up with THE best recipes!!! Love your warning of “Do not add ice. I repeat, do NOT add ice! ” Too cute! (And note taken!)

  41. Mmm! :) I had frozen hot chocolate before, but not from Serendipity. It was a little too icy for my taste… but yours looks truly decadent!

  42. A.Cook says:

    Oh man, you are brilliant!!! I used to go to Serendipity all the time in college…I cannot WAIT to try this recipe! It might happen this very night…will let you know how it goes!

  43. This is something I must try!! But aren’t all of your treats? Can’t wait for your bake sale!!

  44. Camille says:

    I have been to Serendipity and surprisingly I wasn’t that enamored of their frozen hot chocolate! The rest of the desserts were amazing, but that one was just eh. Yours looks better!

  45. Jess says:

    that sounds delicious; as soon as i finish my candy apples, i will have to try this

  46. Disturbed says:

    I still say some healthy vegan potstickers from scratch :)

  47. Fro-Co = LOVE the name! So cute and perfect.

    I don’t make over treats anymore. If I want one, I just have it. And realize that it’s ok for me to have things that “aren’t healthy”…whatever that means. haha!

    Re the bake sale, mark me down for 1 dozen Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites. Technically they are no-bake not technically raw, but in keeping with my 2 year old recipe verbiage, I just call them raw :)

    Lmk if you need link/pics.

    1. Yay! Loooove your photo. Ppl are gonna go crazy for the cookie dough balls, methinks!

  48. Brandi says:

    I’ve never had frozen hot chocolate before I should make yours to try it and then i’m sure i’ll be hooked.

    A dessert you should make healthy? Maybe coffee cake?

  49. This looks divine! If I could have a healthy cheesecake that really, actually tasted good, I’d be in heaven!

  50. This reminds me how I have a bag of Serendipity’s frozen hot chocolate mix somewhere. I’m sure it’s long gone by now, so I’m glad I can make yours!

  51. O…M..G. That looks absolutely amazing. I must make this!

  52. That looks WAY better than any non vegan version!! I can’t wait to make it! I know it will be fabulous! I made some of your agar pudding for lunch (almond extract, peanut butter, carob chips… strange combo but still delicious!), and I’m making you chile bowl for dinner! :)

    How about some healthy cinnamon rolls! 😀


    1. Ooh I hope you liked the chili!! xoxo :)

  53. Christina says:

    Fro-co! Haha love it! I’m saving this recipe for a cold night. :)

  54. BroccoliHut says:

    How about pistachio pudding? Methinks that you would use spinach to get that neon green color:)

    1. Jess says:

      Did you ever make it? that sounds great!

  55. Oh chocolate heaven this looks AH Mazing!

  56. Tara says:

    What about monkey bread or danishes? OH or marzipan, though not a lot of people like marzipan.. I love it. Tres leches cake is amazing too… oh you’ve got me on a roll so I better stop now!

    1. I *heart* marzipan too! I hardly ever think to buy it, but did you know Ritter makes a chocolate-marzipan bar?

  57. WOAH! I cannot wait to try this! One question though: I prefer carob powder over cocoa powder so do you think this recipe would work with carob? I sure hope so because it looks amazing! Really pretty pics btw!

    One treat that needs redoing is my grandma’s peanut butter pie in an oreo cookie crust! I would love if you could healthify this….it’s my favorite desert!

    1. Admittedly, I don’t have much (any?) experience baking with carob powder. But if you try it, please let me know whatcha think. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work!

  58. Leashieloo says:

    Omg, yes. If I could marry Serendipity’s Frozen Hot Chocolate without judgement I would. Yours looks worthy of matrimony as well 😉

  59. crys says:

    hi katie :)

    i was just curious to know if you’ve had a lipid panel done recently? i’m wondering ab the uses of coconut butter. i’ve been eating ~1-2 tbsp p/day. i know it is high in sat. fats (mainly the MCFAs versus long-chain which may not have the same effects as other sat fats), but i was wondering if this was reflected in lipid panels. just thought i’d ask you since i know that you love coconut butter!!

    1. Hi Crys,
      I dunno much about particular tests… I do know that I had a check up last year, and they took blood, and all my levels came back in the normal range. Is that helpful for you? Sorry I can’t be more specific!

  60. Sarah says:

    I have made frozen hot chocolate before and was semi disappointed with how it came out, im always looking for ways to make things better so I should give your recipe a try!

  61. Yum city! How appropriate for the crazy warm (although not always!) weather. I can’t wait to try this. :)

    1. Haha emphasis on the “not always.” It’s been in the 40s the past two days. Ugh!

  62. Lot-O-Choc says:

    Wow frozen hot chocolate this looks delicious! Love how youve presented it too, so tempting hehe!
    Hmmm what other unhealthy treats..what about cheesecake?!

  63. emma says:

    OMG! I just died and went to fro-co heaven!!!!!!!!! HAVE to make this……dang girl you rock!!!

  64. Serena says:

    So pretty! I too became vegan before learning about Serendipity, so I’ve been lusting over the idea of frozen hot choco. I’ve actually had different variants of FROCO at different restaurants throughout my life but I’ve never known how easy it is to make!

  65. Jessy says:

    I’ve never had frozen hot chocolate, but this looks delicious!

  66. Mellie says:

    Wow! that looks amazing!

  67. Freeze it first and THEN blend! How ingenious!!! Looks like choco-heaven! 😛

  68. Alyson says:

    Holy yummlicious idea! 😉 That sounds so super amazing! Genius idea… I can’t wait to eat it. P.S. I FINALLY tried your raw cake batter milkshake (us college girls have a lot on our plates, right? No pun intended. 😉 ) and it was so YUMMY! Super rich, but super amazing for that reason exactly! Thanks girl! I always read your blog! I miss commenting every day! :( School has eaten my soul! And that’s sad because it’s a Christian college… I thought they would help to preserve your soul. 😉

    LOVE YOU!!!

    1. Aw lol Aly, you know I’m the worst at commenting! Don’t worry! I love hearing your super-sweet voice whenever you get a chance. Oh, and I’m so excited you tried the milkshake!! xoxo

  69. amber says:

    sounds delish!

    I have a suggestion…how about tiramisu? i love that stuff!

    oh, your next healthy shake needs to be pina colada…just add some pineapple, artisana coconut butter and some ‘milk’ to a frozen banana…yummo! next time i make one i’m adding in some frozen pineapple juice concentrate for more pineapple-y flavor! oh, and maybe some rum flavor? hmmmm……

    1. Ahhhh I need to do a tiramisu!! Need need need. You are so right. That must happen!

  70. Um – love. this.

    Does it come out nice and thick though? I see a lot of people adding gums to their mixtures. Are they needed…because I can’t afford them! 😉

    1. It IS thick… but if you don’t use any coconut milk, it’s more like… a Wendy’s frosty (in taste). But even if you don’t use coconut milk (which makes it TASTE thicker), it still *looks* more ice cream-like if you use a vita mix. I’m not sure how it looks in another blender.

  71. I CANNOT wait to make this once the weather gets warm again. I swear spring was here just a few days ago – where did it go?!? My friends and I went to Serendipity after finishing the NYC Marathon. I had some massive sundae, but someone at our table got the frozen hot chocolate, and it was amazing. Thanks for recreating Katie. About to send you an email. :)

    1. Emailed ya back. You are TOO amazing!

  72. Natalia says:

    Hi, I just want to tell you that I found your blog last week and you are just AWESOME!! As a vegan/chocoholic, I can’t believe on all these wonderful recipes. Thank you, thank you, for your generosity in sharing them:) Natalia

    1. Aww yay! I’m so glad you found me, Natalia! :)

  73. I’m currently drinking the frozen hot chocolate right now and it’s fantastic! I used the full-fat coconut milk like you recommended, and it’s like chocolate soft-serve straight from a blender. Thanks for the recipe Katie!

    1. Awww I’m so glad you liked it!
      P.S. OMG cake batter pb is genius!

  74. Just made this. omg sooo good. :)

  75. Letícia says:

    Hey, I just found your blog and WOW. That’s a looot of recipes. I can’t wait to try them all!
    I do have one question, though… I’m not american or anything, so I’d like to know what exactly is “2T cocoa powder”. I mean, what is the ‘T’ referring to?

    1. TheGarBear says:

      The capital T means tablespoons. Not sure why they use T… everyone I know uses either tbs or tbsp for tablespoon..

  76. TheGarBear says:

    hmmm that sounds like a delicious treat. I may make some fro-no-co too… that is frozen hot not cocoa(or chocolate), in other words frozen hot carob. 😀 I wonder if there are any more carob aficionados here? Oh btw I am not a vegan here, Is it weird for me to be here…? owo…

  77. rash says:

    Hi..i tried this too. but i don’t have a blender, so used mixer. was good..
    will fresh cream work instead of coco milk??

  78. Cheryl says:

    This is so great! My son is allergic to dairy and eggs, but he should be able to eat anything you have and everything looks so delicious! His eyes lit up when I showed him this pic and I told him he could have some. He’s six and hasn’t been able to eat ice cream since we had his allergies tested over 4 years ago. Thanks again!

    1. Awww that makes me smile so much!

  79. Hi Katie! Just wanted to let you know I featured your recipe on my blog today! I’m a huge fan of yours and I really enjoyed this frozen hot chocolate recipe!! :)
    If you want to see my post about your recipe, here’s the link:

  80. Katie B. says:

    This looks divine! Question… and I hope it’s not silly, but why non-dairy? A richer flavor, or so it’s vegan? I want to try this, but I do not normally have coconut milk in my cabinets (:

    1. In my recipes, when I call for “nondairy milk” you can substitute anything you have on hand. But if it calls specifically for CANNED coconut milk, it’s for the richer flavor.

      1. Katie B. says:

        Great! Thank you for your quick response! I’ll get some coconut milk just to try it out, too.

  81. Jennifer says:

    Awesome! I’ve been making this with ice cubes for awhile now, so this is sure to be a major improvement!

  82. OMG.. I just made this – I did use the almond milk since it’s all I had- and added 2 dates and a small piece of banana for extra sweetness – and oh my gosh – this is phenominal!! Love it – will try it with coconut milk next time. Thanks for another great recipe!


  83. casey says:

    I was so excited to try this, but my experience was less then steller. For starters I just have a cheapy blender. I have ordered a Ninja System, but it has not yet arrived :( so I did A LOT of shoving it back down and re-blending (for 15+ minutes!) Would like to try again when this better blender arrives. Secondly, I used sugar as the sweetener. 1 TB. Yuck! Soooo bitter! So I added some lite maple syrup and that dramatically improved the flavor. Next time I need to use a different sweetener. Perhaps I will try real maple syrup. That stuff is rather pricely though and loaded with calories. Not yet purchased or tried agave. Not familiar with other sweeteners. I used silk almond & coconut milk. Recommendation for others: don’t use just plain sugar (or if you do, use more than 1 TB!)

    Otherwise, LOVE the website and look forward to trying several other recipes! :)

  84. Tamara says:

    Just wondering if you have suggestion for those that don’t have a VitaMix. I have a regular blender and a food processor, would either or those work?? I am very excited to try these as I LOVE ice cream but would like to make my own. Thanks :)

    1. Sorry, I really don’t know… Obviously you can try it in a regular blender, but I haven’t done so and therefore I can’t vouch for the results.

  85. LAURIE HUME says:

    Hi Katie ,
    I found your site from Gina @skinny taste you have awesome recipes !!- but as a strict weight watcher follower in order for us to calculate ww points we need fiber and carb values do you happen to have these numbers for this recipe ?

    1. Hi Laurie,
      I don’t for this recipe, but I have started including all that info as of this year. So all recent recipes will have ww points :).

  86. Brin says:

    Hi! Katie you are the must try vegan website. You have a lot of awsom recipes.i made yor lemon poppy seed muffins( and I prefer to call cupcakes because that is way more appropriate to do them justice!) just thought I would tell you how great a cook you are
    Ps you site is on my favorite list!

  87. sanju guha says:

    saw this last night, HAD to make it today! oh it was lovely, added in 3 walnuts and a chopped up date for more flavour :) you’re amazing! thank youuuuu (got myself a new favourite cheat day miracle that’s as tasty as it is healthy) xxx

  88. Roz says:

    Hi Katie. So happy that I found your blog!!! I just bought a Vitamix a couple weeks ago.
    I read that you like Hershey’s dark chocolate cocoa. I was wondering if you’ve ever used Rapunzel Cocoa Powder. Also, have you ever used brown rice syrup as a sweetener?

    1. Tanya says:

      Browm rice sirup is awesome… it has kind of a molasses flavor…

    2. I haven’t seen the Rapunzel… I’ll have to look for it!

  89. Amy says:

    OMG Just had my snack now! So delicious! I had a lil bit of brownie with it. Out of the world! and a fraction of the calories than the DD version. Katie you are a genius!

  90. Macy says:

    This is soo good! Love you Katie!!!

  91. Tanya says:

    Just put that stuff in the freezer! My boyfriend liked the unfrozen mixture even though he detests coconut… So I am excited!

    1. Tanya says:

      omg, we just had this – awesome!

  92. Andy says:

    This recipe is amazing! Made a whole batch up for the family tonight and they all loved it! 😀 I used soya milk with full fat cocnut milk and it turned out really creamy 😀

    Thanks Katie! :)

  93. Another one I really, really liked enough to make more than once! (Not three times, though.) I love both this one and the peanut butter version. I really don’t know which I like more!

  94. Oh, and sorry for the barrage of comments all at once! I decided to let you know all the things I’ve tried so far and liked. You enjoy being told when someone tries your recipes, right? 😉

    1. Yes, definitely :).
      Also, I’ve been meaning to answer your other question about eggs! Yes, it’s possible to get humane eggs… if you live on a farm or know someone who has their own chickens. In fact, I have a friend who is a vegan except for the eggs she eats from her own chickens. And I have absolutely no problem with that. Why I said “cruelty free” in my post is that most egg-laying chickens are NOT treated well during their lives. I won’t go into details, but if you’re curious there’s a wealth of info online, as well as documentaries like “Earthlings.” One such article I found:

  95. Dee says:

    ok, I’ve read this 3 times now, and a boat load of comments, and do not see it. how many of these so called “ice cubes” make a serving?

    thank you

    1. You need one cup (240 grams) of total milk. It doesn’t matter how big you want to make the milk ice cubes, if that’s how you’re freezing the milk. Just measure one cup and pour that into the ice cube trays. Don’t add any actual water ice cubes.

  96. Anonymous says:

    whoa katie! i just tried this and i give it…..A BILLION THUMBS UP!……wait, no

  97. Sarah says:

    You’re not a vegan if you drink milk. Stupid.

  98. Rachel says:

    Hi, I made this recipe with So Delicious original coconut milk and agave. Tasted good, but it was very “icy.” Not smooth like ice cream. Is this just not a good milk to use?

    1. Yes, I wouldn’t recommend that milk… To be honest, I don’t like ANY of the carton coconutmilks out on the market. I find them all to be watery.

      For best results, I’d go with canned coconut milk (full-fat, like Thai Kitchen). Or at the least, soymilk or Silk almondmilk. Hope that helps!

  99. Tiffany says:

    I tried this yesterday with my friend and it was amazingly good! You’re right: it is a big serving, so it was enough for me and my friend to split and we could have a mini-cup each.
    It tastes divine with whipped cream, although it may be unhealthy because we used whipped cream from a squirt bottle… :/
    Neither of us are vegan but we both love to eat healthy and we LOVE your blog!

  100. Melissa says:

    I’m wondering whether its supposed to be 10g of cocoa powder or 2 tbsp because I thought a tbsp was 15ml

  101. Sennas says:

    O. M. G
    Girl I HAVE to try this. I have been wanting to try it for soooo long. And honey, the vegan diet looks great on you. You are beautiful!!

  102. This. Looks. Amazing!!!

  103. Lily says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
    I stuck Popsicle sticks in a few of them and they make really good mini-pops too!!!

  104. Jenae says:

    Oh my goodness! This is my new favorite recipe! :) It tastes like a Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty!! And it’s so healthy that I had it for breakfast because I couldn’t wait to try it! (Everyone has dessert after breakfast right? 😉 ) Today I turned it into a Vanilla Frosty by substituting 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla for the coco powder and skipped heating it up.

  105. Wow, this is quite the delish & healthy treat – yum! Using coconut milk and stevia makes it a good treat choice for anyone looking to lose belly fat. That is, as long you only eat 1 serving :)

  106. Shelby says:

    Hi Katie! I love your Pinterest boards! :) I would really appreciate a follow back my username is Shelby Artman

  107. Kate says:

    …. could I just put it in an ice cream maker? or would that not work. my blender is a failboat and just decoration at this point.

  108. Jess says:

    I live in Canada, and our Second Cup coffee shop has something like this, but no vegan or healthy. So I’ve been looking for a recipe just like this instead! Can’t wait to try it with and without mint!!

  109. Jess says:

    OMG! That sounds amazing to add the brownie!!

  110. Kate says:

    I love chocolate it is my favorite in the world! Katie you are so beautiful and healthy, I am so sad I don’t know you.

  111. Casey says:

    Love this! I added a banana to the second batch and it gave it a little bit thicker texture. And who doesn’t love chocolate and banana?

  112. olivia says:

    well, i dont know. lately ive been feeling really sad and i need to see a doctor. I took my camelion to the veteranarian and he died. I mean, the vet not the chamelion. So, this food has been my only comfort. I may be 560 pounds now, but im happy!

  113. Iman says:

    Hi, Katie! I am in LOVE with your recipes. Thank you for making healthy living not totally torturous haha! I’m planning on making this right now, but I wanted to ask: Is the coconut milk necessary for the actual flavour of the milkshake or is it just used as a healthy alternative to normal cow’s milk? Can I use normal milk instead? Thanks!

  114. Mykel says:

    I so need this like 3 hrs ago. I don’t have coconut milk on hand. I have almond milk, organic fat free milk, evaporated milk, fat free cream cheese and coconut oil. Can I make this work. If not canned coconut milk? And what do you do with the rest. I guess make tons of this and freeze until ready right?

  115. Randy says:

    I read your post about 404 errors and this is the page you posted there. It seems as tho I see the page fine.

  116. Matea says:

    This looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it :)

  117. Marsha says:

    You are amazing, how do you come up with all these healthy goodies!? I am sure my grandson is going to love this, and we’ll have fun making it together.

  118. Doris Courtney says:

    Are all of these recipes in the book? I just downloaded it to my Kindle.

    1. Hi Doris,

      Only a few are on both the blog and book… most in the book are brand new recipes :)

  119. Emma says:

    I love this! I made it and it’s in the freezer right now! Thank you!! Smells yummy!

  120. Smriti says:

    Hi can I use chocolate with cream in chochlate milkshake

  121. Lynette says:

    Thanks again for the recipe! As you mentioned, when using just almond milk, it’s not quite what I was expecting. I found it a bit icy (but that might be because my blender isn’t that great…). So I ended up adding a 1/2-1 teaspoon of vodka to the recipe and it smoothed right out (this is a tip I picked up from Chopped). I’m also thinking of trying Fage 0% greek yogurt or tofu when I blend it to make it thicker.