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Healthy Bake Sale

“Bake Sale for Japan” Update:

Want some Cinnabon Caramel Corn? Um yeah, I do too!

vegan cinnabon corn 3-28-11 (5)

Here’s what’s been donated so far: List of Baked Goods

For all who’ve asked, this is a list of all the items donated so far. If you’ve donated something and it’s not written down, it probably means my greedy spam filter ate your email. (Sorry ‘bout that. Mr. Spam Filter gets hungry too!)

To those of you who’ve donated baked goods: although I haven’t had time to email you all back personally, please know: I’m so grateful to everyone who’s donated something. If you still want to donate, email me by this Friday, at, with the name of your recipe (and optional link), a photo, and where you’re willing to ship.

Published on March 30, 2011

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  1. Ari @ ThE DiVa DiSh says

    I just got a haircut since my hair was so long and it would get all naughty too! I hated brushing it after a shower especially! Now it feels healthier and I love it! I’m excited forthe bake sale! 🙂

  2. Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies) says

    YAY! your hair looks great!!! i love haircuts- makes me feel so refreshed!
    OH MY GOSH.. you do not wnt to know my worst haircut.. when i was in kindergarten friend and I decided to cut each others hair and well we had to go to the salon to fix it- I ended up with a mushroom cut above my ears… she ended up bald.. …

  3. Freya says

    Looking gorgeous!
    I got a blunt fringe last year and HATED it! I spent 3months pinning it back, it was awful :'(
    But now it’s been over a year, and I need a haircut real bad..

  4. emily says

    super cute hair, Katie! Usually my hair isn’t hard to cut…it’s completely straight with no crazy layers. I did have a weird cut last year, where she cut it too short (it’s super thick), and I labeled it “the mushroom cut.” haha. 😉

  5. Keri - I Eat Trees says

    I love it! 🙂
    Yes, I once had a stylist chop off 8 inches of my hair when I’d asked for a trim of under an inch… and right before prom!! She was like, “I thought it would look so much cuter this way.” She just went at it and it was too late. Ugh, I was devastated. Now I understand it’s just hair, but back then it felt like the end of the world!

    • Faith @ lovelyascharged says

      I had the same thing happen to me, but not before prom (thank goodness!) Apparently, the man I went to interpreted “I’d just like a trim, please” to mean “please hack off half my hair so that I look like a 12 year old boy”. I was BAWLING that day in class!

  6. Lindsey @Textbooks and Cookbooks says

    Cute haircut! I’m so sorry about your perm horror story! The worst haircut I got was at a cheap hair cut place where they did a bad job cutting the angles around my face. Instead of angling the pieces from my chin to my shoulder in an ANGLE…it looked block-like…just like stairs. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it looked so bad! I wore my hair in a pony tail until I could get another hair cut to fix it 😛

  7. joanna says

    OH GOODNESS! That perm thing happened to me too – in 5th grade! And it was at a Horst salon – known for the famous Aveda natural products (and not a cheap place, may I add)! I got coupons for 18 months worth of haircuts, some products to slick down those little hairs (ewwwwwwwwww), and a nice red face from crying! Horrifying!

  8. Jennifer JCD says

    Love the haircut, Katie!

    I’ve had some haircut horrors, one that left me with a bowl cut in junior high. Ick. Thankfully, hair grows out so bad haircuts never last too long. 🙂

    I’m working on baking a few things today so I can send you pictures for the bake sale. I’ll post it on Facebook too so my friends can bid on items if they wish to do so.

  9. Emily says

    My boyfriend decided to get his longer ‘do shortened. He explained to the girl what he wanted, but what he was left with was a scalping! The poor guy almost looked like a skinhead. He was mortified and swore off going to “Hair Butchery” ever again. However, after a couple of weeks it grew out into a good look, he even ended up with this adorable sweep at the front. He’s such a cutie now!

  10. Gen says

    I LOOVE the haircut! 😀
    Once, when I was little, the lady who was cutting my bangs was talking while doing so and I ended up with jagged, uneven bangs!

  11. Tara @The Game of Life says

    I love getting haircuts!!! I haven’t really had a bad haircut, but I have a funny story. One day my dog sassy died, and i was so sad my mom thought she would cheer my up with a haircut. Well I got my haircut and the lady said oh don’t you look sassy…. My dead dogs name…. After she finished! It was terrible, but funny now!!

  12. Tara @The Game of Life says

    I love getting haircuts!!! I haven’t really had a bad haircut, but I have a funny story. One day my dog sassy died, and i was so sad my mom thought she would cheer my up with a haircut. Well I got my haircut and the lady said oh don’t you look sassy…. My dead dogs name…. After she finished! It was terrible, but funny now!!

  13. Tara @The Game of Life says

    I love getting haircuts!!! I haven’t really had a bad haircut, but I have a funny story. One day my dog sassy died, and i was so sad my mom thought she would cheer my up with a haircut. Well I got my haircut and the lady said oh don’t you look sassy…. My dead dogs name…. After she finished! It was terrible, but funny now!!

    I love what your doing for japan!!

  14. Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen) says

    Your hair looks great! I can’t say I’ve ever had a really bad haircut before. I am of the opinion that even if it’s not great, it will grow back. Looking back at all photos though, I can see some poor decisions on mine and my parents part.

  15. katie says

    That popcorn sounds amazing!! So amazing what you are doing , I wish the bake sale all the success!!! U are just the kindest soul!

    Your haircut looks beautiful!! I love it!!! xoxo <3

  16. Kelsey @ CleanTeenKelsey says

    Katie! I love, love, love your haircut. It is wayy too cute. Oh my gosh, your hair cut story sounds terrible! I’ve never had anything that bad, although when I was 12 I got my first highlights. My mom did them with this weird brush thing that came with the kit, and they were supposed to be red. Well, they came out bright Halloween orange, and since the brush didn’t control the dye very well, I had huge orange chunks all over my head. It was not pretty. lol.

  17. Alyssa says

    I used to cry until I was probably 20 years old EVERY time i got my hair cut!! It was always shorter than I had hoped for..

    The popcorn looks yummy 🙂 I’ll promote this on my page!

  18. shannonmarie says

    Love your new haircut. It looks so cute and healthy.

    I’ve had so many hair blunders. One time, when I dyed my hair at home (something I had done dozens of times), it went horribly wrong. I had chosen a brand/shade of blond that I hadn’t used before. The color reminded me of the scene with Frenchy in “Grease.” Her “hair looked like an Easter egg,” and mine did, too. I had to get it fixed asap at the nearest salon. When the stylist matched the color to one of the starter color swatches, I found out that I had colored it “apricot.” Thank goodness she was able to turn it into a more natural color.

  19. lian says

    Ha! Funny you should mention haircuts. (Yours is lovely, btw!)
    Well let’s rewind to the worst hair-snipping incident, which took place in 10th grade. I really wanted side-swept bangs and a friend of mine reaaally wanted to cut it for me. I thought, sure why not, how bad could it turn out? Eesh…it was BAD. She basically started off by taking a hunk of my front hair and just cutting STRAIGHT ACROSS. Actually, it might have even been angled the wrong way. Anyway, needless to say, after that first snip I did not let her continue, despite her pleas claiming she could fix it hehe 🙂 It was pretty hilarious though, and does make for a pretty good story. The next few weeks involved a lot of bobby pins.

    AND THEN… just two nights ago, at 3:30am (so yes, lesson learned: do NOT cut your own hair in the wee hours of the morning despite how good an idea it may seem at the time) I got bored and wanted to trim my bangs. I just kept snipping and couldn’t stop; it kind of kept getting worse, until finally I had to force myself to put the scissors down or else I’d look like a cockatiel. Anyway, this Sunday I plan on getting some professional hair help 😉

  20. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I *love* choc chip cookies 🙂

    And your haircut looks so good! I’ve been keeping my hair around shoulder length and that works best for me — I can put it up if I want to, and leaving it down doesn’t get in the way.

    My worst haircut — well, first of all, I had a mullet when I was 3 years old (my mom thought it was the best haircut “you can have long hair but it doesn’t get in your eyes!” — thanks mom).

    Then, in 2nd-4th grade I had a bowl cut — lets just say it was the most unflattering cut for my face.

  21. Jackie @ Baking Charms says

    I love the haircut! It looks so healthy 🙂 My worst haircut might have been when I chopped it short as a boys… or when I got bangs… and the list could on. Haha!

  22. Damjana says

    Lol reading comments reminded me when I styled my doll..I cut her hair completely off and I was sure it would grow again.. but poor doll didn’t have that luck to have her hair back so she stayed bold 😉 what a smart child I was! 🙂
    Hairdressers..I still haven’t found a good one. Well, I did, but he moved from the saloon somewhere else, now I’m searching for a good one.

  23. Lyza says

    The hair is fabulous girl!!

    I’ve been honestly totally fearing it, after making scone-like cinnamon rolls (which I LOVED–(ate the ENTIRE pan in 3 days lol. I am shocked at myself!!), but lets face it, were totally not cinnamon rolls), but the more and more I read your entries, the more I am tempted to conquer my fear of making vegan cupcakes for the bakesale!! I’ve at least got to try 🙂

    And to answer the hair question…I’ve actually never got a bad haircut! 😛 And now, I cut my own hair, because I like the way I do it better than hairstylists do, I always get exactly what I want because I understand how my hair works better, and it saves me loads of money. I honestly hated going to the salon–to me it was like going to the doctor’s office! Personal privacy invasion!!! I’d recommend it to anyone who is brave and has thick hair that they can afford to make mistakes on–and now that I’ve been doing it a few years, I don’t make mistakes! 🙂 And when someone compliments it, it’s like a double compliment whammy 🙂

  24. Mimi (Gingersnaps) says

    Haircut horrors? Anything my mom told the stylist to do to me! Thank God I’m not 7 anymore.

    It’s great what you’re doing for Japan. You have such a big heart. Just be careful who you send the proceeds to. Some groups aren’t as good at others at making sure the money gets where it’s needed.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I agree completely! I’m going to have people send to Red Cross. Even though they only donate 91% (which is actually higher than many other charities), they’re a reputable charity, with the clout to get things done. And that’s the most important thing.

  25. Moni'sMeals says

    KD, your Hair cut looks great! I am off for one tommorow, yikes, I want to keep mine long but it NEEDS some TLC.

    Bless you for your efforts with Japan. I hope to help in any way. 🙂

  26. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    Cute haircut!! 🙂 I have gotten bad haircuts, but I have repressed the memories, LOL.

    That caramel corn looks soooo yummy! Glad to see the list of donations coming along very nicely. Good luck!

  27. Hannah says

    Love the new cut katie!

    Yes, I have. Once I decided to chop all my hair off. Basically it was at my lower back and I chopped it to just below my chin! Worst mistake ever! Adding to the experience, I didn’t tell my mom about it so I had to pay with my own money. I couldn’t come close to ever affording my normal hair dresser, so I got it done at super cuts. My hair was butchered and I was grounded. Lesson learned! Then there was the time when I was 4 and wanted to give myself bangs. I started preschool with a “boy” haircut. I cried then, but now I think it was kinda cute.

  28. katie says

    love your hair cut! pretty as always! 🙂

    when i was in elementary school, my mom used an ACTUAL bowl to cut my hair!!! i got mistaken for a boy for a year. traumatic experience!

  29. Jamie says

    just a question — why do you photoshop every one of your pictures? I’m not saying you make yourself look skinnier or anything it’s just obvious that you touch up your face and stuff… to the point where your pictures don’t even look real..?

  30. Claire @ Live and Love to Eat says

    I had my hait cut to what I considered to be really short (to my chin), and cried right in the beauty salon because I hated it so much! I always had short hair as a kid and it just made me feel like a five year old (but I guess I was behaving like one!). Yours looks great though!

  31. Mariah says

    aww girl your hair looks so good!!!!II just started my blog today because of your inspiration and i even though I dont really have any followers haha ill definitly say something about the bake sale!
    off to make cookie dough fudgies per my moms request(she loves you hahaha)

  32. Emily K. says

    I want your hair! And your smile and your skin. Can I be you? Ok, that sounds weird. Instea, can I be your best friend, and I’ll eat all your test creations? 😉 😉

  33. Änne says

    your new haircut looks gorgeous 🙂
    I have a lot of bad haircut-stories 😀 starting with my attempt to cut my own bangs when I was 5 years old (no need to mention what it looked like^^), continuing with growing up with a mullet – the mothers at the playground always referred to me as “the boy” – and letting a friend cut my hair – I still have a little scar where she cut me in the neck :-/
    Today I have very long hair, last month I cut 30 cms off and hardly anyone recognised it 😀 But it became almost impossible to tame my hair that I had to cut it (imagine your sister with butt-long hair and you know what I mean^^) and it feels so great now to have an actual haircut again 🙂
    I love your idea of the blogger bake sale, it is so amazing and I wish you a lot of success!!! I cant wait for the sale to start,just sent you a message 🙂

  34. Alexandra says

    you haircut looks beautiful, my dear! however, i think it looked beautiful before, too! but that’s just me. 🙂
    I have had some pretty interesting haircuts. When i was 4, i decided to cut my own bangs. i will just leave it at that. there were others, but that was by far the worst!

    that cinnabon popcorn looks amazeballs. 🙂


  35. Allison @ Happy Tales says

    Oh good lord. I have curly hair, so just about every trip to the hair salon is prone to my “worst haircut ever”! I seriously HATE getting my hair cut just for that reason… I’ve gone 3 years without one before! Now I just give myself a trim whenever I feel like I need one, ha!

  36. Meghan @ StruggleMuffins says

    There’s something about a hair cut that just makes a girl feel so good! Unless of course, its a haircut gone awry, but for the most part I find them to be uplifting. Yours looks very cute 🙂

  37. chelsey @ clean eating chelsey says

    LOVE the hair!! Seriously, it looks so cute. The only thing I can think of is when my mom had to chop a chunk of my hair out because I had gum stuck in it. Whoops.

  38. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    WHY dear Katie do you always look so gorgeous and model-esque in your photos?! I had to stop myself from fainting at your sheer beauty, and your amazing hair 🙂

    And that bake sale list of goodies looks AMAZING!! I LOVE that it’s all vegan, and can’t wait to get bidding!! 😀

  39. Sam @ the neurotic yogini says

    My worst haircut was in the 7th grade. I wanted a graduated bob.. but the hairdresser had no clue what she was doing.. and gave me a BOY haircut! It wasn’t even the cute, pixie, Winona Ryder style cut either. Straight up boy cut. I cried afterwards. I cried at school the next day. I cried so much over that cut. Then I realized… IT’S ONLY HAIR! 🙂

  40. Sophia @ Raven Waves says

    Your hair looks so cute!

    One of my aunts’ friends cut my hair when I was in 6th grade. Totally butchered it and left me with chin-length hair. My hair is crazy wavy and this was pre-straightner days…let’s just say I balled my eyes out for a while!

  41. Veronica says

    I love the feel of a new haircut! It feels so much thicker and nicer running your hands through it all the way to the pretty ends. I haven’t had a bad haircut but I did get a really horrendous perm (horrendous perm sisters unite!). Unlike yours, mine was ugly from the moment it set. Underneath were tight tight tight ringlets and on top, barely any wave at all. And although I had no tiny spikes of hair sticking straight up, what I did have was a huge damaged unsightly split-ended mess. That was my last perm. 🙂 P.S. I was excited to see my caramel corn highlighted in your post! Surreal.

  42. Namaste Gurl says

    It looks so adorable, yay for short hair! It’s amazing the difference you feel from just a few inches off, the texture, length, healthiness. Even when I’m in the shower I forget I cut my hair and still use the same amount of shampoo and conditioner that my long hair required. 🙂
    I’d still love to help– cookies, brownies, I’m on it!

  43. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) says

    Love the list of the ppl who have donated so far. So many awesome submissions. I can’t wait to let the bidding begin!

    As for your haircut, it looks awesome. Your hair looks SO HEALTHY! Wow! And it did before the trim, too. Seriously, you have GREAT hair. I’ve told you that before tho 🙂

    Bad hair stuff. Girl…I overprocessed my hair in my early 20s with bleach, a “chemical haircut” resulted and for a good year I sported a mullet meets pixie cuts meet extensions while it all grew out. Lesson learned…don’t overprocess!!

  44. Karen says

    Just found your blog, loving it! I haven’t so much had bad hair cuts, but I have had some bad hair dyeing experiences. One included trying to be a red head and looking like a cross between Ron Weasly of Harry Potter and Ronald McDonald. I wore hats indoors to say the least! I will be keeping up with your blog:)

  45. Emily says

    My “worst” haircut, although bad, was not by mistake.

    In grade seven I decided that I wanted to donate my hair to children with cancer. So, I did my research and found a local event that was happening where people could raise money and show up at my city’s local mall to shave or cut their hair. I raised about $500 and, on May 26, 2007, I sat in the middle of a mall and had all my hair shaved off.

    The “styles” that I had after my hair started growing back were hilarious. I had stand up straight peacock hair, I had a bell head, I had a mid-neck mass of confusion; you name it.
    It was so worth it though.

    You’re hair looks fantastic! And so so healthy. 🙂 I hope all is well!

  46. missy says

    hi katie 🙂 de-lurking to say that i have really been enjoying your blog! i think your recipes are to die for, and your sweet spirit is an inspiration. thanks for blogging!

  47. Allie (Nutty FlexitALLIEan) says

    cut hair! So tempting because my hair is getting really long and somewhat scraggly, but I had a nightmare bad haircut (a la posh spice) a few years back and I’ve all but refused to have anyone touch my hair since. I do love when it feels healthy and is easier to maintain though!

  48. Green Monster says

    Man-oh-man I am really seriously jealous truly of you, Katie (no sarcasm intended). I don’t know how you keep yourself in check so well and stay full off of such small portions of such healthy meals. 1/4 cup of oatmeal plus a couple of salads or stir-fries an maybe a low calorie dessert equals a lot of weight loss each day. And you’re so skinny already!

  49. Ellie@fitforthesoul says

    Very niiiice Katie!! Yess I agree about the wet hair–haha I’ve never liked that wet hair feeling. the worst cut I EVER had was a mushroom bob cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people STILL talk about it… -_-” hahaha

  50. Tara says

    Looks like we’re going to have lots of macaroons and raw dough balls to choose from. I’m excited!!
    My worst haircut was when I donated my hair. I cut off 16 inches in 5th grade, and it was so hard to part with my long hair! I bawled my eyes out in the salon, the poor woman cutting my hair must have felt awful.

  51. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    Looks cute! and perfect for Summer. 🙂
    My worst hair experience was when I got a perm…it turned into an afro. Worst.idea.ever.

  52. BroccoliHut says

    I’ll never get over the time my dad decided to trim my bangs. They ended up VERY slanted and short–I had to promise my hairdresser that I would never let him near me with scissors ever again!

  53. Albizia says

    First, congrats on the new haircut. At least your stylist knows what she is doing. My last lumberman (supposed to be hair stylist) surprised me with something so incredible 13 years ago that I never let anyone else approach my hair with scissors after that. I’ve been cutting it myself ever since and I have never been badly surprised. I change the length as much as I want which seems to be so hard for professional hair stylists who just love cutting half your hair when all you’ve asked for is a tiny trim.

    I really wanted to spread the word for your bake sale with a post for Japan but I don’t have time for my blog at all 🙁 . But there is nothing to worry about. With your popularity it is going to be a great success.

  54. Aja says

    Your hair looks cute.
    I don’t think I’ve had a bad haircut because my hair person will look at me when I suggest something and say, “That won’t look good on you,your hair is thick. But I can do this…”
    I’m not cutting my hair until spring next year (other than the occassional trim) because I’ve had short hair for a long time and I miss having it long. I donate it and that’s what I’m gonna do when I get it cut.

  55. Alexandra (Veggin' Out in the Kitchen) says

    I love your haircut girlie!! It looks really pretty! Of course you ALWAYS look pretty 🙂

    That story of your haircut was hilarious! (Although that must have been terrible! 🙁 ) The worst that’s ever happened to me was when my haircutter cut my bangs just at the length where they were hanging in my eyes. It was so annoying!!


    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Yeah, I guess there’re a lot of things in life that are funny later… like the one time I went on a class trip and they forced us to go hiking through the mountains at 5AM in the snow. NOT fun at the time… but we got some cool photos lol!

  56. Sarah says

    I once cut my hair from mid back to CHIN!…. Lets just say the “stylist” must have been NEW because it took her over an hour AND it was UNEVEN i have to go somewhere else to fix her mistake and it took off even MORE hair

    There were tears…Im going to stick to long hair for now 😀

  57. Rennie says

    Hi great blog. I love your hair like this the best, much cuter. But i have long hair- im just too scared to cut it as it’s all i know!!

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