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Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

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Peanut Butter? Good. Chocolate? Good. Fudge? Good. As Joey would say on Friends, “What’s not to like?”

Chocolate peanut butter fudge that is actually GOOD for you - no sugar, butter, or corn syrup needed!

The best of both worlds.

Do you remember my No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie?

It’s one of the most-popular recipes on my blog, and for good reason: chocolate and peanut butter are meant for each other. Not that it’s a monogamous relationship… peanut butter also goes out with the likes of jelly and banana, which leaves chocolate open to explore his options with mint, coconut, and strawberries. But there’ll never be a marriage quite like chocolate peanut butter.

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

The following recipe is sugar-free and healthy, but I promise this healthy chocolate peanut butter fudge tastes just as rich and decadent as traditional fudge. In fact, it might taste even better. Without ingredients like sugar and heavy cream to weigh it down, the true goodness of the chocolate and peanut butter really shine.

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

(Or chocolate peanut butter frosting!)

  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp coconut butter or homemade coconut butter
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder (10g)
  • 80g very-ripe banana (1/2 a medium banana)
  • 1/16 tsp salt (more if using unsalted pb)
  • optional: feel free to add a little sweetener if your bananas aren’t ripe enough

Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender (I use the Magic Bullet). Scoop into a container or even a little pie pan, and put in the fridge or freezer so it will firm up. (Alternatively, you can eat it soft, like frosting!)

See banana fudge post for Chocolate Fudge Nutrition Facts.

The calories and sugar for this recipe will be the same as the one linked above. However, this recipe will have a bit more protein (around 4g per serving). (You could also try using chocolate protein powder in place of the cocoa, if you want higher-protein fudge, but I haven’t done this.)


How much do you love chocolate and peanut butter?!

For Even More Recipes: 100+ Secretly Healthy Desserts With Peanut Butter

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Wow – this looks amazing. I love that you use bananas for sweeteners! I’m definitely going to try to make this!

    1. I LOVE Chocolate and Peanut butter – especially in blondies!

  2. Amy says:

    I’m addicted to chocolate and peanut butter.
    I would probably be depressed for the rest of my life if peanut butter or any other nut butter didn’t exist.
    Hahahaha, that’s how much I am addicted. 😐

    1. francine says:

      You are not alone in that thought. The world would come to an end if chocolate and peanut butter were to cease to exist.

  3. Tricia says:

    Chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in heaven! These look amazing and I will certainly have to try these in the future!

  4. Oh wow you are making my mouth water! I HAVE to try this :)

    I wonder what it would be like with almond butter instead of peanut? I love chocolate covered almonds so I’m thinking it would be a great variation.

    1. Ooh I bet it’d be delicious!

    2. Marce Prefontaine says:

      Did you try it with almond butter? I don’t eat peanuts but think it would be amazing with almond butter too.

    3. Cheryl in NC says:

      It IS delicious with almond butter! I make it regularly that way, sometimes with vanilla and sometimes almond extract. Great both ways! I’ve even made it using almond flour when out of the almond butter. Also, when using the almond butter or flour, I don’t use coconut butter, I just use half as much coconut oil (sometimes with added protein powder).And some great news for those like me who can’t make their own coconut butter or buy it where they live: I’ve found that 25% (or 50%) coconut oil plus 75% (or 50%) coconut flour (finely ground) works very well as a substitute!



  5. I love chocolate to the extent that I have it in one (or more) form or another every single day! Don’t really like peanut butter though– which means more for you! 😀

  6. Lisa Fine says:

    Peanut butter and chocolate were meant for each other.

    I love that you don’t have sugar included in your recipes usually, unless people want to add it. I’ve been finding that I have been SO THIRSTY lately, especially after eating foods with added sugar. I get tired of having to drink lots of water, so I’m trying to eliminate some added sugars.

    1. bob says:

      (Excessive thirst can be a symptom of diabetes)

      1. Jessica says:

        As a person who grew up around diabetes, my grandfather, my grandmother, my father, and my uncle, i have to say that thirst is not the ONLY symptom. I drink about 90-100oz of water easily a day as a healthy 26 y/o woman.

        What i am getting here i that sugar makes lisa thirsty. So she avoids it. But i commend you for getting diabetes awareness out there to other people.

        If anyone notices any of the symptoms below go see a doctor right away and get tested. There is also a thing called pre diabetes.

        Common symptoms of diabetes: Urinating often Feeling very thirsty Feeling very hungry – even though you are eating Extreme fatigue Blurry vision Cuts/bruises that are slow to heal Weight loss – even though you are eating more (type 1) Tingling, pain, or numbness in the hands/feet (type 2) – See more at:

  7. I don’t like chocolate or peanut butter AT ALL. it’s not like I’ve been dreaming of this recipe since you first mentioned it, or that my blog acts as a shrine to those two heavenly foods 😉 Chocolate peanut butter is AMAZING, so maybe when I make this fudge I’ll use that for EXTRA chocolatey goodness! 😀

  8. chocolate and PB are the BEST combo EVER!! these look so moist and to die for :)

  9. Lauren says:

    Oooh I want to frost something with it!

  10. Chocolate and PB is my favorite flavor combo. I especially love chocolate cupcakes filled with PB ganache – it’s like a Reese cupcake!

    Your fudge is much healthier than my last choco-PB fudge creation – I’ll have to try it out!

  11. Lauren says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. YUM! I want some chocolate pb fudge so badly right now! I have no plans today…..guess what I’m going to do?! 😉 Hehe

  12. Ruthiey says:

    That looks great, Katie! I’m excited to try it soon. =) thanks for the comment. Have a terrific and chocolate-filled day.


  14. Stefanie says:

    So fudgey. That would take care of any chocolate craving you had. :)

  15. Jenny says:

    I actually cannot -stand- chocolate and peanut butter together in candy bars or chocolate bars… or, to be honest, in sandwiches either. But in oats and things like brownies or blondies and cookies? Love ’em! Don’t know why?! And when I was little, I absolutely detested the PB and J combo!

    Hmm I’ll try this but sub more PB for the coconut butter… Maybe it’ll work… I’ve never tried the combo in fudge before! Would make a great dessert, it looks like. I love how you topped them with chocolate chips – they look like little castle walls to me. 😛 (I like things from the Middle Ages, sorry, heh.)

    1. Ooh they DO look like castles! Chocolate castles? Oh my goodness!

  16. Michaela says:

    We are so alike sometimes, I planned on adding pb to your fudge brownies next time I bake them (this weekend ;)), but this probably will be even better!! Not sure yet whether or not I will tell my mum about this recipe.. I know she will rave about them 😉

  17. This looks AWESOME. And I love chocolate and peanut butter together ALMOST as much as I like them apart- though sometimes on their own they’re even better :)

    1. Sarah C says:

      I’m like you, I can’t decide how I like it best! Sometimes I have a sandwich with chocolate-pb on one half and regular pb on the other!

  18. Lisa C says:

    Sorry, couldn’t see the keys. Was blinded by extreme fudgeyness!

  19. Hannah says:

    I love chocolate and peanut butter, but I also love chocolate with hazelnut butter or almond butter. I go through phases of having to eat chocolate every day and not being too bothered about it, but most of the time I do eat quite a lot.

    1. Hannah says:

      Also, I forgot to say how gorgeous the photos are, especially the top one. And the fudge just looks really fudgey.

  20. Sarah C says:

    This looks incredible, Katie! How do your photos and posts keep getting better and better? I love both the banana version and the raspberry version of this fudge, so I KNOW I’ll love this one too :).

  21. Do you think this would work with frozen banana Katie? Definitely going to make this recipe soon! :) Not a fan of PB, love chocolate and almond butter though. :)

    1. I think so… ’cause when you blend it all together, the blending action will melt the banana.

  22. Ture Story: Chocolate and Peanut Butter ARE a match made in heaven. Loving this recipe.. and will be trying it soon!

  23. Jess says:

    I <3 choc & PB. It will always be the best choc combination in my book :)

  24. Kevin says:

    My mouth is watering. Those look great! I have to taste one SOON!!

  25. Shannon says:

    Ooooh, that is just completely mouth watering. I’m on a serious peanut butter kick lately, so this is another one of your recipes on my “to-make” list.

  26. Sarah says:

    I love peanut butter more than I love chocolate… omg maybe I shouldn’t post that on your blog essentially centered around chocolate. Don’t hate me, k?

    1. I LOVE people who don’t adore chocolate… it means there is more for me, right? 😉

  27. CookiePie says:

    WOW, that looks fabulous!!! Can I sub more pb for the coconut butter? Mmmmm mmmmmm!!

    1. You might be able to… but it might not be as fudgey… Will you let me know if it works, if you try it?

  28. I LOVE REESES! This is like a healthy version! Love it!!!

  29. Rebecca says:

    I absolutely love chocolate and peanut butter. It’s a frequent choice in our house!

    I’m looking forward to trying this fudge. I have to wait for my bananas to ripen though. Sigh. Could I use frozen raspberries like in your raw cake? I think that would be like a pb&j with chocolate.

    1. Oh my gosh, I bet you could!
      I didn’t mention that in the recipe because I thought, “Raspberry peanut butter fudge doesn’t sound very good.” But I never thought of it as pb&j! Now I wanna try it too!

  30. Marina says:

    I adore this combo, peanut butter and chocolate is such a perfect food :)
    Do you think I could sub coconut butter with something else? I have none :(

    1. I’m not sure… *some* people have made my raw fudge cake with coconut oil instead of butter, but I can’t say from experience that this works. Maybe you could try full-fat coconut milk? If you do, let me know if it works!

  31. I’ve never seen a picture of fudge look at moist and fudgy as that first picture. I literally started smiling while looking at it haha! I neeeed fudge in my life asap.

    1. Awww now I am smiling too!

  32. Chocolate peanut butter is my absolute FAVORITE! I’m already dreaming up ways to use this fudge!

  33. Your recipes are SO clever! I honestly don’t know where you come up with these great ideas!

    I’m with Joey – Chocolate, Peanut butter. What’s not to love?!

  34. Dear dessert genius: any way to use coconut oil instead? I have a jar of Kelapo in my pantry and need to use it!

    1. I know that a few readers have said they’ve subbed coconut oil for the butter in my raw fudge cake recipe… so I *think* it will work. But I can’t say from personal experience.

  35. Veronica says:

    Oh I so have to make this. Love the smear of pb on top! So cute. I made some raw brownie bites and had a few (too many) for bfast today. Not quite as good as fudge babies, but close! I love these naturally-sweetened raw confections.

  36. Oh my god…seriously, you are amazing :). Chocolate and peanut butter are my soul mates! I love them together and apart, but together they are amazing!

  37. O.C. says:

    Chocolate>PB but together they’re truly at their best! I love making your banana fudge for a sweet treat and my dad likes it too so I make it for him a lot. I will be trying this out as soon as he gets home :)

  38. PB and Choc are my FAVS! I rationalize that it’s a good source of protein because of the PB and chocolate has antioxidants so really this fudge is a super food!

  39. katherine says:

    omg that looks SO good, can’t wait to try it!

  40. Oh.My.Gosh. – These look AMAZING! I cannot wait to go home and try them out. Thank you!

  41. Becky says:

    You’re right, the peanut butter and chocolate combo sets the standard for the perfect couple. I don’t think pb and banana or pb&j can even compare. PB & chocolate is simply perfection. Combine, dip finger, repeat. Can’t WAIT to try this fudge…

  42. VeggieGirl says:

    Hello, fudgy goodness! And yes, peanut butter & chocolate are made to be together.

    Miss you, Katie!!

    1. Love you, Liz! And I saw you were in NYC… too early for me! I’m going next month. Someday we NEED to meet!!

      1. VeggieGirl says:

        NYC? You mean Florida? I was in Florida for 7 days for a dance competition :) And yes, we DO need to meet!

        1. Oh hmmm… lol why did I think NYC? Weird! I remember hearing about your awful plane goings-on, though… wait, maybe I am thinking of someone else entirely. I need more sleep! 😕

          1. VeggieGirl says:

            You read correctly about the flights 😀

  43. I love chocolate and peanut butter. They are the best things in the world. I love this recipe. Will coconut oil work instead of coconut butter? I am not really what the difference is between the two

    1. I know that a few readers have said they’ve subbed coconut oil for the butter in my raw fudge cake recipe… so I *think* it will work. But I can’t say from personal experience.

  44. Ohhh I love chocolate and peanut butter!! In fact- I just did a post about chocolate peanut butter bars- but they weren’t the healthy kind like yours. This fudge looks so delicious though! And I love the idea of eating it out of a mason jar- I need to make it asap!

  45. Amber K says:

    I always have Reese’s in my fridge just in case that craving strikes. Possibly every night 😉 Peanut butter and chocolate just go together! I’m eating Dark Chocolate Dreams from Peanut Butter & Co. with my breakfast :)

  46. Aja says:

    My goodness, that looks so yummy! Chocolate and peanut butter go great together. Banana, peanut butter, and chocolate together is just amazing.

  47. KT YESSSS bite sized versions of anything chocolate and pb and I am SO down. Do you think you could make a lower calorie one in the future that doesn’t use as much Coconut Butter or Oil? I mean this is pretty low but I am always into eating mass quantities of well … anything I like. Chocolate and PB could be my all time favorite food combination. You’v’e done it again :)

    1. I *guess* you could up the ratio of banana… but you’d lose a LOT of fudgey-ness. This is definitely calorie-dense, but it’s rich, so it takes longer to eat than, say, a rice cake lol :).

  48. Ragnhild says:

    Ah, these pictures are to die for- and so is the recipe! Love that the only sweetner is banana!
    I LOVE chocolate! PB is good from time to time, but I usually dont crave it! Other nutbutter however- those I need :)

  49. Chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in heaven!!

  50. Jenny says:

    chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, banana? throw some Gingie in there and it’s all my favorite things in life 😉 love this!

    1. Throw some JENNY in there and then it’s MY favorite things :). But wait, I don’t wanna eat Jenny… then who would be there to make me smile on her blog and on twitter every day?!

  51. courtney says:

    I love chocolate and peanut butter, but I prefer not to mix them… Reese’s is one of my facvorite candies, but I eat the chocolate coating off the outside before eating the peanut butter :). It is HEAVEN!

  52. This looks AH-MAZING.
    and I LOVE that you quoted Friends :)

  53. Jeska says:

    I’ve never tried chocolate and peanut butter together! I feel like I’m missing out.

    As for the FAQ, I have an obscure fascinaton with what you eat in a day, so links to the 3000 calorie/other posts/maybeevenanewone? would be awesome.

    I’d just like to ask one kind of random thing (unrelated to chocolate/pb or the FAQ)- what do other nut butters taste like? I’ve only ever had peanut butter and I’m intrigued by walnut or similar things… are they good?

    Oh, and crunchy vs smooth? Which one? :) x

    1. Hmmm… it depends on the nut butter! Cashew butter is creamy, walnut butter is more chunky, like walnuts crushed up. And it also depends on whether or not the nuts have been roasted first, and if there’s any added salt or sugar.
      Some are good, and some are not… it just depends on your tastebuds!

  54. Tara says:

    Yes I love this! I haven’t had fudge in ages because the ingredients make me feel so icky. I love how I could eat this at any time of day and feel energized rather than weighed down. Never in my life did I think I could eat fudge as a preworkout snack, but you arenproving me wrong!!

  55. Ann Claire says:

    This looks so yummy, such beautiful pictures too!

  56. Gen says:

    Yuuum!! chocolate and pb is one of my all time favorite combos! 😀

  57. KATIE, thank you for this… I’ve been needing a recipe for my coconut butter!

  58. Moni'sMeals says:

    Greatness Katie!
    PB and C are one of my most craved combo, I eat them all the time together. These really look great. I hope to make em soon.


  59. I bet these would be amazeballs (yes, I’m using that word) with coconut flakes too…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    (I haven’t had breakfast yet… in case you couldn’t tell) :-)

    1. Haha I love that word. I don’t have the balls (amazeballs?) to use it much, but I always crack up when others do!

  60. Oh my gosh, chocolate and pb were MADE For each other! I’ve been eating a liiiittle too much dark chocolate dreams peanut butter but it’s heavenly! I can’t help it!

  61. Love love love chocolate pb!!!! (and banana!) seriously-those three flavors make up my favorite combo ever! I probably have at least ten recipes on my blog with that flavor combo 😛

  62. I love chocolate and peanut butter so much I cut open my little snack pack of PB&Co Dark Choc Dreams with a pair of scissors so I could get to the very last bits (with my tongue), in front of my co workers. Now that has got to be love!

  63. “Back when I made the page, these were the majority of questions I’d receive. But thankfully, that’s no longer the case. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here!”–

    So happy for you that readership and questions are changing and you don’t have to explain as much or answer as many of those types of questions these days. Yay for that for you!

    As for this recipe…OMG.

    And dare I say these are the BEST chocolate/Pb pics you have EVER TAKEN!!! Photography chocolate desserts, dense desserts like fudge or desserts balls is diff than photographing an airy crumble or pancakes so for this genre of food, the best pics ever. I am SURE they are already up on TS or FG, right? :)

    1. LOL I’m waiting oh-so-impatiently for them to change for the afternoon so I can find out!

  64. Jennifer JCD says:

    Awesome! Chocolate tastes even better when complemented with peanut butter! Since I’m allergic to nuts I now use Wowbutter, made from soy, which tastes the same. :) A spoonful of peanut butter (or Wowbutter) + chocolate chips makes a great treat; pure and simple. Your 32C Cups are the best!

  65. Oh my.. these look awesome! Nomnom!

  66. That looks absolutely – sinfully – delicious. There is no way something can look that good and actually be healthy. You are defying the laws of the universe, Katie! :)

  67. Oh man that looks so amazing- I am making that this weekend. I love chocolate and pb! Thanks Katie :)

  68. Oh this is amazing! You are amazing! Chocolate and peanut butter are amazing! Love the marriage analogy – very well put. Chocolate and PB is my fave combination, hands down. Thank you for providing some more choco-PB inspiration, I’ll have to add this recipe to my list of things to make :)

  69. I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE peanut butter and chocolate, it’s my FAVORITE! And I love YOU! Love your blog and all your fun ideas, you are wonderful miss Katie!

    1. Awww this made me smile so much!

  70. Chocococococlate <3 peanutbutta peanut butta peanut butta :) :) :) so much love love LOVE haha

  71. Mellie says:

    I LOVE chocolate and pb together! It’s absolutely perfect!

  72. I think I love chocolate and peanut butter more than anything! By far the best flavor combo there is :)

  73. Healthy deliciousness = WINNING
    Girl, you are winning more than Charlie Sheen! ha!

  74. mmmm chocolate + peanut butter = the best combo ever.

  75. lisa says:

    ahhhhh chocolate and peanut butter are my two absolute favorites. This recipe looks amazing ( just like all of them) haha :)

  76. Kristie says:

    YUP, award-winning combo right there. Reese’s peanut butter cups are da bomb. As is anything chocolate and peanut butter. Clearly I need to whip out the food processor and make myself some homemade coconut butter so I can have this fudge at my fingertips!

  77. Katherine says:

    I want this. Now! Please, please, send it to me!!!

  78. Ali says:

    I think chocolate and peanut butter are one of the best food combinations! They go together like ketchup and mustard:)

  79. Katarina says:

    Oh my gosh, this look so delicious!

  80. I hate to be debbie downer, but I hate peanut butter. So does my husband. We joke around that it’s why we got married. I am growing to love other nut butters, so maybe I will try it with an almond butter or a cashew butter.

  81. Chocolate and peanut butter is like a match made in heaven!

  82. Albizia says:

    The number of comments probably says it all – these really look heavenly. The good thing is that with a fork and and some power stirring I can do this even without a blender and I think I will do it very soon. Chocolate, coconut, banana, peanut butter… I just can’t say no to this :) .

  83. Minerva says:

    I ran home to make these last night! I pressed the mixture into two cupcake foils to chill in the fridge. They were so simple and rich that the little batch satisfied me and my roomates sweet tooths.

    1. I’m so excited you made it! :)

  84. There is nothing better than chocolate and peanut butter. These would be devoured by just about everyone I know! I love it :)

  85. Marissa says:

    I LOVE chocolate and peanut butter! Together, separate, doesn’t matter; any which way is fine by me. But actually, number one on my “must make” list right now is your chickpea poppers! My mom and brother brought home a bag of white cheddar popcorn last night… I’m currently brainstorming how to recreate that flavor. But I also want to try the kettle corn version! (sweet tooth at heart, lol)

  86. Hahaha I LOVE that episode of Friends!!! Jam? Good… Custard? Good… Beef? Goooooood..

    Chocolate and peanut butter were made for each other! I am definitely making this ASAP – I have all the ingredients, so I may make it this afternoon.

    1. I think it’s my favorite episode. That and the one where Phoebe seduces Chandler :).

  87. Nicole says:

    CHocolate and peanut butter… my favorite flavor combinations. :)

  88. Lucie says:

    Absolutely beautiful… damn you diet!!

  89. Jennifer says:

    YES. PEANUT BUTTER & CHOCOLATE IS AMAZING. I’m addicted to reese’s : (

  90. Julia says:

    I love chocolate and peanut butter with al my heart. I might even make these for breakfast today!

  91. Emmabethh says:

    Natural style PB on SoDelicious Chocolate Velvet soy ice cream…enough said.

  92. Gastón says:

    Hey Katie,love your recipes!
    Just one question: Do you know anything that substitutes bananas in this recipe? Because I’m allergic to them, so that keeps me from trying man recipes:(

    1. Yes, definitely! Try my chocolate-raspberry fudge (and you can use other berries in place of the raspberries). Here:

  93. g says:

    this reciepe looks fantastic. is there anyway to substitue the coconut butter for coconut oil? or would the reciepe not work with it?

    1. Cheryl in NC says:

      I know this is coming late, but for anyone in the future who reads these comments, I just want to share that I have had great success with these fudge recipes subbing coconut flour & coconut oil for the coconut butter, in proportions of both 50% each & 75% flour, 25% oil. I just mix them directly into the recipes, altho’ I wouldn’t be surprised if one could actually make coconut butter with an inferior blender (& patience!) by simply adding some of the oil to the CcoCconut in the blender. Haven’t tried it yet, though – haven’t felt the need. Hope this is of some help to somebody. :-)

  94. Elizabeth says:

    oh my goodness… sounds and looks so incredible! Thanks for posting… can’t wait to try it out.

  95. Susan says:

    I just made the Choc&PB fudge (at ate it as my lunch!). Wow – it is sooo good!! I am following a mostly Paleo way of eating (no grains, sugars, legumes, dairy), and many of your treats are perfecly Paleo! I will pass this recipe along to my friends!!

    1. I’m so so excited you liked it! And I think you are pretty much the smartest person in the world for eating it as lunch ;). Definitely a good call!

  96. Katie I finally tried this and I’m obsessed with it! I tried the regular chocolate fudge too, sans PB. I think I need to make like 4x the batch because there is no hope of it making it to fudge- form with the way I go after the dough!

  97. Also- LOVE the Friends reference. It’s crazy how you literally can connect something in your life every day to that show.

  98. kathryn says:

    Do you think coconut oil would work instead of coconut butter? I can’t find coconut butter anywhere and I really want to try making your fudge D:

    1. Many commenters have used coconut oil and say it works well. But a few other commenters have said they didn’t like it with coconut oil. Personally, I haven’t tried it so I can’t tell you my opinion. 😕

  99. Crystal says:

    My son is allergic to coconut what is an alternative for coconut butter?

    1. Sorry, there isn’t really one

  100. Amanda says:

    I LOVE Choc/PB combo, my favorite, I once ate a whole bag of Reese’s PB cups….shame on me long time ago and now I avoid that stuff…Im totally making this!!!

    1. LOL that happened to me with Twix bars! I used to eat them all the time, but then one day I had Twix overload and suddenly I hated Twix bars forevermore :(.

  101. Leisel says:

    can i just tell you that when i found your blog today the hallelujah chorus began to sing in the background? i am trying desperately to lose weight (after having 3 kiddos and moving to a very cold, long wintery idaho from vegas! can we say depressing?!?!) and the thing that kills me is that i can’t get rid of the sugar– i just can’t give it up! i NEED something chocolately. . . and now i can do both! thank you so much for your hard work and making my life SO MUCH EASIER! you truly are an answer to prayer! ;0)

    1. Awww Leisel, you are way too sweet to me :).

  102. Lisa says:

    I made it and it was gross. What’s wrong with me? :(

    1. Can you tell me more about what specific ingredients you used? And did you use coconut oil or butter?

      1. Lisa says:

        I’ve made other recipes of yours and they were yummy, so the fault is probably with my preparation and not the recipe — my original post was meant more in a despondent WHY ME way than how it actually sounds :)

        I used coconut butter (I used your recipe). The store only had sweetened coconut shreds, so I used that instead (maybe that was the culprit?). Organic peanut butter, Hershey’s (I try not to use Hershey’s because of their dubious ethics, but I was using my parents’ kitchen :( ) cocoa powder, the ripest banana the store had (this could also have been the culprit — the ripest was not so ripe!). I did add more sweetener, as you suggest, to try to counteract that problem. And the salt was just salt.

        I hope this helps identify the problem! I’d love to be able to make this and have it turn out as intended, it looks great! :)

        1. I’m so sorry it didn’t turn out! It’s hard (impossible?) to tell you what could’ve gone wrong when I don’t know what exactly it was about the cake that you didn’t like…
          But were you able to get real, melted coconut butter from the sweetened coconut shreds? I’ve heard that it only works with the unsweetened… this definitely wouldn’t taste good if your butter wasn’t truly melty consistency when you blended it all up.

  103. Melissa Maddy says:

    Katie and Lisa,

    The culprit for this WAS the sweetened coconut. I tried to make the butter out of it myself last night, and it was just grainy and fluffy. Not amount of abuse was turning it into butter! I think the sugar molecules work to help keep the coconut intact! So, I mixed in a tablespoon of coconut oil into half a bag of chocolate chips, melted over a double boiler. If you fold the coconut mixture and other ingredients into the chocolate (and sweeten with the melted banana instead of sweetener and let it cool you get something like one of those pink, white, and brown coconut candy bars you find at gas stations sometimes; or a macaroon. Anyway, I topped that with a tofutti cream cheese and tofu vanilla and cinnamon cream and let it set up. It was pretty flippin phenomenal.

  104. Melissa Maddy says:

    Oh, and about the stevia… Stevia can come off bitter in baking; but the alternative, truvia, is too expensive to bake with! I usually mask the bitterness of stevia with something naturally sweet like a quarter of steamed banana instead of the half (thanks for that trick, by the way. I’m sure car tires could taste good slathered in microwaved banana), instant coffee crystals, pureed berries, ground up raisins, or chopped dates. I usually adjust the amount of stevia and the amount of fruity goodness to level it out in the mix without hopefully changing the taste much. I’ve even used berry flavored baby food apple sauce in a pinch to balance out the bitterness. It smells wonky going into the batter, but it bakes up well. Another trick is to put a layer of truvia and cinnamon into a baked good that isn’t already super sweet. I turned one of your blondie recipes into something like a swirl coffee cake by spreading out a thin layer of batter in the pan, layering with truvia and cinnamon, then layering more batter and more truvia/cinnamon mix to top it off. Swirling with a knife makes it look pretty, and it spreads out to make the end result pretty yummylicious.

  105. Kathy says:

    What is the icing you have on your pb fudge? It looks yummy.

    1. LOL it’s just plain old peanut butter :).

  106. Kathy says:

    What is the icing you have on your pb fudge? Looks so yummy.

  107. Debbie says:

    Hi Katie,
    I have been looking for coconut oil and coconut butter. I finally found coconut oil at Trader Joes the other day. Is it supposed to be liquid or solid? What I got is solid, so is this coconut oil or coconut butter?
    Thanks! Debbie

    1. If it’s cold outside, coconut oil will be solid. Just melt it to get it to liquid again. But it’s NOT the same thing as coconut butter. (And I don’t think TJs sells coconut butter, so yours must be the oil.)

  108. Macy says:

    I made this but instead of a banana I used applesauce and added oats. I also made it another time and added Zuchinni instead of the banana and also added oats. Both versions turned out delicious.

  109. Carine says:

    Hi Katie, I’m back….
    I just made the Chocolate PB Fudge and added freshly crushed dry Mexican Chili (I got it from Whole Foods) while mixing it in my MB (which by the way almost gave up on me. It smells burned a little, IYCKS!), it tastes so good!
    I really hate you! (LAUGHS) I was almost recovered from being a chocojunkie, now I’m an addict all over again… (Brazilian sense of humor, please don’t mind me!)
    Well, with time I’ll try to mix in some new stuff… maybe some Açaí powder or even juice, I don’t know, maybe in a different recipe.
    Happy chocoday!

  110. Lori says:

    I stumbled across your website yesterday and love all the ideas. I tried to make this one today, using a frozen banana and coconut oil, and it didn’t quite come out as expected. I was using what I had on-hand, so maybe I need to follow the recipe to the T. The banana flavor was pretty strong. Am I doing something wrong or do you still taste the banana? I wonder if using a frozen banana tends to bring out the flavor more… I had to steep my banana in a little warm water to get the peel off first, so that may have “cooked” it a little too. It was still good, but not quite the PB Fudge explosion that makes your pics pop :) Good luck today on TV! Will you be posting a link to the show?

    1. You need to use coconut butter, not oil. That makes a HUGE difference. :)

  111. Lisa says:

    Is there a sub for the coconut? Or do u not taste it? My family does not like it but this sounds like an awesome recipe to feed my junk food loving kiddos!

    1. Sorry, I don’t know of any :-?.

    2. just wanted to say, you don’t really taste a coconut flavor in this. i taste a smidge of banana but no coconut. i would try it anyway if the only issue is your family doesn’t care for the taste of coconut! :)

  112. Shannon says:

    These look amazing, but I am allergic to raw bananas. Is there something I could substitute for the banana?

    1. Extra coconut butter’d work. Applesauce *might* but I’m not sure.

  113. Lisa says:

    I’m imagining this as a substitute for the standard choc/pb mixture used in puppy chow. I love puppy chow.

    1. Laura says:

      You are a genius. I was just wondering how to make puppy chow a tad bit healthier because I have been really wanting it but I need to cut back on the sugary food a bit… I never thought about pouring this on the cereal!

  114. Jules says:

    this is the best fudge ever! I just made 4 different kinds and i can’t stop eating the pb chocolate version :)

  115. Brenna says:

    I made these and needed a wee bit of sugar. I added a TB or so of powdered sugar which did the trick. What I love about this is the MUCH less sugar and butter. This gives me much less work to do at the gym :) PS I’m aiming for 12 small bite size pieces with this recipe.

  116. Marlee says:

    Hey Katie! I discovered you blog a few years back and just rediscovered it and I’m so glad that I did! Back then, I wasn’t really into experimenting with recipes, but it’s become a huge passion of mine in the last couple of years – in the past week I’ve tried your Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie (twice! And the second time came out even better!) and I just made this PB Chocolate Fudge. I have literally five tabs open from your site – all recipes I plan to try as soon as possible! Lol! I’m not vegan because I tried it for a few months and lost too much weight (it wasn’t healthy for me – I get you on the too thin thing) but I try to eat vegan meals as much as possible (I’m a vegetarian. I’m also lactose intolerant but I unfortunately love cheese lol! I’m working on cutting that down as much as possible). I’m also a HUGE chocoholic with a big sweet tooth, but I’ve been weaning myself off sugar for a while, so your website it kind of like a dream! Haha. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for having this blog, it’s fantastic! I will definitely be making a shoutout to you in my blog. Also, your photos are absolutely incredible. Looking at them makes me want to go out to buy a DSLR!
    Take care, Katie!

    1. Aww thank you so much, Marlee!

      And thank you about the photos too… I honestly have a LOT to learn, so it means a ton to me whenever someone likes my photos :).

  117. Angie says:

    Hi Katie! I made your vegan chocolate fudge last night after whipping up a batch of homemade coconut butter. It was fantastic! I’ve just started a vegan lifestyle, which is the one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was so excited to find your blog and your awesome recipes. Now I can indulge healthfully without compromise. You are so talented and creative it really blows my mind. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  118. judebude says:

    so i just made these, as my husband and i are on a raw detox and were craving something sweet. i am used to eating a lot of raw foods and don’t normally crave sweets, but HE has the biggest sweet tooth i ever saw. i just wanted you to know these were AMAZING AND SURPRISINGLY GOOD! i honestly wasn’t expecting much and we both enjoyed them so much i WILL be making these on a regular basis!!! btw, i used coconut oil and popped them in the freezer for a bit and they turned out so smooth and rich and almost wrong for something healthy to taste to good- thanks so much!

  119. Laura says:

    You’ve left me with a predicament… I have no idea what to make first!

  120. curious says:

    soooo… i’m planning on making this for a friend’s birthday, but i was wondering if coconut butter could be substituted for something else. i’m not the world’s biggest fan of the texture of coconut, so i’m a little iffy about making these since i must taste-test one before giving them away.

    1. It will have the texture of regular fudge. The coconut butter doesn’t taste like coconut. :)

  121. Anonymous says:

    You seem like a really sweet person, BUT there is nothing to your recipes. They are kind of lame. I wish with a name like “Samoa babies” there would be more to them than just dates and coconut. :-/

    1. Melanie says:

      Obviously your mother never taught you manners. If you dont have anything nice to say, be quiet. By the way, the recipe rocks!

  122. Nina P says:

    I saw this recipe aaages ago and wanted to try it. However, couldn’t find coconut butter here in the UK. The other day, I bought a fresh coconut especially for this. Alas, the cococut butter just wouldn’t churn.
    So – I thought I’d try a wee experiment. I used frozen banana instead of fresh and voila – chocolate fudge ice cream! (Had to add a little milk to blend, but super-duper yummy!)

  123. Helene says:

    Hi Katie! I’m SO glad I accidentally came across your blog a couple of days ago – your recipes are honestly LIFE CHANGING! I made these fudges yesterday, and they are by far the most delicious healthy recipe I have tasted EVER! I can’t believe they’re healthy, and I’m so looking forward to making these for my “anti-healthy” friends. I’ve been surfing through your archives for hours these last couple of days, and I am so impressed and amazed by your creativity. Today I’m making your Chocolate Mousse Frosting, and tomorrow I’m going to try the Raw Chocolate-Raspberry Fudge Cake. Who says you can’t eat chocolate every day? Woha! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us, Katie. Can’t wait till your book comes out – will definitely buy! Big, grateful hugs from Norway

  124. Dawn says:

    This looks amazing!! I love all your healthy dessert recipes. This one in particular reminded me of one of my own… chocolate covered peanut butter balls! Check them out.

  125. Nicole says:

    Oh boy, this didn’t turn out as much like fudge for me, as what just might be the best non-buttercream fudgy-peanut buttery frosting ever!! So simple, but so yummy! 😀

    1. If you freeze it, it’s more like fudge. Coconut butter is soft at room temp, making it frosting-like if not frozen. Chocolate, peanut butter, and coconut… What could be bad, right? 😉

  126. Sabrina says:

    I’ve made 3 batches in the past two days, I think these might be too good if there is such a thing!!!! The weather in Michigan has been extremely tempermental these past couple of weeks so I’ve also made a lot of your hot cocoa and peanut butter ice cream. My mama runs a daycare at our house so I’ve been using a ton of your pb&j recipes for snack time and I have never seen their eyes so big! My mama and I have been trying so hard to be vegans but with your blog you have just made it so much easier and I actually like to cook now! Thank you so much for being so awesome :)

    1. Aw I’m so glad… It was hard for me to go vegan at first. I thought vegans couldn’t eat chocolate! 😉

  127. Jodine says:

    Can I copy any recipes, how do I do it without the blog?

    1. Do you mean copying them to print?
      If so, just highlight the recipe portion of the post, press “control c” and then paste it into a word document to print :).

      1. Jodine says:

        Yes, I’m not sure how to do that, I have only had a few hours training on the computer. I know just enough to be dangerous. ha ha! I have come to love the internet at a late time in my life, I don’t have anyone close to me that can teach me what I need to know. Your wonderful generation has been so blessed to grow up with computers. I almost wish that I was born 30 years later. Thanks so much Katie, your a real blessing.

  128. Lisa says:

    Do you have any suggestions for replacing bananas in some of your recipes? My 4 year old can always tell if I’ve put bananas in his sweet treats and he refuses to eat them.

  129. Allison says:

    Hi Katie!
    I was stoked to see a healthy version of chocolate peanut butter fudge posted on pinterest and decided to give this recipe a shot yesterday! It helped that I already had all of the necessary ingredients. 😉

    I didn’t care for the mixture before it was frozen, but AFTER it was frozen, my oh my… I keep sneaking back to the freezer to get another little bite. I’m pleasantly surprised with this recipe since I don’t care for either banana or coconut flavors. Though those flavors are still present, they’re not as overwhelming once the mixture is frozen!

    I’m going to try some more of your recipes where you use banana as a sweetener… I’ve been forcing myself to eat a banana a day despite hating them, and this might be a fun way to get them into my daily diet. :)

    Thanks for the recipe!

  130. Dan says:

    Just found your blog today. Per your suggestion to add sweetener if the banana wasn’t enough for my taste buds, I added one medjool date. I like how they have a kind of caramel taste. Turned out great right from the food processor, however I convinced myself to wait for it to firm up in the fridge for after dinner tonight.

    I put your blog in my RSS. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks, Dan

    1. Thanks, Dan. I love your idea to add dates… now I must try that! :)

  131. Heather says:

    Katie!! I have a problem: I just made this and I can’t stop eating it long enough for it to freeze! hahaha SO DELICIOUS! Also you mentioned you weren’t sure if coconut oil worked out the same as coconut butter; my local health food store didn’t carry coconut butter so I used cocnut oil and it worked amazingly well. It’s my first time doing the recipe so I can’t say whether it works “The Same” as cocnut butter or not. Thanks for this!! – Heather

  132. Robin says:

    Just stumbled across this site….thanks to someone’s pinterest pin. I’ve got a teenage milk-allergic son and a tween Type 1 diabetic daughter. I love when your recipes have nutritional info….and the use of stevia! Type 1’s can eat anything…just need carb counts! So recipes with carb counts help make life easier…and if I can do dairy-free desserts then both kids are happy!

  133. carolyn says:

    Could we use coconut oil in place of the coconut butter? I have none and my parents probably wouldn’t be for buying/making it

    1. Naquita says:

      I used coconut oil and it worked well

  134. Naquita says:

    This is delicious! I made it with coconut oil, because that is what I had. It is SUPER easy and although I thought it was amazing when first mixed it is even better as the frozen fudge. I also made the simple 3 ingredients chocolate tonight as well. Slight chocolate craving. Added mint and sugar shards I had from a previous chocolate recipe. Really yummy as well. As always Katie, your recipes are amazing and save me from my cravings with stuff I already have in the cupboard!

  135. Elizabeth says:

    Do you have a suggestion for something I could use instead of the banana? My son is allergic but these look great.

  136. Chocoholic says:

    Christmas presents say what!!!!!!

  137. Chocoholic says:

    excuse me Katie but what is a recipe or substitute for coconut oil, because a lot of your AWESOME recipes call for it, and I’m lacking it. BTW you are now like my idol. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RECIPES!!!! YOU ROCK!!

    1. Depends on the recipe. Maybe cacao butter, but I haven’t tried it in this.

  138. Chocoholic says:

    What about the chocolate? I tried it with canola oil, and it didn’t harden very well and it was oily. But my brother loved it and thinks it tastes like mole (Mexican chocolate) and he wants me to add red pepper or spice next time so it is even more like mole.

  139. Chocoholic says:

    Oh yeah. Why are you a vegan? Health, religion, the whole no-kill animal thing, or other? YOu don’t have to tell me if it’s personal.

  140. Chocoholic says:

    Oh yeah, chocolate and peanutbutter are like my new best friends! Well, I still like chocolate better. Anyway, they go together like chocolate-chip cookies and milk, wine and chocolate, and brownies and ice cream! I am starting this new chocolate-peanut butter diet, maybe. I just came up with that on the spot cuz I love them together so much!

  141. Chocoholic says:

    I don’t have cacao butter

  142. Chocoholic says:

    You should make an ice cream sundae milkshake with banana, strawberry, peanuts, and ice cream! Or use all of those for ice cream sundae pancakes, cookies, cake, fudge, or anything!

  143. Melissa N says:

    I JUST made this and can I just say- YUM! I used a SUPER ripe banana so it was totally sweet and I added a tad of vanilla because I didn’t want it to taste like banana, YUM. Thanks for sharing.

  144. Cyndi says:

    I would like to make this and use a pie pan. What size should the pan be?

  145. Shyla says:

    WOW. Amazing. My new guilty pleasure. Only, I don’t feel guilty eating it.

  146. Trajayjay says:

    I stuck a peanut butter fudge baby to a chocolate fudge baby. It tasted pretty awesome.

  147. Mary says:

    These look amazing! The recipe says to combine all the ingredients. Does that include the peanut butter or is that reserved to be spread on top as pictured? I can’t wait to make it!

    1. cck says:

      Include the pb. You can spread extra on if you wish, but it’s not required.

  148. Joe says:

    What can I use instead of a banana? I absolutely HATE bananas!

    1. Emma says:

      Me to!!! They make me me want to throw up!

  149. Becky says:

    This still tastes like bananas, so don’t make this thinking it will taste like chocolate and peanut butter only.

  150. Elizabethann says:

    Reading this awesomest-of-awesome-blogs blog and listening to Ghost of the Robot… I’m the happiest person alive.

  151. Colleen says:

    I have trouble digesting bananas. Is there a substitute?

  152. Did you know……… if your banana is not ripe enough or soft enough, you can nuke an unpeeled banana for a minute or two and leave it to cool, and ripen.

  153. claire hutchinson says:

    Hi this looks delicious. In my pantry I have fine dessicated coconut. Would that become coconut butter if I blend it or will I need unsweetened coconut? Thanks

  154. Emma says:

    Hi Katie! I was wondering if there is a substitute for the banana In this recipe?

  155. lysa says:

    This fudge looks amaaaazing! I love the colour and the look, I need to try them and I am very sure I will love the taste as well!

    It is no surprise this picture is famous on pinterest!


  156. Anonymous says:

    Does your Artisana coconut butter separate when it is very hot and humid out? Its been reeeeaaalllly hot where I live and the other day there was a TON of oil on the top (and even the bottom) of my butter. Also, the high saturated fats in coconut oil and coconut butter is NOT harmful, correct? (such as raising bad cholesterol) Any tips and info you could send my way would be very much appreciated!! :) Thanks!! :)

  157. francine says:

    I like the idea of the fudge, your picture shows choc fudge what is the in the peanut butter frosting you have on top of the choc fudge

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      She said to someone else that it is just peanut butter on the top.

  158. Lisa Bailey says:

    Can you make this without a banana. I am allergic.

    1. Yes, just use extra coconut butter for the banana… and add extra sweetener.

    2. Laura says:

      Did you try the using extra coconut butter for the banana? I am also allergic but would love to try this. I thought maybe use pumpkin puree would work.

  159. Climbing and chocolate says:

    Yum!!!!!! This is my favorite fudge ever! If you haven’t tried this yet do, you will SO not be disappointed .

  160. Cidney says:

    I just made this and I am in LOVE!!! : )

  161. Lauren says:

    This may be a stupid question but once it hardens can you leave it out cut it in pieces or with it get soft and have the consistency of frosting again?

  162. Karoline says:

    I made this today and I even put one batch in the freezer and one in the fridge but the one in the freezer was too hard and the one in the fridge was too soft. I do not know what I did wrong

    1. Nothing wrong… Just let the freezer one thaw until it’s the perfect consistency.

  163. Any idea if this would make it if shipped through the mail? I’m wanting to do fudge as gifts for my family who live out of town this Christmas. Ya know, introduce them to some healthier sweets.

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Coconut oil melts when soft. I wouldn’t try it, sadly. Maybe try the fudge babies instead!

  164. Pam says:

    This fudge is fantastic. I went one step further and made a frosting out of equal amounts peanut butter and carob chips (can’t have sugar ) which I melted in the micro – frosted, froze and loved every bite.

  165. Emma says:

    I discovered your recipe Jan. 29th and I think I’ve made it 4 times since! Totally in love! You made me a very happy woman :) Thanks!

  166. Izzy says:

    Can you use regular butter in place of coconut butter?

  167. Liz says:

    Is coconut butter the same as coconut manna?

  168. Laura says:

    This looks really good but I am allergic to bananas. Do you think I could use pumpkin puree with some monk fruit sweetener instead?

  169. carmella says:

    So, I don’t have coconut butter, if I substitute coconut oil, what else should I add or subtract to make this work?

  170. Julia says:

    im definitely going to make this today even though i don’t have cocoa powder. I’ll just cut a chocolate bar into tiny pieces lol !

  171. Melissa says:

    can i use cacao powder instead of cocoa powder? The only thing i don’t like about cacao powder is that mine is bitterwseet and doesn’t taste so good :/

  172. nuts4knits says:

    I usually don’t care for fudge at all. I have no problem skipping over it at the holiday potlucks, but THESE were perfect! I made them for my family, but they did not care for them — too coconut-y. But since this is what I loved about them, more for me! I’ll let them fill up on their overly-sweet and sugar-drenched fudge at the next holiday reunion. These are all mine. This is now at the top of a growing list of favorite chocolate treats. Thanks.

  173. Julia says:

    Can I sub coconut oil for the coconut butter?

  174. Theresa says:

    what is the approx. shelf life of your fudge and does it have to be refrigereated or can at sit out a room room temp. without melting?

  175. Oh man! That fudge looks incredible! I will totally be making this! Chocolate and peanut butter were made for each other!

  176. Rebecca says:

    I made these last night! Thank you!! They were very easy and very yummy. I posted about them today on my blog. I appreciate all the recipes with no processed sugar, only natural fruit sugar!!

  177. Upma says:

    Luv ur recipes but not a fan of coconut anything .. Any subs??


  178. Debbie says:

    This is the fudgiest yummiest treat! It’s easy to make and a great use of over-ripe bananas. I recommend this indulgence to anyone. Thanks Katie! (I’ve made it several times.)