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Peach Breakfast Bake

5 from 2 votes

Sweet, buttery, and deliciously filling, this peach breakfast bake is a healthy breakfast recipe that tastes like homemade peach crumble!

Peach Breakfast Bake - indulgently sweet and creamy... and so healthy you can have two bowls. For breakfast! @choccoveredkt

Someday, I am going to be a very good grandma.

By the time I’m old, I will have had lots of practice. I often sit down for dinner at 5, constantly nag people to eat more vegetables, and living in Florida sounds like a dream!

But every now and then, I like to stay out late. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t care if I’m up at 2am; it’ll still be wide-eyed and ready to go by 6 the next morning! For example, on Friday night I went out dancing and had two friends spend the night afterward. I woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning, while they proceeded to sleep until noon.

That’s okay; I actually enjoy my time alone in the mornings. It’s peaceful when no one else is awake. Yesterday, when I got back from running and found my friends still asleep, I figured I’d surprise them with breakfast. Little did I know I’d be eating lunch by the time they got up…

Repinned over 10,000 times, the recipe is so healthy you can go ahead and have two bowls. For breakfast!

What to make?

First, I thought about baking a Chocolate Banana Bread.

But my friends aren’t the biggest banana fans. So I decided to try something new on them. A few months ago, I’d pulled a recipe for apple crisp out of People magazine. It caught my eye due to its simplicity. I very loosely used this apple-crisp recipe as a guide for yesterday’s breakfast: peach breakfast bake. My friends loved it… when they finally woke up!

Repinned over 10,000 times, the recipe is so healthy you can go ahead and have two bowls. For breakfast!
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Peach Breakfast Bake

A delicious and healthy breakfast recipe that tastes like homemade peach crumble!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Yield 6 servings
5 from 2 votes


  • 5 cups sliced peaches
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch or arrowroot
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 1/2 cups crushed cereal of choice (I used shredded wheat)
  • 1/2 cup sweetener of choice, or 1/4 tsp uncut stevia
  • 4 tbsp melted butter, coconut oil, or applesauce or banana for low fat
  • 1/2 tsp salt (decrease to 1/4 tsp if using salted butter spread)
  • optional yogurt or nondairy creamer for serving


  • Preheat the oven to 350 F. If desired, peel the peaches. Mix them with the lemon, arrowroot, cinnamon, half of the salt, and half of the sweetener. Let sit for ten minutes. Meanwhile, stir the crushed cereal, remaining sweetener and salt, and melted butter or oil in a separate bowl until well-blended. Spread the peach mixture in an 8-inch baking pan. Top with the cereal mixture. Bake for 45 minutes. To serve, I like to mix each portion with yogurt or nondairy creamer.
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Try serving the breakfast with this Whipped Coffee.

Have you made this recipe?

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Published on June 26, 2011

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  1. hippierunner says

    I’m sure it was lovely to wake up to that! I’m an early bird, so I have always disliked sleeping over friend’s houses because I’d be up hours before anyone lol.

  2. Freya says

    Haha, I’d be an awesome gran too! I love cardigans, baking, and getting to bed at a good hour..or sitting down with the paper and a nice mugful of hot cocoa 😛
    I don’t tend to cook from magazines – probably cos I don’t buy any that a) have recipes, or b) have VEGAN recipes! That bake you made looks lovely though 🙂

    • Sarah says

      And knitting! Or maybe that’s just my grandma? She is SUCH a good knitter, making rugs and sweaters and all sorts of amazing things!

  3. Abby says

    This looks so beautiful, especially the first photo. It looks like I could take it off the screen! I wish I could!

  4. Leslie says

    Ahhaha your writing always cracks me up, Katie. You’re too funny :). I hope your friends know how lucky they are! And also, I need peaches now!

  5. Sarah says

    This looks so good! I actually have shredded wheat in my pantry right now. All I need is the peaches and I am SO making this!

  6. Erika K says

    I rip recipes out of magazines all the time! But I never make them because I’m way too busy making YOUR fabulous recipes. I tried the ranch the other day, and it really was just as good as you said! Next up? Peach cobbler for breakfast :).

  7. Ally says

    This looks great, and I have everything in my pantry except for the shredded wheat. What could I sub for the shredded wheat? Flour? Oats? I want to make this tomorrow morning for breakfast, so help a girl out 🙂

  8. Amber K says

    I go back and forth. Like today I woke up at 6:30 am for no apparent reason, but then I’ve also been known to sleep until 9 or 10 as well, even though I always go to bed at the exact same time. I never stay up late enough anymore to sleep until noon, but nothing would surprise me!

    I get inspired by recipes I find in magazines or online, but I have never in my life made a recipe as is. I always have to swap things out to suit my food intolerances and preferences.

  9. Tricia says

    I’m an early riser definately! Friday night I fell asleep at 3 am and was wide awake at 7 hehe.
    That peach bake looks delish, btw 🙂

  10. Jess says

    this looks and sounds yummy; luckily, we just bought peaches yesterday, but i don’t think they’re ripe 🙁

  11. Lisa says

    omg, STORY OF MY LIFE!! I can go out late with my friends (tho I much prefer to sleep earlier hahah) and then STILL wake up at 8 am the next day. regardless if I went to bed at 2am that morning. UGH! so annoying. and then my like 3 pm the next day im spent and need a nap. its a whole vicious cycle….but a fun one 🙂

    i have tried recipes from magazines, but some came out pretty bad 🙁 but others came out good! so its a gamble.
    your peach bake, however, looks very tasty 🙂

  12. Jamie aka "Sometimes Healthy Girl" says

    OH MY! You may have a blog about chocolate but you’re definitely good at those fruity recipes too 😉 I wish I could have been one of your friends. This looks like the perfect breakfast to enjoy after a long night out.

    I’m definitely an early bird but when I don’t get enough sleep, even if I wake up early, I still don’t feel good. So I’m working on not being NOCTURNAL and an early bird. Because I tell ya, that just doesn’t work out well.

  13. Tara says

    I constantly cut recipes out, but I only use them occasionally. Usually I will use it the day I see it, or not use it at all! I’ve had success with cooking light. I actually prefer blogger recipes though! I feel like bloggers branch off from the “traditional” recipes which make them more exciting and versatile.
    I’m an early bird! Two nights ago I got 3 hours of sleep and spent the day traveling — lots of planes and driving, which is really tiring! I went to bed at 12 and got up at 8:30, which I would consider sleeping in!

  14. Alyssa Monique (PayFitnessForward) says

    “That’s okay; I actually enjoy my time alone in the mornings. It’s so peaceful when no one else is awake.” I LOVE how you wrote this, I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Mornings are my favorite when everyone else is asleep and I can enjoy breakfast and my tea. Love that feeling 🙂

  15. Ragnhild says

    This looks so delicious Katie! Lucky friends 😉
    I often find recipes I want to try out in magazines, but I rarly come round to it. I really should be better at it- so much good food that should be tryed out 😀

  16. Kris (everyday oats) says

    Yay, I love peaches and I love bakes. Love this!
    I totally tear recipes out from mags alllll the time, but I hardly ever use them. Most of the time I forget about them and the other times I end up changing them up significantly and then failing haha.

  17. The Teenage Taste says

    I always tear recipes out of magazines, put them in a folder, and then never use them. What can I say, I always end up making recipes I see in Blog World instead! 😛
    These peach bake looks delicious! A peach cobbler you can eat for breakfast…what’s not to like? 😉

  18. Cait @ Beyond Bananas says

    That looks great! Wish I had friends who had breakfast ready for me when I woke up! But .. I am just like you and am up at thecrack of dawn… so I suppose my friends would have to make me breakfast before they went to sleep!

  19. Rachel says

    I used to cut out recipes but now I generally rely on blogs. I like seeing the recipe executed and the results! it’s like a recipe and a review all in one on a blog.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Not at ALL! When I was a teenager, I slept til noon pretty much every single weekend. Once, I even slept til 2pm :). I was the LEAST likely person to ever become an early bird… it’s so strange how things have changed!

  20. Serena says

    Mmmm 🙂 This looks delicious. I love peach cobblers/ pies, so I’m sure I’d love this, too.
    PS. I bet this’d taste good combined with a boatmeal recipe. 😮

  21. Hannah says

    I love peaches with cinnamon … I’d probably use a lot more, though, I tend to go overboard on cinnamon and then no-one wants to share – but that just means more for me.

    I prefer being an early bird, but I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes and then I sleep in until 9 or something. I can’t seem to sleep in until lunchtime any more. It must be my age catching up with me. I remember sleeping in until 5.30pm once. Glad I don’t do that any more.

    • Sarah says

      Haha I am the same way! I look back at my teen years and wonder how I was able to sleep til noon. I just don’t have that ability anymore!

  22. Michaela says

    I wish I had a friend like you (so ok, I do have wonderful friends, in fact, the best friends, BUT they would never make me vegan breakfast treats :()!
    I am so not an early-bird! I am much more an owl 😀

  23. BroccoliHut says

    I’m primed to be a good granny someday too–not only do I insist that others eat their veggies (hey, it’s kind of my job) but I also happen to have a fondness for bran and a wicked tea pot collection:)
    I love cooking from magazines…well, at least being inspired by them. I rarely follow recipes to a T.

  24. Lenna says

    I often go through magazines and cut out recipes that I plan to make later. But then I never make them 🙂 And I have quite a huge collection 🙂
    I am definitely an early bird! I wake up at 4.30 every day, even at weekend! Sometimes I think it would be nice to get a little sleep, but my body just says “No” 🙂

  25. Jen says

    I’m definitely an early bird! And, just like you, no matter how late I’m up the night before, my body wakes me up early the next morning! I love being up early (even on weekends) because it makes me feel like I’m ahead of the game. I rely on my internal alarm clock–no loud beeping needed.

    I don’t usually take exact recipes from magazines, but I definitely use them for ideas. Food mags are great for that! Sometimes just seeing certain ingredients being used in different ways is all I need to spark a new idea.

  26. Beth says

    I agree with you re: Vegetarian Times. Their recipes often leave out an ingredient or an instruction on how to use a particular ingredient. I have written to them about it and they always stand behind their recipes. I am no longer subscribing.
    I am an early bird — always awake at 4, but stay in bed till 4:45 or 5. Sleep is not my strong suit!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I made a horrible saag recipe from them once… and then I looked back and realized it didn’t even call for salt!
      But in their defense, all of the recipes turned out great after I doctored them lol. So I guess they give good bases for recipes, at least!

  27. Nikita says

    I am the same way with mornings! I am a little jealous of people who can sleep til noon after a long night. But then again, I do love alone time in the mornings.
    The cobbler looks delicious! I have used recipes from Vegetarian Times with a fairly good success rate, but then I tend to automatically adjust recipes as I feel necessary.

  28. A Tablespoon of Liz says

    This looks amazing! I always have the problem of adding too much sugar to my breakfast… but this looks so good I think I’d try the sugar free version and love it just as much, if not more! Normally, I’m not much of a morning person, but lately I find myself waking up early, so maybe I’m becoming one!

  29. Carrie says

    LOVe the creativity you got!!!! i always see recipes in mags but never do anyting about way way lazy. thats why i need YOU to live with me!!!! earlybird!

  30. Meg! says

    Come be my Grandma? Ok, that sounded a BIT creepy. How about come be my bestfriend?

    We can bake peach breakfast bakes together and blondies allll day then paint our toesies at night! Love you!

  31. Oc Ziegler says

    This looks soo yummy 🙂 I love peaches in the summer, they’re so perfectly juicy!
    My mom subscries to lots of cooking magazines, like Bon Appetite and Cooking Light, and I love taking recipes out of them and challenging myself to veganize them! It’s a lot of fun and my family loves it when I cook.

  32. kaila @ healthy helper! says

    This looks amazing!!! I looove that it can be made sugar free bc I have NO sweet tooth just like you….fruit is PLENTY sweet for me on its own!

  33. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) says

    I MISSED YOU!!!! Ok, so I’ve been so busy and away from commenting/stalking your blog for just like two days but seriously I read usually about every hour (your recipes page is my life) and basically I’ve been having Katie withdrawals!!

    I would be an awful granny. I would corrupt the kids and turn them into mini-mes 😉

    And I’m an early bird!! I’m always too excited for breakfast to just lay in bed all day! Would would want to lie in when you can have a PIZZERT?! 😀

  34. Jess from Midwest Vegan says

    I LOVE to try out new recipes, and they can be from pretty much anywhere. I often cook out of Vegetarian Times and Saveur (veganized) since I have subscriptions to them. I also like Bon Appetit and Gourmet, but those take a little more time to veganize, so I don’t get around to them as much. 🙂

    I’m also a morning person. I love getting up early and just feeling like I have a WHOLE day in front of me!! If I’m sleeping into 10, I’ve already started wasting it!

    • Lisa C says

      I love Saveur magazine! (And I’m also a vegan.) I definitely don’t feel limited to vegan magazines when it comes to picking out recipes. Some of my favorite recipes have come from getting creative and veganizing non-vegan recipes :).

  35. Lisa C says

    This looks like the perfect summer breakfast, Katie. And I agree with Averie that the photos are stellar. But that’s nothing new for your blog ;).

  36. Albizia says

    That’s exactly the breakfast I’d enjoy after a long and tiring night. And we’d probably eat it together because I’m the same as you – no matter when I go to bed, my inner alarm clock wakes me up at the same time. I love my early mornings 🙂 .

  37. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    That looks delish!

    I’ve been in granny-mode all of my life, LOL. I love eating at diners, love being up early when no one else is, I know when it’s going to rain, I like the Weather Channel, I love black and white TV shows and movies, and I often wish I lived in the 1950s, lol.

    We keep a weird schedule, so sometimes we’re up by 2:00am, other times we sleep until 4:00pm. Life of self-employed, work-at-home nerds. 🙂

  38. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    Katie the first two images are probably the prettiest pics I have seen you post in a long time, maybe ever…they are just absolutely sooooo stunning! They are delicate, lovely, the composition is right on, they are just….brilliant. Perfect. Major job well done on your part!


    And the recipe looks great… I LOVE cobblers and crumbles of all kinds. Seriously…THE BEST!

    I do take inspiration from magazine recipes, yes, for sure. And from blogs, cookbooks, and whatever I can conjure up in my head, too.

  39. Mary @ Bites and Bliss says

    My friends are the same way! Whenever they stay over, I’m always up wayyyy before them..and being that my house is so small, I have to try to keep my blogging or what not really quite while they’re snoozing in the living room.

  40. Alex@Spoonful of Sugar Free says

    Yes, you are going to be a fantastic grandma. Fantastic aunt, mother, great-grandmother for that matter!!!

    And yes, peaches are amazing in season. Can’t wait to try this.

  41. Lindsey @ Why Just Eat says

    That is one of the most beautiful photos you have taken to date – I just want to lick my screen. Almost. I hope we can pick a lot of peaches at the orchard this year! I do occasionally cook recipes from magazines but, like you, find that I alter them quite a bit. I like Cooking Light, but the frequently have too many ingredients in a recipe that would taste just as good with 6 ingredients instead of 16. As far as sleep goes, I used to sleep till noon. Then I had a baby. Five years later and my body has decided that sleeping in is no longer an option!

  42. katie @KatieDid says

    I’m mostly a grandma at heart too, but I can easily stay up until 3am hanging out or going out with friends. I basically can survive off not much sleep apparently. But I savor the quiet morning hours so much!

  43. chelsey @ clean eating chelsey says

    This looks so delicious! I’m in love with peaches and I’m so excited they’re ifnally starting to be in season again!

    I am an early bird!

  44. Samantha says

    Oh I’m so very much a peach fan, and a displaced southerner. Going to make this this week for the boys and I. None of your recipes have ever disappointed, no doubt this one will be great as well!

  45. Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFIles says

    Definitely an early bird!! I’m up and at the gym by 5. This breakfast bake looks incredible. Oh, and I have to force myself to WAIT til 5 for dinner!

  46. Justine says

    I don’t often make recipes from magazines, but I do make the ones I find on blogs, like this one: it looks incredible! Peaches are just starting to get good here, so I may wait a couple more weeks. But my fridge is always stocked with So Delicious coconut milk yogurt, and ice cream! 🙂

  47. Marianne says

    That almost looks like the apricot crisp my mom used to make all the time. We would serve it warm, and top it with a bit of milk. Totally saving this recipe idea to try out with some of the fruit we are finally seeing around here – our summer has been horrible, and all of our summer fruits are so delayed!

  48. Sabrina says

    Hey Katie! I was reading your blog (which I fell in love with) lastnight and I had to write down this recipe! I love peaches like crazy! I made this recipe this morning and oh my gosh , words can’t explain how good it was. I didn’t share with anyone ;D all for myself haha! Well again , thanks for the recipe 😀 !

    I was wondering if you could make a healthy recipe for Peach Ice Cream 😀

  49. Vanessa says

    Living out in the boonies puts my boys on the bus at 7am….meaning I get up at 5:30 every morning. getting them to eat a healthy breakfast is my first priority..after coffee of course. I found this recipe and thought I would try it. I macerated the peaches overnight so I wouldn’t have to much to do in the morning. It was a big hit! I didn’t have shredded wheat on hand but I used an equal amount of rice crispy cereal and quick cook oats. it had a lovely chewy texture and was really nice with plain greek yogurt. Thank you!

  50. Anonymous says

    It’s strange how some of us are wired to rise with the sun.If I stay up til the crack of dawn the same thing happens and i can almost never go back to sleep. I agree mornings are nice though. My favorite meal to eat or cook is breakfast,and this recipe sounds yummy.By the way thanks for the choc chip bean pie recipe,my whole family loved it

  51. Karen says

    Made this for breakfast this morning. Mixed some peanut butter into plain Greek yogurt for the topping. It was so good it made my toes curl!

  52. Emmy says

    1/2 cup plus 1/4 cup shredded wheat, crushed (I used Post wheat-n-bran. You can try rice chex or crispies or flake cereal for a gluten-free version.)—– I’m a little confused on this part. 1/2 cup what? plus 1/4 cup shredded wheat. Thanks:)

  53. Lori Barnes says

    I made this recipe on Sunday morning for myself. I LOVED it!! I took the other 2 servings to work for breakfast on Monday and Tuesday. I mixed it with some Yoplait honey vanilla greek yogurt, it was to die for 🙂

    I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I found you on Pinterest and have become a daily reader 🙂

  54. Lisa Corrales says

    This sounds great!! I have a question, this is the second recipe I have seen that calls for arrowroot, ( I kn ow you said we can use cornstarch), but out of curriosity where do you find arrowroot? I have looked for it everywhere. Also where do you find the non dairy yogurt, I have never even heard of it. Thanks,

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I find it at a few different grocery stores near me, in the baking aisle. As for non-dairy yogurt, companies like So Delicious or Wholesoy make non-dairy yogurts and they are usually mixed in the same section as the dairy ones :).

  55. Mallory says

    Do you happen to know how many WW Points Plus this would be per serving? Or even just the carbohydrate and protein values? This looks delish and I can’t wait to make it!

  56. Ruth says

    Also, for the gluten frees, you can try quinoa flakes (looks and tastes a lot like oatmeal). If you are gluten free and sugar free, try Nature’s Path Kamut Puffs or Millet Puffs.

  57. Jamie says

    Had this for dessert tonight! Oh my goodness it was genius!! No sugar needed for me! I can’t wait to try it with other fruits… Thank you SO much!

  58. k says

    i hate fake sugars…how much of a melted banana should i replace for the packet of it? (if that would work well)

  59. Tory says

    My daughters and I had this over Greek yogurt for breakfast this morning. I made it with butter, gluten free Rice Krispies, and 2 T of brown sugar was the only sweetener I used. It was delish, thanks Katie!

  60. Vanderbilt Wife says

    Katie, I’ve loved every recipe I’ve tried from your site, but this one takes the cake in my opinion! It’s SO good. The first time I made it, I used nectarines and they were great as well.

    The only problem is I could eat the whole pan by myself!

  61. lucy g says

    just wondering how you got the calorie count for this recipe, because i added everything into my calorie count program and got 379 calories per serving…i would love to try this but the calorie count is too high for breakfast…thanks

    • Alanna says

      The calorie count will not include optional/alternative ingredients, so it was probably done using the 2 Tbsp brown sugar + stevia (not 1/4 C sugar) and 1 Tbsp margarine + 1 Tbsp applesauce rather than 2 Tbsp oil. It’ll also be heavily dependent on which cereal you choose. On a side note, 379 calories isn’t so bad for breakfast as long as lunch and dinner are reasonable, but you can always divide it into four servings rather than three if that helps! No rule saying you can’t eat less than the serving size… I often do this with the oatmeal recipes (use 1/4 cup rather than 1/2 cup). 😉

  62. Dana says

    ^ Nevermind the above entry, i didn’t read the directions yet so I thought you bake it with the yogurt, when it is just a topper xD
    Anyways, I’m a HUGE fan of your website and I almost make a new recipe from it everyday (:

  63. carolyn says

    this is the first recipe i ever actually tried from your blog… i was not dissapointed. i think i’m gonna have to try one of your oatmeal ones for tomorrow… 😀
    and just fyi to anyone else who may be reading this comment: i would DEFINITELY not recommend splitting it into 4 servings instead of 3. you really don’t end up with much that way…

  64. Alanna says

    I made a variation on this for my friend’s birthday because she’s a huge fan of cherry cobbler, and she loved this! These were the substitutions I used:

    – instead of peaches, two cans of Royal Anne cherries, drained (they’re lighter in color and not tart like regular ones — so good!)
    – lime juice instead of lemon, only because I didn’t have any lemons
    – replaced the crushed cereal with rolled oats as suggested by another poster

    I went with the 1 T Canola oil + 1 T unsweetened applesauce, and I think I ended up using 3 T brown sugar and maybe 1 tsp white sugar? I baked in a small aluminum bread pan for the time indicated and then broiled for a few minutes to help the oatmeal brown a little at the end. I think for myself this would have been two servings, lol. Must make this again!

    • Alanna says

      Update: I made this last night for my mom and I to have for breakfast this morning using nectarines and rolled oats again in place of the cereal. I knew the last one looked good, but I didn’t get to taste it because I’d given it to a friend. This is seriously delicious!! After eating it myself it’s definitely three servings and not two (more filling than it looks!), lol. So incredible, as breakfast or dessert!

  65. Jen says

    I made this for breakfast yesterday for my Hubby and I. I made ours gluten free using Nature’s Path gluten free corn flakes. It turned out sooooo delicious!! My hubby and I both commented on how good it was and so easy to make. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe 🙂

  66. Amanda says

    Ok, so I know I’m commenting on another old entry (and writing another novel), but I feel I really should tell people when they do something great and, out of all the online recipe blogs, your the first one to create recipes I LOVE. This was amazing and I don’t like peaches! (You’re seriously making me take all the things I didn’t like -pancakes, oatmeal, peaches… and I’m even considering trying bananas again- and making me love them. Breakfast used to be my least favorite meal of the day and now its my favorite… though I actually made this for dinner. Since I LOVE LOVE your chocolate chip boatmeal/strawberry pancakes/ and I’m still try to make it to more. At one point in time, I actually used to eat chocolate bars first thing in the morning, but stop, becuase it “wasn’t healthy,” but ever since then, it felt like I spent the entire day counting down until after dinner when I it would be acceptable to eat chocolate. Now, thanks to you, I’m back to having chocolate for breakfast, but in a healthy way and it totally made all my sweet cravings for the rest of the day vanish)

    I made it without any sugar/oil, but I replaced the cereal with vanilla almond granola (so if anyone asks if it works with granola, it does!) and ate it with some honey flavor greek yogurt and that was more than enough sweetness for me. It was like peach pie filling. Even my roommate smelled it and wanted some (I promised to make her some when she got back from her trip). It also tasted great reheated.

    Honestly, I can not speak highly enough about your site. I promise to eventually try newer recipes/comment on them.

    -Amanda (the ballerina that calls your strawberry pancakes, strawberry crape pancakes, since there is a couple of us running around).

  67. Darlene Bowe says

    I don’t understand why we can’t print these recipes without having all the comments too. Other web sites do it.

    • Alanna says

      Katie has mentioned before that there is something wrong with the printer plugin. An easy alternative is to just copy and past the text of the recipe into Word, Notepad, etc. and print that. Then you can fit multiple recipes to a page if you like!

  68. Anonymous says

    had this for breakfast this morning! i loved it so so so much. yummy!!! next time im definatley making myself a double batch! i replaced the peach with apple and i added extra cinnamon. mmmmmmm

  69. elleana says

    do you measure the 3/4 cup of cereal before or after you crush it?

    so like just measure 3/4 cup of cereal, and then crush it?
    or crush a bunch of cereal until it fills 3/4 cup?
    sorry if this is a confusing question!

  70. Sarah says

    Question: I’m having a hard time with the calorie count. I calculated the peaches and 3/4 shredded wheat alone and its 316 calories. Do you have a breakdown of the calories or can you shed some light on how you got 210? Thanks!

  71. Mackenzie says

    I absolutely have no talent at all for blogging but I LOVE to read them! Your blog is awesome!! and totally have me inspired to go out and get the ingredients for this peach crisp! Great job! 🙂

  72. Asia says

    I just made this for my breakfast for the week. (I work a lot and do all my cooking for the week on the weekends) This was just amazing!! I mixed margarine and coconut oil and doubled the whole recipe. I was incredibly tasty and just what I needed. Thanks for the great recipe!!

  73. Maureen says

    This looks delicious, but the ingredient for 1 container of yogurt, do you mean 1 single serve yogurt, or a large container… how many oz? Thanks!

  74. Lauren says

    This looks absolutely amazing! Wonder if this recipe would work just as well with apple slices? I have some apples and all the other ingredients in my kitchen, but no peaches.

  75. Janine says

    Great recipe – saw it this morning and made it straight away for my breakfast – Yummo! I used Weetabix as that’s what was in cupboard and it worked great – lovely crunchy topping! I used a mixture of peaches and nectarines. Will def make again prob with less or no sugar.

  76. Ingeborg says

    I’d love to be a grandma as a career or something!
    As for this recipe, I made it today for my mother and she loved it! Thanks you!
    (I left the sugar out, and added some blueberries, which have a very good result!)

  77. Erin says

    this is sooo awesome it became one of my regular breakfasts. its like eating fruit cake!
    i usually do it without oil and some stevia instead of sugar.also i use spelt flakes to top it up with.
    thanks so much for this genius recipe :*

  78. Joanie says

    I’ve made this many times and love it! Peaches are on right now so I’m excited to make it again soon.

    I have a question. Will it keep ok if I cook it the night before and store it in the fridge until morning? I am a morning person, but choose to use that time to go running instead of sitting in the kitchen waiting for breakfast to cook. And my kids have to be to school pretty early so it would be nice to have this ready to just warm up for them. Do you think it will work? Or get mushy with brown peaches?

  79. Wendy @ The Nomadic Vegan says

    I’m the same way; my body simply won’t let me sleep in! It’s funny, back in college I would regularly go to bed at 4 a.m. and wake up at noon, but nowadays I’m always in bed by 11 or 12 because I know otherwise I’ll be exhausted the next day. I do enjoy my mornings though! This looks like a delicious way to spend a lazy Sunday morning too.

  80. Glenda says

    Just wondering the amount of yogurt for this Peach Breakfast Bake…8 oz.? I purchase my plain Greek yogurt by the quart, so it would help to indicate what size the container is.

  81. Arianna says

    Delicious! I made this for breakfast and my husband and I loved it! Trader Joe’s didn’t have peaches so I used mangos. Also, I used quick cooking steel cut oats and they were perfectly crunchy on top. I used real butter and had it with honey greek yogurt. Delish! Thanks for the great recipe!

  82. Jessica says

    Is there a way to omit the sugar? My local healthfood chain doesn’t carry uncut stevia, and I only ever use the liquid drops.

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