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Single-Serving Blueberry Muffin

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Blueberry muffins!

vegan blueberry muffin

Have you ever seen the jumbo muffins they sell at places like Costco and Sam’s Club? Yesterday, out of the blue (pun intended), those muffins just popped into my mind. And suddenly… I wanted one!

I had some leftover blueberries from making Homemade Blueberry Ketchup.

So I quickly threw them into a single-lady cupcake mix and was eating my very own single-serving blueberry muffin only ten minutes later.

vegan blueberry muffins

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  • 3 tbsp spelt flour (30g) (or ww pastry, white, or Bob’s gluten-free)
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • heaping 1/16 tsp salt
  • 1-2 tbsp blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp coconut or veg oil (You can use applesauce if you don't mind the taste of fat-free baked goods)
  • 1 tbsp plus 1 tsp milk of choice (Use less if using liquid sweetener)
  • pinch uncut stevia OR 1 tbsp sugar or liquid sweetener


Preheat your oven to 330 degrees. (Or continue reading for microwave option.) Mix dry ingredients, then add wet. Mix until just combined (don’t overmix), and bake for 17 minutes or so. Baking time will vary, depending on the flour and oil/applesauce you use. If you don’t want to heat your oven for just one muffin, you can make this in the microwave! Just grease/spray a little dish, pour batter in, heat for 90-ish seconds, and enjoy!

*See the original single-lady post for Single Serving Blueberry Muffin Nutrition Facts*

vegan muffin

After finishing my muffin,  I watched a CNN special on Bill Clinton, who credits his new vegan diet with saving his life. Did you know he’s a vegan?! Vegans used to be seen as weird and out of the ordinary. But thanks to famous vegans such as Ellen DeGeneres, Paul McCartney, and Alicia Silverstone, veganism is becoming a lot more mainstream now. Maybe someday, even Sam’s Club will sell vegan jumbo muffins!

microwave blueberry muffin


P.S. Thanks for all the feedback on the new Chocolate Covered Katie FAQ post.

Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Tricia says:

    No :( I dont really personally know any and its frustrating cuz I always feel a little out of place.
    But your muffin looks gorgeous and yummy and your blog makes me feel a little less out of place :)

    1. Rosario says:

      I understand what you mean by out of place. Especially at work/social functions. They just offer us salad! And it comes out that you are vegan/vegetarian and all the sudden you sound annoying. I really don’t offer the information. I feel like I belong when I peruse this website! Thanks.

  2. Lenna says:

    Well, I know me and you :) And a couple of other blog friends (I hope they don´t mind I call them my friends) :) But I don´t know any vegans or vegetarians in real life, except for some famous people :/

    1. I don’t know any vegans in real life either! I am a vegetarian, and I know one or two, but you’d think us non-meat eaters would know more other non-meat eaters. So I know the lovely Katie, I know me, and now I know you! And by the way, I would be honored to be called your blog friend. P.S. I am in love with your blog!

      1. Lenna says:

        Kelly, thank you so much! OK, so now I officially call you my blog friend and I am happy to get to know such a cute vegetarian girl :)

      2. I am honored to be YOUR blog friend! I know we don’t know each other very well (or in real life), but we vegans need to stick together!! 😉

  3. Em says:

    Wow! That really made a georgous muffin! So yummy looking! You definitely r an amazing baker! (-:

  4. I only know you and other bloggers… and that’s it!! :-( No one I know in my country shares the same dislike for meat as I do! :-(

  5. Oh yum – we do this one all the time when making single lady cupcakes :) I like to add a dash of cinnamon to mine. You really have to try them with our freeze dried blueberries sometime though – they are to die for!

    1. Oh – and I’ve found that I actually know more vegans/vegetarians than I thought. When people find out that I write a food blog, or when they ask about coming to a cooking class, that’s when they mention it.

    2. Freeze ried blueberries? That sounds awesome! I wonder if they’re cheaper than fd raspberries… I wanted to buy a package once, to put in my homemade larabars, but it was $9! I can guarantee you that with my lack of willpower, I will someday break down and buy that package anyway ;).

  6. I know a couple, but they are loosely vegetarians. To each their own though! I used to be, but it didn’t work for me and my body. I still enjoy a good vegan dessert though :)

    1. That’s how I am with raw desserts! People go, “How come you eat raw desserts if you’re not a raw foodist?” Well, because there’s no rule that says you have to actually be on a certain diet to enjoy those desserts! :)

  7. Arusa says:

    I’m a vegetarian myself. I have also have had 3 vegetarian friends. I also know some others who are either vegetarian or vegan.
    I’m hopefully going to try and make this blueberry muffin.

  8. bloob muffins are my fav type!!!… and these look so moist and gosh- like for real idk how you do it but you do it SO WELL

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I know some vegetarians, many that are actually pescatarians and that don’t watch out for gelatin. But I don’t know any vegans personally. I have only heard of them from people that know one. That makes me feel lonely sometimes, and when I see other vegans at Whole Foods I get really happy because it reminds me I’m not alone. If it wasn’t for you, Katie, other bloggers and these celebs I would find it much harder to be vegan.

    1. I think I didn’t meet another vegan until I’d already been one three years… and then the first other vegans I met were goats! True story! I was at a bed-n-breakfast, and they told me that the lady who fed the goats was a vegan. I never got to meet her, though. Only the goats ;).

  10. One of my best friends is a veg.! Except one of those reliant on cheese/packaged snacks :C

    It looks rainy outside where you are…even a thousand or so miles away from Irene!

    1. Haha it’s actually not! We could use the rain… it’d cool things off!

  11. Dang that muffin looks good! I love huge muffin tops! This looks perfect. I’m the only vegetarian I know personally. Our family eats mostly vegetarian, but the boys do eat meat occasionally. Lately, they have been missing the more vegetarian lifestyle. They have decided to move more in that directions. I did ready about Bill Clinton and I do agree that if you eat a healthy vegan diet, it can be extremely beneficial. Although, you can go in the wrong direction and over do any diet.

  12. What a great idea! I’m totally going to use this recipe as I just moved into an apartment for a job and live by myself. Looks DELISH!

  13. Lauren B. says:

    I know a few vegetarians, and one raw foodist, but don’t personally know any vegans. I certainly think it is becoming more common though, judging from the amount of veg cookbooks I see in Barnes and Noble and veg restaurants now. I don’t know if I will ever be strictly veg or vegan, but I have been incorporating many more veg meals into my diet now. And as a result, am strangely losing my taste for meat! Hmmmm.

    1. That’s what happened to me and cheese! I used to be the biggest cheese addict ever… but now I can’t even stand the smell. Tastebuds are so weird!

      1. Megan says:

        Was it hard to give up cheese? How did you do it?

        1. Hey Megan! I thought it woul be hard, but it wasn’t at all. But I was lucky because I didn’t have to give it up in the US. I wrote more about it all here:

  14. Looks awesome!Love the single girl lady style!

  15. Kelly says:

    This looks exactly like my favorite vegan muffin, the blueberry muffin at Le Pain Quotidien. My muffins never turn out with that perfect top…any advice? I know not to overmix, but do you have batter scooping tips, do you use an ice cream scoop? Did you use a regular muffin tin?

    1. The best trick: smooth the top with a knife! It makes it look perfect every time :).
      I do use a regular muffin tin, and just a spoon to scoop it out.

      1. HC says:

        This looks so delicious!! I’m going to try making it using a coffee cup instead of using the muffin pan:)

        No, I do wish I knew vegans in my neighborhood:(

  16. My best friend is a vegetarian, and I am a vegan!! :)
    And my other friend has PKU, so she can’t eat a lot of protein, so shes pretty much a vegetarian/vegan as well! :)

  17. OMG–totally bookmarking this. Love! And for the muffin tin, are they just regular sized? Or do you need a special pan?

    1. I just use a regular muffin tin. I spray only one of the cups with oil spray.

  18. ellen says:

    hey katie, m gonna make this rite now! looks great…just wndering though, looked at the nutritional value, and when i add it up it equated to way more than 110 cals…just made me wonder ive got the measurements rite?
    3 tbsp flour (i make this 40grams?) and 1 tbsp coconut (…about 15 gram?)….or is this too much lol…any help would be great….xx

    1. I use 30g spelt flour. And the nutrition facts are for the basic single-lady cupcake. They’re calculated with the applesauce option.

  19. Emily says:

    I’m a pescetarian! Does that count? 😛 Haha, I do know many vegetarians though. I originally wanted to go full veg, but this is my compromise with my parents. (I, like you, am technically underweight, and they’re already worried enough about me… sigh.)

    1. I was a pescetarian first, too! But that only lasted around a week… because the only fish I even liked were fish sticks!

  20. VEGirl says:

    9That is so weird, I made blueberry muffins this morningl (although I made a big batch, so the whole family could join the fun!).

    1. I think we share a brain! (Or maybe that is wishful thinking on my part….)

  21. My sister and best friend are both vegetarian. I actually do not know many vegans, aside from you of course 😉

  22. Lacey says:

    whenever me and my mom make single-serving muffins/blueberries, we make one batch and pour it into two silicone muffin cups, and them microwave them. we ususally use silly feet because they are raised and the cupcakes dont get gummy on the bottom ( ). my moms favorite flavor right now is to make chocolate-almond ff, gf, sf cupcakes (with almond extract and sometimes orange), then add choco chips and top it off with either peanut butter or orange marmalade (or plain cuz they are good!)

    1. Boo says:

      Can I have your Mum’s recipe, please! Te sound yum!

  23. i love single serving recipes, because I typically am cooking for just myself and it’s always a hassle to have to try and scale down recipes, so thank you!!

    I’m a vegetarian, so now we all know another!!

  24. What a great recipe! I really love all your single serving recipes. My biggest problem living alone is that I never want to make a batch of anything because then I’m left with the whole thing! I have some fresh blueberries from the farmers market yesterday, so I’ll have to try this out!

  25. Gosh, that reminds me of the HUGE muffins I used to think of as normal from Dunks!! So pumped, and excited for your photography post!

    I only know three vegans in real life. You make 4!

  26. Yummy blueberry muffins are my favourite type of muffin! :)

    I just heard that Bill Clinton turned vegan too. I know a couple of vegetarians but no vegans – I think they’re pretty rare in Ireland!

  27. Tawnee says:

    Well, I know a lot of vegetarians, but not so many vegans. One of my friends, currently a vegetarian, has decided he wants to become fully vegan by the end of the semester though! He’s enlisted me as his coach hahaha.

    Dumb question: what kind of muffin pan do you use? Do you have a legitimate jumbo muffin pan, or is it just an overfilled regular pan?

  28. Lauren says:

    Yum. I need to make this asap!

    I know a handful of vegetarians, but no vegans. Meat-eating is pretty big here in Wisconsin (have you heard of our famous bratwursts?…Yuck!), so I don’t think vegetarians/vegans are as prevalent as they may be in other parts of the country.

    1. Haha sounds like here… with our brisket! 😕

  29. Single serving goodness! ….I’m off to the grocery store today to load up on some things to make items from THIS amazing site….

  30. Aja says:

    I wish I had blueberries right now. I love all your single-serving recipes.
    Well I’ve been a vegetarian for the majority of my life and just decided to become a vegan. I’m loving it. I have two friends that are vegetarians which is nice so I’m not alone and I think my boyfriend is seriously considering giving up his meat…

  31. Jenny says:

    Love your single serving (a.k.a. “single lady”) recipes! They make for such great snacks when you’re feeling indecisive, but want something delicious (and healthy, of course) A.S.A.P. :)

    I know quite a few vegetarians, but only three vegans. Two of those three… don’t know what they’re doing, to be honest. They haven’t done the research about becoming vegan (or even vegetarian) so they’re both experiencing a plethora of health problems at the moment. (The worst part is that they don’t want to listen to advice, either! And yes, I have tried to direct them to your blog! “I know what I’m doing” is what they always retort in response…)

    Thanks for another blueberry recipe. 😀 I hope blueberry season doesn’t come to an end soon… or, you know, ever.

  32. Laura says:

    This muffin looks awesome! I made a similar one the other day using a recipe from Happy Herbivore. I think hers is very close to yours.
    Anyway, there are quite a few vegans and vegetarians on my college campus and we have a vegetarian society that has helped me meet lots of people. I am actually going to be living in a house of three vegans (including me), three vegetarians, and two omnivores. Should be interesting!
    You’re totally right about veganism becoming more mainstream. I live in Philly and I am constantly amazed by the number of vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants popping up.

    1. Oh you’re so super-lucky! Philly is my favorite city! I love South Street especially! An there’s some veg restaurant… I can’t remember the name, but they have an incredible peanut sauce curry. (Of course, my favorite restaurant on Cherry Street closed. :()

  33. Michaela says:

    yum yum! Love blueberry muffins!
    I know some vegan/vegetarian people, but not that many (about 8 altogether). I guess that will change when I start at Peta 😉

  34. Amber K says:

    I’m the resident vegetarian of my group of friends. And I also have to be gluten-free and can only handle certain kinds of dairy and limited amount of soy. Growing up I was a vegetarian in a very meat-heavy family. And my parents would get really angry with me for not wanting to eat meat. They might have been more ok with it if I had reasons beyond “but it’s DISGUSTING!!!” Then again, probably not. But thankfully my husband is totally okay with the fact that he eats waaay less meat now that he’s with me.

  35. Lauren says:

    By the way, I saw this course offered at UC Berkeley mentioned in an article and thought of you right away!
    “Chocolate: History, Culture, and Science”

    Man, why doesn’t my college offer a course on chocolate?!

    1. OMG! Can I go back to college? I never thought I’d say that ;).

  36. Ashley says:

    My boyfriend’s a vegetarian! He was raised that way, so he’s never known anything different. I love it– it encourages me to go out and make creative and fun dishes for us to try together! I still haven’t gotten around to tofu yet, haha. I knew a vegan once, in college. She about died when she found out Oreos were “vegan”. That’s my best memory of her. And of course, you Katie!

    Fabulous looking blueberry muffin! This is my sister’s fave– and she’s starting her first day of college tomorrow! Maybe I’ll make this for her!

  37. I love YOU and your Single Lady Cupcakes!! I have them at LEAST twice a week (or day 😉 ) and they will NEVER get dull!! You are a genius :)

    Actually, in my close group of friends, only one out of the five of us eats meat! I think vegetarianism isn’t uncommon in London, but sadly veganism still is! I think that would change though if everyone tried your muffins! 😀

    1. Kathleen says:

      Hi! Since you’ve made these muffins multiple times before, I was wondering how big they were? Like are they big muffins? Similar to the kind you’d get in a coffee shop?

  38. Perfect!! Just got some coconut oil and am looking for lots of things to bake!

  39. Lindsay says:

    I love muffins! And one of my best friends is a vegan. I showed her your website and its dramatically improved her quality of life. Her diet was mainly consisting of Fruit Loops before I brought over some CCK raw chocolate raspberry mouse cake.

    1. Aww wow, thank you so much!! That makes me smile so much… I remember when I first went vegan and thought it meant I couldn’t eat chocolate!

  40. Megan says:

    This looks so delicious Katie! I love muffins with plump blueberries and it looks so moist and fresh! I always loved those giant blueberry muffins with streusel on top as a kid, so I bet you could do a healthy one with a touch of brown sugar and some nuts. Also, I am making your raw chocolate fudge cake today! As for knowing veg people, I had a co-worker who was vegan, another who was vegetarian, and I have been a vegetarian for a whopping 3 months! (you gotta start somewhere) I have considered going vegan but I just love greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and goat cheese!

    1. Megan says:

      And an interested blurb about UNT…

      1. I saw that too! I am happy for them… but jealous! LOL it *almost* makes me want to go back to college. Almost, but not quite!

    2. Haha I used to love cottage cheese too! I wonder if there’s a vegan substitute… it’s weird that they’re able to make vegan calamari (grossly weird!) but no one’s done cottage cheese yet! Someday soon, I bet they will!

  41. Jeska says:

    I know about seven vegetarians and three vegans. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE. 😉

  42. Lilly says:

    I am totally going to be making this today in mini form, hmmm I wonder how many “mini” muffins it will yield, I’m guessing 3? I actually know a ton of vegetarians, and many vegans too actually. I was raised mostly veg, and a lot of my family are veg or vegan too :) Reading some of the comments made me realize how I guess I take all the vegetarian and even vegan places around me for granted, we have a lot in CA.

  43. saskia says:

    the muffin looks yuuuuummy! 😀

    i do know a couple of vegetarians, but unfortunately i don’t know any vegan..would be easier if i had company! but hey, i really believe being vegan is worthy all troubles! :)

    rock on!

  44. Maren says:

    I love your single serving recipes. They’re so perfect for those of us (and by us I mean ME) who have absolutely no will power to stop after only 1!!

  45. Jenny$1983 says:

    Your single serving recipes make me so happy, thank you for a mega blueberry version! Blueberries are near enough my favourite fruit (they frequently have rowdy fights with all other berries and bananas for top spot :D) and blueberry muffins are definitely my favourite … I do love a good double – or even triple – chocolate (healthy and vegan!) muffin, but I will pick a blueberry muffin nine times out of ten.

    If this is anything like your banana bread recipe (which I frosted with your Coconut Banana Butter … my mouth is watering with the memory…), I can see myself sliding off the couch in a dazed state of bliss when I make this :)

    1. Jenny$1983 says:

      Damn, I meant to write that I know exactly one vegetarian and one vegan in person: my mum went vegetarian about eight years ago, one year after I did, and my friend who has been a vegetarian for over twenty years has recently become vegan. I’ve spent the last several months stealthily manoeuvring mine and my mum’s diet towards veganism 😛

  46. This looks exactly like one of the muffins you would get at the store-YUM! they always make me drool 😀

  47. These look yummy. I knew one Vegan (from a distance) who did the Oreo/Diet drink/Fritos version of Vegan. But, this is so funny/weird. My cousin went Vegan in January, my aunt and uncle followed based on the Engine 2 Diet and The China Study. I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I could give up cream in my coffee (oh, nothing better than good French press coffee w/ cream) and cheese. My daughter followed my aunt and uncle and cousin and I decided I’d give it a shot. My husband agreed and we took April as the month we would try Veganism. He’s amended it a little (I still cook for him so he doesn’t get a lot of say — but he eats salmon a few times a week) but I’ve stuck with it and I LOVE it. Now. My family thinks we are all weirdos and they don’t know “what to feed YOU people” but they snarf everything we bring….and rave about it. More converts in the future methinks.

    1. Wow, that is so awesome! And you sound a lot like me too… I never, ever thought I could give up cheese. Macaroni and cheese was my favorite food. Now I don’t even like the smell of it! It’s so interesting how our tastes can change!

  48. I’m a vegetarian and I have several vegetarian friends, and I have two vegetarian cousins, an aunt and uncle who are vegetarian, a grandma who is vegetarian, and a cousin who is vegan! But none of my immediate family is vegetarian or vegan, so I feel slightly out of place. Oh well, I love to be different! :)

    I. Am. Drooling. That muffin looks…. incredible? Amazing? Fabulous? None of those words really do it justice 😛 And I love how the pictures are outside, yet you managed to sneak some blue in there. I think the presence of blue in your pictures is like your signature 😉

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Katie!! 😀

    <3 <3

  49. Vegan foods are becoming part of mainstream supermarkets – thank god! At costco, actually, they sell vegan veggie burgers that are quite tasty! A family friend of mine is vegan and she just had a baby who she is raising vegan as well! Did you know that Abe Lincoln was a vegetarian. Also, there is Natalie Portman and Leonardo Di Vinci! wowza

    1. I heard Ben Franklin was… but I also heard Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom were, and I don’t think that’s true, so who knows! But it’s too cool if Lincoln was! And Natalie Portman is just gorgeous! :)

  50. Anonymous says:

    Can I bake this in a 1 cup ramekin? I don’t want to use a whole muffin pan for just 1 muffin!

  51. Rebecca says:

    Oooh! That reminded me that I had cut out a recipe for LIME Blueberry muffins! I need to make them ASAP (or play around with this recipe). Man, I looove lime (but lemon? not so much..isn’t that funny?).

    It is strange to me how vegans/vegetarians/specialty diets could be looked at as “weird” by others. I never had that experience. Years ago (I was probably around 12…I am now 29) I went vegan for about a year (am no longer vegan) and everyone was interested in it…no judgement. Although my family wasn’t up for going vegan (and I was not interested in converting anyone) they were always willing to try food I made and were supportive. Friends did not bat an eyelash either. And this was before being veg was “cool!”

    1. Wow, your friends were way more open-minded than mine! LOL I had a guy literally chase me around with a piece of chicken, saying, “I’m going to feed you chicken!” Wondering why he was my friend… hehehe :).

  52. Moni'sMeals says:

    yummy! That looks light and fluffy, just theyway I like them!

    Living in LA there are pplenty of Vegans and Vegetarins and I love that because eating out is so much easier. I find interesting that many hip-hop artists are Vegan I think it is so awesome and like you said, “Vegans used to be seen as weird and out of the ordinary.” well not so much any more!

  53. I’ve just realised I’ve never had a blueberry muffin! I need to do something about that and luckily there are two boxes of blueberries in my fridge at this moment :-)
    Thanks for the frosting reminder too; I made a vegan carrot cake last week and couldn’t think what to fill it with. In the end, I went with a coconut oil “buttercream” – which would have been right up your street, I reckon! – but the cashew/tofu one would have been amazing! I’ll bookmark for next time, thank you :-)

  54. Any recipe that is single serve AND I can make in 90 secs in the micro b/c I just don’t turn my oven on for 1 cupcake…it’s gotta be a batch of something really big for me to bother with all that ..haha! But yeah, this is awesome.

    And also it’s vegan. Another bonus.

    Do I know any vegans or veggies, yeah half of SoCal :) My entire life (95%) ive been either vegan or veggie. I’ve eaten trace amounts of fish in my life but always return to my plant based roots. It’s just works for me :)

  55. I live in a small city of 79,000 people and I’ve met exactly ONE vegan and ONE vegetarian, not including myself! I tried to find an issue of Vegetarian Times after our Borders closed down and I COULDN’T!!!

    Of course, the Midwest has the lowest rates of vegetarianism in the country (probably due to all our meat- and dairy-centered agribusiness), so this really isn’t surprising. In a year I’m moving to a Midwestern hippie oasis to go to grad school, so I look forward to all the vegetarian cafes and health-food stores… ahhh… :)

    By the way, your muffins look gorgeous! I’ve got a smidgen of blueberries left and I know what I’m gonna make with them!

  56. Namaste Gurl says:

    Thanks so much for this recipe– now I know where to head when I’m feeling indulgent and don’t want to bake a whole batch of yummy goodness :) I bet some coconut may make their way into my muffins…

  57. Lyza says:

    Ooh a photography post sounds lovely :)

    I am the only vegan I know who lives nearby :) The one vegan I met in real life traveled up here (to Michigan) from my sister’s school in Massachusetts. LOL someone had to commute to here before I finally met a vegan!! Where are all the Michigan vegans at?! There needs to be a listing!! 😛 (ideas, Katie?)

    1. Hmmm… did you google “vegan meet ups”? I just did for Dallas, and it turns out we have a meet-up group? Who knew! In Dallas?!

  58. Eric Jaffa says:

    Bill Clinton eats a mostly vegan diet for health reasons. However, he isn’t a vegetarian.

    Paul McCartney is a vegetarian. However, I’ve never seen him describe himself as a vegan.

  59. I love “for one” recipes!! Having 12 muffings/cookies/biscuits/anything in my house is never a good idea…

  60. Yay for Bill Clinton! Haha I’m glad to read that I didn’t give you false information on his veganism. I know tons of vegetarians, a few vegans. I myself have tried both lifestyles. I eat mostly vegan/vegetarian when it’s just me, but am omnivorous in the company of others, and when I cook for the family.

  61. Hannah Bone says:

    Oh, this is all too perfect!
    Combining bloobs, muffin, and in a single serve portion!

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 6 years!

  62. Making this ASAP! I live for blueberries!!!!

  63. Faith says:

    I’m one of three vegans/vegetarians in my office – I also know a few from church, college and just day-to-day life!

  64. Mellie says:

    I know 1 vegetarian and 1 “vegatarian” who eats chicken and bacon! Well, who can blame her?

  65. Mellie says:

    I know one vegetarian and one “vegetarian” who eats chicken and bacon! well, who can blame her?

  66. Kerryne says:

    Okay, seriously???? The food porn on your blog is enough to drive a carb deprived woman to tears 😉 I love your recipes, and I love your blog, but it always makes me very, VeRy, VERY hungry, ha ha!

  67. ashley says:

    I love your single lady recipes, keeps me from eating too much!! I also used to think veganism was weird until I started reading your blog. Turns out vegans can eat alot more than broccoli and its actually good for you too :)

  68. Rebecca says:

    Where have these been all my life??? I adore blueberry muffins, but sometimes I just want one. You are amazing!!

  69. I love this muffin for one…anything for one is great in my book! Though I cook and bake a lot for my husband and myself, I love having options when he isn’t around and I don’t want to make a lot of food.

  70. This looks so, so delicious!! And it got really puffy too!! I’m usually too lazy to wait for the oven, but this recipe just might convince me!!

  71. Marianne says:

    I know lots of vegetarians, and a fair number of vegans, but I live on the west coast, so I think it’s more commonplace out here. Or perhaps I just run in those kind of circles, even though I am neither myself.

  72. Alyssa says:

    Luckily I live near San Francisco, so there are LOTS of veggies/vegans here! We even have great veg/vegan/raw restaurants. Not that I can get out to eat very often, but it’s nice to know they’re there, lol!
    That muffin looks delish. I may have to make one this afternoon.

  73. Caitlin says:

    I just made this muffin for my mum, because she had a rough day at work..I replaced the fresh blueberries with dried cranberries, because berries are very expensive here in the Netherlands..She said it tasted great, and I think it really made her feel better! Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes Katie..I love your blog! (I actually read it at least twice a day, hihi!)

    1. Wow, aww that made me smile so much! Give your mom a hug for me! :)

  74. jordan says:

    ohhh my gosh this looks delicious! i used to be so addicted to those ginormous muffins they sell at convenience stores about 4 years ago that are so disgustingly bad for you, but this looks like a much better, healthier version :) thank you for sharing, can’t wait to make one myself!

  75. Amanda says:

    I’m the lone vegan in my family (though there are a few vegetarians), at my work, and in my group of friends. Those who care about me are supportive but I’m thankful for the vegan blogging community! :)

    This muffin looks amazing! Love the microwave option, too. Can’t wait to try it!

  76. Melissa says:

    I just found your site thanks to a friend of mine and couldn’t resist trying this recipe first since it has the microwave option. Baked goods in the micro? Really?

    So I made it using spelt flower, canola oil, and 2% cow’s milk. Nuked it for about 100 seconds and it turned out good! It was smaller than I expected – only halfway filled my little ramekin, but I could easily double the recipe if I wanted a big muffin.

    I’m going to try this again with a wheat-free flour mix and soy milk for my allergic son. He rarely gets baked good because of his wheat/egg/milk/nut allergies, so it will be a special treat. Thanks for the recipe – I can’t wait to try some others!

    1. Aww I’m so glad your son can have a treat too! I know how it feels to be left out when everyone’s having a treat… and I used to feel left out by choice (when I first went vegan). I can’t imagine how sad I would’ve been if I was left out because of an allergy. It’s so awesome that they now make so many allergy-friendly products so EVERYone can enjoy yummy things :).

  77. I am in love with your Single Lady Recipes!!! 😀 They are the BEST! 😀

  78. Chaya Phally says:

    It looks marvelous! I should try it!

    I know one vegan
    He is on

  79. I’m forcing myself to get off of my computer right now because I have literally just bookmarked ten more of your recipes. I already have a million on my to-do list and I need to make a dent on that list before I can add anymore. Your desserts look sooo amazing and I love all of these recipes “for one”. My boyfriend doesn’t have half the sweet tooth I do and sometimes I just need something for myself :)

    1. LOL!
      Seriously, what is wrong with boys? They don’t appreciate good desserts ;). I’ve met so many that don’t like ice cream… and I dated a guy who didn’t like chocolate! (Of course, that just meant more for me!)

  80. Megan E says:

    just tried this out with blueberries AND raspberries! It was very good,although i want more now! i did have to microwave for 45sec longer then suggested but still quick enough to make on a rushed morning. I know several vegetarians and vegans but i live in colorado near boulder so it is common here. thanks for the recipe.

    1. I’m so glad you tried it! As for the microwave thing… maybe it has something to do with the altitude? Don’t high altitudes require longer cooking times? (Or maybe it’s shorter cooking times… lol I’m all mixed up :-?) In any case, I’m glad it worked!

  81. Megan E. says:

    Hmm, apparently my Kindle attempt at a comment didn’t show up, if it does later, I’m sorry for double posting!

    I just made this muffin this morning, except did 1 T blueberries and 1 T raspberries – AMAZING COMBO! I also used 1 T sugar – probably could have cut back, applesauce – worked great, and microwaved it for 90 s + 45 s (I had a big square dish) and it turned out fantastic with my green tea. I love that its fast enough to make during my “I have 10 minutes before I have to leave and I have a million things to do” days.

    As for vegans & vegetarians – I know a ton, I live near Boulder, CO which has them everywhere! I even see vegan cheese in the grocery stores around here – I don’t think there’s much you really have to give up, since there’s usually an “alternative”. Personally I just don’t want to, I love all foods, but I do like eating healthy so more sweet potato fries and less meat is always good.

  82. Barb says:

    I just made this delish looking muffin, cause I can’t eat gluten OR any kind of sugar or honey, so I just used a tad of stevia. I didn’t have any flour, so ground up some quinoa in my coffee grinder and added a touch of cornstarch and used that. It sort of fell apart, but it turned into a rather yummy sugar free kind of fruit slump! A new concoction!!! Yay. Thanks for the ideas.

  83. Tracy says:

    I literally just made and ate… no, devoured… this muffin and it was scrumptious!!! And, being a single lady, I appreciate the recipes that make only one serving. Otherwise, I’d be throwing away and wasting a lot of food, or I’d be eating the whole entire thing (which is what typically happens!). Keep the great recipes coming!!! :)

  84. Ludka says:

    Beautiful recipe i am gonna try it 😉 saying hello from Slovakia

  85. Jill says:

    I HOPE this works with quinoa flour. I’m heaving carnivorus (plus dairy)…so adding something vegan in my life might be okay for a change-up …although this muffin will likely go into a tub of yogurt!
    I have tried these with oil and it comes out great! SO, will it still be good without the oil and the sauce instead (I want to try to fat-free version because my diet is strongly fat-heavy), but worry the sauce won’t be as effective.
    Also, will a microwave be just as effective?? And suggested time?

    I like quinoa flour (you should try it), but worry it won’t be as good ….I’ve never had spelt or others for that matter.

    1. I do know that others have done it in the microwave. Maybe try 1 minute? It really depends on the strength of your microwave.
      I don’t know if it would hold together with quinoa flour, but if you try it I’d love to know if it works!

  86. Audrey says:

    I just made this baby. So good, using applesauce, I had to add an extra T of soy milk, and cooking time was about 20 min. Calorie-wise it came out to 150 for me.
    Can I just say how much I appreciate this as a single serving recipe? It’s awesome.

  87. Jennifer says:

    This is so cute. Do you think it would work if I tried to steam the muffin batter instead of baking it

  88. Grace says:

    this looks amazing!! i just made one, but into mini-muffins and with raspberries (i didn’t have any blueberries) and i can’t wait to try them!! thanks for the great vegan recipes, it’s hard to find good ones!

  89. rachel says:

    made this today, with raspberries, vegetable oil and sprinkled raw sugar on top. delish!

  90. Heather says:

    I made this as part of a breakfast for my son this morning – I guess it was good as there was nothing left but the cupcake liner! 😉

  91. I tried a gluten-free version of this muffing this morning. I used just under 1 teaspoon of sugar, and it was more than sweet enough for me. It’s nice to be able to have one muffin without having to experiment with a whole batch (which may or may not work; gluten-free baking can be tricky). My muffin top slid off (the whole thing was rather crumbly), but it was still delicious!

  92. Emily Combs says:

    Do you think if I timed each of the ingredients by the amount I want to make of muffins it would still turn out good? With having a family, only making one muffin doesn’t work normally :) Looks delicious though!

    1. I *think* it would… I know a girl who blogged about making 4 muffins from the recipe a few days ago. But I’ve never tried it. Still, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work!

  93. Jennifer says:

    How would I be able to double this recipe in order to make more of them? I’d love to have one each morning!

    1. Just double each of the individual ingredients. Or even triple or quadruple :).

  94. Amy says:

    So yummy. The coconut oil makes it so crunchy delish! For anyone wondering, it’s 8 WW pointsplus and soooooooooooo worth it (would be a lot less with applesauce, but you’ve gotta have that coconut oil)!

  95. Carolyn says:

    Just tried to make one in the microwave. Did not over-stir, as I’ve been making muffins for years & know over-stirring makes them tough. Results: one big ball of rubber :-(

    1. maybe your microwave’s really strong…try shortening the cook time, because I just did mine and it came out perfectly! also keep in mind that the resulting texture of microwaved baked goods is not the same as baking…

  96. Erika says:

    lol… i live in montreal. EVERYONE is vegan (and/or some other kind of dietary restriction) hahaha. you walk down the street and there are vegan restaurants.

  97. Alexa says:

    Yum I just made this in the microwave! I followed the recipe exactly except I doubled it (I was hungry haha) and used white flour. It was good, but the top kept seeming underdone so I think I microwaved it a little too long and it’s a little dry. I think in total I put it in for around double the time here. Great idea though and will definitely be using it again!

  98. K says:

    i want to use a natural sweetener, to me that is maple syrup, molasses, date syrup, honey– which do you think would taste best??

    1. Sorry, I’ve never tried date syrup, and I really don’t know! It depends on your personal tastes. :)

  99. Jolynn says:

    I tried making a couple of your single serving cupcakes this weekend and they all came out completely stuck to the cupcake liners… any idea why this happened and what I can do to fix it next time? Maybe not use a cupcake liner and just spray the pan?

    1. Hmmm… yeah, I usually spray the pan and don’t use liners. Did you use the oil or applesauce version? Especially if it has no added fat, you’re safer without a liner.

      1. Jolynn says:

        Applesauce. I figured it was since there isn’t really any fat; but in your picture they came out perfect. Ah well.. I’ll try again with the liners because the flavor was still delish!

  100. Johnyne says:

    Made this blueberry muffin and made it low carb by using 1T coconut flour, 1T soy flour, and 1T whole wheat pastry flour, stevia/splenda mix, and used Soy Delicious coconut beverage for the liquid. It turned out great!! Thanks Katie!

  101. Jenna says:

    Hi ! I’m a pescetarian who has been trying to eat healthier but who loves sweets :) I chanced upon this website a few weeks ago and I love it! I haven’t had the chance to try many of the recipes yet, but they all seem so delicious! I love your idea for a single-serving muffin, but I actually multiplied the recipe by 12 to get an even dozen as I wanted to eat these throughout the week. I made a few modifications as well, but I think your original recipe is amazing nonetheless. I posted my modified recipe for anyone else who would like to try it.
    Modified Orange-Blueberry Muffins (Makes 12)
    • 2 1/ 4 cup flour (I used 1 1/4 cup all purpose white, 1 cup whole wheat)
    • 1 tbsp baking powder
    • 3 / 4 tsp salt
    • 1 1/2 – 2 cups blueberries (fresh or frozen)
    • 2 tbsp vanilla extract
    • 3 /4 cup unsweetened applesauce(You can use unrefined coconut oil as the original recipe says or a different oil;
    • 1 cup orange juice
    • 1 tbsp orange zest (I use atleast 2 times more because I like a strong orange flavour)
    • 1 cup sugar or sweetener (I use 1 cup because as I mentioned I like things sweet and the orange juice gives it a slight bitter taste)

    Thank you for the recipe and I look forward to trying other recipes on your website! 😀

    1. Thanks, Jenna! People often ask how to scale the recipe up. Now I can just send them to your comment :) :).

  102. Jenna says:

    Hey this looks super good!!! But if I wanted to microwave this muffin, how long should I put it in for?

    1. It really depends on the microwave, so you’ll have to experiment.

  103. aisha says:

    CCK!!! will you please pwease make a bulk option of your single lady cupcakes !! If we continue to bake such small quantities we’re going to stay single!!! i really wanna make a bunch of thease and your confetii cupcake but some of us are allready amature bakers and have poor math skills *sigh*

    1. lol I do have a few “bigger” versions… but I’m not sure if they’ll go in my cookbook yet, so I’m hanging on to the recipes and not posting yet :-?.

      1. Aisha says:

        awww but ,Katie i said pwese ,make the option for thease ones!! I realy wanna share with ppl how yummy vegan baking is , ill get the book still !:D And i just tested this one , i was really nervous i messed up, also thoguht we’re supposed to use the big muffin pans so i bought one, but it only rose maybe halfway, that allways happens with vegan baking, it was still muffinlicious .i thought id call it a one hit wonder muffin since im not a single lady =]
        what do u think about, or have u tryed throwing in some Enner-G to puff them up? I really want that big blue berry mountian effect yours has !!keep em comin katie<3

  104. Grace says:

    I’m gonna try that now, only with chocolate chips! Thanks! Oh, and my aunt is either vegetarian or vegan, I don’t know which, but I’m pretty sure she’s a vegetarian! : )

  105. Grace says:

    This. Is. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Kate says:

    Katie! God bless you. I was looking for a sweet breakfast this morning and I used this recipe as inspiration for a peanut butter banana muffin. I basically used a half tablespoon peanut butter and a smushed up 1/4 of a banana in place of the oil. Delicious! Oh man and I topped it with a DELICIOUS streusel of sugar, flour, cinnamon, and a touch of coconut oil. I highly recommend it!!

  107. Maria says:

    Hi Katie!
    I love love love your blog so very much and I want to than you for taking the time to answer each comment or inquiry very carefully and always go the extra mile. Go Katie!!,
    I know this is a strange place to be asking, but have you ever been to Lush cosmetics? Their products are AMAZING!!! All of their cosmetics are vegetarian and many are vegan. They have a mint-chocolate face mask ( yup- CHOCOLATE )called cupcake that feels divine and I can’t get enough of it!!! Yes, the mask is totally vegan. Yo should try it!
    Here’s their website:
    They have everything from bath bombs, to lotion bars, to solid shampoos to henna hair dyes!!,

    1. Mint-chocolate face mask???! Oh dear, now I have to make a trip to Lush. I have been a few times before, but the last time I was there was a few years ago. Thanks for the heads up!

  108. Christine P says:

    Hi Katie,

    I just discovered your blog and am lovin it. The first time I made this muffin, it came out horrible. I decided to use my toater oven to cook it instead of heating my house up by using the oven. Big Mistake!! It wasn’t cooking all the way through. I then decided to finish cooking it in the microwave. Another big mistake!! It came out too rubbery. Today, I decided to use my oven and make one for my daughter. It turned out perfect!! I also added a pinch of cinnamon in the recipe and some brown sugar on top before putting it in the oven. Yum!!

  109. Mady says:

    Hi Katie,
    I love your blog! I have used so many of your recipes, and have loved them all!

    But I’m trying to watch my weight, and the calorie count on these muffins seem kind of off (or I’m just very over tired and stupid right now 😉 )

    In a tablespoon of coconut oil there’s already 120 calories, and the flour I use has 110 calories per 3 tablespoons, so how are these muffins only 110 calories?!

    Thanks for making all of these awesome recipes :)

  110. LaDonna says:

    So glad I found your blog today! With one person in my home diabetic and another gluten free, many of your recipes can work for both! And I feel better about low sugar for everyone!! Yea!!

  111. Samantha A says:

    Katie, Katie, Katie, you are one of my very favorite people these days! I’ve only found your blog recently and I LOVE every recipe I’ve tried. Love it! I just made these muffins today, but we had just finished our blueberries, so I chopped up some cherries & used them, I also added a dash of cinnamon, just because I love cinnamon. I love this recipe. Thank you for sharing your love of healthy foods. I love that so many of your recipes are so simple and are made up of ingredients I already have on hand. Now I just need to work on my willpower because everything I make from your blog is so good that I just want to keep eating it!!!

  112. Julia says:

    Does anyone know how to turn the single blueberry muffin recipe into a 12 person one?

  113. sarah m says:

    Hi! I have made this recipe many times…I love it! Despite having made it so many times…with different flours, sometimes with applesauce, sometimes with coconut oil…I am just now getting around to posting a question.

    I am fairly new to coconut oil, so I think that is the root of the problems I have with this recipe. I just can’t ever seem to bake the muffins in under 30+ minutes…I even turn the oven up to 350 to help it along! So, I’m hoping you can tell me what I am doing wrong?

    This morning, I doubled the recipe, used spelt flour, frozen blueberries, and coconut oil (I mixed all ingredients before folding in blueberries so oil wouldn’t clump on the frozen berries). The only change I made to the recipe was to omit the extra tsp of milk to counter the water from frozen berries. It takes forever to bake!! Like 45 mins or so!

    I would love any insight you or others could offer!! :)

    1. Karen C says:

      You must have a really terrible oven! Mine took 10 minutes! And I used coconut oil too.

  114. Scarlett says:

    So, I’m super budget and used water instead of soymilk and it STILL turned out tasty! Not pretty, but tasty nonetheless. Thanks for all the awesome recipes!

  115. CarolS says:

    Ok, you are my new hero! I made this blueberry muffin.. didn’t measure the blueberries, I’m sure I added more than I was suppose to, so I ended up with more of a pie like center but I like pie and the flavors were wonderful! The best part is that since I am the only sweet eater here & I only made one, I’m not going to have leftovers spoiling, nor am I going to be eating too much in an attempt to get rid of them before they spoil. Thanks for sharing…can’t wait to try the other flavors you have posted!

  116. Gemma says:

    I know a couple of vegitarians, one of them used to be vegan but she kept loosing too much weight and stopped.
    Also this muffin is amazing, but a warning fro anyone who has the brilliant idea of melting the oil so its easier to mix…. dont…. just dont. hahahah

  117. Krista says:

    Made individual cupcakes with the kids for Sunday snack this afternoon. We doubled the recipe to make mega cupcakes: 1 lemon, 1 vanilla, 1 blueberry muffin. They are now licking the cupcake papers, so I guess they were pretty good. It was more work for mom to supervise, but they loved being able to choose separate flavors and try each other’s cakes when they were done. Thanks for this fun idea.

  118. princess tay says:

    Just made this for morning tea with my coffee, i used frozen mixed berries and accidentally forgot to put the applesauce in! still taste amazing tho! Im a student so one thing I really love about ur blog is that I can make a great cheap, healthy muffin for way less than what I would pay at the uni cafe.

    I work for a catering company, we cater to big corporate dinners/weddings/functions etc. you would be surprise by the amount of vegans, vegetarians we have to cater for! they are definitely out there!

    I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a vegetarian, more of a picky eater. I do not eat any sort of red meat, pork and most types of chicken. I really only eat chicken breast and seafood. this is more of a preference to do with the texture/taste/chewyness of other meats. Told u I was picky!!! haha

  119. Melissa says:

    I don’t know anyone who eats strictly vegan. I am lactose intolerant and find that vegan recipes are easiest for that. I am also 8 months pregnant and VERY turned off by raw meat. Might have to permanently switch to vegetarian/vegan diet. I love your website- so many great recipes.

  120. Karen C says:

    Saw this on foodgawker and made it right away. It is now my new favorite dessert!

  121. Joan says:

    Great idea – eager to make one!

  122. Em Elijah says:

    I love muffins, esp. this blueberry kind. But I pinned this on Pinterest and now I desperately want to win a cuisine art!! Since starting to read this blog I had to get one, but my blender is so small and not powerful. =( I could do so much more with this one!!!

  123. Cat says:

    I repinned this microwave muffin on Pinterest because what else does a college girl need for late night studying!? (Well, besides tons and tons of coffee of course) (:

  124. Christy says:

    im mostly vegan but not 100% percent yet. i dont really know many vegans or vegatarians closley but i have loose relationships with quite a few. my aunt only eats meat that she think is treated humainly, my friends mom was a vegatarian growing up, i once met vegatarian in a public pool, a girl in my art class is a vegatarian, my friends grandma is a vegan, my friend is a vegatarian, and my parents friend is a vegan. then of course theres my favorite vegan chocoholic, YOU :)

  125. Radhika Sarohia says:

    That looks so good, can’t wait to try making this 😀

  126. jlweeds says:

    I actually have had really great success with the applesauce variation. but, i added 1/4 tsp baking soda (for a double batch) and a few drops of apple cider vinegar. my cake rose nicely, was fluffy, and not dense! these mug cakes are addictive, by the way. =)

  127. Delish! Definitely gonna be making a GF version for my family! :)

  128. Sidney says:

    Mine fell flat and it didn’t look anywhere near as beautiful/round/moist as your muffin did! I was wondering if that happened because I didn’t wait for the coconut oil to soften/turn into actual oil before adding it. Any tips/ideas?

    1. cck says:

      Definitely use it as liquid. Otherwise there won’t be enough liquid in the recipe.

  129. Non-chocolate Covered Katie says:

    I made these this morning but used black currants instead of blueberries. They turned out pretty good, but the batter was so dry. I added a little more milk…maybe next time I’ll melt the coconut oil first.

    The muffins didn’t rise at all…they came out as the exact clumps I put in the cups (I made mini muffins). Is that normal?

    1. cck says:

      Definitely melt the oil first. Also, I haven’t made mini muffins so I really don’t know.

  130. Ashlan says:

    Yuuum!!! I had one of these for breakfast! It was super good! I didn’t put any sweetener in it, but I used mashed banana instead of the coconut oil, and that turned out great! My mom introduced me to this blog a couple weeks ago, and I love the single-serving recipes.
    I don’t know any vegetarians or vegans, and I’m neither. Last year, I did a candida diet for a few months, and ever since I’ve gotten into healthy food. Though I’m not vegetarian or vegan, I love your desserts because I can eat good food without feeling bad about all the carbs I’ve consumed.

  131. OMG!
    After month of trying your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G recipes and them never working out
    (I assume thats due to having to substitute so much, cause most of the ingedrients, you use, arent available in Germany)
    I didnt give up and tried this muffin recipe (one last try,I told myself) and IT WORKED!
    Thank you so much for these great, healthy, creative and tiny recipes.
    Theyre perfect.
    And Ive lerned never to give up :)

  132. Lena says:

    Yes…. My sister is vegetarian, a girl in my class is too and another one used to be vegan but stopped (due to “health issues”, but she has some allergies… however, she decided to eat meat again too). Someone also claimed to know a vegan at my school. Whoo, at least I’m not completely alone xD

  133. Melissa says:

    Hee katie!

    I recently found your website and I’m in love with it!
    You recipes are wonderful!

    I just have one big problem.
    I tried to make your single-ladie cupcakes two times already and they keep failing.
    One time the top was really hard, i couldn’t even bite in it and the lower part of the cupcake was still not really done.
    It wasn’t even brown yet….
    Do you know what I did wrong?

    I can’t use vanilla extract because my country doesn’t sell that so I have to use vanilla aroma. Is that the problem?

    1. cck says:

      What flour did you use?

  134. Rachel says:

    My Dad is a vegan, which can be very annoying for my mom because she has to make vegan friendly food haha but the rest of us aren’t which is why I like to find single serving foods like these(:

  135. Rachel says:

    Firstly, yes my whole family is vegetarian / vegan (almost, minus my older brother, so 3/4’s ), and I do know many other vegetarians personally but only a few live in my city.

    I made this into a savoury and it was SO GOOD! I ditched the essence & sugar, chopped up fresh basil, parsley, tomatoes, red capsicum, added extra salt & smoked paprika (the best thing in the world), + extra herbs theeeen served with vegan cheese & vegan cream cheese. Best thing ever!! And now mum has just gotten me a muffin maker from a second hand shop and I swear life is made. I can bake muffins to my hearts content :)

  136. kate says:

    finally made one of these with my toddler and it is huge!!!
    I am soo excited, i can’t wait to try it!!

  137. Chantelle says:

    Hi, Katie! I made this and kept to your recipe (used applesauce, white flour, stevia) and cooked it in the microwave but it turned out with a weird rubbery texture although the flavor was still good. I was wondering if it was the applesauce or the microwave (or a combo) that produced such a texture. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

    1. cck says:

      Hi Chantelle,
      Fat-free baked goods will always be a bit gummy. That is just the nature of fat-free baking… And then microwaving baked goods will also yield a not-as-great texture… so combining the two is not ideal. If possible, I highly recommend using oil, or at least only doing one or the other (micro or fat-free).

  138. Deana says:

    Hi Katie, do you have the nutritional info for these blueberry muffins? Thanks.

  139. Healthychef says:

    Made a chocolate coconut muffin it was delicious!!!!!

  140. Julia says:

    This was so yummy! I didn’t have any berries so I used some mango. I microwaved it and it still had a great texture.

  141. shayfit says:

    Oh My Goodness these were so good! I doubled the recipe and made 9 mini corn muffins . mmmm I could eat 20 of these!

  142. Rosie says:

    Hi Katie! I made these muffins but they came out with a gummy texture. I used only half of the applesauce to substitute the oil but I replaced the other half with flaxseed. What do you think? They baked for about 20 minutes. Thx!

    1. Unfortunately, I really can’t give advice about a substitution if I haven’t tried it.

  143. Lindsay says:

    I know what I’m making for breakfast tomorrow! This looks so good. I knew a lot of vegetarians, but didn’t really know too many vegans before I joined a vegan meetup group. Then I met soooo many new people, and discovered great vegan restaurants at the same time!

  144. Susanna says:

    Hi Katie!
    Thanks for this! I made one this morning for breakfast and it was gone in no time! My husband asked for some chocolate chip muffins. Do you think I could chocolate chips for the blueberries? Also, if I wanted to make more than one at a time, should I just adjust the recipe accordingly or do you think I’d need to make some other alterations?
    Love this blog!!

    1. Thanks so much for trying it :). Yes I think you could just sub chocolate chips. Or just use this recipe:
      Sorry, I don’t know about scaling up.

  145. Ryley says:

    About the spelt flour, I am lead to believe it is only a healthier alternative to normal flour. If using normal “plain flour,” will that alter the flavour or texture at all and if so, will it be impacted severely?

    1. For this recipe, you can definitely use regular all-purpose flour with good results. I’ve done it and know many others have as well, so you should be fine to use it. :)

  146. Alia says:

    So, what if I wanted to make a dozen? Just multiply everything by 12? Can you help me out on that? And the baking time? Thanks!

  147. Amelia newton says:

    I was wondering, is it okay to sub in other fruit? I am out out blueberries but I have several clementines.

  148. The Omnivore says:

    Do you have a single-serving muffin tin?

  149. Tala says:

    this looks delish! I love everything you make! but, I am looking for a moist, healthy blueberry muffin/bread recipe but I can’t seem to find one! (obviously more than one serving or I’d use this one 😉 I want something that tastes good, because I have some people who don’t like the taste of healthy muffins! the only thing I really would like is for it to be naturally sweetened (honey, maple syrup…). maybe one day you could come up with a recipe! anyways, you are my favorite dessert blogger ever and please continue to make AMAZING desserts!

    1. Aw thanks, Tala. I do have a blueberry muffin recipe (large serving) to be posted very soon… maybe that could be cooked in a loaf pan. In the meantime, maybe just use blueberries instead of the strawberries here?

      1. Tala says:

        thanks for the suggestion! ill definitely try the blueberry banana bread :) and I can’t wait to see the new recipe!

  150. Kendal says:

    I just made this, and it is delicious! Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipes with us :)

  151. Neraulia says:

    Hi, I discovered your site last night and it’s so great! I want to make like 98% of your recipes and have been browsing through everything. Thanks for creating such a great resource!

  152. Jennifer says:

    I know a few Vegans although I am not one. I work for CustomInk, and we provide meals and snacks for our employees, I help to facilitate this, so blogs like this help me to find new ideas to keep them happy and not always hand them a salad. I admire Vegans, because it is a hard diet to follow in a meat and cheese eating world. I think I would rather be a vegetarian if I was to make this choice.

  153. Anya says:

    I was craving for some sort of muffin today and decided to give this a go! AMAZING! Thank you so much :) (I used wholemeal flour, omitted the sugar/ sweetener and added some choc chips!)

  154. Kezz says:

    I just wanted to say, these are THE BEST muffins ever, and are quite literally my favorite muffins of all the muffins I have ever eaten.

    I eat them very regularly now, so I’m super popular in the house. 😀

    I have a couple of little things I’ve discovered as I’ve been making these that I thought might be helpful to share:

    1. I double the recipe, one muffin each for my partner and I and it works great. I just split the dough in half after mixing and squash each half down into a muffin liner.

    2. I use self raising flour instead of plain + baking flour and that also works great.

    3. For non-US / Australian folks, I have used White Wings gluten free self raising flour and that works great too.

    4. Coconut sugar as the sweetener is delicious.

    5. I use home made almond milk for the milk, and pink himalayan salt for the salt – all mega yums.

    6. My mixing steps go: dry, wet, and then blueberries as the very last step. I find it easier to get an even mix if I don’t try to mix the blueberries in at the same time as the wet ingredients.

    7. If using frozen blueberries, I measure them out as the first step so they can thaw a little while I do all the other steps. Then when I mix them in at the end they don’t freeze up the mix, making it easier to get them through.

    8. I deliberately squish the blueberries a bit when I mix them through – it makes the blueberry juice go right through the muffins adding an extra level of yum.

    Thanks so much for this recipe Katie, I know you must have gone through lots of trial and error to get it this good. You rock!

  155. dani says:

    I used Bob stone ground whole wheat flour and it came out Amazing! It took a.bit.longer to bake, about 5 extra minutes.

  156. Anna says:

    I am personally not a vegitarian, but I love veggies and constantly browsing vegan and vegitarian sites for recipes. And I really admire vegans creativity !!!
    Katie, your blog is amaising ! I try most of you recipes so far and love them!
    Will try this muffin today ;0)

  157. Katharina says:

    Hey lovely Katie!
    Just tried this recipe as i had a major craving for something sweet and some blueberrys in ny fridge…. And it was AMAZING!!!!!
    Tasted delicious and I’m debating whether or not to make myself another one right now haha… No judgement please :D!
    Anyways, I’ve been obsessed with your website for months now and trying new recipes every week! Makes me feel less guilty about eating sweets 😀
    Keep up th good work, love!
    And come out with a cookbook, I’d totally buy it!

  158. Abi says:

    This just saved me! Even though I am vegan my best friend isn’t. He and I are suppose to hang out tonight and I said I would bring a treat, but he can’t eat chocolate or nuts…I use your recipes all the time, and in browsing through your old post and -Bam! found the perfect one. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Abi says:

      P.S. Also if anyone wants to know. I used coconut extract instead of vanilla and also substituted coconut milk. The combination of coconut and blueberry was amazing!

  159. Maria says:

    I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about how this would turn out… is absolutely amazing though! So good! I’ll definitely be sharing this recipe. Thanks :)

  160. Jenn says:

    Hi, I wonder if I could replace the flour with homemade almond flour? Thank you :)

  161. Sandi says:

    I made your single serving blueberry muffin today. It didn’t look like yours because it really didn’t rise & puff up so, it remained the size of the mix that went into the muffin tin. Yours has a traditional smooth shiny top which looks like it rose and puffed up.

    It took a longer than 17 min to brown up on top but it was delicious. I baked it in an oven and used melted butter instead of the coconut oil..which I have but wanted to see what it tasted like with the butter. I’m very surprised it was so muffin’ish flaky inside without eggs. My blueberries were fresh and huge but they tasted great.

    I think your recipe is brilliant! Thanks!

  162. Ingrid says:

    This muffin “saved the day”. Turns out my 11 yo was hoping for cake in bed for his birthday and had been waiting patiently in bed for an hour before coming out and asking where everyone was… I found this recipe and voila! Thanks!! Was extra good because I am wheat free so I had the ingredients. I overcooked it in the micro but he thought it was very good because it was like a muffincookie.

  163. Emily says:

    I reckon I live in one if the most densely vegetarian areas in the UK- it’s mad! A good 7 of my close group of friends at school are vegetarian, although I must admit, I am not one with them, although no one’s pushy about it… Well actually one person does call all non vegetarians monsters, but everyone else is pretty respectful :)

  164. donna says:

    Hi- tried making this, I am very inexperienced with gluten free baking, and even less with playing around with baking recipes. I used a 2 TBS of a sugar free pancake mix(Namaste Pancake and Waffle Mix, consisting mostly of rice,tapioca and arrowroot flours) plus 1 TBS of almond flour. I added about 1/2 tsp of unsweetened coconut flakes and a small squeeze of lemon juice. I used the 1 TBS of coconut oil. It came out tasting yummy, but barely rose at all, maybe 1/2 inch( I used an 8 oz glass ramekin for lack of anything else). I’m thinking maybe it’s better just to use a regular muffin tin and fill the empty ones with water? Maybe more baking soda? I probably should have substituted bit of lemon juice for the almond milk instead of just adding it in… I was expecting a giant muffin! :)
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  165. angie says:

    Hi! Can I substitute the oil with some more milk? (I don’t have applesauce)

  166. Lezlie says:

    Thank you for interesting information.

  167. Zugey says:

    Hi Kaite,

    I was so happy to have found your single-serving blueberry muffin recipe, that last night I may have been dreaming in my sleep about the baking process, and yes, the initial first bite. I baked them over an hour ago. Unfortunately, mine did not look anything like the picture you posted. Not to mention the texture was gummy-like in the center and they did not rise enough. The only thing I did differently was use applesauce instead of oil. I also used all-purpose flour from Bob Red Mill. What do you think was the problem I had? Any suggestions for this blueberry muffin fan? Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You used applesauce instead of oil. Self explanatory.

  168. Samantha says:

    They actually do sell vegan muffins in my local supermarket. They’re called “super fruit vegan muffins!” And they are awesome! I’m a vegetarian, but I think being a vegan is really cool too :)

  169. Kelsey says:

    Can i just make one suggestion to the muffin? It might be wise to lower the cooking time for the microwave. The first time I made it, I heated it for about 80 seconds, instead of 90. My muffin totally burned! The second time I made it, I cooked it for about a minute, and it came out perfect! (And may i just say, it was soooo good!!!!:)

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Different microwaves have different wattages. Could be yours is just a super microwave! 😉

  170. H says:

    Hey there, thanks for your blueberry muffin recipe. I’m linking to it in a blog post mentioning microwave cooking! Cheers!

  171. Jessica says:

    Im not a vegetarian anymore. Im off and on. I have no will power. But i proudky can say that for over two years i have used only cruelty free products! I even got my mom into it. But when i was a vegetarian everyone at my work thought it was fascinating and they were very supportive. Im very lucky to have that with my coworkers. Anyways katies i dod over mix bc my dough came out crumbly. So i added more soy milk until it was jsut battery enough. My muffin came out blue but so gosh darn yummy! I had that and a tall glass of vanilla soymilk for breakfast. Such a nicr change from eggs in a mug of iatmeal or even a protein bar.

  172. Lisa says:

    Help! This was a total fail for me. Followed the directions exactly, but the “batter” was clumpy and never really baked (I made it in a conventional oven). Didn’t have the texture of a muffin at all. Any suggestions? Would be helpful to see a photo of what your uncooked mixture looked like before baking.

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Did you read the Recipe FAQ page at the top of her blog? Please read through her troubleshooting section of that page, then reply back here after reading with more specifics!

  173. Abbie says:

    Mine’s in the oven right now!! Your 1 min chocolate cake has recently been my go to recipe and I have been looking at the recipe for ages an dyne finally decided to make it tonight! Cannot wait! Xx

  174. Emily says:

    Really want to make a batch of these to encouraged my lil’ cousins to a) eat breakfast before school and b) eat less crap- can you just multiply this recipe up for a bigger batch, or will it go nasty on me ?

  175. Meggi says:

    I just made this for breakfast, and holy moly, let me tell you how good this was. Yummy! I think this is going to be my breakfast everyday until I get over this new obsession with these muffins! Love your blog, btw!

  176. Pia says:

    I was vegetarian for three years, started eating fish and meat about half a year ago and am now thinking about going veggie again :) I know a lot of people who are vegetarian (actually, it’s pretty common in Germany) and a classmate of mine is vegan.
    I saw a girl making cupcakes in the microwave and using those paper forms on youtube, isn’t that dangerous?

  177. Erika says:

    The photos, the cheeky/hilarious commentary, and of course the deliciousness and creativity of the recipes themselves. So well done. “Single-lady style!” — love.

    Such a great site.

  178. Camilla says:

    I just found this recipe after you posted it on instagram and I’ve already made it twice, and because I can’t leave anything alone I had a little play with it….
    On Tuesday I had a friend coming over for coffee so I doubled the recipe (I used 1tbsp oil 1tbsp applesauce, 1 tbsp sugar and 1teaspoon agave). I made it in what we call in the uk fairy cake cases, which are smaller than muffin cases. This gave me 5 little muffins which were lovely and I had 2 leftover after my friend left for the kids when they got back from school.
    Tonight I had another go….
    I tripled the recipe this time, using 3tsp whole wheat flour, 3tbsp spelt and 3 tbsp white flour. I did half oil half applesauce again and 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp agave. It didn’t need a third because of the sweetness of the applesauce. I spilt the recipe into 2 bowls and mixed a handful of frozen raspberries in one bowl and 2 crushed Oreos into the other.
    We made them in tiny mini muffin cases and got 16 cute little muffins. With the Oreo ones we popped 2 chocolate chips in each muffin before they went in the oven.
    The raspberry ones were a gorgeous pink colour, my little girl was thrilled. I only got one of each flavour before 2 kids and Hubble demolished the rest. A fairly healthy Friday night treat!
    We are in love with the blog, this is the 5th recipe we’ve tried (I only discovered it a week and a half ago!) and each one is better!

  179. Yanagi says:

    Thank you so much for this. I can make many different types of muffin with this. (I like muffins, my husband does not. And I’m not about to tempt myself by making a dozen or more.)

  180. Mary says:

    Can someone supply me with the nutritional information or the weight watchers points for the single serving of the blueberry muffin? I didn’t see that information when I clicked on single serving blueberry muffin nutrition facts. Thanks in advance.

  181. Kelsey says:

    How is this vegan if there’s milk in it?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Katie uses nondairy milk, which is why it says milk of choice. You can use whatever you wish, such as almond or soy milk.

  182. Carissa says:

    Hi! Can I substitute the spelt flour with almond meal or coconut flour or both? Forgot to get spelt today when I was shopping! :( Can’t wait to try these though.

  183. charlotte says:

    I think I overmixed because I have a blue muffin

  184. Cat says:

    WOW!!! This was really really really really really great! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  185. Rachelle says:

    Do you usually use applesauce or oil? What are your thoughts on one vs the other?

  186. Lucy says:

    I made this, but a banana walnut version. I substituted the blueberries for some mashed banana and a handful of walnuts. I also had no baking powder so I used a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar (a third of the amount of baking powder) instead. I also dusted some cinnamon on top. My muffin came out all wonky and funny-shaped but it still tasted great. There were a few sour spots, but that was probably due to my bad mixing + the fact that I forgot stevia. All the same, tasted great.

  187. Bre says:

    I was wondering… and forgive me if this is a silly question. Did you do the one from the images in the microwave? If yes, how did you get it to come out shaped exactly like one from the oven in a muffin tin? I’m wanting to plan a small/easy surprise meal for my partner and I would like to make it look presentable. Would it turn out this way if it’s in a normal mug?

    1. Hi! This was a few years ago, but I think I used an oven for that one :)