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Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs

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Healthy homemade Reeses peanut butter eggs that are vegan and gluten-free?!?!

Just mix the ingredients, form patties, and dip in chocolate. 5 minutes and you're done!... from @choccoveredkt... Full recipe;




Dear Easter Bunny,

I want just one thing for Easter: a basket filled sky-high with these chocolate peanut butter eggs. Do you think you can do this for me? Pretty pretty please? I’ll be your best friend.

In return, I will make you never-ending Healthy Carrot Cake Cupcakes.

I will do your laundry for a week month forever. You can keep all the other candy.

Peeps shmeeps.


homemade reeses eggs


What would you rather eat: candy or chocolate?

I’m a chocolate girl all the way.

Growing up, you could always tell my sister’s Easter basket apart from mine. Hers would have marshmallow Peeps, Sour Patch Kids, and jelly beans.

Mine was the one with the chocolate: chocolate bars, chocolate coins, chocolate bunnies, chocolate Reeses eggs…


peanut butter eggs


This past month, I received many requests for a healthy Reeses eggs makeover.

My first thought was to just freeze a blob of peanut butter, shape it into eggs, and cover in chocolate.

Voilà; healthy Reeses eggs! But that seemed too easy.

I was up for a challenge.


reeses eggs


And so, without a clue if it would work, I tried out my sugar-free powdered sugar recipe to make more authentic chocolate Reeses peanut butter eggs.

It did work, and these irresistible chocolate eggs taste just like the real thing.

No, seriously, they really do.


 Just mix the ingredients, form shapes, and dip in chocolate. 5 minutes and you're done! @choccoveredkt... Full recipe:

Homemade Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs

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  • 1/4 cup peanut butter OR allergy-friendly alternative
  • dash salt (I also use salted pb)
  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar or Sugar-Free Powdered Sugar
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil (for substitutions, see note below)
  • Liquid stevia to taste OR 2 tbsp agave or pure maple syrup
  • 2 more tbsp of the sugar/sf sugar, if needed
Yield: Makes 6-9 eggs


Mix the first three ingredients together in a bowl until it becomes a crumbly dough. (Note: if your nut butter is from the fridge, let it sit awhile—or microwave it—so it’s easier to mix. Also, I put the dough into a plastic bag to shape into a ball with less mess.) Add the extra 2 tbsp. sugar/sf sugar if it’s too gooey, and add a little more pb if it’s too dry. (Different brands of peanut butter will yield different results.) Taste the dough and add a little more salt if desired. Form dough into flat little ovals (or egg shapes, but real Reeses eggs are flat). Freeze the dough for an hour or so, until it’s hard.

Meanwhile, mix the cocoa and coconut oil (melt the oil if it’s not already melted) in a shallow dish. Add the agave/maple or stevia drops. If you use the stevia option, also add a scant 2 tbsp. water or extra oil. Mix until it looks like chocolate sauce, and then take one “egg” out of the freezer at a time (so the rest stay cold) and cover in chocolate. (I used a corn-cob skewer. No idea why I even have those, but they worked really well! A fork would also be fine.) Immediately return covered egg to the freezer and let harden. Best to store these in the freezer as well. You can thaw a little before eating, or eat when frozen–either way, they’re awesome!

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*Substitution notes:* If you don’t have virgin coconut oil, or if you want “eggs” that don’t need to be stored in the freezer, you can melt chocolate chips and dip the pb eggs in that instead. As mentioned above, you could also opt to simply freeze a blob of nut butter until it’s shapeable, shape it into eggs, and dip in chocolate. Or, if you have egg-shaped molds, just pour in a little chocolate, then the pb, then more chocolate. Freeze.


chocolate covered katie blog

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Mmmm I love anything chocolate and peanut butter! I love candy like starburst jelly beans and sour patch kids, but I adore chocolate. I never ever get sick of chocolate! 🙂

    FYI – I made your chocolate chip cookie dough dip again last night. I’m taking it to a surprise party tonight, and I know I won’t be coming home with any leftovers. It is SO good! I may or may not have had a spoonful with my breakfast this morning.

    1. Justine Duppong @ Life With Cheeseburgers says:

      I ate one of the caramel rolls I made last night for breakfast–I don’t see anything wrong with a little cookie dough dip!!

    2. Christina says:

      I may or may not have eaten that instead of breakfast… several mornings…

      1. Nina says:

        oh my god yes katie’s recipes for breakfast yay 🙂 the cookie dough dip tastes SO good on top of a bowl of vanilla flavoured oatmeal (topped with yome raspberries yumm!), love it!

  2. Samantha says:

    oooh myyy gooodnnesss I can’t believe you made these! this is the most exciting recipe you’ve ever posted!! I’m speechless! My family eats these things for Easter like crazy, and also the Christmas trees. Definitely making these this year! My little brother will be the happiest person! We actually used to give him like 50 of these things for a present so this will make that less expensive haha..Thank you Katie!! For yet another master piece!

    1. Haha yes, much less expensive! I really wanted to write that in, and do a comparison to how much money would be saved. But it was too difficult to figure out, considering you don’t use an entire jar of pb or coconut or cocoa for the recipe.

      1. Anonymous says:

        What can you substitue for coconut oil? I didn’t see if listed. Also what is stevia?

        1. Tanya says:

          Stevia ist a natural sweetener. just type it into google..
          They have it at most grocery stores now.

          1. Annelise says:

            Lots of people are allergic to stevia. It took the FDA many years to get it cleared, thanks to lobbyists. My sister who is a agronomist will not allow it in her house. I am allergic to it and found out the hard way 🙁 Just a warning…

          2. amy lynn says:

            Er… did anyone else have an “That awkward moment when…” moment? I did. Then i had a giggle. 🙂 OK, a real debate does not allow “BS” so here is something that I found that seems really fair. “Just the facts, ma’am”. The comments mention that you need to buy a good brand, so that might be useful, but as far as I can tell, Stevia is a plant and if you get a high quality, organic brand (Sweet leaf or sweetleaf, not sure which is correct, y’all can Google :)), it looks like a good deal for people who are wanting sugar free. White sugar is not always vegan as we know, so this looks like a better vegan choice also, IMHO. Allergies do stink though, I am stuck in a house filled with mold and since it only affects me, no one will do anything about it. So i sympathize big time with how allergies can affect your whole system.

          3. Ali says:

            Don’t know if I’m allergic to stevia, but it tastes awful to me. I can’t taste the sweet at all until I use gobs of it, and then I taste bitter with the sweet. I thought I was alone in this, but found out that stevia does taste different to some people, and it’s not a brand thing… it’s a taste bud (aka genetic) thing. It’s probably the same taste bud that makes me gag on cruciferous veggies :(( And yes, that has been scientifically proven – some of us only taste the bitter nasty taste when we try to eat broccoli, cauliflower, and apparently stevia, too.

            But of course, that totally justifies my sister-in-law who has always been unable to bear anything the least bit spicy – chokes, claims it burns. I used to think it was in her head, but tests now show that some people “taste” the spice about 10,000x more than others!

            All that to say, let’s be polite to one another when we talk about what tastes bad to us, or what causes a bad reaction in our bodies. We are all different, and that’s a GOOD thing!!

          4. Moyne says:

            I think stevia tastes yucky when it’s used “straight up”, mostly because it’s a totally one-dimensional taste. That’s why I always balance it with a little agave, honey or maple syrup, some vanilla, and salt.

          5. Marge says:

            There are different strengths of Stevia. Some are mixed with other ingredients, some are liquid and some are pure stevioside – quite potent! Ionly use 2 teaspoons for 24 muffins! If you use too much of this or any stevia for that matter, it isn’t sweet and has a bitter taste. Start out with very small amounts and increase little by little until you get the correct sweetness just have to learn how to use it properly depending on the type used. Hope this helps. 🙂

          6. Ali says:

            Thanks Moyne and Marge for your thoughts. Unfortunately, I have tried different brands and mixes (but refuse to try any with sucralose or cane sugar because I don’t eat those). And yes, I’ve tried adding tiny bit by tiny bit. As I stated in my first comment, I cannot taste any sweetness at all until there is so much that I also taste bitterness. I’m not the only person that has this problem. So back to my original point: we are all different, and while it’s nice to offer helpful advice, we should try to avoid scolding others who cannot tolerate the same food we can – or those who simply don’t like the same things we do. It’s OK! We are allowed to be different!

          7. Marge says:

            Hi Ali,
            Wow… who’s scolding who?? Take a chill pill and stop being so defensive. I was talking about my experience in case there are any people new to Stevia because I made the mistake myself. I’m not discounting allergies at all or differences in people. Just a general statement that might be helpful for some people. Hope you have a beautiful day.

          8. Ali says:

            Perhaps you didn’t mean it this way, but telling me “you just have to learn to use it right” after my original post states clearly that I already tried what you are suggesting…. sounds like scolding to me because you are essentially saying you don’t believe that I really tried that already. Again, perhaps I read it wrong, or perhaps you didn’t realize you were suggesting exactly what I said I had already tried.

          9. Diann says:

            Ali I have to agree with you about the taste of stevia. I too have to use more to taste the sweet in stevia and then I get too much bitter to even be able to tolerate it. I’m a medically retired dental hygienist and our taste buds and our nose is where we get favors. Taste buds have different sensors like sweet, bitter, sour, salty. Also when we are younger we have about 10,000 taste buds and as get get older they may decrease by5,000 therefore causing us to use more of an enhancer to flavor our foods. Also whenever we are sick with a cold or sinus that can make our foods taste different to. That’s where our smell comes in along with our taste buds working together to create different favors for us and that’s why everybody’s are different from each other!

          10. Kelsey says:

            People can be allergic to almost anything. Stevia is a plant. Never heard of a plant allergy?

          11. Eugene says:

            The Allergy Doctor told us that he has had more people recently coming in with Stevia Allergies do to more people trying to use it. This is causing more Allergy Specialists to start to report their findings on Stevia Allergies.

            We have several Family members that were sent by a Diabetic Doctor to an Allergy Doctor since everyone of us are allergic to Stevia and all other sugar substitutes. Our Family Members just had to stop adding sugar to some food items. We had to reduced our sugar usage in the items that needed a little sugar. We just have to allow in our diet when the sugar is added.

          12. Diz says:

            Lots of people are allergic to peanut butter, too. Get over it.

  3. I’d be your easter bunny! The reeses pb cups and the Carrot Cake milkshakes are reason enough for the easter bunny to stop by your house first- and just stay there! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, SOOO excited for this recipe! Reese’s eggs are seriously my favorite candy of all-time – far superior to regular Reese’s, although I wouldn’t turn those down 🙂 Thank you!!! Can’t wait to try this out!

  5. this post made my day. my week. my YEAR! you are my hero Katie! peanut butter and chocolate ANYTHING is my drug.

  6. I wish you were my easter bunny!! I love chocolate!

  7. Lauren B. says:

    Holy moly these look delicious! I always struggle every year around Easter over whether to give into all of the delicious artificial candy that I love so much…Reese’s eggs, Reese’s pieces in the carrot package, Starburst jellybeans, etc. I must try this out to get my fix! Plus, I Always keep my Reese’s cups in the freezer anyway- they are so good cold and last longer!

  8. Tabitha says:

    I am definitely a chocolate girl! I don’t even like any of the non-chocolate candy. These eggs look amazing- I’ll be trying them soon!

  9. oh my gosh, those look so good! Although honestly, those eggs are just too much for me! I need a higher ratio of chocolate to my PB. And I’m a candy girl at heart!

  10. Debbie P.. says:

    Oh my, I SO cannot wait to make these!!! Having not ONLY gone vegan, but also avoiding processed food makes life so difficult! So, now I can have Reese cups again!!!!!!! 🙂 A giddy girl I am and so can’t wait to make SO MANY of the things you’ve posted. I hope to finally dive in and get busy the next few months!!!

  11. jenn a. says:

    I love chocolate, but I also love sour patch kids, but then they start to hurt my mouth. Reese eggs are probably my fave! reese anyyything!

  12. You’re such a genius. If you can recreate the malted milk ball eggs, you’d be my hero. 🙂

    1. Erin says:

      My mom was just saying how much she’d like a vegan version of those malted milk balls! I need to track some down for her…

    2. Sara Dane says:

      That would be amazing! I LOVE malted milk balls!

  13. Megan says:

    Mmmm! Awesome recipe! You have found my weakness. Chocolate and peanut butter! Thanks for all the awesome recipes!

  14. Chocolate any day of the week and twice on Sunday (kind of a strange phrase, but I do like it so).

    These look quite good thanks for filling the request of healthy pb eggs.

  15. Ali Mc says:

    I love this idea! thanks so much for sharing. Nice blog 🙂

  16. Oh those eggs look so chomp-able. Those would be gone so fast around here 🙂

  17. Hungry Heather says:

    I. Love. You.
    My jaw dropped when I saw “Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.”
    AND that they are sugar free.
    You rock.
    I never in a million years thought that i could have anything under the sun Reese’s since going sugar-free. Boy, does it feel good to be wrong! Thank you CCK.

  18. Amanda says:

    Thank you for posting this recipe. I was looking online at homemade versions of Reeses eggs and they all had a ton of powdered sugar and butter in them. One had butter and shortening- yuck! I’ve only been following your posts for a little while now, but I love your blog. Every recipe I have made so far has been delcious!

  19. Lauren says:

    This is SO weird because I was thinking yesterday how I wished you would make a “coconut cream egg” recipe. I know the ones out there are SUPER sweet and it’s mostly creme without the coconut. Please consider making a recipe for COCONUT (with less cream) eggs 🙂 These look delicious, lady!

    1. I wonder if you could just sub the pb for coconut butter… But then, that wouldn’t be creamy I guess. If you have an egg-shaped candy mold you could always fill with chocolate and then coconut milk and then chocolate. Maybe that would be too runny… maybe coconut milk blended with a little tofu or cornstarch… haha these are just random thoughts going through my head right now…

      1. Lauren says:

        The tofu is what I was thinking! I would love if you would work with it. Like tofu, coconut milk, and unsweetened coconut maybe??? And I was saying I don’t like the creaminess, I like A LOT of shredded coconut over just cream. Maybe I’ll play around with it but if you get bored this weekend, keep me in mind 😉

        1. Emily says:

          Have you ever used the meat of a young coconut? blended with a little coconut water it’s very creamy, like thick pudding. Try using that with a ton of dried coconut to get the texture you want and however much of your favorite sweetener you like…

        2. babs says:

          sounds kinda like a chocolate covered coconut macaroon

          1. Anonymous says:

            Use dark chocolate and you have a mounds candy bar.

      2. Barbara says:

        Irish moss or Lucama are good for thickening and making candy centers with coconut milk or coconut sap (thick like molasses) Some need to watch the soy products.

  20. Samantha says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I think this will actually be worked on tonight!

    Yesterday I took the cheesecake “test” and made a peanut butter chocolate version – which tells you where my brain is right now. You couldn’t have timed better.

    I am in the mood for a project…and I will be doing this today!

    1. Samantha says:

      This is the first recipe that made me go out and buy coconut oil…I can’t believe I waited so long to do that. That is great stuff.

      Anyway, I had fun with this and mine are sitting away in my freezer while I attempt to stay busy and not eat them right away. Mine a crazy ugly! LOL I would say a fork or skewer is a better way to control the frosting process. We all know they are going to still taste amazing!

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