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Secretly Healthy Red Velvet Ice Cream

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Ice cream cones in February.

Red Velvet Ice Cream - secretly healthy.

That’s what happens when you live in Texas and sometimes it’s 80 degrees.

Then the next day it’s 20.

Texas is weird.

ice cream cone

Above, red velvet ice cream with Healthy Chocolate Syrup.

A rich and decadent treat (perfect for a heart-healthy Valentine’s Day dessert!) you can feel good about serving your kids, your sweetheart, or yourself. This healthy chocolate ice cream is high in Vitamins A, C, fiber, probiotics, and antioxidants, all while tasting like something from a fancy ice-cream shoppe straight out of the 1950s.

healthy chocolate ice cream


Red Velvet Ice Cream

  • 1 1/4 cup frozen raspberries (200g)
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 tbsp milk of choice (or canned coconut milk) (90g)
  • scant 1/8 tsp salt
  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • 2 tbsp Barleans Chocolate Silk (or regular dutch cocoa powder) (10g)
  • nunaturals vanilla drops, or your favorite sweetener of choice, to taste
  • optional: 2 oz melted chocolate (for a richer flavor)
  • optional: chocolate chips stirred in after blending

If you have a high-speed blender, such as a Vita-Mix, simply blend all ingredients (using the tamper) until a smooth, ice-cream-like texture has been reached. If you don’t have a Vita-Mix, you might be able to achieve an ice-cream texture with a food processor, but I can’t vouch for it. Or blend in a regular blender and then transfer to an ice-cream maker. Optional: add a handful of chocolate chips, post-blending. I highly recommend using an ice-cream scoop to scoop out the ice cream from the machine. Makes 2-3 servings.

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healthy chocolate ice cream

Question of the Day:

What kind of winter are you having?

Ours has been very mild this year, although we did get snow for Christmas. Right now it’s 60 degrees, which is pretty much my favorite weather–not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket. Sorry… having a Miss Congeniality moment there.

Link of the Day:


……………….Copycat Larabars

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. Jennifer says:

    Ha! Totally got the Miss Congeniality reference. I used to love that movie. Ice cream looks delicious! Wish Seattle was 60 degrees right now!

  2. cherl says:

    is it soft serve or u have to freeze it first

    1. If you use frozen raspberries and a Vita-mix, there is no need to freeze it after blending. Simply scoop it out of the blender with an ice-cream scoop, and it will look like the texture of the ice cream in the photos.

  3. Ashley says:

    We are having a similar winter here in Reno, NV; though not with such an extreme difference in temperature. All week it’s been hitting the high 50s, almost cracking 60 degrees, but on Friday? High of 30 and snow. Crazy!

  4. It’s been more mild than usual here in Chicago, haha but comparatively to most places it’s still really cold! And this recipe looks delicious and simple, I’ll have to try it now that I have my vitamix!

  5. At 50 calories per serving I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m eating all of it at once!

  6. Lucky you! It’s cold, cold, cold in Indiana. We’ve had kind of an Indian summer, though. It’s been 60 degrees a few times, and the temperature bounces around from the 40s to the 20s a lot. It’s been really weird. :\

    The ice cream looks amazing! I’m definitely making this on Fat Tuesday! 😀

  7. I love that you are able to get a rich, red color without needing artificial coloring! We’ve had an up and down year – one day it’ll be 50+ with rain and two days later it’s 7 degrees with 6″ of snow! Counting down to Spring for sure!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    best use of barleans ever!

  9. Hannah says:

    We lived in Nevada, near Las Vegas, for the winter. It was windy and cold, but inside the house felt kind of colder. (We moved into our travel trailer in January, and it’s either freezing or blazing hot!) And we’re in Arizona this month. In two months, we’re going to be in Texas. I’ll be prepared for weird weather. 😉

    The ice cream looks simply awesome.

  10. So perfect! Last night I made an ice cream with all strawberries! Now I am goign to do your red velvet tonight! Great idea!!

  11. Cassandra says:

    This looks super yummy and I can’t wait to try it!

    Unfortunately, this recipe’s WW Points Plus is listed incorrectly. It is actually 1 Points Plus per serving. When calculating a recipe in total in your nutrition calculator that creates a label, you have fat, carbs, fiber, and protein present. You have to calculate the final totals on the label. Fruit is free in its natural, unprocessed state. Our bodies digest it differently if it has been juiced, puréed, etc. It would be best to calculate the Points Plus after you’ve put the recipe in your calorie counter. This provides the most accurate values for WW Members following your blog. I tell my members about it a lot, and I and they appreciate you posting the PPVs for us!

    1. Sunnie says:

      But Cassandra, the fruit in Katie’s recipe ISN’T processed – your body doesn’t digest it differently just because it was blended. It’s still natural, whole fruit – and like Katie said, the other things that she added in – the tiny amount of milk and cocoa/chocolate silk – add hardly any calories – like 2 or 3 a serving.

      If Katie had cooked the raspberries or juiced them and only used their juice, THAT would be processing them, but she didn’t, so it’s 0 points – which is a good thing! Just so you know. 🙂

      1. Anonymous says:

        Actually, it’s not zero. I work for Weight Watchers and you have to calculate the recipe as a whole, not the bits and pieces.

    2. Anonymous says:

      How does blending a raspberry make it nutritionally different than chewing it? Lol is this a real issue sorry

      1. Sunnie says:

        LOL That’s what I’m thinking!

        “FRUIT: 0 PPV points – until chewed” 😉

        (And I promise I don’t say this offensively; the whole “blending-means-points thing just doesn’t really seem to make sense to me, no matter who came up with that rule)

        1. I’m researching it, too, but everything I’ve found online has been inconclusive, even with the people who say they are experts. 😕

          1. I’m not on Weight Watchers, but I looked it up out of curiosity on their website. 🙂

            Look at #8: Fruit (and vegetables) in recipes still contribute toward the PointsPlus values. Just as we’ve always done with 0 PointsPlus value vegetables, even 0 PointsPlus value fruits contribute toward the total PointsPlus values of a recipe, whether it’s a Weight Watchers recipe or one you build yourself in the Recipe Builder. Recipes add up the nutritional info for all their ingredients. If you ate fruit only, save it as a “meal” rather than a “recipe.”


  12. Stamatia says:

    Oh, it’s 5 degrees here…glad it warmed up a bit, as it was -40 with the windchill not all that long ago (huh…didn’t realize that -40 was where Fahrenheit and Celsius match up again. Neat). Of course it went from 10 degrees to 53 degrees in a day a week or two ago, that was…weird. All of the snow that wasn’t snow banks pretty much melted. We got some back but not a lot, like just enough to step in, but not cover your foot. I got a long down coat and a trapper hat, which were much appreciated the week when it felt like -40, which just so happened to be the week my car was in the shop and I had to wait for the bus.

    I can’t wait for spring, which is, well, really I grew up saying “May showers bring JUNE flowers”…but once it’s nice out you’d be hard-pressed to get me off my nice shady balcony. You’d have to pry my Kindle and my iced coffee out of my cold, dead hands!

  13. Yum!

    Our winter has been the worst it’s been in years. It’s finally starting to look up a bit, but pretty much of all of January was bitter cold, foggy, and just ugly. Blah! I’m SO ready for spring!

  14. Chris says:

    Does this really work with regular almond milk? I have always seen recipes, but they always specifcy that full fat coconut milk and/or nuts are needed. What is the texture like when using a VitaMix? Exactly how do you run the VitaMix? I have tried other ice cream recipes using the VitaMix, but I have not had much success.

    If you want to make it vanilla flavored, can you just eliminate the cocoa, or will it change the texture?

    1. Elise says:


      I made this with regular almond milk and it turned out perfectly. I also used a food processor, which is less powerful than the VitaMix and it came pretty damn close to ice cream textured. I would suggest adding less milk or more berries if you forego the cocoa powder so that it isn’t too runny, and a little more vanilla for flavor! I’ve also made something similar using vanilla protein powder and that worked well so if you have any of that, substitute 1:1 for cocoa powder! Hope that helped 🙂

  15. Michigan is worse! We had 60 one day and a BLIZARD the next 🙁 You just have to learn to eat ice cream no matter the weather.

    These sound super tasty! For those without a vitamix, I’ve definitely had good luck making ice creams like this in a food processor

  16. Dorothy Grundmann says:

    The ice cream looks yummy.
    The winter in Manitoba has been interesting. One week we have -30C with windshields of -40 and then the next week snow is melting and we have -5C temps. Mother nature is keeping us on our toes up here. Thankfully, winter will soon be over and then spring and summer will roll in. If you ever have the opportunity to come to Winnipeg, its a great place. Its the only place I know that has all the seasons, meaning snow in winter, rain in spring, warm/hot sun in summer and leaves falling in fall. That’s why I love living here!!

  17. Lisa says:

    Just curious – why not call this a raspberry chocolate sorbet or something, because it seems like that’s really what it is. “Red velvet” is all about the flavor combinations (and raspberry is not one of those flavors), and I don’t think the ingredients above would really give it a red velvet flavor at all, though you do obviously achieve the red velvet coloring.

    I’m not saying this wouldn’t be a delicious treat, just that calling it “red velvet” seems somewhat disingenuous.

    1. Jennifer says:

      Actually, this seems no less “red velvet” to me than any old red velvet cake. The only thing that makes something “red velvet” is the red food coloring, which Katie has done with raspberries. Otherwise, it’s just chocolate cake. I never understood the whole hype with red velvet. It’s not like there’s a special flavor or something.

      1. Kris says:

        Please do your research before spreading mis-information. Red Velvet originally didn’t have red food colouring in it. It was how the cocoa reacted with the vinegar/buttermilk/baking soda in the recipe. This reaction brought out the subtle red hue in the cocoa.

        Nowadays, yes many recipes have red food colouring. There is nothing wrong with calling a mild cocoa flavoured recipe, red velvet, though.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I don’t know that we’ve ever had a warm winter. But that is fine with me. I love snow, and I don’t think I’d know what to do if I woke up one day in February and it was over 30 degrees. My mind would just be confused!

  19. Shannon says:

    I made this just now and it tasted like chocolate raspberry sorbet. It was really delicious, Iwas just expecting a more chocolate flavor 🙂

    1. Brooke says:

      I agree! I was super excited to make this when I got home, but was slightly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious but I too was expecting more chocolate flavor. I’m going to try it again tomorrow, so hopefully it will turn out better!

      1. Why not try the “richer chocolate” option listed in the recipe?

  20. laura says:

    that looks very delicious

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