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Cappuccino Cloud Cheesecake

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What do you make for the birthday of a guy who has ZERO interest in healthy eating and whose favorite vegetable is an onion ring?

Ultra creamy cheesecake MELTS in your mouth... The texture is amazing!!! - from @choccoveredkt:

Enter the creamiest cheesecake you’ve ever tasted. It’s almost like a mousse pie, with an unbelievable cloud-like texture.

And you can always stock up on onion rings just in case. If all else fails, distract him with the shiny, deep-fried rings while you make something new. Thankfully there was no need of a backup plan this time; the pie I made turned out 1,000 times better than I’d hoped and it even won Matt over. Trust me, that is not easy to do. Half the things I make, I don’t even bother to let him taste because I already know he won’t like them. Anything with pumpkin, spinach, beans, kale, or tofu is automatically out.

Oatmeal’s not high on his list either.

coffee cheesecake

But I took a risk with this coffee pie, and I’m really glad I did.

(Word of warning: I know Matt is the type of person who would think it was funny if I successfully tricked him into enjoying a recipe with tofu, which he claims to despise. But there are other people on whom I’d never try something like this, because they have no sense of humor and would get angry if tricked. If you’re going to try and trick someone into eating a vegan or secretly-healthy dessert, you’d better know your audience!)

vegan cheesecake


Cappuccino Cloud Cheesecake

(makes an 8.5-in springform)

  • 1/2 cup strongly-brewed coffee (120g)
  • 1 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract (6g)
  • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup (55g)
  • 2 packages mori nu silken-firm tofu – or Soy-Free Option
  • 1/8 tsp pure stevia or 1/4 cup sugar or coconut sugar (or 4 NuNaturals packets)
  • 1/3 cup coconut butter (80g)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • optional: 1/2 cup chocolate chips, divided

Preheat oven to 350 F and fill an 8.5-in springform pan with a crust, or simply grease the pan for a crustless pie. (Crust recommendations are listed at the end of this post.) Make sure your coconut butter is melted before beginning. In a food processor, combine first seven ingredients and blend until smooth. (Don’t over-blend, as this introduces air into the cheesecake, which can cause cracking later on.) Mix in 1/4 cup chocolate chips if desired, then pour into the prepared crust or pan. Sprinkle remaining chips on top, and bake 1 hour, then remove from oven and let cool completely. Fridge AT LEAST 6 hours (uncovered), as the texture and taste will change completely during this time. (Don’t skip this waiting step!) Go around the sides with a knife, then take the springform off. For troubleshooting and substitution notes, please see the nutrition link below.

View Cappuccino Cheesecake Nutrition Facts

Ultra creamy cheesecake MELTS in your mouth... The texture is amazing!!! - from @choccoveredkt:

For the crust: you can use a prepared crust or try my Healthy Graham Cracker Crust recipe. This pie actually works without a crust as well! (I used is a raw-crust recipe going in my cookbook, which means I can’t post it here. But you can use any prepared crust, as long as it fills the bottom of an 8.5-in springform pan.)

And yes, Matt’s favorite vegetable really is the onion ring. We need to work on that. 😕

amanda 4

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Katie is the baker, photographer, and author of the popular blog Chocolate-Covered Katie. Her favorite food is chocolate, and she believes in eating a balanced diet that includes dessert every single day. More about Katie—> 
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  1. I love that crust on top, it looks perfectly cooked- just slightly firm, ready for you to sink your fork in! I think this is the one I’m going to choose for that box of silken tofu that’s been sitting in my pantry for….a while. 😉

    1. Sunnie says:

      You CAN make this – use stevia! 😀

      I (finally) took Katie’s advice and bought NuNaturals stevia (the “PURE white stevia” powder:, and literally it will probably last me well over a year. I literally use a *pinch* in my tea/oatmeal/whatever. And it really doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste.

      Use stevia and you’re sugar fast will be saved!

      P.S. The description under the stevia that I linked to is wrong – it says that there’s maltodextrin in it to “cut it”/bulk it up, but it really actually is the pure stuff – I compared the UPC number in the description to that on the website, and when I ordered it, it was exactly what was in the picture. :)

      1. Stevia or xylit! Often I use a combination of both, which is perfect!

  2. This is great. My husband was all like, “Let’s go on a sugar fast,” and like an idiot, I said okay. Maybe if I tell him that it’s mostly tofu he’ll allow it. I need some sugar REALLY BAD.

  3. Hannah says:

    So much deliciousness! How will I survive?
    The chocolate chips look so pretty sitting there on top! When I saw that picture, I just kind of went, “Ooooohh!” Inside my head.

    I’ve been able to trick my non-healthy desserts sister into eating and adoring all of your desserts. Now my father is the only one left! 😉

  4. OOOOOh as this looks amazing lady!
    I may try with a chocolatey crust, but as natural as possible! Scrummy! Plus the tofu gives a super protein hit so I could totally eat this after/before a run right? 😉

  5. This sounds amazing! I love coffee flavored desserts and cheesecake, so a coffee flavored cheesecake sounds fantastic! Your healthy desserts always sound so good!

  6. YUM! My birthday was yesterday so if you want to send me a piece, I’d be forever greatful. And if it earns me extra points, while I love onion rings, they aren’t my favorite vegetable. Though if you haven’t already, it sounds like you’ve been challenged to make a healthier onion ring. 😉

    1. Steph says:

      If only Katie would make a delivery service! I’d pay sooo much for super-healthy desserts brought to my doorstep!

      On the bright side, onion rings can be made vegan. Isn’t that convenient 😉

  7. Lisa says:

    This looks incredible!!
    Like the perfect little cheesecake! But healthy:)

  8. Robin says:

    This recipe looks delicious. When are the chocolate chips added? Also, the ingredient list says the chocolate chips are divided, among which steps? Thanks!!

    1. Casey says:

      I second this question!

        1. Sorry, I thought I’d written that into the instructions. Turns out, I’d only written it into the printable instructions. Fixed now!

          1. Anonymous says:

            I made this weekend and it was great. It was sweet without being too sweet and the texture and flavor were delicious. I accidentally bought low fat cinnamon graham crackers to use for the crust, but I was happy with the result as it added another layer of flavor to the dish. Also, I used Ghiradelli 60% cacao chocolate chips, and i think that added a nice touch. Thanks Katie!

  9. Liz says:

    I just ordered myself a food processor so I can make these recipes! I’m curious… How can you keep the crust raw if you bake it? And finally, I second the motion for healthy onion rings!

    1. Tina says:

      I was wondering about this too!

      1. Yes, technically it becomes a baked crust in this particular recipe. But the crust recipe, itself, can be used for raw pies as well. Unbaked, it still holds up as a crust.

  10. Robyn says:


    Do you have any suggestions instead of coffee? I HATE coffee and anything coffee flavored. Otherwise the cheesecake looks and sounds delicious.

    1. Sarah the official CCK drooler says:

      Maybe you could just do a vanilla flavor? Or add cocoa and up the sweetener?

      1. Hajni says:

        I would be interested in a different flavor as well. I wonder how this would come out with lemon flavoring instead of the coffee? I don’t like coffee flavored desserts.

        1. t says:

          She does some other similar recipes with tofu…there is one where you melt chocolate chips in microwave and poor it into the tofu while its in the food processor. it is pretty awesome too.

        2. Melissa says:

          What about Chai instead of coffee??? You can make a chai spice mix using a combination of: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove, cardamom and allspice. SO tasty! :)

  11. This looks SO GOOD. I will definitely have to make it soon. Coffee and cheesecake sounds like the most wonderful combination on earth!

  12. How’d you end up with someone who doesnt like vegetables or anything healthy? At least you know he’s not dating you for your amazing cooking/baking skills 😉 This recipe sounds TASTY, but I’m extra excited for a soyfree version!

    1. A lot of my friends are actually not really into healthy eating. I have my vegan/blog/health nut friends and then other friends (mostly from college or high school) who have nothing to do with the blog world (and are definitely not vegan).

  13. Sarah the official CCK drooler says:

    First things first, this is insane and you could totally make this for my birthday. I heart all things cheesecake. I die for all things coffee. Winner.
    Ugh, I hear ya on “know your audience”. My sister despises ANYTHING with cashews in it….which can kinda suck when you work reeaaallly hard on a raw fruit tart and she wont touch it.
    The other day I made the mistake of getting her to try a mousse made with cashews and she was livid. All I’ll say is, if you’re mad about something, don’t keep spitting in the other person’s face (my sister reads your blog… so she’ll get the memo).
    Happy belated birthday Mr.S, onion rings are totally vegetables along with tater tots 😀

  14. I love tofu in desserts, and I also love tricking people into thinking it’s the real thing : )

  15. I’ve heard tofu “cheese”cake is the best kind, nice and rich and creamy. I’ll have to try it!

  16. Danielle says:

    This sounds good – but a soy-free option would be great! I try to limit my intake of soy.

    1. Agreed! But it really does look good :)

    2. amy says:

      cappuccino yumminess- i can hardly wait for your soy-free version!!

    3. Laura says:

      You could try straining almond or coconut yogurt over some muslin and then use equivalent amounts of this for the tofu. This has worked for me in the past, using homemade cashew and homemade hemp yogurts!

  17. Stephanie says:

    Is there a substitute for the coconut butter? I can’t do coconut anything. :( (Katie, I have your chocolate birthday pie cooling in the fridge right now and it’s driving me crazy that I have to save it for guests tomorrow! :D)

    1. Alanna says:

      See the nutrition link for substitutes (Katie recommends cashew butter):

      “I haven’t tried subbing anything for the coconut butter. Texture-wise, it will be fine to sub another nut butter, but I can’t vouch for the taste. If I were going to sub for the coconut butter, I would try raw cashew butter first.”

      1. Stephanie says:

        Thank you! :)

    2. Laura says:

      I’ve made cheezecakes using a formula very close to Katie’s and hve had success with homemade brazil nut, macadamia, (cashew) and blanched marcona almond nut butters (these are nice, soft creamy nuts). Oh, and smooth peanut butter. You could also try cacao butter which has properties more similar to that of coconut butter and makes the cheezecake taste like white chocolate!

  18. Xene says:

    This looks wonderful. Thanks.

  19. Ashlee says:

    This looks amazing….my question is…can I use coconut oil when its hard in place of the coconut butter?

    1. Carmen says:

      i was going to ask the same…is oil ok?

      1. Ash says:

        No. Coconut oil would be gross. The butter is delicious. Don’t be scared of fat. Fat will not make you fat.

      2. I haven’t tried it. If you try it, let me know how it goes!

        1. GoodRay says:

          Wait,what?! What’s the difference between coconut butter and coconut oil? Ok I have to google that..
          When I went to the health store and asked for coconut butter they gave me a cup of coconut oil..

  20. Catherine says:

    Yes! Please have a soy-free option! I’m dairy/soy/gluten intolerant and I want to eat this! Lol

  21. Alanna says:

    This looks awesome! I haven’t bought tofu in a while since the last few times it’s been nearing expiration and I didn’t want it to go bad, and I also just finished up my coconut butter, haha. Looks like this is my excuse to buy more of both!

  22. Elizabeth says:

    This is hilarious because you have described my husband exactly! Only his favorite “vegetable” is the french fry. Yep, I’ll be making this for him and not saying a word. I will just laugh in secret… and let you know how it goes!

    Where can I buy Mori-Nu?

    1. I find it at most grocery stores nowadays. Look in either the health-food section or Asian section. Or ask a store clerk or customer-service worker for help.

    2. Becky H says:

      Trader Joe’s now carries silken tofu. I used it and it still tastes great, no tofu flavor after you let it sit in the fridge for 6+ hours

  23. J says:

    I can’t stop thinking about what this cheesecake will taste like, Katie! This is clearly one of your most scrumptious-looking desserts. Gee, for hating healthy food, is your bf fat, or is he just blessed with a fast burning metabolism? Or does he just exercise like crazy? :)

  24. Brooke says:

    Can’t wait for the tofu free alternative so I can make this one…looks incredible!

  25. Valerie says:

    Is there anything I can sub for the coffee? I don’t drink coffee :(

    1. You can definitely experiment with other flavors!

  26. Coffee flavored desserts are one of my favorites ever. Right after chocolate. But then again maybe they are on the same level. A yeah, I am obsessing over this cheesecake right now. I’ve never baked its tofu yet but maybe it’s finally time I tried!!

  27. Lisa @bitesforbabies says:

    This looks so light and fluffy!!! I’ve tricked my husband many times with tofu “cream” sauce, and cake made with chickpeas. He loved them so much he ate them again knowing what he was eating! Success 😉

  28. Sherelle says:

    My family and I don’t eat tofu; would Greek yogurt be a possible substitution? Also, can coconut oil be used in place of coconut butter? Thanks in advance!

    1. Sorry, I haven’t tried either.

  29. ash says:

    “know your audience!” – I made a secretly vegan chocolate cake and cashew cream for my boyfriend, and he wasn’t amused! I don’t even think he was joking (which is a little hilarious, but not really). Talk about a sense of humour :/

  30. Keith B says:

    Love cheesecake.. it’s a weakness of mine. Thanks for sharing this great healthy version of one!

    1. Alison says:

      Can coconut oil be used instead of coconut butter? I have a whole jar of the stuff and need to find ways to use it!

      Thanks :)

      1. Sorry, I haven’t tried it.

    2. Charlie says:

      Hi Katie!

      I was wondering if its possible to swap the tofu for greek yoghurt? I live in the Netherlands and that kind of tofu (as far i know) isn’t available.
      Thank you for the recipe, definitely going to try this one out soon

  31. Katarina says:

    Can I substitute coconut oil for coconut butter? This looks delicious, will definitely try!

    1. Sorry, haven’t tried. If you try it, let me know how it goes!

  32. Sushma says:

    I haven’t tried tofu in desserts, yet. This cheesecake looks yummm. Need to try it out.
    By the way, have you realized…question of the day hasn’t been posted this time :)

    1. I figured people would find something to talk about on this one, even without a question. :)

      1. Sushma says:

        Haha true!
        By the way, which brand of chocolate chips do you like? Chocolate chips used by Specialty’s bakery of San Francisco are amazing. They literally melt in the mouth (even if the chocolate chip cookie is not warm).
        The ones I use stay hard in cookies/cakes.

        1. Usually I use Whole Foods brand or Enjoy Life mini chips.

          1. Anonymous says:

            Thanks a ton, Katie! Can’t wait to try them!
            I like mini chips of the brand I use, I find them moist in baked goods. I am on hunt for those Specialty’s giant choc chips :)

  33. Ash says:

    I don’t think that tofu and healthy should be used together in the same sentence. I would much rather see a “cheesecake” recipe made from soaked cashews than tofu. Sorry. This honestly doesn’t appeal to me.

  34. Vanessa says:

    Yum! I love tofu cheesecake, what can I substitute for the coconut butter? My mil is allergic to coconut.

    1. You can try raw cashew butter.

  35. Christina says:

    Yummmm! I can’t wait to try this! I use to really like tiramisu before I went vegan, and the vegan versions I’ve tried haven’t been that great. I think this might make a great alternative. And I’ve LOVED all of your tofu desserts in the past. I can’t tell you how many of my unsuspecting family members have devoured your chocolate bar pie with only the words…”ummmm….yummmm…soooo gwoood” through mouthfuls of chocolatey goodness. :)

  36. Lulu says:

    Mmmm this looks soo yummy! Definitely making this for my family! But do i add the chocolate chips before baking or after?

    1. Sorry, I’d forgotten to mention that. It’s fixed in the post now. Add them after blending, but before putting in the pan. Once in the pan, add the other 1/4 cup on top.

  37. That looks delish! I have been on a silken tofu kick lately, but never tell anyone what it is, they just think it’s fatty and delicious!

  38. Susan Campbell says:

    Look forward to the soy-free version of this dessert. I have tried some of your other recipes and they have been a big hit. Thanks

  39. SkyFox says:

    I would LOVE soy free cheesecake!!!!!

  40. Gabrielle says:

    DAnnnngggg girl

    you gone dun’ it ‘gain

    116 cals for CHEESECAKE?
    Magic is real.

    Ergo, Hogwarts is real.


    You da best.

  41. I can not wait to try this!!

  42. Stephanie Z says:

    Looks amazing!

    Just a word of caution on ‘tricking’ people into trying desserts. Please be careful and make sure that your taster doesn’t have any food sensitivities to common dairy or meat replacements (like soy.) This looks great, but I know that if I ate a piece I would be bloated like a 6 mos. pregnant woman. And honestly, nobody wants my reaction to be , ‘Yeah, tastes great, but I wish I’d never eaten it.’

    1. Very true… but I guess that would be the same for any dessert. If you have specific food sensitivities or preferences, it’s always a good idea to ask ahead of time what is in something you’re thinking of eating. For example, I don’t eat dairy, so I always have to ask if a particular dessert is vegan-friendly.

      1. Stephanie Z says:

        You’re right, it’s true for any dessert. Perhaps it was just the idea of ‘tricking’ someone into eating a certain food that rang some alarm bells for me. Yes, the people eating it should be responsible and ask about ingredients if they have some intolerances or allergies, but we all forget now and then!

  43. Yum! Looks amazing! I think this is one cheesecake everyone can enjoy! Great recipe!!

  44. Kaylee says:

    Hey Katie! I can’t it to make this for my bf, he loved cheesecake (I won’t tell him it’s vegan (; )? Anyways, I committed to smu yesterday, and thought it was so cool when I found out you attended there too! I’m glad I won’t be the lone vegan in dallas!

    1. Awesome. Hope you love it!

      I’d tell you to say hi to my old apartment, but they ripped it down :(.

  45. this looks heavenly!!!!! I am always looking for guilt free recipes and you just are awesome :)

  46. Lindsey says:

    This looks like silky cappuccino goodness! Thanks for the idea :)

  47. I went out the other day and bought silken tofu because I KNEW I had to make one of your MANY recipes that calls for it. I would totally make this one but I only have one package! Sad day. Looks like I need to make another trip to the store…

  48. Alyssa says:

    I love that…onion ring. Haha!

  49. Pam says:

    I have to say, if “S” is the kind of person who will act as though irreparable damage has been done if you “tricked” them into eating something good for them, there’s probably larger issues at hand. Time to run the other direction 😉 If by chance, “S” should also lose their sh*t on you for writing this article and reading my response, I’ve made my case. No aspect of your life is worth that… Believe me. I’ve been there and, I know how hard it is to make the right choice but, it will not be regretted.

  50. Brittany says:

    Katie, this looks great! I’m hoping to make it this weekend. What would be your recommendation if I wanted to bake them in single serving ramekins?

    1. Lara says:

      Ooh, sounds like a cute idea!

    2. Lara says:

      Silicone ones, right?

      1. Very cute idea. But I haven’t tried it, so I can’t list specific times or anything like that.

  51. Liz says:

    Hi Katie!

    I must say, I love your website. You are creative and innovative and a wonderful role model for someone who loves to cook :) I have tried many of your recipes already, and I’m hooked. You have such a talent for turning seemingly “sinful” dishes healthy!

    I may be a little late to the scene (I just recently discovered your blog) but I want to thank you. I stumbled upon some earlier posts regarding depression and also your stories of difficulties in the past. You seem to speak to me like no one else has. I found myself in tears!! (Though I’m known to be slightly over emotional). Your words have been helping me think through a lot lately.

    Thank you so much for what you do!! And the lovely dessert ideas of course 😉

    1. Thank you for such a kind comment! This made me smile :).

  52. Lori says:

    I don’t like coffee, but I love vegan cheesecake. What could I sub for the coffee? Vegan cocoa or cocoa powder?

    1. You will have to experiment. 😉

  53. Bek @ Crave says:

    I like tricking my bf too haha :)

  54. Lara says:

    I made this yesterday and it is delicious!

    1. Thank you so much for trying it. I think you are the first :).

  55. Jill says:

    Recipe looks delicious. Can’t wait to try it. You are right about not ricking people. I had a friend who said he hated chicken, so one day, after I got to know him, I cooked up this delicious lasagna, of course with chicken. He loved it, and when I finally told him a week later, he became violently ill, throwing up, the whole bit. I proved my point, a lot of it was in his mind, but he has never forgotten or forgiven me.

  56. Bianca says:

    Hahahaha! 😀 My sister sounds just like your friend, except that her favorite vegeatble is either french fries or potato chips (but I’m pretty sure onion rings are pretty high up on her list…):)
    Anyway, that looks really good! The filling is making me drool right now :)

  57. Haha – first I though this would be a big cookie dough cake! Looks good!

  58. Linda says:

    Hi Katie, you just keep doing what you do best, and if people in your life cannot appreciate them, the issues are not yours to deal with, nor should you feel responsible for them. Because of your creativity, passion and forward thinking, you are and will continue to rise to the top, and NOBODY can stop you! The dessert looks incredible, and I thank you for every personal post you pass on to your adoring fans! Love to you!

  59. I have never baked with coffee before that sounds amazing :) I was always afraid to bake desserts with tofu, it used to turn me off until one day I just did it to see and now I am obsessed! Tofu rocks in baking dishes! I will have to try this one day! Thank you for sharing. Love + Shine CourtStar

  60. Maria R says:

    Hi, Katie! I came across this article on the use of agave nectar and was surprised to see that it’s actually more harmful than good. What do you think? :/

  61. Rita Cruz says:

    Has anyone tried substituting the coconut butter by something other than coconut oil? I can’t find neither around here :/

    1. Natalie M. says:

      I don’t know where you live… I had a hard time finding coconut butter as well. After googling it’s location, the only place around where I live I could find it is Sprouts.

      1. Rita Cruz says:

        I live in Portugal, no Sprouts here either :) But thank you anyway

        1. Laura says:

          Hi Rita, if you can find it, I replied to someone else about my previous experiments using things other than coconut butter. I hope it might help even a little!

          1. Rita Cruz says:

            Thank you Laura, I’ll search your comments! :)

  62. Sally says:

    This looks phenomenal! Never seen tofu in a dessert before. Will be giving this a go. Thanks!

  63. Kelsey says:

    Yay for soy free option! Thank you, Katie!

  64. I would love to try a cheesecake based off of tofu! Sounds so interesting, your pictures make it look delicious as well!

  65. laurasmess says:

    Wow, it’s been a while since I visited your blog and everything’s changed… love the new look though Katie! Gorgeous recipe also… I’m another skeptic when it comes to tofu in desserts but your photos have me entirely convinced! I think I’ll have to give this a go… possibly with some organic ground cacao to make it a mocha cheesecake? Yum, can’t wait. Thanks!! x

  66. wendy says:

    hi Katie!
    this looks and sounds super tasty. I was wondering, though, what would happen if I didn’t bake it? my oven doesn’t work, but if I just mixed everything together and let it sit for some hours in the fridge, would it end up being a tasty coffee mousse type thing?

  67. audrey says:

    Does anyone know if I could do this with soy yogurt instead of the silken tofu? Because I realised that silken tofu is pretty expensive around here in germany, even in the asian shops :(

    1. Laura says:

      If you strain it through muslin or coffee filter paper over a bowl to catch the ‘whey’/liquid for maybe 6-12 hours beforehand (in the fridge), yes you can! I think I actually prefer my vegan cheezecakes that way

  68. Sadye says:

    Ohhhh, that looks very, very good!

  69. Lori Schneider says:

    Made the cheesecake yesterday. Delicious!

  70. Becky H says:

    I made this tonight and it was SO delicious!

    I was dubious because the batter tasted a bit tofu-y, but you were right! After waiting 6+ hours in the fridge, the cheesecake tasted amazing!

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  71. Tanner says:

    Ummy Nummy Yummy!!! I made this last night and had it for breakfast this morning. So good! I didn’t have any coconut butter or maple syrup, though. I subbed Earth Balance and some extra coffee. Don’t do this. My cheesecake totally collapsed into an ooey gooey mess! It was still DELICIOUS!!! I didn’t mind one bit that it collapsed, and I’ll totally make it again, but if you’re going to be serving it to guests, be forewarned 😉
    Oh, I also added a teensy tiny splash of apple cider vinegar, just because I get the uncontrollable urge to put that in practically EVERYTHING, even ccokies, but I didn’t taste it in the final product. I don’t know if this caused the collapse, though. Probably not, I would guess.
    Great job on the recipe, Katie, it’s fantastic!

  72. I will have to try this out, and I would be VERY interested in a soy free option. You are one seriously inspired lady. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

  73. This sounds absolutely amazing!! I can’t believe you can make it with tofu…so awesome!!

  74. Masha says:

    Aaaahh….I seriously couldn’t believe that this was going to be healthy. I mean anything that says cheesecake is definitely NOT!! This is totally amazing. I really want to see a soyless version but I will be trying this as well.

  75. Emily says:

    I made a half batch of this to try it out a couple days ago. It was absolutely divine. I’ll be making it for a whole crowd for my boyfriend’s graduation in a couple weeks. I can’t wait to tell everyone what it’s really made of when they’ve had a couple bites!

  76. Dukinfield says:

    Wow! You’ve excelled yourself once again Kate! I can’t wait to try this!

  77. Rochelle says:

    Where can you find the morinu brand of tofu? I’ve looked at a couple different stores & can’t find it. Is there another brand that would work just as well?

    1. Asian markets, some regular grocery stores, or Whole Foods’ Asian section.

      1. Rochelle says:

        Thank you! :) I never found any but used an organic brand & it still turned out yummy. My husband & brother lived it! :) are you supposed to be able to taste the coffee?? I used super strong coffee & even added a little instant to the mix but couldn’t taste it. I wondered if it was because of the tofu I used. Oh well it was still yummy!! Thank you!

  78. Kimberly says:

    I love love love cheesecake. But I am a little bit skeptical of this recipe because it doesn’t actually call for any cream cheese… Does it really taste like cheesecake?

  79. Lauwchen says:

    The (crustless) pie is sitting in the oven! Can’t wait to taste.

  80. Tressie says:

    My mom would love this for Mother’s Day! I have a couple of questions, though. Must you use a spring form pan? What could you use instead? And could you sub something like agave nectar for the maple syrup? If anyone could help, I’d be grateful! Thanks :)

  81. Kyliecakes says:

    Loved this! I made a gluten-free nut crust to go with this and it was absolutely delicious. I have never liked any kind of tofu before and could not taste the tofu in this. Can’t wait to make it again.

  82. Bernhard says:

    Yummy! Really beautiful images that make you hungry for more!

  83. Hillary says:

    Just made this “for my roommates” last week! I am not a vegan and I eat Greek yogurt basically every day, and I swear I would not have known this was vegan had I not made it myself. I used natural peanut butter instead of coconut and it made it taste like a peanut butter cup! Best part: Since it’s basically tofu with some nut butter and syrup, one can totally justify eating it for dinner 😉

  84. Kim says:

    I was wondering hot to use up a package of silken tofu of which I had only needed half to make your Cosmic Brownies (which were amazingly rich and intense in flavour by the way; my family loved them!)
    Since I didn’t want to go and buy some more to add it up, I counted down the recipe to a quarter of the original, made it in a little heart-shaped pan and will give it to my mother tomorrow for Mother’s day.
    She’s famous for her “cappuccino”-breaks during the day, then why not enjoying a solid one? =D

  85. dahlia says:

    can you use soft tofu i by mistake bought that one

  86. dahlia says:

    can you make this with soft tofu? i by mistake bought that one

    1. Sorry, I’ve not tried it.

  87. Naima says:

    Katie, if you could make a healthy Tiramisu that would be HEAVENLY! :)

    1. I do have a recipe. I just need to find a good time to post it :)

  88. Lily says:

    Hi, Katie! Can I substitute agave for the maple syrup?

  89. Baylee says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Is it vital that we use the tofu specified in the recipe or would it work just fine with homemade tofu? Thanks xx

    1. Sorry, I’ve never tried homemade tofu so I really can’t say.

  90. Hana says:

    This was AMAZING! I’m bot even a vegan and I still loved it as did my entire family!

    1. Hana says:

      Oops that should say not.

  91. This cheesecake sounds seriously amazing! I totally need to try this!

  92. Caroline Christie says:

    If you can handle Goat’s milk, Goat’s milk yoghurt and cream cheese make an awesome cheese cake, too!

  93. Jaime says:


    …might be makin’ this REAL soon.

  94. Becky says:

    This looks really good, but I am allergic to coconut. Is there anything else I could substitute for the coconut butter?

  95. Beth Parsons says:

    I am fairly new to healthy cooking. In your recipes like this one and your fudge pie when you put the tofu in the food processor do you include the liquid that is in with the tofu?

    1. No, drain off any excess liquid. If you use MoriNu, there shouldn’t be much (if any). But yes, drain it all off.

  96. Iaroslav says:

    Hi Chocolate-Covered Katie,
    Thanks for the good sense of humour)), the recipe, and the blog!

  97. marfigs says:

    Hay! I want to make this tomorrow, but I was wondering how many grams there is in a package of this Mori tofu -is it the 12oz package you’re referring to in the recipe, times two? We don’t have that on our side and I’m using tofu I got from the Chinese store nearby. It’s firmer than the stuff floating in water, so I guess that’s about the same? Thanks, can’t wait to stuff my face with coffee cake! 😀

  98. Charity says:

    I made this for my 12 year old son’s birthday, and he loved it… We all did! Great coffee flavor, and the chocolate chips added a nice textural difference. Yum! Thanks for the great recipe- Birthday success!

  99. Allison says:

    Hi Katie,

    I just discovered your blog a few days ago and it has been so much fun to look at all of your recipes! They all look so delicious. I have been slowly transitioning into a vegan diet for the past several months, but the one hurtle found to be difficult was desserts, so your blog has been a godsend!

    I am hoping to make this cheesecake this weekend, but had a quick question about the coconut butter and a possible substitution. I have a vegan nutella-like spread that I was hoping to use instead? I know the taste will be altered, but do you think texturally there would be any problems? I would think that the fat content would be comparable to coconut butter…

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and approach to healthy and balanced eating. It is so inspirational!!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      There’s only one way to find out… experiment! :-)

  100. Jaime says:

    My 7yo picky eater daughter asked me the other day what my favorite pie was…I was at a loss to choose just one so I asked the same question back to her.

    Her answer: “you KNOW mom! The cappuccino pie you made me that I ate ALL of! Can you make that again?!”

    1. Aw this kind of made my morning :)

  101. Jessica says:

    Hi Katie! Have you come up with a soy free option yet?

  102. Allen says:

    I made this twice, but it still doesn’t stay fluffy. I used coconut oil instead of coconut butter, but I feel like that shouldn’t make too much of a difference. Tastes good though!

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Actually, that would make a huge difference.

  103. Michelle says:

    Hi Katie! Could I pour this in a pre-made crust (instead of a spring-form pan)?

  104. Polly says:

    If I wanted to switch up the flavours a little, could I just substitute the coffee for something like puréed strawberries for a strawberry cheesecake? (Tried this recipe btw and everyone loved it!)

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      You can always experiment. And be sure to report back in the comments if you do!

  105. Jamie says:

    This looks amazing and I am shocked by the nutritional info! You are basically my hero right now;) do you think it would be ok to substitute the coffee for coconut milk to make a coconut cloud cheesecake instead?

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Sounds delicious. Sure, why not? If you make it, report back for all of us! I’ve made this many times, but always the coffee version.

  106. Melissa says:

    Wondering if the tofu could be replaced by soaked cashews?

  107. I was looking for an cheesecake without sugar, maple syrup or malasses. Doing my best to work with natural ingredients of sweeters. Do you have any recipes for an great cheesecake for that?

  108. stephanie says:

    Love all your creations that aren’t soy. I’ll stay tuned for a soy free option!

  109. Don says:

    1/4 of maple syrup (to fool one because it’s not sugar to it has to be healthy)…coco butter (full of fat to fool you into saying “yeah but it’s good fat)…chocolate chips…(sugar and fat)…’s not healthy or good for you. But that’s what probably makes it so good. LOL.

  110. Belinda Jooste says:

    R all your foods gluten free and low calorie. Also would love to know the calories to icecream per 100ml or grams what are your exact measures
    Kind regards
    Pier and belinda

  111. Monica says:

    Made this last night and ate it for breakfast this morning…It was amazingggg!
    For anyone who is wondering about a coconut butter substitute, I used homemade peanut butter and it worked perfectly :)
    I also made a crust with almond flour, oats, honey and coconut oil which paired beautifully with the filling

  112. JBT says:

    JUST TELL ME HOW I CAN PRINT YOUR RECIPES – or delete me from all future posts! YOUR CHOICE!!!!!…..jbt

    1. JBT says:

      I DIDN’T CANCEL THIS BUT IF YOU DID, rather than deal with my “how to print” request – SO BE IT!…….jbt

  113. Varvara says:

    did anyone try to use coconut oil or maybe almond butter instead of coconut butter?
    I tried the coconut butter recipe long ago, and it didn’t work out, probably because high altitude.
    thank you!

  114. Mish says:

    I made the cappuccino cloud cake it is scrumptious. I was wary as never had tofu before. It makes a large amount :-) . The only thing i am not sure about is storing it. How long will it keep in the fridge? any one plz.

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      3-4 days!

  115. maria says:

    Hi! Sounds awesome! Any suggestions for a sub for the tofu? The non-soy link didn’t work.

    1. maria says:

      Oh, I see now. The cashew cream from the brownie bites is the non-soy sub.

  116. Nina V says:

    What quantity/weight is two packages of silkem tofu?
    I’m in Australia and that brand is not available to me.
    Cheers, Nina :)

  117. Emily says:

    So, I want to love this, flavor is good, but not texture…possibly I over baked it? My springform pan is more like 9″ not 8″ round, but I did not think to adjust bake time, thoughts?

  118. Katherine says:

    How much tofu should be used by weight? I’m not familiar with the brand you use and tried to google what the weight would be but pretty sure I got it wrong!

  119. Susan says:

    Hi – this looks really yummy but my husband doesn’t like coffee flavor. If I left out the coffee would I need a liquid substitute or is it possible to make it with a different flavor e.g. use juice instead of coffee or almond milk to give it an almond flavor etc? thanks!

  120. Belinda says:

    I am in Australia and would like to make this amazing looking dessert. Could you please tell me the weight of the tofu required as we don’t have the brand you listed. Thanks

  121. ternant says:

    Could you please advise about the non soy use? What do you use to replace it ?thanks

    1. Unofficial CCK Helper says:

      Hi! See the link for the Soy Free Option and use that as the filling instead. :-)

  122. Beth says:

    I read the nutrition info but how many servings do you consider this makes?