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Baked Beans Recipe – Healthy & Homemade

Goodbye canned beans. After trying this homemade baked beans recipe, it’s hard to imagine going back to canned. Bush’s is good and all, but it just doesn’t compare to the heightened flavor and superior texture of baked beans made from scratch. Since July is National Baked Bean Month, there’s never been a better time to […]

Baked Beans Calories and Nutrition

Weight Watchers Points Plus: 3 points Baked Beans calories and nutrition facts are based on a standard 1/2-cup serving (7 servings in the recipe). If using blackstrap molasses, the recipe is a terrific source of iron. Return: Baked Beans Recipe.

Processed foods and Soybeans and Tofu– oh my!

Lately, around the blogworld, many bloggers have been getting into the raw-food movement.  I don’t think anyone would question the fact that raw fruits and veggies are healthy. However (and I really don’t mean to point fingers; I’m just venting, so please don’t take my opinions personally), some posts seem to have taken on a […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

DESSERTS   1. No Bake Peanut Butter Pie – 6 ingredients No Bake Peanut Butter Pie     2. Chocolate Brownie Cheese Ball Chocolate Brownie Cheese Ball     3. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cheese Ball Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cheese Ball     4. Cookie Dough Dip Healthy Cookie Dough Dip     5. […]

Full Nutrition Facts–What I Eat In A Day

  Some Notes: 1. Yes, the total fat—all heart-healthy fat from plant sources—is higher than the recommended amount set by the FDA. There are different schools of thought about how much fat one should eat, and I’m on board with this particular way of eating simply because it’s what makes me feel healthiest. I can’t […]

Protein Bars Nutrition Information

Nutrition information above is based on each of 10 protein bars (77g – almost twice the size of a Luna Bar!) made with peanut butter and pure maple syrup. (If you are doing your own calculations, keep in mind that the CalorieCount database erroneously gives nutrition facts for uncooked beans even if you specify cooked. […]

Pumpkin Blender Muffins Nutrition Facts

Weight Watchers Points Plus: 3 points per muffin Nutrition facts are based on each of ten muffins made with almond butter and pure maple syrup. (If using caloriecount for calculations, be aware that it will give you numbers for muffins made with uncooked beans even if you specify cooked. This has been fixed in the […]