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2 Ingredient Coconut Cookie Dough Balls!

You know me.

A simple no-bake snack that can be made in under 5 minutes, and both kids and adults will gobble them up:

You know I like recipes that are fast and easy.  So these coconut cookie dough balls are pretty much a dream come true. First of all, they taste like coconut cookie dough. And secondly, they’re no-bake, with just two ingredients.

It can’t get any easier than that!

I also now have new recipe tab: 5 Minute Dessert Recipes.

(If you click on the above link, you’ll see all of my recipes that take 5 minutes or less to make! I’m working on a “no-bake” tab as well.)

A simple no-bake snack that can be made in under 5 minutes, and both kids and adults will gobble them up:

I’m not even sure I can call this a “recipe.” It’s too simple!

Coconut Cookie Dough Balls

(no added sugar!)

  • Scant 2/3 cup pitted dates (80 g) (I like Sunmaid brand, because they’re softer. See the nutritional info link, below, for substitution notes)
  • 1 and 1/2 tbsp coconut butter or Homemade Coconut Butter
  • Tiny pinch salt (can be omitted if desired)
  • Optional: shredded coconut, chocolate chips, etc.

Blend everything together in a food processor. This makes a small batch, so I used my Magic Bullet. If you have a bigger processor, it might be best to double or triple the recipe so everything blends more smoothly. (The recipe can be done in a blender, but the results are stickier.) Smush into one big ball, then roll into little balls or bars or cookie-cuttered shapes. These will last in the refrigerator for a few weeks or frozen for a few months, or they can be frozen.

View Cookie Dough Balls Nutrition Facts


coconut cookie dough balls

Note: the cookie dough balls in the photos contain nuts. But after taking photos I revamped the recipe to make it nut-free!

If you want balls without coconut butter, try one of these similar recipes:


German-Chocolate Fudge Bites

fg samoas

Girl-Scout Cookie Bites

Are you a fan of quick and simple recipes?

Or do you prefer the challenge of making fancier, more-complicated recipes? If you have any favorite quick recipe ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section.

Published on May 2, 2012

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  1. Becca R says

    “Are you a fan of quick and simple recipes?” Is that a joke? haha. 🙂 Actually, I don’t really mind long recipes, because I taste as I go, so it’s not like I’m waiting for the final result! haha

  2. Elise says

    Hi Katie, I’m not sure if you’d know why this happens but I am signed up to your email notification system and everytime you post a new recipe I get the previous post sent to me e.g. today I received the email ‘Here is what happened on Saturday…’ instead of today’s 2 Ingredient Coconut Cookie Dough Balls. It’s ok because I know when I receive an email you’ve put a new post up so can go and check your site, it’s just that the content of the email is delayed by a day… very weird.

  3. Jessica says

    Gah! You are the best!!! Proving once again that recipes do not need to be complicated to be good. It’s one of the reasons your blog is my favorite: because you’re like the rest of us, not some chef who expects everyone to know how to (and have time to) do all these fancy cooking methods. Your recipes are so simple anyone could make them… and yet we don’t think of them! It’s your ability to simplify that is so genius!

    Of course, I also like your more complicated recipes as well. The deep dish cookie pie is my all time favorite dessert EVER!

    • Lisa says

      I agree. I love that CCK’s recipes are easy enough for us “non cooks” to make. Just because we don’t like to cook doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get to eat well too!

  4. Melissa says

    I am definitely better with quick and easy recipes! The more steps and ingredients the more chances to get distracted and mess up! Besides I cook more with love than skill, and it’s much easier to love a quick, simple recipe. And this one looks great. As soon as I make some coconut butter I’m making this one.
    Thanks for all the totally delicious and amazing recipes. You’re totally amazing!

    • Em says

      I am the same way! Somehow, if it’s a long and complicated recipe (or even not so complicated) I always seem to mess up a step. Quick recipes are much safer for me ;).

  5. Em says

    I made them!!! 🙂 🙂

    Is that a record for fastest time to make a recipe after it’s posted, I wonder?
    Katie, they are awesome. Might just be my new favorite snack, because they’re so quick to make. I’ve done your other fudge babies before (the chocolate ones and the pb cookie dough ones), and I love them and make them all the time. But these are even easier!


  6. Samantha says

    Em beat me to making them already! 🙂 LOL way to go Em.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to these. I make the peanut butter ones all the time and add coconut to those. I am also one of the ones that makes them with prunes so I will report how prunes and coconut butter get along. 🙂

    I do really enjoy the quick and simple to squeeze in the day and try more things out. I also have no problem with a little more prep time and involvement for something I am going to enjoy. Especially for more meal type options that will be eaten over several days (like your polenta casserole!).

    I will say when quick and simple fails I usually recover quicker!

  7. Stacey says

    I just have to say that this coconut butter is seriously the best thing ever invented. I eat it by the spoonful! Sadly I am doing a candida diet right now- no sweetener/fruit….Otherwise I would be all over these!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I do too! It’s dangerous. When I first saw it at Whole Foods a few years ago, I wasn’t even going to try it. I thought it sounded boring! But then they sent me a free (mini) sample… life was never the same ;).

  8. Sami B. says

    Oh my word. So yummy. Well, to answer the question, yesterday I made your volume ice cream and threw in pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices, and mini chocolate chips. It took literally 5 minutes and was DELISH!!

  9. Char @ says

    Mmmm I still have to bite the bullet and buy some coconut butter! I have a hard time justifying $12 for a lil jar at the moment 😛 But these cookies look like a good reason…

    I am a BIG fan of simple recipes!! On occasion, I like to put in a lot of effort {like for lasagna or a double layer cake} but the majority of my recipes are quick and easy because I don’t want to wait for my food, and I’m usually busy. It’s so easy to make delicious food in 5-20 mins 🙂

  10. Anna Banana says

    I think most of my quick fix recipes I either got from you or are based off of something I got from you. I’m currently going through a pitcher of black forest smoothie/milkshake I made the other day. I feel like you have a recipe for that on here but I haven’t looked at it – I used two frozen bananas, 1c coconut milk, 1.5c soy milk, 1c frozen cherries, 1/2tsp vanilla extract, and liberal chocolate chips and blended. I make my smoothies in bulk because they are so filling that I have breakfast for four days afterwards! Perfect for me because I have to be up early every day and I rarely feel the drive to cook before 6am.

  11. Leslie says

    Thanks, Katie! We just made these for an after-lunch treat and the kiddos ate four balls each! I guess that means they liked them!
    I think we make a recipe from your site every day! Still waiting for that cookbook ;).

    • Emma says

      Someone on CCK’s facebook page said she tried it and it worked well. But CCK said she hadn’t tried it.

  12. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola says

    Ohh these cookie dough balls look fabulous! And a whole section devoted to 5-minute desserts?! That’s amazing and will come in handy when I have a dessert craving but cannot be bothered to wait! I pretty much only make quick recipes, taking 20-30 minutes. I get home from work late and if I want to eat dinner by 9 or so, then 20-30 min is all I’ve got!

  13. Jennifer JCD says

    I just made them and they are awesome!! I love quick and simple recipes so long as they still taste wonderful! I would rather spend an hour making something amazing than waste five minutes on something that tastes like doggie doo. These were definitely worth the 5 minutes… and now I need to make another batch because… umm… the first one disappeared. <3

  14. Pooja says

    These look wonderful. I am going to make them today after I go buy dates (wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could buy the other kind of “dates” too). I am really really looking forward to your no-bake tab as I don’t have an oven and often mess up things recipes trying to make them in my microwave :(.

  15. Sara Dane says

    I love recipes that only use a few ingredients. There is nothing worse than getting through half a really complicated recipe and realizing you don’t have a special spice or exotic vegetable to use.

    Thank you for so many recipes that all seem to use similar ingredients. It makes cooking economical, easy, fun and yummy!

  16. Jessica says

    When I feel the need to impress someone, I choose a recipe that looks really complicated…and find the easiest way to make it. xD
    Yay laziness! These coconut balls look sooo good. My blender thanks you Katie, cuz without you I wouldn’t be showing it so much love as I am now from making all these delicious and healthy desserts <3

    • Sarahishealthy says

      Love this! I am the opposite! I try to make an easy recipe and then make it LOOK fancy, with drizzled icing or fondant or something ;).

  17. Sophie says

    Thanks for the super easy recipe! I love that there aren’t any nuts.

    Anyway, I have a sort of strange request. As someone who enjoys taking pictures of food, but isn’t all that good at it, I love to take in any tips i can. If you have a chance (and it’s fine if you don’t, i know you have a busy schedule) could you write a post on your average photo shoot? For example, how you set up, where you do it, and how you decide what you’ll include in the shot. Some pictures of you routine would be awesome too.

    Thanks so much!

  18. Amber with Slim Pickin's Kitchen says

    Yuuuuuuuuuuum!!! GAH! I love coconut!!! I’ve got to make some coconut butter!

  19. Chelsea says

    My husband and I hate coconut. Can you think of something that would work in this and other recipe to replace it? Maybe crisped rice or TVP? Thanks! 🙂

  20. Olivia says

    Please don’t take this the wrong way when I make this comment.
    I was really eager to make this recipe since I haven’t been able to tolerate nuts for awhile. And since it’s National Truffle Day, I thought it was the perfect time to make them. So I got out my food processor, dates, and coconut butter. But when I finished blending it all together, the finished product tasted… well….. kind of boring. So I added some vanilla extract and sunflower seed butter and presto! I had some delicious date/sunflower seed butter truffles!
    They would be even better with chocolate (unfortunately, my dietary needs have forced me to eliminate chocolate from my diet ): ).
    Oh, I also prefer shorter recipes just because longer ones are a little more time consuming. Keep up the good recipe making! I’ll check back soon for more chocolate covered recipes! 😉

  21. Kit-Kat says

    I like simple recipes, but I also like the challenge of trying a recipe that is a little more complex (like a special cake!).

  22. Emma says

    Just made these (after I got back from the grocery store to buy dates), and they’re like candy! I keep going back to the fridge for *just one more*.

    Anyone reaading this: Make these, but be warned that they’re addictive ;).

  23. Kelly says

    Yum! Your blog could keep me busy for like 854,983 hours with all the delicious recipes and pictures! I’ll def. be trying some things for healthier treats once in a while! 🙂 Off to subscribe right away! 🙂

  24. Ann says

    I consider myself relatively well versed in obscure ingredients, but I don’t believe I’ve seen coconut butter anywhere aside from Katie’s recipes. Can I get this at a natural foods store, or would I need to order online? I’ll have to embark on a coconut butter hunt soon!

    • Samantha says

      Where I live (Seattle area, WA state) coconut butter isn’t found in the main stores from what I have seen. Even in the health/specialized stores it is a bit of a challenge. At Whole Foods in Bellevue I only found Coconut Manna, which I then had to read the label to make sure it was the same thing.

      Coconut oil on the other hand I usually see several brands.

      • Sarahishealthy says

        Email and they’ll tell you what stores in your area carry it! Or make your own!

    • Olivia says

      I got my coconut butter from Whole Foods. That’s in Indiana, however. I also find coconut butter really expensive, so I would save the many and make coconut butter from shredded coconut like Katie suggests.

  25. Tanya Mize says

    When you say coconut butter, do you mean coconut oil? Or is there something different that I’m missing?

  26. Sally @ sally's baking addiction says

    Katie, these look wonderful! I love all your “ball” recipes, including those yummy fudge babies of yours! I’m looking forward to that no bake tab. for a gal who’s blog is named “baking addiction”… i kinda like those no bake, effortless recipes every so often 😉

  27. Katie @ Nutrition in a Peanut Shell says

    I love the taste of coconut butter but eating it off the spoon just doesn’t do it for me! It’s just a bit too thin 🙂
    These look awesome! Maybe that’s what I’ll use my expensive little jar for..

  28. Alanna says

    I love easy recipes! I really enjoy cooking and baking, and will happily spend more time in the kitchen on a weekend or for special occasions, but during the week I get home late and I want something I can make (and eat) quickly. For a long time that meant lots of cold cereal, sandwiches, canned soup, and pasta, but CCK has inspired me to eat better and given me the confidence to ad lib when I don’t have exactly the right ingredients. (I’m a decent cook, but I think it’s just because I’m good at following instructions since I lack the creativity to come up with new recipes.) I have an ever-growing list of coconut butter recipes that I need to try once I finally buy some! Maybe I’ll drop hints for my birthday in a few weeks… I’m always telling my mom to get edible gifts since I have too many belongings. 😉

      • Alanna says

        I love it! You can sit and tell me to make whatever wonderful concoction pops into your head, and as long as I get to taste-test, I’ll happily follow your instructions. 🙂

  29. Moni Meals says

    so fantastic! Yum.

    Oh it has to be simple and quick. That is the only way I make my recipes and others too. 🙂

  30. Jessica says

    Just made these! I added a tablespoon of crunch peanut butter for some texture and flavor, then stuck them in the fridge so they could firm up a bit. They were delicious!

  31. Juliana says

    I would definitely prefer making something more challenged: with elaborate decorations and a lot of effort. But unfortunately, my family prefers more basic, chocolaty things (and, I’m sorry, I can’t eat chocolate D:), so I usually make our family recipe for Chocolate No-Bakes over the stove. It’s been a family favorite for years!
    It’s too bad I couldn’t get some job helping in a bakery of some sort while I’m in high school.

  32. mag says

    has anyone found packaged dates that have no nut cross contamination warning? we have nut allergies in the house and every time i look for dates, they have a nut allergy warning label.

  33. Ruth says

    Definitely a fan of simple recipes, especially the no bake ones. Since I am gluten free and sugar free (I use agave syrup, which is technically a sugar but my body tolerates it) and gluten free baking is expensive and usually annoys me. I KNOW I saw sunmaid dates somewhere, I just can’t remember where. Maybe in Superstore, which is basically a Canadian version of Walmart.

  34. Emma says

    Actually, I enjoy long, tedious recipies. For me, the fun is in making it, and eating it afterwards is just a bonus!

  35. LizAshlee says

    Yum yum yum! I luv energy balls like funny-last night I mixed a bit of honey with coconut oil and put it on a good!

  36. Melissa (Better Fit) says

    These remind me of your fudge Babies- those things are a staple in our house!

    I need to get a better technique for the dates though… I use a hand blender and it all gets a bit messy and sticky! But at least it’s a delicous mess 😉

  37. jen bargnesi says

    I really want to make these, like right now but all I could find was coconut oil. The people at Trader Joe’s market said I could use the coconut oil and coconut butter interchangably, true or false?

  38. Shannon says

    I was not prepared for how good these were going to be. Added shredded coconut AND dark chocolate mini chips. Satisfies all cravings known to man.

  39. krystal says

    Sound so yummmy! Can they be frozen? I’m due in about 10 weeks & want to have as many healthy snack options on hand so I don’t end up binging on snicker bars. =)

  40. Jen B says

    Hi Katie!
    I love your blog so much! A friend introduced it to me a few months ago when she brought this recipe to a party. Ever since then I can’t get enough! I have been making at least one recipe a week and have never eaten more chocolate or been healthier in my life! Thank you for coming up with so many amazingly healthy and delicious recipes! You have an amazing talent! Even my husband can’t believe how delicious a healthy recipe can be!
    Thank you!!

  41. Jennifer says

    Hi, Katie!
    Love these cookies. A question about “serving size.” You mention making 12g balls. I don’t have anything to reference that with. About how large a cookie is 12g? Half an inch? Smaller?
    Thanks! I enjoy trying your recipes!

  42. Mandy says

    Mmmmm….. that looks so good! I love coconut and I have sweet tooth. Definitely will try out this receipe. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Ann says

    Totally confused!
    I successfully made coconut butter. Yeah! I used same brand/kind you used and it worked out great.
    Then I attempted the coconut cookie dough balls. I doubled the batch because I used my Vita-Mix. I added a little extra coconut flakes and about 10-12 raw almonds because I think everything is better with nuts. Blended them for a bit.
    They turned out extremely greasy. Oil was RUNNING off my fingers. I couldn’t believe it. Was it the almonds? Or is it the coconut butter really that greasy. So confused.
    Help. Thanks!

  44. Cathy says

    A couples hours after my first post……One double batch of Chocolate Larabars……..which is too big for my food processor. I had a sticky–chocolate mess and had to divide it up. But alas. They taste great. Instead of adding any water to get it a bit thinner I added some fresh frozen cherries.
    Then I made your Oatmeal Raisin Larabars. Your chocolate dilemma is solved when you make this batch in the same container as the chocolate larabars. Wah-la Chocolate Oatmeal Raisin Larabars. I added 3 drops of dark rum. Its heavenly!! 🙂

  45. john Coffer says

    Hey Ms
    ..for this recipe…can’t we just dunk these cute little date-coconut only x2 ingredients into local artisan melted dark chocolate to complete your recipe?? The don’t need coconut sugar as they are already sweet enough withe dates. Ultimate but Awesome truffle from C.C.K!

  46. Beth Saunders says

    Breakfast!!! These coconut cookie babies were amazing!! I am SOOO thankful for your healthy dessert website!

  47. Beatriz Rudisill says

    I absolutely love all of your healthy and tasty recipes, I have made a lot of them they are delicious particularly the black bean brownies, cheese less cheesecake with greek yougurt. Thank you sooo much for sharing these lovely recipes with the rest of us God bless and I really appreciate you!!
    Thank you for being so nice

  48. Erica says

    What did I do wrong? I doubled the recipe and added shredded coconut and a tiny bit of mini chocolate chips. It wasn’t sticky and holding form. It just crumbled when I tried working with it.

  49. Kiki says

    Loved this recipe!!! It’s so EASY, SO FLAVOURFUL and HEALTHY.
    It’s also very versatile, you can but almost anything in it. I put coconut oil, shredded coconut and chocolate chips.
    I’ve heard apples & dates are delicious too.

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