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Banana Bread In A Bowl

Bananas for Bananas.

This recipe has all the flavor and nutrition of moist, delicious banana bread, just in a different form. It also makes a great snack.


Banana Bread In A Bowl

Banana Bread In A Bowl

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Banana Bread In A Bowl


  • 1 banana (I use a frozen one, but you don't have to)
  • 1-2 tablespoons walnuts, optional
  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • 1 cup flake cereal, such as Arrowhead Mills' spelt flakes (You can use a gluten-free cereal)
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


Put all the ingredients into a blender, and blend. Now eat! This gets thicker, the longer it sits.

For a fun twist, try using the *Melted Banana Trick*

Oh, and cinnamon or chocolate chips make nice additions. But then again, chocolate chips make a nice addition to anything!

Nutrition Information:

  • This banana version will have about 245 calories, 7 grams fiber, 7 grams protein, and 3 grams fat.
  • The pumpkin version will have about 175 calories, 8 grams fiber, 7 grams protein, and 3 grams fat.
  • The gingerbread version will have about 215 calories, 7 grams fiber, 7 grams protein, and 3 grams fat. If you use blackstrap molasses, you’ll also get a healthy dose of iron and calcium :).

It’s very filling, for not a lot of calories. So if you’re not watching your weight, I suggest planning to have something calorie-dense alongside. (Some of my favorite sides include peanut butter on a spoon, extra walnuts, or… anything chocolate!)

4.33/5 (3)

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Published on October 15, 2007

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  1. Alanna says

    This is so good!! I’d been meaning to try this for a long time, but I haven’t purchased cold cereal since finding this blog; who wants raisin bran, when you can have chocolate strawberry hugs oatmeal? It was awesome right out of the blender, but I liked it even better after letting it thicken for 15-20 min in the fridge. I had to make the oatmeal raisin Larabars to distract myself while I waited because I was so impatient, lol.

  2. Mia says

    I completely changed the banana bread concept into chocolate… I used chocolate soy milk, agave, and cocoa powder. Oh my gosh. It was almost like chocolate mousse :O especially since I let it sit for 3 hours in the fridge and stirred in a bunch of chocolate chips! I’m in love with your blog and these cereal recipes 🙂

  3. Rachel says

    Hi Katie! This looks delicious! I have been trying a lot of your dessert recipes and they are all great! I’m excited to try making something a little more substantial ;). You’re awesome about making this blog compatible with pinterest, but could you put printer-friendly recipe links also? Thanks! =)

  4. Gail Wheeler says

    It’s just fun seeing what you come up with. And trying some of the recipes.
    I use my Demarle at Home molds and trays for everything now which keeps foods from sticking with the oils and flours.
    And I plan on getting a Vitamix soon which will help I’m sure with some of you recipes and others..
    Thanks for all your recipes..

  5. Laura says

    I made this today and it was great! I couldn’t believe how sweet and yummy it was without any added sweetener (I used unsweetened almond milk). I used Cheerios instead of flake cereal and I wasn’t sure it was going to work but it did. Can’t wait to try the pumpkin and gingerbread versions. Come up with some more “in a bowl” recipes please! 🙂

  6. Susannah says

    I love your pumpkin and banana bread in a bowl!! I think you have changed my life..there may be before and after pics to follow…I have tried several of your recipes and love every one! This morning I used frozen strawberries in my banana bread in a bowl then added homemade chocolate chips! Delicious!!!

  7. Avra-Sha Faohla says

    Looking at this recipe, I realized that it’s pretty much what I have every day for breakfast, but blended! (Except I don’t add vanilla to my bran flakes and banana!) So I was curious to try it . . . and blending my favorite breakfast turns out AMAZING. Thanks so much for the idea!

  8. Alex says

    I LOVE this recipe! Thanks for posting it =) Here’s another trick to try: I heat up the almond milk in the microwave and then stew a chai tea bag in it until I have chai tea almond milk (this is my favorite drink, and tastes great with a little stevia!) and then add that to the mix. Yum!

  9. Kavli says

    I just discovered this recipe via Pinterest though I’m a huge fan of your blog. I made it and OMGoodnees this is seriously delicious!! I used Special K flakes and almond milk. YUM-O! Thanks Katie!

  10. Olivia says

    I’m trying to figure out how you came up with 245 calories for this recipe. In an above comment, you said that spelt flakes have about 120 calories per cup, which I confirmed. A cup of skim milk is about 85 calories according to multiple sources. We’re at 205 calories, and that leaves only 40 calories for the banana if you say this recipe is 245 calories. A small banana contains 90 calories. That puts us at 295 calories. So there’s about a 50 calorie discrepancy here. Could you help us understand how you came up with 245 calories for this?

    Thank you.

  11. Mary says

    I am on Weight Watchers and I need to know how many carbs the pumpkin cereal has? I really want to try but I don’t know how to plug it into their formula.


  12. Tina says

    I didn’t have any cereal, so I added some cooked quinoa I had in the fridge.
    It’s so good! You have the best recipes!! Thanks!

  13. Christine says

    If you use old fashioned oats in the pumpkin bread in a bowl do you cook it first? Or do you mix everything together and refrigerate? Also, is a vita mix and a blendtec appliance both a blender and a food processor? Thanks!

  14. Alexis says

    Made this the night before and added chia seeds and pb2 to the recipe and it enhanced an already delicious recipe! I highly recommend it!

  15. Karen says

    Just tried this today for breakfast since I’m off work and had time to make it. I used a fresh banana and I think a frozen one is a must for this (or maybe reducing the milk if using a fresh one), as the consistency of it after being blended was rather runny…and I didn’t want to drink it. 😉 I added a little bit more flakes, and let it sit in the fridge for a few minutes and it did get a little thicker. It does taste pretty good tho (especially with a dash of cinnamon added) and I think if I make it again, I will definitely use a frozen banana. I just didn’t have any on hand today. Next I;m going to try your baked oat meal! I purposely bought some pumpkin yesterday to try the pumpkin one. 🙂

  16. Masyn says

    So, I just tried this for the first time. It took about two minutes to make and then I let it sit in the freezer for a little bit – DELICIOUS! Oh, and I added some cinnamon, which complimented the banana flavor excellently!

  17. Melina says

    Hi Katie! This looks amazing 🙂 do you think rice chex would work for the cereal? I’m desperate to try this but we don’t have many flake cereals at my grocery store except for frosted flakes 🙁

  18. Richard says

    this looks really good, but it would be very helpful if you would include Total Carbs in the nutritional information.

  19. Natalie says

    Katie, I have just recently discovered your blog. I absolutely LOVE it. I love all of your {insert yummy stuff here} bread in a bowl recipes. I for 3 straight days I ate the pumpkin bread in a bowl for both breakfast AND dinner. The banana bread in a bowl is fantastic as well. I just love your recipes. I am not vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free but I cannot get enough of what you have put out for everyone to enjoy. Im learning a lot as well with regard to substitutions and alternative ingredients to make recipes vegan friendly. I will be first in line so-to-speak when your cookbook comes out. I can’t wait!

  20. ROOMA says

    Carb thought for those wondering,
    A small banana around 6″ some odd inches long has about 23g of carb, 90 calories 3g total fat 0.1g sat. 2.6g dietary fiber, 1g of protein and 12g of sugars.
    Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk for 1 cup is 0.8g of carb 30 calories, 2.5g total fat polyunsaturate fat 0.5g, monounsaturated 1.5g 0.8g dietary fiber, and 1g of protein with 0 sugars
    Pure vanilla extract if you want to be tech. is 0.5g carb while imitation extract is 0.1carb
    Just add the those base numbers to your calculations with that of your flake cereal of choice.

  21. Tasha says

    This breakfast is so tasty! To me it’s like a cold, crunchy oatmeal! To those concerned about it being like soggy cereal, it really isn’t. At least, not if you eat it right away! I’ve never left it long enough to find out! The flake cereal still maintains a crunch, even though it’s been blended.

    One thing I will say though is that I found 1 cup of liquid to be way too much, it wouldn’t thicken up at all. Now I use 1/2 cup liquid to 1 cup cereal and it’s great!

  22. Michelle says

    Hmmm… LOVED THIS!!
    I think it was the most delicious thing i have ever tasted – and i had to have it with (horrible) gluten free flakes – but it tasted amazing. Normally, gluten free flakes taste gross and chewy!! Amazingness.
    Thank you! Question – has anyone tried making this the night before? Or even blending the cereal and milk the night before and adding the banana/pumpkin etc the next morning? Id LOVE to have this a morning before work but the kitchen is too busy in the morning for me to take out my blender! 🙁

      • Michelle says

        Speedy reply! I will try it indeed 🙂 im looking forward to my voluminous oatmeal tomorrow though…

        came up with a quick cool trick to speed me up in the morning and a great way to add some extra calories and protein to my oats…instead of opening the jar of Peanut butter (which, granted – isnt that difficult, but still – i like my trick!), i “melted” 2 Tbsp of peanut butter into 1/4 cup of almond milk, and froze the mixture in an ice cube tray, popped them out and keep em in a little baggy in the freezer. whenever i wanna Peanut-butter anything up (oats, smoothies etc) – i just pop one or two in! it makes everything taste yum!!

        (ps. you told me to report back to you about using the sugar free chocolate in the cauliflower chocolate cake – it worked with no problems. wasnt too sweet but i love bitter chocolate. its beautiful if you add a tiny drop of toffee/caramel flavouring to it. yummy.)

        Anyway – thanks again for all the fantastic recipes. Im a recipe-maker myself, and i must say you never fail to impress. Also, your new picture is beautiful. Such a pretty chocolate covered face!!

        Best wishes

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