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Blogging As A Full-Time Job (Part 2)


scrambled tofu

Today’s breakfast was this recipe: Eggless Breakfast Scramble.

See? Proof that I don’t just eat chocolate! It’s an older recipe, with terribly old photos, but I still love it. There are actually quite a few old recipes on the site that I missed when archiving the recipe page, and I’m trying to go back to find them all. It’s like a Where’s Waldo…

scrambled tofu

Tomorrow I’ll get back to the chocolate recipes.


Today’s post, though, is a follow-up to Thursday’s Day In The Life post, since so many people had the same questions. I figured it’d be best to answer them all in the same place.

I also wanted to apologize.

In my last post, I stressed the fact that I work hard at my job; that running the website takes up a majority of the day—nights and weekends, too. But re-reading my post, I’m cringing at how it almost sounds like I’m complaining about the amount of work.

Perhaps I chose the wrong words; it was definitely not my intent to compare my job to those of people who do manual labor or spend long hours at tedious jobs they hate. I can see now how my post could’ve sounded privileged and insensitive. If you took offense, please accept my embarrassed apology, as well as my gratitude for enabling me to have this job that I love.

To answer the questions…

How can I become a full-time blogger?

To be really honest (and blunt), I think that if your goal in starting a blog is to turn it into a career, you’re going to fail. You should blog because you love it, not because you want to make money. I didn’t set out to make this my job, and I happily blogged for years without getting much (or any) pay. My goal in blogging has never been to earn tons of money; it’s just to make enough money that I can continue doing what I love. I’d still run this website if it made absolutely nothing; I’d just be forced to devote less time to it.

If it turns out—without your trying—that you can blog for a living, that’s a happy coincidence. But I think if you specifically tailor your content to become a full-time blogger, people will see through you and see that your heart really isn’t in it.

So… how many visitors does your blog get?

At first I wasn’t going to answer this question. But the truth is, I’m curious too, and I’d love it if more bloggers shared.

My website received almost 8 million visits for February and March. If you’ve ever told your friends or family about Chocolate-Covered Katie, or shared my website on facebook, I am forever grateful to you… I’d bake you a giant batch of “thank you” cookies, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near enough!

(Seriously, it wouldn’t.)

Are you going to blog forever?

I don’t know what the future holds, but I’d love to continue running this website for as long as anyone cares to read. There is something else I’m working on, and many of you already know about it because I’m lousy at keeping secrets. I’m planning to finally announce it officially on the blog next month!

How does a person make money from a blog?

I have a sponsor, Foodbuzz. Their ads are on the side of my blog, and in return they pay me. This amounted to a few dollars a month when I first started out. But if a blog gets popular enough, you can actually make a living from it. I’m sure there are more lucrative ways to make money from a blog, but I haven’t looked into it. As I said earlier, I’m not interested in making a huge amount of money—just enough to pay the bills, cover the expense of my baking supplies (I go through a lot when doing recipe experiments!), and pay the server costs for website hosting.

Can I make a donation to your blog?

I actually don’t have a donation page… I know many other bloggers do, but I’d feel weird asking for donations when there are so many charities out there more in need than my need for money for baking supplies. But if you made a donation to your favorite charity in my honor, that would absolutely make me so happy!!

Do your parents financially support you at all? Does your husband?

My parents don’t, and my husband definitely does not support me. Unless you mean my imaginary husband. In that case, yeah he gives me tons of money. 😉

How do you make friends when you work alone?

I’ve kept in touch with some of my college friends and high school friends, and I’ve made more friends through their friends; plus many of my roommate’s friends and coworkers have also become my friends. Then I also have you all! Reading your comments makes me feel like I’m getting to know you and like we’re friends. I love being part of this online community and can’t understand how a blogger could take comments for granted and ignore his or her readers. You all teach me so much, and I wish there were more time in the day to respond to every comment and to try all the recipe ideas people send me.

(2015 edit: It’s so fantastic how many real-life friends I’ve made from people who have recognized me on the street from my blog! If you see me, please do feel free to say something!! Meeting new people is one of my favorite things, and it’s one of the top reasons I enjoy living in DC.)

Published on April 15, 2012

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  1. Dreena Burton says

    Katie, your apology is sincere, and no doubt accepted by all of you readers. Anyone that blogs regularly knows that unlike some other work, this one is tricky in terms of time mgmt. For me, with 3 girls at home, it’s always ‘interrupted’ work! And, often hard to draw the line to take a break… And when you do, you are often still there mentally.

    Congratulations on building a large and loyal following. And, I do believe a chocolate drizzle was waiting at the table for your scramble. 😉


  2. Nicole says

    hmm..are they chocolate chip raspberry cookie? maybe frozen/no-bake? some kind of red fruit is in there, I can see that. hm, hm, hm 🙂

  3. Heather W says

    I for one would like to say that the amount of love that you have for what you do is apparent. I would never think that doing what you do is easy and think that you are allowed to feel like it is alot of work. No apology necessary. lol And we love you just as much for all of the thought and creativeness that you put into the recipies that we, in turn, serve to our friends and family (or selfishly keep all to ourselves). Your food is healthy, beautiful and delicious, and you deserve every penny that you recieve! Anyways….I’ve been craving a good ginger cookie and since I’ve been sucked in by your site I prefer the eggless recipies with little flour! Any chance you have one of those in that genius brain of yours?! 🙂

  4. Michelle says

    I was so disappointed to see that you’re only sponsored for page views in the USA! I’m sad that my page views don’t contribute as I adore you and your site (and visit it at least once a day while procrastinating studying).

    When I went home for Christmas, I even saw my dad browsing your site and I hear your sweet potato chilli is quite a hit with my family! He’s recently completely altered his diet after a triple-bypass surgery and is loving the new healthy lifestyle; thank you for contributing to that 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh no worries! As I said, page views really don’t matter to me as much as just knowing that people are reading and trying the recipes. Money is NOT the most important thing in the world, and I love my international readers just as much as the ones in the US.
      Often, y’all are the ones who leave the best comments, because I learn so much about different parts of the world (and different cultures and traditions) from you. So you’re definitely contributing!!

      • niki says

        i agree that money is definitely not the most important thing in the world, but you should never apologize about making a living (or feel like it is unseemly to care that you make money). you created and run this blog, something that many many people read, and you should be compensated for that.
        so for all you people out there (especially women who tend to make less money and to feel more embarrassed talking about money) know that your work and your time are valuable commodities! dont be shy– earn what you deserve!!

  5. Heleen says

    You’re honestly one of the most charming and genuine online girls I know of, and I was surprised to read your apology for the previous post – anyone who reads your blog should be aware of how kind you are and that you never meant to seem conceited. Anyway, I’m happy that you have no intention of giving up blogging anytime soon! Your blog is an incessant inspiration 🙂

    • mrsluckypants says

      Heleen said it better than I could have. I agree with her 100%. I love reading your blog and think it’s so neat that you shared how to support yourself through this job that you love! I was honestly very curious about how you made it a full time job. I wish everyone had a job that they loved. There would be alot more happy people in the world. You are blessed to have found your passion and calling in life. Your site is wonderful and I would be lost without it. I visit almost everyday and suggest your site and recipes to people all the time. I am a stay at home mom who recently started working very part time at an exercise club as a coach so recipes and eating come up alot and I share yours very often. Most women struggle with sweets and you make it possible to have them with a little less guilt. I guess somehow I missed any clues you gave to what your next “project” is, but I can’t wait to find out….. maybe a cookbook????? Katie, keep doing what you are doing as long as you love it. Keep smiling and being yourself. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

  6. Katherine says

    You’re blog is one of few that I check everyday (even if there is no email in my inbox!). Your joy and care is apparent by all the work you put into the blog. Thanks for being such a wonderful person and I hope that you continue to gain success!

  7. Erin says

    I just want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE reading your blog and making your recipes. Thank you for being so dedicated 😀 My favorite thing to do when I get home from school in the afternoon is to check your blog for new posts!

  8. Veggie V says

    I didn’t think anything about your earlier blog post. People are too sensative. Or jealous. People who don’t do what they love are jealous of other’s happiness.


    The cookies look poofy like my grain-free cookies if I don’t flatten them out, especially the sunflower seed butter chocolate chip walnut ones. Yum!

  9. Kimberlee Lorenz says

    Hi Katie,
    I’ve been following your blog only for about 6 months now, and when I say follow, I mean check out weekly or so. I am trying to commit every day to support the blogs I love, since I good friend of mine, also a blogger, explained how the system works. She is a very close friend, and asked us to please comment as much as we would like, as the comments count. So, now after reading her posts, I diligently try to contribute something meaningful in response to her writing.
    I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are able to maintain a modest lifestyle by blogging. I can tell you love it, and I feel that you “share,” rather than “preach,” which I find to be an annoying presence in many other blogs.
    Although I am not a vegetarian, I do try to limit gluten, and I appreciate anyone’s efforts to experiment with the difficulty of baking with non-traditional ingredients, knowing full-well the time it takes to do this on a trial and error basis.
    Kudos to you for sticking to your intended goals, and for standing up for yourself when some commenters became judgmental. After all, this is not a blog about the general layperson’s uneducated opinion of someone’s health or lack thereof…judgmental comments only served to detract from the content and objective of your blog.
    I look forward to reading it more in the future…chocolate and cooking beats out the news any day! Thank you!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Thank you so much, Kim. I definitely am trying to experiment more with gluten-free recipes, because I know including such options helps a lot of people. Personally, I don’t have any issues with gluten, but people thrive best on different diets. Of course, I think everyone thrives best on chocolate… 😉

  10. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats says

    Haha I have to agree, I kinda want to know how many visitors other bloggers get! I’m a small, new blog (no advertising or anything – just for fun!) and I got about 22,000 page views last month, and it seems to increase every month as I get more readers. But that’s page views, I don’t know how to figure out how many unique visitors I get since I am not self-hosted (I use wordpress).

  11. connie munoz says

    I love your blog, i have tryed several of your recipes, blogging is hard and i so couldnt do it, being under the eye of so many people and one word could set off a huge debate, just baking and cooking alone is time consuming much less taking pictures and posting about them. I so couldnt do it, i have several times tryed to start my own blog, and share some of my frugal tips and cooking experiences, would do a couple times and just couldnt do it, i belong to several blogs and i love them, yours is one:) thank you for putting in the work and sharing with us all….

  12. Nadiya @ Milk and Honey says

    There is no need to apologize 🙂 Blogging is as demanding as other jobs but in their own way. Anyways, all that matters is that you enjoy your job and that we the readers enjoy your delicious chocolate covered goodies 😛

  13. Ali says

    Hi Katie,

    I felt really inclined to respond to your post after you felt the need to apologize. I think those of us that read your blog regularly (and drool at all your amazing recipes) know just how genuine you are. Your passion shines through each and every post and honestly, kudos to you for following your dreams. I so admire those that have the courage to pursue what others think are impossible. The words say it: I’m possible!!!! When we do what we love, it seems opportunities present themselves. Why? Because it’s undeniable that people are drawn to those that stick to what they genuinely love.

    All that to say, I wish you the best in everything you do! I hope you continue to bless the rest of us with this amazing gift that God has given you. Lord knows not all of us are as talented in his arena of our lives, but it’s what makes life so neat isn’t it?

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Thanks, Ali! And I definitely agree with you about the talent thing… I look at doctors or engineers (or even teachers like my mom, with the patience of Job), and I have no idea how they do it. It makes life interesting that we all have different skills, and it’s also the only way “life” could work! If they expected people like me to build spaceships… 😕

  14. Cyndi says

    First off, I can’t wait to see what those cookies are. They look absolutely amazing!

    I can tell that you love blogging! You are so genuine and you blog about things that you love. And you’re teaching people that there are so many other options when it comes to food/desserts. How awesome is that! But you’re right, blogging can be hard, and it does take up a lot of time 🙂 But speaking for myself (and I think the rest of your readers) I’m so glad you take the time! I seriously stalk your site to satisfy my sweet tooth every single day.

    Btw let me know if you ever need an extra hand 🙂

  15. cucicucicoo says

    thank you so much for this post! i’m always really curious about how professional bloggers manage to get by. it’s really fascinating to me. plus i just love how you always emphasize just how much you love what you do. it makes the rest of us all the more excited about your recipes!

    as for the preview…it’s too little, but i think i see some red in there. some sort of cookies with some cranberry or rasberry swirl? whatever it is, i’m sure it’s delicious!! 🙂 lisa

  16. Grati says

    Even if it doesn´t make a big deal I will still like you and share your blod with my friends,just because if find your recipes pure genius and very yumy:)))
    And as far as I´m concerned,i don´t think you sounded whiny or insensitive in you last post,i think there´s way easier to work at someting you love,but in the end hardwork is hardwork.Just because i enjoy lifting weights doesn´t mean i won´t feel the pain of it 😉 I wish you will blog for a long time tho:D llooooooongg time:)))

  17. Arielle says

    Thanks for answering all those questions! As other commenters have implied, I don’t think you sounded privileged or insensitive at all in your last post. As with pretty much all jobs, things can get difficult and stressful at times, and I think it’s important for people to realize that blogging is no exception.

    Also looking forward to your next recipe! I just love “puffy” cookies 🙂

  18. Deborah says

    Hi Katie I have been reading your blog for inspration on a daily average! I just want to let you know how great your blog is and how I admire you greatly! Keep up the good work and enjoy it 😉 Debz xX

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      As I said to someone else, I’m just as grateful for the non-US readers as US ones, and I really don’t care about the money. Non-US readers offer a different perspective, and I’ve learned a lot from you all. Plus, I get really excited to see people are reading my blog in places I’ve never even been, like Poland or Australia. 🙂

      • Babs says

        Glad you mentioned Australia 🙂 I definitely read your blog a lot and tell all my co-workers when they ask about a recipe of yours that I bring in. The chickpea desserts have been a huge success down-under. (No one in Australia says down-under, but since I’m an American-transplant I figure I can use it … hehe)

        I’ll be happy to host you, if you ever decide you want to come visit 🙂

  19. K says

    You never answered what you made…if you had given the cent amount I could have calculated it myself but you purposefully didnt. WHY CANT YOU JUST SATISFY OUR CURIOSITY

    • blogger says

      First of all, it’s a direct violation of the Foodbuzz contract to tell someone how much they’re paying you. Second of all, haven’t you ever heard that it’s rude to ask someone how much he/she makes?

    • Anonymous says

      Wow, are you serious? That is THE most offensive/rude thing you can ask someone. “oh, excuse me, how much do you make?” Lacking social skills and manners are we? And why on earth does it matter to you? She really didn’t even need to tell the whole world that she makes enough to support herself without help from others, that is also NO ONE’S business. Katie does what she does because she loves it. Katie needs to justify nothing nor did she even have to address the questions regarding making a living blogging but she did and she gave more than enough information. Can’t you be happy with that? Leave it alone already. You MUST have more important things to worry about than someone’s income, no?

  20. ah ha says

    Ah hah! I figured you got money per page hit and comments solely from the fact that you constantly link to other pages on your site, and end pretty much every blog with a question for your readers. Not that I blame you, I’d set it up that way too if its how I supported myself. Congrats on the blog. 8 mil views per month is incredible.

    • Abby says

      Don’t you think your comment is just a little rude? 🙁

      Katie’s already written that she links back to old posts because she has been blogging for eons and has a ton of older posts, and she feels sad to have worked hard on them only to have people never see them again after the day they’re published.

      Plus, for someone like me, who hasn’t been reading her blog from the beginning, I find this enormously helpful. For example, today I found a new recipe that I’m excited to make for breakfast tomorrow: tofu scramble!

      And finally, pretty much every blog I read links back to older posts. Some do it way more than Katie. I don’t find her linking excessive or annoying. Rather, I am glad she does it because it helps me find new recipes or ones I’d forgotten!

      • anonymous says

        I agree with Abby. And as for the question of the day I would agree with you, ah ha, IF Katie asked a question and then didn’t care about our responses. However if you read her blog regularly you can see that she’s VERY active in the comments section, so this discredits your theory.
        Long live the questions of the day! 🙂

        • ah ha says

          Hey Guys, I never said it was annoying that she linked back- in fact, I said I’d do it too. It was more just something I wondered. I don’t really see any fault in it. And anonymous- about the questions– she can still care about responding to them even if she’s happy to also make money off of it. I don’t see those two things as mutually exclusive at all.

          • Abby says

            Oh ok. I guess I just figured that, with the comment name you chose, you were trying to be snarky. The way I see it, we all benefit from concepts like this: Katie makes enough to keep blogging, WE as the readers don’t have to pay for a cookbook (not that I wouldn’t buy one, I’m just trying to make a point in general), and the advertisers are happy as well.
            Win win win :).

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            I definitely don’t ask a “question of the day” for the extra page views. Even if a post got 100 comments, that would only translate to a few dollars worth of page views.

            I ask the question because I love hearing from people. Sure, maybe on a particular day a certain question is a bit dumb or superficial (“What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”) But it’s fun to see who answers, and how they answer. It’s fun to get to know other people through the comments. I know it sounds strange, but you really do start to get to know other people. Plus, everyone likes getting mail, right? This is the same idea :).

          • mrsluckypants says

            Katie, you definitely have a way with words, and that is a very good thing. It takes me quite a while to write a comment, memo or e-mail because when something is written you can’t see facial gestures or hear the voice therefore, it is very easy to misinterpret the intent. I have to reread my written words several times to make sure my comments aren’t taken the wrong way. You, however, do this all day long every day and always seem to respond in very effective and kind way. I like to believe that people don’t intentionally make rude comments maybe they are just misunderstood and/or speak before they think, but I’m certain there is info on the web to help them answer any questions they may have about blogging if they are indeed interested in getting this information in order to possibly start their own. Or maybe it would be more appropriate for them to ask you some question in the form of a private e-mail. As I’ve been following your blog for months it seem to me that you would be happy to help someone or give them advice. Some of the comments do come across as being rude and/or disrespectful with regard to how you support yourself; hopefully this was not their intent, but rereading before sending might have been a good idea. It’s really not polite to ask someone these questions and while I will admit I was curious about it too, I would have never asked. I’m happy for you that you can do what you love everyday and I’m sure there are those out there that are maybe jealous and would like to be successful working at something they love too and can’t quite verbalize that in an appropriate way. I wish they would take a few minutes to reread their posts before they hit submit and consider how others might interpret their words. I’m sure over the years you’ve learned to let these types of things roll off your back, but obviously some of your “follower friends” aren’t so good at it as we want to stand up for you. Maybe part of it is selfish on our part as well since we don’t want you to get discouraged by some people and stop doing what you are doing as that would affect all of us as well. However, it seems to me that the majority of the comments you receive are positive and you certainly have alot of people who will stand up for you and back you up because you come across as a nice, sweet and sincere individual. I can’t wait to see what that next dessert is. Keep up the good work Katie!

  21. Michelle says

    Katie, I think it is very sweet of you to address the many questions you get. People seem to think that having a blog, or putting yourself out there on the net…gives them a right to ask anything, say anything and assume a whole lot!
    In the short time that I have been following your blog, I have seen you take several hits. You handle it well in the face of the forum. I certainly hope that you take the nonsense with a grain of salt.
    I, for one, am glad you do what you do…Whether it is a paying gig or not, it shows that you give it your all!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Thanks, Michelle! I’ve really had to learn to take criticism less personally. If you can believe it, there are actually entire websites devoted to bashing food bloggers! But I just don’t ever click on those sites anymore, so whatever they’re saying doesn’t bother me. Most of the people I’ve met through blogging are amazingly kind and caring.

  22. Sarah the official CCK drooler says

    Are you serious? My imaginary husband gives me millions too! ( in Monopoly money, but hey, its the thought that counts 🙂 ) Great post btw. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog (really, who wants to read a grammatically challenged post from some high schooler?) mainly because I might as well do all my yakking where people of taste WILL APPRECIATE my ramblings * sniffs in contempt at family members who will go unnamed* Seriously speaking, I have a passion for health and fitness as well as the issue of body image. I have dealt with these issues so I feel like I might as well share what I’ve learned. Problem is, it can be a little embarrassing and discouraging when you only have two views and one comment. And those two views are from your Grandma Opal and Uncle Jed. And the comment is from your mom. get a life, Sarah. Thanks for the inspiration though.
    p.s.- i am nosy so i did some quick math with the few cents and 8 million views. I will not say the numbers but boy is that IMPRESSIVE!!! Congrats! 🙂

    • Samantha says

      Sarah – Don’t be afraid to go for it. 🙂 I get very few regular comments and at first it was family primarily. But the thing is, I love the process of blogging. Truly I do. And the people I do comment that I would never have connected with outside the blog world I have always enjoyed and usually really look forward to (I think there was one advertising one that I just did a quick delete on).

      You can always try it and destroy it later if you hate the process. 🙂

      Good luck!

      • Sarah the official CCK drooler says

        Thanks for the supportive words both of you!!! I guess I should seriously consider it- maybe not now but definitely some day! Good luck and God bless to both of you and your blogs.

  23. pamela says

    Love your posts, Katie. I am simply amazed at those, like you, who blog full-time. Mine is part, part, part-time, and I feel like I’m either never doing enough or always doing too much. Good luck to you. You always make it so much fun to read your posts and recipes.

  24. K aka The Dandelion Girl says

    I do (well… I just gave my two weeks notice — eeps!) social media for a living – ironic as I don’t engage in a lot of social media for my own blog… so I definitely understand how what you do can be misunderstood. It isn’t all about having fun, there definitely is a very work-centric side to it… one that can creep into your personal life so incredibly fast! Yet, I think people have this view of just having fun – writing blog posts (for my work’s blog, not personal obviously!), tweeting, facebooking, pinning, etc… and having to be focused on SEO a lot more….

  25. DANIELLE says

    I am someone who works full time at a job she hates! And I DEFINITELY didn’t get offended when reading your post. I just thought- oh man that sounds so much more awesome than my job! You are very lucky and it always seems like you know that. I’m so grateful I found your blog…I have Lyme Disease and have to be sugar/gluten free and you have some really good stuff on here that has helped me be able to have treats guilt-free! YAY! Thanks!

  26. coffeeaddict says

    Do what you love and the money will follow 🙂
    I love how honest and open you were in describing your work and what it means to be a full time blogger. True passion can’t be faked and it takes an enormous amount of hard work and dedication to run a blog.
    Best of luck in the future!

  27. Melissa (Better Fit) says

    Thanks so much for writing these posts- they’re really informative and helpful for a newbie blogger life me! 🙂

    Also, thanks so much for your blog in general! I love seeing your recipes and have tried quite a few- Every one has been delicious!

  28. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says

    Thanks for the apology! I enjoyed reading the answers to these questions…I have definitely always been curious!!

  29. Barb says

    I was also curious about how people make money blogging. I could never be a blogger, myself. I love baking and writing, but I love baking OTHER people’s recipes 🙂 Which is why I am such a HUGE fan of your blog! And I’m so glad you can make a living from it!

    PS – I REALLY hope your big surprise is a cookbook of single-lady recipes! Because not only would I buy it, but I would buy one for EVERYONE i know who bakes!

  30. Stacy says

    Thanks for sharing more details about your blogging life. I understand what you mean about actually loving to blog. I know I’ve been asked why I write my blog, or as others put it “waste my time” with it. For me it’s all about sharing what I know I love to share what I learn and how I do the things I do. You share so many good recipes and your blog really reflects the fact that you love to bake/cook and your genuinely love writing. Both of which make reading you blog an everyday pleasure. Keep up the great work.

  31. Samantha says

    What a fun series of posts. I always get so inspired when other people make it doing what they love because then I think there is hope for me. 🙂

    I laughed at the imaginary husband. I have one too…

  32. Audrey says

    I didn’t think you sounded like you were complaining. 🙂

    I thought these two posts were really interesting. I love your candidness and transparency. It’s so cool that you have been able to turn your passion into your business!

  33. Catherine says

    For what it’s worth, I didn’t think an apology was necessary. It didn’t sound like complaining at all to me. We all have jobs where many of our closest friends and family don’t even know what we do all day every day, so it’s fun to share that with others. The fact that you are able to make a living is a testament to how much effort you’ve put into the blog over the last few years. Your photography is beautiful and your recipes are always well thought-out. I’d say you’re not “lucky” to be doing what you love every day; rather, you deserve it.

    I think your blog and recipes are fantastic, so thank you.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Thank you, Catherine. I definitely try to remind people who want instant success that this blog was NOT instantly popular for me (although I do think it was an instant success, because to me “success” means it was something that made me happy, not that made me money). I’m sure there are people whose blogs take off overnight, but I am not one of those people!

  34. ~Jessica~ says

    I’ll share statistics: my blog’s had about 350,000 visitors…since I started it in September 2010! Haha, I don’t think I’ll be going full time tomorrow 😉

    I don’t think you have anything to apologise for. Working a job you hate, for long hours with little praise or gratification has, sadly, become the hallmark of the 21st century. And, to an extent, I can understand why people who HAVE to do these jobs would resent those that have a comparatively ‘cushy’ lifestyle. I constantly feel guilty and like I have to apologise for being able to have parents who do help support me, and give me time to try to make a living at something I might enjoy. I don’t think it’s fair to think that everyone else should have to suffer and be miserable just because a certain percentage do. I know I’m exceptionally lucky to be in the situation I’m in, particularly with my long-term mental health problems and I wish with all my heart I could make a living while working from home (and I don’t see anything wrong with doing so) but at the same time I know I’d probably think very differently about full time blogging if I had to sit in a cubicle for 11 odd hours a day.


  35. the surfer says

    What I enjoy about your blog is that it’s specific to dessert. With that being said, I had no idea (before finding your blog) that oatmeal could be prepared in so many amazing and creative ways. Thanks to Angela at, I now take recipes from both websites and create my own versions custom to what I like. Seriously, I get excited about breakfast every morning! I definently would not have discovered creativity and new love with food if it wasn’t for your blog. Also, I enjoy that your recipes are easy and can be experimented on without completely changing it.
    I recommend your website to all of my clients, friends, and family AND the desserts I have made for dinner parties have been all yours… and everybody has loved them every time.

    THANK YOU for your hardwork, effort, and passion.

  36. Karen says

    Awesome, simply awesome. Good for you… And don’t worry about naysayers, you are a sincere young woman who generously shares her passion, and it’s very evident to your faithful readers. I never get the impression you are deliberately doing things to ‘up’ your numbers or are pushing things on us. There are several blogs that when they started earning a living ( a lot in the DIY field) changed how they blogged and sadly now it’s all about the money and not content. But you have not changed and I continue love reading your blog.

  37. Annie says

    Thank you for the follow up – I was pretty curious about how you made a living blogging. The funny thing is that I actually just like the foodbuzz features when I see them! I also liked tha way you started it saying that blogging is just out of love. I am in a professional field that I enjoy quite a bit, but it is not (I don’t think) my one purpose in life. However, I also love love the way I am living right now and because of that and my love of cooking I share it on my site – which seems to fill whatever was lacking with my other job. Success is not always measured in profits. Still, I am happy that you found success in something you do out of love!
    P.s. I will be happily awaiting that cookie recipe.

  38. Shanna says

    You have nothing to apologize for! I was honestly surprised to read so many people asking you how you make money off blogging. There are a lot of bloggers out there now who are able to do it full-time, so I figured it was just common knowledge that “ad sales” was the answer. I think it’s wonderful to be able to do what you love and make a living. I just found your blog not that long ago, and you seem very real, kind, and genuine. I think some bloggers get too caught up in the money-making part of it and they lose sight of what drew people to their blog in the first place. I have a feeling that’s not going to happen with you.

    I’m going to guess that you’re writing a cookbook. 🙂

  39. Leanne says

    Wow, I’ve just stumbled upon your website and it’s amazing! Your recipes are great, and your photos are inspirational! I have a hard time following recipes (I ALWAYS adjust something, lol) but I’ve seen a couple of yours I’d like to try exactly how you’ve written them down 😉 there’s a first for everything 😉

    I’ve just started blogging myself after wanting to do so for YEARS now! I never had the courage to sit down and write about my life (like: health – food – eating disorders – fitness and sustainability)… but I’m so glad I do now! It’s like you say, a loving community online full of people with the same interests in life.

    Just wanted to tell you this 🙂 You seem like a lovely person!!

    XO Leanne from Holland

  40. katie says

    cookie balls? i hope it’s new cookie balls. I like cookie balls.

    That sounds weird…

    As for the visitor count, I’m by no means a professional (nor do I think that I would want to be, any more than I think I want to be a professional spinner- I deeply respect the people who do and are, but I think it would suck the joy out of it for me) blogger. I just hit the 40 hits a day level which works out to be, what, 120 hits a month? I’m happy with that.

    Also, it never occured to me that the tone could have been taking as complaining. I guess I just thought of it as being what it is- work.

  41. Sarah Peterson says

    Great post! Thank you for sharing and for keeping your blog–it is great to read, and to try your recipes, and get to know you! 🙂 (Also, I didn’t get the priveleged and insensitive vibe from your part 1 post at all–it was a very cool glimpse into what you do and how you come up with the content!) Thanks for being such a sweet (aha, pun intended!) blog-friend! 🙂

  42. Destini says

    I really enjoy these kind of posts. I love to hear how other bloggers do daily routines. I often tell my husband that I wish I had more time to focus on my blog, able to get a jump start on photos with the perfect lighting. But I do work durning the day. Maybe on day!!

  43. Beth H @ Gardens and Garlic says

    I don’t think you have anything to apologize for. Thank you so much for giving us a peak at your day and how your support yourself blogging. I share your website with everyone I talk to and I visit everyday! Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes and all the work you do to make sure they are delicious before posting them. I can only hope I will ever be half as good as you at making up my own recipes.

  44. Sally @ sally's baking addiction says

    Katie, so lovely to get to know you a little better and learn just how much you LOVE blogging. You care about your readers so much and it really shows in all of your posts and comment replies. i get so much blogging inspiration from not only your recipes, but your sincerity and grace. 🙂

  45. Anne says

    Really enjoy your blog … these last two about blogging were honest and informative. I’ve often wondered how bloggers do their thing … thanks for sharing. I’m new to a vegan diet and am so glad to have discovered your blog so I can keep my chocolate fixes healthy. Keep up the great work, Katie!

  46. Sybil says

    Here’s another question you probably get all the time: Are you going to write a cookbook? I would definitely be one of the first to buy it if you did!

  47. Alex says

    I think it’s wonderful that you are doing what you love and I agree, most success stories come from people with an idea, time to develop that idea and then sharing it…but most importantly an idea that they love and are passionate about. I’m so glad I discovered yor blog! Thanks for sharing your talent and I do hope you can do this for as long as you like 🙂 I will definitely be a faithfuln reader 🙂

  48. Millicent says

    Can you go into more detail on how t you get a sponsor such as Food Buzz or any sponsor to put ads on your blog? And how do you have them pay you when someone just visits your site?

  49. Kit-Kat says

    Aww, you don’t need to apologize, Katie! You work so hard at what you do, and we love you no matter what! 🙂

  50. Georgia says

    Good for you, Katie! I’m glad you have a job you love and enjoy. Since I found your blog I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about your blog that’s got me clicking through links to old posts and checking every day for new posts. You have a combination of talents that’s made this blog so successful…artistic sense (gorgeous photographs!), great original recipes, and great language skills… Your posts are so well-written; they’re always a pleasure to read and I appreciate not having to comb through millions of abbreviations. I know they must take time to craft and you deserve each and every one of those 8 million page hits!

    Just a random note, I remember reading in one of your comments that you loved the Thai dessert that has black glutinous rice with coconut cream…that’s one of my absolute favorites too! It’s super easy to fix and I’ll be happy to send you my recipe if you can find some black glutinous rice at an Asian grocery store.

  51. Confused Truffle says

    Not going to lie, I’m super stoked for chocolate tomorrow!
    I think they are going to be cherry chocolate chip cookies with some kind of cereal and cookie mixture. They look too crunchy to be just soft cookies.. have you seen Trader Joe’s kettle corn cookies? Something like that is my guess!

    It must be awesome to blog for a living — I write on the side for a few blogs and make *enough* money, but certainly the pleasure out of working with a passion is worth it! 🙂

  52. Shay says

    I just baked the One Minute Chocolate Cake for my little girls, as it is their half birthday and they wanted a half party. I wish I’d had some coconut butter on hand, because the icing I improv’d was truly gross. The cake was great, as usual.

    I was very interested in your day in the life posts. I am surprised to see that anyone was snarky. Your blog actually provided new content and new ideas that were not out there before. It all seems so simple- few ingredients, whole foods, low sugar- but you were the one who perfected it. It was innovative, and there is not always innovation in blogs.

    You also TEST your recipes. It drives me crazy when “food bloggers” post something they just tried once. I almost always go to CCK or Elana’s Pantry because I know you’ve tested and perfected something that can be tricky, trying variations on the ingredients.

    Keep it up! I am addicted!

  53. Amy-Nutrition by Nature says

    Congrats on the success of your blog! I truly enjoy reading and making your desserts, your hard work is VERY much appreciated. 🙂

  54. Stephanie says

    I didn’t think your previous post sounded like you were complaining at all! I have really enjoyed these posts, and of course I really enjoy your recipes! You seem like a very humble and honest person. I, too, feel like people that read my blog (and the authors of blogs I follow) are my friends.

  55. Rachel says

    I think everyone else has summed up pretty much everything i’d want to say, except that i think it is really great that you leave your comments open and allow people to have discussions, and its really sweet that you answer as many queries as possible.
    I really don’t understand bloggers who turn their comments off – ok, you might get some people who don’t say the nicest things all the time, but i think the point of blogging is to communicate, discuss, chat about things. And when you take that away you lose a lot. So good on you!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I completely agree, and I try really hard to NOT moderate comments. Every now and then, such as if a commenter is attacking another reader or using profanity, I have to take one down. But otherwise, I think one of the best things about the world we live in is that people don’t agree on everything. Life would be really boring if we all had the same opinions!

  56. LaNita says

    I am super happy that you make a little every time someone visits your site because I sometimes come to it 4 or 5 times in a night 🙂 going over your recipes to find one I will make for the night or for the weekend or getting ingredients during a shopping trip…whatever the reason I find myself typing in “choco”…in my Google chrome web bar multiple times per day. I am not online much, but your site I see almost daily 🙂

    Saying that, I am happy to be contributing to your financial stability and helping you keep this site up because I so truly enjoy, respect and appreciate your ideas. I have 2 children born june 2010 and july 2011, and I still have about 20lbs to lose to be pre pregnancy…I don’t know if I will ever get there again as I was thin. But I have noticed my stomach reducing since I have been using your recipes!!! I am not so concerned about weight but WOW! That means something to overall health. AND I am enjoying it all soooo much. We eat really well, but I just cannot give up desert. So I am just thankful for your creative, desert based mind and want you to know that some of us out here need you to keep sharing!! 🙂

    Hey as a total side note…I know that a lot of your recipes use beans…and many people may chose canned beans for whatever reasons. I don’t know where you are at on this, but we should definitely be always sharing healthy options and eating canned foods, when the cans are lined with BPA ridden plastic (which most are) has been shown through countless reports and research to be unhealthy and a large factor in so many reproductive and hormonal/behavioral conditions. I felt that I had to type this and share 🙂

    Continued thanks 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I’m definitely trying to be more savvy about that… I’m trying to cut back on the amount of bpa cans I use. I’ve started buying POMA tomatoes (I think that’s what they’re called) and Eden beans :).

  57. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh says

    I’m sorry you felt like you had to apologize, I didn’t see a need for it personally. I think you were honest. Blogging can be a real time dog. I don’t think people realize the work that goes on, the money invested (dishes, camera equipment, etc).

  58. Tracy says

    I am newly obsessed with this blog and I cannot wait to try so many of the recipes you have posted. I’m not sure if you’re ever curious about how people stumble upon your blog, but just in case you are, I will tell my story: I was reading a Huffington Post article about Ann Romney and her use of Pinterest. She “pinned” your health peanut butter egg recipe, and because peanut butter and chocolate are two of my favorite foods, I had to figure out where this recipe came from. After getting to your blog, I then spent several hours linking from page to page (and subsequently had a less productive day at work than usual, though totally worth it).

    I do have on question: It may be deliberate, so if it is, please ignore my request, but I would love if you had links at the bottom of your posts similar to “next post” or “previous post”, so I can view many your posts in order. I’m not sure exactly how blogs work or if this is something you would even want on yours, but I would love to have another way to “click” and browse around.

  59. Lisa K @ NutriNosh says

    I hope you do get to do this for a living for forever 🙂 It’s nice to see “dreams come true” once in a while.

    Your new recipe looks like it MIGHT contain chocolate. But I’m just guessing 😛

  60. Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes says

    This was so fun to read! Thanks for sharing all the little details- you can tell you put SO much work into what you do! Obviously your efforts are not going to waste, you have an amazing blog! Excited to see that chocolate recipe tomorrow!

  61. Pixie Vincent says

    EIGHT MILLION??? O.O *whispers* wwwowww. And I get excited when I got 48 the other day! LOL (Yes, I’m just beginning.)

    And, no, don’t reply. Save your time for comments that need one. 😀 Keep up the great work.

  62. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says

    Wow, it must be so rewarding to see how all your hard work has paid off! Congrats on being able to do this as a full-time job but I absolutely agree, if you start out with that in mind I don’t think you’ll be too successful. Not unless you already have a ‘name’ or ‘brand’ for yourself. Thanks for the info girl!

  63. Vanessa says

    Hi Katie. Personally I don’t think an apology was necessary since I understood what you meant and it in no way sounded entitled.
    On another note, I understand the principle of not wanting to “ask for donations” and that there are charities in need, especially if you feel you are doing well for yourself, but at the same time, you work hard and there’s something to be said for giving value to what you do with dignity and principle as well.
    I’ve seen blogs put up a small, discreet tip jar with something like “To treat me to a coffee click here” and I never think it comes across as tacky or “asking for donations”.
    If you consider your blog readers like friends/co-worker, well that’s what friends/co-workers do, treat each other to cups of coffee or lunch here and there! 🙂

  64. Justine Duppong @ Life With Cheeseburgers says

    I know what you mean when you say you think of your followers as friends. I’ve been amazed at how connected I feel with those who follow my blog–how supportive they are to me in my book project and life, and how much I truly care about them and everything they’re doing!

  65. kris says

    Hi Katie- I just want to say I’m a huge fan and visit the site daily. I try your recipes all the time and they are always fantastic.
    I appreciate you explaining your life as a blogger – it is definitely busy!
    I would like to start off by saying that I am anorexic (being treated) and I am very aware of calories. I was wondering how you take in enough calories throughout the day because you go for an hour run, plus walk and eat low calorie. I walk a lot and usually eat low calorie but need to supplement with 3 nutritional bars at night to get enough calories. Do you have any tips or tricks that you do to consume enough calories daily? I would rather not eat the bars and eat actual food. : ) Thanks!

  66. Tash (Dairy Free Chick) says

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about full-time blogging! 8 million hits, congrats! I hope I’ll get to be there some day. I just have to keep enjoying the process. 🙂

  67. Moni Meals says

    I got what you were saying from the previous post.:)

    I followed you so long ago. It is so great to see your success!
    I remember when your FB page was created and it was at 1,000, then 2,000 and look at it now! Good lord and CONGRATS To YOU!

  68. Gemma says

    Great post, I don’t think you have anything to apologise for either. I’ve loved learning about blogging as a full time job.

    I know a couple of people have already said this, but I’m also dissapointed you don’t get any money for people reading your blog outside of the USA! You must have lots of international readers. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years from the UK and have recommended it to lots of people. I imagine you have a big international following 🙂

  69. Sabrina says


    In your expert opinion, do yoiu think that a magic bullet is a sufficient substitute for a regular sized food processor? My mini food processor is on its last leg (and also too small) and I’m debating which to get, and I would love your opinion.

    p.s. keep in mind I will be making many cookie pies with it 🙂

    • Dawn says

      I’ve owned a magic bullet and I have to tell you it is not nearly as powerful. I suggest a Ninja, which is what I have now. It’s even powerful enough to make the ice cream

        • Anonymous says

          Dawn and Katie,

          Thank you both so much for your input! I have decided to go with the cuisinart 7 cup food processor. Now I won’t have to process my cookie pie in multiple batches!

  70. Annie says

    Just stepping in here, but maybe some smoothies with things like almond butter,a full banana, and chia? has a pretty good range of recipes that hit a decent calorie mark (a lot which are hopefully not too high to turn you off) – and she has a really enthusiastic atitude towards food. Good luck, it sounds like you are making progress.

    • kris says

      Thanks so much for for your thoughts and ideas! I really appreciate it. The smoothies are a good idea – calories with little bulk – i didn’t even think of that. And thanks for the website info, I will check out! Thanks again!!!

  71. NessyS says

    Hi Sweetie – I think you do a fab job of your recipes and photos and all the work that involves. I am sure that while you love it it does take a lot of patience and time. I really appreciate the work that you do. I’m just sad that as I’m in Australia my following/visiting of your blog doesn’t help support this! Sorry!

    ps I made the flourless choc cookies the other day and was REALLY, REALLY impressed. I am glad that your recipes generally make small amounts of delicious treats… because the entire result of these cookies I consumed in less than 12 hours….. my not so secret shame! Thank you! xx

  72. meg says

    So Miss Katie,
    I have a challenge for you!
    I am currently doing the Whole30 (strict paleo) challenge with my friend and boyfriend. I dont have an issue, but my boyfriend is suffering for some form of a sweet treat. Paleo does not allow wheat, sugar, beans, etc. Think you can come up with some form of treat that is sweetened with natural fruit juices??

  73. Cyndi says

    I love your recipes!! Have you ever tried steel-cut oats instead of old fashioned oatmeal in any of your recipes? Wondering if it would change the ratio of liquid and cook times?

  74. Roxanne says

    ok so this doesnt have anything to do with the above question- but I couldn’t find where you asked about suggestions for the site. I thought you could add a section under the Recipes Tab- Readers Recipes where readers could add in some variations of your recipes or their own.

  75. Shahin says

    Hi there! I have blogged about your deep dish chocolate pie and I’m sure I’ll blog about more of your recipes, as I try each one over the next few months. I love your blog and all of your recipes. My children are happy that they get to eat good sized portions of dessert (rather than sharing one small piece between the two of them!)

    Here’s my post. (I’ll remove the link, if it’s not allowed!)

  76. Sonja says

    You seem to be such a lovely person and you are doing a great job with this blog, your recipes, answering your readers questions and all!

    Lots of love

  77. Elizabeth says

    I LOVE reading your recipes. They sound yummy and the fact that it will satisfy my enormous sweet tooth without busting my waistline appeals to me even more. I’ve been going through trying to see what I want to make and there are just SO many choices! If you ever made a cookbook – I’d definitely buy it!

  78. Anna says

    I have been using your recipes for the last two years and I am obsessed with the Genius blondies to which I add a lot of dark chocolate chips to, freeze them in squares, and microwave one , two or three a few seconds each night before topping with ice cream and chocolate syrup…YUM! I found a recipe that is butter and flour free which I love have had lots of compliments on…thought I would share it even though you might want to try a sugar substitute which I haven’t done yet.
    Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies
    Nonstick vegetable oil spray
    1 1/2 cups Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Chips, divided
    3 large egg whites, room temperature
    1 1/2 cups powdered sugar, divided
    1/2 cup unsweetened Ghiradelli cocoa powder
    1 tablespoon cornstarch
    1/4 teaspoon salt

    1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray 2 large baking sheets with nonstick spray.
    2. Melt 1 cup chocolate chips in glass bowl in microwave, stirring twice, about 2 minutes. Cool slightly.
    3. Using electric mixer, beat whites in large bowl to soft peaks. Gradually beat in 1/2 cup sugar. Continue beating until mixture resembles soft marshmallow creme.
    4. Mix 1 cup sugar, cocoa powder, cornstarch, and salt in a bowl.
    5. Gradually add this mixture to the “marshmallow cream” and then stir in melted chocolate and chocolate chips.
    6. Refrigerate 20-30 minutes. Roll tablespoons of mixture into balls and dip in powdered sugar.
    7. Bake for 8-10 minutes until slightly puffy. Let cool.

  79. Ruth says

    You are the sweetest, sweetest, chocolate covered girl I know and you have nothing to apologize for! You gave me hope that I could actually enjoy desserts again, since my body strongly dislikes regular sugar, dairy and gluten.

  80. Mandie says

    Katie, I know I’ve been asking you quite a few questions lately….but I have a quick one for you.
    Have you always blogged with a web hosting site (servint) – or did you originally start blogging for free (as in
    I am really trying to figure all this out (especially this and about what camera to get – as I commented in your most recent post). I must say that your blog is so clean & pretty! It is very inviting & you write your posts so well!

  81. April says

    I just recently discovered your site, and I’m officially hooked! Broke down and purchased a food processor specifically to be able to try more of your recipes. I’m already out of dates and have already put the food processor through its paces. I love your genuine enthusiasm for all things health and chocolate! Please keep up the great work. I appreciated these glimpses into your life. I can say for certain that you have forever changed how I picture chocolate! Thank you!

  82. BadApple says

    Your page is awesome, and your recipes are amazing!!! I have been on a food creation kick for the last two weeks and I have just been so excited since I found your page!!! I was thinking about starting my own page to blog my own food journey, and I was just wondering if you have any suggestions for a free blogging website? I have never blogged before, so I need something that will be somewhat easy to work with. I tried blogger, but found it was more of a personal facebook like blog site – it wanted my real name, occupation, etc. right on the front of it. Thanks for all the hard work you do, and for sharing your magic!

  83. BadApple says

    Your page is awesome, and your recipes are amazing!!! I have been on a food creation kick for the last two weeks and I have just been so excited since I found your page!!! I was thinking about starting my own page to blog my own food journey, and I was just wondering if you have any suggestions for a free blogging website? I have never blogged before, so I need something that will be somewhat easy to work with. I tried blogger, but found it was more of a personal facebook like blog site – it wanted my real name, occupation, etc. right on the front of it. Thanks for all the hard work you do, and for sharing your magic!

  84. Guilla says

    Katie, thank you soo much for sharing all your beloved chocolate recipes. You are an inspiration, I am starting my own recipe blog in Spanish, (I am mexican from Mexico City) and I have always loved cooking, so I am going to share my recipes with my friends, because they are always asking me to teach them how to cook, so I might as well share the recipes I like with them, right? Hopefully it will become a full time job as well and help me contribute to the household and ease some of the financial strain on my husband. It may take long though, but it is OK cause I will be doing what I love which is cooking and sharing with others, so… 🙂 keep you posted and if I decide to make your sugar free chocolate chip cookie dough pie (as well as you other yummy recipes), I might need your authorization for translation and posting.

  85. Dan G. says

    So I’ve become a fan — and I’m impressed by the amount of energy you are putting into this. I was a web admin of a hobby site for 4 years, and eventually just burned out. Luckily I was able to sell the site.
    With 4 million visits/month, you have definitely worked your way into the big leagues. Why not add a little more advertising or affiliate links to increase your income? The easiest would be Amazon affiliate links for kitchen items, vegan cookbooks, etc. But there are gobs and gobs of other relevant affiliate offers out there that would fit in nicely. (Check a site like offervault to get a good idea of what is out there.)
    Here’s another idea. What if you shot a short video everyday showing off that day’s recipe. Embed the youtube video into the blog. Assuming you have “monitization” enabled on youtube, those would definitely produce some real money as your collection of videos grew.

    Just some thoughts. I hope that helps.

    Dan G.

  86. Maria says

    Wait your parents don’t financially support you now, but they did up until recently right? I remember you posting about how you were just moving into an apartment and would be financially independent for the first time. So they don’t support you now, but you couldn’t have done this without them supporting you for the majority of your blogging career right? Or did you have a regular job while you were getting started with the blogging?

  87. Carla says

    Hi Katie,
    I just wanted to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Carla. 🙂 I keep going back to your website and now I don’t bother looking anywhere else. Maybe because chocolate is my favourite food group, and you have other healthy meal recipes, as well. You do a great job with all of this, and I just wanted to say Thank you. So, know that I’m looking at your site, and have become somewhat dependent on your reliable recipes and seeing your smiling, beautiful face.

    I live on Vancouver Island, Canada. If you’re ever up in the Qualicum area, I’d be happy to meet you and show you around. There is a great raw restauraunt in town. I’m 52, single, and ate too much over the holidays.

    I have an idea for your website. It’s fine as is, but for the desperate diet hounds out there, maybe you could post an exact, yummy diet plan, that would keep us all satiated and as slim-looking as you. Just an idea.


  88. Christal@NutritionistInTheKitch says

    Hey Katie!

    Reading over your answers to Blogging As A Full Time Job is super inspiring!

    The concept behind your blog – desserts can be healthy (and delicious to boot!!) is awesome. I LOVE to inspire people through my own blog to make the step to healthier living through what they eat too, and the day I can turn it into a full time thing, that is my dream for sure! Thanks for inspiring me to keep at it and strive to become as huge as CCK! 🙂 You rock!!

    Christal (Nutritionist in the Kitch)

  89. Bree says

    I haven’t read through all the comments, but I have read a lot of your website, and it is AWESOME! But in your first post about what you do, there was a LOT of chocolate. Do you ever get sick of eating (and testing) sweet things, or (heaven forbid), chocolate? Do you take time to make other types of food, and if so, what do you like? Do you like spicy foods? Pasta? Mexican? Just another curious reader. 🙂

  90. cellulite treatment says

    If some one desires to be updated with newest technologies afterward he must be pay a quick visit this website
    and be up to date daily.

  91. meredith says

    You know Katie you kind of remind me of me. Well we both work from homes and although our jobs are tough we do appreciate that we can do what we love. I am an actor, mom and voice actor. Most of my day is me dropping my son off from daycare, coming home to my voice studio and auditioning or marketing myself to future clients. It is tough job that many of my friends can’t relate too. But my hard work has paid off so far. I also love working from home because I love to cook. I eat healthy and use many of your recipes! Making your waffles tonight 🙂 Good luck in everything you do!

  92. Kendra says

    HI Katie!
    Im about to make your zucchini brownies, my girls and I are super excited to have healthy
    desserts. Im always substituting healthier ingredients to basic recipies because 1. I know Ill overindulge 2. I am not eating sugar just xylitol and stevia But when I do it they always turn out sucky. So Im really happy to have found your blog!! You are adorable, and no need to apologize for stating that you work hard on this Blog, its beautiful!! And so are you, kudos!

  93. Travis G. says

    I see this post is old, but I still do want to leave a comment. You speak of the post before this one as being “privileged and insensitive”. I do not get that vibe at all. You spoke of your day and I don’t see anywhere where you were “complaining”. Of course, when someone reads his or her own words they are completely aware of what was going on in their mind at the time. This sometimes leads to second thoughts and sometimes these second thoughts are wrong. I think this is the case here. I don’t know if someone made a comment that made you think otherwise but I think that your post was a good one. I have two part time jobs and I am a full-time student. I am constantly busy. I enjoy my life though, because I know I am working towards the life I want, I am being the person I want to be. Even if the jobs are not my ideal jobs, I do them right and see them as steps to help me to the future I want. No matter the job (there are exceptions though) if a person is dedicated to it, puts effort in it, judges the good from the bad, follows a certain ethics in it, and is passionate and has love for it, then there is no cause for anyone to feel guilty for having what may seem like a easy job. I do not know your life, nor does anyone else. I cannot compare my life or my work to what you do. It all comes down to the amount of effort one puts into their work. I may come home some nights sore and tired, I stay up late some nights studying, but thats my life and it is a choice I made. I am dedicated to being a great person, to following my explicit morality, and this is what makes a person good. I do not feel guilty for it, there is no reason to. So, please, do not accept any unearned guilt. You are doing good and you know its right, and thats great.

  94. Megan says

    Hey Katie! first, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your website and I’m a regular visitor 🙂 I’m trying to start a blog to post all my healthy recipes on because I absolutely LOVE to cook, but I’m struggling with how to start. Do you have any tips? and what website did you use to start this blog? Thanks!

  95. Dina Strauss says

    I hope you don’t mind my asking, what do you do with leftovers, especially the ones that don’t work out perfectly, but are to good to throw away?
    I like baking with my children, boys ages 7, 6, 3 (and 1 year old girl, although usually the baby doesn’t get to help). If I make a few things, I have to stop for a week until we can eat them before I have room for more. I also live in NYC and have limited kitchen/freezer room.

  96. Haleema says

    Hi Katie
    I love how honest and authentic you are ☺ Your passion for cooking and this blog shows and I have bookmarked lots of your recipes for sweet treats as I have a big sweet tooth. Although I am from London, I love going to the USA and as weird as it may sound enjoy seeing (and eating) different granola bar flavours, most of which aren’t available here. In particular Annies Peanut butter and chocolate chip so I definitely love seeing peanut butter incorporated in lots of your recipes. Also to see recipes of Homemade Larabars and Lunabars is awesome and I can’t wait to make these! ☺

  97. Haleema says

    Hi Katie
    I have just across this post recently and wanted to say you definitely don’t need to apologise as everyone will perceive whats written in different ways and from the people in this comments, in a positive way:) Kudos to you for finding a way to fulfill your passion and share it.
    I love reading your blog! For someone with a sweet tooth these treats are just right. Recently I have enjoyed making the single lady cupcake and they have been more fluffier than the ones I make using eggs (my ingredient ratios are probably off:)
    Thank you for sharing these tips for blogging as I have been wanting to start one too but have so many interests it’s where to start!

    All the best from London ☺

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