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Chocolate Banana Bread in a Bowl

Banana Chocolate Blender Cereal:

New favorite breakfast!!

If you like banana bread, there’s a good chance you’ll fall completely in love with this rich chocolatey breakfast bowl. The entire recipe takes less than 5 minutes to make, and you might already have all of the ingredients!

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healthy banana recipes

Spellchecker is trying to convince me that “chocolatey” is not a real word.

Stupid spellchecker. What does it know?

Smile with tongue out

Chocolate Banana Breakfast Pudding:

Chocolate Banana Bread in a Bowl

Adapted from Banana Blender Cereal

  • 1 peeled banana, as ripe as possible
  • 1 cup flake cereal (such as bran or corn flakes)
  • scant 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • tiny pinch salt
  • 3/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • sweetener of choice, to taste
  • optional peanut butter, chocolate chips, walnuts, coconut, etc.

Blend all ingredients thoroughly. Garnish as desired. It will get much thicker if you refrigerate at least 10 minutes before eating. (In the summer months, I like to use a frozen banana.)

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Chocolate Banana Bread in a Bowl

P.S. These pictures were taken with my iphone. 🙂

Question of the Day:

Do you have a current favorite breakfast?

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Published on September 3, 2014

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  1. Mariam says

    Hi Katie! I was just wondering if you would mind sharing the brand of cereal that you prefer for the recipes like this. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Candice says

    I’ve made your breakfast cookie dough before, I’ll have to try this one with the added chocolate, couldn’t hurt right? 😀
    I love all sweet breakfast foods, its hard to pick a favorite, but lately I’ve been stuck on cinnamon-type things (perhaps because fall is in the air!). I really wanted to make your carrot cake waffle this morning, but I was out of carrots, so I settled on your “healthy waffle” recipe instead. Of course I threw in a bunch of cinnamon… yum!

  3. Dawn L says

    Katie – this is amazing!!! I had to make it as soon as I saw it. I did not have flake cereal on hand so I used an organic coconut chia granola cereal. It gave it a crunch, but I like that texture. Super yummy! Thanks for another wonderful way to eat chocolate and not feel guilty!

  4. Mia (Mia in Germany) says

    Great pictures and fun idea, to blend the cereal like that! Never thought of it either.
    BTW, hope your arm has healed by now and is well again!
    My favourite breakfast currently is a buckwheat muffin (unsweetened, kind of bread roll) with natural style peanut butter and pickles.

  5. Hailey says

    That looks delicious. I will have to try it. My current favorite breakfast is whole wheat toast and scrambled eggs with bell pepper, sea salt, pepper, turkey and cheese. Yum!

  6. Kim W says

    Thank You!
    Now I have three cck recipes to try for my birthday!
    1. Easy Cheesecake
    2. Birthday Cake
    2. Banana- bread in a bowl
    Happy Birthday to me!

  7. Russell says

    What gluten free cereals would work with this? The only thing that comes to mind is Rice Chex or Corn Chex, but I’m open to alternatives.

    • Heidi says

      I am going to try this tomorrow morning, and I plan to use my GF puffed brown rice. I might add a little more than the 1 cup to make up for the difference in density, but I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t work.

      • Jennifer says

        Let us know how it turns out. I don’t have any flaked cereal either, but I do have crispy rice cereal and I was curious to see if it would work

        • Heidi says

          It worked great! I used 1 1/4 cup of crispy brown rice cereal, then popped in the refrigerator for about 20 mins and it came out a thick pudding-like consistency (which I am assuming is what it should be).

  8. Kyla @ Two Cups Cacao says

    Oh my gosh. I’ve been thinking about breakfast, and I feel so lucky that I haven’t yet. Imagine it: I was about to have cold cereal! I’m going to make this today, thank you for posting!

    P.S: I simply do not believe these photos were photographed with an iPhone. That’s a lie!

  9. Sabrina says

    This just might be added to our list of favorite breakfasts! Currently, the favorite in our house (even among the kids and husband!) is your breakfast cookie dough. Somehow it is became known as blended cereal in our house and everyone looks forward to having it on the weekends when everyone is here together for breakfast.

  10. Heather @ Shards of Lavender says

    I use chocolatey all the time and it tries to correct it to chocolaty, which just looks odd even though it’s probably correct! I’ll be making this for my kids tomorrow; they love chocolate and bananas together…

  11. Karin says

    This looks so yummy, I was wondering it would work with these two changes as I never have milk or cereal in the house:

    * replace the milk with Yoghurt
    * replace cereal with Oats

    Would I need to make changes to the measurements?
    Thank you for the great reciepes, I love all the oat ones!

  12. Steph says

    Yum! It looks so thick and chocolatey 😉 I don’t know if my blender will make it look that smooth and creamy- but I do know that I’ll be making this for sure! Thanks! 😀

  13. Tom Loeza says

    That was so healthy and delicious. Great idea- I would never have thought to put cereal in a blender. And I think the frozen banana is a must. They’re so much better that way!

  14. Nicole says

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled Friday and I need something to eat besides greek yogurt and chocolate frosting.

  15. Amber @ Slim Pickin's Kitchen says

    Oh my gosh, this looks so dang good! I also can’t believe these pics were taken with your iphone! That’s pretty incredible.

  16. Fionna says

    Oh my goodness, I have to try this! I guess this’ll take breakfast to a new level!
    As for my favourite breakfast… Your pancakes. And yes, I mean every single one of them! (those are just WAY too delicious to not love them!

  17. Steph B says

    Well, that was an awesome breakfast this morning! I added some kale powder and flax meal and used puffed brown rice in place of the bran flakes. Thanks so much for your persistent, playful, healthful recipe “artistry”. I love this blog and we have many recipe favorites, particularly the No-Bake Pumpkin (Butternut) Chocolate Pie. It gets served to guests with great frequency, and rave reviews. I love sharing food with people that surprises them by the healthfulness of the ingredients and the luscious, rich flavors. Good work, Katie!

  18. Claire says

    Alright, how did you get such wonderful pictures from your iPhone?? Share your secrets. 😀 Haha.

    But seriously, this recipe looks delicious. I’d love to try it.

  19. Joan says

    Oh this just looks so YUM. Note to self: Don’t read chocolatecoveredkatie before bed! Now I need to fix me a snack, this website is delicious! Thanks for all the amazing recipes!

  20. Jess says

    Katie, I just made this, and it is delicious! Feels very naughty, almost like eating chocolate pudding for breakfast. I didn’t have any plain bran flakes, but when I came downstairs this morning, I spotted Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes. Even better! Didn’t need to add any sweetener, the sweetness of these is ridiculous anyway. Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  21. Tina says

    Hi Katie,

    I love following your blog from Australia! Just wanted to ask you a quick question about your yummy recipe regarding cocoa do you mean the baking cocoa or the drinking cocoa?
    Thank you!

  22. Inge says

    Wait! Chocolatey is not a real word?!
    What kind of people have decided that?

    Anyway, this looks delicious! It’s something that looks like you should feel totally guilty about eating it, but you don’t have to! Perfect!

  23. Alexa Reass says

    This looks delicious! I love all things banana so I’m sure this will go into my breakfast rotation. My go to breakfast right now is a nice bowl of overnight oats. Usually I make it with strawberries and banana but I rotate the fruit every once and a while. Using peaches because they are in season it is so so good!

  24. Tara says

    You’ve done it again, Katie! This was so tasty, and my favorite part was that I didn’t need to measure anything. The eyeballing-it method worked for me! I think I’m going to nix the cocoa next time (I know, I know, what am I thinking?!?) and replace it with PB so it’s like a cold version of your PB breakfast pudding, which I LOVE!!! For those of you who liked this recipe, you have GOT to try the PB breakfast pudding!!! Soo delish!

  25. Liz says

    Hi Katie! I just wanted to comment on how much i enjoyed this recipe! I nixed the sugar, used dark cocoa powder, and used Special K Pecan cereal – it was wonderful and the perfect single-serving size of banana bread pudding!

    I also wanted to comment on your most recent post and the rude comment you got on your eating habits (but I didn’t want to write two comments – lazy, I know!). You handled the accusation with grace <3 As a person in recovery from an eating disorder, I really appreciate all your healthy recipes and your honesty of how you add in the fats and oils but give alternatives. They really help me on days when I'm struggling to eat but know I need to. Knowing I have a place to find healthy recipes with healthy options is really comforting and has been a blessing in my recovery. Don't let the trolls ever stop you from posting pictures and stories of yourself and your lifestyle! Reading your blog we know that you are a healthy person, and you really are a grace to many people.

    Looking forward to the next awesome recipe!! I'm secretly hoping for some autumn (pumpkin, anyone?) recipes soon!

  26. Izzie says

    Hey katie 🙂
    Have you thought of using things like cream of tarter (like in your banana milkshakes) and putting them in this cereal, I bet it’s delicious! 😀 x

  27. allison griese says

    Hey there I just wanted to let you know that I have loved your blog for years now! I am a highschooler enrolled in a Food, Nutrition, and Wellness class. I was disappointed when I saw that we were making giant cookie-cakes, fluffy pancakes, and orange Julius, loaded with added sugars and fat. I talked to the teacher about wanting to incorporate healthier recipes into the class and she responded saying it wasn’t in the budget. Then, one day, we had an open-kitchen where we could make whatever recipe we desired. I printed out your cookie dough dip recipe and brought it in. The kids loved it (once they got past the garbanzo beans part) because it tasted like cookie dough, and my teacher loved it because it was cheap, fast, and easy. She loved it so much that she sent the recipe to other highschools home-economics programs and told me that they would be making the very same recipe in their classes. Thank you for allowing me to show my teacher that healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive and can be just as delicious!

  28. mandi says

    I hardly ever comment but I just put this in the fridge to thicken up and tried a lil taste of it and I am BEYOND EXCITED to eat this for dinner while watching Big Brother (obsessed!). And, yes I said dinner! 😉 I will admit I am not usually a fan of blending up bananas (love bananas on their own though) but I thought how can I go wrong with chocolate and bananas? And I added 3 tbsp of PB2 Peanut butter and 1 tbsp of agave as my sweetener. Ahhhhh!!! Thank you CCK for allowing me to be healthy and animal friendly all while enjoying deliciousness!

  29. EVA says

    My favorite summe breakfast has been an almond butter and jelly sammich! Lame, but it seriously brings such happiness to my face once I get to start munching. If I eat the combination in the morning, it’s guaranteed to be a good day for EVERYBODY.

  30. Rebecca Drescher says

    I made this for breakfast this morning! It was completely incredible and so filling, I already want to make it again tomorrow!

  31. Stephanie says

    I tried this this morning and I love it! How on earth did you come up with this? I would have never thought to put cereal in a blender! YUM YUM YUM!!! Thanks for another great recipe!!!

  32. Dabney says

    Can’t wait to try this!!! It’s exactly what I’ve been craving, and I just didn’t know it until I saw your post!
    My current favorite breakfast is either your DELICIOUS chocolate mudslide oatmeal or a cream cheese bagel topped with tomato and black pepper!

  33. Shaun Marsh says

    I love that banana filling! This looks and sounds amazing Katie! I love how simple and yummy your recipes are! Every bite has tons of goodness in it!! Thanks for all these amazing recipes!

  34. Karin says

    I’ve been enjoying this breakfast since I saw you post. We tweek it to just the bare bones of a cup of great, healthy multigrain and flax flake cereal, 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana, some cinnamon and maybe a little dollop of honey. My great revelation, though, is that after a week of being slightly under the weather (ok 3 days, whine, whine) I had a half portion in the fridge in a little jar just waiting for the moment I felt like eating again. I didn’t want it cold so I heated it up just a bit and YUM YUM YUM! I love it warm. Yep, I’m forgoing the couple minutes it takes to put on makeup today to post this before we leave for the day, just to get the word out. YUM!! Now that’s some comfort food!

  35. Tinka says

    You are so great.
    I saw this recipe, and made it five minutes later! It is waiting in the fridge for me to eat it tomorrow morning. But it might not last till then…

  36. Kathryn says

    i just had this for breakfast this morning!! it really does turn into pudding after it’s been in the fridge for twenty minutes or so. I tossed a handful of spinach into mine and used carob instead of cocoa cos my banana wasn’t ripe enough (it’s too cold in my house for them to ripen :c). I don’t think I’ll eat my cereal any other way for a while :p

  37. Luka says

    Great Banana Bread recipe. I added a tsp. vanilla to it. I only had 4 bananas so like another reviewer I added a little sour cream. Will be making this often. Thanks

  38. kaytee says

    OMG I can’t believe I just ate a huge bowl of chocolate for breakfast and I don’t have to feel guilty! I am new to your blog, and I need to find a store that stocks some of the other ingredients you use, but this was so quick and easy. Safe to say I will be back once I’ve been shopping!

  39. Teresa says

    The best part about this bowl is that you can easily hide a handful of fresh spinach in it, and the flavor is hardly impacted at all! It’s a perfect hide-your-greens breakfast

  40. Haley says

    This was AWESOME!!
    I’m an annoying eater and count my macros, so I subbed pumpkin in for banana (less sugar) and added some protein powder for a little more sweet and vanilla flavor and it turned out really tasty!! (I also subbed cacao for cocoa for added antioxidant goodness)
    Never stop this site!!! NEVER!

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