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Chocolate-Covered Fashionista

Or not so much.

I love how other bloggers use the “mirror trick” to take photos of their outfits, so I wanted to try it myself.  First try was dreadful:


See what I mean? Second try was even worse!  So I gave up and tried using the “delay” button instead.  Much better!


Although I do feel weird posting photos with my head cut off!  Anyone remember “Nanny” in the Muppet Babies? It always bugged me that they NEVER SHOWED HER HEAD!

I hope I have fashion sense, but it’s all my own made-up style. Can’t tell a Gucci from a Prada, and how in the world does one pronounce Louboutin? My style mantra is definitely “comfort over beauty.”

That means stilettos, knee-high boots, and earrings the size of Texas are all out.  Sadly, I can’t wear turtlenecks either (they make me feel like I’m choking).  I like bright colors–especially blues and greens, but I try to listen to the advice of my fashionista sister and not wear too many of them at the same time. Little sister knows all about fashion and keeps me in line. Or she tries to. She’s like my mother, yelling at me and telling me to go change!

006 carro

My favorite fashion “secret” is to wear yoga pants as dress pants. They’re so comfortable. I even wore Nike pants for Christmas one year!


Not sure if Santa would approve. But a man who wears the same thing every day has no right to judge.

Published on April 29, 2010

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  1. L @ Whole-wheat or bust! says

    Woh Im first! 😉
    Louboutin is Luh-boo-ten. And they are awesome (and soo out of my price range).
    My outfits definitely depend on my mood, the weather, and my shoes. If there is something I want to wear but dont have the right shoes for, its going to have to wait….

  2. Sarahishealthy says

    I’m the first! Don’t know if that’s ever happened before :).
    You look so cute in all the photos, I’d definitely disagree that you don’t have fashion sense.

  3. Diana says

    I’m not a fashionista but I do like fashion and think I have some style. But it honestly depends on my mood. Some days I just don’t care. 😛

  4. abby says

    katie you are too cute! you have the perfect body to wear the fashions too. hope that doesn’t sound weird of me to say.
    i am an EXTREME fashionista. if you ever need fashion tips, call on me! all my friends do. i subscribe to all the fashion magazines and watch all the shows and even have the E fashion police website on my favorites. so yeah, i guess i’m a bit obsessed :).

  5. Valerie says

    Ah to be young again. These days, I count it as a plus on the days I don’t end up with spit-up on my shirt, or worse: thrown baby food! 😉
    But I wouldn’t change it for the world.
    You rock those blues!

  6. Jennifer - jcd says

    Katie – you always look wonderful! I cannot say the same for myself – my fashion sense is all wrong. Finding clothes that fit my body shape properly is a challenge, only adding to the awkwardness.

    Here I am at work wearing black yoga pants (they are the best, I agree, although finding ones that fit is difficult), a random blue t-shirt, and a dark green fleece sweater. My colours don’t match in any way, they probably even clash, but I don’t care. I would never know what to do if I had to look nice for work. (I love getting dressed up in formalwear, but anywhere in between is foreign territory.)

    I don’t even know what brand names or high fashion styles exist, yet alone know what other people think looks pretty. Haha. I’ll stick to my outdoor rustica style à la Jennifer.

    PS – I’d love to go shopping with you Katie. 🙂

  7. Mary says

    Mmmmmm peanut butter cookie dough cheesecake? Yikes my waistline is glad I’m a vegan, because otherwise I might have to run down to the CC Factory right this minute for a slice!

  8. Keri - IEatTrees says

    I love leggings!! I pretty much live in them! I love skirts and dresses, but I have a really ugly knee surgery scar, so problem solved. Plus, I have screws in my shin that are painful to touch and somehow a layer of fabric makes me feel “protected”. Yay, leggings! 😀

  9. Inspired says

    Like you, I hope I have fashion sense, but I don’t have knowledge about designers, nor do I have the money to spend on designer clothes if I DID know anything about them. But like others before me have said, you look tres chic, girl!

  10. jaclyn@todayslady says

    I love looking at pictures of different types of fashion but I lack the money to actually buy much! I’m a student too so my wardrobe consists mostly of comfy clothes……. I love hoodies and have a gazillion of them!

  11. conradvisionquest says

    as i get older i am caring less about how i look. being a fashionista can be expensive and i just don’t have the dough right now. there are other things i would rather spend my $$ on.
    as far as gaga and winehouse go… i’m more a fan of winehouse’s music than gaga, and more a fan of the idea of gaga than her music. you are also allowed to have your opinions of them 😉 we don’t have tv, so can’t really say about snookie…


  12. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    Hehe you don’t see me on the days I wear pajamas to class ;). Oh yes I do. Especially when I went to an all-girls’ college. We ALL did, all the time :). Sometimes it’s just too much of a hassle to dress up, ya know? It’s like, who cares?!
    I’ll gladly be your shopping buddy!! Then we can shop together for our “weird” styles.

  13. McKella says

    Hee hee, I’ve worn yoga pants as dress pants too!
    I don’t know jack squat about fashion, nor do I care. 95% of the time, I’m wearings tee shirts with either jeans and sneakers or cargo shorts and flip-flops, depending on the season. Comfortable, but presentable.

  14. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    Yeah, I am always sad when I shop with my friends and can’t buy the cute pants for sale in Gap or American Eagle :(. But dept. stores seem to have a wider range of sizes, and as far as yoga pants go, I can easily fit them.

  15. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    I hear you on the expense thing! Haha people ask me how I can afford expensive food. I save on clothes! My sister will shell out $150 for a pair of pants, but she eats very cheaply. So I guess we all have our priorities hehe.

  16. Rosie says

    “Wear yoga pants as dress pants. No one will ever know, and they’re so comfortable. ”

    LOL! That IS a great idea. I wear workout pants instead of leggings all the time, and yes, they totally are dress pants! (They even have an elastic waist for massive eating room ;p which is either good or bad). Your fashion is cute 😀 I’m totally a non-fashionista but love cute clothes

  17. vegangal says

    katie you are so pretty even without your head haha well you know what i mean you could totally be a model! i love fashion it is so much fun to dress up all pretty an girly but sometimes it is nice to wear sweatpants too. xoxoxo

  18. Aimee says

    Woohoo for yoga pants! I live in them. But I never thought of using them for dress pants? People really can’t tell? I am going to try it!

  19. Mona says

    Kaite hahaha I loved your post today!

    I try to be trendy but it is so expensive because trends change like every month. So if I can’t be trendy I always try to look classic? haha does that sound weird?

    On days when I just don’t know what to wear I can always count on a high wasted pencil skirt and a simple white v neck to make me feel put together.

    My go to articles of clothing:
    pencil skirts
    dark wash skinny jeans
    white keds
    now that its getting warm- navy shorts
    cute cardigans
    and gladiator sandals

    but yeah, I mean I think what you wear can say a lot about who you are and I love it when people get creative with their fashion but its not a bad thing at all not to know a lot about fashion. g

  20. ohkansascity says

    I’m a bit of a fashionista. I mean, I’ve always gone and done my thing for the most part (hello, pink highlights!), but I am always inspired by the world around me, my favorite shows, or even songs. I have a serious clothes buying addiction, but thankfully vintage stores are my favorite! Dressing up has always been one of my favorite things. But there are definitely days where it’s totally comfort over anything else.

  21. eatandrun says

    I think that just because you don’t follow the trends doesn’t necesarrily make you “unfashionable”. It just makes you a trend setter! Who decides what’s in fashion after all?

  22. says

    oOoOo great post- i love your style!!!

    haha mirror shots are an epic fail for me too.. yes i put the self timer on and it works everytime.

    i still liked yesterdays post.. and i agreed with it. i dont think theres need to apologize.. but i guess if some were offended.. hmm.

    love ya <3 xoxo happy thursday!

  23. Jessica (PB & Jess) says

    I love fashion, but not high fashion. I can’t afford the expensive designers and a lot of their stuff isn’t vegan anyway. Accessories are my absolute favorite thing to buy, and the cheaper the better!! 🙂

    I think Gaga is weird too, but its cool if she’s “opening the door” for non-conformity.

  24. Yuri says

    I’m not a fashionista. Sure, I like to dress up when I feel like it… but I guess my taste is too much off track to be misunderstood for “fashion [sense]”. Either way, as long as I like my clothes, I’m fine with it.

    Luckily though, I’ve got enough money to spend it on clothes and other things I like [clothes are last on my priority list, but I still own quite a few]. Personally, I would rather own a few items I really like than a lot that were cheap… on the other hand, it rarely happens that I like anything really much [but if I do, I usually buy it].

  25. Jess says

    Personally, I love fashion. I subscribe to Vogue and love watching “Project Runway,” my vice. But I think you have great fashion sense. Work it, girl!

  26. Molly @fuelherup says

    No need to apologize for having an opinion, lady! I’m a lover of Lady Gaga, but that doesn’t mean you have to be! <3

    P.S.: It's Loo–ba-tahn. a.k.a. the object of my infatuation 😉

  27. Mama says

    You can still be stylish & comfortable at the same time. I do it all the time 🙂

    Have you seen “what not to wear” on TLC? They have great tips…

  28. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    Oh no, not at ALL! I was actually glad that you and some others pointed out that she’s an inspirational girl. Honestly, I realized that I shouldn’t have criticized Lady Gaga
    because the truth is I really don’t know much about her! I didn’t know
    she was such a role model, standing up for womens’ rights and things
    like that. LOL I just thought she was a crazy girl!

    P.S. I tried to send you this in an email, but it came back to me, so I hope you see this!

  29. Sarah says

    Hi Katie,
    I don’t often comment, but I have to come out of lurking today to tell you how beautiful you are, even in your headless state :). Keep the cute posts like this one coming!

  30. Michal says

    I love love love fashion and shopping. I really enjoy getting to be creative with my clothing/handbags (they are my favorite thing to shop for!) But i can totally appreciate sweat/yoga pants. Love em!

  31. Danielle says

    I love me some overalls! This week, I popped into work on my day off. I was in my overalls (of course), and my co-workers assumed that meant that I’d been gardening all day! Sure, I did some transplanting that morning, but overalls are my day-off uniform! I highly recommend you pick up a pair. Preferably worn with a flannel shirt. 🙂

    Also LOVE yoga pants. I mean, they fit and look better than “real” pants, and they are super-comfy!

    Ahh, Muppet Babies… it’s been so long! I like the way they showed Nanny… very creative perspective that focused on the Babies!

  32. *Andrea* says

    haha i think i was *really* hungry when i posted that… hadn’t had dessert yet 😉

    i feel bad for snookie in a way because once the jersey shore thing fades, what will she be left with??

    i also adore comfort. i like getting dressed up for special occasions and do enjoy saving up for some nice things like watches or a purse or something, but i prefer simplicity. i love giselle bundchen’s outfits- she always looks comfortable and relaxed. my sister though is the opposite of me, she always has on like 10 necklaces or bracelets and rings, the cutest shirts and cover-ups and headbands etc. (and looks beautiful, but it would make me feel claustrophobic in my own body, if that makes sense?!)

    love the color blue and green on you!!! 🙂 makes your eyes (that are hidden) pop!

  33. lunchiemunchies says

    So glad you like the pop-tart idea- I’m counting on you! No pressure! hehe.
    We do have a few Amy’s brand products over here but only savouries- a couple of the pizzas and burritos etc.
    I know people who’ve worn yoga tracksuit trousers as smart trousers before and noone has noticed, so much more comfy:)
    Emma xox

  34. Bianca-Vegan Crunk says

    Love your scarf in that first picture. I’m all about scarves. As for me and fashion, I shop at one store — Delia’s. They make close for little people. I’m 5’1″ with absolutely no boobage (I’m like a AA!). They make short-length jeans and everything comes in extra small. Plus, their clothes are cute!

  35. Bianca-Vegan Crunk says

    Love your scarf in that first picture. I’m all about scarves. As for me and fashion, I shop at one store — Delia’s. They make clothes for little people. I’m 5’1″ with absolutely no boobage (I’m like a AA!). They make short-length jeans and everything comes in extra small. Plus, their clothes are cute!

  36. Lyss says

    hope you didn’t think i was being rude about the gaga thing! we are allll entitled to our own opinions… no need to apologize about yours! i have to admit, i thought she was crazy at first, too. but she has such a good message. she grew up feeling like a “freak” who never belonged and, now that she’s famous, she’s trying to show people that it’s OKAY to be EXACTLY who you are… she doesn’t believe in judgment! and she writes all of her own music, SINGS all of her own music, and doesn’t conform to “being a celebrity”… she’s actually incredibly driven and wise… and inspiring! that’s all i was getting at! 🙂

    have a great day!

  37. Serena says

    Hehe I consider myself a bit of a fashionista. I love clothes and dressing up….I wear sweats, etc, too but I try to buy funky looking clothing that is comfy at the same time. 😉
    Inspiring post…I may have to do a fashion post myself one of these days.

  38. Danielle says

    Although I’m a lady gaga lover, you def. don’t have to apologize lol. It’s wrong to judge a book by it’s cover but when it comes to celebrities…that’s all you really can do, right??

    Your blue dress is so cute! I know nothing about fashion either haha. I try though…

  39. foodlovingpolarbear says

    Hmm.. I dont know if I’m a fashionista. Maybe not in a traditional way with all the designer clothes and stuff, but I have my own style. It’s getting more and more reasonable over the years, but I did have VERY long and passionate affair with the colour PINK. I think I went too far with it 😀

  40. Meg says

    I just wanted to URGE you to ignore the dumb comment above mine. Obviously the 40ish people in front of her who disagree with her are in the majority. And I have a sneaky suspicion that she doesn’t really think you have bad fashion sense at all. She’s just obviously jealous of your awesomeness, which everyone can see!

  41. Naomi (onefitfoodie) says

    ahh I do love shoes and teh day i can afford leboutain shoes!!! well I hope I can one day!! i just the SWEETEST pacakge from NuNaturals and they have a whole packet of recipes from bloggers and one wa from you!! i took a pic, it will be on my blog today or tomorrow for sure 🙂 I just had to give you a shout out!!

    snooki…what can I say about her…crazy girl

    i do love fashion, but always do my own thing, If I see a trend I like, then sure ill give it a try but some of them I just don’t get and will NEVER fashion on myself!!

  42. Pure2raw twins says

    I take comfort over fashion too…I try to stay on top of the trends, but they are always changing, so I wear what I feel best in…which most of the time is not that fashionable, haha.

  43. blissfulbellas says

    Hey Katie! I don’t think you should feel terrible or sorry at all about what you said about Lady Gaga, or anyone for that matter. It’s an opinion, girl! We’re all entitled to have them. You didn’t say anything cruel.

  44. Chocolate-Covered Katie says

    Aww don’t worry! The only thing I think is funny is that someone would think she’s upsetting me by saying I have bad fashion sense when I, myself said the exact thing in my post! But your comment was so sweet :).

  45. Katherine: What About Summer? says

    Santa’s approval should always taken into consideration when choosing outfits.

    The headless photos are always good. The best is that you’re probably still smiling even when you know your face won’t be in it (I know my friends and I do that when we’re taking pictures of hair/backs/feet etc)… not that we’re dull enough to take pictures of those things…


  46. Damjana says

    Thanks for your comment 🙂
    I like your style, it looks great on you whatever you wear because you’re skinny (meant in a positive way). I also wear clothes which are not comfortable but look elegant. Yoga pants as smart trousers? Now I’m gonna look at people and try to find out who wears smart trousers and who yoga pants 😉

  47. littlemisspotato says

    I’m such a college kid…. jeans and t-shirts, jeans and a sweatshirt. I really do like fashion but don’t take the time to dress up. One of these days I guess. 😀

    Loved your idea about the yoga/dress pants. Very smart.

    Also, I’m totally diggin’ your blue and green stripe top.

    Oh! I can’t wear turtlenecks either *bleh*

  48. Jessica Zara says

    Yay! Finally, someone else who knows diddly-squat about ‘fashion.’ You prove that you don’t NEED to know the names of fancy designers or spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes to look utterly stunning. I basically subscribe to the same philosophy as you: if it’s comfortable, I can move around in it freely and it fits well, then those are the criteria which make for an ideal outfit.

    I like my old clothes…I hate the feeling that an outfit’s wearing me and I live in yoga pants too!

    Beauty comes from the person wearing the clothes, no the outfit itself. I get slightly depressed by the fact that our society lets guys wear smart/casual outfits while women have to cripple themselves in stilettos, wear jeans so tight that it cuts off their circulation and plaster themselves in make-up to be socially acceptable.

    I do admire those who keep up with fashion to an extent, because it requires an artistic eye and I will always respect that, but sometimes it does seem a bit superficial to me…

    I’m so not a ‘girly’ girl and it’s nice to see that not everyone is obsessed with designer everything 😀


    Have a brill weekend!

  49. Marianne says

    I am by no means a fashionista. I live in t-shirts and jeans, even when I worked in an office (mind you, it was full of biologists who all dressed like that). Anything else just seems too dressy for every day, especially since I don’t need to dress up. I also don’t get scarves – I think wearing them would bug me, as I hate things around my neck. I also hate flip flops because I don’t like shoes with things between my toes. I do, however, like handbags and shoes. Oh, and I hate the colour pink. And Ugg boots. I think that’s all.

  50. Ericka says

    Oh my god.
    …i almost threw up when i saw them.
    Please, hon.
    They look like the little stick legs of the children in Africa with nothing to eat 🙁
    They don’t even TOUCH at the top?!
    I know you say you are healthy, and I’ve been reading your blog, but…
    No more.
    I can’t stand watching you slowly waste away- human legs are meant to have muscle, Katie! Not just skin and bone!
    I’m so, so sorry for you 🙁
    Good-bye, dear. I hope you get better soon.

  51. Ruby says

    That is so mean and ignorant Erika!
    Haven’t you read her other posts?
    She tried putting on weight, but can’t! Obviously you can tell she’s a healthy girl
    because of her recipes and her AMAZING glowing skin making myself and probably every other girl on the planet totally jealous!!!

    Also Kaite, I LOVE fashion. I subscribe to three fashion magazines and can not get enough of Top Model, Gossip Girl and Project Runway! But hey, I can totally see why you would just want to be comfortable too! 🙂

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Awwww Ruby, your comment was SO sweet! Thank you!!! 🙂
      (P.S. I love Gossip Girl too and definitely wish I were as stylish as Bair and Serena… lol maybe if I had half their money I’d be more stylish ;).)

  52. Elaina says

    Everything I’ve seen you wearing via your blog is incredibly lovely [on you]. Furthermore, it tickles me so much to learn of someone who adores the color blue as much as I do 😀

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