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Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes

Chances are…

chocolate mayo cupcakes

Chances are, you took one look at the title of this post and you…


I know these cupcakes sound crazy, but they are also crazy good. The unexpected secret ingredient keeps them soft, light, and super fudgey, without any added oil. They taste almost like a brownie in the shape of a cupcake, and they’re so rich they don’t even need any frosting!

chocolate mayo cupcakes
chocolate cupcakes

Using mayonnaise to add depth and flavor to cakes is hardly a new concept. The idea is much older than me, and it’s probably older than most of you as well. Also known as Wacky Cakes or Chocolate Depression Cakes, the origin of mayonnaise cakes can be traced back to the Great Depression, when ingredients such as butter, eggs, and milk were scarce, which forced bakers to get creative.

Today I’m posting a healthier cupcake adaptation of my grandmother’s popular Wacky Cake recipe. (Her version of the classic cake is most likely similar to other versions you’ll find either online or passed down from generation to generation in your own families.)

I’ve played around with the original recipe’s ingredient proportions in order to cut back on the sugar while still maintaining a delicate and fluffy texture—these rich and decadent cupcakes turned out so much better than I’d even hoped.

Instead of frosting, I topped them with Healthy Nutella.

They’re also delicious without any frosting at all!

mayonnaise cupcakes

Why the recipe works:

Vinegar reacts with the baking soda, which forms bubbles and thus makes the cupcakes rise, without needing any eggs. Just be sure to follow the recipe instructions and bake immediately after pouring wet into dry, as the vinegar reaction begins as soon as the two ingredients meet. You’ll find vinegar in many of my recipes, such as Eggy Breakfast Bread or the Chocolate-Chip Biscuits, as it’s a trick I often employ for light, fluffy baked goods.

In this particular recipe, the vinegar present in the mayonnaise is what reacts with the baking soda. I can vouch for the recipe working with Vegenaise (low-fat or regular) as well as Earth Balance Mindful Mayo. If you want to use a homemade mayo-type spread: although I can’t vouch for every single homemade mayo spread out there, it should work as long as your mayo spread includes vinegar (or lemon juice) and a fat source such as oil or cashews. If you are using a homemade mayo-type spread, I highly recommend omitting any onion powder and mustard that might be called for in your recipe!

mayonnaise cupcakes

 Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes

(or Devil’s Food Cupcakes)

  • 1/2 cup spelt or all-purpose flour (65g) (Arrowhead Mills gf also works.)
  • 3 tbsp cocoa powder (15g) (not Dutch)
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup xylitol or sugar of choice (90g)
  • 1/4 cup mayo-style spread, such as Vegenaise (See above paragraph for other brands that work.) (58g)
  • 1 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/3 cup plus 1 tbsp water (95g)

Preheat oven to 350 F and place 6 cupcake liners inside a muffin pan. In a large bowl, combine first five ingredients and sift very well. In a separate bowl, combine remaining three ingredients and whisk until the mayo is completely smooth. Now pour wet into dry and stir until just combined. Immediately divide among the cupcake liners—it won’t seem like a lot of filling, but these cupcakes rise a lot!  Bake 21 minutes, then let sit 15 minutes before removing from the pan. These taste ten times more fudgey and rich the next day, so bake the day before eating if possible. Store in the fridge. (Cupcakes in the photos are frosted with my healthy Nutella recipe linked below the second photo on this page.)

View Chocolate Cupcakes Nutrition Facts

chocolate cupcakes

Are you brave enough to try them?

Or have you ever tried using mayonnaise in baked goods before? Honestly, I think this might be the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten!

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Published on January 28, 2013

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  1. Kelly @ Hidden Fruits and Veggies says

    So weird how baking chemistry works sometimes. I just monkeyed with a recipe yesterday using straight-up vinegar in chocolate cupcakes– looks like our minds were in the same place. I’d heard of using mayo before, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried it. I’ll have to give it a go now!

  2. Carley @OptimisticHealth says

    I did not they’ve been use mayo for that long! I just put it in stuff because it’s second best to replace cheese and or butter in recipes. Great minds think alike and forever apparently!

    I’ll give these a shot for sure!

  3. Barb says

    I’m sure you are right and these taste delicious, but I can not look or smell mayo without getting seriously sick to my stomach, so I won’t be able to try them. Also, I’d probably gag eating them, even if you couldn’t taste the mayo at all! Sad, but this is one recipe of yours that i will probably never try (although I have enough of your other recipes to keep me occupied 🙂 )

  4. Rachel says

    I used to work at Macaroni Grill, and their chocolate cake actually has mayo in it, and it’s SO moist and delicious. Of course, it also has 990 calories and 56g fat per serving…

    Looking forward to trying this recipe!

  5. Joy @ Caspara says

    Well, I didn’t run the other way!! I thought about what time would be “too early for cupcakes.” Never, right?!

  6. Abby says

    I’m not sure if I want to try this! But, I will be brave, soon, when I have the courage, I will try this out! ( I do have to say, this cupcake looks amazing, I know the photos always fool me, but I met it tastes better then I think 😉

  7. L. says

    I used to make (non-vegan) baked goods with mayo when I ran out of eggs. They taste nice and moist, and I can’t wait to try this recipe.

  8. JennyBakes says

    When I was in highschool, I went on a mission trip with an org that brought its own food wherever it went… They used mayo with cake mix instead of eggs and oil, pretty thrifty eh?

    • Marta says

      Thanks Jenny, I was actually wondering if you could try it with cake mix and came across your post. I was having a small dilemma with myself in regard to eggs being necessary if I actually used the mayo! Thanks again. I’m going to try this.

  9. Sara says

    After putting beans and avocado and spinach and baby food and other “crazy” things in baked goods, mayo seems to be on the normal side as far as baked goods go 🙂

  10. Erin | The Law Student's Wife says

    I can’t stand mayo, but I ADORE chocolate cakes that contain the stuff! Proof that chocolate saves all, perhaps? I’m sure these are insanely moist (courtesy of our friend mayonaise). Also, LOVE that you topped them with healthy nutella. Can I come over and eat up all of your leftovers (if you have any)? 😉

  11. Claire Elizabeth says

    Wow! How cool! Thanks for the super-duper science lesson, Katie! Vinegar and baking soda – like in a baking soda volcano! Haha!
    Also, my mom and I made the world’s healthiest tater tots yesterday. They are wonderful! It is so good to know that everything in them is so good for you! Thanks again, Katie!

    -Claire Elizabeth

  12. trajayjay says

    yeah, i was pretty grossed out by seeing the word mayonnaise next to chocolate cupcake. But now that I think about it, I don’t see why not. Mayonnaise is mostly eggwhite and oil, two common ingredients in cakes, and as you said, the vinegar reacts with baking soda to make the cakes rise. Maybe it’s because people use mayonnaise in savory, not sweet dishes. It’s kind of like avocado frosting or black bean brownies, or cauliflower cake. I think that’s why i was a little turned off.

    Interesting comment about the vinegar. I learned in my culinary class that cooking was an art while baking was a science!

  13. Erika says

    My family makes Miracle Whip chocolate cake and it’s super yummy and moist. So, for any of you non-vegans out there, Miracle Whip would probably work too, although I haven’t tried it in this particular recipe. Also, funny timing on this one, as my son’s science project this year is on the effects of varying the amounts of baking powder in a recipe; yea for food science.

  14. Amy says

    Of course I would try these…..they look so decadent!!!!!!!!! I have already tried your desserts that call for white beans (delicious!!!!) also I was brand new to tofu and made your chocolate bar pie numerous times (equally delicious!!!!) The bottom line is you just can’t be afraid to try something just because it sounds unconventional. If the recipe comes from Katie I know it’s going to be great!!!!!

  15. Andrea B. says

    This is going to sound quite immature but I just can’t get over the photocropping of the 4th picture.

    Reduced-fat Vegena.
    Because nobody wants a fat Veg-jayjay.

  16. Sheramy says

    Love your blog! I have a question – I need to make cupcakes for my son’s 6th birthday party this weekend and I am trying to decide between these cupcakes and making your cauliflower cake into cupcakes. They need to be gluten free and will be adorned with frosting and sprinkles. Any suggestion on which recipe would work out the best? Half of the party-goers are used to GF/DF and the other half are not. Thanks so much – keep the recipes coming!

  17. AK says

    I just had to make these as soon as I saw the reciepe half an hour ago. They’ve got 5 minutes cooling time left, so I can not wait to try these – they look lovely fluffy just now.

    The un-baked mixture tasted amazing (nothing like mayo what so ever) and you could really hear it popping and sizziling when I poured the wet ingriedients into the dry. I’d suggest pouring the mixture into 7 cupcake molds instead of the 6 Katie mentions as about half of my cupcakes went a bit skewered as there was to much cupcake mixture. However my cupcake moulds may just be tiny.

    Thank you for this lovely reciepe Chocolate Covered Katie!

    Next time round I make these, I’m tempted to add a bit of lemon extract or zest into the mixture – I think that sharp tang of the lemon would work well with the sweetness of the chocolate.

  18. monica says

    i read the title and thought “what the hell?, Katie has gone mad’ lol… gonna make these to kill the curiosity lol….

  19. Meredith says

    These are amazing! I made them today, hopefully they will last me a few days, but I doubt it! I had heard of putting mayo in cake before and had tried it years ago with a boxed mix, it def. made them moist. It was a super simple recipe and all the ingredients are pretty basic, I happened to have some reduced fat veganaise, and used a Sucanat and powdered sugar combo because I had no other sugar. Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  20. Kristin says

    Does alcohol do something similar with baking soda, I wonder?

    My friend has a family recipe for banana bread that includes 1T of red wine. It’s not enough to taste the red wine at all but you add it with the baking soda and I’ve NEVER been able to get banana bread as moist or wonderful as her’s.

  21. Lisa says

    Oh man, I’ve never heard of mayo cupcakes before. Very interesting. They look very good! And I definitely find that strange combos usually turn out really well!

  22. Andie says

    These look so cool! Such a creative idea! I wish I wasn’t allergic to soy….do you happen to know any alternatives to Veganaise?

  23. Amy M. says

    In Chicago, we have a chain called Portillos that is not only famous for their Chicago-style food but for their Chocolate Cake Shakes – which I know are loaded with mayonnaise. It’s definitely grosser to think about drinking a liquid chocolate/mayonnaise combo, but it’s SO DARN GOOD (and incredibly unhealthy, lol). So as long as I don’t think too hard about it, I’d definitely be willing to give this recipe a try!

  24. Anonymous says

    Hi! Do you think I could double this recipe to make 12 cupcakes? The six would be gone before I even turned around…

  25. Steph @ Upbeat Eats says

    Here in Chicago, there’s a famous hot dog joint called Portillo’s. Their chocolate cake is UNREAL and the secret ingredient is, you guessed it, mayo! They even churn out a chocolate cake SHAKE featuring chunks of that beloved stuff. Ridiculously good!

  26. Anonymous says

    Hi Katie! I’m a huge fan of your website and an aspiring healthy baker, and I noticed spelt flour shows up in a good number of your recipes. I’ve tried whole wheat but I want to stay true to the recipe. Would you say spelt is the one flour to keep on hand?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Yes, I definitely recommend it over whole-wheat flour for my recipes. I think that, out of all my recipes calling for flour, probably 90% of them call for spelt flour. Only a handful call for regular whole-wheat flour.

  27. Molly Moo says

    These look awesome! Also katie, I don’t know if you’ll read this but if you don’t mind a little constructive criticism I think you might find this to be helpful:
    I’ve been a big fan of your blog for a while, it’s so good! However I do think readers would enjoy (and you’d probably get even more readers) if you posted about things other than food sometimes. I know this is a recipe blog, and of course that should be your main focus, but it would be fun to see you switch it up sometimes! like maybe “what i ate wednesday” or “a day in the life” or some of your other interests! This is jsut a sugestion….take it or leave it of course and i hope you dont take offense! i (along with a million others) love your blog!

  28. Amber @ Slim Pickin's Kitchen says

    Dear God, I almost fainted then yacked on my computer when I saw the title of this post. In my defense though, I am one of those weirdos who absolutely *LOATHES* mayonnaise, and I’d rather stick nails in my eyes than eat it on a sandwich or in my cupcakes. I love you to the moon and back, girl, but this is a recipe I will *NOT* be trying. Mad props for getting creative and adventurous on the blog though, and you know I think every other recipe on here is fabulous! Also, after reading all the comments, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to look at a chocolate cupcake not prepared by me the same way again! 😉

  29. Andrea says

    This is sort of a random question, but do you have any books/articles/etc on vegan diets that you would recommend? My husband is convinced a vegan diet is unhealthy, and I am trying very hard to prove him wrong. He won’t accept any type of source from the internet as fact, though.

    • alloyjane says

      You might try The China Study or Forks Over Knives. I’ve never read either, but I know those are books that have changed the way people view veganism. Been vegan since 2000 and have never had any problems, but that’s because I learned how to balance my food intake in order to prevent malnutrition from ignorance. Good luck convincing your husband 🙂

      • Molly says

        Actually, I highly, highly encourage anyone, especially vegans, to check out the food blog Raw Food SOS (written by Denise Minger, who eats a mostly plant-based diet) and go to the “For Vegans” section. It’s unbiased, I promise. As a former vegan, I hate animal cruelty, however these studies are shocking. It shows just how false The China Study is.

        • Caroline says

          Before all us vegans start freaking out….
          While I find her effort to find the truth in science laudable, it should be noted that Denise doesn’t have any formal training in statistics. Not to say that only people with PhDs can say the truth (or that they always say the truth), but if you’ve looked at Dr. Campbell’s response to Denise, you’ll see that the data she was looking at and took her shocking conclusions from was unadjusted.
          Incidentally, nutrition science is really hard to be really scientific about. A study in nutrition does not say the truth like a proof in math does.
          I don’t think Dr. Campbell was insidious in writing The China Study. He may have exaggerated some things to his bias (very anti animal protein), but in her critique, so did Ms. Minger exaggerate some things to her bias (I recall she was very anti-wheat). I think many people get very healthy eating a whole-foods, plant based diet. People would probably be healthy if they just ate a few bivalves a week like Denise does. But I think achieving health is more than just eating well; it’s being happy, it’s knowing your truth.
          When I first saw Denise’s blog, I was crushed. I was so focused on just the health aspect that I felt as if everything I stood for– had no standing. But I realized my veganism wasn’t just about myself, about this idea of perfection. It’s truly, truly something powerful to speak out against the norm.
          So in these times it’s important to get back to the roots of what veganism is: not just a way to seek the diet for perfect ideal health, which honestly, we will never ever find pure scientific proof for, but a way to speak out against an oppressive, dominant part of society, a way to live one’s truth.
          And in this all, we must be beacons of light and positivity, because that’s how people will catch on to the message of veganism.
          Cheers! 🙂

    • Caroline says

      Oh, and as a response to your asking about books/articles, etc, will your husband accept the Harvard School of Public Health’s view?
      If they’re saying stuff it’s because it’s really generally accepted in the nutrition science world. They should have no bias towards veganism or any agenda (contrary to say, the USDA and its lobbiers), while not making any big claims, say something which I think is pretty encouraging of veganism being healthy:
      “When it comes down to it, though—when all the evidence is looked at together—the best nutrition advice on what to eat is relatively straightforward: Eat a plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; choose foods with healthy fats, like olive and canola oil, nuts and fatty fish; limit red meat and foods that are high in saturated fat; and avoid foods that contain trans fats.”
      You can peruse the website for more 🙂

  30. alloyjane says

    Well now, that makes sense I guess, especially since vegan mayo is more or less solid oil. I’d try this if I ever bought mayo, but I don’t because I hate the stuff, lol. Ok, maybe I’ll buy it so I can make this. And then I’ll make potato salad or Waldorf salad or else I’ll have a jar of mayo in my fridge for the next two years.

  31. Jenn says

    I’m not vegan or even vegetarian, but I’ve been trying to come up with some “allergen”-free recipes for some friends, and using veganaise instead of eggs for people with egg allergies is brilliant!

  32. Alanna says

    lol you’re so right about my initial reaction… I sincerely despise mayo, so even though I’m sure these taste amazing, I’ll have to pass in favor of one of your other delicious (mayo-free) recipes. 😉

  33. Eribis says

    If you just think about what is in mayo then this is not so incredible. It’s all the same things you would but in a (non-vegan) cake anyway.

  34. Debbe says

    Love your site!

    I’m not afraid of trying mayo in baked goods, not at all. I’ve heard of mayo in cakes before, and tried using mayo as a substitute for just one egg in a cake I made recently (box called for 3, but I only had 2), but I was disappointed in the result I got. I will try these, tho, and hope for better results. 🙂

  35. Marianne says

    Thank you for the recipe Katie. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. Love seeing what you come up with next. I need to healthify one of my chocolate cookie recipes. It takes mayonnaise too!

  36. Debbie says

    These were the best recipe ever! By far my (and my daughter’s favorite) You would never have known they were healthy! Simply AWESOME and DELICIOUS!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  37. debbie says

    Sure am brave enough to try. I pinned them & will make them this weekend. Let’s see if my kids will go for it… I’ll let youknow.

  38. Felicia says

    I made these with my kids today and they were great! No frosting necessary. Your recipes are always a hit at our house. Thank you!!

  39. Carrie says

    My mom used to use mayonnaise when I was a kid, best chocolate cake ever, it’s amazing what you can replace in any recipe really!

  40. sassygirl says

    i made these today and they were fantastic…and all that yumminess for only
    83 cals?!! i tried them without frosting the first time. not needed, they’re so good au naturel!
    used vegenaise grapeseed oil; added a dash of cinnamon & instant espresso (to increase the
    chocolate flavor). absolutely d’lish and will make them again for the super bowl party dessert…w/your nutella frosting! thankyou!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      I did wonder that as well. I’m not enough of a history buff to know for sure, but it might have to do with the fact that eggs and milk are more perishable, whereas mayo has a longer shelf life and is factory-produced. It might’ve been easier to come by.

  41. Rosie says

    Katie, I am so happy to see this recipe converted to need no eggs. I have used a very similar recipe for years ( originally called Devil’s Food Cake) taken from a Feingold diet book. My favourite birthday cake recipe. But with recent intolerance to eggs I could no longer make it.

  42. Jill says

    I waited until no one was in the kitchen to see me add the secret ingredient to these! Both my husband and teen son had no idea what was in them, and thought they were very good. My son topped his with straight peanut butter. I used some of Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter. I made these gluten free using Williams Sonoma Cup 4 Cup flour, and doubled the recipe. That way I will have enough left over to see if they really ARE better the next day. Love them already, though!

  43. chabui says

    My Grandma used to make mayonnaise cupcakes. She would cut little cones out of the top and put whipped cream in the hole and put the cap back on. I am definitely going to try this recipe.

  44. Bek @ Crave says

    I would try them for sure! Katie I really liked how you included an info section about why it works- I’d love if you could do this for other recipes, and perhaps less common ingredients you used- for those of us who are a little less educated in it all 🙂

  45. Janet says

    Thank you so much for your fabulous website! I started eating a plant based diet a year ago and besides losing 70 pounds and feeling fantastic, I love trying out new recipes. My son owns a cupcake shop in town and has been on Cupcake Wars twice and I used to work for him a year ago and that was when I decided to go the healthy route. I made these cupcakes 2 days ago and they are the bomb! I am making them along with a few of your other recipes for Super Bowl Sunday! Go 49’ers since we are from Youngstown. Thank you againJ

  46. Lauren says

    Hi Katie,

    Firstly I want to say I absolutely love your site! I try out lots of your recipes and they are always amazing. I have never commented before but I just had to comment and say these cakes are absolutely delicious!! They are super gooey and fudgy! No one can tell they are “healthy” its brilliant!


  47. Diane H says

    These are delicious. I made them today-though I have to admit it’s the first batter I’ve had no desire to taste. I don’t eat mayo at all-not on sandwiches etc-yet I liked the idea that there was a minimum of ingredients and so I thought I’d give it a go. No disappointment here and I didn’t even frost them. They are very good and easy to make. I’ll make them again.

  48. Selah says

    I just made these using Low Fat Veganaise and TJ’s Gluten Free flour and half sugar/half sucanat…AMAZING!!!!! Seriously, this is one of the best recipes you’ve ever posted, Katie!!!

  49. Ellyn says

    these are in the oven right now as i type! i can’t speak for the finished product (yet) but the batter was oh so delicious 🙂

  50. Bridgit says

    Thanks, once again, for this! we made these over the weekend and my family ate them up so fast! My husband said it was a brownie/cupcake! I will totally make these again!

  51. Hailey says

    Thanks, Katie, for sharing this awesome recipe! They were a huge hit at a birthday party and people didn’t believe they were vegan. I used homemade vegan mayo and it worked perfectly. I’m definitely making this again in the future. Thanks!

  52. Iris says

    I made up a frosting for these for my son who can’t eat sugar and my kids loved it. I made greek yogurt, almond butter, and agave nectar with a few organic chocolate chips on top for decoration. It takes like a cookie dough frosting.

  53. Fitnurse says

    Hi Katie! I am so happy to see your recipes when they aren’t 12 or 24 cupcakes. I don’t want to make so many for myself as much as I like to bake. Not only that, when you are trying out recipes you don’t want to waste your food. I love that you incorporate xylitol and gluten free items in your recipes too. I tried to make my own cupcakes using this recipe: and it came out horrible. I used almond meal instead of the oat flour and flax seed egg instead of the egg whites. Let me tell you. flat, wet and horrible. I’ll leave the experimenting up to you! I would love to try these mayo cupcakes!

  54. Rebecca says

    I want to make alllll the recipes on your blog! Haha. I made these cupcakes and they were very good– I topped them with peanut butter and found myself eating them for breakfast, oops.

  55. Radeema Azme says

    These were AMAZING and only 71 calories each! i topped it with a tbsp of kraft chocolate cream cheese and some shredded coconut.

  56. aloysius says

    this recipe seems really tasty, but it’s the 3rd time now that i’ve baked it and my cupcakes keep deflating as soon as they’re removed from the oven. they’re also not cooking through very nicely. any tips from anyone on what i might be doing wrong? i think i’ve followed the recipe correctly!

      • aloysius says

        i used Earth Island original vegenaise and red mill gluten free all purpose flour.

        i think i figured out what i did wrong! I didn’t notice the “non-Dutch” cocoa powder, and, to be honest, before today i had no idea that there was such a thing! i’m super new to baking but wanted to make these for my friend for her birthday (she’s gluten and dairy free).

        i ran out this morning and bought some non-dutch cocoa powder and just popped a batch in the oven 🙂

        hope it works and that that was my mistake 🙂 (i did do your reese’s frosting last night and it’s delicious! 😀 thanks, katie!)

      • aloysius says

        it worked!!! it was definitely the dutch-processed cocoa powder that i was using! i should’ve known better (i’m a chem major :p) but now i know.

        these are delicious! thanks so much for all your recipes, katie 🙂

  57. Sarah says

    I made these and they caved in on themselves. What did I do wrong??? I did double the batch and then there was still only enough to fill the cups about half way up but you didn’t put specifically how much to put in each cup.

  58. Linnie says

    I made these for a birthday get together. Vegan and gluten free, 100% delicious. I made three other things from this site and brought them, all fabulous. These cupcakes are perfect. Not too light and airy or dry, perfectly moist. You cannot tasre the mayo (it’s basically oil anyway!). I topped them with the coconut milk frosting. I piped it on and The cupcakes were perfect. My boyfriend, who wouldn’t eat a sandwich with mayo even if he were starving dove right into the cupcake and ate every crumb!

  59. nina says

    These are absolutely delicious and I’ve made them several times. Would it work if I doubled the recipe? Also, which do you prefer, these cupcakes or your Chocoholic cupcakes? Thanks.

  60. Christina says

    Shun the non-believers…These were fantastic!!! 😉 I also made your healthy nutella frosting for them. It worked perfectly! AND, I’m happy to report my cheapo $30 Black & Decker food processor handled the frosting with ease…okay and a lot of noise. HA! Anyway, thanks for another tasty recipe Katie! 🙂 Chocolate covered hugs to you!

  61. Jess says

    I absolutely hate mayo! But these are amazing! I made them on a snow day last week and my husband (who does not eat healthy) and I ate them all in one day! I made mini versions to bring to work on Easter and all my coworkers loved them! So freaking good!

  62. Kim says

    I am planning to make these tomorrow, and I was wondering if erythritol would work as well as xylitol? I assume the nutrition calculations are NOT based on using sugar… Thanks!!

  63. Laurie says

    Hey I have a question 🙂
    I am planning to make these, but in the ingredient list I read this ”See above paragraph for other brands that work”… I read 3 times the paragraph, I don’t know if I’m blind but I don’t find the other brands… Would Hellmann’s mayonnaise work?
    And yes, I already used mayonnaise in a cake that I did, it was one of the best cake I ever tasted haha! 🙂

  64. Camille says

    I have used mayo before in cooking cakes. Works like a charm to make it moist. These cupcakes sound wonderful! I’ll have to make them.

  65. Graziana says

    I made these last week for my class and everyone, vegan and non-vegan, devoured them! I’ll definitely make them again.

  66. Long Haired Hippie says

    These look fun! Ive been on a muffin kick lately and this is todays. Got em int h oven right now 🙂

  67. Alexis says

    I found this recipe through google. I was looking to make some midnight snack cupcakes and holy moly.

    This was honestly the best batch of cupcakes I have ever made. These were DELICIOUS. So simple, but so so good.

  68. Jenise says

    I’ve used this recipe and have gotten rave reviews this past week!!! Thank you for sharing. I’d love to make them for my little girls first birthday but I don’t want to double the ingredients and risk ruining the flavor. Can you please tell me how huch to use if I wanted to make 20 or more cupcakes (when I used this recipe it made 6) thanks in advance.

  69. Lynn says

    I have to tell you, I was very very intrigued/scared of this recipe. My husband thought I was nuts when I sent him to the grocery store at 10pm for baking SODA because I wanted to bake.
    I named myself quality control for these, and they are so light and yummy and I don’t like cupcakes. I can’t wait to make the nutella which I’m sure will take it to the next level, and send this to my son’s school birthday party. You are awesome!

  70. Mary says

    Yeah, definitely don’t make these. I followed the instructions to a T, but these have a weird, rubbery texture and taste like a stale brick of chocolate. And the color is almost grayish-brown. Ick. I tossed the whole batch and think I’m probably going to throw up from just eating one bite.

    • Chocolate Covered Katie says

      Hi Mary,
      I stand behind this recipe 100%… it is actually one of my favorites on the site. Can you check out the Recipe FAQ page for troubleshooting as to what you might’ve done wrong? Definitely be sure to report back if you still can’t figure out what happened after reading through all the troubleshooting.

  71. Amie says

    I just made some of these cupcakes yesterday – they were absolutely fantastic! So moist and flavorful. I used normal mayonnaise because we didn’t have the Vegan kind. One question though – what will happen if I use Dutch-processed cocoa powder? Or a mix between the natural and Dutch-processed? Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  72. Stevie says

    This is a great recipe!
    My mother has been making Chocolate Mayonnaise cake since I was a kid. (Make that at least 40 years!) It was my favorite birthday cake. And I did not like Mayo either! It’s also the cake that everyone goes nuts over at every family get-together. You will all be amazed at how moist these turn out! Give them a try!
    For you choc-aholics out there, you can also add a cup of chocolate chips ( 1/2 cup for 6 cupcake recipe)

  73. Monika says

    OMG. Just made these and they are the best chocolate cupcakes I have ever had. I made a raspberry cream cheese butter cream icing and it was divine!

  74. Chelsea says

    If I am going to use a GF flour w/o xanthan gum, should I add it separately? I primarily use Pamela’s just because that’s what I have around… I could use the baking mix (which is probably more similar to the Arrowhead mills because it already contains xanthan gum) or the Artisian flour blend (no xanthan gum). Thoughts?

  75. Lindsay is Broke says

    These were pretty damn good! My boyfriend demanded mayonnaise cupcakes with sour cream frosting (this is like my nightmare) but they were super decadent and really chocolatey! Thanks for the recipe.

  76. Molly Livingston says

    Hi Katie!
    Love your recipes! My sister has this idea that I’m a really good baker now because of them so thank you! She’s in grade school and she’s been going to fish fry’s during this lent and yesterday was the day she brought home a baked good. It was bound to happen sometime. She brought home chocolate cupcakes. She and I were talking and now we’re slated to bake cupcakes together for next friday’s Fish Fry. I’ve been looking at a ton of recipes and this is one that I’d like to try, but I was wondering where you buy your Vegenaise? From my research, it’s not too different from regular Mayo, but if it’s near by at Rainbow Blossom, Krogers, or Whole Foods, I’d love to try it! Thanks.

  77. Mary says

    You are right..this is the best cupcake ever. Its taste is fudgey moist. But…(!).they are falling apart. I dont know how well the icing will go on. It may be because of the changes i made. this is the fourth recipe ive made from this site, and i usualy double them all, and that sometimes means trouble. I also didnt have any baking soda, so replaced it with 2 teaspoons of baking powder. Would this be the reason for the crumbly texture?? I dont find they rose as.much as i thought they would…anyways..i will def. Try them again…soooo good.

  78. Molly Frank Brystowski says

    Just made the Mayo Cupcakes. They are incredible! My husband hates all healthy desserts and he loves these!

  79. Teresa says

    OMG. These cupcakes are delicious. I made them this afternoon, with low-fat Vegenaise, and had one still warm out of the oven. Seriously, this are great. Also, thank you for having gram measurements for your ingredients! I recently got a kitchen scale, and I love using it with your recipes!

  80. Sali says

    I just tried this recipe today using Kraft Olive Oil mayo and by stretching my mixture into 12 cups instead of just 6. Came out beautiful! You were right, they can stand alone without any icing at all.

    For anyone curious; the texture is a lot like those double chocolate chip odis spunkemyer muffins, only they are moist and fudgey all the way to the bottom and not just at the very top.

  81. Charlotte says

    Oh my goodness, these are absolutely some of the moistest, fudgiest and all around best cupcakes I have ever eaten! I chilled them overnight as recommended (ok, fine, maybe I ate ONE right out of the oven first), and then frosted them with some peanut butter that I warmed in the microwave and sweetened with a few drops of liquid stevia. Divine.

  82. Georgina says

    This may be a silly question, but I’m just vegetarian at the moment and am working with what I’ve already got at home. Could I use normal, non-vegan organic mayonnaise?

  83. Haytch says

    mayo does make for incredible light and moist cakes..even when i make them!

    my family dont mind it but personally it just turns my stomach and I feel nauseous a few hours after eating one….shame as these are the only ones i can successfully make!

  84. Grace says

    Hi Katie! I’ve made this recipe before using spelt flour and it turned out amazing. However, I recently found I am gluten-sensitive and I do not always have gluten free flour on hand. I was wondering if oat flour could possibly work?

  85. Rachel says

    Hi Katie, I love your blog!! I tested this recipe yesterday for my twin boys first birthday party. It was delicious! I will need to make around 60 cupcakes though…do you happen to know if it scales up well? If not, can you recommend another crowd pleasing cupcake recipe of yours that scales well for a crowd? Thanks!

  86. Jen says

    I made these once before and they were so delicious, and I got lots of compliments. When I tried today, however, they still taste great, but didn’t rise as much as I wanted, and sunk in the middle. Anyone got any ideas why?
    Maybe I should use self-raising flour instead of plain flour?

  87. fran says

    this is my second time making these cupcakes. its not that weird if u think about it. its just acidic oil with “egg whites”- the mayo I use is a vegan aquafaba one xxx I also added some rum ;))

  88. Amy G says

    Oh my! Super yummy! I’m not vegan, so I just used regular mayo and I used King Arthur all purpose flour and organic cane sugar.
    They were much more delicate than I thought they would be so we had a bit of trouble frosting them. Probably would be easier if we’d put them in the fridge awhile before frosting them but oh well. I’ll definitely try these again… super moist and delicious!

  89. Dave says

    Have you ever had Terry’s Chocolate Orange? I used to buy these, when I lived in the US, at Christmas time. They’re delicious.

    So I was wondering if you thought orange curd might work as a replacement for the mayo? It would have the acidity required to react with the baking soda. This would give the cupcakes a nice note of orange to go with the chocolate.

  90. Daeralda says

    My dads’ fave dessert is chocolate mayonnaise cake. No one can ever come close to the way his mom made his favorite foods. This year I decided to make cupcakes instead of cake and found your recipe. I used King Arthur brand 1:1 gluten free flour and doubled your recipe to make a dozen cupcakes, going ever so light on the sugar and using dutch processed cocoa. I love how fudgey and moist they are! Recipe has been saved for future use. Thank you!

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