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Chocolate Pumpkin-Pie Brownies

Oh dear.

vegan brownies

Emily’s and my new home is quickly becoming the “hang out after work” place for a lot of our friends. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they know we will always have food? In any case, this new trend works out great; it means more taste testers!

Today, in preparation for whomever might happen to show up tonight after work, I made brownies.

Pumpkin brownies.

pumpkin brownies

Chocolate pumpkin brownies.

Above, topped with my favorite Ice Cream Recipe – {no heavy cream or eggs}

Sweet pumpkin, rich chocolate, and creamy vanilla. What more could you possibly ask for? Except maybe a fork.

And a napkin.

Chocolate Pumpkin-Pie Brownies

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  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 cup ww pastry or white, spelt, or oat flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp plus 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1 1/3 cup sugar or xylitol (or 1 c maple syrup or agave: it’ll be a bit less cakey with liquid sweetener)
  • pinch uncut stevia, or 2 more tbsp agave or sugar
  • 1 cup canned pumpkin (or pureed pumpkin or sweet potato)
  • 6 tbsp oil (You can omit, but be warned: the brownies will be gummy)
  • 4 tbsp milk of choice
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup chocolate chips (not optional)


Preheat oven to 330 F. Combine dry ingredients, and mix very well. Combine wet ingredients, then mix into dry. Pour into a greased 8-inch pan. Cook for about 23 minutes. I’m not sure why this is the case, but these brownies seem to taste ten times sweeter if you don’t eat them for at least two hours after they come out of the oven!

pumpkin brownie

Emily and I have been alone in the house with the brownies all day. I’m afraid there might not be any left by the time my friends arrive. Poor friends; I told them there’d be brownies.

I need an excuse to explain all these missing brownies…

What about: My little brother came by with his entire football team, and they ate all the brownies before I got a chance to stop them. That’s a good excuse, right? Only, I don’t have a little brother. Does someone want to lend me a little brother? I promise I’ll give him back!

P.S. My leftover pumpkin will be used for this: Homemade Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Cereal.

It’s still one of my favorite breakfasts!

Published on November 11, 2011

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  1. Ali @ Peaches and Football says

    Love the “Italian grandma” reference. I love cooking for people too! But sometimes I think they prefer bags of chips and *gasp* store-bought cookies. Seriously, what is WRONG with some people! 😉

    A good excuse: There was a knock on the door, the fragrant smell of pumpkin pie brownies wafting out the door attracted the notice of others and they needed a sample – and you had to help them out!

  2. kristin says

    The trick is to make it look like you haven’t had any to begin with! Don’t cut out a square, shave off a thin slice from the whole, straight across. No one will notice.

  3. Megan says

    YES! I am so excited you created this recipe! I always gawked at Isa’s pumpkin pie brownie recipe, but it is loaded with sugar. I love this pumpkin theme you are on!

  4. Char @ says

    Oh yum!! I will be baking these later on today. One major thing I love about your recipes is that I always seem to have ’em on hand 🙂 except for occasionally, when I need to go pick up silken tofu or something 😀 I have your cookie dough boatmeal in the toaster oven right meow!! I’m sooo hooked on it! (as of yesterday morning, hehe.)

    I don’t normally try to pimp out my page, but you HAVE to see my post today!! It’s Dark Chocolate Linguini with Caramelized Bananas, Soy Vanilla Ice Cream, & Raspberries! If anyone would appreciate Dark Chocolate Linguini, I know it’s you 😉

  5. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola says

    Ohh chocolate + pumpkin + vanilla? This sounds like an awesome mix!! You have some very lucky taste tester friends!! I think it’s all in how you plate them and you can make it look like there are more than there really are… plus, they don’t have to know you actually made a large pan full 😉

    • Val says

      I’m with you on that one! For me, a brownie has got to be moist, dense and ooey gooey fudgy. If I want a ‘cake-like’ brownie, then I’ll just have a slice of cake! (..and then maybe a brownie =P)

  6. Alyssa says

    OK, that’s it: I’m flying down to visit my brother & family in Houston, then I’m taking their car & coming to your place for a visit!
    (Just kidding, I won’t darken your doorstep.) 🙂

  7. Kit-Kat says

    Say that Batman ate the brownies….. and if people say that chocolate is not good for dogs, say that your baking is so healthy that he’s immune to the high intoxicating chocolate levels in dogs. :~)
    Yum! Pumpkin! Any member of the squash family is an any time of year favorite of mine!

  8. Crystal says

    They may not believe you, but you can say they really didn’t turn out so you threw them away, but I didn’t have time/ingredients/whatever to try and make more.

  9. Katie @ Peace Love and Oats says

    Haha I love the Italian grandmother thing – probably true! You could say that a flock of birds swooped in the door when you opened it up and ate the brownies! Or you could just hid the evidence and pretend they never existed in the first place.

  10. Rande @ The Vegetable Centric Kitchen says

    You’re on a roll with the pumpkin lately! I also think Vanilla Ice Milk is the perfect name for that vanilla ice cream!

  11. Cara @ EAT. PRAY. RUN. says

    The reasons I think i’m glad I only have a sister – although we both did some damage on sweets when they were around the house growing up!

    Recipe looks creative and amazing…per your usual 🙂

    Happy Friday Katie!

  12. Amber K says

    I have a little brother! Well he just turned 24 yesterday, so he’s not that little. But he’d eat all of those “extra” brownies 😉

  13. Jade C says

    Heyy Katie!!
    Hmmm, I will gladly lend you my ((little!!??)) brother!! ((He’s 18 months younger than me ..but about 4 inches taller!! ..Plus he even looks older than me and I get asked for I.D all the time – very frustrating :S:S))
    These brownies look great!! So ..fudgey, to sum um in one word!!
    I’m in the UK and unfortunately we don’t seem to have canned/pureed pumpkin ((not that I can find, anyway :/:/)), which is so unfair!!
    I have just bought come chestnut puree though, and I’m not too sure what to do with it yet.. It says on the tin that it goes well with chocolate so, I’m thinking maybe..
    Chocolate-Chestnut Porridge ((Oatmeal))??
    I’ve never bought it before, so shall have to experiment a bit. I don’t know if you have it there in the US, but please let me know if you do, and also any suggestions would be most helpful!!
    Anyways, sorry for the long comment, I’m off now to work on my page a bit ((or try to – I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet :(:(.))

  14. Jade C says

    Heyy Katie!!
    Hmmm, I will gladly lend you my ((little!!??)) brother!! ((He’s 18 months younger than me ..but about 4 inches taller!! ..Plus he even looks older than me and I get asked for I.D all the time – very frustrating :S :S ))
    These brownies look great!! So ..fudgey, to sum um in one word!!
    I’m in the UK and unfortunately we don’t seem to have canned/pureed pumpkin ((not that I can find, anyway :/ :/ )), which is so unfair!!
    I have just bought come chestnut puree though, and I’m not too sure what to do with it yet.. It says on the tin that it goes well with chocolate so, I’m thinking maybe..
    Chocolate-Chestnut Porridge ((Oatmeal))??
    I’ve never bought it before, so shall have to experiment a bit. I don’t know if you have it there in the US, but please let me know if you do, and also any suggestions would be most helpful!!
    Anyways, sorry for the long comment, I’m off now to work on my page a bit ((or try to – I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet 🙁 🙁 .))

  15. Jade C says

    Heyy Katie!!
    Hmmm, I will gladly lend you my ((little!!??)) brother!! ((He’s 18 months younger than me ..but about 4 inches taller!! ..Plus he even looks older than me and I get asked for I.D all the time – very frustrating :O :O ))
    These brownies look great!! So ..fudgey, to sum um in one word!!
    I’m in the UK and unfortunately we don’t seem to have canned/pureed pumpkin ((not that I can find, anyway 🙁 🙁 )), which is so unfair!!
    I have just bought come chestnut puree though, and I’m not too sure what to do with it yet.. It says on the tin that it goes well with chocolate so, I’m thinking maybe..
    Chocolate-Chestnut Porridge ((Oatmeal))??
    I’ve never bought it before, so shall have to experiment a bit. I don’t know if you have it there in the US, but please let me know if you do, and also any suggestions would be most helpful!!
    Anyways, sorry for the long comment, I’m off now to work on my page a bit ((or try to – I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet .))

    • Nicole says

      Hi! I’m in the UK too and have been getting my canned pumpkin from You can try Waitrose too! They should have some in stock around this time of year and that’s where I got it last year.

      • Jade C says

        Hi Nicole, sorry for the late reply!!
        Thank you so much for this :):) , we went out today and I got 3 cans of pumpkin from Waitrose!! Now I can try the recipes I have been so intrigued about on thus site :):) .Also, thank you Jo, I did look online and found a couple of websites with canned pumpkin, too (which I may just use once I get through these cans – which I have no doubt will be very long!! – as I’ve found Waitrose to be quite expensive.)

        P.S. Sorry Katie, I didn’t realise before that my other comment appeared 3 times :-S:-S .

  16. char @ char on a mission says

    These look so good…especially with the ice-cream. I might have to attempt making that first though!! I haven’t had ice-cream in a long time…but also haven’t had pumpkin in a long time either…hmm, decisions. You might have created a monster over here!

    • Lauren says

      Yes! Keep on posting the pumpkin recipes. I know you said you worry about overwhelming us with pumpkin, but if your other recipes taste as good as this one does, there’s NO SUCH THING as too much pumpkin! 🙂

  17. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    They look so moist, rich, and delish…and I love the shots of the ice cream just melting down the front bite marks…great images. Makes me wanna dive in 🙂

  18. Emilia @ Namaste Gurl says

    Pumpkin and chocolate were MADE to be, well in us food bloggers terms they were. 🙂
    Bookmarked and can’t wait to try!

  19. Kaila @healthyhelperblog! says

    Never tried pumpkin and chocolate together! I am up for anything though! Can you taste the pumpkin in these?

  20. Robin says

    I don’t think anyone would need an excuse for eating those. If I could, I would have ripped them out of my computer screen and eaten them with my breakfast. They look scrumptious!

  21. Lindsay @ biking before bed says

    I bet if you started a pumpkin brownie delivery service to all your readers no one would complain. Just saying:)

  22. Katie @Nutrition In A Peanut Shell says

    I think pumpkin and chocolate go together really well! My favorite quick recipe is a box of cake mix + can of pumpkin puree into muffin tins. Like a brownie muffin! 🙂

  23. Meghan @ StruggleMuffins says

    These will be added to my collection of go-to healthified dessert recipes. Pumpkin and chocolate? DontmindifIdo! 🙂

  24. tracey says

    Hi Katie! I think I’m going to try to make these with stevia baking blend and some date paste. I don’t know how it will go, but it turned out pretty good with chocolate pumpkin pillows (can’t remember if that the exact name of the recipe right now!!) Your photography is always so amazing…are you self taught??!!! 🙂

  25. Lauren says

    GAH! These were so good!!! Why oh why did I have to make them? Now I can’t stop eating them! You’ve created a monster, CCK! 🙂 🙂

  26. Jessica @ Forgiving Jess says

    I read the recipe, knew I had EVERYTHING and immediately made them. Oh my, so fudge-y and good! I gave some to my roommates and they were not expecting the pumpkin. You can really taste it!
    I LOVED them!

  27. Katie says

    You can borrow my little brother to make your excuse legit, but you don’t have to give him back. 😉
    Those brownies look so delish! I need to get my house stocked with those ingredients ASAP so I can make them! I never would have thought of the pumpkin and chocolate combo, but it sounds mighty tasty.

  28. Lindsey says

    I’m not vegan, but I’m trying to reduce my unhealthy love of unhealthy foods and I had to try them. They are so good! Figured without egg, a whole bunch of oil and loads of pumpkin I could sludge without feeling guilty! Thanks for the great recipe!

  29. Ketapang says

    I made these tonight (rice flour, coconut oil) and they were fantastic! Omitted the sugar (but stuck with Stevia) and the brownies were sweet to perfection. Living alone, I have no brothers (imaginary or otherwise) to blame for missing sweets so I halved the recipe, but still ate all! Strangely, I couldn’t really taste the pumpkin – instead, these reminded me of fudge. Thank you Katie!

  30. Laura says

    Hey Katie!
    I had a brilliant idea today..what do you think of swirling together the brownie batter with the pumpkin bar batter and get a pumpkin-chocolate swirl bar?? Would that work?

  31. Laura says

    Yum! These were really good. I am bringing them to a meeting tonight so I hope everyone likes them. The only thing I left out was the chocolate chips because I didn’t have any (sad, I know!).

  32. Tanya says

    Those look amazing! Brownies are my all time favorite dessert and I still haven’t found a vegan recipe that’s perfect. I’m going to try these 🙂

  33. Jade C says

    I made the brownies last night and they are awesome!! So fudgey and dense ((I used maple syrup))!! The only problem was ..this morning there were all but 3 pieces left :S :S I made some more!! I had some leftover batter, so thought I would add a little more flour and drop of soy milk and make it into pancakes, and I have to tell you, fudgey-pancakes = amazing!!
    This time when I made the brownies, I used agave nectar ((1/4 cup)), subbed about 1/3 of the cocoa for carob and used a full teaspoon of baking powder. The second batch is not quite as dense as the first and they were much easier to portion!!
    Thank you for yet another super recipe, Katie!!
    Keep up the good work 😉 😉 .

  34. Mozzie says

    Hi Katie, i have some questions – can i use fresh pumpkin? I live in Hungary, so we have plenty of them at the moment, i’ve already tried some pumpkin pancakes with cheese (unfortunately, not vegan, but delicious anyway) and pumpkin muffins, and they were really good. What about rye flour? I can’t use wheat unfortunately.

  35. Heather says

    I am a new reader to your blog and just had to try this recipe today. Thanks so much – it was a BIG hit – even with my three teenage boys! I used dark chocolate almond milk and turbinado sugar and everything else you suggested and the brownies are rich and delicious! I did double the recipe and was able to make in a 9 X 9 square pan.

    I can’t wait to try some of your oatmeal recipes.

  36. Kathryn says

    These have to be the BEST brownies I have ever made. They absolutely trump any boxed mix. I doubled the recipe, added a chia egg, used carob chips istead of chocolate, and used coconut sugar (I reduced the amount by 1/3 of a cup) and these are still incredibly sweet (to me at least). My little sister even likes them! She kept on asking for more 😀

  37. Emily says

    How big of a batch does this make? I saw someone doubled it for a 9×9 pan, should I triple it if aiming for a 9×13 baking dish??

    • Emily says

      And used 1/2 the sugar called for, added some cinnamon and ginger and nutmeg for a more pumpkin-y flavor. So fudge-y and delicious! Didn’t even need the chocolate chips (though of course added them to half the final products anyways. My half!) Thanks Katie!!

  38. erenaspro says

    I just made these and they turned out a LOT more “fudgy” than solid brownie- had a really battery consistency…I did not use pastry flour …I usually use soy flour…would that have done it?

    • Danelle says

      I used oat flour…mine took 43 minutes to cook into a “brownie.” But, it is very tasty. Could be used for so many things….

  39. Dawn says

    Katie, I don’t know why I ever doubt you! I searched for 2 days trying to find a good GF/SF vegan brownie recipe and I always came back to your recipe, my only hesitation was whether or not my GF mix would work with this. (We can’t have oats) I need something thick that I can make Christmas Tree’s out of and after much debate, I figured, Katie has never done me wrong yet so I made yours. O-M-G! I doubled the recipe, using a 9×13 pan, used all sugar and the oil and these are DELICIOUS! My only problem (besides trying to keep from eating the whole thing) is that I think 1 c. of choc chips is too much for this recipe (is that even possible to have too much choc? I know you’ll say no! lol)

    It is cooling now and I’m hoping they stiffen up some cuz as they are right now, they’ll be too gooey to make the trees. I’ll put them in the freezer in about an hr and see if that stiffens them up more, but hey, if nothing else, ill eat this whole thing by myself (guess ill give a little to the kids) and make another batch with a bit less liquid. But yours looks pretty tight, like sticking a candy cane in them won’t affect it at all, I hope mine firm up like yours (or maybe I don’t 😉 )

    As always, AMAZING!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Hmmm… lol I like mine gooey, but they do firm up a little in the fridge. I hope they firmed up enough for you! (You can also cook them longer, to get a less gooey texture.)

      No no no, there is no such thing as too much chocolate ;).

      • Dawn says

        Well, I froze them and that worked some. They did firm up some, and for the record, I also prefer mine gooey but gooey doesn’t work when you shove a candy cane in it lol I had to make another batch and, again I doubled it but this time I used 4TB oil and 1/2 c total of choc chips. The result, it was too “cakey” and wanted to fall apart. Of course me paying absolutely NO attention to what I was doing, and when I flipped it from pan to platter, I turned my head. What do you imagine happened? Yeah, totally missed the pan and all I could salvage for trees was the ends of it. but thats ok. cuz now we have an entire 9×13 pan from the scraps of both lol ask us if we mind 🙂

  40. Sabine says

    Just made a double batch of these and I’m in love! I officially have a new all-time favorite brownie recipe 🙂

  41. Amy says

    I just put these in the oven! So excited to see how they turned out! Instead of chocolate chips, I made your 3 ingredient chocolate bar recipe and broke up some of that into the recipe… only 8 more mins till ima have warm gooey brownies 😀

  42. Sarah says

    These are great – thank you for sharing the recipe! I love pumpkin and I love brownies & the gremlins in my tummy demand low fat and dairy/soy free — perfect solution.

  43. Jade C says

    Katieeee!!!! This morning when I looked in the cupbard I caught a glimpse of that chestnut puree and thought “there was something I wanted to try with this..” and then remembered I wanted to try THIS recipe, subbing it for the pumpkin, and well, this comment is actually more of a warning….
    IT SO DIDN’T WORK!!!! I’ve just taken the tray out of the oven and the mess looking back at me is so ugly!! Haha, so, until I know what I CAN do with the puree, I think I’ll stick with pumpkin for this recipe 🙂 – original is best!!

  44. Kate says

    Hi Katie! I’m not vegan, have an enormous sweet tooth, and I still LOVE your recipes!! Stumbled on to your website from Pinterest a while ago and have been so glad ever since! I had a question about this recipe: Could you use Applesauce instead of the oil? Will it hold together as well? Thanks so much! 🙂

  45. Alisa says

    I made these tonight for a family gathering. Everyone loved them, even the omnivores! The way to tell if they are telling the truth is if they get seconds. And nearly everyone did. Thank you Katie!

  46. sharishortcake says

    These look excellent–and healthy too! I was wondering if you’ve ever tried subbing the flour for almond meal in this recipe? I have been doing that with a lot of recipes due to my intolerance for most grains and I think this recipe could be a good candidate for this. Thank you for the recipe and the inspiration. 🙂

  47. sharishortcake says

    Thanks! I’ll definitely let you know how they turn out! BTW, I was reading your comment on how for some reason these taste much sweeter after they cool for awhile and I don’t think it’s your imagination. I THINK it may be the xylitol that does that, at least that’s what I’ve found in using xylitol for most of my baked goods. Just when I think I’ve messed up the recipe and it’s not as sweet as it should be, some time goes by and I taste it again and find it much better. go figure.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      It’s the same even if you use sugar or agave. I’ve found the same thing happens to quick breads and other recipes too… maybe it’s like leftovers? Leftovers always taste better the next day! 🙂

  48. K says

    id probably want to use date syrup for sweetener what do you think? Also I dont know what you mean when you said it would make it “gummier”

  49. Alesha Page says

    Hey Katie! I made these last night and they are delicious! Thank-you so much to sharing. Quick question – what is the nutrition info for these brownies? Thanks again!

    PS I lllloooovvveeeee your blog!!! 🙂

  50. Anna Grossman says

    Holy moley! I had all the ingredients on hand so I just made them and first off I couldn’t stop eating the batter. It’s dangerous! I doubled the recipe since my fiance usually eats everything I bake within a matter of a day or two. I’m going to try and hold off on eating an actual cooked once until after dinner tonight but if they taste anywhere near how good the batter tasted then I know I’m in for a treat. Thank you for such a great recipe!

  51. BeccaG says

    Well, you’ve done it again! These are delicious! I just discovered Xylitol and used it for this recipe. I’ve made some of the desserts with tofu and my hubby can tell and isn’t too fond of the texture, but the pumpkin is totally different. Thanks for a wonderful healthy recipe!

  52. Nicole says

    Hi Katie! I know this is an old post, but I’ve been reading your blog only for about a month now…wish I found it ages ago! 😉

    I made these last night at 9:30. I saw the ingredients, knew I had them, and thought I’d just do it because brownies sounded good. I was afraid they’d taste “healthy” but there was nothing to lose. And O. M. G. OMG. I am so glad I made them because they’re amaaazing! These are so gooey and delicious, I could die. I followed the recipe as posted using sugar, and I added a few extra chocolate chips. 😉 Mine happened to get warm in my lunch bag, and by the time I ate it was like a warm brownie from the oven! I’ve since had two more.

    Delicious!!! Love your recipes, love your blog!

  53. Anonymous says

    I make pumpkin brownies all the time, they are best cold. I like to use a ghriradeli brownie mix though, and just a can of pumpkin. Also a handful of Andes mint chips sprinkled on top before cooking make these an AWESOME mint treat.

  54. Tris says

    These were delicious! I made them yesterday. Unfortunately, they didn’t stick together as well as yours seemed to. They were very crumbly and hard to cut. They fell all apart. 🙁 But they still tasted great! Best vegan brownies I’ve had yet!

  55. Stacy says

    I mad these today. They are delish! My only comment is that they crumble really easily, but I think that is because I used white wheat flour, in place of the pastry flour. Next time I think I will try with rice flour or almond meal. Flavor is fantastic!

  56. ChocolateKathleen says

    Just made these. They were *fantastic*. My husband and I both devoured them. I only had 1/4 c pumpkin, so I ended up adding 1/4 c applesuace. YUM!!!!!

  57. Anonymous says

    HELP!: I tried to make these tonight and it was a complete fail and I have no idea what I did wrong. I followed your recipe exactly. I used oat flour (ground from GF quick cooking oats) and dry sugar. My brownies would not bake. I even put them in for almost 20 extra minutes but for some reason the brownie was not baking? What did I do wrong and what can I do to save these brownies? The outside cooked but the inside is like pudding? Should I refrigerate them over night to harden or am I going to have to just toss them? Should I just try baking them longer next time or even right now after they’ve already cooled for a few minutes? Did anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions or advice from anyone is welcome. Thanks!

      • Anonymous says

        Hi Katie. I measured the oats after grinding. This was the right way to do it right? I ended up sticking the brownies back in the oven to bake for an extra 20 minutes, but I had already turned the oven off, so I had to wait for it to reheat. They hardened a little more, but they were still mushy. The outside cooked though. Since it’s been a few days the brownies have really hardened up now. The outside has become really hard, but the inside is just right. I think this is probably because I put the brownies back in to bake. I’m not 100% sure though. Next time I make these I think I’ll just need to bake them for longer, without letting them cool like I did last time, and then I think I’ll just have to let them sit for a day or two before I can eat them so they can harden a little. I didn’t stick them in the fridge. Just leaving them out, but still covered, has hardened them. Except now the outside of the brownie is like rock solid, but again, I think this is because of the rebaking and everything.

    • Danelle says

      Hi, I used Bob’s Redmill gf Oatflour. I used maple syrup for my sugar, 1% milk, liquid(melted) coconut oil, Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa. When I was miking them I looked at them, knew they weren’t done, and kept adding minutes. I’m pretty sure it was 330 degrees for a bout 43 minutes before the center became right. They are just delicious and I refrigerated them, They are not hard in the least bit, anywhere. I have microwaved them to get them warmed before eating which makes all the semisweet chocolate bits seem like mini lava spurts…they’re really good.

  58. Erin says

    These are so amazing I think I might have to eat them all. This was my fourth visit to the pan! Katie, you are the bomb! Dessert is my favorite meal and now I can have more since it is healthy. I wish I would have tried this years ago.

  59. Jennifer says

    These are in the oven as well as “coconut milk ice” in the freezer, I did add 1/4 more of pumpkin just because I love it! You are awesome and my two yr old and I love making your quick recipes! As well as love that he can lick the bowl and I can be guilt free. We arent even vegetarians but since this current pregnancy we just have not been a fan of “meaty” things! I love letting him know their are options 😉

  60. Caroline says

    I just made these with an extra about two tablespoons of applesauce (my recipe seemed a little too thick/dry, I’m not sure why) and they came out FANTASTIC. New favorite brownie recipe, yes!

  61. gwen says

    I tried these today they were amazing! I didn’t have any pumpkin on hand so I tried it with strawberry yogurt and used less sugar. It was great! I will have to try the “real” version sometime too. =)

  62. Anonymous says

    Is 330 degrees the correct cooking temperature, or is it a typo (should it be 350 degrees)? I tried making these today and they didn’t wind up cooking through (the center was like a mousse — although still delicious!). I was afraid to leave them in too much longer than 24 minutes because the outside edges were firm — the middle was just very, very soft. Thanks!

  63. Lana says

    Made these using date puree instead of pumpkin, and swirled a decent helping of homemade pb on top and they’re delicious ;3 fantastic recipe – again!

    • Amanda says

      Hi Lana, if You can’t get canned pumpkin – do the following:
      Buy half a pumpkin. Cut out the seeds and put whole thing into a baking dish.
      Pop into oven about 350 Degrees F (180 Degrees C) until a knife or fork pushed through thickest point goes through no problem.
      Cool, scoop flesh out of the skin into your food processor and blend with enough water to make a super thick puree.
      Measure THAT puree for this and any other pumpkin recipe you need. Mix in some savoury spices like Cumin and tumeric to the rest and serve as pumpkin soup!

  64. Alanna says

    These are so fun! I made a half batch since I only had 1/4 cup pumpkin on hand and still got 17 mini “two bite” brownies out of it. I feel like I could taste the pumpkin more in the batter than the baked brownies, but they are definitely yummy!

  65. Jo says

    Can you come up with a bean brownie recipe that uses something like dates or other fruit as the sweetener? I don’t like to have too many different ingredients stocked up and usually use dates or molasses as sweetener.

  66. Anna says

    Oh Katie, I discovered your site about a month ago (maybe a little less?) and I already don’t know what life was like before I discovered it and have made so many of your deserts! I’m not vegan…I just eat whole foods…and most of your recipes fall in to that category! I love it! I no longer have urges to go to the store to buy processed icky yummy foods because I think ‘oh but this certain desert I saw/made on Katies website is just soo much more better tasting’! Plus, they’re easy to make 🙂

    Oh, I have a super random question that doesn’t particually have to do with this recipe. Do you (or anybody) know if coconut palm sugar and coconut crystals/sugar is the same??? Thanks.!

  67. Genevieve says

    Holy wow. I misread the directions (used AP unbleached instead of WW pastry) and they STILL came out incredible! I’m usually more of a chewy brownie kind of gal, yet these still satisfied all brownie/chocolate cravings. Next time I’m sure the use of pastry flour will give them a bit more body. I had a piece with a generous dollop of vanilla bean whipped cream (Chef Chloe!, which melted ever-so-slightly. Truly, one of the tastiest desserts I’ve enjoyed in a very long time.

    Thank you, as always, for your innovation!

  68. Kristin says

    Just brought these in for my office so a few people who are diabetic or who avoid dairy could have some snacks since they never get to have any of the things people bring to work…

    Rave reviews from several decidedly un-vegan, un-concerned-about-sugar coworkers. Definitely nailed the “this tastes delicious!” factor versus the “this tastes delicious for something healthy.”

    I wished I had all the ingredients for the vegan cool whip on hand last night though. These brownies are SO fudgy they could use a topping of some kind to contrast…

    Also, in order to get them to “set” correctly, it took my oven about twice a long to cook them (and it was on 330 precisely) and I had to stick them in the. I was afraid I’d over-cooked them but they were just fine…

  69. Brandy says

    I just made these tonight and they were awesome! I also added coconut and some coconut extract and they were gone within 15 minutes!

  70. Joyboy says

    Oh wow.

    I’m more of a lurk in the background kind of fan to blogs such as these, but I absolutely had to give you some credit by commenting. I had just about given up on healthy baking/treats and was coming to the conclusion that healthy lifestyle meant I just had to give up my sweet tooth.. One rubbery treat after the other!!! NOW NOW. These were super yummy and completely not any less so than a brownie I would get from a bakery.

    Thanks CCK, you may just have saved my life from diabetes! lol

  71. Tami says

    I was also wondering about making them gluten free. Could I use chick peas (ground up, like in the chocolate chip cookie pie recipe)?

  72. Amy says

    Hi Katie,
    I am an elementary school teacher. I have a class of 3rd-5th graders this year. We received a donation of about 75 sugar pumpkins on Monday and have been experimenting with them all week. I remembered that you had a “thing” for pumpkin, so I checked your site for recipes right away. In addition to a few other things, we made these brownies today. Before the students could eat them, they had to observe, study and write about them, what they looked like and smelled like. It felt like forever! THEN, they could eat them. They were a HIT! The kids LOVED them. They said that they were “sweet and gooey”, “not too sugary” and “chocolatey awesomeness”. They also said, “Are you sure they put the pumpkin in?”, “I can’t taste the pumpkin” and “This is the best brownie I have ever tasted.” They all wanted to take some home for their families.
    Thanks so much for your awesome recipes!

  73. Shanna says

    I made these. Yep totally awesome, seriously. I had some friends over for dinner and when we got to these we all somehow took our bites at the same time and a collective “oh my god” escaped. I baked them in the toaster over in a bread pan, and they needed 10 more minutes but turned out insane!

  74. Alicia says

    Quote from my husband, who hates healthy food: “These are the BEST brownies you’ve ever made me.”

    Thanks Katie!

  75. Hallie says

    This is the third brownie recipe I’ve made from this site and hands-down my favorite. Since I wanted the pumpkin flavor to stand out I took the advice of a few commenters to increase the pumpkin ( ~2/3 cup) and add some “pumpkin pie” flavors (dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger). I also added the “optional” (never!) chocolate chips. This was delicious warm and also surprisingly good cold.

  76. Aneliese (the veggie whisperer) says

    Wow, Katie, these are amazing!! I doubled the recipe and put it in an 8×8 pan, plus increased the pumpkin to 2 cups! It is incredible! So great for autumn! I also added pumpkin pie spice! These were gooey and fudgey and so good! I’m 11 and I’m beginning to make my own blog! (However it’s a work in progress!) 😀 Thanks so much for creating this blog! You and your blog have really been an inspiration, plus your recipes are so delicious! Thank you Katie!

  77. Sarah says

    Hi Katie, I’d like to give these a go, any chance you could put up the metirc measurments too please as these sound delish and I’ve found a shop that sells tinned pumpkin (in Ireland you have no idea how hard it is to get any kind of pumpkin outside of Halloween). Thanks

    • Amanda S says

      Hi Sarah,

      I live in the UK and also found it difficult to buy canned pumpkin puree. Turns out that has a grocery section and I was able to buy 4 cans at a decent price (and FREE shipping too!). Hope this helps 🙂

  78. Kate Grass says

    Just made these with some homemade pumpkin puree and carob chips. These might just be my favorite vegan brownies. But I’m pretty sure I said the same thing the last time I made one of your brownie recipes. Delicious!!! Thanks so much for all your work on this site.

  79. carissa says

    I made these with Gluten free flour and they came out well. They didn’t look like the picture, but they still tasted good. Thank you for the recipe.

  80. Tina says

    I have made these twice with oat flour, they are a new favorite! The first time I served them it was for a crowd and they were a huge hit! The second time I forgot the chocolate chips, plain they were not as good, but found out with a dollop of cool whip and chocolate chips sprinkled on top they went to a whole new level of yumminess!! Thank you so much Katie!

  81. Carolyn says

    Used Bob’s Red Mill GF AP flour blend and doubled the recipe, which added about 5 minutes to the cooking time. I’ve made these before and they were a big hit!

  82. Chanelle says

    Holy moly… I took these out of the over a little over an hour ago and just had my first piece! While I couldn’t taste the pumpkin at all, they have to be the best brownies I have ever had! I used Coconut Oil which I’m sure added to the deliciousness 🙂

  83. Macys Mom says

    AMAZING! I tried the black bean brownies and wasnt a huge fan of the texture so I figured onto the pumpkin- and holy cow! Ive probably made these 5 or 6 times now and I usually top them with marshmallows and a few dark chocolate chunks (but they are divine alone). Thanks so much for the recipe, after the first batch Ive started doubling it so they actually last longer than 24 hours!

  84. Kris says

    Of course the original is ridiculous amazing!

    This weekend I tried 2 new batches. One with home made apple sauce instead of pumpkin , and one with mashed banana. Both were DELICIOUS and were met with rave reviews!
    my personal fave is with Banana. My OH MY if you are a chocolate /banana fan, you MUST try!

  85. nady says

    Wowwww…….. super great…moist,full of choco flavour…. i can’t find the words to say how good it is… above all healthy !! i tried some cookies too was good,,but this one is great.
    So i used plain white flour,desolved cocoa in the milk,half white half brawn sugar with molasses,sweet potato,half choco chips half walnut,,added little cinnamon too..the rest is same….the combination super super tasty….thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx alot…keep the good work…. !! love ur blog.

  86. Gail says

    My college-aged daughter and I made these brownies over winter break. Oh my goodness!! These are truly incredible! We are tough to please in the chocolate department, too; especially “healthy” chocolate! We doubled the recipe (because Katie said it filled 1/2 of an 8×8 pan, and didn’t know what do with 1/2 pan). But, we did have to bake the brownies at least 10 more minutes than the recipe said (I used a toothpick, making sure it didn’t come out too wet). Almost ready to make my 3rd double batch of these. I also don’t know how these yummy brownies disappear….

  87. Courtney says

    Just made the batter for these and it is tasting goooood. I doubled the recipe and for the pumpkin part I did 1/2 cup pumpkin and 1/2 cup greek yogurt/applesauce combo. I also added a couple teaspoons of espresso powder which really intensifies the chocolate flavor. Yummmm.

  88. Courtney says

    Oh and for the sugar part (for my doubled recipe) I did 1/3 sucanat, 1/3 xylitol, and 1/3 honey. Just got sucanat yesterday so I could try your gingerbread cookie things and have a feeling I’ll be using it in all my baked goods .

  89. Courtney says

    Post #3 (should have waited so I could have just done one, haha).
    I doubled the recipe and for the pumpkin part I did 1/2 cup pumpkin and 1/2 cup greek yogurt/applesauce combo (which I know is not vegan so the 1 cup pumpkin would be wonderful I’m sure). I also added a couple teaspoons of espresso powder which really intensifies the chocolate flavor.
    Oh and for the sugar part (for my doubled recipe) I did 1/3 sucanat, 1/3 xylitol, and 1/3 honey.
    These were THE BEST brownies ever. A couple tricks: let the batter rest for 30 mins before baking. Bake them so they are a little under done, they will be perfect after cooling for 1 hour.
    This will be my go-to recipe from now on!! LOVE!

  90. Asia says

    hi Katie! can i use zucchini for substitution? zucchini and pumpkin are both from cucurbit family so how do you think?

  91. Gail says

    I think this my favorite CCK recipe- so far! I do double the recipe, requiring more baking time. I also had success in cutting the oil in 1/2, and using nonfat Greek yogurt for the other 1/2.

  92. Sierra says

    These are my fav brownies. Just discovered, the batter freezes well and is easily thawed and bake-able! I made up the batter, then stored in a ziploc in the freezer for about 2 months. I let the batter thaw overnight in the refrigerator, then let them continue thawing a bit more at room temp while I preheated the oven. The thawed batter was very thick , so I added a few more splashes of nut milk (in retrospect – some more liquid sweetener would have been good) then baked and they were, as always, delicious.

  93. Anonymous says

    As a person who knows little to nothing about baking, I really appreciate how you explain the ingredients! It makes me feel like I know what I’m putting into the recipe and why (such as omitting oil makes them gummier).

  94. Anonymous says

    I am confused. The recipe fills half an 8×8 pan? Can it be doubled to fill the full pan or will it not cook in the middle? Why only half the pan?

  95. Sarah says

    Just made them….aaaaamazing!!! I doubled the recipe, in anticipation of its awesomeness 🙂 Good move on my part!

  96. Kaela says

    Hi Katie!

    This is my go-to recipe for brownies. I use a different flour every time because I don’t always have whole wheat pastry flour on hand. They’ve turned out great with ground oats, chickpea flour, almond flour and brown rice flour. I usually double the batch (because I eat them so fast) but use half sugar and half Pure Via. Today I made the recipe with all Pure Via and they tasted good.

    Thank you so much for your recipes! I’m always excited when I see you’ve posted something new.

  97. Leesa in Oregon says

    I just made these for the second time this week! The first time was for a potluck at work (where they GOBBLED up the double batch I made) I made that batch just as stated. Today I made them again (also a double batch) but used 1/2 andes mint pieces and half of a chopped up hershey bar (was out of choc. chips). They are cooling right now, but we are all impatiently waiting for later to try them. They smell deliciously minty. Mmmm. Katie, thanks for all your awesome recipes!! I haven’t tried one yet we didn’t all just love! Can’t wait to get your cookbook!

  98. Alex says

    I tried this recipe and while the brownies TASTE great, they never did rise at all and ended up being super thin. I did use all-purpose flour, and made the switch for half agave and half white sugar. Did that kill it?

  99. Tereza says

    These brownies are very rich, moist, and delicious (and I subbed two tbs of applesauce for two of the tbs of coconut oil)! Although you taste a nice hint of pumpkin when you eat them alone, with ice cream the pumpkin is less pronounced. I noticed when making these and the brownies they are modeled on that it took quite a bit more time for them to cook completely (10 minutes or so longer). I can’t tell that this had any bad effect on them but I wonder if I should turn up the temperature on my oven next time. What do you think Katie?

  100. Janet says

    I made these last night & was quite pleased with the fudginess (is that a word? If not, it should be). Halfway through I realized it was supposed to be whole wheat pastry flour & I used white wheat, but decided to go ahead anyway. They came out really flat (still tasty though). Just wondered if that might be because I didn’t use pastry flour? I also noticed you said they’ll fill half an 8×8 pan, I actually used an 8×8 – was I supposed to use something smaller? Thanks in advance for any suggestions & also for sharing your tasty recipes!

  101. Carroe says

    I made these today. I used one of those preportioned brownie square pan and just filled up 8 portions. I used the maple syrup option. OH MY GOODNESS! They were AMAZING! Thank you for your amazing creative recipes 🙂

  102. Cindy says

    These came out WONDERFUL. At least me and my girls like them; my husband and son didn’t care for them as much. Their loss. Anyway, I need to make a 9×13 pan so I have enough for a class of 25 kindergarteners. Should I multiple this recipe times 3? Or times 4? Double was just perfect for an 8×8, so I’m thinking triple, but just not sure, and hoping someone else can guide me?

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Do a triple batch! That’s what I do when I make these. And then I frost them with the frosting recipe she uses in her chocolate zucchini brownies recipe :-).

  103. Mia says

    I just made these and they are so delicious! The perfect mix of pumpkin and chocolate. Good thing they are healthy because I can’t stop eating them!!

  104. Amy says

    Hi Katie, LOVE your site!!! Have been using it for over a year and make your recipes all the time. I would love it if you could add a print tab to your recipes,. My internet is very spotty and I would love to save them so I can make them when the internet is down!!! Be well and keep cooking!!!

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      You can hi-light just the recipe itself, then right click and hit copy. Then open a new document in Word and hit paste. You can name & save this document in a CCK folder, and print the recipe as needed.

  105. pamela says

    O.M.G. These are divine!!! Seriously! I don’t want to stop eating them but I’m afraid of keeping my newborn up all night!

  106. Heather says

    I made these and they are rich and delicious! Unfortunately, they are not holding together… will try again. I used coconut oil (soft but not liquid), 2/3c. sugar and a TBSP agave… mixed the sugar with the dry ingredients… and I think the flour was WW but not pastry flour. Any thoughts on what would cause them to fall apart? Not sure whether it was an ingredient issue, if they just needed to cook longer, or if they are destined to be “scoopable”…

  107. Kerry says

    We made this recipe last night with an heirloom pumpkin and they were very good for dessert! and breakfast too. Thank you!

  108. Wendy says

    I made these today using oat flour and used Dark Cocoa–YUM!!!! Thank you for always giving my family such delicious, healthy recipes! My daughter is allergic to eggs, my husband and brother’s family are gf, and I now can’t have dairy, so we love everything you share; we can finally make just 1 dessert for everyone!

  109. Phoenix says

    I did a little tweaking with this recipe (DOUBLE recipe) : Used a sweet potato (baked then mashed & pureed) 1 Cup; As sweeteners I used 1/3 C Agave, 1/4 C raw brown sugar and 1/4 C regular sugar; I used Walnut oil and dark chocolate chips. I baked them in a glass 8×8 pan. They were still very goopy after 23 min at 330F (knife came out heavily coated with batter) so I gave them another 10 minutes. They turned out DELICIOUS and the consistency was between fudge and brownies, so, they’re true Fudge-Brownies!! They were great right out of the oven but then, the next day… WOW!!! They are irresistible!! 😛

  110. Kara says

    Hi Katie- I am wondering if you could provide the measurements for preparing 1/3 of this recipe? I am a single lady and found the recipe so delicious I ate the entire pan myself. Eek!

    • NONNY says

      Why don’t you just plug the amounts into a calculator and divide by three? Or set aside some to eat from a larger batch, then freeze the rest :p

  111. Katie says

    Holy Yumballs! Can’t wait to make these for a potluck on Friday. Just stumbled upon your blog…very excited to see healthy vegan treats!

  112. Anais says

    I’ve literally tried sooooo many brownie recipes that my (non-vegan) friends and family like – these are the ones! Absolutely perfect!

  113. Jennifer says

    Katie. I must say I have followed your blog religiously for quite some time now. I have tried out SO many recipes and always share them with family and friends. I have made these brownies a couple times before but something magical happened when I made them again last night and I felt compelled to share..

    These are HANDS DOWN- THEE BEST BROWNIES IN THE WORLD. No joke, they are out of this world good. No one can believe they are vegan and gluten free when I make them (I use gf all purpose and some oat flour).

    The fudgiest, most chocolate-y amazing brownies I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Thank you for this drool-worthy recipe!

  114. Kristen says

    I made these a few weeks ago and doubled the recipe as I like them thick and was using an 8×8 pan… they were delicious! I made them again yesterday but didn’t have any pumpkin, so I used apple sauce and added an extra half cup and a little extra cocoa powder too… I used almond milk and Splenda for my milk and sugar options… and they had the most amazing texture, almost like a cross between a truffle and a brownie! Thanks for posting this recipe!

  115. Nikki says

    Katie! I don’t know if you read all the comments, but this is for you:
    My goodness lady – everyone knows that blog recipes with lots of comments are helpful to read before actually making it since little things always go slightly different for different people and then others can share additional ideas or tips – but I have never come across another blog so commented on as yours. That is a HUGE sign of success and I hope you remember that every time you see huge comment sections on your recipes. And ALWAYS remember that you are awesome – even if you never had a single comment. I love that you post recipes that you think are really great even if you feel that others might not feel the same since you are used to healthier tasting treats (in which case they start tasting just as decedent as the traditional non healthy treats, just in their own way) – because although there are probably more people who rather the taste of either sweeter, or more fat-laden desserts, some people like me LOVE the taste of your recipes even when made with less sugars/sweeteners and fat than called for!!! KEEP THEM COMING!

    Now for my review:
    I made these (double batch to fit an 8 X 8) using home made Jarrahdale pumpkin puree, 2 Tbsp oil and 1/4 c. pureed apple, and 3 pkg. stevia with no other sweeteners.
    They were fairly thin, and would probably recommend tripling the recipe for a bit more height, since they don’t rise at all, but they were still ok as a double batch – just preference for a thicker piece.
    Tastewise, several hours after baking, taste test revealed pretty bland results, but after sitting in the fridge overnight, they were GREATLY improved!!! Still definitely tasted ‘very healthy’, but if you love that you will love these. I was serving them to others who may not feel the same way, so I chose to call them cocoa squares so as not to get them expecting ‘real brownies’. I also concocted a frosting with coconut, almond milk, raisins, stevia, and cocoa powder all whizzed up in my food processor and then piped into little stars on top of each piece. I wasn’t there, but apparently they dissipated. 🙂

  116. Lena says

    So, I had some pumpkin (a rare occasion) and decided to finally give these a try. In one word: amazing! I doubled the amounts (a must, IMO), used half a cup of sugar and nearly half a cup of agave + some stevia — a lot more sugar than I’m used to, but I felt like being decadent. Also used spelt flour, 1/2 tsp of coffee granules and made your Reese’s Pieces frosting to spread on top. No one could even taste the pumpkin, and it all just came out sooo good. I’d classify it as more of a cake than a brownie, but a really rich, decadent one. Thank you for an awesome recipe <3

  117. exclamationpoint says

    I made these in my dorm since I already had all the ingredients, and they lured people in they smelled so good! My boyfriend thinks that eating healthy is silly, and he’s crazy about brownies. I didn’t tell him these were pumpkin or whole wheat, and his first words were “Oh my god these are so good!” We ate the whole batch, and he still doesn’t know. 😉

    We agreed that these would be even better topped with chocolate frosting. 🙂 Next time I’ll double the batch so they’re thicker.

  118. gershon says

    Will mixing without a machine do justice to the necessary mixing? Let’s say my mixer, blender or food processor is lost lol?

  119. AnnaBananaBelle says

    I just made these a few days ago and they are delicious! I still have some left over and I am enjoying every bite! And sharing a few. just a few. 😉 I doubled the recipe for an 8×8 pan and used oat flour. For the sweetener i only used about 3/4 cup of half maple syrup half honey and they are plenty sweet! I also used almond milk and coconut oil. Definitely making these again! The only thing was that I had to bake them much longer and they are still gooey! Some bites are a little gritty but that is only due to the oat flour and i really didn’t mind it. Thanks for a great recipe Katie!

  120. Agnieszka says

    I just made these and they are soooo good! I used coconut oil, accidentally forgot the chocolate chips (I always miss 1 thing the first try) but I had added walnuts and peanut butter and it just have evened out because these came out delish

  121. Andrea says

    I’ve made these brownies numerous times now, and each time I’m amazed at how good they are. And how fast they get in my tummy (after waiting that hour or so!). Lucky for me, my brother doesn’t like brownies (how that is possible for anyone, I’m still not quite sure) so I only have to fight my parents for them! Thanks for the recipe!

  122. Jess Moore says

    I had an unquenchable desire to make brownies this afternoon and, as this is my top “go-to” site for vegan, gluten-free yummies, I stumbled upon this recipe. I doubled it, put it in a cake pan and it’s sitting in the oven as I type. I LOVE pumpkin and it saddens me that it’s mainly utilized in October and November. I can eat pumpkin foods all year round. The batter was delicious and I had to resist eating all of it straight out of the pan before making it in the oven. Can’t wait for hubby to come home from work so we can dig in and chow down.

    PS-I’m also looking forward to the pumpkin cereal. I never have any ways to utilize the leftover canned pumpkin, but now I do!

  123. Erin says

    I just made these today. I doubled the recipe, so baking took about an extra 15 minutes. I subbed half the amount of organic stevia for the sugar and applesauce for oil. Next time I will probably just go ahead and use the oil. Also I will add more pumpkin because I couldn’t taste it in the brownies. But they were still yummy!

  124. Amanda says

    Hey Katie!

    These (as well as everything else on this blog) look amazing! I see that most of these recipes combine stevia with another source of sugar and was wondering if these, or any of the the brownie/cake recipes with pumpkin or cauliflower can use only stevia? Would I need to up the pumpkin?

    Thanks and you’re the best!


  125. jayne Russell says

    I am just wondering why you only make small 8×8 pans of these bars? My hubby oves dessert and would deolish that size pan in a day! He also like to bring some to work for his lunch! If I double it will I get a 9×13 pan size?

  126. Rachel says

    Help?! I didn’t have a 8 in pan and just a 9 in pie pan and they are still completely uncooked in the middle! I’ve cooked them another 20 mins with no luck! Any advice?

  127. genie says

    I just made these and for some reason the middle part is still goey? Did I do something wrong? I swear I followed the directions! Will it set when I let it sit for 2 hours or should i cook them longer? Thanks!

  128. Serena Moon says

    I made this recipe two nights ago and it turned out perfection! Honestly a perfect hybrid of pumpkin pie and brownie, texture and flavor!! I used 4 tbsp “So Delicous” pumpkin spice coconut milk as my milk, and I used 2 tbsp Maple syrup and just a hair or two under of 1 cup of honey. It’s all I had on hand. I used melted soy free earth balance as the oil too. It turned out perfect! Not too cakey or fudgy, and perfectly flavored, especially because I added cinnamon, ginger and cloves. I didn’t use any chocolate chips at all, risky business I know! But they still turned perfect!

    However, I made them again last night because my boyfriend are the entire tray minus the 5 I ate hehe. But, they turned out… Awful, to say the least. Completely gummy, like beyond uncooked pancake batter texture. It was inedible. I followed the recipe exact! I was maybe a tbsp away from 1/2 cup of cocoa powder this time and I used all honey. But everything else was the same!!!! I don’t know what I did wrong.

    The only difference is that the first time I made them, I made them in this large white dish because my brownie pan was at my boyfriends house, I had to bake them for 43 minutes! And the skewer still was coming off with stuff on it but I waited 2 hours and they were perfect! Then last night, I baked them in an 8inch but It was a round cake pan.. I took them out at 33 minutes because they weren’t done at 23. I waited 2 hours again… And they were terrible. Absolutely gum. I couldnt eat It and all that money was thrown in the garbage. Sigh. I’ve been having a bit of a baking fail repeatedly this holidays. I used sprouted spelt flour for both times btw. I tried baking it again for another 20 minutes and that’s when I tossed it.

    I’m sorry for the long post! Just confused of what to do or what I did! Maybe nexr time I’ll do half yacon syrup and half raw cane sugar, or just all cane. hmpf!

  129. Hannah C. says

    I’ve done this recipe before and loved it. Today, though my husband took over because I had to leave. When I came home the top looked perfect, they had been out for 2 hours 15 minutes. I took a piece out of the middle and, well … they weren’t really brownies. They were just goo. It didn’t hold together.

    I went through the recipe and made sure I’d done everything right, and I did. The only difference is I only had 1 cup of maple syrup, but that would have the opposite effect.

    I LOVE gooey brownies, but this was so underdone that I’m going to try to rebake them. Do you have any idea why they might have turned out this way?

  130. Cathy says

    I finally made these brownies. Sooooo good! I took some to the Y and shared with the staff there (and took the recipe!) Everyone loved them! One person said they are the best brownies ever! I have another batch in the oven right now for my friend for her birthday! This is indeed going to be my favorite recipe yet! Thanks so much!

  131. Danelle says

    Hi, I thought these were really good. I was wondering about the baking time and temp. It says 330 degrees and 23 minutes. ( I used maple syrup as my sugar). Mine cooked for 43 minutes…..and my oven is right on….and the 330 degrees, are these typo’s?

  132. Laurie says

    Hi Katie, do you have the nutritional values for these brownies?? Really interested in the sugar/carb count. Thank you!

  133. Alyksandrei says

    Absolutely delicious! Just made some brownie bites, and they’re perfect! Could use some more pumpkin flavor, but maybe that’s the dark chocolate cocoa powder I used.

    Anyway, I noticed a number of people asking about if brownie bites would work with this recipe, and if so how long to bake them. Mine were perfect after the listed 23 minutes at 330 F. Just thought someone should post an answer to this question.

  134. Maresa says

    Made them. I made the dough, tasted it and thought…. I don’t think I like it. Then I baked it and waited a few hours as suggested and LOVED them. Thanks you taking the time to share these tasty treats! Perfect texture!

  135. Sarah says

    I made these and after baking for nearly 40 min they still weren’t done. I used oat flour and cane sugar. I took them out of the oven, and they came out goopy. Any ideas?

    • Unofficial CCK Helper says

      Just let them sit in the fridge overnight and they magically firm up perfectly! You want them underdone when you take them out because then they “set” like fudge and are not dry.

  136. kay says

    thank you for this lovely recipe……i make these once a week now that fresh pumpkin is in season – even my 27 year old son loves them – & he’s not into healthy ! thank you once again… kay, athens, greece

  137. Victoria says

    Has anyone actually made these and reviewed them? I read a lot of comments about “gotta make these” and “these look great”, and way too many about the poster having a little brother, but after reading a couple of dozen posts I got tired of looking for an actual review. Anyone???

    • Victoria says

      Oops, I didn’t realize that this website publishes their comments oldest first, and by the time I finally worked my way down to the newest ones I got the answers I was looking for. But I cannot figure out how to cancel my original. 🙂 Will report back after I’ve made these.

  138. Rachel says

    I used sweet potato and can’t wait to try them when they cool! Do you have to store these in the refrigerator or can I keep them out on the counter?

  139. Lauren says

    I love the idea of your recipes and I think have made a couple successfully, but these and the zucchini brownies, I can’t seem to get the cooking time down. Could it be different oven temperatures? The zucchini ones ended up being really runny and I am now going on 33 mins for these pumpkin ones and they are still very liquidy. Any ideas?

    • Melissa says

      Hi Lauren. I wanted to post to your question. I just made these and doubled the recipe. Used almond flour, vegetable oil. Pumpkin. When I went to put my oven on 330, it went into convection mode. I kept testing it and putting it on for 15 min times three times. After initial baking time. It kept coming out moist on the bottom. Finally at the end of the last 15 minutes I just took it out and waited another half hour to cool, then cut it up still warm. It tastes really good. But I don’t think I will make it again. I have had trouble in the past making cakey texture desserts. I made this in a Pyrex large oblong dish. Something about the glass and the temperature and the timing not right. I followed the ingredients. I added two tablespoons of almond butter after I finished the can of pumpkin. Too much work for me. Thank you Katie, I enjoy your other recipes. The pumpkin snack cake and the bean brownies come out perfect. As does the coconut butter which makes anything come alive with flavor with a low glycemic index. Although I do have consistency issues with the coconut butter as well. Comes out more liquid. Adding two, then one tablespoon of coconut oil. I may add none the next time. See what that does. Then hardened, then warm up and it’s fine. Just this cakey issue. My bad.

    • MPbusyB says

      HI Lauren. I made these last night and had the same problem with the time. After all the pulling out to check, leaving them in a hot oven with the temperature off, turning the oven back on, putting them back in, I think I finally landed on baking them closer to 45 minutes at 350. I could see how the top got progressively baked so that was how I decided when to stop baking them. Someone else left a comment about using a glass baking dish (which is what I used), and I agree that that might lengthen baking time for these. Also, although I used the 8-inch recommended baking dish, my brownies are deeper than how CCK’s look in her pictures, so maybe that has something to do with the baking time too.

      I am not an everything-pumpkin person so I added sweetened dried cranberries, walnuts and white chocolate chips to the batter. And because these were called Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Brownies, I added cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger as well. They are very fudgy and gooey. But I would rather have my pumpkin-loving kids taste test them to decide if I keep the recipe.

  140. Hannah says

    Hi Katie,
    I have made these a few times, and for some reason they take almost 20 minutes longer to bake than the recipe states. Any idea why this could be? They are delicious and gooey and wonderful, but at 23 minutes of baking, they are almost completely raw, with only the edges cooked.

  141. Ashley says

    I made these last night and I have to say they are one of the best brownies I have ever made. I used a little over half whole wheat flour and the rest white flour. I used only 1 and 1/3 cup of sugar. I used melted smart balance in place of oil. I used a cup of chocolate chips, mixing most into the batter and saved some to sprinkle on top. I think this will be my go to brownie recipe from now on! I can feel a little better about having an extra because they’re whole wheat, vegan, and have a ton of pumpkin. I can’t even taste the pumpkin! I wonder if these would still be good by subbing even more pumpkin for the oil/fat. Will have to try next time. Sweet potato sounds great too!

  142. Danielle says

    Hi! I’ve made this recipe many many times, I really love it! I was wondering if it can be frozen… Would it be the same afterwards?
    Thank you for all the amazing recipes!

  143. Lauren says

    Katie, I realize this may be a very silly question, but I have to ask, so forgive me.
    Do these brownies taste like pumpkin or is the pumpkin used as a substitute for other ingredients, a binder for example? I’m wondering because I’d like to try them, but my significant other doesn’t “love” pumpkin, so I am wondering about the taste…
    Thanks so much!

    • Jason Sanford says

      I haven’t made these in years so don’t remember, but if you want to be sure the brownies won’t taste like pumpkin, I can vouch for Katie’s “Tinder Brownies” and also of course the black bean ones 🙂

  144. Heidi says

    Hi, Katie,
    I’ve never had a problem with any of your recipes, but for some reason with this one, I had to bake them about twice as long as the recipe said. I mixed them up according to directions using syrup instead of sugar. Baked them 35 min at 330, then jacked the oven up to 350 and baked them 13 more min. I would describe them as “just set”. After the initial 23 min, the sides were starting to cook but the top looked exactly the same as when I put them in. I have an oven thermometer so I’m sure the temp was right. I live in Bozeman, Montana so maybe it was the altitude? Not sure. But I’m sure they’ll be delicious!

  145. Dani B says

    These are literally the best brownies I’ve ever had! I make them in a mini muffin tin so I can call them 2 bite brownies. All about portion control with these lil morsels!

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