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Ferrero Rocher Ice Milk


vegan chocolate hazelnut ice cream

You’ve Got Mail.

Do you remember the days of aol?

Or dial-up? When only one person could be online at a time, and it tied up the phone line? I have to remind myself about those days every time I think the internet’s working slowly now!

In the 1990s, aol seemed poised to take over the world, first with the commercials, then aim instant messaging, and even the Meg Ryan movie. What ever happened to aol? Well, I found out Sunday night they’re very much still around…

My blog was featured on the AOL homepage!

As I was checking my email one last time before bed, I received a comment from someone congratulating me for being on the aol homepage. I had no idea what she was talking about and figured it must be some kind of joke. Still, curiosity made me take a look. When I clicked on the site, I saw a big bowl of oatmeal and a link to seven of my recipes!

Here’s a link to the feature: 7 Healthy Desserts for Breakfast.

In other news, yesterday I ate some chocolate…

vegan chocolate ice cream

Wait, that’s news?

Okay, notsomuch. I eat chocolate every day. (And so should you!)

I go through phases with the ice-cream maker, though. I’ll use it over and over again for about a week… then I forget about it and the poor thing sits in the garage. Last March was cold, and the machine did quite a bit of sitting in the garage. But this week’s been beautiful. And so, yesterday afternoon, I enjoyed some homemade chocolate-hazelnut ice cream outside. I only wish I’d had toasted hazelnuts on hand.

This ice cream would’ve tasted like a Ferrero Rocher chocolate truffle!

vegan chocolate hazelnut ice cream

It’s a chocolate twist on yesterday’s recipe. I’d actually planned a different post for today, but as soon as I made this I knew I had to share it right away in case anyone was thinking of making the vanilla version!

Ferrero Rocher Ice Milk


Based on this recipe: “R Rated” Ice Cream.

  • 1 3/4 cups milk of choice, or nondairy creamer (see note below)
  • 1/4 cup hazelnut liqueur (Frangelico)
  • 2 packets stevia (or 2 tablespoons sugar)
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • optional: chopped, toasted hazelnuts

Mix all ingredients together in a dish (except optional ingredients, if they are chunky). Then, if you have an ice-cream maker, simply transfer to your ice cream maker and watch the magic! (I have a Cuisinart, and it took 15 minutes to turn the liquid into ice cream. Warning: Make sure your ice cream maker’s base is completely frozen before use, or it will NOT work!!) If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, but you have a Vita-Mix, you can freeze and then thaw a little and blend.

Click the following link to see the Ice Cream Nutrition Info.

A word about the milk: If you only use milk (such as almond milk or soymilk), it will still taste delicious… But the texture is more foam-y (in a good way, if that makes sense!) than creamy. If you use only creamer or full-fat canned coconut milk, the texture is more like ice cream. (Brand ideas include: Silk creamer, So Delicious creamer, or Good Karma.) If not serving right away, be sure to thaw a little if your freezer is super-cold.

vegan chocolate hazelnut ice cream

I’m really lucky these photos turned out, because I took them in about 2 seconds flat as the ice cream was melting. It certainly wasn’t a real photoshoot… and yet I think these might be some of my favorite pictures on the blog!

Question of the Day:

Did you have a cold or a hot winter this year?

If you’re still stuck with cold, maybe you’d prefer this recipe.

It’s chocolate too, but much warmer than ice cream! No matter the season, there’s an app a chocolate recipe for that. Thankfully, chocolate is always in season. I really don’t know what I’d do if, like fruit, it wasn’t. Might have had to move to Guam for the winter…

Published on March 6, 2012

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  1. Ali @ Peaches and Football says

    You’re definitely on an ice cream kick! Can’t wait for warmer weather here. It’s been mild snow-wise compared to usual years and I am *so* thankful for that! Still, the weather in WI is a lot colder than TX so it will be a few more months before I break out the ice cream maker. I’m still on the hot cocoa kick!

  2. Alaina says

    Our winter has been extremely mild this year! And I loved it because I had a half marathon to train for and I was actually able to run outside. It was so much bettter than last year’s winter.

    But I love having ice cream any time of year!

  3. natalie @ southern fit foodie says

    We’ve definitely had a warm winter here in TN. It’s been so nice (with the exception of a few frigid days and some crazy tornado weather)! I’m definitely ready to break out the ice cream maker, especially with the recipes you’ve been posting this week!

  4. Arielle says

    We’ve definitely had a warm winter in the bay area. There has been very little rain so far, and this past weekend it was in the 70s! A perfect opportunity to try your new ice cream recipes 🙂

  5. Dana says

    You are a wonderful person! As soon as I finish my cleanse I’m pulling out the ice cream maker. This sounds like heaven!

  6. Natalie says

    Omg, Ferrero Rocher are my favourite thing in the WORLD! toasted hazelnuts and a wafer… omg and hot chocolate butter… I NEED this in my life!!!

  7. Lindsey says

    Katie, is how I found your amazing blog via the article featured (7 Healthy Desserts for Breakfast)! I go to this website daily to read articles, keep track of my weight, enter food and drink consumed, etc. I can’t wait to make some of your delicious recipes! I am also a chocolate lover and am always looking for healthy recipes 🙂


  8. Jamie @ Don't Forget the Cinnamon says

    Chocolate and hazelnut are a match made in heaven! I really need to snag my ice-cream maker from the beach so that I can make this!!!
    I live in VT so winter was still cold but it was definitely the LEAST cold winter since i’ve been there! It made me happy 🙂

  9. Erin says

    Congrats, Katie! So exciting. You’re a little celebrity now. 🙂 This ice cream looks amazing. Unfortunately, I live in Seattle and it’s still quite cold, windy, and rainy! Oh yeah, and I don’t have an ice cream machine. 😉 But nevertheless, I wish I could make it!

  10. Lauren B. says

    Did AOL not have to get your permission to use your recipes on their homepage? I’m surprised… Anyway, congrats on the honor!

  11. Annabel says

    Congratulations on the AOL feature! That is seriously cool.
    Since I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago, I have been raving about it to everyone I know, and now many of them are enjoying it, too!
    I am very excited to see where your path leads you. I think you have a very bright future ahead of you! 😀

  12. Meme says


    I really need to get a new ice-cream maker before summer, I can´t wait for trying these out!

    AND by the way, I was just thinking that it would be so cool if you could create a lower-calorie and healthier verion of tarte tatin! My favourite tart ever and isn´t re-inventing classics always nice 😉

  13. Sarah the official CCK drooler says

    So how do you make this if you’re under drinking age??!!! Or over it and don’t drink? I am the former and will be the latter 😀 but i totes want to make this! Can i sub something hazelnut flavored, maybe?

  14. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola says

    Omigosh AOL… I’d forgotten the sound of dial up until this post and of course how we all lived on AIM! I remember taking such time to craft my AIM Away messages– seems odd now but it was a big deal then! I actually had to deal with AOL last year because somehow my old account was still active and sending spam! But it is quite possibly the hardest thing ever to deactivate an AOL account! I still don’t know if it’s gone!

    Now onto more important things- this ice cream looks incredible! So much so that I’m thinking I NEED to buy an ice cream machine so I can make it!

  15. Samantha says

    Sigh. Still stuck in the cold and wet. Today is snow…

    I have never had Ferrero Rocher chocolates (I think I was long vegan by the time I knew what they were). But I know people love them!

    • Samantha says

      Despite the snow I couldn’t stand it and I have a container of the basic vanilla in the freezer as we speak…(no ice cream maker, we will see what happens).

      Plus, made my first pizzert with the peanut butter-banana butter…possibly undercooked the pizzert, or it was the wheat flour. The beauty is I don’t care much what it looks like or the texture and still ate it. 🙂

  16. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says

    WOW that AOL feature was quite something! You got several slides all to yourself! Amazing 🙂 well done girl, I bet your traffic went through the roof! 🙂

    Don’t say the words Ferrero Rocher and ice cream together…that’s just torturing me! I want this now and I don’t own an ice cream maker :(. Think I can make it in some kind of milkshake form instead??? 🙂

  17. Jennie says

    I actually have two mini bottles of Frangelico that have been staring at me for over a year – NOW I know what I am going to do with them! YUM!!!!

  18. Ilana says

    OMG I WANT THIS. Right now. I’m coming over. Since we had a relatively warm winter I guess I can eat some ice cream and not freeze.

  19. Sapphire says

    Our winter was rather mixed. We had warm days and cold, snowy days. We had the tornadoes come through this past Friday, and then we had 4″ of snow on Sunday through Monday. Today all the snow is nearly melted and it’s supposed to be nearing 70 degrees this week. It’s been a Wacky Winter, that’s for sure.

  20. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    Congrats about AOL’s homepage! I remember AOL vividly; it’s very near and dear to my heart, haha. 🙂

    That ice cream sounds amazing! That bottle takes me back to childhood, my father had one like that in our home bar. It reminds me of Mrs. Buttersworth, LOL.

  21. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga says

    I love Ferrero Rocher truffles…yum! I am digging the ice cream versions with booze. Makes like more exciting 🙂

  22. Raquel @ Ovenmitts Vegan Blog says

    I want an ice cream maker so bad!! I want the one that hooks up to my KitchenAid, but they’re ~$70.. Maybe for my birthday! It’ll be my 21st, so maybe I’ll make this Rated R version to celebrate 🙂

  23. Char @ says

    *dies* want!! omg, I miss Ferreros. I so can’t wait to make this!

    I thought you knew about the Everyday Health feature! I follow them on Facebook & Twitter and was so excited to see them sharing your recipes. I was wondering why you didn’t show it off 😛

  24. Kat says

    Ferrero Rocher were my Absolute favorite candies before I had to go Gluten Free. I’ll have to try this recipe once I get an Ice Cream Maker.

  25. Jessica says

    I actually found your blog BECAUSE of that AOL post. I had my first bowl of chocolate oatmeal today and I can’t wait to try your other recipes!

  26. Janae says

    Okay, Katie, you are the cutest!

    I love that you are as obsessed with healthy sweet things as me. Ice cream, is my absolute passion, I’m definitely trying this one out. (and yes, I agree with you, those pictures are AMAZING! I could just take a lick right now.).

  27. Amber K says

    Sometimes I miss the old unreliable dial-up AOL. At least then I never really expected to do anything more to get intermittent chats with friends! lol

  28. Justine Duppong @ Life With Cheeseburgers says

    You know, normally at this time of year I wouldn’t even LOOK at an ice cream recipe–I’m from North Dakota and so it’s usually so COLD here! But for some reason we’ve hardly had winter this year. I think it’s because we just had three horrible winters and Mother Nature finally decided to give us a bit of a break!

  29. Patricia says

    Wow, this looks yummy. I did not even realize there was a Frangelico liquor – I will have to try it sometime! Hazelnut is such a wonderful flavor.

  30. Moni'sMeals says

    great Katie! you have me all motivated to make homemade icecream…something I hardly ever do. 🙂

    Again. CONGRATS on AOL.. it is so awesome.

  31. vogelstar says

    ok stop teasing me with all the ice cream recipes, I’m up in cold Toronto area 🙂
    ps I find that the photos I fuss the least over tend to turn out quite well

  32. Sondra says

    Hey Katie!

    We had a mild winter this year, but being that I live in Minnesota, that’s probably still cold to a lot of people (we stayed above zero for the most part, when most previous winters have had daily Wind Chill averages of -17* F and getting down to -32!) I so want to try this recipe! After I made your Nutella recipe, people have stopped scoffing at my “healthy” cooking (my friend Kodi who always gets wary when I tell her “I just made these awesome healthy snickerdoodles for 25 calories a piece” has offered to buy me all the ingredients to make her a steady supply of Better-than-Nutella!)

    I was wondering Katie, have you ever thought of adding an “Ask Katie” page/ weekly blog entry? There are so many questions I would like to ask you (and I’m sure some of your other readers would too!)

    If you have the time here’s my two biggest ones:

    I’ve been trying to reverse a lifetime of bad health decisions and live a healthier life style. I gave up marijuana, drinking, cigarrettes, became vegan, cut down on sugars and sodium, and now I’m taking up running. However I’m not in shape at all and get winded very quickly. Any tips for a running newbie?


    What do you use in place of milk to wash down REALLY rich chocolate deserts? Chocolate chip cookies can be washed down with water or almond milk (I especially like the new coconut almond milk from Almond Breeze!) But when it comes to oh say Fudge Daddies baked with ghiradelli choclate chips and topped with Wax Orchards Oh Fudge! sauce- well coconut, almond, and even silk soy milk just don’t seem to cut it. What do you use?

    Sorry for the long comment! Hope I haven’t wasted too much of your time!

  33. Kelly says

    Yum!! When I was browsing the AOL page, I saw a picture of the “pumpkin bread in a bowl” and I thought, “Geez, that looks familiar!” LOL!!

  34. BroccoliHut says

    Congrats on your AOL feature! You deserve all the attention 🙂
    I was actually featured on Huffington Post the other day, and I had no idea either until a commenter informed me.

  35. Amanda says

    This is awesome and congrats, but you are being completely ripped off by AOL. They give you “author” credit, but you’ll notice at the bottom that it’s copyrighted by If this was a surprise to you, they didn’t ask your permission, and didn’t pay you for your work, but using your recipes and beautiful photos to draw traffic to their site! I’m not a pro blogger like you are, but it strikes me as grossly unfair, especially since this blog is your job and they’re taking from you (with credit, at least) for free as if you had written the article for them!
    If you are happy with the mention, then power to you… I know that any attention is better than none, I’m just mad at big websites (such as AOL and HuffPo) that “outsource” writing without credit and/or pay.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Oh, sorry for the confusion! The EverydayHealth author did contact me and ask. I said yes, as long as they didn’t print out the full recipe on their site.

      I just had no idea they were affiliated with aol!

      But in general, I completely agree with you about people ripping others off… unfortunately, I see instances of pure plaigarism (where the bloggers don’t even credit the recipe as mine at all!) almost every day, and sometimes “their” recipe even goes viral on pinterest. It’s sad that people think it’s ok to re-print someone else’s recipe right on their site when they could easily link instead.

  36. Emilia says

    Congratulations on the AOL feature, that’s pretty awesome! Who knew AOL still existed….
    This recipe looks positively delicious, just another reason on the list of why I want an ice cream maker, sigh. Might have to wait until summer though, I may have had a mild winter, but no where near ice-cream eating weather!

  37. Confused Truffle says

    Congratulations on the AOL feature! That’s great news! Television appearances, blog features, AOL front page features… when WILL you get that TV show?
    Maybe we could start with a YouTube series 😉

    I was wondering, do you think some pureed silken tofu would lend nicely to this recipe, if you don’t use coconut milk? I keep seeing vegan recipes using silken tofu but am not sure about how it renders.
    Have you ever tried a tofu ice cream recipe?

  38. joni falls says

    Great idea 🙂 plus they say added a little liquor helps with it not freezing like ice 🙂 ur blog is great I have been gluten free for two years now because I have celiacs and been baking a ton myself. Everyone always tells me I am to skinny to so I feel your pain because in fact if they saw how much we ate they would be shocked. I eat healthy but a ton and I still have people tell me I am to skinny and I think it’s just how some of us are built. So ignore it all be ur beautiful self and let the recipes be ur focus but there is always goin to be someone out there with a negative comment and ur sweet hard worker and don’t need to waste time worry over it. I just felt bad when u werre telling people what u ate and calories instead of making ur awesome recipes. Some people just have amazing genetics and u could eat all day and still be tiny. I did a bikini competition and was eating 3000 calories a day off clean foods. Harder to do when your eating oats and sweet potatoe and veggies no chocolate ha ha but judges said I was to skinny still. I figure healthy and be active and be happy I started a healthy blog to and its inspire me I want mine to be as great as urs someday
    Thanks for being you and bringing smiles and chocolate to me everyday 🙂

  39. Carina @ veggie gourmet kitchen says

    Hello katie,

    I just wanna let you know that I love your blog!! I stopped blogging for a few months because I was too busy. You are the reason I started again and realized how much fun it is. Thank you!!

    Your ice cream sounds great, but it is definetly too cold for ice in Munich. I try one of your hot choclates instead 🙂

  40. mrsluckypants says

    Congratulations on the AOL feature! Never tried Ferrero Rocher before, but it sounds like I should! I bought an ice cream maker and have yet to try it out. This recipe looks great. I know I love hazelnut butter, is it a similar taste? Did you use soy or coconut creamer? Just wondering if you used coconut, if the coconut flavor is noticeable? I have picky people in my family. My husband hates chocolate. Can you believe that?!!! I didn’t know those people existed till I met him. My son doesn’t like coconut unless the flavor is buried, of course. Evil Grin! My daughter and I like almost everything. I should make this ice cream for her and I. Thanks for inspiring me to get that ice cream maker out and make sure it works!

  41. healthkismet says

    Thanks for the link to the AOL article – very impressive. I had just finished breakfast and saw the pumpkin bread in a bowl recipe, due to the link, and just had to try it – will be my dessert at lunch instead…come on noon!!!!


  42. auntiecarole says

    It was a mild winter this year (so far). It hit 60 degrees today & almost all of the little snow we had this year is just about gone! Last year we had over 100″, so I guess this makes up for it.
    Oh-oh—what about next year??

  43. Albizia says

    The winter wasn’t particularly warm but it hasn’t stopped me eating ice cream whenever I want. In high school ice cream was my way of celebrating the first snow every winter so a Ferrero Rocher ice cream in March would be highly appreciated 🙂 .

  44. Karina says

    My winter has been amazingly warm. But I still eat ice cream even if it’s fifteen below, I just take a sauna afterwards!

  45. shannon says

    I don’t know if you know but you have admirers all over the World. I was at a staff gathering yesterday and someone asked me if I had heard of Chocolate Covered Katie. This mad me smile because I was the one to discover you at our school and have been spreading your amazingness around the school ever since. It was nice to see that others were too!! You are wonderful!

  46. Jillian A. Mills says

    Hey Katie,
    I hope I am not asking you something you’ve addressed or been asked a bazillion times. I have a Blendtec and I mentioned on my FB that I was looking at getting an ice cream maker. Someone asked why I don’t just blend stuff up in my Blendtec and freeze and omit the extra appliance. But, I’ve seen you and other food bloggers use them in conjunction w/the power blenders and wondering what the difference is? I know when I make sorbets they freeze SOLID and are impossible to scoop. Does an ice cream maker somehow change consistency?

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      The difference is: If you make a liquid thing, you’d have to freeze it a little (and thus wait a little) before blending in a blender if you want ice cream. But with an ice cream maker you can just pour in the liquid right away! I don’t think there’s a difference in consistency.

  47. christina says

    Instead of spending $500 on a vita mix, there’s another way to get the same ice cream consistency. Instead of freezing the liquid, put it in a zip lock bag. In a larger ziplock bag put ice and salt in it. Put the sealed smaller bag (filled with the liquid mixture) instead the larger bag, and SHAKE! In minutes you’ll have ice cream (frozen/ creamy consistency and all!).

  48. Mario says

    If you use hazelnut spread then do you just add it in the beginning where it says combine all ingrediants?

  49. Kelly says

    It’s in the ice cream maker right now! Was thinking how I wanted to try a special dessert for one tonight and thankful I found this one 🙂

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