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From Breakfast to Dessert: 10 Healthy Mothers’ Day Recipes

Mothers’ Day Desserts!
Here are 10 healthy recipes that would be perfect for Mother’s Day:

fg roll
Breakfast Jelly Roll for One

This recipe is probably the easiest “fancy” dessert you could ever make.






Healthy Pancake Recipes

On the page, you’ll find recipes for Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes, Snickerdoodle Pancakes, Red Velvet Pancakes (sans food coloring!) and even Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Pancakes!

mothers day doughnuts
Banana Bread Doughnuts

If your mom likes banana bread, she’ll like these even better!

mothers day muffins
Raspberry-Marzipan Muffins

This recipe makes just two muffins: one for you, and one for your mom!

coconut breakfast
Big Fat Coconut Breakfast Cake

This cake-like bread would go perfectly with a breakfast scramble and tall glass of orange juice.

mothers day recipes
Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Pie

Do you want a show-stopping fancy dessert that looks like it took hours to make but can really be prepared in just 5 minutes? This is the one to try!

mothers day food
Flourless Chocolate-Chip Cookies

This is one of my mother’s personal favorite recipes, so I had to include it on here!

mothers day desserts
Secret Chocolate Mousse

Your mom will never guess the secret ingredient.

healthy frozen hot chocolate
Frozen Hot Chocolate

This recipe is my mom’s #1 all-time favorite recipe on my entire blog!

Homemade Cashew Cream

Question of the Day:

What is the best thing about your mother?

After telling me, be sure to go tell her if you can.

Published on May 10, 2012

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  1. Juliana says

    The BEST thing about my mom is her ability to endure – she’s been through a hard divorce (which is still affecting us), and she’s been strong throughout my chronic illness. She’s been supportive and a source of hope for me. I couldn’t thank her enough for that. 🙂

  2. Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries says

    great post!! unfortunately my mom is several hundred miles away, so i won’t be able to make her breakfast on mother’s day this year, but hopefully some day! i would have to say the best thing about my mom is her big hugs, encouraging words, and comforting voice. she’s my best friend!

    • Karen says

      Ashley, you could make her something & ship it 🙂 I got that idea from my mother-in-law who sent her sister some Blue Bell Ice Cream in a different state where it’s not available. She packed it in dry ice. It would definetly be a big surprise!

  3. peanutbutterlover says

    The best thing about my mother is that she cares about me and will do anything for me… No matter how mean I am to her! THAT is true love 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing recipes. Your mother must be SO proud!

  4. Yellow Haired Girl says

    That breakfast jelly roll looks to die for Yummmm

    The best thing about my mother is she always listens. I can complain … a lot. She’s always there. And she has so much on her plate – I don’t know how she does it all!

  5. bitt says

    I am not a big fan of round-ups, so I appreciate your cutting them down. I think just having them once in awhile is a good balance. I do notice that bloggers tend to do holiday round ups really late. I plan all my recipes usually a week or so in advance so that’s something to keep in mind with holidays. Happy Mother’s day to your mom!

    • Annonymous says

      While everyone’s opinion are always appreciated, perhaps you do not have to read the round-ups when they are posted?? Round-ups are invaluable to new readers. When you get to a blog like this one, it can be overwhelming for a newbie to try and go through everything. Round-ups can easily navigate new readers to awesome recipes that are similar to the ones they are looking at and looking for. And we also have to keep in mind this is a FREE blog? We must be so appreciative of the invaluable information people like Katie provide us at no cost out of our own pockets. Just my humble two cents.

      • Sarah the official CCK drooler says

        I, too am not a HUGE fan of roundups either. But i don’t hate them either. I do appreciate you cutting them down due to reader feedback. But holiday ones like this are super helpful. I guess for newbies it is helpful and for oldies like me (that doesn’t sound quite right) to refresh our memory

      • L. says

        VERY well-said, anonymous!

        I find it disheartening that people think they have the right to critique what Katie wants to put up. They should be grateful for the hard work she puts into her blog, as they’re not paying a single cent to get access to any of her recipes! She could easily take all the recipes down and put up e-books, or save them all for a cookbook. People need to remember that the sun does not rise and set with them and that Katie should do what makes HER happy.

        It just sounds greedy to say one is not a fan of something on a blog where they’re not a paying customer. If you don’t like a certain post, come back another day. It’s not like you can be angry that you’re wasting your money, because no one is charging you.

        • Sarahishealthy says

          Yes! This! As someone (not me) wrote on CCK’s facebook page: “It’s hard to fathom that anyone would write you and criticize you for something you do for them for *free*~~the world has gotten so full of itself~~”

          • Sarah the official CCK drooler says

            Well….. I wasn’t criticizing her at all and I don’t think (not sure) that bitt was either. I was just stating my preference. As a (very) long time reader, I am totally grateful for her work as I have an autistic brother with a strict diet wich is difficult to cook for. ANd I’m sure that bloggers appreciate a little feedback. And then the best of bloggers, like Katie, care so much that they respond to it. And she said many of her readers said so, and she’s the type of person i think who is happy by making her readers happy. Not that I’m not happy roundup post or not. Like I said, no biggie for me. I personally have never told her to cut back. I always felt its her blog but I love that
            she took reader’s opinions into consideration.
            Just sayin’ 🙂 And looking back, that was A LOT of sayin’.

          • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

            Oh Sarah, I appreciate your feedback so much. I want to make all my readers happy, but obviously that’s never going to happen. So making the ones who take time to comment happy is what I really hope to do. Please never worry about saying what you think :).

  6. Lisa says

    Oh no! 🙁

    I actually like the recipe round-up posts. As a new-ish reader to your blog, they help me find recipes I hadn’t seen before. Please keep them up!!!

    I can’t be the only one who likes them, can I??

    • Emma says

      I really like the round ups too.
      Please don’t change just because of a few people. Like Lisa, I am betting that many more people than not DO appreciate the rounds ups and the hard work it takes to make them. I think once a week is fine: it’s not overwhelming and gives time for new recipe posts, but at the same time it shows new readers some great recipes they might’ve missed.


  7. casey says

    I actually appreciate the round ups. As a new (1month ish?) follower there are so many recipes on your site that are new to me. Sometimes I just sit and read through lists of previous recipes. This gives me a fresh list complete with pictures of things I may want to try. Starting with that jelly roll. Yum!

    • Emma says

      I agree. I’m a new reader too, and it’s easier for me to see your old posts as round ups rather than go searching on my own. That’s how I found my new favorite snack, the chocolate chip cookie dough balls! 🙂

      • Amanda says

        I agree with these two. I love going through old posts looking for recipes, but round-ups are a nice way to discover new recipes. Either way I have been happy with everything that I have made from your site.

  8. Chaos Mommy says

    Strange, I like the round-ups! I like bookmarking posts that have many recipes in them. It saves me time 😉 And the peach breakfast cobbler is to die for!

    The best thing about my mom is her ability to stay neutral in the family. She’s always on everyone’s side.

  9. Erin Rigoni says

    Hey Katie,
    I love reading your blogs. I have had a question though. I would love to try sweet recipes that are a little healthier, but when I look at the prices for the agave and a couple other items I talk myself out of it. What do you do to save money on those essentials? Do they make coupons for those items?

    • Kaitlyn says

      I buy my agave at Marshalls/TJ Maxx – for around two dollars! Much better than around ten at the grocery store. Not sure about the other ingredients, though.

  10. Jennifer from NJ says

    This is the first mothers day without my Mom she was so happy all the time I miss her laugh and her advice she always had a way of putting everything into a positive perspective and she was really the best kind of friend to have. Nothing compares to a Mothers love

  11. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says

    Aw I love the round-ups! I think people are just so keen to get more and more recipes that they would rather have a recipe than a round-up, but you can’t be producing endless recipes! Lol. Best thing about my mom is that she’s always been really laid back and let me do my own thing, which ultimately ensured that I was always completely upfront and honest about what I was doing because I knew she wouldn’t freak out. It really worked as a parenting technique!

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      What I wish they would realize is that they don’t really want me to post a recipe every day (even though they say they do). I don’t think anyone would rather have quantity over quality if the recipes weren’t tested and were just “ok” recipes I posted just for the sake of having to post something new every day!

  12. Anna Banana says

    I like the holiday round-ups, but I’d equally be fine with weekly or monthly. As several other people have said, it’s a great way to see older recipes.

    My mom’s about 1200 miles away (my whole family is) and my favorite thing about her is how several years of distance haven’t stopped us from being as close as we’ve ever been. We take the time to talk and email frequently and she listens to my radio shows online every week as well as having me video tape my judo competitions.

  13. Samantha says

    I am also one of those ones that loves round-ups. I have found so many things that way or been reminded of something I keep meaning to make and forget. Like today: peach cobbler and the jelly roll.

    It has been fun reading about other people’s moms! I definitely got my draw to knitting and quilting from my mom. She is a crocheter, but still, it is the fiber arts and creativity that came from her!

  14. Sarahishealthy says

    I love the round ups! The commentary under each post never fails to make me laugh.

    When you did your “Chocolate Earth Balls” round up post, I spit out my drink at one of the captions! And then I had to clean up the computer screen. 😉

  15. anonymous says

    I love the round ups, Katie. And I think I might know which comment you’re referring to when you said there was negative feedback on them.

    Is it just me, or do the people who leave negative comments ONLY leave negative comments? As in, if one of your regular commenters told you she didn’t like the round ups, that would be something to take into consideration. But if it’s just people who never have anything nice to say, I’d take their opinions with a grain of salt and say that sadly some people just like to snark :(.

      • Emily says

        I was actually going to say the same thing! CCK, remember that there’s a whole population of people who never even comment but probably appreciate your summary of past recipes because they’re new to your blog. The negative commenters most likely represent a very small portion of your readership.

        • Juliana says

          I completely agree! I’m relatively new, and I absolutely LOVE these round-up posts. It’s so helpful! Just when I think I’ve seen everything in a specific category or with a certain food, more recipes appear! 🙂

  16. Emily says

    Aw you reminded me that I need to call my mom. I’m surprising her for Mother’s Day and making a trip down to see her! Shhhh!

    • Sarah the official CCK drooler says

      How sweet!
      hopefully you mom doesn’t read this blog or the comments section.

  17. Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles says

    Absolutly EVERYTHING about my mom is wonderful and amazing. I have the worlds best mom- I turn into a kid on the playground when it comes to this- I’ll argue it all day. 🙂 She would love any of these goods– I’ll get busy and bake her some deliciousness!

  18. Kat says

    I love my mom to death 😀 she criticizes me a lot, but she also believes in me, and I wouldn´t be a person who I am today without her… I only wish I could send her that chocolate pie over Atlantic ocean, because I´m currently as foreign exchange student in U.S., and she is still in Czech. Oh well, I think I´ll have to eat that pie on my own and make another one when I get home 😀

  19. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt says

    Well, my mother is an alcoholic who hasn’t spoken to me in three years…last time was when she successfully destroyed my birthday, lol. I’m laughing now…then I wasn’t. Anyhow, I can say that I’ve learned many lessons from my mother, and many of the ‘good’ qualities I have, I credit them as coming from her. My deep love and compassion for animals and being able to see when someone just really needs a hug and not ‘advice’.
    On a brighter note, I LOVE the round-ups. Helps give me suggestions on recipes to try I might not have otherwise thought to look for. I agree with many others…probably the ones who are complaining are doing so because they just like to leave negative remarks? Most people tend to appreciate things but not really say anything… It’s like I learned from being in the restaurant industry for so long. When people have a good experience, they *might* tell three people. But when people have a bad experience, they will tell at least ten people and shout it from the rooftops. Unfortunately humans tend to dwell on negativity and forget to see all the good and positive blessings that are all around–like this super sweet and yummy blog!

    • Samantha says

      It is probably good you can have a sense of humor about it now. I loved how you pointed out that sometimes the good qualities come from knowing what you don’t want to be or like you said, the painful lessons that you have learned.

  20. Amanda M. says

    I like the recipe round-ups, too! I guess they could get a little out of hand, but I think they are a great way for you to take a break from coming up with something new ALL the time- that has to be really difficult!

    With that said, has anyone had any luck actually rolling the jelly roll? I have tried twice and the little bugger just won’t roll, not even a little 🙁 Is there a trick I should know??? I like the recipe regardless, but the little roll is so darn cute!

    • Samantha says

      OK. Now I really want to try this one! It has been on my list since I first saw it. It is like the “will it roll challenge!” LOL. If I get a chance I will let you know. 🙂

    • Samantha says

      OK. Good news. I did a quick run this morning and mine did roll – and even likes to stick together once rolled!

      I did cut it in half (length-wise) to make two. There was some minor splitting on the final layer. I did a coconut butter filled and a banana split butter version.

      I did follow the non-preheat oven and the 10 minutes of cooling.

  21. Amanda says

    The best thing about my mom is how she supports me through everything. Even when I have been in the wrong she stood by my side and helped me work my way through things.

  22. Sarah the official CCK drooler says

    ‘Oh yay!!! My sister and I decided to do the breakfast in bed this Mother’s day… so thanks!
    Best thing about my mom? She is the most even tempered person I know. I’ve said some hurtful things in the past to her, but she never raises her voice or anything. ANd believe me, when I see how sad I make her, it’s worse than a punishment! She is truly a Proverbs 31/Titus 2 woman.

    p.s.- Is it bad to make all this stuff for myself on Mother’s day too? PLEASE?

  23. Alanna says

    Count me in as one who also loves the recipe round-ups! (Why oh why haven’t I made that peach cobbler yet?? Every time I see the pic it looks amazing.) But I’m also fine with only seeing them for holidays and the like. But hey, there are holidays every month of the year, right? (c;

    And the best thing about my mom is how tough she is. She’s been through a lot over the years, and she’s still a happy person who will give you the shirt off her back.

  24. L. says

    Every day, I am more and more in awe of your amazingness and more and more grateful for the hard work you put into each post. Instead of critiquing your posts, I think more of your readers should remember to say THANK YOU :).

  25. Cathee says

    You had me at Big Fat Coconut Breakfast Cake! Sounds divine! My mother passed in 2005 on Christmas Day. She was always there for love, support and advice. I was in awe how she managed her life so effortlessly, with grace and beauty. I miss her so…

  26. Jenna says

    My mom just recently found out she’s Celliac/gluten intollerant. I’m planning to make the PB Choc Chip Blondies for her this weekend (also it’s my son’s birthday party, so she has to miss out on regular cake for the first time). I absolutely love that my mom can be my friend, while still being a parent. Sometimes I think a lot of parents are either too much friend, not enough parent; or too much parent, not enough friend. I appreciate the closeness we have!

  27. Karis says

    Cant wait to try all of these, I found your blog a few weeks ago and oh my goodness everything I’ve made so far is delicious! And I agree with the previous comment from L. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes and the hard work you put into each of them”

  28. Tash @ Dairy Free Chick says

    I noticed you have several “secret” recipes. Secret Chocolate Mousse. Secret PB cookies. A girl with lots of secrets. 😀

  29. Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes says

    Sorry about the criticisms Katie! You’re round ups are great and very helpful! I hope you continue them regardless of others. These recipes look great for mother’s day! One of the best things about my mom is her constant desire to learn and discover new things. She is always reading and studying about something. She has this thirst for learning, especially about healthy living and eating. And then she teaches her family and friends about what she’s learned. I love that I learn so much from her almost daily!

  30. Vegan Mandi says

    Love this! My mom has some health issues, but is pretty stubborn about eating healthy. I love having an excuse to spoil her with healthy vegan food. I’ll be cooking all of her meals on Sunday, and you just reminded me to make her dessert too!:)

  31. Leslie @ healthybybalance says

    Wow! Usually I find I want to strangle people when reading comments, but I’m so glad to hear all of the positiveness out there today! I love the round-ups, just in case you need one more in that column! But I just love the energy you manage to put out there on your site…so positive and happy and I get so irritated when people are you of all people! So keep on my dear! You’re doing a fantastic job, which I’m sure is completely obvious by the amount of readers you have.

    • Chocolate-Covered Katie says

      Haha oh yes, some commenters can be frustrating. “I made your recipe exactly, except I subbed __________. It turned out terribly. Can’t believe I wasted my time on such a bad recipe. Any tips for next time?”

      Ummm… follow the recipe next time? Or don’t blame me if it’s bad?

      I don’t even know how to answer these comments, and I get them all the time! 😕 But I’ve found that 99% of commenters are so incredibly kind and thoughtful, and reading their comments never fails to make me smile. They’re probably all sick of hearing me say “Thanks for making me smile” so often… but I can’t help it :).

      • Sarahishealthy says

        LOL I’ve seen some of those comments on your blog! I don’t know how you are able to answer them as kindly as you do!

        And the worst part is they don’t tell you in the first place that they didn’t follow the recipe. They just say “I made this and it was terrible. What did I do wrong?” And then it later turns out they subbed applesauce for the sugar or something!

  32. Amanda says

    My mom is the most amazing woman ever. I am lucky enough to be born into a family with a mother who is so open and close to me. As a 16 year old living in New York city I’m thrown into the fast paced life everyday, and last year when I went through a very hard time my mother was by my side the whole time. Even when she disagrees with my actions and choices she is always my support system, guiding me rather than disciplining in the upmost graceful manner. I appreciate her everyday and think it is almost silly to have a day dedicated to mothers day when in reality, we should be appreciative everyday.

    Thank you for the round up Katie ! My mom is kind picky, what would you suggest for a coffee loving sweet tooth kinda mom? Thank you again, I’m ADDICTED to chocolate (just like you hehe) and have to have it at least twice a day….your blog is my go-to from the moment I wake up for breakfast until I go to sleep at night. You should be so proud of yourself !

  33. RecipeNewZ says

    What a beautiful collection! So perfect for Mother’s Day. Great recipes each and every one!

    I would like to invite you to share some of your posts on a new photo based recipe sharing network that launched only this Monday. The idea is simple: recipe photographs are published within minutes of submission. No rejections, no reviews. And, of course, the images link back to the author’s site.

    It’s called RecipeNewZ (with Z) –

    I hope you get a chance to visit and to share some of your delicious posts with our viewers. It would be a pleasure to have you on board 🙂

  34. natalie says

    man… my three year old is SO NOT ready to make any of those desserts.
    Anything you can come up with that’s easy even for him? lol… okay maybe i’ll just clue him in on this in a year or so. -.- !
    my mom rocks, but I haven’t seen her in over 15 years. hehe

  35. Erin says

    My mom is selfless and very practical. Being a single mother, she had to learn to do everything herself… so she not only cooks, cleans, and does laundry but also mows the lawn, lights the pilot light in the attic when it goes out, fixes things… she’s like a mom and dad in one, and I love her.

  36. Sarah Bennett says

    So so glad you’re cutting down the round up posts, I always like to just see a recipe best. I understand you enjoy writing those posts though, I just don’t like reading them and always get disappointed when I see one, so … phew…. as it happens it’s been a while since I looked at your blog because the lack of new recipes and frequent round up posts made it less appealing to me, and when I saw another round up post I was about to give it up for good, but then I saw what you wrote and that you had got feedback you were taking on board and thought that’s great – but why has she then gone and done it again… what the…?!!! Anyway… recipe… please please… that’s my feedback… I feel like since you’ve one pro I can, for your sake mind, express my views more freely, even… er… be a bit demanding…. still the best healthy dessert blog in my view and my favourite by a mile… 🙂

    • Sarahishealthy says

      Sarah, you need to read this:
      And the three posts under it as well.

      As for your claim that CCK is posting a “lack of new recipes”, well I count three new ones this week and three the week before. What do you want, one every day? Maybe if you actually paid her, she’d give you one every day! I think you need to think about how ungrateful and self-centered your comment sounds. 🙁

      • Sarah Bennett says

        It should be possible to post honest feedback!? Ungrateful and self-centred is a bit harsh! Maybe I could have put the point better, all I was saying was that I agreed with what she said in her post and the feedback she said she had got. Yeah one every day would be really nice!!! but I can’t say I’m not grateful for any or all of the ones I’ve seen and often followed. It would be a perfect blog for me if every time I looked there was another recipe but on the other hand it’s perfect for others to have the round robins so a balance is great and I don’t expect the blog to be just tailored to me! I’d also value being able to be honest and free to comment without a slanging match. But yeah, sorry if my comments came out the wrong way, this really is my favourite dessert blog (healthy or otherwise :-))))

        • JJ says

          WHO forces you to read them and wears you out?! There is a delete button on every one of these modern new machines! Honesty is great but there is no need to be negative to someone so giving. Yours is a totally unnecessary comment designed to make someone very generous feel like they have been a burden to you. Good grief! Thank you Katie for the FREE recipes – I love the round-ups as they remind me of recipes I have forgotten and show me ones I haven’t seen being somewhat new.

  37. Sara Dane says

    My mom is an adventurer! She lives abroad and travels the world every second she gets. I am so proud of her!

    PS I don’t mind the recipe roundup posts – it’s nice to be reminded of older recipes that I might not have seen

  38. Jade says

    Girl, it’s your blog! I think that pretty much gives you the right to post as many “recipe roundups” as you want. I, for one, enjoy them! Especially since I’m a newer reader and I haven’t had the opportunity to browse through your whole collection. 🙂
    Sidenote: I made the Banana Split Pancakes this morning. One word: delicious. Thanks! 🙂

  39. sally @ sally's baking addiction says

    CCK, don’t EVER stop posting your round up posts! They are my absolute FAVORITE b/c I can sort through any recipes I may have missed on your wonderful blog. 🙂

    All of these look incredible. My mom would love each and every one. Now, which one to choose… 🙂

  40. LizAshlee says

    Wow, these are such fun recipes..perfect for Mother’s Day! She’s honest, even when it hurts, she is the one you can count on to tell you the truth….

  41. kate says

    Im one of those daily readers rarely commenters and i just want you to know how fantastic your recipes are and how much i appreciate your hard work. I cant even imagine criticizing something that you do for us because you truly enjoy it. With so many readers, I dont think it is even possible to please everyone, so post what makes YOU happy. This blog is special because it is so obvious it comes from your heart and you love doing it. I would hate to see that compromised !! What is the saying..the squeaky wheel gets the oil? Lol Well instead of all the complainers i think more of us need to speak up and say THANK YOU! I know i speak for a lot of us!

    Now as for my mother, we butt heads a lot but i love her very much. She sure has helped me perfect my arguing skills though! Lol 😉 she loves desserts, cant wait to make her one!

  42. Karen Lashombe Smith says

    Kate, I couldn’t have said it better!
    As for my mom, I wrote this poem for my mom & posted in on Facebook last year for Mother’s Day. If you share it, please just be sure to include my name and that I authored it 😉 THANKS! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

    When I was a little girl
    You looked upon me with a mother’s eyes
    You loved me unconditionally
    Laughed when I laughed and cried when I cried
    You set a fine example for me
    Of what a person- no, what a woman should be
    Giving, honest, strong, and determined
    A high standard for me to reach
    And now that I’m a grown woman
    And even a mother myself
    As I reflect on what you have given to me
    I feel that it’s time to share the wealth
    You, my dear mother, are truly one of a kind
    Beautiful, feisty, giving, strong and simply sublime
    And every compliment that is bestowed to me
    Reflects back to you, I hope that you see
    Now I look upon you with a daughter’s eyes
    And say “This is my mother “with such a sense of pride
    I am blessed to be like you in so many ways
    Your enthusiasm and generosity always amaze
    I wish I could take back all of the grief I gave to you
    You tried so hard to warn me about all of the things you knew
    And though I fought you then, now it would be a lie
    If I said you had not been right, each and every time.
    I hope that in my adulthood
    I have become all that you hoped for
    I thank you for your guidance,
    For always pointing me toward the right door
    And now a lifetime of loving
    Has come full circle you see
    For you, my wonderful mother
    Have made a good mother of me.

  43. Danielle says

    First of all, I want to say I love this blog and look forward to your posts (they’re so entertaining) and recipes (they’re also amazing) coming to my mailbox all the time! I wish I could try everything you post haha! Please keep posting…this is my favorite blog in the world! 😉

  44. Suzanne (Fitmindedmom) says

    I am a mom and let me tell ya, I would be thrilled to have any of the 10 desserts you posted!! I am with your mom though, the frozen hot chocolate looks SOOO good! I think I may just make that for myself tomorrow. Best part, I don’t have to feel guilty about it. Whoo Hoo!!!

  45. Olivia says

    As a brand new reader, I love the idea of roundups of previous posts! It gives you all the appropriate recipes for a certain occasion in one convenient place 😉

    The best thing about my mom is how she always wants me to be my best, no matter what! Whether it’s a test in school or a softball game, she wants me to try my hardest.

    I want to do something nice for my mom tomorrow. Today we went shopping, and it was a blast, but I am going to try to do something extra special. I will probably surprise her with a clay sculpture (that’s what I do to earn a little money but I also love giving them as gifts) and make one of your yummy looking recipes 🙂 I’m searching for something that’s pretty quick and also that will taste good to someone who likes normal “non-healthy” desserts. I might try one of the one-minute cakes with some of your frosting, or possibly some no-bake PB cookies! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  46. Erica @ Cannella Vita says

    Personally, I love the recipe round-ups! Oh, and I’m pinning the peach breakfast bake and the big fat coconut breakfast cake! Can’t wait to make these for my family for breakfast soon! Keep it up Katie! I always look forward to your healthy, beautiful posts!

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